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Gacha Life Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GACHA LIFE - Android game with release date 10/23/2019 from the company Lunime. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Gacha Life download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Promo Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Life Mode
  4. Character Guide
  5. Park Characters
  6. Town Characters (Towers) - Hometown Location
  7. School Characters
  8. School Garden Characters
  9. School West Wing Characters
  10. School Roof Characters
  11. Characters in the City
  12. Station Characters
  13. Beach Characters
  14. Desert Characters
  15. How to create a series on the game
  16. Secrets of the Game

Gacha Life: Promo Codes

How to enter a promo code? The developers have provided the opportunity for additional gifts for players.You can enter the code if you enter the Options menu from the Home screen. There is a "Redeem Promo Code" button. By clicking on it, you must enter 9 digits.

Promo code:

  1. 164057933 - 250 crystals.
  2. 370927398 - 500 crystals.
  3. 546677845 - 300 crystals.
  4. 762532478 - 450 crystals.

Where can I find a promotional code? Codes are often given on the official pages of the game. Resources can be accessed through the game: Options - Gacha Life Credits.

Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Gacha Life: A Beginner’s Guide

The creator of Gacha Life is Lunime, which has released a number of anime-style games. When you first enter the game you will be met by a cat who will inform you that the game has a lot of interesting things. The game will appeal to fans of anime and those who want to create their own movie or series.

The first place a player lands is the Home screen. From here begins the adventure in the world of Gacha. In the right part of the window are the standard characters that the player is invited to travel. Also next to the hero cells is the Slots button. By clicking on it, the player will find 2 tabs: Select - select an additional character and Switct - move the selected hero to the main panel in the home window. There are many heroes in the slots that you can play in Life mode.


On the right side of the screen are buttons that make it possible to change the appearance of the hero and make it unique. The menu is called Dress Up (clothes):

  1. Presets (set) - here you can select 1 from many different characters. It is this hero that you will dress.
  2. Body - here you can choose the gender of the Gender hero (male or female), skin color (Skin), pose, color of gifts.
  3. Hair (head) - here you can not only change the character’s hairstyle, but also change the bangs, choose how the individual details of the hairstyle, hair color will look.
  4. Face - in many similar games you can choose just a standard facial expression, but here each part of the face is selected separately (mouth shape, nose, eyes, eyebrows, eye color, pupil shape). Here you can also choose jewelry (tattoos, sparkles and their color scheme).
  5. Clothes (clothes) - everything is simple, the details of the wardrobe and their colors are selected.
  6. Other - here you can choose accessories for the character (headgear, scarf, glasses and face masks, bags and backpacks, wings).
  7. Props (props) - here the player himself will choose what will be in the hands of the hero (umbrella, shield, sword, diamond). The selection of attributes is quite large.
  8. Profile - here you write the name of the hero, write down his favorite items, features and other things.
The wardrobe in the game is very rich and varied. You can choose the appearance of the hero for a long time. This is especially important for those who want to create their anime series in the Studio.

Game modes

At the bottom of the Home screen there are several buttons with a choice of game modes:

Home - the home screen from which you can go to other activities of the game. Here you can also change the hero, choose his appearance.

Studio is the most interesting game mode created for creative individuals. In the studio, lovers of cute anime characters can create cartoons and animations using the proposed tools. Actually, thanks to this mode, the game is very popular.

Gacha - mode, present in all Gacha games. In this version, these are gifts of various rarities that can be given to characters in Life mode. Gifts are given by NPCs (heroes of artificial intelligence, whom the character meets in Life mode). You can buy 1 item or immediately 10.

Mini games. There are 8 of them, each game gives you the opportunity to earn crystals for buying gifts:

Mathematics Ichi - here it is necessary to solve mathematical examples for a while.

Becks Festival - the player will have to run from the right side of the screen to the left to catch chicken nuggets.The more you catch, the more crystals you earn.

Ducks and dodging - the mode is similar to the Bex Festival, but here you do not need to catch objects, but rather you need to dodge them.

Phantom Remix - here you need to click on a certain point in time to get the right sound. Activity is easy to pass, but the developers were very surprised by the sounds at the time of hitting the right notes. The fact is that the Phantom is a popular Lunime character, and fans of the company expected from him, as from a DJ a little different. But what we have, we have.

