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HEARTHSTONE (HARTSTONE) is an android card game with a release date of March 11, 2014 from the legendary Blizzard company. Game Genre: Card. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

It is better to download Hearthstone to a computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Top Top Decks
  2. Meta - deck
  3. Decks for beginners
  4. Budget decks
  5. Map Guide
  6. Deck Tracker
  7. Year of the Dragon
  8. Shadow Retribution
  9. Brawl. Hyde and Secrets
  10. Secrets of the Pass
  11. King of the Lich
  12. Lord Rebrad
  13. Saurfang Passage
  14. The passage of the Lady Mortal Whisper
  15. The passage of Sindragosa
  16. The project of the Day
  17. Passage of the Witch’s Forest

Hearthstone: Top Top Decks

After analyzing the experience of many experienced players, we have selected several types of decks for you: meta decks, decks for beginners and budget decks.

Hearthstone: meta - deck

Warrior on bombs

Main cast:

  1. "Motivation".
  2. "Clockwork goblin" + " Heikalibur" - they generate bombs in the deck, if a player takes a card, the bomb explodes.
  3. "Main Demoman Boom" - calls on 1 creature for each bomb in the opponent’s deck.

Cards against an aggressive opponent: "City Herald" (so as not to sink to the pace by 4 turns) + "Master of Armor" (adds +1 to armor for a wound) + "Motivation" (because of the additional card - henchman).

Cards against decks with control: it is recommended to immediately put any of the bomb generators or Boom (the sooner a player puts it, the sooner there will be an opportunity to find new party mechanisms and add pressure).

According to the game mechanics, this version of the deck is similar to the pace of the War. All that is required of the player is to play based on the amount of mana and make the correct exchanges.Replaced in the deck can be "Improvement" to "Captain Zemlenyams". If there is no "Gramash", you can take the "LeRoy Jenkins" or "Crazy Rocket Sheete".

Secret paladin

The main composition :

  1. "To not give up".
  2. "Desperate measures".
  3. "Spy Sun Thieves".
  4. "Commander Riesz".

Cards against any deck: "Card Keeper" (adds +1 attack / + 1 health when playing a secret) + "Spy" + "Desperate measures".

In its own gameplay deck has not changed for several seasons. A good start, the correct placement of secrets, a great game of pace. If there is no "Zelenyams" you can take the "Prince of Leam." If there is no "Liroy", then the "Crazy Rocket Woman" will do. Instead of "Experimental number 9" (if there is a "Zelenyams") recommended "Leam".

Big Mag on Khadgar

  1. "Frost Ray".
  2. "Magician the Reaver of the Sun".
  3. "The Power of Creation" in combination with the "Khadgar" allows you to call 2 times more creatures.
  4. "High Magician Vargot".
  5. Kalesgos.

Cards against an aggressive deck: "Frost Ray" + "Herald of Rock" + "Unexpected Effect" to bring down the pace of the opponent and give his pace even up to massive spells.

Cards against the deck with the control: "High Magician Vargot" + "Unexpected Effect" + "Herald of Rock".

The pace of the deck coincides with the pace of the classic "Control of the Magician." It is necessary to fight back with the help of frost, massive damage - control. In the later stages of the game, powerful moves are made: "Khadgar" + "Strength of Creation" + "Alexstrasza" + "Firebloom" + "Kalecgos". In the deck, you can change the "Star of the Moon" to "Servant of Pain." If there is no "Mage of Blood Talnos", then you can take the "Treasure Hunter".

Token Druid

The main composition :

  1. "Guardian Stallladris".
  2. "Crystal Song Portal".
  3. "Force of the forest" - calls creatures 1/1.
  4. "Blessing of the Ancients" - imposes positive effects on the table.

Cards against any deck: "Mehuru" + "Guardians of the Path of Dreams" + "Keeper Stalladris".

From the start, a high tempo of the game and good opportunities in the early game develop. A lot of onslaught in the late game thanks to the "Force of the Forest". It is recommended to play at a high pace and competent exchanges. You can replace "Leer Jenkins" with "Crazy Rocket Girl" or "Squire" from the deck.


Basic cards:

  1. "King of Thieves Vihleroh"
  2. "Wicked evil"
  3. "Whirling".
  4. "Cook Nomi".

