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Garena Speed Drifters WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

GARENA SPEED DRIFTERS is an Android game with a release date of 02/20/2019 from Garena Games Online. Game genre: Racing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Garena Speed Drifters download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Game Modes
  3. Racing Tips
  4. Element Mode Secrets
  5. Top Cars (Tier List)
  6. Car Guide
  7. Secrets of Social Relations
  8. Secrets of Rapid Development

Garena Speed Drifters: A Beginner’s Guide

Garena Speed Drifters is a speed car racing simulator. The main difference between the game and similar simulators is that the game is filled with a variety of match modes, social component, additional mini-games and many machine improvements.

Each race lasts 3 minutes. If you are ready for the challenge, then you need to know that almost every race lasts 3 minutes, this is a fairly long period of time, so you will have to put in a lot of effort to focus.

If you manage to significantly go into the lead in 1 minute of the race, you still do not need to relax, as you can be overtaken in the last seconds of the match.

Over 30 unique cars for racing. Currently, Garena Speed Drifters presents more than 30 different cars, but the developers do not plan to stop there and prepare other cars for entering the game. In some story modes, you can drive a car that you don’t already have in your garage. This makes it possible to try the car in business, and to understand whether you need it or not.

Updates and settings. As you progress through the game, you will earn resources to upgrade and improve cars according to your individual taste and your personal racing strategy.

Character customization. Not only can you customize your race, but you can also choose equipment for the pilot. The game currently offers hundreds of different wardrobe items.

Pets. After reaching level 5, the pet system will open for you. There are several companions in the game, each of which gives a nice bonus on matches. For example, you will be able to store energy faster for "nitro". Pets gain experience only in racing modes. Take with you the most necessary familiar and pump it over. The higher the level of the pet, the higher the indicators of its bonus.

Trophies. The game has a system of achievements - "Trophies", in which you will receive rewards for certain in-game actions. For example, for the first 3 races completed. The trophies section can be entered by clicking on "Collections" (in the lower control menu of the main screen). Then you should click on the "Trophies" section. A list will appear where you can see all the information you need.

Description of the cards

Garena Speed Drifters: Game Modes

The game offers several race modes. Initially there were 3 modes, but now there are several of them. Each activity brings the pilot experience and gold, you can also get other necessary rewards. Basically, the modes are similar to each other, they are conducted on the same maps as regular races in the campaign.

Item mode - here you have to use special items to get first to the finish line. For example, you can pick up an item that sabotages the car following you. Your driving skills and tricks will really come in handy to win the match in this mode. While playing as a team, the driver can use a random item to attack or defend against another player.

Speed Mode is a speed mode that enables you to drift around tricky corners. You must drift more often to win. You really need a good racing strategy in this mode because each rider gets points based on which order they cross the finish line and the team with the higher cumulative point wins. If you are on a team, make sure one of your teammates crosses the finish line first, this gives the whole team a win. Use the item to attack your opponents and protect your friends.

Ranking Mode - This is a highly competitive competition mode in which you will face races of a similar level. To increase your world ranking, you need to go through this mode and level up.

Therefore, if you prefer to play against human players rather than predictable AI players, the ranking mode is worth trying.

Element 48 - Participate alone or invite a friend to join you when you enter the room. Each round, participants will be shuffled to keep the game fun and fair for everyone.

Pairs Mode - A group of 2 players of opposite sex are formed to participate in a speed race or item race. In this case, up to 4 pairs can participate in the mode.

King of the Racetrack - challenge the leaders from the ranked match table to take their place. The mode will be unlocked when you reach level 17. But the time for the challenge is limited, you can throw the glove to your opponent during the action or the opening of the mode (you should keep track of the time of the event).

Challenge Shadow Mode - To participate in Shadow Mode, players must meet certain requirements: the opponent must be a player who finished in the current game. Participants must be level 7 and above. The account must have a minimum of 5 gold.

Individual and team options. If you prefer to work solo, you will feel right at home playing solo. If you want to play Garena Speed Drifters socially (as a team with other drivers), you might be interested in trying out the team mode. In team mode, you can use special tactics to protect group members from destruction or attack from the opposition.

