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Galaxy Legend Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GALAXY LEGEND is one of the first games that combines strategy and RPG genre. The history of the game begins on July 15, 2013, while it was a revolution in the field of mobile games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Classes of ships in the game
  2. Which ships are better?
  3. Galactonite Guide: Characteristic, Characteristic, etc.
  4. Module guide
  5. Build and ship formation
  6. We place additional lieutenants
  7. Rebuilding the fleet in the workshop
  8. Layout on Primus
  9. We build buildings on the planet
  10. Conquest of the Universe
  11. Example shares - monopoly
  12. Primeus Invasion
  13. We pass the infinite space
  14. Galaxy Tournament
  15. Chaotic space
  16. QC contest
  17. Galactic slot machine
  18. Store Guide and Credits
  19. VIP level
  20. Thank you gifts
  21. Daily promotions
  22. What gives a star alliance?
  23. Pandora
  24. Passage of the plot and the military academy
  25. Other activities and secrets of the game

Classes of ships in the game Galaxy Legend

Pilot - Snowden

All ships are divided into several classes, starting with the strongest:

S-class Elementary class
Ss red A purple
Ss purple with gold letters A blue
Ss purple with purple letters In purple
S Red with 3 big stars In blue
S Red with 2 big stars With purple
S purple with 2 big stars With blue
S purple with 1 big star D blue
S purple with 3 small stars E blue
S purple with 2 small stars E green
S purple with 1 small stars

Pilot - Francis

As you can see classes of ships very much. And despite the fact that the developers have brought confusion in this classification. For example, many red ships of the S class are stronger than the SS class. How to understand this leapfrog?

If you go to the heavenly portal and open the book, then there is a complete list of all the ships. Each of them has its own initial strength, which can be viewed by pressing the "i" button. The final power of the ship is shown opposite the inscription "detachment" (in the screenshot it is highlighted with a red frame). It is she who determines which of the ships and pilots is stronger initially. In the ship’s card you can read in detail all the characteristics and the effect that this pilot gives a super-strike.

The type of the court also affects the further pumping of the ship; there are 6 types in the game:

  1. The flagship is you. It is this ship that you play from the first moments of the game. For a very long time it was impossible to change it. But the developers met the requests of gamers and added several flagships to the game.
  2. Ranger - ships with a very strong single super-strike. Can withdraw the enemy ship with a single shot. Some of the advanced ships damage or impose nearby ships.
  3. Impact ships for the most part hit the square. But even here there is no traceability of the developers - some of the top pilots cause damage to only one enemy ship.
  4. Defenders are designed to withstand strong blows of the enemy and impose shields on friendly pilots. In addition to the shields during the super attack, they do some damage to the enemy.
  5. Fighters have one distinctive feature - they shoot from electromagnetic weapons. There are few defenses against this weapon, so their strikes are especially strong.
  6. Mobile ships usually hit the area, a very large area of up to 5 cells. But their blow is strong when it hits from 3 ships.Against single goals, they are ineffective.

Many ships impose buffs on friendly pilots and negative effects on enemies. All the types of ships described need to know for their pumping.

News, codes and gifts of the game

Which ships are better in the Galaxy Legend?

ships in Galaxy Legend

The best ships are SS class ships that can be bought during stocks for loans or real money. But do not forget that just buying a good pilot with a ship will not lead you to first place in the ratings. The ship must be pumped! Even a mediocre pumped ship can break the spacecraft of the last modification.

But besides stocks and donat you can get the captain and the ship for free. For this, there is a heavenly portal on the planet. By entering it several times a day one can receive various items at one of the gates. And 10 times you are guaranteed to get the commander. And, if you are lucky, the commander will be SS class.

In the heavenly gates, in addition to hiring pilots, you can also dismiss unnecessary pilots so that they do not interfere in the ranks. You can see the book of all available pilots and collect your own set of pilots, which gives a certain increase in performance.

Each pilot with a ship has the following initial characteristics (attributes):

Build ships

Methods of pumping the characteristics of ships:

1. Hiring a commander with a ship in the galactic gates or receiving it from the action.

2. Installation of equipment and its improvement. Equipment can either be bought or obtained in the story missions. Improved equipment is provided for loans. The maximum level of improvement is determined by the development of the engineering complex. The cost of improving grows exponentially. Fighters can only install a special gun with an electromagnetic attack.

3. The development of equipment occurs through the use of drawings, which can be obtained in the building of the military academy. With the development of equipment characteristics increase almost 2 times, and its level is reduced by 5 units. But it’s worth it.

Keep in reserve a few developed electromagnetic guns. No one knows when you will drop SS Class Fighter on which you need to install it.

4. Interference equipment. Based on wave-particle duality of particles, we can change the micro characteristics of particles by de Broglie interference waves. Nowadays, scientists can use technology to change our equipment. As a new technology, there are still some questions about reliability. But it will still bring great results. The same material interferes will give different effects to different types of equipment. Equipment can affect only one type of interference at a time. Using a new Interference process may negate the effects of previous use of interference. Handle with care, use super magnetic interference, which greatly increases the chances of success.