Cards against any deck: "Agent Shru" + "Backstab" + "Abordage." It is possible to replace Agent Shru with Rogue of Evil (in case of aggression) and Abordage with Edwin van Cleef.

A simple game, often beating in the face, while developing a high rate of play from the start.

Hearthstone decks for beginners

Each of the presented decks costs about 600 dust. These decks can be the basis for the further development of archetypes. Over time, when a player accumulates enough cards, dust and gold, these decks are easy to improve.

Tempo Control Magician

Composition (the actions of the cards will be described in more detail below):

  1. "Manasmey" - 2 copies of the strongest card for the early game for the class of the Magician, which can be put anywhere (in any magic deck). Each time a spell is cast, this creature gets +1 to attack. She will show herself well everywhere.
  2. "Potion Master" - great against aggressive decks and will save the player.
  3. "Kabbal’s henchman" , which will allow to play 1 of the secrets for free (without mana), which will give a good leap in pace. An even greater breakthrough in pace will be when using the "Reflected Entity".
  4. "Acid slug" is currently used by many players in almost every deck, since it burns the enemy’s weapons.
  5. "Ice Arrow" (2 cards) and "Fireball" (2 cards) - are incredibly strong base cards of the Magician, which makes them an unambiguous addition.
  6. "Transformation" and "Waves of Fire" (2 cards each) - give control over the table, which Magu got as the base.
  7. "Scarlet Mansmeat" (gets +2 to attack when a player plays a spell) - allows you to win the game if the enemy underestimated the power of this card (2 cards).
  8. "Chemist Kabal" (2 cards) - will allow you to get any game potion that the player can create.
  9. Elemental Water (2 cards) - freezes any character that is damaged, the base card of the Mage.
  10. "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" (2 cards).
  11. "Wizard’s Intellect" (2 cards).
  12. "Ice barrier" - gives you time to stabilize the table, if the player is hard pressed by an aggressive deck.
  13. "Reflected Entity" (2 cards) - does not allow an experienced player to set a strong creature against the hero.
  14. "Faceless Summoner" (2 cards).

Control Priest

The priest as a class has a large number of remuvals (the term means removing minions from the battlefield in the game) available from the very beginning of the game. Therefore, the deck is built on these cards:

  1. "Word of Darkness: Pain" (2 cards) - removes a creature with an attack of 3 or less.
  2. "Word of Darkness: Death" (2 cards) - removes a creature with an attack of 5 or less.
  3. "Stolen Thoughts" (2 cards) and "Internal Vision" - will find any desired card.
  4. "Potion of Madness" (2 cards) - valuable against aggressive decks (gives control over the opponent’s creature).
  5. "Master mixes" (2 cards).
  6. "Cleric North" (2 cards).
  7. "Priest of the Claw of Kabbalah" (2 cards).
  8. "Light Protector" (2 cards).
  9. "Chemist Kabala" (2 cards).
  10. "Nutty Chemist" .
  11. "Ring of Light" (2 cards).
  12. "Naga - healer" (2 cards).
  13. "Song of the Kabbalah" (2 cards).
  14. "Word of Power: Shield" (2 cards).
  15. "Acidic Slug" (2 cards).

Jade the druid

This deck is not much different from the classic Jade Drood. Each time a Jade Golem is called for, it becomes + 1 / + 1 stronger than the previous one. It is necessary during the game to gain an advantage in mana as quickly as possible. This will help make a "wild growth" (2 cards), "Jade Flower" (2 cards) and "Illumination" (2 cards).Increasing the pace of cards:

  1. "New Engineer".
  2. "Dwarf - inventor" (2 cards).
  3. "Starfire".

To counter the aggressive decks, 2 Swipe Cards and 2 Wrath Cards have been added. It is worth betting on the strategy of the "Big Wall": if you can put 1 fatty provocation, then the enemy can not break the face (hit the hero), but can not resist the development of the table behind the wall, before the first AUE (mass) spell. For example, "Swamp Crawler" (2 cards).

The remaining cards:

  1. The Jade Idol (2 cards).
  2. "Acidic Ooze".
  3. The Jade Spirit (2 cards).
  4. "Shchitonosets Sen gin" (2 cards).
  5. "Naga - healer" (2 cards).
  6. Starfire (2 cards).
  7. "The Jade Monster" (2 cards).
  8. Watch Tree (2 cards).