The narwhal sky is a marine mammal of the cetacean family. What does it do in heaven? All questions to the creators. A girl on a narwhal flies through the sky and collects stars, but in order to collect more crystals, it is necessary to dodge the crescents.

Killer whale fountain - balls fall from the sky, and the player should not let them fall into the sea. The whale should be moved around the screen so that it repels the balls.

Rhythm Peak party - the real rhythm is a game. Here is one endless song. The task is to prevent the notes from crossing the lower bar on the screen.

Rabbits - here bunnies show muzzles from minks, in order to score more points and earn crystals, you need to have time to click on a curious muzzle.

In a word, all mini-games here are very similar. After some time, you may become a little bored. But crystals for gifts must be earned.

Main buttons

Home screen:

  1. BG - background selection on the home screen.
  2. Zoom - approaching the character.
  3. Hide - hides the buttons on the screen; to return, touch the display.
  4. Gifts - view videos for crystals. You can watch 1 video per day.
  5. Skit Maker - here you can create a background and character for the phone screen saver.

Studio Mode:

  1. BG - selects the background for the clips. The game has more than 500 backgrounds.
  2. Props - opens a list of objects with which you can interact on the working field.
  3. Chat is the conversation window for the heroes. You can give the character a name or put an emotion.
  4. Seves - function for saving a fragment.

Gacha Life: Life Mode

There are several locations where the player will drive his character, talk with objects of artificial intelligence (NPS). The longer you have a conversation with him, the higher his level of friendship with you becomes. At level 4, the character will be able to ask questions from the NPC. Thus, the player will be able to learn a little about the character. If you compare all the conversations, you can trace the storyline. History copies another game of the developer, in fact, all the characters that are in Life wander from one game to another.

At level 4, you can respond to a well-drawn robot. There are 11 regions on the map:

  1. Roof is the roof. You will have the heroes to travel on the school roof.
  2. Park - a park. Here you can make friends with several NPCs, take a walk along the green streets.
  3. School is a school, there are several interesting programmed characters who are happy to make friends with you.
  4. Town - tower.
  5. City is a city.
  6. Station - station.
  7. Beach - a beach.
  8. Snow is snow. A kind of snowy island with Winter and Santa Claus.
  9. Desert is a desert.
  10. Bamboo - bamboo grove.
  11. Spooky is a creepy one, in fact, it is a cemetery, and it is on it that you can find a secret character, but more on that later.

In a word, nothing outstanding: you just walk around and look around, periodically talking with computer characters. With every conversation, stamina is spent - stamina (energy), which is restored in Gacha. And for the latter, crystals are needed, which are required to be mined in mini-games.

Gacha Life: Character Guide

Life includes more than a hundred different characters, each of which has its own unique personality, preferences, favorite food, and so on. In order to learn more about a particular character, you must first talk to him. A conversation will give you some basic information about the person, as well as increase your level of friendship - each character has approximately six different dialog lines. Note that talking with a character will require two units of stamina (energy).

Once you have reached friendship level 2, it becomes available to ask the character various questions. There are 10 questions that your NPC hero will ask randomly. However, questions may be repeated. Unfortunately, the player cannot control this process. By asking questions, you will receive complete information about the characters: favorite food, animals, things that they are afraid of and more. All this information can then be used in a quiz.

At the 3rd level of friendship, the function of giving gifts will become available. When gifting, you will spend 5 units of stamina.

You should give gifts that the character really likes, this will give 2 times more progress towards the next level of friendship.

At friendship level 10, an NPC character will ask you questions about what he loves, what he doesn’t like. By answering questions, you increase the level of your character.

Since the game is completely in English, we have translated for you all the features of the characters you meet.

