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Grand Chase Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

GRANDCHASE is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game made in two-dimensional execution. The first game was released on PC in August 2003 by the South Korean company COG Studios. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to install Grand Chase on PC
  2. TOP best heroes
  3. Elezis
  4. Lyra
  5. Arme
  6. Lass
  7. Ronan
  8. Saegharth
  9. Marie
  10. Lime
  11. Pet Guide
  12. Tips for passing game locations
  13. Gad Guild

How to install Grand Chase on PC

In order to run Grand Chase on a PC, you need to follow the following algorithm:

  1. You should initially follow the link at the top of this article.
  2. Next, on the opened main page of the BlueStacks emulator, you need to click on the DOWNLOAD button, waiting for the file to be downloaded to the computer after this.
  3. The downloaded program must be run, having carried out, thus installing it.
  4. After you run the BlueStacks emulator and enter it. To do this, you must enter your password and login from the GooglePlay service.
  5. At the end should open the Play Store window. In it, you need to find the Grand Chase application and install it in the same way as on your smartphone.

At the end, open the game Grand Chase and enjoy its graphics in Full HD resolution. The popularity of using BlueStacks to run mobile games on a PC is due to the advantages of this emulator, such as:

  1. Ability to use the keyboard to control the interface. To do this, it is necessary to determine the effect of several buttons, by setting them with one or another function.
  2. Run the game in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics. At the same time, the application will not slow down, as it often happens on smartphones with insufficient performance.
  3. Earning BlueStacksPoint points, which you can later use to play a computer gaming mouse or purchase accessories.The more time a user spends in BlueStacks, the more accumulated bonuses he gets.
  4. The possibility of passing simple quests for a few minutes, which allows you to continue to participate in the drawing of various prizes. These include various gadgets, computer chair, or accessories necessary for games.
  5. Multitasking engine allows you to simultaneously run multiple games in different tabs, freely switching between them.

Due to all the above advantages, the BlueStacks emulator is very popular among fans of playing any mobile applications on the computer.

Grand Chase: TOP best heroes

Which characters are better? Who do you need to rock? These questions always arise in games where there is a choice of characters who will go to battle with you. At the initial stages of the game, you have to choose from the characters that you are given. However, when you already play for a long time, the question really arises - who to download. In this section, we describe the main characters that we recommend to pump.


Hero description

Elisis, a warrior to the kingdom of Canavan, is the daughter of the Canavan Pathfinder Elskud. The girl’s father did not return after the mission, which was to find the dark queen Kaze’Aze. The heroine is considered a great fencer. Her father taught classes with Alice from her very birth. Traveling under a false name and looking for his parent. In the kingdom of Serdin, rumors about Mistress Kaz’Aze reach her. The girl enters the Great Race, expecting to find dad.

In Grand Chase, the girl plays an important role, over time she leaves the Master of Warriors and from the kingdom of Serdin. The Big Race originates in Serdin, so there was a feeling that Alice was a native of this kingdom (the warrior was from Canavan).

Ancestor Alice is Saegharth. Traveling, Lyra learns this information. Consequently, the real name of the heroine is Saeghart. Then comes the confirmation that this is actually true. Alice and Arme often argue among themselves, although they have held many joint battles. Alice is the leader of the Ruby Knights.

Individual Abilities

Frenzy - at the moment when Aliceys is hit by an arrow or a kunai, then a small scale appears to the right of the warrior. In the case of multiple arrows, the scale is filled, and the inscription "Berserk" appears in the center of the display (BERSERK - a mythical creature of incredible power). At the moment of transition, the state of all those who are near the girl flips up, then they fly down, and they have a significant percentage of their health. If the girl dodges arrows, the lane disappears.

Defense against ranged. Alice has the ability to block arrows, in fact, like many other heroes. A character can not only defend, but also repel shells, directing them to enemies. To do this, you must use the skill "jerk". If the action is done on time, the character will not lose health, and the arrow goes to the enemy. All heroes, except Lyra and Arme, have the ability to repel arrows.

