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Passage of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z - Tips, WIKI, Reviews

FURY SURVIVOR: PIXEL Z (ZOMBIES) is an Android game with a release date of 04.06.2019 from the company Leiting Games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Activation Codes
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. We’re fighting right
  4. Story Company Passage
  5. Equipment Guide
  6. Amplifier Guide
  7. Camping Guide
  8. Asylum Guide
  9. Secrets of the Passage of the Abyss
  10. Proper Asylum Pumping
  11. Appearance Guide

Fury Survivor: Activation Codes

Where to enter the activation code? The administration of the game has provided individual game codes that are entered in the "Settings" menu. The menu is located in the upper right corner. Open the menu window, go to the tab "Advanced Settings". Here choose the button "activation code". In the dialog box that appears, enter the code symbols and confirm your actions with "Yes". After that, the player will receive a valuable prize.

Where can I get activation codes? The activation codes are sent individually by the administration to the most active members of their group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FurysurvivorPixelZ/ . Here the developers hold interesting promotions and contests. Participants on the provision of a game account ID sends by mail in the game prizes. For some participants and winners in some promotions, the administration gives activation codes.

Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Fury Survivor: Beginner’s Guide

Fury Survivor is a new addictive game where you need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Developers used to create an interesting move - they made the game in pixel format.

The action begins near the factory where the main character worked. Coming out of the building, he finds himself in a ruined street, and a crowd of zombies hovers on him. The hero does not understand what happened, he seeks to quickly get home to find his family. On the way, the hero finds a wounded policeman who tells about the event.While the character lay in the factory (7 days, he just had to die from dehydration) after an injury, the Z virus broke free. This virus turned most of living things into insatiable zombies. Now the main task of the survivors is to survive in a world full of walking corpses.

Immediately you need to pick up a club - this will be the player’s main weapon throughout the game.Following the arrow, it is necessary to break all the boxes, cars, barrels. Of them falls a lot of necessary items that will be useful to the player in the future.

The plot in the game is quite consistent, interesting. The player on the way will come across sheets of diaries of different people, which describe what happened. Some give tips on where to find the wife and child of the main character.

Game interface

Control of the character is located in the lower left corner of the screen. If the player has launched the game on the smartphone, then the character can be run when pressing the wheel, which runs in a circle. On a computer (if a person plays through an emulator), you can control the mouse, also moving the wheel in a circle.

Attack. In the right corner is the attack panel, clicking on which you can fight with opponents. Nearby are quick access buttons, where you can put active skills, mines (not to rummage in a backpack in battle), you can also remove the shield (it protects very well in battle), jerk (allows you to quickly run away from a dangerous place). In the 5 button, you can put a special trap, falling into which the zombies will receive significant damage. Each skill and trap has a rollback period that must be taken into account in the battle.

Fast access. In the lower right corner there are two compartments in which you can put food and water to quickly restore vital energy in a battle. Some products can restore the scale of satiety and drink. On the right there are 4 large compartments: 3 - under the weapon (you can put the most frequently used weapon to quickly switch it during the battle), 1 - under the first-aid kit. The game has several types of first-aid kits, it is advised to put those that fall out more often (mainly bandages).

Experience. In the upper right corner is the scale of experience. The player can track how much experience is left to gain to get a new level. At the top left are the main vital signs:

  1. The scale of points of life - it is consumed during the battle, is restored gradually. You can refill it yourself, if you use the first-aid kits and treating agents.
  2. The scale of satiety - in the camp and on the base is not spent. The scale decreases in missions and tasks. It can be replenished with food.
  3. The scale of thirst - shows how much the hero wants to drink. The scale decreases in missions and tasks. It can be replenished by eating liquid food or after drinking water, drinks, juices.
  4. Energy - consumed during the execution of tasks.
If during the mission the hero gets hungry or the scale of thirst is greatly reduced, then the hero slows down. It is worth paying attention that outside the camp and the base the hero eats a lot of food and drinks an inordinate amount of water. Therefore, before the mission it is best to get enough of hamburgers on the base (they take lives when consumed, but restore satiety). But since the health scale is restored automatically at the base, hamburgers are better only at the base and in the camp.

Hate scale. At the bottom of the screen in the center there is a hate scale, which is filled during the battle. The more this scale is filled, the more damage the character does to its enemies.

