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Galaxy Siege 2 & 3 WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

GALAXY Siege 2 & 3 is a game for android with release dates 08/14/2014 and 09/15/2015 from MyPlayYard. Game genre: Arcade. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ship Equipment Guide
  3. How to Build a Powerful Ship?
  4. Bosses Tips
  5. How to get all the rewards?
  6. Features of the passage of 3 parts of the game

Galaxy Siege: A Beginner’s Guide

The Siege of the Galaxy is a Russian development from the company MyFreePlayYard. A fun and easy-to-play game about space exploration. You have a real combat spaceship at your disposal to destroy aliens and capture planets.

Galaxy Siege is presented in three parts, each of which is an independent game. Therefore, the progress and equipment of the ship in new versions are not synchronized. We present you a guide to the passage of the most popular parts 2 and 3.

The main screen of the game is presented in the form of an engineering station, which contains all the information about the equipment of the warship:

The main activity of the game is flying in outer space, during which you destroy aliens and earn resources. Successful completion of the level depends on the correct equipment of the ship.

Resources in the game are presented in the form of blue crystals and gold stars:

When passing part 2 of the game, you need to capture 9 main planets : Titan, Oberon, Edob, S-21B1, Drake, Korriban, Harris, Gator and Pandora. With the full passage of all planets, a special level "Flight to infinity" opens.

In addition to the main missions to capture planets, there are 3 side planets : Ambush, Invasion, Counterstrike. They also need to be completed, since these missions bring more stars and crystals.

Galaxy Siege: Ship Equipment Guide

You can open and purchase weapon modules, upgrades and service modules in the store. All of them are necessary to improve the main characteristics of the ship and to successfully conduct combat.

Unnecessary modules from the storage can be sold. By dragging a module onto a special red slot, you get 50% crystals of its original cost.

Weapon . Machine guns shoot at close targets, lasers at long-range targets. The missiles are used against large enemies, take a long time to reload, but do huge damage. As you progress through the game, you will also encounter alien weapons.

Machine gunLife - 6, Damage - 1, Range - 140, Rate of Fire - 1.
Double machine gunLife - 12, Damage - 1, Range - 160, Rate of Fire - 2.
Triple machine gunLife - 24, Damage - 1, Range - 180, Rate of Fire - 3.
Ripper machine gunLife - 42, Damage - 2, Range - 200, Rate of Fire - 4.
LaserLife - 6, Damage - 1, Range - 240, Rate of Fire - 1.
Laser cutterLife - 12, Damage - 1, Range - 270, Rate of Fire - 2.
Laser "Satan’s Ray"Life - 34, Damage - 1, Range - 300, Rate of Fire - 3.
Rocket launcherLife - 5, Damage - 6, Range - 195, Rate of Fire - 1.
Dual rocket launcherLife - 12, Damage - 6, Range - 215, Rate of Fire - 2.
Large rocket launcherLife - 20, Damage - 16, Range - 235, Rate of Fire - 1.
Double large rocket launcherLife - 25, Damage - 16, Range - 255, Rate of Fire - 2.
Alien weaponLife - 15, Damage - 1, Range - 250, Rate of Fire - 2.
Predator’s weaponLife - 30, Damage - 1, Range - 280, Rate of Fire - 3.
DestroyerLife - 45, Damage - 1, Range - 310, Rate of Fire - 4.

Service modules are needed to increase the hold capacity, the amount of fuel and the ship’s defenses. Each of the modules has 3 levels of efficiency.

Fuel tankLife - 1, Fuel - 10.
Fuel tank x2Life - 8, Fuel - 20.
Fuel tank x3Life - 16, Fuel - 40.
CollectorLife - 4, Capacity - 10, Range - 120.
Drone assemblerLife - 8, Capacity - 15, Range - 180.
Double drone collectorLife - 14, Capacity - 25, Range - 220.
Small shieldLife - 30, Range - 40.
Medium shieldLife - 70, Range - 60.
Force fieldLife - 120, Range - 100.

Improvements are provided to increase the ship’s cockpit and the number of available modules. Special improvements help in the process of fighting. It is best to purchase a nuclear charge, as it destroys all small enemies and deals large damage.

Medium cabLife - 22, +8 modules.
Large cockpitLife - 38, +22 modules.
Command centerLife - 60, +29 modules.
Repair blockLife - 15.
Fully restores the health of all modules.
Support callLife - 15.
Calls 4 support planes.
Nuclear chargeLife - 15, Damage - 15.
Deals damage to all enemies once.
Guidance blockLife - 10.
Accelerates shooting by 25%.
Metal detectorLife - 12.
Enemies drop more iron.