Gacha Life: Park Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
EzraHe likes that he has red eyes, because that makes him special. Ezra likes the smell of rain and subway rides that soothe him. He loves Japan and sushi. Ezra likes the black stripes in his hair. He was born in a pink hospital. Idol - pianist Lang Lang. Kai’s best friend. He is an aspiring pianist and teaches Mozart.
AlexaShe likes to play tennis and violin. Alexa has a puppy named Pepper. Her dream job is that job that will allow her to read all day. She could drink latte all day. Her favorite band is Fam and Pals. Her favorite show is Anatomy of Red. She is left-handed. Favorite season is autumn. She is actually a brunette.
LadoShe is a cat girl, therefore she loves to play with balls of yarn, likes to foul and just walk aimlessly. He doesn’t like to be pulled by the tail. Has a collection of 22 buns. She can see in the dark, but is afraid of vampires, ghosts and witches. He does not like spicy food. At Christmas, she was presented with a toy car.
PatHis favorite sport is football. He likes grapes and boiled eggs, chocolate ice cream and ice tea with dessert. Favorite living creature - a shark. Favorite planet - Venus. He loves rock and roll. My favorite school subject is history.

Gacha Life: Town Characters (Towers) - Hometown Location

Hero nameHis preferences
LuniLooney has a large collection of anime figures and loves them very much. Favorite color is blue.Favorite living creature - ducks. He loves visors and creates art with a computer mouse. Birthday is April 23rd. This is the main character of one of the Lunime games.
SenpaibunsShe is a sorceress with the power of an interesting dream. Claims that the fluff in her ears are clouds. Favorite animal - narwhal. Some take her for a girl - a cat or a fox. Best friends are Lado and Radio. Collects soft toys. Favorite food is sushi. Hobbies - drawing. Afraid of swimming.Favorite color is pink.
LemoFavorite color is green. Lado annoys her. She constantly wants to sleep because she has low blood pressure. Super thinking is the ability to listen well. He does not like those who speak loudly and shoot (does not tolerate loud sounds at all). Loves the night, and walks at night. Very afraid of ghosts. He loves computer games.
YuniHe likes to watch the rainbow, listen to funny music, loves cute things. Favorite berry - cherry.He loves different sweets. My favorite hobby is fortune telling. Has a bow that she received as a gift from a friend. Best friend is Lemo. Uni is full of energy and is always in a hurry somewhere.

Gacha Life: School Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
MistySpeaks 4 languages. He wears shoes of size 7, which are a little small. A favorite animal is a dolphin, because they are very smart. After school, she works in the school library. And if you do not sign your essay, you will lose 10 points. He always says that the sun sets northwest of the school. Misty is an excellent student, but does not like history. She has a black karate belt. Misty is a member of the student council, math team, and academic club.
FuuKumaShe’s a bunny bear. Favorite food - tacos Chalupas. Her eyes can change color from brown to pink.Favorite taste - the taste of cherry-vanilla ice cream. Libra. Favorite holiday - Halloween. Podrga - Senpaybun. Favorite computer game - Bioshock 2. He loves pastel colors. John John is her favorite anime.
Nurse luckShe went to college and studied for five years to become a nurse. She has 6 cats. She believes that honey water is the best cure for sore throat. She was happiest when she won 100 gems in the lottery. Favorite food is sushi. Passion - watching the GachaTube channel. Wants to visit the Philippines. If you are ill, you may be absent from school for only 3 days. After this period of time, you will need a medical certificate.
Mr.PrincipalThis is a school principal who loves to drink coffee. He has his own parking space. He has been a director for 13 years! He has 2 sons who will grow up to be great people (in his opinion). He thinks that all students should attend school daily for 2 years. Favorite computer game - Waldo’s basics.Favorite breakfast - donuts. Favorite animal is a turtle, because it is very quiet. He does not have a favorite TV show because he is a very busy person. Loves to read. He believes that the book is the main source of knowledge.
TroyHe plays as a point guard. Troy is wearing a T-shirt, which he took from a friend, but his real number is 7. His basketball nickname is Dribble, because he masterfully owns the ball. His best friend is his dog Bolt. His favorite animal is a cheetah, because it is very fast. Collects basketball shoes. There are already 11 pairs in his collection. According to official figures, the basketball hoop is 10 feet high. The captain of his team is Kagari. His favorite school subject is math.