This deck can take 10 rank. In the game you need to start from the table in order to win. The Hero of Stormwind, along with 4 totems (2 cards of the Totem of the Flame tongue and 2 cards of the Totem Golem), will give a good combination and speed up the pace of the game. The rest of the cards improve the basic structure:

  1. "Bloodlust".
  2. "Squire Avangard" (2 cards).
  3. "Evil Eye" (2 cards).
  4. Fire Elemental (2 cards).
  5. "Engineer - beginner" (2 cards).
  6. "Acidic Slug" (2 cards).
  7. "Jade claws" (2 cards).
  8. "The Hunter of the Needlescore" (2 cards).
  9. "Priest Sin’dorei."
  10. "Jade Lightning" (2 cards).
  11. The Jade Spirit (2 cards).
  12. "Chieftain of the Northern Wolf" (2 cards).
  13. The Jade Leader (2 cards).

Pirate Warrior

This deck can quickly accumulate gold. The idea of this deck is to break your face as quickly as possible to your opponent. It is necessary to beat all that is. You need a lot of creatures with a jerk (can attack immediately after entering the table). 4 cards are taken into the deck for a draw (another card is placed on the card), because there will often be an empty hand. The deck has a huge amount of damage from weapons and spells:

  1. "Beat the Hero" (2 cards).
  2. "Leader of the raid" (2 cards).
  3. "Naga Corsair".
  4. "Pirate - sectarian" (2 cards).
  5. "Little bukaner" (2 cards).
  6. "Sailor of the South Seas" (2 maps).
  7. "First Assistant N’Zote" (2 cards).
  8. "Warrior Bluegill" (2 cards).
  9. "Engineer - beginner" (2 cards).
  10. "Acidic Ooze".
  11. "Fire Ax" (2 cards).
  12. "The Rider on the Wolf" (2 cards).
  13. "Dwarf - inventor" (2 cards).
  14. Kor’kron Warrior (2 cards).
  15. The Arcanite Reaper (2 cards).
  16. "Crazy Rocket Woman" (2 cards).

Hearthstone: budget decks

Tokin Druid

Start hand:

  1. "Acorn".
  2. "Squier Avangard".
  3. "Race boar".

You should play around the mana curve, trying to use all the available mana crystals. It should occupy the table as quickly as possible, to beat the massive spells of the enemy. Do not use the power of wild nature, if the player has more than 3 creatures on the table.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Acorn.
  2. Manager Yam Sarona.
  3. The leader of the evil wolves.
  4. The power of the wild.
  5. Race boar.
  6. Scarab egg.
  7. Blessing of the Ancients.
  8. Witch’s cauldron.
  9. Wild roar.
  10. Microcontroller.
  11. The soul of the forest.
  12. Mehuru.
  13. Squire of the Vanguard.
  14. Tauren is a gardener.
  15. The power of the forest.

Tempo - robber

Start hand:

  1. "Witch Fox" or "Domushnitsa" (together it is not necessary to take).
  2. "Backstab".
  3. "Assembly stolen".

Cards against aggressive decks: "Backstab" + "Agent Schrue", because by 2 - 3 moves in combination, these cards can greatly change the pace for the better.

The most powerful paced game. Use all mana crystals every turn.

Instant replacements: "Edwin van Cleef" instead of "Charmer Breaker."

Composition of the deck:

  1. Backstab - 2 pcs.
  2. Theft - 2 pcs.
  3. Sailor of the South Seas - 2 pcs.
  4. Squire of the Vanguard - 2 pcs.
  5. Stunned.
  6. Evisceration - 2 pcs.
  7. Race boar - 2 pcs.
  8. Poor Buyer - 2 pcs.
  9. Agent Shru.
  10. Bandyuga - 2 pcs.
  11. Witch Fox - 2 pcs.
  12. Fan blades - 2 pcs.
  13. Vendetta - 2 pcs.
  14. Housewoman - 2 pcs.
  15. Charmer Destroyer - 2 pcs.

Priest on the dumbness

Start hand:

  1. "Cleric Northland".
  2. "Word of Power: Shield."
  3. "Ancient watchman".