Protection against magical techniques. Alice can defend herself against Arme’s Magical Circle. This is the only magic skill that can be blocked. Other heroes do not possess this skill, with the exception of the third specification of Ronana.

Characteristics of the hero:


Hero description

Elves from the island of Ariall are known as skilled warriors, but they do not like battle, trying to keep away from wars. In human conflicts do not enter. But despite this, the last battle of people swept the entire continent. Many unusual phenomena also occurred. Elves have ventured to leave a secluded island and join people. Cooperating, the two races found out that it was Kaze’Aze that caused great harm to the mainland population.

To restore tranquility in their native island and continent, the immortals decided to continue the mission and created the Elven Corps to confront the dark Case’Aze. Due to the skill of archery, Lyra often remains on the sidelines of the battle. The character of the girl is endowed with friendliness. By virtue of elven knowledge, she often comes to the aid of comrades.

Lyra keeps many secrets. Can hide from the enemy. As a more cautious warrior, she guards against the battles Alice and Arme.

Individual characteristics

Double jump - in battle an elf can hit with a double jump, this is done by double pressing the skill "Jump"

How to choose a specification

To obtain a new profession, you must fulfill several conditions:

  1. It is necessary to pump the hero to level 20.
  2. Purchase a special scroll.
  3. Examine the document.
  4. Make the necessary quests.

Character characteristics


Hero description

Arme is the good-natured character of Cerdin, the kingdom of Magic. The girl joined the Purple Mages Guild while still a child. She owns white and black magic, but her desire to know more tirelessly. Upon learning of the great magical power of the Queen of Darkness, Case’Aze, the magina ventured to take part in the Great Race, counting on a meeting with the dark mistress.

Individual characteristics

The character can enter into battle with a 1.5 mana scale.

Meditation - while the heroine is in a state of calm (standing still), her mana recovers faster, but this makes her weaker. Having received the third specialty, this skill at the character disappears.

Teleport - all the heroes in the game have the ability to "jerk", Arme is instead teleported to the desired point, remaining unscathed in the battle. Imperceptibly transferred through the battle, the magician can strike from the back.

Character Character


To obtain a second profession, you must:

At this level, you can reincarnate in the Alchemist and use the "Alchemical bag." To perform actions, you need to go to the "Shop" to find the section "Academy" and select the desired scroll. Then it needs to be studied.

After reading, in the "Missions" section there will be quests and instructions for their implementation. It is necessary to complete all 5 parts. After completing the fifth part, a message appears on the screen stating that the character has been promoted in class. Having a new profession, the hero gets a training weapon and a decorated armor set.

At level 30, a character can take the profession of a sorcerer and use a weapon lamp. To improve the specialty, it is necessary to do the same manipulations as at level 20. At level 40, the Battle Magician is taken with a new weapon - the War Staff.

5 part of the task - Heroic dungeon, you can pass it entirely as you wish. If not, then it is enough to enter it twice. To pass the dungeon will require a group of comrades. Prerequisite - 4 times to complete the dungeon.

Getting additional skills

Fourth mana scale:

Fourth skill

Each weapon has its own strike; before acquiring skills, you need to open 4 mana scales.


Hero description

Lass was completely freed from the yoke of Case’Aze after the Great Racing subdued the dark Case’Aze. The hero was under the control of dark forces and did evil unconsciously. For this, he still blames himself. His body was used as a receptacle of the Kaz’Aze consciousness to destroy innocent inhabitants of the continents. The members of the Big Race are sure that the guy himself did not make the hall and accepted him on his mission to achieve harmony in the world.

Past life of Lassa remains a mystery. He says little. From the descriptions of the tasks, it can be traced that the hero recalls his hometown Silver.

Lass is present on the Ellia Islands and in the dungeons of the Case’Aze Fortress. In both territories, he is under the influence of the dark mistress. In one of the quests there is his conversation while the character is in other underground labyrinths.

Individual characteristics

Double jump - in a battle a warrior can hit with a double jump, this is done by double pressing the skill "Jump".

