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GEMSTONE LEGENDS is an Android game with a release date of 12/7/2020 from OneMoreGame STUDIO. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the best heroes
  2. Hero Leveling Guide
  3. Ways to Get New Characters
  4. Hero Key Features
  5. Secrets of Combat Mechanics
  6. Artifact Application Guide
  7. Campaign Walkthrough
  8. Arena Fighting Guide
  9. Rift Guide
  10. Features of guilds in the game
  11. Raid Boss Fight Guide
  12. Completing Quests - Source of Rewards
  13. Basic Resources Overview and Purchase
  14. Player Profile and Prestige System
  15. In-Game Referral Program
  16. A Guide for Donators
  17. Conclusion

Gemstone Legends: TOP of the best heroes

Clans of heroes. All characters in the game are divided into 6 clans:

  1. Desert Wanderers. They live in deserts, so they are perfectly prepared for the harsh conditions of survival and endless travel. They are distinguished by courage, perseverance and perseverance. They trade in rare goods and receive in return various combat adaptations for effective battles;
  2. Keepers of the forest. Their main rule is a harmonious life in harmony with nature and the surrounding world. They are able to control the elements, so they easily resist any threat from the outside. Pass on from generation to generation the knowledge of ancestors about the first days of this world;
  3. Slavs. Excellent connoisseurs of herbs and various potions. Excellent warriors who carefully preserve the traditions of their culture and history. They live in a fertile, green family.
  4. Iron clans. Unique, proud and distinctive warriors who share a true passion for battle. They prefer to use fighting techniques brought from distant lands;
  5. Empire. Excellent soldiers, whose history counts an endless number of wars won and land grabs. Born tactics with iron discipline and high-quality equipment;
  6. Admirers of darkness. A mystery people. Closed, mysterious, shielded from the rest of the world. Almost nothing is known about their life and culture. They practice black magic and forbidden martial techniques.

You can save up to 100 heroes. Any additional heroes you receive are mailed and stored there for 99 days.

Classification by color and rarity. Heroes of any clan are additionally subdivided by color, which makes it possible to use color superiority in battle. To see all the characters within the same clan, go to the "Encyclopedia". Having opened the desired clan, you will see in which colors specific fighters are available and what rarity they are.

The rarity of a hero is determined by his initial number of stars. The more stars, the less often the hero. Rarity can also be recognized by the color of the hero’s frame. So, the game has legendary heroes (5 stars), epic (4 stars), rare (3 stars), unusual (2 stars) and ordinary (1 star). Heroes with high rarity have higher stats and more powerful skills than heroes of low rarity. Regardless of the initial rarity, each hero can be pumped up to 6 stars and up to level 60.

At the first stages of the game, collect a fighting party of their heroes of unusual quality, but get ready to replace it with heroes of rare quality. In the mid to late stages, your team should be composed of only Legendary, Epic, and Rare quality heroes, ideally only Legendary and Epic quality heroes. We do not recommend pumping ordinary heroes. With the help of the call, you can successfully form the desired party, so the basic characters are best used as a consumable in pumping.

TOP of the best heroes. We have prepared a list of the best Gemstone Legends fighters, dividing them by clan for convenience. For an effective game, we recommend forming a team of heroes, checking their presence in the TOP.

Desert WanderersLurkar, Nefre, Varven, Rhonda, Merit, Eirin, Nessa, Aleus, Bako, Hadrian, Vikar, Orion.
Keepers of the forestZarkon, Trentor, Elidor, Tasar, Galantor, Arbor, Kevan, Gildor, Finbor, Easton, Niven, Rina, Mavis, Logan, Ash, Procea.
SlavsXavier, Dobrinka, Cyril, Sofia, Otelin, Percival, Andreu, Roland, Albik, Petro, Bohumir, Igor, Premyslav, Goimir.
Iron clansKlaus, Maharold, Thornis, Guerra, Yorgola, Arma, Gadofet, Erica, Siv, Aslaug, Eldrid, Sigrun, Torbjorn, Viggo, Torvald, Torsten, Hjalmar.
EmpireGuinevere, Jaspur, Sigil, Leopold, Alexander, Victoria, Celestia, Aurelia, Soliana, Chloe.
Worshipers of darknessAurora, Gladiosa, Vanessa, Kyra, Violentina, Scarlet, Lilith, Myra, Orinis, Godora, Vepris, Yuren, Grecio, Iks, Etro, Teziks, Theo, Octavia.

