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Gold and Goblins WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger is an Idle game from AppQuuntum in which you can plunge into the atmosphere of the gold rush and become a real treasure hunter. Help the goblins find an ancient village located deep underground and find countless treasures along the way. Upgrade workers and mines, get unique bonuses and become the richest person in the world.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tips for passing game levels
  3. Goblin Guide
  4. How to mine gold?
  5. Tips for Increasing Profits
  6. How to use the cards?
  7. All About Game Resources
  8. Chest Guide
  9. All About Additional Game Bonuses
  10. How to take part in events?
  11. Guide for Donators
  12. Is it worth playing?

Gold and Goblins: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. The main characters of the game - goblins, found information about the location of a unique village where their ancestors lived in ancient times. However, the path to this place is buried in a labyrinth of caves. Together with the goblins, you have to destroy thousands of stones in order to clear the way to the ancient village. As a reward, you can take all the treasures found along the way.

Main activities:

Interface. The main game screen displays the mine you are currently excavating. at the top of the screen there is information about the amount of gold, elixirs and gems mined, as well as the level of the mine and the number of employees hired. At the bottom of the screen is a menu for accessing power-ups, the store, cards, the Wheel of Fortune, and a temporary event.

Settings. To go to the game settings, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner. You can turn music and sound effects on or off. Also, through the settings, you can contact the support service and restore purchases. If necessary, you can change the language of the game, the following languages ​​are available:

If the game does not load or crashes, try clearing the game cache in the game device settings. However, do not clear the game data, as it contains information about your progress.

Learning the game. At the beginning of the game, you have to go through a short tutorial at the first mine in order to quickly understand the gameplay. The activities themselves do not contain additional information tabs, so you will have to figure out the intricacies of the game yourself or use the advice of WiseGeek.

Authorization. The game will automatically log you in through your game center, so you can play on multiple devices at once using your existing account. The game does not provide a function to transfer data from an Android device to iOS, however, you can contact support for manual transfer of progress.

Please note that developers are advised to play on one device in order to avoid software failures and accidental reset of game progress.

Progress. For completing certain tasks related to the development of mines and the passage of temporary events, you can receive special medals and badges. Each achievement will allow you to get a bonus in the form of gems and cards. The following types of medals and badges are provided:

Gold and Goblins: Tips for passing game levels

Mine. Each mine is a separate level of the game with a new puzzle. The main goal is to get to the exit, which is located at the end of each mine. Once you’ve cleared the rubble and unlocked the door, you’ll be able to move on to the next deeper level.

A prerequisite for opening access to a new mine is the activation of all mines located at the level.

Excavations. To carry out excavations and clean up the mines, you will need goblins. Since they are not very intelligent, goblins cannot decide on their own and choose an object for excavation. To make the goblin work, you need to drag it to the nearest stone or chest, then it will automatically begin to dig out all the objects around it. If there is nothing next to the goblin, then he will rest until he receives a new task.

Types of stones:

strength level. Each object on the playing field is assigned a certain level of strength, which is indicated by the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on. This indicator is set automatically and cannot be changed. In order to quickly cope with the destruction of an object or the analysis of rubble, it is necessary to send a goblin of a higher level than the specified durability to work.

Work time. After the goblin starts excavating, a timer and a yellow destruction indicator will appear next to the object. The timer will indicate the approximate time until the completion of the work. The higher the durability level of an object, the longer it will take the goblin to excavate. To speed up the work, you can send several assistants to the excavation at once, this can only be done if there are free cells next to the object.

Resources. Excavation of each object located on the playing field will bring you resources for development. However, after you go to a new mine, you will lose gold and goblins, and the level of the forge will be reset. After completing a level, you will no longer be able to return to the previous mine. Therefore, before making the transition, carefully look around and collect all the remaining chests and rare rocks.

To collect the resources that appear on the playing field, simply click on them.