Defense against ranged combat - the ability to block arrows is developed, many other heroes have the skill. A character can not only defend, but also repel shells, directing them to enemies. To do this, you must use the skill "jerk". If the action is performed on time, the character will not lose health, and the arrow will fly into the enemy.All heroes, except Lyra and Arme, have the ability to repel arrows.

Character Character

Hero Activation

To activate a character, you must unlock the fortress of Case’Aze. You need to purchase a quest in the "Shop", then the "Academy" tab is selected. The task is to reflect on one of the tabs, like Passing Lassa Mission.

Passing lass mission

Master Knight: "I’m very sure that you can beat Case’Aze. However, I heard something strange. They said that Case’Aze looks like a little boy. Damn it, what is his name ... Lassi? "Lass?"

You can buy the quest for 30000 BP. The purpose of the task is to go through the fortress of Case’Aze 5 times (difficulty level - Very Hard). During the passage can not use the additional possibilities of life and Christmas rings (0/5). Other characters in the group should not use Christmas rings, as well as be treated.

Quests lassa

Corrupt Master Mercenary: "Bring me a crystal, and I will bring reinforcements!" The price of the job is 9800 BP.The goal is to collect crystals (0/1).

Speculation about thefts

This part of the game is considered complete extortion, not reflecting reliable facts. Members of the Big Race admit that the guy is a simple person. Based on the concept of the game, we can assume that the age of the hero varies from 14 to 19 years.


Hero description

Hero story

Ronan is a descendant of the Erudan clan, the renowned Rune Knight family in Canavan. The guy is considered the leading soldier of the Royal Guard, who stand on the protection of the royal persons of the state. The mind of the young warrior was controlled by the dark Case’Aze, who invaded the territory of Canavan. When evil left the knight alone, he came to the Grand Chase for his salvation and destroyed the sphere of the Shadow. After a cycle of unexplained incidents, Ronan decided that it was an invasion of black Antomonov. He opened a portal to the New World. Observing what is happening, the warrior joins the Big Race to study the New World.

The character is considered one of the main ones, like Alice. The young man with all his strength protects his comrades, stands guard over his own kingdom. The hero is in second place in the Big Race after Siegharta. This is a great warrior who is not afraid to defend their principles. The character is located in the gorge of the Oath and in the fortress of Gaikoz; nevertheless, he has several conversations in other locations.

Individual characteristics

Defense against ranged combat - the ability to block arrows is developed, many other heroes have the skill. A character can not only defend, but also repel shells, directing them to enemies. To do this, you must use the skill "jerk". If the action is performed on time, the character will not lose health, and the arrow will fly into the enemy.All heroes, except Lyra and Arme, have the ability to repel arrows.

Character Character

Hero Activation

To activate a character, you need to unlock the fortress Gaykoz. In this case, the hero must have level 15 to register the GP quest.

Master Knight: "The new warrior is thinking about joining the Grand Chase. If you prove yourself in a new warrior, he will join chase with you." The price is 3000 BP. The goal is to bypass the fortress of Gaicosis 1 time.

Ronan Bonus Quest

Master Knight: "The new warrior is thinking about joining the Grand Chase. If you prove yourself as warriors, he will join the chase with you. This task is easier than the standard one." Price 6000 BP. The goal is to collect crystals (0/1).


Hero description

The hero was the coach of the gladiators of the kingdom of Canavan, it was a long time ago. His name is covered with glory, his epic battles entered the History.

Quote from the book: "Once, he alone repelled the attack of hundreds of goblins!" Legends are made about him that are passed to children even in the most remote corners of the state.

The hero did not accept the knowledge and orders that the reigning persons presented to him. Then the warrior left the guard. He set himself his goals and walked towards them. In his journey, he discovered the ancient ruins and disappeared. A year later, the inhabitants of the kingdom decided that he died and mourned the glorified warrior.

Several hundred years passed, and the rumor began to talk about the new warrior of the kingdom, who came to Bermesayah. News of him spread throughout the continents. The man said that he was the illustrious hero from Canavan - Sieghard.