Settings menu

In the upper right corner next to the experience bar there is a button that opens the settings menu. There are 2 tabs in the menu:

Basic settings - here you can enable or disable music, notifications. You can switch between accounts. It is possible to restart the chapter if something went wrong during the passage of the mission. In this tab, you can navigate between the camp and the shelter.

Advanced settings :

  1. Frame rate - allows you to reduce the frame rate, thereby reducing the load on the phone’s battery.
  2. Disable the text that appears during the fight. Sometimes pop-up labels appear at the most violent moment. In order for the text not to infuriate the player, you can turn it off.
  3. Important item "Save to the cloud." Since the game can be played from several devices, the developers made sure that the process could be saved on the server and unloaded on another device by the user. Download the recorded game can be 2 times a day. Therefore, often change the gadgets is not recommended. Unloading and loading occurs manually.
  4. Share - you can boast of your achievements in front of your friends in social networks.
  5. Support - you can contact support if you have any problems.

Main menu

On the left of the screen there is an arrow, clicking on which the player opens a menu with basic functions.

Friends - a tab that you can open to add friends. Comrades can be found by rating. Here is a list of friends who can send gifts and visit.

Diary - all the found diaries of survivors are sent here. They are distributed by the people who wrote them. You can at any time to open and read what happened, as this or that person survived the disaster. By the way, on the official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FurysurvivorPixelZ/) sometimes the administration holds a competition for writing the best story. Each player has a chance that his story will appear in the diaries in the game.

Animals - over time, the hero will appear animals that run alongside him and help in missions. Each animal adds a bonus to the hero’s characteristics. The animals also automatically collect the fallen prey. If a character fights off a herd of zombies, then he has no time to collect items. Pet can help in the collection. Before going outside the base, you can change the animal to increase the required performance.

Animals are given daily rewards, which can be picked up on this menu. To receive prizes, you must purchase a "weekly pass". There is a purchase option for game coins or for gold (gold can only be bought for real money). In the "Animals" menu there is a button "Pet missions". For the performance of tasks given pets. For example, a player can get a cheetah for 8 game days.

Achievements - the player begins to achieve from the first moment of the game. Each achievement is displayed in this menu. It is divided into 2 points:

  1. Unfulfilled - this is the achievement to be completed.
  2. Completed - shows the achievements reached by people in the game.

For each accomplishment, the player receives a good gift.

Skills - a character can enhance himself by learning certain skills. Experienced players recommend first pumping "Health" (+ 5% to maximum health), "Agility" (+ 3% to evasion), "Second Wind" (restores a certain% with each killing of the enemy). "Second breath" is a very useful skill. Sometimes the first-aid kits will be missed, and some missions are quite complex, so the bonus for killing is very good help in the game. Not less interesting skill - "War Machine". It is similar to the "Second Wind", only the percentage of life points is restored at each critical hit. In principle, having studied these two skills, it is possible to hold out in battle without using a first-aid kit. The remaining skills can be pumped as far as possible.

With each level increase, a player gains 1 skill point. Points can be obtained for completing certain achievements.To open a skill, it is necessary to improve the previous ability to level 5. After a player has reached 3 tiers of skills, you need to pay 10 skill points to improve skills.

Create - here you can create a variety of items. With each new level of the character, some items that can be made are revealed. In the right part of the window are open objects that can already be created. There are several tabs in this section:

  1. Backpack.
  2. Medicines.
  3. Food and liquid.
  4. Equipment and weapons.
  5. Ingredients.

The left part of the window shows the selected item and the components from which it is created. Here you can see which components are already in stock, and which ones still need to be assembled.

It is not necessary at the start of the game to make equipment and weapons. The level rises quickly, so clothes and weapons quickly become obsolete and become irrelevant. Equipment is recommended to create only at high levels. In the first stages of the game, during missions, you can pick up good things.

Top panel with icons

Here are a variety of promotions, shops for those who like to spend real money in the game. New event icons appear here, all actions of which are displayed here. During promotions, the player earns special points that can be exchanged for good items. Promotions are held periodically and last a few days for which you can earn rare things.

The surviving contest is a match season of 8 weeks. Every week, certain tasks are given that must be performed. For completing quests given a certain amount of experience and special points (Point). Then the points can be exchanged for the necessary resources.

Some rewards can be obtained only by purchasing a special pass for gold. During the season you can buy only 1 pass. If you buy a pass for gold, the level immediately rises to 25 and the player receives the most valuable rewards. Some missions also open after buying a gold pass. After the end of the season, all points and the level of the player in the competition are reset. As soon as the season ends, the pass disappears. Next season, you need to buy a new pass. Each subsequent season for the player will begin in half over in the previous season. For example, if a player has passed 50 tiers for a season, then the next season for him will begin on the 25th tier.