Extreme Chase - At the start of the competition, a man in black appears and steals the venue controller. In order to get the controller back and make sure the race takes place, you and the hero Citrus will have to chase the criminal. In order to take part in the mode, you must completely complete the Training and get level 3.

MVP score during team matches. There are 3 important points in the command element:

  1. Rewarding marks. If the player receives any hit (unless it is blocked or missed), the enemy will receive attack points.
  2. Protection glasses. If players use any items to successfully defend themselves or their teammates against an attacking opponent, they gain defense points.
  3. Support points. When a player transfers items to his teammate, and if these items are successfully used by an ally, then the comrade receives attack points or defense points, and you will receive a certain support point.

3 points for the player’s performance are added to the above points (the results of all team members are compared). The crossing of the finish line also affects the calculation of the reward (whether the accessibility was used or not). The player with the highest score on the winning team will receive a prize equal to the tournament prize.

Passing the Campaign

In addition to the standard Battle Room race, you can also participate in the Campaign, where you race against AI opponents. The campaign mode is part of the PvE mode. At the start, you will be offered several chapters for training, then each episode on the map will have several races. At the end of the episode, you have to face the most powerful opponents who have more skills. Each chapter tells the story of how the leader became a racer. You go through the adventure with the leader, and improve your abilities as the story unfolds.

We advise you to go as far as possible to get gold, experience and vouchers. Since the campaign does not consume energy, you can complete it in one go if you like.

There are several modes of passage in the campaign:

  1. Trial version.
  2. Elimination.
  3. Speed recording.
  4. Stop.

In each race, you need to complete several tasks, if you fail the quests, then you have to start the race from the beginning. To complete the stage, it is enough to get 1 star. The reward for the successful completion of the mission depends on the number of stars received. Some missions on the maps have branching and different levels of difficulty, in order to understand how different the moments in the passage are, you are given several tokens in the description of the race.

You must constantly monitor the difficulty level of the campaign. If you pass the stage several times without stars, then you will start to go through the map area from the beginning. To avoid this, you can try to complete the level on the minimum difficulty (blue token).

The campaign is the main source of experience earning and leveling up. Also, here you can get not only gold and vouchers, but also technical chests, in which there are very good things for modifying the car.

Holiday island

One of the most unique features of the game is that it offers a rest stop where you can chat with foreign players or play various mini-games.

What can you do during a halt? Take and share photos at rest stops, interact with other players, and with all the objects in the parking lot, play funny mini-games and guess the picture with other pilots.

How can I enter the rest stop? The rest stop opens after the player reaches level 9. Then you will have 3 ways to enter:

  1. Through the lobby.
  2. Through the channel "Rest stop" in the chat system.
  3. By inviting friends.

What should I do if I often get stuck on a break? If you are stuck on a rest stop, you can click the Settings button (top right corner) and switch to the lower picture configuration screen, then run the game at a low frame rate.


You can get to the mini-games menu by clicking on the "Benefits" button, after which a window with several tabs will open in front of you:

  1. Puzzles - during certain story missions, you will receive Silver Horn crystals, which are needed to open puzzle pieces. In the game, you need to exchange crystals for a piece of the puzzle, the exchange takes place in a random sequence. As soon as you open part of the drawing, a chest will become available for you to open. After collecting a row vertically or horizontally, you will receive 1 star. After collecting 3 stars, you will receive a good reward.
  2. Power supply - for passing various game modes you will receive purple and gold shards, which you can use to open 2 packages. In the bags you will find consumables for wheelbarrows. If you open 10 packages at the same time (for 9 stones), then in addition to parts, you will receive 10 - 15 car fragments.
  3. New Gas Year is a kind of roulette in which you can win good prizes. You cannot get the same item 2 times. You are guaranteed to receive all prizes after 10 spins. Roulette tokens can be obtained from events.
  4. Weekend bank - you should register for the event daily to receive an unexpected gift. You will receive points for daily registration. The more points you accumulate by Sunday, the more valuable chest you will get. To use re-registration, you need to pay 30 vouchers.
  5. Green Ares is a periodic permanent event that will replenish your supplies. Every day you will receive keys for entering the game (during the entire event), each key used increases your scale (located at the bottom of the event window). When your progress reaches 40 points, you are guaranteed to get a class B "Ares" car.