Gemstone Legends: Hero Leveling Guide

You can pump heroes and increase experience using them in battles, training, using experience dummies and other heroes in exchange for experience points.

Rise (increase in stardom). When the hero reaches the current maximum level, the elevation option (increase in stardom) opens. Any hero can be raised to 6 stars and level 60. Use fragments of other heroes of the same stardom for this. After the rise, the character’s level drops to the first, but the limit for his further pumping increases. Maximum levels of heroes, depending on the stardom:

StardomMax. levelNumber of heroes for elevation

Hero training. Through training, heroes gain experience outside of battles. At the same time, you can train up to 4 heroes in 4 cells. Initially, 1 cell is open to you. Other cells are opened for gems. To start training, click on an empty training target, select the desired hero from the list and click "Confirm". The training takes time, during which the fighter cannot take part in activities.

After filling the scale of experience in the cell, press "New level" and increase the level of the hero. Then you can either continue the training or finish it. Experience gained in training will not be lost, even if you stop training before the character reaches the next level. Training cells must be pumped for gems. The higher the cell level and rank of the training fighter, the more experience he gets. The maximum cell level is the third:

The contribution of gems to unlocking and pumping training cells is one of the most profitable and justified ways to spend premium currency. Be sure to train your fighters to improve and strengthen the battle party.

Gemstone Legends: Ways to Get New Characters

Scrolls for the Altar. Summon new heroes on the Altar using scrolls. There are 4 types of scrolls: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each type of scrolls is responsible for the corresponding type of summoning heroes of different quality. Scrolls can be obtained:

Using scrolls. The number of scrolls you have is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen when you enter the Altar. Using a scroll of any kind will charge coins. If you run out of all the scrolls, and you need more, you can buy new ones in the market, in the guild market, in the Altar shop or in the shop. Hero drop rates:

All summoned heroes are sent to your collection. If you do not have enough slots to accommodate new heroes, they will be sent to the post office, where they will be stored for no more than 99 days. Opening x10 is provided only for bronze and silver scrolls.

We recommend that you provide a small supply of scrolls (3-5 pieces) for completing daily tasks and participating in temporary promotions to summon heroes. Stay on top of this activity to receive additional prizes for participating.

Merging heroes. In addition to summoning, conduct a fusion on the Altar - create one rare, epic or legendary hero out of four low rarity heroes. Get the characters you need for this in the call, in the campaign, or by conducting lower mergers. Also, when merging, coins are paid:

Before merging, you can check what heroes you need to get the desired character, what level they should be and how you can get them. Mergers are not limited in time and are not limited.

Gemstone Legends: Hero Key Features

Hero stats. All heroes have a set of stats consisting of 9 positions:

  1. Health points (HP) - this indicator determines the maximum damage that a hero can receive. The damage from some abilities can increase depending on the maximum or current HP of the attacked or attacking hero.
  2. Attack (ATK) - determines the amount of damage caused by the connection of gems and the use of special skills;
  3. Defense (DEF) - determines how much the damage done to the hero will be reduced. The damage done by some abilities can be increased depending on the defense.
  4. Speed (SPD) - determines which hero attacks first in battle. The difference in speed between heroes affects the frequency of their turns during the battle. The faster the hero, the more moves he will make compared to others.
  5. Resistance (RES) - determines the chance to avoid negative status. The resistance value must not fall below 15%.
  6. Accuracy (ACC) - determines the likelihood of applying a negative status.
  7. Critical chance (Crit. Rate) - determines the probability of inflicting a critical strike (maximum 100%).
  8. Critical Damage (Crit. DMG) - determines how much damage will be dealt with a critical hit.
  9. Mana Gain - Determines the amount of mana generated by each gem you use. 100 mana is needed to use the hero’s special skill. If the gems match during another hero’s turn of a different color, the mana gained will be reduced by 50%.

Hero Roles and Classes

All heroes are classified by roles, depending on which their purpose on the battlefield is determined. There are three roles in total: attacking heroes, support heroes and tanks. Characters are categorized within roles.