Cards against an aggressive deck: "Grizzly from the witch-woods" in the starting hand.

It is necessary to put and fix 1 heavy creature, if it cannot attack, give it "dumbness". After that, put "health" "Divine Spirit" and "Word of Power: Shield." Then equate the resulting value to the attack. As a result, get enough damage to demolish your opponent in 1 hit.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Circle of healing.
  2. Dumbness.
  3. Inner fire.
  4. Cleric of North Earth.
  5. Power Word: Shield.
  6. Divine spirit.
  7. Dalaran librarian.
  8. Ancient watchman.
  9. Furious pyromancer.
  10. Faceless rage.
  11. Servant of pain.
  12. Arcane Guard.
  13. The unstoppable soul.
  14. Dark grunt.
  15. Grizzly Bears from the Witch Forest.

Budget hunter

Start hand:

  1. "Prygolap".
  2. "Paillette".
  3. "Pet" or "Hyena Scavenger".

It is recommended to confidently keep pace and stay with resources in hand. For example, "bestial force" and "aiming volley". The deck is played easily, the main thing is the tempo.

Composition of the deck :

  1. Blestyanka - 2 pcs.
  2. Tracking.
  3. Forest Wolf - 2 pcs.
  4. Prygolap - 2 pcs.
  5. Hyena - scavenger - 2 pcs.
  6. Race boar - 2 pcs.
  7. Hatchet thug - 2 pcs.
  8. Call of the host - 2 pcs.
  9. Team "Take!" - 2 pcs.
  10. Pet - 2 pcs.
  11. Pull the dogs - 2 pcs.
  12. Zhiznesos.
  13. Sighting salvo - 2 pcs.
  14. Terrible rabies - 2 pcs.
  15. Tundra lutornogue - 2 pcs.
  16. Highly savannah.
  17. Bestial force.

Murloc Shaman

Start hand:

  1. "Anglerfish from Cloaca".
  2. "Murloc - Wave".
  3. "Murloc - waves".

When the game is played against an aggressive opponent, just as many Murlocs are exposed. They need to often impose positive skills. On move 5, you should cover your opponent with "Bloodlust". You should beat the opponent’s massive spells and not lose the table. Losing the table in this deck is a loss.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Murloc - breakwater.
  2. Murloc is a raider.
  3. Oracle of Black Scale.
  4. Slippery hlyupen.
  5. Poisonous fin.
  6. Ethereal anglerfish.
  7. Warrior Bluegill.
  8. Spirit of Murloc.
  9. Murlov - breakwaters.
  10. Skakovo - wild boar.
  11. Anglerfish Cloaca.
  12. Vaish’irsk visionary.
  13. Murloc - commander.
  14. Cook - Murloc.
  15. Blood thirst.

Hearthstone: Map Guide

Hearthstone: maps in this article

In order not to repeat the same decoding of maps during the article, we decided to combine them into one table.These cards are most often found in many decks.