Ares’ achievement table

Progress pointsGuaranteed prize
8200 vouchers
16Tech chest
24Class B car for 30 days
32Legendary chest
40Green Ares car on an ongoing basis (the car may change depending on the conditions of the promotion)

Garena Speed Drifters: Racing Tips

Drifting and forcing. The ability to drift and use your boosters (special boosters) correctly will give you an edge over your opponents. At the bottom center of the screen, you will see a nitrometer (a scale that shows the nitro fill level). This gauge fills up when you drift in your vehicle. Note that the nitrometer will decrease if your car hits an obstacle. Once the gauge is full, you will receive a nitro booster.

You can press the "Nitro boost" button to get a huge boost in speed in a short period of time. You will also receive an additional mini-boost for each successful drift. Mini-boost works the same as Nitro-boost, but it is available for a short time. Its duration is also shorter than that of a nitro booster.

There are different types of drift that you can do in this game. These tricks require preparation. For example, you can try them in Campaign Mode in Prepare.

Basic tricks

Trick namePerforming a trickBenefits
Double boostPerformed on the right bend. Hold down the right button and the drift button. After entering a turn, hold down the left button and the drift button. Release the drift button when the mini-boost button lights up and press it twiceRapidly increases speed after drifting, minimizing speed loss caused by skidding
Great boostPerformed on the right bend. Hold down the right button and the drift button. After skidding, hold down the left button and the drift button at the same time. Release the button when the mini-boost button illuminates. Press the "mini-boost" button and touch "nitro", then you need to press the "mini-boost" againAccelerates slower but lasts longer than "CWW Boost"
CWW BoostPerformed on the right bend. Hold down the right button and the drift button. After entering a turn, hold down the left button and the drift button at the same time. Release the "drift" when the "mini-boost" button lights up. Press the "nitro" button and then press the "mini-boost" button twiceIncreases the degree of acceleration
Snap BoostDrift 45 degrees. Press and hold the right / left button + press the drift button twice, and hold it after the second press. Release your fingers while driving straight. Then press the "mini-boost" button twiceIncreases straight line speed
Brake driftPerformed on the right bend. Hold the right button and the drift button. After skidding, release both buttons, press and hold only the brake button. Release the brake button when you’ve passed the bendChanges the trajectory of a skid and prevents collisions
Kick and thrustHold down the right button and the drift button when hitting a wall. After the trick, press the "mini-boost" buttonRecovery of lost speed in a collision
Shrapnel driftStart a normal drift when the outside wall of the bend is too close. Release both buttons as soon as you are facing the desired directionRedirects momentum when there is not enough time to turn
SlipFirst press and hold the drift button, then press the right button and slide your finger to the left. Start drifting normally as soon as your trajectory alignsPrevents collisions with the inside of bends by offsetting the path ("S" bends)
Over driftPerformed on the right bend. Press and hold the drift button first, then press the right button twice, and hold it after the second pressChanges the trajectory of the drift more inward to better pass through bends with a large radius
Quick turnPerformed on the right bend. Hold down the right button and the drift button. Start a short drift. Release the right button and press the drift button twiceDrift goes very fast

If you want to practice all the techniques, go to the "Training" section of the main menu and then click on "Technique Tips". This is where you can watch all the video tutorials for each drift / booster and practice each one. You can also click on "Racetrack Tips" to find out the special details of each track.

Look for ramps, shortcuts, and express platforms.Most trails have ramps that you can drive over. This will give you 1 - 2 "mini-boost", so try to drive the ramps if you can. There are also speed platforms that work in the same way as a nitro booster, so look for those for high speed. some maps have short paths that are usually found around tight bends. Take advantage of this by jumping to these shortcuts to increase your chances of leadership or catch up with your opponents faster.

If you need to move in the opposite direction, then press the brake button 2 times in a row, hold down with the second press of the brake. And the car will start to reverse after it stops.