Gacha Life: School Garden Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
MidoriShe likes to eat fruit. Midori can’t swim. Afraid of heights and insects. She doesn’t play tennis very well. Her favorite food is snails. Favorite drink is fruit juice. She loves to read, and loves little hats.Her greatest desire is to be able to fly.
LilyShe’s half a Gow dog, and would like to get a few pats on the head from you. Gdom is her older brother, but she does not know where he is now. Best friend is Muu. She thinks Muu is very cute, although most people find her scary. A cherished desire is to summon Gerson from her favorite show.Favorite flower is a lily. Love to paint at night. Likes to play Pokemon, and her favorite Pokemon is Sketchup. Favorite color is sky blue. Her brother always had "pollen on his leg." Lily was born on November 7th.
MoeShe loves Ngoka and Kat. He always carries sharp objects in his pockets. She can wag her tail very quickly, or rather, 1000 times per minute. My opinion is that everyone should sleep regularly. Likes to play video games and sing. She loves throwing coins at people and pretending to be Naruto. He likes to make fun of people. She has very soft ears.
KatKat loves to sing, but she is very shy. She can use her hidden right eye to turn into a magical girl. Kat loves night time because she has more time to paint. She is used to doing all of her digital art with the mouse. Kat loves Ngok - they are best friends. Favorite color is blue. She loves to play many rhythmic games such as Osuuuu! Her dream is to become a great artist and sorceress. TsU is her feline companion. Kat loves all her plush toys, especially the hamster.
NgocShe does not like math because she thinks it is too complicated, but she likes English. Once Ngok slept for 15 hours. She really loves to sleep. She has only two modes: either sleep all day, or not sleep at all. Ngok loves watching Naruto with Mo and pretending to be a ninja. She loves to speak Vietnamese. She loves to draw. Ngok believes that she has the most beautiful hair. She painted ex three times. She loves all animals, but most of all she likes dogs.
SelenaShe was an ordinary student until she became a sorceress. Her favorite food is pizza, because she gives her a lot of energy. She should be home by nine in the evening, even if she saves the world.Gemini. The talking cat gave her magical powers. She can fly for 1 hour before she gets tired. Favorite color is blue. It takes her 30 seconds to transform. She must touch her magic necklace in order to turn into a sorceress.
Prof.GachaUranium is the secret ingredient for making an elixir. All of its options are shaken, not mixed. Luna Gacha was created by Luni. Teaching is his dream job. He remains at school until 6 pm, although his classes end at 3 p.m. If you drink from the bottle that he holds in your hand, you will turn into a frog.At least that’s what he claims. Favorite food is spinach. Once he received an award for being the smartest teacher in the school. Gacha is sure that one day he will invent a time machine. His favorite mouse is Einstein.

Gacha Life: School West Wing Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
Janitor BobThere is nothing worse for Bob than disconnecting a clogged toilet. Cleaner Bob from Italy. He is preparing a new cleaner, whose name is Abel, to take his place when he retires. The first thing the janitor Bob does when he gets home is to put on his pajamas. The combination for the locker in his secret vault is 21-7-32. He has 10 different pairs of cleaning gloves in the pantry. His dream is to become a chef, but he hides it from the director. He thinks his mustache betrays his Italian origin.Favorite architectural monument is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Favorite food - spaghetti.
GabriellaShe would have liked it if the fun season lasted all year, and not just in winter. Her support team consists of 11 girls. She loves to watch the Olympics on TV. She needs 30 minutes to get her hair done. In the summer she spends a lot of time on the beach. She is in love with a boy who is a member of the basketball team. Her favorite fruit is cherry, and she loves to hurt. The mascot of her school team is a wild cat. She has been in the support group for 3 years.
ChloeGacha de Plum is the name of Chloe’s perfume. Favorite color is green. Chloe is not married. She broke up with her boyfriend because he goes in for sports too much. She hates gym classes because she doesn’t like to sweat. Her family owns a bank. Chloe’s natural hair color is brown. Favorite animal is a cat. Water is her favorite drink, and she really hates soda. She visited America some time ago, and it was amazing.