ManaCard Name / ClassAttack / LifeRarityDescription
oneCity Herald / Warrior1/2EpicBattle Cry: You take a creature with an "onslaught" from the deck.
2Armor Master / Warrior1/4RareEvery time your creature takes damage, you gain +1 armor.
oneWild boar / common1/1BasicJerk
2Battle Fury / WarriorOrdinaryYou take a card for each of your characters with incomplete health.
2Penalty / warriorBasicDestroys enemy creature with incomplete health.
2Power Strike / WarriorOrdinaryDeals 2 points of damage to the selected creature. If it survives, you draw a card.
3Elekk - Cyborg / Common3/4EpicWhen you mix a card into a deck, you mix an extra copy.
fourMilitia Commander / Warrior2/5RareOnslaught Battle Cry: Gets +3 to attack until end of turn.
fourKor’kron Warrior / Warrior4/3BasicJerk
fiveExplosivebot / Warrior3/4RareBattlecry: deals 5 damage, randomly distributed between creatures, except for mechanisms.
fiveDarius Crowley / Warrior4/4LegendaryOnslaught Gets + 2 / + 2 after attacking and killing another creature.
fiveZilliaks / common3/2LegendaryMagnetism. Divine Shield. Provocation. Kidnapping life. Onslaught
fiveCaptain Zelenams / General5/4LegendaryBattle Cry: Your weapon gains + 1 / + 1.
eightGrommash Hellscream / Warrior4/9LegendaryJerk. Frenzy: +6 to attack.
oneProtective Matrix / PaladinOrdinarySecret: when your being is attacked, it gets a "divine shield".
oneRedemption / paladinIs commonThe secret: when one of your creatures dies, it returns to the game with 1 health point.
oneDo not give up! / PaladinOrdinarySecret: when an opponent plays a spell, your creatures gain +2 health.
oneSacrifice / PaladinOrdinarySecret: when an opponent attacks, you call a 2/1 defender, who takes the hit.
oneKeeper of secrets / general1/2RareGets + 1 / + 1 when the secret is played.
3Masked fighter / overall2/4EpicBattle Cry: If you have an active secret, you play one more from the deck.
fourCreepy Corsair / Common3/3OrdinaryProvocation. Costs (1) less for each attack of your weapon.
fourSeal of Kings / PaladinBasicThe selected creature gets + 4 / + 4.
fourSilver Blade / Paladin4/2BasicWhen your hero attacks, he is restored to 2 points of health.
fourSentinel with a bell / paladin3/4RareBattle cry and death rattle: you post the secret from the deck.
fiveLeroy Jenkins / General6/2LegendaryJerk. Battle Cry: Calls on the side of the enemy 2 whelps 1/1.
fiveExperimental №9 / general4/4LegendaryBattle Cry: You take 5 different secrets from the deck.
2Rock herald / general0/7EpicAt the beginning of your turn destroys all creatures.
2Frostbolt / magicianBasicDeals 3 points of damage to the selected character and freezes him.
2Bloodmage Thalnos / General1/1Legendary+1 spell damage. Death rattle: you draw a card.
2Heavenly messenger2/1RareBattlecry: Your next spell on this turn takes damage from +2 spells.
7Mad Genius Boom / Warrior/ 7LegendaryBattle cry: until the end of the match, your mechanisms have an "onslaught".
oneUpgrade / warriorRareIf you have a weapon, it gets + 1 / + 1. Otherwise equip you with a weapon?
6Crazy Rocket Woman / General5/2BasicJerk
3Agent Schrue / Rogue3/3RareA series of techniques: deals 2 damage.
0Backstab / RogueBasicDeals 2 points of damage to a creature with full health.
3Boarding / RogueRareYou take 2 pirates from the deck. A series of tricks: you also take a weapon.
3Edwin Van Cleef / Rogue2/2LegendaryA series of tricks: gets + 2 / + 2 for each other card played this turn.
7Portal Firelands / magicianOrdinaryDeals 5 damage. Summons a random creature for (5).
2Manazmey / Mag1/3OrdinaryReceives +1 to attack when you cast a spell.
onePotion Master / General2/2OrdinaryDeathrattle: Restores 4 health to both heroes.
3Mirrored Entity / MageOrdinarySecret: when an opponent plays a creature, calls its copy to your side.
2Acid Slug / Common3/2BasicBattle Cry: Destroys enemy weapons.
fiveScarlet Mana Snake / Common2/6OrdinaryGets +2 attack when you cast a spell.
fourChemist "Kabala" / total3/3OrdinaryBattle Cry: You put a random potion in your hand.
fourElemental Water / Mage3/6BasicFreezes any character that deals damage.
2Sorcerer’s Apprentice / Mage3/2OrdinaryYour spells cost (1) less.
2Arcane Blast / MageBasicDeals 1 damage to all enemy creatures.
3Wizard / Mage IntelligenceBasicYou draw 2 cards.