Gift - every 24 hours a player can receive certain items or coins. Going to the menu to receive (the icon in the form of a box with a bow), the player will see 3 blocks with awards. By clicking on the "Take" button, a person launches an automatic gift selection. The gift falls randomly. The next day, you can play another surprise.


The player’s first satellite is the Farmer, which appears in chapter 14. After his rescue, the Farmer will constantly follow the main characters. Now it is a friend and ally of a lone ranger who is looking for his family. The farmer will walk with the player on most missions, move with him from the camp to the shelter, fight with the hero.

Satellites have their own menu (the satellite icon is located in the upper right corner under the experience scale), where you can see how it develops, gain experience, how many health points it has. He can be dressed and given a weapon to him. With each fight, the satellite will receive experience points. He will also receive his skill points, through which you can develop the skills of a satellite.

Experienced players recommend developing Farmer’s melee skills. Since the satellite has few lives, it will often be in the battle without the hero’s first-aid kit from the hero’s backpack (and they are needed for the development of the shelter). Therefore, adding skills that will enhance his health and protection will be most beneficial for the player. In this way, a person will provide protection during an attack, as well as prevent unauthorized climbing in a backpack for medicines.

Sometimes it will seem to the player that the satellite only gets in the way, climbs under bullets, it cannot be controlled, he has no shield, he also launches his hands into the backpack. But often this hero helps the main character to survive in a difficult moment. In the game you can get other satellites, which will have other characteristics. They can be changed as needed. But since the Farmer will already be pumped by that moment, he should not be released at all.

During missions during the detour of the territory, the satellite can independently begin to destroy the crates, barrels, thereby extract items for the hero. At this time, the animal picks up fallen resources. If the satellite has not started to beat something, then it needs to show the thing that needs to be broken. To do this, you just need to hit the object once.


In other words, a backpack is a kind of inventory that will always be with the main character. He is practically bottomless, he enters everything that the hero picked up in the battle. The backpack icon is in the lower left corner.

Opening the backpack, the player can see in the left part of the window of his character, his characteristics. On the right side are all available items. Items for convenience are placed on the tabs:

  1. Are common.
  2. Medicines.
  3. Provisions.
  4. Equipment and weapons.
  5. Resources.

From the backpack, nothing can be thrown away, everything that is selected in the game come in handy.Everything except weapons and equipment. These items can be disassembled. To do this, select the thing, it will appear on the right side of the screen. Below the description there is a basket icon "Disassemble". By clicking on it, the player will be able to disassemble unnecessary item of clothing or weapons. For disassembly is given a certain amount of resources. An exclamation point is lit on some items. This means that the item in the inventory is better than the one that the player’s character now wears.

Fury Survivor: We’re fighting right

In the game, in order to survive, it is necessary to wage the battle correctly. Since zombies are attacking in bulk, mostly a large crowd, it is necessary to use several types of weapons at the same time. To quickly switch between weapons, it must be placed in quick access slots. In order not to fall at the first wave of monsters, experienced players have developed rules for conducting battles.