1. Attacking heroes. Their main goal is to attack enemies. It is the attacking heroes that do the most damage, but have a lower number of HP points. Divided into 4 classes:

2. Support heroes. The main purpose of support is to heal and maintain the combat effectiveness of other heroes of the party. That is why they do the least damage. Divided into 3 classes:

3. Tanks. Tanks serve as the defense of the allies. They have a large number of HP points, so they take a lot of damage, thereby protecting other fighters. Tank damage is greater than that of support heroes, but less than that of attackers. Divided into 3 classes:

Gemstone Legends: Secrets of Combat Mechanics

The basics of combat. The combat mechanics of Gemstone Legends are based on a match 3 game. For attacks, connect gems of the same color in a straight line or diagonally. Your enemies and heroes move alternately - in one move you need to activate up to 3 combinations of gems. The first combo must include at least 3 gems.

Combine as many gems as possible in one combination to strengthen the hero’s attack.

Gems of Power. When 4 or more gems of the same color are connected, a gem of power is created. On the board, it is marked with Roman numerals (from I to IV), which indicate the amount of increase in the combo counter for the next move. Gem "I" increases the combo by x1, gem "II" - by x2, and so on. For each multiplier, you get + 5% to attack:

Don’t forget that your opponents are also using Power Gems!

The importance of combos. The combo increases the damage done by heroes’ basic attacks. There are 2 ways to create combos:

  1. Auto. An automatic combo is created when new gems on the board are automatically lined up in the desired combinations. Each of them increases the power of the combo by x1.
  2. With the help of gems of power. The more Gems a Power Gem includes, the higher its Combo Meter.

Color superiority. Use color dominance to deal more damage to enemies. The following levels of superiority are provided:

The level of superiority in relation to a specific enemy depends on the color of his gem and the gem of the hero who will attack. It looks like this:

Special skills of heroes. As gems of the same color are connected, mana is accumulated for heroes of the same color. When the hero’s mana scale is full, touch his icon and activate a special skill.

You can use the special skills of all heroes at your discretion and build your order of their use. Special skills can affect both enemies and allies, apply to one target or several. In general, special skills include:

Special skills are also subject to the color dominance rule. If there is a color connection between the attacking and the attacked hero, the use of the desired special ability can give + 30% or -30% damage. Some special skills can have multiple functions.

Hold the avatar of the desired hero for a few seconds to view all the information about his special skill. Some special skills are capable of critical hits.

Battle statuses. Positive and negative statuses can give the hero additional abilities, heal or deal damage. Each character can have up to 10 statuses at the same time. If you try to give him more statuses, they will automatically be rejected. The duration of the statuses changes with each turn of the battle, and not with the hero’s turn. This means that after the next hero finishes his turn, all allied heroes with statuses will decrease their counter by 1 turn. The same thing happens in the opponent’s moves.

Assigning the same status updates its duration. This applies to all statuses except Burn, Poison, Bleed, and Assassin’s Mark.

All statuses are displayed above the hero’s HP scale: positive - on the left side, negative - on the right. A green icon represents a buff, and a red one represents a debuff. By touching and holding the character, you can read the full description of the buff, as well as check what indicators it affects and to what extent.

Using the power of the dragon. Connect gems of any color to get mana for your dragon. When the mana scale is full, touch the dragon icon and use its Power against enemies. Each dragon has its own Strength.

Potions in battle. Potions will help restore HP and mana, resurrect heroes, apply positive and remove negative effects. Remember that you can use a limited number of potions in one battle, so use them wisely.

Attack order. You can see the order of moves at the top of the screen. The hero with the highest SPD always moves first. The frequency of the hero’s moves is determined by the difference in speed between all those fighting on the board - the faster the hero, the more moves he will receive. The character icon on the right shows whose turn it is now. With each new turn, the duration of all statuses of all heroes decreases. The complete cycle looks like this:

  1. A new cycle begins;
  2. The hero gains status with the help of a special skill;
  3. The hero attacks by connecting gems;
  4. The hero’s turn ends. The status turn counter for each hero is reduced by 1;
  5. A new cycle begins.

Waves. The battles in the game are divided into waves. After the transition to the next wave, all statuses of heroes are removed with the exception of the remaining HP points, the amount of accumulated mana and potions for use.

Gemstone Legends: Artifact Application Guide

The value of artifacts. Each equipped artifact increases the characteristics of the hero. After equipping heroes with 2-4 artifacts from one set, you get an additional bonus stat of the artifact. In total, the hero can use up to 6 artifacts. Artifacts are of different rarity and purpose. The better the quality of the artifact, the greater the increase in characteristics it can give. You can store a maximum of 500 artifacts in your inventory.

After putting on, artifacts are tied to the hero and can later be removed from him only for coins. Use artifacts thoughtfully, in accordance with the role and class of the hero, in order to avoid their constant change and waste of currency.