Gacha Life: School Roof Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
Nikki NiiHer favorite flavor of bubble tea is Tarot. Its antennas have no real power but to change the mood. She would like to know more terms since she is still learning the language spoken on this planet. She has a soft, gentle voice. She is very energetic. Nikki loves pajamas because such clothes are forbidden on her planet. She is afraid of thunder and loud, sudden sounds. However, she does not mind loud music when she performs on stage. Nikki has the uncanny ability to turn any item into music simply by pointing to it.
FlashyklauShe was an angel in heaven, but does not want to reveal why she is now on Earth. She is a sorceress. Favorite dessert is cookies. She dyes the ends of her hair blue. Her cat’s name is Erza.Favorite color is pink. She has a magical home companion - a pink fox named Lumina. She loves hot air balloons. She loves orange juice.
JoelHis favorite game genres are MMO and ISEKAI, which means "another world" in Japanese, because he just loves to play games that take place in a fantasy world. Joel loves pastel colors, especially pink, black and white. He was ugly when he was a child, and he was often bullied because of this. Joel loves to stream on Twitch and chat while he plays games or draws. He constantly wears sweaters. Date of birth - November 30. Joel loves winter because he can comfortably sit in a blanket and watch anime all day. He created CC, Hime-sama and Rokstarkhan.
SpongeyShe likes to relax with a cup of tea. Anyone can join her harem, if only he is handsome. Her favorite color is pink, although she is wearing a purple dress. Favorite animal is a cat. She just wants to love someone. Never dance with a fork and knife when it is near. Her cat name is Angel.Her closet is full of dresses from Lolita.

Gacha Life: Characters in the City

Hero nameHis preferences
PiccBest friend is Spider. Pickk claims that one of his favorite memories is to be on stage with her. He will tell you that there are 7 unique notes on the music scale, and with their help you can make some nice tunes. Pickk and Spider are part of a group called "bandits." His biggest secret is that he really loves romantic manga. He just doesn’t want anyone to find out about this. It seems that Pickk lost his guitar when he was little, and Pauket found her. Afraid of losing voice. The goal is to become the best musician in the world.
PawketShe and Pikk are part of a group called "bandits." She dreams of becoming the biggest pop star in the world. Pikk is her best friend, and she really loves him. They are both raccoons, although her tail is slightly shorter than that of Picca. She constantly sings because she likes it. Unlike Pickk, Spider cannot play most instruments, but Kalimba is her favorite instrument. She believes that having fans is the best thing in the group. Favorite color is pink.
SatsunaHer favorite anime is Looney on the ice! Her strength enables her to turn into a dragon. However, she uses it only in emergency cases. He loves honey tea. She also owns 20 spears and claims to have not stolen them. Favorite song - "head in the clouds." Wei is her half-brother, but Settsuna finds him very annoying. She really loves spring, because this is the best time of the year for picnics.However, in the spring there are many bees, and she does not like them at all.
EmmaShe loves flowers, especially lilacs, tulips and roses. The idol is Cupid, because it spreads love, as it does. Favorite animal - a dove, a symbol of love. Favorite holiday - Valentine’s Day. Emma has over 10 different types of ribbons and loves to collect them. Favorite drink is hot chocolate, because it really warms it. She will never refuse an invitation to sing, because singing makes her happy.Favorite color is pink. Emma’s heart shield has a special power, and this is the power of love.
FierinHe thinks the great white sharks are very cool and wants to ride on one. But disappointed that this is simply impossible to do. He loves Becks and finds her very sweet. Venti strawberry acai with coconut milk is his favorite drink. Give him one and he will be happy all day. He really likes Waffle Story 2, and he managed to bring his character to level 60. His most precious memory is the day he and Becks became friends. His favorite color is sky blue, although it is not included in his color palette.
BexShe loves to create anime. Initial P is her favorite anime. She was born on Valentine’s Day. Becks loves baking sweets for his friends.She thinks that the pets are very cute, especially her cat, Babu.She claims that McLuney has the best chicken nuggies. Her favorite season is winter, because she likes to keep warm after a cold. Favorite color is purple.
CalebFavorite food is chocolate pudding. Caleb likes to play fishing with his friends. He thinks freckles are his best feature. Caleb wants to be a photographer when he grows up. He thinks the best part of the playground is a Scottish jump rope and monkey bars. He once had an ant farm with 125 ants in it.Caleb loves to run outside, which is why change is his favorite part of the school.