The rules of effective combat

  1. Shield - before the battle it is necessary to check the presence of a shield each time, if it is not there, turn it on.
  2. Mines - it’s best to stock up on your mission a few mines and traps. They can be placed in narrow places and aisles.At the time of retreat, it is recommended to lure monsters to mines.
  3. Food - in the missions very quickly consumes a scale of satiety and thirst. Therefore it is necessary to stock up on provisions. It is best to bring along "hearty stew". It restores both scales. Stew can be cooked in the menu "Create".On the quick access panel you can put water bottles and chips. If necessary, you can quickly replenish nutrients.
  4. Hamburger - this food, which is not necessary to cook, but to eat it during missions, is not recommended. Since the sandwich restores the scale of satiety, but removes 3 points of the scale of health. Before the outing, you need to replenish all scales completely. Health in the camp and shelter is restored independently. But in the tasks there.
  5. Departure - if the monsters are mobbed and you cannot immediately kill them (or the hero fights against the boss or the elite monster), then it is better to retreat at some point in time and switch the weapon to a more powerful one.
  6. Automatic - it can be used when approaching a crowd of monsters. He deals good damage to them, while the hero doesn’t make contact with the zombies.
  7. Health - during the battle you need to monitor the health scale, do not let it fall to a catastrophic level. As we have said, it is better to put a bandage on the quick access panel, so as not to rummage through a backpack.
  8. Poisoning - it should be remembered that the puddles that remain after the monsters are poisonous. Stepping on them, the hero loses health. If the battle is conducted with such monsters, then it is better to throw them at a distance and do not let them approach you. When leaving, too, do not step in the puddles.
  9. Pull the monsters - if outside the base monsters are walking peacefully or eating someone, and the player needs to walk past them, then you should try to lure them one by one. This is especially true of the start of the game, while the hero does not have housing and sufficient weaponry. Sometimes you can beat them with a crossbow. So zombies will not hear the sound and will not run to the hero. Do not flatter yourself, the ghouls sometimes run very quickly.
  10. Run! Running not only gives health, but sometimes saves lives. If a player fights against hardened enemies, then they should be beaten by running around the monster. Then the monster will not be able to hit the hero in full force.You can send forward the satellite, but at home leave large stocks of first-aid kits. The satellite must be well pumped.
  11. Satellites - an important point in the battle - is to force the Farmer (or another character) to join the battle before the main character. This can be done by shooting into the crowd. The character will understand who needs to beat and will begin to attack the zombies. A hero can cover a comrade with fire from available weapons.
  12. Environment - a player may use an accessible environment during a fight (run up the stairs, hide behind a car).Some things in the game can slow down the monster run.
  13. Follow the inscriptions - inscriptions sometimes appear during the battle - hints that tell the player what is happening at the moment. For example, "The skin of the enemy has become rude, you can only use melee weapons."

Fury Survivor: Story Company Passage

The passage of the storyline company begins from the very first moment of the game. When the player gets the camp at level 5. Subject campaign can be run on chapters. You can enter the company in the camp through the yellow portal. In the shelter (after opening) the yellow portal can be found near the guy with a gun.

Modes of passage. There are 2 modes of passage of the main storyline company:

  1. Normal mode.
  2. Blitz.

Through the motorcycle you can pass the head of the company in the "Blitz" mode. The "Blitz" mode (in any activity where it is) is available only after a manual passing of the adventure.

Interface. After the player clicks on the portal, a window opens with a list of company heads. Heads are located on the right side of the window. Near each icon in the story are possible rewards for the sequel. It also shows the amount of energy required for the passage. In manual mode, 10 energy is taken, and in the "Blitz" mode - 15 energy units.

On the right in the window is information about the selected history and conditions for the passage of the company. After the player has completed all the chapters in the normal mode, another mode will open for passing, and one more after it. Each mode of passage is more complex than the previous one. Gradually, the level of difficulty will increase, and with it will increase rewards. In the chapters, where the most awards, there are elite monsters or bosses. The bottom of the window shows the amount of energy available to the player.

Each story is a separate location. In the adventure you need to be very careful, even a harmless plant can be a cruel killer. The satellite and the animal, which the player chose before entering the portal, will accompany the hero until the end of the mission. Often, after breaking boxes or barrels appear bloodthirsty insects.

Experienced players recommend some locations to pass quickly, without looking in different corners (although in the company’s locations, there is where to climb). It should just kill the boss. All things can be collected in the "Blitz". In this mode, the hero passes all the corners of the location, and collects absolutely all items. If you pass the chapter quickly, you will save food, drink and first-aid kits.

Rating. The company has ratings of the best players on the server. The rating is calculated by the best (fast) time of passing the chapter. For passing the story for the first time, good prizes are given.

Fury Survivor: Equipment Guide

There are not so many weapons and clothes in the game. Clothes can be changed at each level. She often falls for the implementation of missions. It can be purchased at the store or from a blacksmith. At the first stages of the game, you can not create clothes, the level is quickly pumped. On more serious levels, you can make decent pieces of equipment for yourself. In Fury Survivor, items are divided by color:

  1. Common items are items that are not framed. They often fall out of monsters. Gives 1 small bonus to character options.
  2. Rare - they have a green frame. These items can also be obtained by passing the company. Gives 1 - 2 character character bonuses.
  3. Super rare - the frame is painted blue, fall in the company, give good bonuses to the characteristics of the character.Give 2 - 3 good bonus to the properties of the hero.
  4. Elite - purple frame, give a few good bonuses to the parameters of the hero. Additionally, you can put a nozzle that will strengthen the subject.
  5. Legendary - a red frame, is given only for the execution of certain missions, you can buy in the store for gold.Additionally, you can put a nozzle that will strengthen the subject. Give a few good bonuses to the parameters of the hero.
It is recommended to wear or invest only in those items (at high levels) on which you can put on nozzles. At the start of the game you should not spend resources on things. But if dropped purple or red items, it is better to change into them and put the nozzle.