Where can I get artifacts? You can get artifacts:

Artifact kits. Artifact sets are created by 2-4 artifacts of the same type:

Artifact stats. Each artifact has main and additional stats:

The quantitative values of the stats depend on the rank (stardom) of the artifact. The number of additional stats is determined by its rarity. The value of the additional and main stats of an artifact is also determined by its rank. The main and additional stats may differ depending on the type of artifact. The basic stats of weapons, helmets, and shields are always the same, and may differ for gloves, armor, and shoes. The main stats (SPD, ATK, etc.) are not displayed among the additional stats. Additional stats are not duplicated. List of stats:

Artifact typeMain statAdditional stats
WeaponATK (+)HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)
HelmetHP (+)HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)
ShieldDEF (+)HP (+) / HP (%), DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)
GlovesC.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%)HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)
ArmorHP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)
FootwearSPD (+), HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%)HP (+) / HP (%), ATK (+) / ATK (%), DEF (+) / DEF (%), SPD (+), C.RATE (%) / C.DMG (%), RES (%) / ACC (%)

Rarity of artifacts. Artifacts are divided into 5 levels of rarity: from common to legendary. The number of additional stats artifacts:

Artifact pumping. By increasing the level, you can increase the values of the artifact’s stats. Each subsequent level increases the value of the main stat, and every third level increases the value of the additional stat or adds a new one. The maximum level to which you can improve an artifact is 15. Raising to level 15 does not affect additional stats, but significantly increases the value of the main stat.

Each artifact upgraded to level 12 will have 4 additional stats. Artifacts of a higher rarity than ordinary ones initially have at least one additional stat. Updating artifacts first improves their existing stats and then unlocks new ones. When pumping artifacts, gold coins are paid. The required number increases and depends on the level of improvement.

Using the "Level Up" function, you can set the artifact to automatically update until you reach the selected level or until the coins run out. As the rank and level of the artifact increases, so does the cost of pumping. In addition, the higher the level of the artifact, the lower the chance of successful improvement.

Removing artifacts. If you want to change an artifact and replace it with another, you will need to delete the previous artifact for coins. The removed artifact is returned to your inventory. The cost of removing an artifact depends on its stardom:

How do I use the artifact? To put on an artifact, go to the heroes menu, click on the icon of the desired character and select "Equipment". You will see a list of all available artifacts, sorted by sets, rank and rarity. You can click on an Artifact to view its stats, upgrade or equip it. Before equipping in the lower right corner, you will see how this artifact will affect the statistics of the hero’s characteristics.

If your hero is already equipped with an artifact, and you want to replace it with a new one, then simply swap the artifacts. The artifact from the inventory will be placed on the hero, and the artifact on the hero will be added to the inventory.

Gemstone Legends: Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign map. The campaign is a map divided into 12 regions. In each region you have to fight 7 battles: in battles 1-6 you will face common enemies, and in the 7th you will face the boss of the region. Defeating the boss allows you to unlock the next region for the passage and continue to get acquainted with the plot of the game.

Complexity. After completing the campaign on Normal difficulty, you will be able to try your hand at Nightmarish difficulty, and after Nightmare, at Hell difficulty. Higher difficulty levels give you the chance to earn higher rewards, including powerful artifacts and rare scrolls. For this you will have to fight very strong opponents.

Awards. In battles 1-6, you can get artifacts from the set available in this region. In a boss battle, you can get a random artifact, but of a higher level and better rarity. Keep in mind that you will not win artifacts in every battle, but you will definitely get coins and experience points. All possible region rewards are shown on the top bar:

Fast stripping. After completing all 7 battles in the region for 3 stars, you will get access to a quick cleanup of each location through the list. Like a normal battle, a quick sweep consumes energy. To go to the quick cleanup list, click the small icon opposite the current difficulty level.

Stars. Your campaign battles are star rated. You can get a maximum of 3 stars per battle, with each star meeting a certain condition:

For collected stars within the same region, you get additional gifts: coins (for 7 stars), gems (for 14 stars) and a prize chest (for a maximum of 21 stars).

Completing battles with 3 stars is pretty tricky. If you do not cope with the conditions, continue pumping your heroes and check the correct selection of the battle party in accordance with the rules of color superiority.

Team preparation. Before the battle, you need to correctly form your team, choose a dragon and potions. Dragons are your powerful allies. Each of them have their own abilities, which you can see in the preview. Regardless of the dragon’s color and strength, its mana bar fills with gems as it turns.