Garena Speed Drifters: Element Mode Secrets

In Element Mode, some of the buffs cannot be performed without a nitro boost, but you can use elements instead. This mode works the same way as Mario Kart (if you’ve played it before), where you can get items from boxes with a "?"

Game items:

How do items in the game function? In item mode in team play, allies can transfer items to each other:

  1. Operation - Find and hold the item icon. Then drag the item icon onto the ally’s avatar to transfer items to him.
  2. Restrictions - You cannot transfer an item to a teammate if their inventory is full.
  3. Benefits - Transferring items in group item mode can increase your team’s support score. The transferred items that your mates use successfully will help increase your score even more. The support score affects your final MVP rating.

How to turn off "nitro" after it is activated? To do this, press the brake button twice to interrupt the nitro, but acceleration cannot be interrupted when racing on nitro karts.

Garena Speed Drifters: Top Cars (Tier List)

Class D. In this class we liked a small but nimble car - NEWBIE’S RIDE. This car can be the perfect companion for those just starting out on their journey to the top of drifting.

Class C. There is already more choice here, since these machines can be used until the middle of the game. Among them there are epic punishments that can be left in the Garage at any stage.

  1. ASSASSIN is a car specially designed for trails with many tight corners. It has the potential for a controlled drift from the very beginning. But it requires an experienced driver who can direct and control the race at high speed.
  2. ASSEMBLY - the car has an excellent aerodynamic design, in fact, the car can be suitable for beginners who are not yet familiar with the maps, since the nose of the car can pierce almost any obstacle.
  3. CHALLENGER is a simple-looking machine, ideal for a racetrack. Therefore, if you want to challenge the best, then Challenger is your car.

Class B. In this class, all cars have approximately the same power and basic parameters, but there are several that stand out (although not much) against the general background. If for some reason you do not like our choice, then you can with peace of mind choose another car of this class.

  1. BIG Q is a charming baby, at first glance it is not immediately clear what he forgot on the race track. But appearances can be deceiving, as he has the highest drift performance.
  2. ANGELWING is the car most often bought by pilots. This car has amazing performance and elegant body design.
  3. CYAN COMET - the blue color of the car is its specialty (it cannot be repainted). This is the best B-class car in the game and has a high speed around corners and on straight sections of the track.

Class A. This class in the game, despite the claims, in fact is not the most excellent class at the moment.

  1. REVELATION is an excellent balanced car with excellent handling and high speed. It behaves well on maps with many tight corners. You don’t even need to skid on it (but due to the lack of drift tricks, you will get fewer points).
  2. FLASH - the car is made of high technology, has a striking design. Thanks to balanced statistics, the car has become a favorite of many racers.
  3. HUNTER - the car is designed for a kart with a high content of tight turns, and for pilots who have problems getting into bends.

Garena Speed Drifters: Car Guide

The game has several classes of cars from D to A and S classes. Each class is also divided into permanent cars and temporary ones (which the player can get for a while, then they will disappear). Also, cars differ in rarity, where the most powerful races are legendary (yellow) and epic (purple). You can put more modifiers on such cars, and they also have high basic characteristics.

Unlocking new cars. There are several ways to get new cars:

  1. Daily login where you can get a free limited-time car on a specific day.
  2. Buying cars in the store. It can be accessed through the main screen of the "Store" section. Here you should select the "Cars" tab. Be sure to buy a permanent car instead of the temporary ones if you want to keep your new car forever.
  3. You can also purchase Purple Crystals (vouchers required) and Gold Crystals (diamonds required) to open supply crates for a chance to get a new car. The boxes can be opened in the "Treasures" section on the main screen of the game.

Auto tuning. Cars can be modified to increase their stats. Each vehicle has its own technical modification tree. Tuning is carried out in the Garage, which can be accessed through the main menu. In the garage, select a car, and then go to the "Mod" section.

There are 5 different types of parts that you can modify:

You need to press and hold any of the mods to see the full information about each kit. Modding requires tech points, which can only be obtained from events, completing missions, and opening supply crates. As soon as you improve the mod by 3 levels out of 3, then the next stage of pumping will become available to you.

We highly recommend spending your tech points wisely. Don’t waste all your tech points on your limited life vehicles.