Gold and Goblins: Goblin Guide

Goblins are professional miners who will act as your assistants. These are cute mythical creatures of small stature, outwardly very reminiscent of a person. Goblins live deep in caves and cannot stand sunlight, so excavation has become their main job.

Types of goblins. The higher the level of the goblin, the more advanced excavation tools he uses. So your first workers will use a pickaxe, subsequent large hammers, more advanced ones will take up modern technologies. Play more actively, upgrade your workers and each time you open more and more types of goblins.

Hiring. In the event that you have enough gold, the buy globin button will be active at the bottom of the screen. Click on it, and a goblin of the corresponding level will descend from the surface into the mine. To release a worker onto the playing field, click on the barrel. You can get additional workers from the goblin cannon.

Worker level. The main characteristic of a goblin is its level. The higher it is, the more durable objects the worker will be able to destroy in a shorter period of time. To increase the level of new invited workers, you need to make as many purchases as possible. However, not only the level will increase, but also the cost of hiring a goblin. After obtaining and leveling up the Big Discount card, you will be able to significantly reduce the cost of goblins and level up your workers faster.

The chosen strategy will determine how much time you have to spend on the passage of the mine. Sometimes it is more expedient to invest in the development of the forge and mines, and not in the purchase of workers.

Pumping. To increase the level of already hired goblins, you must use the function of combining workers. Drag one goblin to another to combine them and get one more powerful helper. Merging levels increases rather than stacking, for example, when merging level 3 goblins, you will get one level 3 goblin, not 6.

Limit of workers. The number of goblins that work in the mine is limited. The maximum number is indicated in the upper right corner of the main screen. After reaching the limit, the buy button will be inactive, and the goblin cannon will stop firing barrels. You can increase the limit using a special Golden Helmet card.

Gold and Goblins: How to mine gold?

Gold is the main game currency, with which you can hire goblins and improve mines. At the beginning of a new level, you have a small amount of gold on your account, which is enough to get 1-2 goblins and improve the Forge.

Forge. At each level, at the bottom of the screen or the beginning of a new frontier, there is a forge. This building is your permanent source of income. You will receive a set amount of gold coins after each full turn of the yellow indicator.

During your absence, the forge will become the main source of income. After returning, you will receive all the gold coins collected during this time.

Mines. At each mine, you will find several abandoned mines. To activate the work of the mine and get additional profit, you need to send goblins to clear the blockage. Mines differ among themselves in the type of stone mined, income and speed of work. Thus, one mine may be more profitable at the first levels of its development, while others at higher ones.

Excavations. By destroying ordinary stones, goblins will also be able to bring you income in the form of gold coins. Accordingly, the higher the level of the stone, the more gold you will receive for its destruction. Use this opportunity to earn extra income.

If you are approaching the end of a level, then it is not necessary to deal with the destruction of stones, since the amount of gold collected will be canceled.

Resource management. You are very lucky with the workers, the goblins are very active and produce a large amount of gold both in mines and during excavations. To reduce large numbers and make them readable, the game uses a special system for reducing large numbers, which you can find in the table below.

Cash cuts
acand so on

Gold and Goblins: Tips for Increasing Profits

Improvement. Buildings such as the forge and mines, which are a constant source of gold, can be upgraded to produce even more resources. Each new level of construction will increase its profitability. To increase profits, you can also use more advanced technologies and hire managers.

Characteristics. The top number above the mine indicates the amount of gold that each cart brings. The number on the progress bar indicates the level of the mine, the number with a + sign on a green background indicates how many levels you can currently increase the level of this mine.

Payment. To increase the level of the building, you need gold. The more often you pump a forge or a mine, the more expensive the cost of its improvement becomes. If you have enough gold to increase the level by several points at once, then a corresponding indicator will appear above the cost of the upgrade.

It is necessary to properly plan your expenses, since improving the object by several levels may not give the desired effect and a sharp increase in profits.