Your team can consist of a maximum of 5 heroes. To remove a hero from a team, select him on the team panel and click the cross at the top right. To add a hero to a team, select an empty spot on the team bar, and then select a hero from the list.

Remember that to complete a 3-star battle, you need to fight with a squad of three heroes!

Choice of potions. Before the fight, you should definitely stock up on potions. Select all potions on the appropriate panel. As in the case of the heroes, you can select the drugs you need in the cells and delete the unnecessary ones. The number of potions that can be used in battle is limited and represented by the number on the right. The number on the left shows how many of these potions you have.

Potions can be obtained:

Gemstone Legends: Arena Fighting Guide

Tokens. Use tokens to fight in the arena. Their number is self-healing over time, but you can also purchase additional attempts in the store for gems. The exact number of tokens available is always displayed at the top of the arena menu.

Awards and selection of opponents. For victories, you receive medals and triumph points, the number of which determines your rating and league. For defeats, you lose triumph points. The list of suggested opponents is selected based on your current league. The number of triumph points that you can get when you win is always displayed next to the opponents. If you are not satisfied with the opponents, update their list: for free over time or for gems instantly.

Choose opponents that are higher than you in the overall rating, but have less team strength. You should not challenge players who are much ahead of you in power - you risk losing and losing your triumph points.

Defense team. Form your defense team on the "Defense" tab of the same name. There you can also choose the preferred type of battlefield - this will not affect your combat capabilities in any way, but the fight itself will take place surrounded by the landscape you have chosen.

Keep your defensive team up to date. When you have new and strong heroes, do not forget to include them in the battle party in the arena. Remember that the formation for the campaign and the defensive formation in the arena are different types of formation. When updating the first, the second does not change automatically.

Seasons. The arena season lasts a week. Depending on the total number of triumph points, your place in the rating, league is determined and rating awards are awarded. Each season ends on Sunday at 22:00 UTC. After the announcement of the results, players are awarded medals and precious stones.

League. Players are assigned to leagues based on their Triumph Points. Each league has requirements for the number of points earned, respectively, if you reach this amount, then you get there. In the major leagues, the number of vacancies is limited. This means that even if you reach the required number of triumph points for the transition, but the last player in the league has more points, you will have to challenge him and win. Only in this way will you take his place in the league.

See all information about the leagues under their icons. It indicates how many triumph points are needed to move (the number next to the image of swords) and what place you need to achieve in the ranking (the number next to the cup sign). The league you are in determines how many medals you receive for each battle you win. The league also determines the total number of gems and medals that you will receive at the end of the season.

History of fights. Take a look at the "History" tab to view the history of your fights. You can take revenge on the players who beat you and challenge them to a rematch. This will also consume a token. We do not recommend getting involved in revenge if your "offender" is much stronger than you - in this case, all attempts at revenge will be useless, and you will waste your tokens.

Crystallium is the arena shop. Here you can spend the earned medals on various useful goods.

Seasonal battles. Seasonal battles include 12 cycles and last 3 months. Your place in the seasonal rankings is determined by the result of the best cycle of the season. At the end of the season, all players’ Triumph Points are halved. Seasonal rewards include unique avatars and battlefield landscapes. Final prizes are awarded at the end of the last cycle of the season. You will receive all the rewards for the leagues you have achieved (that is, if the best league you have reached in any of the cycles is Gold I, you will receive rewards for Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Gemstone Legends: Rift Guide

Features of battles. In the rifts, you can get new artifacts for your heroes. The Rift Map consists of 10 battles with increasing difficulty. For each subsequent battle, you can get better rewards. Battles consist of 3 waves of enemies. The opponents themselves have one leading color, so you need to choose the right battle party based on the rules of color superiority. Battle progress:

Phoenix Alpha Rift. Phoenix Alpha has the following skills:

  1. Blazing Roar - Deals damage to all enemies depending on the attack. Causes Burn for 1-3 turns (depending on the level).
  2. Rebirth (passive) - after death, it is resurrected with 50% HP and causes a Burning Roar.
  3. Fiery Soul (passive) - Deals 40% more damage from attacks with gems during the Target’s Burn status.
  4. Natural resistance (passive ability) - resistant to the negative effects of stunning, freezing, sleep and silence. Damage taken from burns, bleeding, and poison is reduced by 50%.