5. Transformation of ships - use new materials to significantly improve their ships. After the ship reaches a certain level of transformation, the color of the hero’s picture will change. Transformation of a ship from +1 to +5 requires chips of the appropriate class. For example, the Destroyer chips are required to transform the Fighter.Transformation from +6 to +7 requires special materials - Source of Pandora Energy. Transformation from +8 to +15 requires special materials - Pandora Energy Crystals. When transforming ships, there is a possibility that the process will fail. In this case, the system will return only 80% of the resources expended.

Where to get Materials? Players of level 28 and above can earn the corresponding transformation chips during the Pandora promotion, which is held on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Players of level 50 and above can earn chips and other transformation materials by participating in the Galaxy Tournament. Watch the game for official limited time stocks in the game to increase the chance of obtaining materials for the transformation of ships.

Recovery: You can recover some ship transformation materials. Restored ships will return to level 0. After recovery, 100% of the chips will be returned to only a portion of the Pandora Energy Sources and the Pandora Energy Crystals.

Bleeding a ship cabin

6. Cabin of the ship. As the owner of the most powerful ship in the entire Universe, Maninoin understands how important scientific developments and technologies are. The cabin of the Creator becomes a paradise for all people who want to change something. Commanders can pay the Dark Aerosiderite Maneuver to make improvements to all components of the ship. He said that Dark Aeroside will be obtained on different planets in the Starry Forest. Exceptions are Components that can be found almost everywhere. The Manoinver collection includes the famous weapon systems, defense systems and strategic systems of the whole Universe. However, only the strongest Commanders will be able to become owners of the legendary equipment and change the Universe. Legendary equipment can enhance the effectiveness of the Components as well, each equipment has a unique effect, the strength of which can even change the course of the battle.

If the equipment color matches the slot color, then the equipment will be created with maximum power; if not, then only passive effects will be given. The mechanism of the entire system may benefit. Every time a Commander improves a new Component, the equipment becomes more powerful. Commanders can sell waste equipment to a Man-Inverter, receiving Dark Aerosiderite instead. If the Commander is not happy with the result, Maninter will help reset the characteristics to the base values. In this case, only part of the consumed Dark Aeroside will be returned.

Also, commanders can pay loans for a full discharge, this will allow you to return all used Dark Aerosiderite. With enough resources, commanders can use the Auto-Enhance button, which will save a lot of time. Improving this feature will depend on the maximum level of the current page and auto-enhancement will only improve the current page (Warrior’s Power, Lucky Sage, Heart of the King).


8. The master of equipment, interference, galactonite, transformation, etc. gives quite good performance bonuses when you are pumping evenly. When all elements reach a certain level, you get this bonus. Therefore, it became not profitable to download only one element in this game.

7. Breakthrough. Heroes can use Breakthrough for transformation +15. At this stage there will be new effects for the battery, new levels of Transformation and Legendary equipment with a higher stellar level, which can be equipped into the cabin. For the transformation at the Breakthrough stage, new materials will be needed. New rules for recovery: after the completion of the Breakthrough, the first recovery will reset the commander’s transformation level to +15, and the next recovery will reset to +0, with all materials returned.

8. Research at a research center enhances 8 basic characteristics using research glasses.

Galaxy Legend Galactonite Guide: Characteristic, Characteristic, etc.


Galaktonit - this is one of the main ways of pumping ships. There are several rules for working with it.

General rules

1. Graduate Lab can equip your ship with more Galactonite.

2. Players who have reached level 50 and above can synthesize all types of Galactonite Laboratories. There are no specific requirements for the Lab.

3. A ship cannot be equipped twice with a galactonite of the same species.

4. Galactonite with mixed characteristics counts as two types of Galactonite.

5. The unnecessary Galactonite can be decomposed in the Laboratory to produce Galactonite Energy.

6. Galactonite energy is used to improve Galactonite, which increases the stellar level.

7. The Galactonite stellar level shows the properties of the development of Galactonite. At the moment, Galactonite R-8 is the highest.

8. Update your Galaktonit in promotions, to better update your Galaktonit.

Galactonite laboratory

1. Synthesizing Galactonite can increase energy levels. The current energy level can be viewed on a scale near the reactor.

2. Higher-powered energy levels increase the cost of synthesizing galactonite, but also guarantee an increase in the chances of synthesizing high-level galactonite.

3. Sometimes synthesis of Galactonite is not possible. With a low energy level, some used Qubit will be returned after a failure. But with a high energy level, Qubit is not refundable.

4. Autosynthesis. You can use the Auto-Synthesis feature to automatically synthesize a large amount of Galactonite, up to a maximum of 30 times, until your Galactonite bag is full or Qubits run out.