Weapons are divided into several types. Each species has its own ammunition:

  1. Cudgel - the most important weapon in the game, can save at any time, does not require a certain cost, it does not need ammo. Minus - it acts only at close distances, which is fraught with injuries and loss of health.
  2. Slasher - melee weapon.
  3. Lightsaber - melee weapon significantly enhances the main characteristics of the hero.
  4. Automatic - beats at long distances in the queue.
  5. Pistol - works at a short distance, cartridges end quickly.
  6. Rifle - beats long distances, it takes time to recharge.
  7. Crossbow - silent weapon at an average distance.
  8. Shotgun - has a great destructive power, works at short distances, almost at close range. Cartridges are required to change constantly.
Cartridges from a pistol and a rifle (in large quantities) are needed for leveling the base, therefore it is recommended to use these weapons only in extreme cases. It is better to leave ammunition at the base of a special character.

How to get a lightsaber? To do this, go to the "Temporary Merchant" and simply buy an "Elegant Light Sword" from him for 36,000 game coins. Many novice players ask, why is this Jedi sword so good?

It gives additions to the characteristics:

In addition, it increases:

Fury Survivor: Amplifier Guide

Nozzles improve equipment performance. You can insert them into purple and red things. But since any object has its own characteristics, amplifiers should be selected according to these characteristics. For example, in the properties of the object is protection, increase health points and bonus strike. On such a thing is recommended to put the amplifier to protect or enhance health points. If you put the amplifier on the attack, then there will be nothing to increase, and the indicator for damage in the character description will not increase. Therefore, it is important to put amplifiers on the things that they really enhance.

If the player has accumulated several amplifiers of the same indicator (for example, green), then they can be exchanged for a nozzle of a higher class (in this example, blue). To do this, you need to go to the special terminal in the shelter (it is located next to the pastor). This terminal can convert 5 unnecessary tips into 1 higher class amplifier. Here you can automatically or manually put nozzles of the same color in 5 slots. Then click "Improve Nozzles". After the operation, the player will receive a new amplifier, which will be made in a random order (as lucky). Thus, it is possible to assemble red amplifiers.

It is impossible to improve the worn nozzle, it must first be removed. If all 5 nozzles are the same, then you can make the same nozzle, but of higher quality.

You can buy nozzles, but they are expensive. Therefore, it is better to pass more often locations (mostly the Abyss), where the hero will get amplifiers and experience. Even if the player does not often fall nozzles during the passage, it is not terrible: any object in the game will definitely come in handy at any level. There are no items in the game that become obsolete with high levels. The more different items a player collects, the better for him.

Crystals This is a special kind of stones that can be inserted into clothes and weapons to enhance the characteristics of things or to obtain additional properties from the hero. For example, resistance to freezing at a certain percentage. To activate a set of crystals, you need to insert 3 crystals of the same color with the same parameters. You can put a higher grade crystals. For example, on the jumpsuit there are 2 blue crystals, then you can put 1 purple, gold and red crystal.

Grade of crystals :

  1. Green.
  2. Blue.
  3. Violet.
  4. Gold.
  5. Red.

Shield - this is one of the most important skills of the character. It can be put on the quick access bar next to the attack button. When the shield is activated, the hero always takes less damage. Unfortunately, the shield does not save from poisons and chemicals that can remain on the floor after killing a monster. It is also useless against the poison that some monsters spray. Only the main character has a shield, the companions do not have it.

Traps and mines. They can be found during the attacks. Work well on the area. It is recommended to ambush them (for example, when a player passes a mission several times and knows where monsters will run from). This will save health points, give the hero escape (if necessary) from the battlefield. They can be put on the quick access bar next to the attack button.

Fury Survivor: Camping Guide

There are several objects with which you can interact. For example, talk to a rescued girl under a tree. The camp is not attacked by zombies. The camp opens at level 5. From the camp you can get into some activities of the game:

Subject campaign - here are the main adventures of the game. You can get here through the yellow portal.