Profit multiplier. When the progress bar goes from gray all the way to yellow, the mine gets a profit multiplier. Also, for each completion of the progress bar, you will receive a good bonus in the form of elixirs. Gold and elixirs will help you in the further development of goblins and mines.

Manager. You will have to collect carts with gold manually, which can tire you out and significantly reduce the income received from the mines. Therefore, you need to automate the work of buildings in order to get another permanent source of income. Look for and improve special cards, hire a manager who will unload carts with gold for you. Each mine requires its own manager of a given level, who will specialize in the extraction of a specified type of stone.

Gold and Goblins: How to use the cards?

Cards are special items created to improve the gaming experience. Cards are the only constant source of bonuses for mine workers. Maps do not lose their properties and retain their indicators even when moving to a new mine.

Receipt. The main way to get new cards is to activate prize chests. You can find both card fragments to develop existing bonuses or discover new cards. You can also get new cards as a reward for collecting keys in the process of completing the tasks of the game event.

Application. Card bonuses begin to act on game activities immediately after they are received. The main function of most maps is to hire managers and automate the operation of your gold mines. You can also increase the speed of the mines, increase the profitability of the forge, increase the goblin limit, improve chest rewards, and much more.

Rarity. Cards differ from each other not only in their bonus functions, but also in the rarity of the card being dropped as a reward. The higher the rarity of the card, the more valuable and effective it is for the player. There are 4 types of cards:

The main way to get rare cards is to buy a mythical chest in the store. Accumulate gems to get a great bonus.

Strengthening mines. Since each mine is responsible for the extraction of only one specific gem, which is subsequently converted into gold, an individual approach is required in obtaining bonuses. There are common and uncommon cards for each gem type. Which card’s buff will be used depends on the difficulty level of the mine you’re excavating. In most cases, normal card upgrades are enough, but sometimes you will need more elixirs to make an unusual upgrade.

Types of gems:

Gold and Goblins: All About Game Resources

Resources. In addition to the gold that you need to excavate in the mines, there are several resources in the game that you can use all the time. Such resources can be used permanently, they will not be lost when moving to a new level. These include gems, elixirs and potions of time.

Gems. They are a premium currency that is used to make purchases in the game store. This resource is quite difficult to obtain, so for its effective use you will need to accumulate a decent amount. You can earn gems by spinning the wheel of Fortune, in events, and by destroying green rocks on the playing field.

Elixirs. A purple-colored magical drink that is needed to conduct scientific research and level up cards. You can get this resource for free in several ways:

Shop. An additional way to get the elixir is to buy sets in the game store. The calculation is carried out in gems, the higher the cost of the proposal, the more profitable the purchase of one unit of the elixir. The following sets are available for purchase in the store:

Potions of time. Everyone dreams of time travel, you’re lucky your goblins have the unique knowledge of how to do it. The main function of this resource is to reduce the production time and make a profit faster for a specified period of time. You can get a potion of time in the Wheel of Fortune, however, such potions are not stored in the warehouse, but act immediately after receiving. You can also purchase a potion of time in the store:

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 3 free small time boosts, use them wisely.

Application. Before using the potion of time, you must give the most difficult tasks to all the goblins in the mine. Thus, you will be able to get the most out of the available bonus. If your mines are not automated, then the income for missed time will be calculated only for the forge. In order to apply the potion of time, select the desired item and click use.

Gold and Goblins: Chest Guide

Chest - an item containing several types of basic resources necessary for development in the game. They will become your main source of free resources. Chests will surround you everywhere, so getting them will not be difficult.

Bonus chest. This is the easiest and least energy-intensive way to get a chest. Every 4 hours, regardless of the time you play online, a free chest will appear in the store. Most often, you will receive wooden chests, however there is a small chance to open an iron or wrought chest.

You can get an additional bonus chest once a day by watching a small commercial.