5. Auto-Decomposition. Set the desired star level and the entire Galactonite is less than or equal to this, the level will auto-decompose into Galactonic Energy. This function does not affect the already synthesized Galactonite.

6. Instant Decomposition. Set the required star level and the entire Galactonite in your storage of a lower level or equal will be decomposed into Galactonic Energy. This feature does not affect the galactonite-equipped fleet.

Graduate Laboratory

1. The Advanced Galactonic Laboratory has a zero chance of synthesizing due to the improved quality of the equipment.

2. The highest level of Galactonite obtained from the Galatonic Laboratory R-7. The Energy Scale on the right side of the equipment will collect the energy lost during the synthesis. Bonus energy can be collected after it is filled.

3. As in the usual galactonite laboratory, the functions of Auto-Synthesis, Auto-Decomposition and Instant Decomposition are available here.

Module guide


Each module is created for its class. You cannot use two modules for the same class. One module can improve one universal characteristic or from 0 to 4 Special characteristics (depending on the quality of the module).Universal feature : effective for all classes, but for each class different levels of improvement. The level of improvement of the universal characteristic is proportional to the class.

Special feature : improvement is possible only with special types of modules. The level of improvement of the special characteristics is fixed.

Decomposition: By disassembling the Modules, you can get a certain amount of Trident Capacitors.

Modules can be upgraded several times a day for free, either using special items or credits. Each attempt to improve can have both positive and negative effects. The greatest positive effect can be saved.

Build and ship formation


Your equipment and Galaktonit can be tied to a formation and saved, for each formation you can come up with a name. You can edit formation configurations independently of one another. Choose to edit the corresponding formation in the Galaktonit Center, the fleet interface, and others. The formation configured for the first time will automatically become the base for other formations.

Equipment and Galactonite used in different formations will have the appropriate item identifiers. Please be careful when dealing with them, such as selling or deleting. If you have enough space in your warehouse, you may experience overflow when switching formations. Please, in this case, eliminate part of the items first.

For short-term promotions, such as Primus, Invasion Primus and Pandora, players can select the desired formation in the Stroy interface. If you have more than one Flagship, please select the Flagship you need, since there should be only one Flagship per formation.

We place additional lieutenants

Lieutenants to help

You can go to the Officers Room in the Navy interface. In the Room of Officers, you can appoint any commander to the post of Lieutenant. Each Lieutenant has the skill of supporting the battle. They will give you more tactical advantage during the battle. Each commander may appoint one Lieutenant. If you want to change the Lieutenant, you need to remove the current one.

At the same time, each commander can be a lieutenant of another commander. A commander who has already become a lieutenant cannot appoint another commander. The flagship can not be the lieutenant of any commander. Each Lieutenant has different skills that will be unlocked under different conditions. After the unlock conditions are met, the Lieutenant’s skill will be automatically unlocked.

The number of Lieutenants depends on the level of the commander. The higher the level, the more Lieutenants can go into battle. The number of Lieutenants is shown below:

Skill trigger conditions:

Rebuilding the fleet in the workshop

Workshop in full

When you reach level 30, the rebuild function will be opened in the Workshop. Rebuild the ships to significantly enhance the strength of the corps and increase the HP buffs. This HP buff is an additional buff and will not affect other buffs.

You can rebuild 5 parts of the ship. Each time you can improve only one part, the level of which can not be higher than the level of the player. You need to use some Qubits and time to rebuild. The resulting CP buffs, if successfully rebuilt, will benefit the fleet.

In the process of rebuilding, you will be able to request an ally of the alliance so that the ally can help you speed up the process for a certain time. This time will increase as your ally level improves. Each player will be able to accelerate one rebuild only 1 time. Players who have not joined the alliance will not be able to send a request for help. Players below Level 30 will not receive a request from other players. The number to speed up the rebuild process is limited, improve the VIP level to add the amount to speed up.

Galaxy Legend: Layout on Primus

One of the best guides on the arrangement of ships and galactonite on Primus on the Internet.

We build buildings on the planet


The citadel is the central building of the planet. Through it is carried out most of the political, economic and military operations. Citadel collects daily qubit. Improving the Citadel will increase the extracted qubit. With each collection, you can get a bonus that doubles or triples the collected currency. In total, you can accumulate 12 collection attempts in 12 hours - one attempt per hour. You can collect everything using the appropriate button.

The engineering complex improves and optimizes ships for loading weapons and armor. Improve Engineering complex to achieve maximum development level of equipment.

The Research Center is developing new types of military equipment. Improve your fleet equipment. Improve the Research Center, to get new technological upgrades of a higher level.

The economic part is the shopping center of your planet. For a certain cost, diplomats can extract various resources for your fleet. Improving Housekeeping will increase the amount of resources collected by the Officers.For the work of the Officers of the Diplomatic Center you have to pay, but one free order is available daily.

The Galactic Center , which includes the Galactonic Laboratory and the Workshop, allows the Galactonite to be melted and processed. Improve the Galactonic Center to increase the use of galactonite for the fleet.