Motorcycle - through it you can get to the "Zombie Base" and the "Zombie Lair". For the entrance to the adventure you need to give 1 key. Keys to take in the store season "Contest survivors" for points. The motorcycle has a scale of skill. The higher the skill level, the more resources the player receives. After the fight there is a chance to get a card "Zombie Den". After reaching the level of 5 skill opens the "Blitz" mode. This is the mode when the hero automatically passes a mission. The zombie’s den opens at 10 skill levels of the motorcycle. In the boxes with supplies you can get 4 types of purple or gold amplifiers. The zombie base is a location where the hero is continuously attacked by monsters.

Daring outing - is in a broken car for a motorcycle. Per day the player is given 2 attempts to sally. In this mode, food, water and first-aid kits are not available. Therefore it is necessary to be especially careful. To ensure that life does not seem like honey at all, poisonous fumes are spreading here that can poison the hero. It is better to stay away from them. There is a scale of skill, for the improvement of which the player will get more supplies. In this activity there is a rating of players. It depends on the duration of the hero in history. Energy is charged for each outing.

Resources - after a certain amount of time, you can enter the camp and collect various materials, such as boards. There are containers for rainwater (they are collected after 1 hour), provisions are prepared from the water and water is boiled. Here grow apple trees and carrots in the beds. Apples and carrots must be periodically disinfected and watered. After this operation, the player in an hour will receive a harvest.

The guy with the dog - a young man gives rewards for the daily entry into the game. In the early days, the player can get a free animal, which will pick up resources for the hero.

Fury Survivor: Asylum Guide

On this part of the base there are several activities, people and terminals with which you need to interact. Asylum - opens at level 8. Some give tasks, others give rewards and coins. All and everything with which you can contact are marked with a magnifying glass or exclamation mark. It is necessary to pay special attention to this, because sometimes new characters appear that tell about some event.

Priest - he gives rewards for performing certain actions and tasks. Assignments are updated daily. Some quests can be completed automatically on locations.

Terminal Research Here it is necessary to study certain sciences in order to improve the parameters of the base or hero. Some sciences improve the processes occurring on the basis of the player. For certain skills, you must pass a certain level of the Abyss. The level of the Abyss, in turn, is determined by the level of the Vault.

The first is recommended to pump 3 branch. It gives an acceleration of the research process. And you can also be the first to pump science:

  1. Technical catalyst - reduces the amount of materials for research.
  2. Technoamplifier - reduces research time.
  3. Drug seeker - increases the chance of first aid kits falling out.
  4. Food Finder - Increases the chance for food to drop and drink.

Mail - various rewards come here. Each new appearance of the mail gives a new gift.

Motorcycle - allows you to pass the main company in the "Blitz" mode. This mode takes 15 energy units. All rewards and selected materials after the mission fall into the backpack. Motorcycle can be improved. With each new level increases the likelihood of getting another "Blitz" and add a certain percentage of the bonus to the appearance. But the bike can not be improved more than the base. Automatic mode is available every 6 hours.

Storage - here you can add equipment, weapons and attachments, so as not to litter the backpack.

Fury Survivor: Secrets of the Passage of the Abyss

You can enter the location through the blue portal next to the repository. In the abyss there are 100 floors that need to be passed.

The Abyss is a kind of mission with a constant increase in the level of complexity with which the player can get amplifiers for equipment and weapons, experience and other useful items. The abyss can be passed in 2 ways:

  1. Blitz is an automatic mode when a character completes levels on his own. A prerequisite - the levels must be already passed in manual. In the blitz, the hero himself collects items, and the player sees on the screen a report on the work done. Blitz can be held 1 time in 12 hours.
  2. Entering the Abyss is a manual passing mode, when the player himself leads the character on the floors of the Abyss, thereby opening up the activity level for the blitz.
The Abyss requires special attention from the player during the passage. It is recommended to fully pass the floor, looking into every corner. It is necessary to be careful, in the activity there are elite monsters. Therefore, it is important to follow the health scale in battle. At high levels of objects will be sorely lacking, so you need to collect everything.

At any time, the satellite can be sent home. To do this, open the satellite menu and click on the "Out of battle" button. The character is teleported to the base and the main character will be there. In the Abyss you can pass some levels alone.

The stages of the Abyss are large enough, you can return home at any minute.

Outing is a game mode, taken from a guy with a gun at the barbed wire in the center of the base. As the player pumps his shelter, the number of survivors will increase. Residents can be saved by passing the head of the main company. They can be sent on assignments in the big world. Each task brings its rewards.