By modifying your racing car, you improve its functions:

  1. Engine - improves speed indicators (while showing the highest pumping results) and other characteristics depending on the technological structure of the racing car.
  2. Transmission - Mainly improves base power and other performance.
  3. Fuel - mainly serves to enhance the "nitro" and enhance the acceleration function and other characteristics.
  4. Ignition - serves to increase the "mini-boost" and other characteristics.
  5. Input - designed to increase the reset speed and other characteristics.

Driver’s license. To unlock the skills, you will have to upgrade your driver’s license to "Junior license and higher". This can be done in "Tutorials" (entrance from the main screen). Then you need to go to the "Driver’s license" tab. This is where you must pass all of the exams to unlock the higher tier license.


At level 10, a system of skills will become available to you, which consist of 4 ranks:

  1. Junior license.
  2. Senior license.
  3. Expert license.
  4. Supreme Expert License.

Access to the next rank opens after obtaining the appropriate license. As soon as you get new rights, you can upgrade your skills to increase the effect. In order to strengthen the ability, you need to go to "Skills" through the main screen, then you should select any skill, and tap on the "Refresh" command.

To upgrade, you need to stock up on gold, which can be obtained in daily missions, campaign and "Battle Room" races. Also, for gold, the level of abilities increases.

How to get skills? You can unlock the vehicle system after you reach level 6. Then you need to go to "Training" (from the lobby), and select the "Technique" tab to learn each game skill.

Junior license

Skill nameDescription
Fast driverIncreases the top speed of the vehicle
Mini pressurizationIncreases acceleration
Golden feverIncreases the amount of gold received for completing the route

Senior license

Skill nameDescription
Fast driverIncreases the top speed of the vehicle
Throttle controlIncreases the number of engine revolutions
Expert "nitro"Increases the rate of accumulation of energy "nitro"
Golden feverIncreases the amount of gold received for completing the route

Expert license

Skill nameDescription
Fast driverIncreases the top speed of the vehicle
Throttle controlIncreases the number of engine revolutions
Golden feverIncreases the amount of gold received for completing the route
Gas stationIncreases fuel transit time from tank to engine
Mini pressurizationIncreases acceleration

Supreme Expert License

Skill nameDescription
Fast driverIncreases the top speed of the vehicle
Throttle controlIncreases the number of engine revolutions
Expert "nitro"Increases the rate of accumulation of energy "nitro"
Golden feverIncreases the amount of gold received for completing the route
Gas stationIncreases fuel transit time from tank to engine

Garena Speed Drifters: Secrets of Social Relations

At first glance, the game is not inclined towards the social component. After all, the command can be typed in random order. But since the game was released in Singapore, we definitely had to get both romantic relationships and friendly communities. The game has 3 social branches, each of which has its own advantage for the pilot:

  1. Romance is the creation of a couple between a guy and a girl.
  2. A club is a guild in which people of the same interests gather.
  3. Friendship - you can invite your real friends to the game or find new ones at the races.


Find a couple and check out the rest stop. Before you find a match, you need a friend who has at least 20 relationship points. The Friends button can be found in the top bar of the control menu. If you have no friends, then we recommend adding them. To do this, you must click on the "+" on any avatar of the players. You can have a maximum of 500 friends. If you register your page on FaceBook, then all playing friends will be automatically added to your profile.

Ways to get relationship points

Donate gold2
Get gold2
Joint passage of a ranked match2
Joint passage of a match for lovers (needed to strengthen romantic relationships)2
Joint passage of normal modes2
Give giftsThe number of points received depends on the value of the gift
Receive gifts

In total, you can get up to 20 relationship points per day with 1 friend. If you end the relationship with friends, then after a certain time, all friendship points are reset to zero.

After reaching 30 intimacy points with a friend in a game, both players can use the ring and propose to two players. To find a match, go to the "Love" menu at the bottom of the main screen. Here you need to select the "Find a pair" command.

Once your partner accepts the offer, you will officially be considered a couple. A couple will be able to spend time together in the "Love" menu, where you can perform various romantic actions, dance, and give beautiful gifts.