The workshop is engaged in repairing damaged ships and maintains an arsenal in a state of alert. Upgrade the Workshop to reduce fleet restoration costs.

The remaining buildings, although they are on the planet, do not need construction and improvement.

Conquest of the Universe

Conquest of the Universe

1. Introduction: The Conquest of Space action is a cross-server one. The winning alliance will be the owner of one new planet. You can see all the planets of past actions in the interface of the declaration of war and the history of the action Conquest.

2. Time of the action: The action Conquest of Cosmos takes place once a month and lasts 3 days.

3. Requirement for participation: To participate in the promotion, the Alliance level must be at least 2 and have at least 2 participants before the start of the Conquest of Space action. All participants in the action will receive generous awards after its completion.

4. Announcement and Recruitment: Any member of the Alliance may declare war. After a declaration of war to your rival Alliance, an equivalent enemy Alliance will be automatically selected for a fair battle.

5. Asgard Fortress: The Asgard Fortress additionally protects the members of the Alliance in the Conquest of Space campaign, but each battle will reduce the level of the Fortress by 1.

6. Defender: The Defender is appointed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Alliance. Alliance members cannot be attacked until Defender is destroyed. Defender has 4 HP at the start of each battle. A regular attack removes 1 HP for defeat from a normal attack and 2 HP for a Reinforced attack, but the Defender will be killed immediately if the attacker wins. At the start of each battle, the defender is reborn by the system. A defeated Defender can be revived during a battle at any time.

7. Combat Supply: Each player has 32 Supply Points at the beginning of the Conquest of Space actions, each attack on the enemy will consume supply points. Supply replenishes with time: 1 point in 7.5 minutes. A maximum of 32 points of supply can be accumulated.

8. Merit: An attack on a member of the Alliance or the Fortress of an enemy Alliance will bring you points of Merit. An alliance with more points of Merit will be declared the winner in the battle! Attack on Fortress -10 points. Attack on Fortress Core - 10 points. Attack on the Defender and Alliance members - 20-40 points (depending on the difference in the levels of the participants in the battle) for the victory and 10 points for the defeat. No points are awarded for the defense. If the enemy’s fortress has not been destroyed, then an attack on the Defender or Alliance member will bring you only a fraction of the possible points.

9. Attack: You can choose "Attack" or "Enhanced Attack". Attack: 1 Attack point is used for attacking. Enhanced Attack: For supplying an attack, use 4 points of Supply to apply an enhanced attack that doubles the strength in this attack and guarantees victory in this battle against any enemy other than Defender.

10 Awards: There are 2 types of rewards: Individual Awards and Awards for the Rank of the Alliance. Players will receive rewards after the end of the promotion. Each Alliance member can receive Alliance rewards if the Alliance Rank reaches a certain value.

11. Other: Players will not be able to leave the Alliance or dissolve the Alliance during the Conquest of Cosmos action. After a declaration of war, players will not be able to attach to the Alliance, nor will they be able to leave the Alliance or dissolve the Alliance, the Alliance will not be able to change the Defender or raise the level of the Fortress.

Example shares - monopoly


During the promotion, you can participate in Monopoly and win the super powerful red ranger S6-rank Richard for credits or Cosmic Candles. During the promotion, complete all active events or buy Candle Packs at the store to get a lot of Cosmic Candles.

Players who have such a ship and 80 of its parts, or 2x the DNA of the commander’s chip and 80 parts of the ship, or 160 parts of his ship, will receive 25 Raider chips in return. During the promotion, Richard Aid Package will be available in the store for 199 credits with a limit - one purchase per day. Players who have such a ship and 80 of its parts, or 2x the DNA of the commander’s chip and 80 parts of the ship, or 180 parts of his ship, will receive 25 Raider chips in return.

Each update will cost 500 credits, and the jackpot will give a free chance of updating. The rewards on the second lap will be increased by a factor of 2 from the rewards of the first lap (details and 25x Raider chips do not apply to this bonus). During the promotion, players who clone Richard will also receive the 3x Best Package Improvements. During the promotion, players who have received 40 parts of the commander ship or 25 Raider chips will receive the Normal Improvement Package x3, Galactonite Energy x200K.

Primeus Invasion

Primeus Invasion

The Primus Legions are invading the empire! It’s time to fight with them to protect our homeland! After the start of the Invasion of the Primus, the Legions of the Primus will appear in a random place on the map. They will follow the route lines to the central base. At the intersection there is a possibility that the Primus Legion will split into two groups and continue to move on.

Players at the base can go to any other point to meet the Primus Legion for battle. The battle will begin automatically when you encounter an enemy. First you need to overcome the Primus defenders to fight Primus himself. During the battle, the remaining HP from the previous battle is transferred to the next battle. When all your ships are destroyed, you will be returned to the base for repair. After the repair you will be able to return to the battle.