Chasing the ancient artifacts of a dead civilization, the hero was smitten with a powerful demon and was in a state of lethargy. The mountain gods regretted the wanderer and resurrected him, gave him new knowledge, made him immortal.

Today, his mission is to become a member of the mighty persecution. Seeing the Sign of God, the inhabitants of the empire Bermesayah cheered up, they had more strength and determination to resist the darkness. For the first time a hero appears on the outer wall of the Serdin.

Individual characteristics

Stripe of Fury - like a Gene, a character has this skill (aka "Charged Stripe"). Its difference lies in the fact that the scale is filled independently and much faster in battle. To activate the skill, you must press the X key. On the screen, a dark cloud will envelop the character, thus increasing the attack and defense (by 25 percent). The mode works until the aura goes out. The hero has a high defense, but he can be knocked down and captured. Is skill available when? filled scale rage.

Defense against ranged combat - the ability to block arrows is developed, many other heroes have the skill. A character can not only defend, but also repel shells, directing them to enemies. To do this, you must use the skill "jerk". If the action is performed on time, the character will not lose health, and the arrow will fly into the enemy.All heroes, except Lyra and Arme, have the ability to repel arrows.

Character Character

Hero activation

To activate the character, you must take the quest in the Shop. The goal is to destroy the boss in 3 dange 1 islands on any difficulty level and collect 11 orb. Then, on the same island it is required to defeat the Parade in the Forgotten City. The level of passing is chosen by the player. Pick up 14 orb.


Hero description

Character story

The girl is the only surviving soul of the ancient kingdom of Kounat. The heroine lost her memory, so she cannot say who she was and where she was born. She is very curious, she is interested and fascinated by things that she has not met before. Able to control the rune casting and exhibits magical abilities, about which this part of the planet was unaware. She is interested in the monsters of the Temple of destruction, her curiosity led to the Great Race. Magina drew attention to the talents of the highlanders of Sieghart and set off to travel with them.

Marie has iris of a different color: the right one has a blue tint (like most game characters), and the left one is red-brown.

Individual characteristics

Summoning - the warrior has the magic of summoning mechanical devices (for example, towers) that attack the enemy. Helpers appear fairly quickly.

Mana Shield - a Magine can create shields that are fueled by mana. In battle, the enemy strikes against the created shield, until mana is spent. Protection duration - 10 seconds, after use, you can instantly repeat the spell.

Jet jump - the girl has a jet pack, with which Marie rushes up. To call the ability you need to click on the "Wrench" and the arrow up.

Defense against ranged combat - the ability to block arrows is developed, many other heroes have the skill. A character can not only defend, but also repel shells, directing them to enemies. To do this, you must use the skill "jerk". If the action is performed on time, the character will not lose health, and the arrow will fly into the enemy.All heroes, except Lyra and Arme, have the ability to repel arrows.

Character Character


Hero description

Character story

On the planet there is a small state, which is located on a picturesque island. It is called the Holy Kingdom, an island sheltered near Bermisayah. Residents worship God began. The monarch is the Pope for several centuries.Not so long ago, the adherents of evil broke the locked portals and dispersed throughout the mainland. Saint Konstanino Pope felt the attack of the evil demons of Elyos, decided to resist them, sending the Sacred Knights to the mainland.

The girl is a warrior of this order. Once on the mainland, she manages to close several portals. In fights, the girl loses her friends. Then she got lost in the desert, where she accidentally finds the Grand Chase, who save her.

How to get a character

To date, the hero can be purchased only for real money.


To date, the hero has one profession, which is given with the purchase.

Pet Guide

In Grand Chase, as in other MMO games, you can select and pump a pet. To do this, go to the "Inventory", open the Equip tab and click on the line Pet. Here you can see the characteristics of the animal:

Some animals can be created. To do this, you must have a "roll of a pet" and a large amount of the corresponding ore, which is mined on the islands.