Gacha Life: Station Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
SquidiHe is from the Philippines and got to the city by boat. His goal is to make everyone happy. He considers everyone friends. He got a hat from dad. He met Looney when he was still a newcomer to this land and was sleeping in a pond with his ducks. Looney let him stay.
XenosHe never sleeps. He has a treasure map, 12 fish and 3 apples. He thinks the rainbow is phenomenal.Favorite food - toasts. He believes that you must overcome everything.
Rambo nyan kittyFavorite anime - Sailor Moon. He wants to become Rambo when he grows up. Favorite fruit is an orange. Nyan’s secret is that she is actually a potato, but she will ask you not to tell everyone. She’s just a lonely kitten looking for someone to hold her paw. The name of her weapon is Witherspoon.She likes to tell bad jokes.
InxanityHer favorite dish is Katsu Curry Chicken. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, because she gives birth to that day. She loves Ramuna. Inocha is her twin sister. She used to be the editor of youtube channels. Her nickname is Inks. Favorite anime - My Neko Academia. She loves pastel colors.

Gacha Life: Beach Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
BrodyHe loved to look at sunflowers. Brody often gets up early and goes fishing with his father. My favorite pastime is reading. Once he caught a fish from a perch bay. He wants to have a big truck.He always wears headphones and sunglasses, likes to listen to music. He loves to surf. Brody claims that lobster tastes like chicken.
SummerShe always wanted to go to the beach in California. She is a vegetarian. Favorite drink - latte with almond milk. She loves to read Joan Rowling’s books. Summer would like to get married on the beach. Summer would like to know if you have ever watched a Gacha Tube video. She likes to watch jokes videos. Once she fell asleep at the dentist. Summer loves playing beach volleyball with his friends.
SandyShe asks if you like her top? Favorite color is yellow. Sandy thinks meeting new people is very interesting and she likes being your friend. Elsa is Sandy’s favorite character from the movie Freeze.She really loves fruit salad, but only if it has pineapple. Thinks coffee sweets are really delicious.

Gacha Life: Desert Characters

Hero nameHis preferences
AliAli will advise you not to go out at night, because it is too dangerous. He has a favorite lizard named Baba. Ali will tell you that the pyramids were built 10 million years ago. He claims that the best treasure caves are in the southeast! You must beware of snakes in the desert. The rarest treasure he has found is an ancient scroll. One of the most noteworthy attractions here is the Sphinx. There was no rain here this year.
HorusHe was a wandering nomad until he became a philosopher. The name of his beloved camel is Spits. Gore has already published 3 books, and is currently working on a new one. He loves collecting fossils. You rarely see an oasis in the desert. Its scarf is made from alpaca wool. The most common desert plant is cactus.
DamianHe claims that dodging is the most important skill for a samurai. He came here after five years of wandering around Japan. Damian received his sword from his teacher, who died shortly afterwards. Favorite color is red. He is an expert in kendo, fencing and aikido. Damian will always choose scissors in the game "rock, paper, scissors". He can’t swim, and this is his only weakness.So far, he has destroyed many creatures, but he could never harm a butterfly. Damian has no one in life. No family, no friends.
KleopatraShe took over the rule from Pharaoh, who was previously king. Cleopatra travels in a carriage only because she thinks that camels are for the poor. She loves snakes, although most people are afraid of them. He loves gold and coconut dessert. Cleopatra will warn you to be careful when crossing rivers, they are full of crocodiles. The construction of the pyramid takes about 3 years. She hates the sun because she considers it too bright.

There are many more characters, but the main plot of your adventures will be associated with these heroes. They are also found in other Gacha games of the company.

Gacha Life: How to create a series on the game

Of course, creating a series or film based on the characters of the game is a long and painstaking process. To get started, you need to install video processing applications on your smartphone:

  1. Splice.
  2. InShot.
  3. IMovie.
  4. Power Director.
  5. Go Pro Quik.
  6. Video Shop.
  7. Kine Master.

The proposed editors can help not only build a video sequence and lay down music, but also record video from the screen (which is very important). All applications are freely available on the Google Play and App Store.