Each action will be divided into several rounds, each round of the Invasion of the Primus will last 30 minutes.During each round, the Primus Legions will appear in waves. Having reached a stronghold on the planet, each Legion Primus will hold its position for 30 seconds, then they continue to move towards the Central Base. Upon reaching the Central Base, the Primus Legions will remain on it also for 30 seconds. If after this time they survive, having withstood the attacks of the players, they are considered to be escaped.

The runaway Legions of Primus will lower your points, and accordingly, the rewards of each round will decrease.If more than 30% of them run away, the team of players will be defeated! For each victory in battles, players will receive a good reward, but if they lose, rewards will be reduced. At the end of each battle, depending on the number of Primus Legions that escaped, all players will be rewarded. At the end of the last round of the Invasion of the Primus the Empire will generously reward those commanders who have made the greatest contribution to the battles. Rewards will be distributed according to the kill rating and damage rating.

We pass the infinite space

Infinite space

The corridor of time and space

According to research, time and space are one physical model or form of expression of the unity of the universe.They never stop, but constantly expand or move forward, and there is no way for humanity to touch them or see them, and of course, they are not what people think of them. They like a one way flight. In the laboratory of Dexter, revealed new research results. Meet - new educational simulation on Earth - Corridor of time and space.Commanders, looking forward to your arrival!

The Empire decided to open the Infinite Cosmos - the Corridor of Time and Prostre. Only players of level 21 and above will be able to take part in battles. In the Corridor of Time and Space there are more awards than in Infinite space, and of course, in order to receive these awards, you will have to go through battles of higher levels.

During the battle in the Corridor of Time and Space, in case of defeat, players can recover and continue the battle, while the enemy ship will not be able to recover. Every day, the first recovery is free, the cost of subsequent recovery is 50 credits.

Players have one free reset every day. A reset can send a player to the nearest wave. Players can also use the portal to go to the early waves, but in this case, no rewards will be received.

After the reset, players will be able to run lvl.35 and higher. With the passage of special spaces, commanders can receive additional rewards. If it seems to you that this level is difficult for passing, for you we have prepared videos of other commanders who have passed this level.

Due to the large number of spaces, commanders of level 50 and higher, when they first enter the Infinite Cosmos, enemies will be provided, in accordance with the five best ships of their fleet. Awards of previous levels will be sent to the center of awards. Due to the instability of Infinite space, he will deny any additional fleet power from coatings.



During the action, commanders can challenge the Expeditions. All ur players can participate in the promotion. 21 and above, the expedition consists of 15 spaces, in each of them from 2 to 5 waves of enemy fleets. More powerful enemies will be represented in each succeeding space.

In certain waves, enemies will have special skills. They are located in spaces 5, 8, 11, 14. Be careful! In spaces 6, 9, 12, 15, you can challenge the Bosses. They will appear in the last wave. Do not forget to choose the right formation.

For participation in the promotion, usual awards and rank awards are provided. Regular rewards are awarded according to the number of spaces covered. When you reach certain requirements, you can click on the chests to pick them up. Chests will not be available after the end of the promotion. Rank rewards are based on the number of players who have passed certain spaces. The higher your rank, the better the rewards. Awards for the rank will be sent in a letter after the end of the action. Do not forget to check your mail.

Every player has 4 free chances to challenge each day. If you have spent them, you can use loans to buy extra chances. The number of chances available for purchase depends on your VIP level. The higher the VIP level, the more chances are available for purchase. There is a limit on the number of chances and the time of their purchase.

Each player has one free chance to reset per day. After the reset, the current call will be completed, and the player will return to space 1. However, your progress of the completed spaces will continue. If you used a free reset, you can spend loans to buy additional discharges. On the day there are two paid drops.

Wormhole: battle space


During the campaign, the Empire will open the Wormhole for research - the space of a decisive battle, where players of level 21 and above can take part. In this space there are 15 waves consisting of different fleets, and in each next wave there will be stronger rivals.

During the promotion, players will be able to challenge in the Wormhole - Decisive Battle Space. After defeat, you will be able to recover and continue the battle, while enemy fleets will not. Every day, the first call and recovery are free, then the recovery will cost 100 credits.

During the promotion, players will receive awards for passing special waves. Players will be able to use Raid and Reset. Each Reset is worth 800 credits. Three calls are available daily. Every day the first call is free.

Because of the strong magnetism in this space, any additional fleet power from the coatings will have no effect, the enemies will have high attributes, so prepare yourself before you challenge in this space.

Galaxy Tournament


In the Galaxy Tournament, you can fight commanders from other servers. New season begins every month. On the last day of the season, you will not be able to fight, because the results will be counted. On the last day you will be able to see the rating of the players, the Wall of Honor, to make an exchange in the Space Depot of Supply.

After the opening of the new season, your points will be reset to zero. But the coins of the Galaxy Tournament you earned will not be lost, they will be available for exchange at any time. To ensure fair gameplay, any additional fleet power from coatings will have no effect in the Galaxy Tournament battles. For any defensive battle points will not be awarded, regardless of whether the defender has won or lost.