Excavations. The second way to get chests is excavations in the mines. In the location you can find petrified chests of various values. To get a chest, you need to send a goblin to free the chest. As soon as the work is completed, you can take the contents of the chest. You will also receive chests for repairing mines and clearing passages.

Purchase. An additional way to get rare and valuable chests is to buy them in the store. Next to the bonus chest timer, there are two offers to buy a royal and a mythical chest. The Royal Chest will cost you 750 Gems, and the Mythic Chest will cost you 3,500 Gems.

Type of chestElixirregular cardsFancy cardsRare cardsLegendary cards

Special offer. Sometimes a special offer appears in the game store for active players to purchase 3 rare chests. The cost of the chest is 12,000 elixirs. Participation in the promotion is a great opportunity to open new cards and get additional bonuses without a donation.

Gold and Goblins: All About Additional Game Bonuses

Wheel of Fortune. At the bottom right of the screen is the Wheel of Fortune icon. With it, you can try your luck and be guaranteed to get one of the presented bonuses. Every day, each player can try their luck once for free. You can use 5 additional attempts to spin the wheel only after watching commercials.

Bonus types:

If you are completing the passage of the mine, it is better to use the wheel of Fortune after moving to a new stage. This will allow you to use the received bonus more efficiently.

Increasing profit. On the main screen in the lower left corner, you can find the TV icon. By clicking on it, you will go to the section for activating an advertising gain, which will allow you to increase the profit received from the mines by 2 times. Gain activation occurs by watching commercials. Watching one video entitles you to increase your profit by 3 hours. You can watch several videos at once to activate the boost for a maximum time of 12 hours.

Constantly use the promotional buff to get more gold from the forge and automated mines while you are away.

A gun. To the right of the forge is a unique gun that will allow you to get more resources and experienced workers. Every 40 minutes, the cannon fires one goblin barrel of a random level. The level of the goblin in the barrel will increase as the level of the hired worker increases. To reduce the production time of the gun, you need to find and upgrade special cards. For example, the rare card Pocket Watch allows you to reduce the time before the appearance of a goblin.

Mysterious barrel. Every 25 seconds you will receive a mysterious barrel with a question mark from the cannon. It contains a goblin, gold, elixir or dynamite. The amount of gold in the Mystery Barrel depends on your total income from the Forge and Automated Mines. The level of the received dynamite will correspond to the level of the most upgraded worker. Sometimes, to get a high-level goblin or a large amount of resources, you need to watch a commercial.

There can only be one mysterious barrel on the playing field, so you need to log into the game more often to collect them. At the same time, if you open barrels too often, only gold will fall into them.

Dynamite is an indispensable item for quick excavations, which you will receive from the goblin cannon. With it, you can blow up any object in the mine, get resources and clear the way for goblins. The explosion subtracts 5 minutes from the work time bar, just like a goblin of the same level.

Power. Each dynamite has a special digital designation that determines the power of the charge. However, dynamite can not always destroy an object with the same strength indicator. To evaluate the effectiveness of the charge, drag the dynamite to an object and hold it over the target until the indicator color changes from yellow to red. If the effect suits you, release the dynamite and it will explode.

Union. You can increase the power of dynamite by combining two objects of the same level into one with a higher level. At the same time, the level of dynamite cannot exceed the level of the most pumped goblin by 3. There cannot be more than 4 units of dynamite on the playing field, so you will either have to combine objects or use dynamite in excavations.

Low-level stones are quite easy to destroy, so it’s not worth spending precious dynamite on this. It is best to use dynamite to activate chests and mines as soon as possible.

Gold and Goblins: How to take part in events?