Lovers gain access to the "Couple" race mode, where they can fight other couples. Also, a guy and a girl who are in a relationship can receive an increase in points for completing some maps and modes. Beloved ones can receive additional gifts from developers (for example, on Valentine’s Day, for the anniversary of the game, and for other events).


When you reach level 14, click the Club button (on the bottom panel of the main screen), and select the club where you would like to apply. If the captain of this club approves your message, then you will join the club.

In the club, you can access some of the functions:

How to create a club? When you reach level 14, press the club button. To organize your stable, you need to bring in diamonds. After you have paid for the creation, come up with the name of the club, its declaration, location (you can mark it on the map). As soon as you click on confirmation, your club will be created.

Communication. In order for players to communicate with each other, the developers have provided a chat system, which is located in the lower left corner of the main screen. Here you can write written messages or record a voice message (button with 3 dots), you can also chat with friends through the "Friends" menu by clicking on the avatar of the interlocutor. You can also talk with the pilots of your club or with the players from the Leaderboard.

Garena Speed Drifters: Secrets of Rapid Development

Complete all available tasks. We recommend that you complete all the missions that the game offers you. To open the mission menu, click on the button with the image of the girl in the lower right corner of the main screen. For completing tasks, you will receive gold, vouchers, tech points and much more.

First, we advise you to go through daily quests, in which it is best to collect 150 activity points. Since each task will reward you not only with prizes, but also with a certain amount of activity points that will fill the scale at the top of the quest table. With 150 points, you will receive the maximum reward. When you reach 1000 points, you can open a large tech chest.

Daily missions

Job titleDescriptionReward
King of the racetrackComplete a Race at the Racetrack 1 time50 gold, 50 experience and 5 energy
Harvest dayComplete 6 games100 vouchers, 500 experience and 20 energy
Awesome racerSend 2 likes after the race100 gold, 100 experience and 5 energy
Scream a friendComplete 2 matches with a friend10 votes, 250 experience and 15 energy
Item RaceComplete 2 maps in item mode200 gold, 200 experience and 15 energy
Romantic meetingComplete 1 romantic date100 gold, 250 experience and 15 energy
On the podiumBe in the top three in a race with 6 pilots 1 time150 gold, 300 experience and 15 energy
Challenging missionComplete 9 Races100 vouchers, 550 experience and 25 energies
Diligent practiceComplete 12 games450 gold, 650 experience and 30 energy
Sign in100 gold, 50 experience and 5 energy
Accelerated SprintUse acceleration 12 times on the map150 gold, 150 experience and 15 energy

The more energy you have for matches, the more experience and money you will earn. Also, frequent passage of maps accompanies an increase in the experience of driving cars.

Follow a few of our tips:

  1. Check out and use the different buttons and combinations to launch different skills.
  2. Do the most of the drift to collect energy and make "nitro" for significant acceleration.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the track to avoid collisions. The collision will not only reduce your speed, but you will also lose the collected energy, which in turn will slow down the collection of "nitro", and you may fail, losing the chance to accelerate.
  4. Buy the best cars. Improve the functions of your race car with skills and mods to get higher speed.
  5. Train more, I will gain experience and develop your own tactics of behavior on the map.

Do not regret spending game currency on improvements:

  1. Diamonds - can be used to purchase supplies and special packages. They can also be used in-store to buy cars, clothing, gift bags, and popular items. You can get diamonds by buying them for real money or by participating in some temporary promotions.
  2. Gold - can be used for in-game purchases, cars and clothes. For gold, you can improve skills and modify cars. Gold is given for almost every daily task, for races, games, and much more.
  3. Vouchers - can be used to buy supplies, at the store to buy cars, clothes, gift bags, and more. Vouchers, just like gold, can be obtained almost everywhere.

Use pieces of clothing. You can get clothes through the purchase of premium clothes (for diamonds), from chests, from gift bags. The clothes are only aesthetic. But if you send it to friends as a gift, you can boost your relationship. From shards of clothing, you can get a whole wardrobe item.

Use the shards of the car . You can get a good apparatus from the fragments of the car. Shards can be obtained from consumables, chests and gift bags.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.