Chaotic space

Chaotic space

Participate in Chaotic Space to get huge daily rewards. When lowering the HP and the shield of your vessel, use Recovery to repair them. If your ship suffers huge damage, use Temporary Flips to return to the beginning of the Fatal Battle.

Multinational enemies are available in every dimension of the Chaotic Cosmos. You can meet opponents from Japan, Korea, America, China, Russia, Italy, etc. You can even stumble upon yourself!

QC contest

QC contest

Participate in the Cross-Space Competition (KKK) to show your strength against the strongest opponents from All World! The action will be divided into stages. To be fair, your equipment must meet the level of your development and the stage at which you are located. Of course, you can check the combat reports of other stages.

Each competition is divided into an application for participation, preliminary selection and final. Upon entering for 3 days, players who wish to take part in the battle can register in the registration interface. The system will automatically select the level of players according to their level.

After registration, the pre-selection stage will be divided into rounds. In each round, you can send one formation.Each round will filter up to the Top 32. Due to restrictions on the number of participants, the system will select and monitor the battles. You can check the battle report of each round of your battles after the final battle. At this stage, players will receive certain rewards based on the number of victories.

After the pre-selection stage, the system will randomly qualify among the Top 32 and 2 of 3 qualifying fights.Non-combatants may select a Commander for support. Depending on the number of players supporting them, Commanders will receive different statuses. If your chosen Commander has won, you will also receive a reward!

Once every two days there will be one round of qualifying battles of the Top 32 players. Every 12 hours there will be one fight, and the results will be announced. In addition, participants in battles are free to update the formation before the battle begins. Finalists and semifinalists will be determined from the best ones based on five rules. The winners will be awarded the highest honor of the Empire. During the tournament, the cover and all buffs of the Alliance from the Conquest of the Universe will have no effect.

Galactic slot machine

slot machine

Press the lever and release to get random items or resources, each reward is provided with a corresponding icon, different sizes of icons constitute the value of the reward. When you get two or three icons of the same type on the line, you get more rewards.

If the Dexter coin falls into the bonus slot, you get an extra bonus on resource rewards. Extra bonus does not apply to subject awards.

Store Guide and Credits

shop and loans

A store in the game is one of the best ways to spend credits. The store has several tabs. The range in each of the deposits is almost never constant, but depends on the current action, which are held with an enviable constancy held in the game. Promotions are a great way to get the right things at a good discount.

Donat in the game is expressed in the purchase of credits for real money and commodities on shares. But the most effective way to spend money on a game is to buy a card for a month.

After purchasing a card, players can receive credits every day for the duration of the monthly card. Cards for the month are different and they bring different amounts of loans. After purchase, players must enter the monthly card interface every day to collect credits. Players can also receive credits from a free monthly card. If the player does not collect the credits of the current day, the credits will disappear by the end of it.

Players can use only one type of monthly card: Bronze or Silver Card per Month. After purchasing a Perpetual Card, players will not receive the appropriate amount of credits of a certain price category right away, but they can claim 100 credits every day, starting from the moment of acquiring the Perpetual Card and without expiration.

VIP level


Any real money purchase increases your VIP level and gives you the following VIP benefits:

VIP-1 Privileges

  1. Activates the Skip function and the automatic battle function in Combat Training.
  2. Daily purchase of Stock up to 2 times.
  3. Daily purchase limit of Arena Supply: 3.
  4. Daily elite call time updates more than 2.
  5. Daily forced collection limit: 6 times.

VIP-2 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP1 privileges.
  2. Opens the 2nd Construction Line.
  3. Opens highly efficient prey.
  4. Daily Purchasing Limit Purchase: 3.
  5. Daily forced collection limit: 6 times.
  6. Activates the Skip function for the battles of the Infinite and Chaotic Cosmos.
  7. Unlocks 70 slots in Galactonite Lab.

VIP-3 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP2 privileges.
  2. Activates the Skip function for Arena battles.
  3. Daily purchase limit of Arena Supply: 5.
  4. Daily forced collection limit: 20.
  5. Daily Purchasing Limit: 4.

VIP-4 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP3 privileges.
  2. Unlocks 80 slots in Galactonite Lab.
  3. Unlock the Overclocking feature to increase power during Sourcing from sources.
  4. Unlocks Net Sources.
  5. Daily forced collection limit: 30.
  6. Daily Access to Elite Challenges: 3.
  7. Daily Purchasing Limit purchase: 7.

VIP-5 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP4 privileges.
  2. Activates the "Skip" for all types of battles in the game.
  3. Opens the auto-melting of galactonite.
  4. Automatic decomposition of galactonite.
  5. Daily forced collection limit: 50.
  6. Daily Purchasing Limit Purchase: 15.
  7. Daily purchase limit of Arena Supply: 4.