In the battle against Phoenix, one main prize is always offered among artifacts, scrolls or dummies of experience. The sets that can be obtained in this Rift: Warrior, Defender, Guardian, Grinder, Swift and Courage. For each battle, you also get coins, account experience and hero experience.

Goliath Rift. Goliath Skills:

  1. Death Swing - Deals damage to all enemies depending on ATK.
  2. Furious counterattack (passive ability) - after receiving 30 attacks with gems, Goliath counterattacks the enemy with his ax and deals damage depending on the ATK. 100% stun for 7 turns.
  3. Natural Resistance (Passive) - Goliath is resistant to the debuffs of Stun, Freeze, Sleep, and Silence. Damage taken from burns, bleeding, and poison is reduced by 50%.

In battles against Goliath, you can always get artifacts, scrolls or experience dummies. The sets that can be obtained in this rift: Life, Curse, Hawkeye, Berserker, Mystic and Giant. For each battle you get coins, account experience and hero experience.

Gemstone Legends: Features of guilds in the game

Guild is a community of players united by the goal of mutual assistance, successful development in the game and learning new fighting techniques. By joining a guild, you will not only be able to find new friends, but also open up the possibility of completing additional activities with good rewards. The maximum number of guild members is 30 people.

Joining a guild. Guilds in the game are divided into open and closed. To join a guild, click the "Guild" button in the lower right corner of the main screen. The first screen will list the available guilds. You enter open guilds immediately after submitting an application, and closed ones - after its approval by the community leader. All the best guilds of the server can be viewed in the general rating of guilds - it is there that it is recommended to choose the desired community. The strength of a guild is determined by the total strength of all its members.

For a productive game, you need to be a member of a strong guild from the TOP-3 server with good activity among the participants. If your guild sees an outflow of players or many of them become inactive, leave such a community and look for something new in the rating.

Guild creation. You can create your own guild. To do this, you need to come up with a name for it, select a banner, add a description and pay 200 gems. You should also choose your community language and type - open or closed. In the future, this information can be changed for 20 gems. Keep in mind that the development of the guild largely depends on competent leadership, so as a leader you will have to spend more time on the game and try to be a successful player so that other people reach out to you and learn from you.

Collecting guild banners. Collecting guild banners and exchanging them for prizes is one of the main privileges of being in a guild. All guild members add their banners to the general fund. You can get 2 banners per day: the first - for a mark in the guild, the second - for completing daily tasks. The total number of banners collected by all guild members during the day determines the final amount of rewards that they will receive.

Guild activity is often determined by the number of banners collected. In weak communities, it is impossible to collect many banners due to low online members and get good rewards.

Gemstone Legends: Raid Boss Fight Guide

Battles. While in the guild, fight powerful raid bosses. There are 3 fight attempts per day. To enter the activity, you will need the keys of the Titan: the first 2 keys are issued daily, and the third you receive for completing daily tasks. In battles with raid bosses, your heroes consume stamina. You can replenish it with apples. If you don’t have apples, you can reform your party and join the battle with a different squad.

Endurance self-healing daily at 00.00. The victory over the raid boss is achieved only by the joint efforts of all members of the guild. Each participant takes away part of his HP points from the enemy, and gradually, attack by attack, the boss is depleted. After the 40th turn, the raid boss falls into a rage, and then, with each turn, it grows.

All raid bosses have 75% resistance to negative statuses that cannot be reduced. Due to the high number of HP points, they do thirty times less damage through poison, bleeding, burning, and the assassin’s mark. In a rage, they remove all negative statuses and become immune to their reapplication.

Schedule and levels of bosses. Every day the guild is attacked by different raid bosses:

Fighting each opponent requires a different strategy. Initially, the guild starts a fight with a 1-star boss of the first level. Defeating him gives you the opportunity to fight a level 2 boss, etc. After defeating a level 6 boss, the guild can start fighting a 2-star boss. The maximum boss has level 6 and 6 stars. If the guild cannot defeat the boss, but does 50% HP or more damage, the boss will remain at the same level. Damage less than 50% of the boss’s health will lower it by one level.

Awards. For battles with raid bosses, you get 3 types of rewards:

  1. Individual - coins and guild coins. Issued after the battle and depends on the amount of damage done;
  2. Player’s chest - the level of rewards in the chest depends on the total damage dealt on all 3 daily battle attempts;
  3. Guild Chest - the level of rewards depends on the amount of damage done by the guild as a whole.

Both chests are issued the next day or after defeating the boss. The value of the reward depends on the rank and level of the boss that the guild fought with.