3Ice Barrier / MageOrdinarySecret: when your hero is attacked, he gets +8 to armor.
6Faceless Summoner / Mage5/5OrdinaryBattle Cry: Summons a random creature for 3 mana.
3Stolen Thoughts / PriestOrdinaryYou copy 2 cards from your opponent’s deck and put them in your hand.
oneInner vision / priestBasicYou put in your hand a copy of a random card from the opponent’s deck.
2Shadow Word: Pain / PriestBasicDestroys a creature with attack 3 or less.
3Word of Darkness: Death / PriestBasicDestroys a creature with attack 5 or less.
oneMadness Potion / PriestOrdinaryYou gain control of the opponent’s creature with an attack of 2 or less until the end of the battle.
oneCleric Northwest / Priest1/3BasicWhen one of the creatures recovers health, you draw a card.
3Priest of the Talon from Kabbalah / priest3/4OrdinaryBattlecry: Increases the health of your chosen creature by 3.
fourNutty Chemist / General4/4OrdinaryBattle Cry: Swaps the attack and health of the selected creature.
fiveRing of Light / PriestBasicDeals 2 damage to all enemies. Restores 2 health points to all your characters.
fiveNaga - healer / general4/5BasicBattle Cry: Restores 2 health to all your characters.
fiveCabal Cabal / Priest5/5OrdinaryBattlecry: Imposes dumbness on a chosen creature.
3Wild growth / druidBasicYou get an empty mana crystal.
3Jade Flower / DruidOrdinarySummons a jade golem. You get an empty mana crystal.
0Illumination / DruidBasicYou get 1 extra mana crystal until end of turn.
2Engineer - Novice / General1/1BasicBattle Cry: You draw a card.
fourDwarf - Inventor / General2/4BasicBattle Cry: You draw a card.
6Starfire / DruidBasicDeals 5 damage. You draw a card.
fourSwipe / DruidBasicDeals 4 damage to the selected enemy and 1 damage to the other enemies.
2Anger / DruidOrdinarySelect effect: deals essentially 3 damage; or deals essentially 1 damage and you draw a card.
7Marsh Creeper / Common6/8RareProvocation.
3Flame Totem / Shaman0/3BasicCreatures on either side get +2 attack.
2Totem Golem / Shaman3/4OrdinaryReboot: (1).
fiveBlood thirst / shamanBasicYour creatures get +3 to attack until end of turn.
oneSquire Avangard / General1/1OrdinaryDivine Shield.
fourEvil Eye / ShamanBasicTurns a selected creature into a frog 0/1 with "Provocation."
6Fire Elemental / Shaman6/5BasicBattlecry: deals 3 damage.
2Hero Strike / WarriorBasicYour hero gets +4 to attack until end of turn.
3Raid Leader / General2/2BasicYour other creatures get +1 to attack.
fourNaga - Corsair / Common5/4OrdinaryBattlecry: Your weapon gets +1 to attack.
3Pirate - sectarian / warrior3/4RareBattlecry: If you have a pirate under control, your weapon gets + 1 / + 1.
oneSmall buzzkin / general1/1RareGets +2 attack while you have a weapon in hand.
oneSailor of the South Seas / total2/1OrdinaryGets a dash while you have a weapon in your hand.
3Witch Fox / Rogue3/3OrdinaryBattle Cry: You place a random card (enemy class) in your hand.
onePower Word: Shield / PriestBasicThe selected creature gains +2 health. You draw a card.
2Ancient sentinel / general4/5RareCan not attack.
fiveGrizzly Bears / Common3/12RareProvocation. Battlecry: Lose 1 health for each card in the opponent’s hand
oneJumper / Hunter1/1OrdinaryOnslaught Battle Cry: You put a 1/1 trot into your hand with an onslaught.
3Pet / HunterBasicSummons a random beast.
2Hyena - scavenger / hunter2/2OrdinaryReceives + 2 / + 1 when your beast dies.
2Anglerfish from cloaca / shaman2/3RareAfter you play a Murloc, you place a random Murloc in your hand.
oneMurloc - Wave / Common1/2RareGets +1 to attack when you summon a Murloc.
2Murloc - Breakwaters / General2/1BasicBattle Cry: Summons a Murloc Scout 1/1.
oneJade Idol / DruidRareChoose effect: summons jade golem; or kneads 3 copies of this card into a deck.
6Jade Monster / Druid3/6OrdinaryProvocation. Battle Cry: Summons Jade Golem.
oneLotus Sign / DruidOrdinaryYour creatures get + 1 / + 1.
oneCharm: Little Jasper / DruidRareDeals 2 points of damage to the selected creature (Get 3 points of armor for improvement).
fourAntiquity Golem / Druid3/6OrdinaryProvocation. Cannot attack if you have less than 3 armor.
6Gift of Nature / DruidRareChoose an effect: you get 2 mana crystals; or you draw 3 cards.
7Bone Mare / Common5/5OrdinaryBattlecry: Your chosen creature gets + 4 / + 4 and Provocation.