How to feed a pet

In order for the animal to be satisfied and satisfied, it is necessary to monitor the level of its satiety (Replation Rete). The scale is displayed on the Pet tab. The maximum value is 6000, which can be increased by offering your pet various items:

  1. Cristal - special crystals, add 150 points to the level of satiety.
  2. Gem - gems will increase the percentage by 200 points.
  3. Pet Food - animal food will add 3000.
  4. High Quality Pet Food - high quality pet food increases satiety by 6000.

To feed a pet, you must click on the symbol (spoon with a fork). It is located on the icon of the object in the lower right corner.

Special supplements

The game provides the possibility of increasing the percentage of pumping a pet for a certain time. For example, Nutrients IV (Nutrients IV) increase the rate of experience gain by 1.5 times for one week.

Pet blows

Animals in the game are distinguished by their specific strike or other necessary option. It is possible to activate skills only when the animal is fully prepared, if it possesses skills. It is located under the image of the character.Here you can see what strikes remain. In the pet store there is an opportunity to acquire new skills. You need to go to the Shop Shop on the tab Shop Pet.

Pet level

Animals, like the hero, have development levels, the maximum is 40. The game has a peculiarity: if the pet is taken by a character whose level is lower than that of the pet, then the whole animal statistics are reduced to the owner level. Example: a level 10 hero chooses a level 15 pet. Therefore, all the parameters of the animal are reduced to the level of the hero.

Pets get experience not for the destruction of enemies, but simply for being in battle. In this they differ from the characters. The players found a loophole in the structure of the game for quickly pumping their pets - to leave the dungeon immediately after loading it.

Pet Evolution

Some types of animals may take a more improved form. To do this, you must resort to using one of the three instructions:

In each manual, a window is shown in which you can choose a pet, as well as have the opportunity to see who he is transforming after applying the instructions. In order to perform an operation, you must click the "Evolve" button, which is located in the lower right corner of the window. After the manipulation, the animal acquires a new form, but all its characteristics are reset.

The developers have provided the option to return the pet to its former appearance. To do this, click on the button Pet Devolution Manual.


The game has the ability to raise a pet from the egg stage. In this form, he can not do anything, just move through the locations for his hero. Once the egg reaches level 7, it can be turned into a full-fledged animal. To do this, you must use the magic book incubation of eggs "Egg Incubation Magic Book".

Name change

Pet Rename Card - rename card, makes it possible to change the pet’s nickname.

Tips for passing game locations

Game locations - a separate place on the map with monsters located on it. There are 55 such territories in the Grand Chase game, which include time zones.

Types of terrain

  1. Regular - in each location there is a fixed number of monsters. To go to the next platform, you must destroy all enemies. You can stumble on bosses and powerful monsters. In the map 47 standard terrain.
  2. Heroic - the task in these locations is to defeat bosses, who look just like enemies on ordinary platforms. Killing creatures makes it possible to move to the next territory. At the end of the rooms are the largest and strongest monsters (mega-bosses). The main difference between the creatures of these locations is the attack power and the amount of health increases depending on the level of the hero or company involved in the fight. Heroic bosses are located in the territories - Ellia, Silver Land, Arkimidia.
  3. Festive - temporary locations that appear on holidays. The total number of locations - 5. Located on Bermesayah, Ellia, Xenia and Silver Land. The goal is to destroy the bosses that are deployed on each site. To move to another room, you must defeat the monster.

Determining the level of difficulty

In addition to Bermesayah and certain sections of Silver Land, in the locations of the game, the opportunity to change the level of difficulty is provided. On Bermesayah you can pass the terrain only under normal difficulty.What difficulty is allowed to choose a player:

Description of territories

Bermesayah is a quiet area, on which are spread two kingdoms: Serdin and Kanavan. In the present, both tribes live in relative harmony. There was a time when they fought wars. The dark mistress Kaze’Aze incited the inhabitants. The region has 12 rooms.

Silver Land is a peaceful island, but now there are unbelievable crimes. The thirst for power is haunting someone. In the region of 8 rooms.