The number of free survivors can be viewed in the upper right corner of the window. In the right part of the window there are missions, and in the left part you can learn more about each selected task. Mission survivors relate to different levels of difficulty. More difficult missions require more people and time. But such adventures bring more rewards. Missions are updated every 5 to 6 hours.

Special operations are special missions, in the shelter they are indicated by a blue portal, which is located next to a young man with a machine gun. They are a kind of arena where you need to fight off zombies for some time.Each operation is given 2 attempts per day. The quest takes 10 energy. These tasks are passed only in manual mode. At the end of each match, elite zombies appear.

During the receipt of the award, the player will be asked to view the commercial. After viewing the reward increases. You can refuse to view and just get a prize. When the quest is over, a portal will appear to return to the base.

The blacksmith is located next to the research terminal. He can create various equipment and weapons. At the start of the game, it makes no sense to do this, because the level quickly rises and objects become obsolete. Items can be made for certain resources. The blacksmith has missions that are performed during the creation of uniforms.

The priest has a quest to create 1 weapon. You can simply make 1 cheap gun, and get a reward for it.

Machine - located behind a blacksmith. There are improved nozzles for weapons and clothing (how this is done as described above). Here you can activate the daily receipt of nozzles by buying a weekly pass for coins or gold.

Shop - here you can buy valuable items for coins or gold. The range in the shop is updated every 3 hours.

Temporary store (clown in the center of the base) - here the best items in the game appear periodically that can be bought for gold (sometimes for coins). It sells the best weapons, crystals, red and gold chests with supplies.

Wheelchair (in the center of the base) - every day materials appear near it that are necessary to create the appearance of the terminals. The boy finds every day (at least he himself says so) and gives the hero several hundred coins.

A piggy bank - piggy (on the table) - also gives several hundred coins every day. You can improve the appearance of a pig.

The main terminal - shows the full state of the database at the time of viewing:

  1. The number of survivors.
  2. The number of attacking zombies.
  3. Asylum level.
  4. Achievement points.
  5. Floor Abyss.
  6. Tier of the zombie lair.

Refuge can be improved (we will tell about it below). For each new level, the player receives prizes. Here you can purchase the "Replenishment Kit" (a set of so-so, but it has electronic parts that are never enough). The same set can be received 1 time on Sunday for free.

Terminal "Information about other refugees" - here is information about other players. You can visit them from level 28. There is a rating that shows the best players on the server. Presented information about the neighbors. Players through this terminal can be added to friends. Every day you need to put players like. 1 Like = 150 coins. You can put 3 likes on each tab and 4 likes to neighbors.

In the guest list you can see the visitors database. The first 20 people bring the player some coins. Ratings in the terminal are updated every 3 minutes. If a player is in the TOP, he can like himself. The appearance of the terminal can be improved.

Tent - located at the bottom of the base. You can enter it, talk to the wounded and the doctor. You can sleep on the bed, for which the hero will be given 60 units of energy. You can relax 2 times a day.

Defense seekers. The defense is kept by two guys with machine guns near the tent. All free survivors of the asylum participate in the defense. You can during the siege to send the hero to the rescue. During the defense, residents sometimes die. Defense lasts 2 hours. The invasions take place 6 hours after the end of the siege.

After each battle, the hero is given a report. You can view it by clicking Report: mining. All that is collected by residents from dead monsters falls into the report. If you click on the report button, all the collected items will be moved to the backpack. After each siege, the hero gains experience.

Fury Survivor: Proper Asylum Pumping

Why raise the base level? Base level affects many game processes. New levels provide significant benefits:

  1. The number of survivors - the more residents, the more they will be able to complete tasks, the more they will bring production to the player.
  2. Zombies - the number of zombies that attack the base depends on the level. The more zombies the inhabitants kill when defending the shelter, the more experience and loot the player will receive.
  3. The level of research - the higher the level of the base, the more the player will be able to study the sciences and improve the level of research. From research depends on the development of the base and the player.
  4. The level of the motorcycle - the base can not be less than the level of the motorcycle. Therefore, the higher the base level, the further you can raise the level of the motorcycle. In a motorcycle, several chapters are automatically traversed simultaneously, which gives resources and experience.
If you do not pump the level of the base, then at some point you can stop the development. Therefore, as far as possible, it is necessary to improve the shelter. The higher the level of shelter, the higher the power of the character.