VIP-6 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP5 privileges.
  2. Opens the Auto-Acceleration Extraction.
  3. Unlock the Warehouse galactonite on 90 cells.
  4. Daily purchase limit for Purchasing: 20.
  5. Daily forced collection limit: 80.

VIP-7 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP6 privileges.
  2. Unlock the Warehouse of galactonite on 100 cells.
  3. Daily Access to Elite Challenges: 5.
  4. Daily forced collection limit: 120.
  5. Daily purchase limit of Purchasing: 30.
  6. Arena Purchasing Daily Purchase Limit: 50.

VIP-8 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP7 privileges.
  2. Unlock the Warehouse galactonite 120 cells.
  3. Daily forced collection limit: 160.

VIP-9 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP8 privileges.
  2. Daily forced collection limit: 200.
  3. Arena Purchasing Daily Purchase Limit: 100.

VIP-10 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP9 privileges.
  2. Daily forced collection limit: 300.
  3. Changes the color of chat messages to Violet.

VIP-11 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP10 privileges.
  2. Daily forced collection limit: 400.
  3. Arena Purchasing Daily Purchase Limit: 200.
  4. Changes the color of chat messages to Orange.

VIP-12 Privileges

  1. Includes all VIP11 privileges.
  2. Daily forced collection limit: 500.
  3. Daily purchase limit of Purchasing: 50.
  4. Changes the color of chat messages to Golden.

Thank you gifts

Thank you gifts

For each first purchase of each type the player can receive the corresponding rewards. For an appropriate number of purchases in other categories, the player can also grads the first purchase. Items of reward will be sent directly to the backpack to the player. If the backpack is full, they will be sent to the reward center where you can pick them up. If the player already has a Commander given as a reward for the first purchase, the reward for this purchase will automatically be replaced with the ships’ chips.

Daily promotions


Prestige symbolizes your popularity within the Empire, which shows how much you are loved and supported by citizens. Increasing the level of Prestige will help you achieve a higher military rank, the honor of any warrior. Military rank allows you to:

  1. Have more powerful hero skills.
  2. The opening of new slots in the military formation.
  3. Increase the number of ships that you can use in battle.
  4. Receive Daily Rewards Resources.

How to get Prestige:

  1. The first victory over the main boss.
  2. Extraction from sources at the Dexter Lab.
  3. Dispatch of officers receiving prestige.
  4. Daily Arena Ranking Awards.
  5. Take part in the daily battles of Primus.

Achievements are rewards in the form of credits, which are issued for overcoming the slats on the main indicators of the game: power, number of ships, level of equipment, passing the story, etc.

The calendar can tell you which stocks are currently active in the game and which ones are expected. With it, it is easy to determine the time when you can spend loans and pump your fleet with maximum efficiency.

Tasks are updated daily and are a kind of a slider or a reminder that contains good rewards for performing simple tasks in almost all the activities of the game.

What gives a star alliance?


Donate to your alliance to receive potential upgrades, as well as increase the combat potential of your alliance.

The high level of Asgard Fortress will allow your Alliance to repel more enemy attacks and protect your troops during the conquest of the universe.

The expedition must include at least 6 players, each of whom will receive 900 prestige. You can participate in several missions at the same time, but you can get a reward only once a day. Every day at midnight GMT (03:00 Moscow time) the list of research expeditions will be updated.

Assistance in rebuilding armor can only be expected from members of their guild, but at the same time, we should not forget to provide reciprocal assistance. More information about rebuilding armor was described in another part of this article.



Time began Space. Pandora will be open for 3 days, the next opening will begin within 2-3 days.

Conditions for entry. Players with 28 levels or more can enter Pandora Space.

Enemy. Players from every 3 servers enter the same Pandora Space, and are automatically merged into the Union according to their server to fight against the other 2 alliances.

Star District. In Pandora Space there are 20 different Star Regions to capture players. Each district offers different rewards.

Occupation and Capture. Occupation: Any player will enter a free area and his union captures this area. Garrison: Entering the occupied area of their union, players will add an extra garrison and defense of the area. The order of defense will be the same as the order of entry into the area. The size of the occupied bridgehead: Players who entered enemy bases without a garrison, or who defeated all defenses, will control the territory.

Military Supply. Just you have 1GQ stocked. When the supply of reductions reaches 0, you cannot continue the attack and must wait a while for the revival. Each battle will consume an opred. Amount of Combat Supply. In case of defeat, you lose all 100 supplies. Every 20 points consumed supply will reduce by 1 available member to participate in the battle.

Battle Record. You can view the last 10 attack records in Pandora Space and play them.

Rewards When capturing a stellar region, each member of the same union and receive awards from this region.

Executive. The player with the most Impact Points within the server who occupies the Ruling Star will be the Executive Pandora Space. The performer is entitled to receive the highest awards during the activity of Pandora. The executive will be marked with a special Crown icon in the chat, marching in Pandora Space.