Then you need to go into Studio mode. Here you should choose a character who will be the main character. On the right side of the window there are buttons with a complete selection of props, pos. Moreover, many actions are animated.

In order for the characters to move their arms and legs, walk, fight and much more, and not just make one movement, you need to enable recording from the screen and fix the animated floor. From these poses you can make a video sequence in the editor.

Dialogue of heroes. The Studio also has a Chat button, but this is not for communicating with other players, but a dialogue between your characters in comics or series. You can select the original cloud for the phrase. All actions can be recorded through the video editor.

On one frame, you can put several characters, also for each hero you can choose individual movements. The selection of poses in the Studio is very rich.

Most importantly, you need to write the plot of the scene, see the costumes, movements and props of the heroes. The Studio has a lot of backgrounds that can be selected for the video.

Each pose in the editor needs to be cut separately, then glue the repeating movements. It is important to set "smooth" transitions between frames so that the animation does not "twitch". The audio sequence (one or more) is superimposed last.

Do not expect that you can create a video the first time. It is necessary not only to understand the work of the editor and the Game Studio, but also to choose an interesting plot. To make the story really beautiful and interesting, you should think through everything to the smallest detail.

Gacha Life: Secrets of the Game

There are several secret characters in the game that are very interesting to chat with. Finding them without special hints is extremely difficult. Therefore, we will tell you about those heroes that we managed to find.

How to find Mo? To get started in Life mode, you should go to the location Town - Hometown. Some locations are divided into several small areas that are not displayed on the main map. Next, you need to open a map of the city and go to the Spooky location. The first place a player lands in this area is the Spookyville area. Then you should go to the very end of the location. You must go to the right side. On the way, you can chat with computer animated characters.

The final stop is the gate of the cemetery where Thorn will be waiting for you, you will definitely need to talk to him (although he will not tell you anything interesting). Further, he will open the way for you to another locality with a ghost house. At the gate of the hero, a girl CC (a strange name) meets. Here it is necessary to stand in a circle in front of her. Communicating with her is not necessary.

Having stood on a circle, you will be transported to a striped room. There are 5 circles on the floor. Enter the code here: 341552234.

The code is easy to enter: you need to get into a circle that matches the password symbol.

But there is a catch (not without this):

  1. Number 3 is the center circle.
  2. Number 4 is the second circle on the right of the screen.
  3. Number 1 is the first circle on the right side.
  4. Number 5 - the first circle on the left side.
  5. Number 2 is the second circle on the left side.

After entering the combination correctly, the heroine of Mo will appear in front of you. You need to talk with the girl, after which she will appear in your friends and in additional slots on the Home screen. In the future, Mo will be able to travel through Life.

How to find Mu? Here everything is somewhat simpler: you just need to enter the circle behind Mo, and you will find yourself in a red - black room, where you also need to enter the code, jumping around circles on the floor. Despite the ease of finding the heroine, the code is quite long: 2544351154443122135. You should enter it carefully, and do not confuse the numbers.

After entering the characters correctly, the girl Mu will appear on the screen. You also need to chat with her in order to be able to play her later or create an animation with her.

How to find Ramunade? You should go back to Spooky. At the very beginning of the location, the player will be met by a girl - kitty Autumn. After talking with the character, you need to get to the girls S.S. (as described in the Mo search). Approaching her, you need to stand in a circle behind her. After the correct execution of actions, you will be taken to the forest. The place has no name, but as in the first two cases, you must enter the code characters.

The code here is not complicated and consists of only 9 digits - 315244315. Then you find yourself in a pretty place with lovely smiling droplets, and another secret character - Ramunade will meet the traveler.

How to change the size of the hero’s head? Also an interesting question. In many animated games, the heads of the characters are not proportional to the body. Some players do not like this look of electronic friends.Therefore, Gacha Life provided the opportunity to change the size of the head. To do this, go from the Home screen to the Body menu. In the lower left corner is a button with three dots. By clicking on this button, the player has the ability to change the size of the head of any character: make it larger or smaller. It is also possible to deform a funny head.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.