Raid bosses characteristics

1. Red Dragon - Corrupted Vermin:

2. Blue Dragon - Corrupted Skyron:

3. Green Dragon - Corrupted N’agash. Very high protection. Imposes a curse for 9 turns. Removes all positive statuses from all enemies. Removes all negative statuses from himself.

4. Yellow Dragon - Corrupted Bastet. Very high attack. Each yellow dragon deals damage to one enemy, depending on its ATK and stardom.

5. Purple Dragon - Corrupted Haaron. Deals damage to all enemies depending on ATK and stardom.

Gemstone Legends: Completing Quests - Source of Rewards

The assignments are divided into daily, weekly and monthly categories. You can earn unique rewards and useful in-game resources for completing each task.

Daily tasks. For each closed daily quest, you get coins, potions and experience. Progress is reset daily at 00.00, regardless of the degree of completion. Types of tasks:

  1. Defeat 100 enemies.
  2. Raise the level of a hero using an experience dummy or a hero card - 3 times;
  3. Complete the call of heroes - 5 times;
  4. Try to improve the artifact - 3 times;
  5. Spend 50 units. energy.

You must complete all tasks in order to receive the main rewards: a guild banner, a summoning scroll, 500 experience points, gems (25 pcs.) And a titan key for the battle with the raid boss.

Weekly tasks. These are completed throughout the week and include higher rewards. They are reset when the main award is received. Types of tasks:

  1. Ascension of heroes to 4 stars or higher;
  2. Making 30 purchases in the market;
  3. Receiving rewards by completing all daily tasks 7 times;
  4. Victory of 1000 enemies in the campaign;
  5. Raising the level of the hero with training - 20 times;
  6. Summons 50 heroes using scrolls;
  7. Upgrading 2 artifacts to level 12;
  8. Using potions 15 times.

The main reward of weekly quests is golden scrolls (2 pcs.), Apples (400 pcs.), 800 experience and an artifact. It can be obtained by closing the entire list of tasks.

Monthly assignments. The most difficult tasks to be completed within a month. They are reset when the main award is received. Views:

  1. Ascension of heroes to 5 stars or higher;
  2. Receiving rewards by completing all daily tasks 30 times;
  3. Victory of 5000 enemies in the campaign;
  4. Summons 250 heroes using scrolls;
  5. Upgrading 2 artifacts to level 15;
  6. Win 7 battles in any chapter 50 times.

The main reward for completing all monthly tasks is an epic scroll, gems (250 pcs.), 2500 experience points.

To get the main rewards in weekly and monthly quests, you need to close all daily quests every day for a month! Be careful and don’t miss the game.

Gemstone Legends: Basic Resources Overview and Purchase

Common Market. Buy the resources you need in the market for coins. For full access to all the offers of the market, unlock its cells. After that, the entire assortment will always be available to you. On the market you can find:

The assortment of goods is updated every 6 hours, but you can change it ahead of schedule for gems. Each time the market is updated, new items will appear in its slots.

Guild Market. The guild market uses guild coins that you get from battles with raid bosses. A distinctive feature of the guild market is that it has a number of permanent offers - silver, gold and platinum bars. The rest of the assortment is changed every 3 days, the possibility of early renewal is not provided. In addition to the permanent scrolls, you can buy potions and artifacts in the guild market.

Key resources. During the game you will need the following resources:

  1. Energy. A resource consumed in campaign battles. Every 4 minutes, you gain 1 unit. energy. Additionally, buy energy in the market for precious stones. You also get extra energy by completing daily quests. As the level of the account increases, the limit of the available energy increases.
  2. Gold. The main game currency. You get gold for victories in battles, for selling ammunition, exploring the map and completing quests. Gold is required for pumping heroes and equipment, for improving artifacts and changing ammunition.
  3. Gems. Premium currency. Needed to buy additional energy, unlock training slots and additional slots in the market. Gems can be purchased for donation or obtained by completing quests.
  4. Titanium keys. Items needed to fight raid bosses as part of a guild. Every day you get 2 keys, and you get the third for completing daily quests;
  5. Apples. Apples are needed to replenish stamina in heroes after battling raid bosses. Apples can be obtained as gifts from the Calendar;
  6. Guild coins. Guild currency. Received for participating in guild battles and used in the guild market.