Stocks Completion of the "Logistics Fleet" and "Speeding Speed" promotions with the most awards. Share time will be shown on the timeline. In order for the Empire’s fleet to be able to verify the results of the battle, hold the space nodes for 30 seconds after the end of the related action.

White Hole. During the action, the White Hole will produce rare resources, but during the normal game mode, its use is impossible. Resources can only be received by fleets stationed at the White Hole.

Doc If the fleet is located in the dock or protects it, the fleet will be able to receive supplies from the dock. For the duration of the campaigns, the fleet will be able to receive a buff while holding the Dock. The buff will complete its time if your fleet is destroyed.

Headquarters. During the placement in the headquarters, commanders can periodically fire missiles that cause great damage to all enemies.

Passage of the plot and the military academy

the plot is terrible

The passage of the story company - this is the main activity of the game, which is available from the first minute. At the time of the game, it was difficult, but then, when there were many ways to pump - the enemies became ridiculously simple. Now the promotion of the plot holds only the character level. The dialogues were ugly translated into Russian. An example of one of these dialogues you see on the screen. If your nervous system is dear to you, do not read them. The essence of the plot to the banality is simple - you fight with pirates, shadows, apostles, weak-willed people, aliens and other entities that threaten to destroy everything and everyone. Their threats look especially ridiculous when they are dying on one ordinary shot. As a reward you get experience, loans, money and equipment.

If you managed to go through a battle for 3 stars, then a raid will be available to you - it’s just getting rewards for the enemies you have passed without a fight. When fighting and raiding consumes energy, which is automatically replenished by 1 unit in 30 minutes. Energy can be obtained in gifts. At 0.00 server time (at 3.00 Moscow time) the energy is restored completely. Therefore, if you are a fan of the game - play at night and sleep during the day!

Attention BAG! The experience obtained for passing doubles doubles after passing a certain activity: the arena or the infinite space, I do not remember. Therefore, in the morning, do not run headlong to waste energy, but go through other events, collect rewards, check your mail, and at the end pass the story.

In the military academy you will fight with the bosses. Previously, they were very strong, now they are simple. For winning them, you will receive equipment improvement drawings and other awards. During the fight you will also spend energy. Here, too, there is an auto-selection of awards from opponents covered by 3 stars.

Other activities and secrets of the game

The colonies

Colonies - this is a great opportunity to get experience for leveling the main character. You can colonize only those players you have won in the arena. And they can be colonized only once. And if the difference in levels is significant, then colonization will not succeed. Therefore, quite often a situation arises that there will be no one to colonize. Therefore, do not rush to conquer the top of the arena, move gradually, so that you always have material for colonization.

A limited amount of experience can be collected per day. Virtually the entire limit can cover only 1 colonization. If you have been colonized, you can ask your friends for help in order to reset the usurper, or to sabotage him and thereby gain a fairly large amount of experience. Every day the colonization stops and you have to colonize the planets again.


Arena is the place where you compete with the Players between your Unit. By taking a seat in the Arena, you get Qubit, prestige and credits. You have 10 Energies (5 free and 5 paid) they are needed for the Attack in the Arena. For the fight, you will receive qubit and technical points, and for 5 battles, the reward will be especially generous. The arena opens from level 13.

Treasure chest

Chest for online you will receive for the time spent in the game. For this, it is necessary that the game be simply active on the screen of a mobile phone, not hidden or collapsed. The chest is available on the main screen of the base. To start the countdown to the next chest you need to pick up the previous one, do not forget about it - pick up the chests on time. The following awards are available:

Online Reward
5 minutes 3,000,000 qubits, 50,000 research points, 1,000 galactonic energy, 2 energy.
10 minutes 3,000,000 qubits, 50,000 research points, 1,500 galactonic energy, 2 energy.
20 minutes 6,000,000 qubits, 100,000 research points, 2,000 galactonic energy, 2 energy.
30 minutes 6,000,000 qubits, 100,000 research points, 2,500 galactonic energy, 2 energy.
60 minutes 20,000,000 qubits, 200,000 research points, 3,000 galactonic energy, 2 energy.

Events in the game

Events - consist of several activities:

Bonuses are a kind of promotions that give awards for various game activities: entry, purchase, arena, pandora, etc.

Awards and mail

Awards and mail - various rewards will come here. Either daily or associated with the end of promotions and events.

Mining from sources

Extraction from sources is one of the events in the Dester Laboratory. It consists in the extraction of prestige and qubits from sources. Every day you can get rewards from 3 sources (see. Screenshot). The better the source, the more generous the reward and the longer it is to get it. During mining, you may be robbed 2 times and pick up a certain amount of production due to you, but not all, approximately 15% at a time. You can also rob other players or robots that are specifically designed to rob someone to weak players.

Combat training

Combat training is a battle with 5 enemies, and only your flagship will fight with the last enemy. As a reward, you will receive experience and qubits, as well as material for pumping the flagship in this activity. But because of the imbalance in the game, this event will be very easy to pass. And there is a passage in 1 click.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.