Event. After completing the level 8 mine, you will gain access to special temporary events. Go on an expedition with the goblins to solve a new challenging puzzle. The duration of the event is limited in time, if it starts on a weekday, then its duration will be 2 days, if it starts on a weekend - 5 days.

candy madnessAre the candy mines just a legend? some goblins claim to have found both wealth and delicious candy there.
Elixir flowThe old mine was recently flooded with elixir. Grab buckets and try to collect as much elixir as possible to develop your goblins.
Jungle ruinsResearchers have discovered mines among ruins deep in the jungle. Goblins who are not afraid of the wild will simply get rich.
Gems AbundanceA wandering goblin found several piles of gems in an old mine. He asks for your help, because he cannot carry all this away alone.
ChristmasGoblins have a lot to do before Christmas. Santa needs them at the North Pole to get gifts for kids from all over the world.

Purpose of the event. Your task is not to reach the end of the mines in the allotted time. The main goal is to collect all the hidden golden keys in the dungeon. Each collected key will allow you to receive one valuable reward at the end of the event. For the maximum benefit from the expedition, you must find all 12 keys.

To successfully complete the event, think over tactics, carefully monitor the time and correctly use game bonuses.

Event resources. When switching to the event mode, the gold and elixirs you mined during the excavation of a regular mine will not be taken into account. Here everything starts from scratch and with the use of special coins and elixirs, only gems remain common. Since at the end of the event all earned resources will be lost, you must use them immediately after accumulating the required amount. This tactic will allow you to make the most efficient use of all available resources.

Event store. When you go to the store in event mode, you will find special offers for acquiring exactly the resources that are required to develop the goblins and mines of this event. For example, you can purchase a unique rare chest that contains over 3,000 elixir, 500 common cards, and 100 rares.

Elixir cost:

Cards. For each event, there are individual cards that must be collected and improved to successfully complete the event. In order to get information about the maps of the current event and on which mines they can be found, go to the appropriate section through the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that the main maps will not affect the work of goblins and mines in the mines of the event.

Rating. Gold and Goblins has a competitive mode. During the events, you will be able to measure your strength with all the participants. To get into the TOP players and get valuable rewards, you need to collect as many crowns as possible. You can find them during the excavation of various objects in the mine, the number of earned crowns is determined randomly. To register and take part in the event, you need to collect one crown.

PlaceReward elixirsReward chest / cards
1 place80 000Legendary Chest
2nd place40 000Royal chest
3rd place20 000Royal chest
TOP 1010,000Rare Chest
TOP 255000Rare Chest
TOP 5020005 rare cards
TOP 10010003 rare cards
TOP 2505002 rare cards
TOP 5002001 rare card
Participantone hundred4 uncommon cards

Gold and Goblins: Guide for Donators

Shop. The game is free to play, but you can speed up your game progress with in-game payments. Visit the store to explore special offers for players who want to progress faster. Here you can make purchases, both for real money and for game currency.

Gems. In the store, you can purchase the missing gems for real money. The higher the position price, the lower the cost of one gem. During a special promotion, the number of gems can be doubled and your purchase will become even more profitable.

Gem Packs:

Special offer. Each time you move to a new mine, you will receive a special promotional offer. For example, at mine 5 you can buy a mythical chest, 250 gems, 1,000 elixirs and 2 time accelerations of 4 hours each. Such sets allow you to excavate faster and move to the next level.

Promotional offers have a limited duration, so if you like a set, immediately buy it.

Disabling ads. Since the majority of bonuses in the game depend on watching commercials, the creators of the game have developed a special offer for regular users. After purchasing it, you will be able to permanently disable all ads and freely receive all the benefits, which will make the game more comfortable. Additionally, you will receive a legendary chest and 500 gems.

Starter kit. At the beginning of each event, you will receive an offer to purchase a set of resources for the successful completion of the expedition. For example, during the Candy Madness, you can get a mythical chest, 80 gems, and 1,500 event elixirs. And during Christmas - a mythical chest of 250 gems and 3,000 event elixirs.

Gold and Goblins: Is it worth playing?

Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger - an exciting treasure hunt simulator is perfect for spending free time. Three-dimensional graphics and unobtrusive musical accompaniment make the game attractive to most users. More than 100 puzzle levels are waiting for you, change tactics to get resources faster in the mines.

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