Click on the hourglass button on the left side of the screen and go to Calendar to collect daily online rewards, as well as weekly and monthly login rewards. Among them are coins, scrolls, potions, energy, elixirs, experience, etc. On the 7th day of online, you will receive the Topaz Dragon from the Weekly Rewards tab, and on the 30th day, you will receive the Purple Hero Violentina from the Monthly Rewards tab.

Gemstone Legends: Player Profile and Prestige System

Basic information. To enter the player’s profile, click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you will see the basic statistics of the player: level, team strength, number of days in the game, number of battles won and stars earned. By clicking "Change" under the avatar, you can change your icon to the image of any open hero.

Remember to link your game account to Google Play and Facebook to avoid losing your game data. Linking your account ensures your progress is safe in the event of unexpected system crashes and helps you transfer the game to another device.

Prestige system. You are credited with 1 prestige point for each account reaching the maximum level 50. After that, the level is reset to the first, and the increase starts over. There is no limit on prestige points in the game - you will receive all points corresponding to your development in the game. The prestige system offers rewards:

When you award your first Prestige Points, you get 2 additional potion slots (maximum 4) and an increase in the maximum energy cap to 120 units.

Gemstone Legends: In-Game Referral Program

With the referral program, you can earn great rewards for inviting your friends to the game! You can become a member of the program at any time, while the number of friendly invitations is in no way limited by the rules.

How does the program work? Go to the Player Profile and go to the "Friends" tab. At the bottom of the screen, you will see your referral code:

When your friends register in the game, they will also need to go to the "Friends" tab and enter your referral code in the "Enter code" field at the top of the screen:

After this procedure, your accounts will be linked, and you will be able to receive gifts for the gaming successes of your friends. Your friends can also join the program, but only after their accounts reach level 10 on the Prestige 0. With the help of one referral code, it is possible to simultaneously connect up to 3 friends.

If in the future one of them leaves the game, you can invite another person to take his place. There are no limits here. In this case, the rewards received from the retired friend will not be reset, and the new friend added to the game will help you earn even more prizes.

A friend removed from your referral list does not lose access to their individual rewards.

Awards for participation in the program. When your invited friends reach the required levels, you receive rewards (collected up to 3 times, for the progress of each friend):

Prizes for invited players:

If your friends reach Prestige 1 and Level 20, you will receive an additional Platinum Scroll.

Gemstone Legends: A Guide for Donators

Shop. All offers for donators are located in the Shop (the "Shop" button in the lower left corner and the "+" icon in the upper right corner). There are 6 sections here:

  1. Bank. Sale of precious stones and coins of various quantities (from a handful to a chest);
  2. Scrolls. Sale of sets, including various types of scrolls, together with precious stones and coins;
  3. Other. Sale of dummies for pumping heroes. Section currency: gems;
  4. Potions. Sale of potions for various purposes, as well as sets of potions;
  5. Suggestions. Limited sale of sets for various purposes. Most of the sets include mannequins, energy, scrolls, potions and gems;
  6. Gemstone Prime. Sale of passes to obtain gaming privileges.

Learn more about Gemstone Prime. Here you are invited to purchase a silver or gold admission to receive a number of gaming privileges. Silver admission is issued for 1 month, and gold admission for 6 months. Both offers have free grace periods: Silver - 1 free week after purchase, Gold - 1 month after purchase. Gemstone Prime Benefits:

Gemstone Prime is the best option for those looking for long-term performance and performance. Purchase licenses to discover the possibilities of additional battles and ensure an increased flow of resources. By purchasing a Gold Pass, you get 30% savings.

Correct donation. In addition to Gemstone Prime, we recommend that you pay special attention to the sets from the "Offers" and "Scrolls" tab - as a rule, you can buy many items there at a time, spending much less on them than with individual purchases. We do not recommend buying gems and coins separately, because even with discounts it is quite expensive. You can get dummies for pumping and potions in game activities, so spend gems on them wisely.

Pay attention to the various temporary promotions, the icons of which periodically appear on the right side of the main game screen. By participating in temporary limited promotions, you have a good chance of acquiring new heroes and rare materials at minimal prices. Track the starts of new promotions on the official game page on Facebook .

Gemstone Legends: Conclusion

Gemstone Legends is a new strategy game that combines hero leveling, team building and match-3 puzzle-style battles. Has good prospects to become a new favorite among fans of this genre. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

In the future, Gemstone Legends will undoubtedly delight us with updates, events and new challenges for players, so it’s definitely worth starting to play. To progress successfully in this game and occupy high places in the ratings, read our article and use the advice of the Wise Geek.

Article author: Nadezhda D.