Exclusive deals can only be purchased with real money: Super Weapons, Super Collector, and Infinite Fuel. The game can be played without donation, constantly improving the equipment of the ship.

Plasma CannonLife - 140, Damage - 10, Range - 360, Rate of Fire - 10.Super powerful weapon
Magnetic pickerLife - 1000, Capacity - 400, Range - 177.Collects very quickly.
ReactorLife - 90, Fuel - 240.Endless fuel.

Galaxy Siege: How to Build a Powerful Ship?

The main characteristics of the ship:

The spaceship is equipped with modules purchased from the store. It is necessary to properly distribute equipment over the surface of the ship to increase its combat effectiveness:

At the first levels of the game, many crystals are scattered, so it is necessary to install a large number of collectors on the ship. If in one pass it was not possible to collect all the crystals, then they can be collected during the second, third and subsequent passes of the level. If the collector is destroyed, then everything that he collected falls out.

Galaxy Siege: Bosses Tips

During the battle, the ship flies on its own, you can steer it to the left or to the right. The screen displays the amount of earned resources, the fuel indicator and the distance traveled to the boss.

To successfully complete the boss, it is best to bring the ship in value and safety to the end of the route. For high fire efficiency, you need to stay as close to the boss as possible. You can use super hits or swap collector modules for weapons.

After filling the collectors, you can evacuate to the engineering station and save the accumulated resources. Evacuation is free and can be performed an unlimited number of times. After defeating the boss, the resources of the level are collected automatically.

If you cannot complete the level and destroy the boss, start pumping the ship: improve your weapons and defense.

Galaxy Siege: How to get all the rewards?

The passage of the game is accompanied by the discovery and receipt of special rewards. There are 10 of them in total, you can earn them for performing certain actions. The player does not receive bonus resources for the reward.

RewardWhat needs to be done
TeapotThe award is given for three sorties.
SweetieThe reward is given for killing the first boss.
Fang necklaceThe reward is given for killing the third boss.
Golden eyeThe reward is given for killing the fifth boss.
Fried spidersThe reward is given for killing 200 enemies.
BeeThe reward is given for collecting 500 crystals.
Bowl of abundanceThe reward is given for collecting 1000 crystals.
PersistentThe reward is given for completing a level with more than 10 attempts.
Flying cowThe reward is given for building the largest ship.
Lord of the galaxyThe reward is given for completing the game.

Galaxy Siege: Features of the passage of 3 parts of the game

The mechanics of the game in 3 parts have not changed. New design solutions, changes in the ship’s equipment, the ability to create your own weapons and conquer new planets are waiting for you.

Changes in the process of increasing the ship. The size of the cabin is fixed, only the number of platforms for placing the modules changes. Additional platforms can be obtained by passing new levels.

Improving weapons. Weapons in the game become outdated very quickly, you need to constantly change them. Each module has 50 improvement levels. When upgrading, old weapons are not available for purchase in the store.

After passing the level of the game, you are given the choice of improving one of two modules. The new model appears in the store and is available for purchase.

Alien weapons can be obtained by opening special boxes at the game levels. Before the start of the level, you can watch a commercial and increase the attack by 20% during one sortie.

The enhancement of weapons for watching ads must be used when passing bosses and the last levels of the game.

In the new part of the game, more options for exclusive modules are available. Buying any of these will automatically disable all ads in the app.

New resources appear in the game - colored crystals. They are necessary to create your own weapons, you can get them when passing levels. By adding a certain amount of crystals to the laboratory, you get a weapon.

The more engineers you have, the more crystals you can use to create weapons. The characteristics of homemade weapons depend on the number of colored crystals used:

If you decide to create your weapon in the laboratory, it is better to do it at the last levels with a large number of necessary resources.

The number of planets and side levels has increased, and there are several times more of them. You can find out additional information about each planet:

It is necessary to complete side missions, so you will pump the ship faster.

Management and passage of bosses. In this version of the game, you can steer the ship left, right, up and down. Management makes it possible to preserve the viability of modules, increases the time of attack and approach of the enemy to the ship.

When equipping a ship at the first levels, it is necessary to focus on lasers and shields. Next, you can set up rockets to destroy large enemies. If you run out of gas, the ship simply stops moving and the weapon continues to fire.

The author of the article: Maria M., Yaroslav I.