Ellia - consists of 9 locations, managed by dark Case’Aze. All over the place are admirers of the queen and loyal servants.

Ksenia - beautiful floating islands inhabited by deities and their servants. The predominant god of power is Thanatos. There are 8 islands in the region.

Alcubra - populated by ancient creatures. On the ground dominated by sandy soil. According to legend, the details of the crown of immortality are stored here. On the territory of 7 locations.

Arkimidia - chaos and devastation reign in the territory. Mythical characters elves and gnomes lead endless battles and wars. Portals of demons were seen that terrify the inhabitants of the island. Here are located 6 areas.

Gad Guild

Almost all new interesting games have their own individual guild system. The same can be said about GC.

Foundation of your own guild

The game has strict rules for the establishment of guilds:

Education process:

  1. Go to the park (Menu - Park).
  2. Click on the Guild Manager Bestair found there.
  3. Click the button (Create Guild).
  4. We enter the name of your guild from 3 to 13 characters + a link to a clan site of less than 100 characters (if any).
  5. Exit notification of the successful formation of the guild.

Clan statuses

Now there are only two types of guilds in GC: new (new) and constant (regular).

Version of the new guild

This status gets any newly formed clan and holds up to the number of less than five people in the guild.

If after thirty days the clan does not receive a permanent status, it will be deleted.

Permanent Guild Version

Automatic transition to a new level of status occurs when more than five people participate in the guild. Status allows you to create your own individual clan mark.

Guild membership

Log in to the clan in order:

  1. Go to the park.
  2. Click on the Guild Manager Bestair found there.
  3. On the panel that opens, we find our guild.
  4. We press right, located below button Apply and we enter some introductory words for recruits.
  5. It all depends on the way the clan is adopted ...

Leaving the clan

To exclude yourself from the guild, do the following:

  1. Enter the table of clan players (Guild - Guild Info - Members).
  2. Find your own nickname.
  3. Click on the right side of the computer mouse and click one available option (Guild Suspension). Then we agree or refuse to exclude from the guild. The choice is yours.

Guild level

As early as November 8, clans have the opportunity to please their players with new bonuses depending on the guild level. The clan level comes from the clan points received by all participants.Moreover, in order to receive a new bun, based on the guild level, it is important that your clan contribution be the required amount. Below is a table of required contributions.

lvl Buns Glasses Contribution
one + 5% experience 1000 200
2 Guild Shop: Recovery Potions 4,000 600
3 Stone enhancement (Stone reinforcement) + 5% 10,000 1200
four + 10% experience 23,000 2000
five Improving amulets (Necklace reinforcement) + 5% 42,000 3000
6 Guild Shop: Bafov Potions 68000 5000
7 Ability to carry 2 potions more 110000 7,000
eight Stone enhancement (Stone reinforcement) + 10% 160,000 9000
9 Improving amulets (Necklace reinforcement) + 10% 250,000 12,000
ten + 15% experience 410000 15,000

Clan Points (G Points)

Clan points are the total number of players’ contributions to the clan’s progress.

Contribution ("G Contribution" aka "Teamwork Points")

The number of clan points received by each individual member. Minus if this person leaves the clan; Return to the players does not update points.

Points Acquisition Options

At the moment there are the following opportunities for players to participate in the progress of the guild:

Ways to get guild points Contribution
Login to the game (once a day) five
Defeat in PvP one
Victory in PvP 3
Winning PvP on a Guild Wars server five
PvE Defeat one
Victory in PvE five
Attendance Check 50

Guild Wars

Coming out of the innovations (November 8), the GC has a new server, and therefore the possibility of creating battles among the guilds. The main features of the standard PvP: one team - these are members of one clan.

Military Points (B Points)

In each clan, there is an indicator of "Battle Points", which you can see in the infe on the guild near the blue shield with the letter "B". The initial parameter is 1000. During victories in hostilities, the winning team takes a specific amount of points from the losing clan, adding to its own. Thus, the total number of points in each team (guild) grows, the clan rating increases. Thanks to the development of the clan may even more members than previously.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.