How to raise the level of the base? In order to pump the base you need to collect a certain amount of materials. This number can be viewed at the main terminal. Next to the term is a wounded guy on crutches. He needs to give some materials to improve the base:

  1. Food.
  2. Water.
  3. Cartridges for pistols.
  4. Rifle cartridges.

The right side of the window contains items that can be donated to improve the base. Resources for improving the base are determined by units, and not by the number of items. Different items have different number of units. For example, a bottle of water gives 10 units of water, and soda gives 15 units. Cartridges give only 1 unit.

After the player gives a part of the resources to the guy, you need to walk to the tent, near which the girl sits in a wheelchair and an elderly man on the rug. A man must give the second half of the resources:

  1. First Aid Kit.
  2. The cloth.
  3. Rope.
  4. Electrical parts.
Give materials can be gradually, so even more profitable. To inadvertently not spend any resources for pumping, you should give them to residents to develop the base. Often kits steal a satellite, sometimes it is necessary to spend ammunition in battle. It is better to save for development. It is advised to pump satellites and character well, so that they spend fewer first-aid kits.

Fury Survivor: Appearance Guide

Almost every terminal can change the look. To change the appearance, you need to enter the necessary terminal, here on the left side of the window you can see the number of items needed for improvement. When changing the appearance, the appearance of the activity changes. Guests entering the shelter to the player will see the appearance of the terminal. Faces open at certain levels. Each new look gives additional characteristics to the terminals. 3 and 4 types open for gold.

Missions Each activity has its own appearance, each has a button "Missions of Appearances". Missions for all terminals are the same. Overall achievements are summarized. For completing the task the player receives valuable rewards.

Research Terminal Faces

ShapeAppearance bonus
Scientific station of the village.At research it is possible to receive the additional amplifier.
Science Station Fort.Reduces research time by 4%.
Scientific station of the fortress.Reduces resource consumption by 4%.
Krypton research station.Reduces research time by 5%, reduces resource consumption by 5%.

Mail Looks

ShapeAppearance bonus
Mailbox Alliance.Daily gives first aid kits.
Mailbox Horde.Daily gives first aid kits.
The mailbox is a robot.Daily gives ammunition.
Mailbox - automatic.Daily gives nozzles.
Interstellar mailbox.Daily gives resources.

Motorcycle face

ShapeAppearance bonus
Speed biker+1000 coins in blitz.
Motorcycle Batman.Increases the chance to save a survivor by 5%.
Ghost rider.Increases experience from blitz by 5%.

Forge Faces

ShapeAppearance bonus
The village factory.When creating weapons increases the chance to get improved options by 10%.
Fort factory.When creating a weapon increases the chance to get improvement options.
Fortress factory.When creating weapons increases the chance to get legendary items.
Krypton factory.When creating weapons increases the chance to get the legendary options by 30%.

Shop Faces

ShapeAppearance bonus
Village shop.Reduces update time by 10%.
Fort shop.2% chance to get the item for free when paying by coins.
Shop of the fortress.1% chance to get the item for free when paying with gold.
Krypton shop.3% chance to get the item for free when paying with gold.

Piggy bank faces

ShapeAppearance bonus
Good luck cat.Increases coin income by 6%.
Piggy.Increases coin revenue by 10%.
Bumblebee.Increases revenue in coins by 15%.
PikamonCoins: + 15%. Guests can also receive coins.

Main terminal faces

ShapeAppearance bonus
Outdated computer.Gives 1 additional accelerator while improving the shelter.
Super Controller.Reduces asylum improvement time by 4%.
Fullscreen controller.Reduces resource consumption for improving shelter by 4%.
Holographic controller.Reduces time by 5% and reduces resource consumption by 5% while improving shelter.

Appearances "Information about other refugees"

ShapeAppearance bonus
Outdated computer.Increases the number of daily attempts to put a Like on each list by 1.
New computer.Increases the number of daily attempts to put a Like on each list by 1 and gives an additional 50% of coins.
Spacecraft console.Increases the number of attempts to visit the neighboring shelter by 1.
Holographic robot.Increases the number of attempts to visit the neighboring shelter by 1 with the red name in the list.
In order to be in the first positions in the ranking of players, you need to collect rewards every day (where possible), improve the base, collect free gifts, go through all the Blitz modes. Do not be afraid to die in the crowd on a mission, the game is saved at certain points, and can start from the moment of saving. Required to perform daily missions, quests events. Then the game will be successful.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.