Hearthstone: making maps

Spraying. Before creating a new card, experienced players recommend getting rid of unnecessary or extra cards.There can be only 2 cards in the deck, so if a player has more than 2 cards, the game considers them superfluous.You can also spray cards of different ranks, but of the same value. For example, "Amani berserk" can be a regular card, and maybe a gold one. The only difference between them is that the gold card has animation. Consequently, one of the berserkers can be sprayed.

Having accumulated a few extra cards, you can make a massive dispersal in the menu "Create maps" in the "Album". If a player wants to spray only 1 map, then you can click on it in the "Album" itself and select the "Spray" item. When spraying shows how much the player will receive dust for the card (or several cards). The higher the rarity, the more expensive the card. Base maps cannot be sprayed.

Create maps. Maps are created in the "Album". You should click on the button "Create maps". After that, the phantoms of the maps that can be created will appear in the "Album". You can also filter actions:

  1. Only gold cards - there will be phantoms of gold cards to create.
  2. Include maps that can not be sprayed.

By clicking on the selected phantom, you can see the value of the card to create it. If the player has enough fantastic dust for the card, then you should confirm your "Create" actions. After that, the player in the Album will have a new card.

How to buy cards? Purchase of cards can be made directly in the game in the store. You can also purchase sets of maps on the official website https://playhearthstone.com/ru-ru/. Some players create new cards in the "Card Generator" and give them to their friends. In the generator you can create your own unique card. On the Internet there are many offers to sell cards from third-party vendors, but the administration of the game does not approve such purchases.

Hearthstone: map generator

The Blizzard company suggests the players to create cards independently. For this, a special generator was designed that can be found at http://hearthcards.net/ .

First proposed to choose the type of card:

  1. A spell - a card produces some effect on an opponent or a player’s hero (damage, positive and negative skills).
  2. Weapon - gives the hero a weapon that allows you to beat the enemy.
  3. Force - replaces the power of the class of the hero on the strength of another class.
  4. Portrait - calls a creature that will remain on the table until it dies.
  5. Hero - calls on one of the characters, whose image is taken from the universe of World of Warcraft.

When creating a map, you can select the class to which the map will belong:

  1. Mag.
  2. Druid.
  3. Hunter.
  4. Rogue.
  5. Shaman.
  6. Warlock.
  7. Warrior.
  8. Paladin.
  9. Priest.
  10. Neutral - suitable for all classes.

Then you must put the main characteristics of the card:

  1. Cost in man.
  2. The amount of attack.
  3. The amount of health.

At the moment there are several races that include creatures in the game:

  1. Demon.
  2. The Dragon.
  3. The beast.
  4. Mechanism.
  5. Murloc.
  6. Pirate.
  7. Totem.
  8. Elemental.

A representative of each race can interact with each other. For example, one Murloc may call another or impose a positive effect on his fellows.

It is proposed to choose the rarity of the card (this will not affect the parameters of the card, but will affect the cost when spraying):

  1. Basic.
  2. Ordinary.
  3. Rare.
  4. Epic.
  5. Legendary.

When creating you need to come up with a description, the name of the card, select the effect. Next, you need to choose a picture and background for the image.

After all the fields are filled, you must click the "Next" button. The map is processed and recorded in the gallery.To activate it in the game you will need to insert a unique code into the "Album", after which the map will be displayed in the game. The created card can be shared with friends or other players.

Hearthstone: Deck Tracker

What is the program for the deck tracker? This is an application with which you can monitor your deck and the opponent’s deck during the game. Allows you to see the cards that have already been played, and which cards are still in the deck. You can also follow the opponent’s deck. During the game the program will give hints.For example, what cards are in the opponent’s hand, what secrets can he use, and much more.

At the moment, users can download a convenient installer, which itself copies and installs everything in the right folder. Putting the tracker in the directory with the game is not necessary.

Blizzard position. On the Internet a lot of controversy on the use of the program. Many say that the accounts of the players who used the utility were frozen. But this data is not confirmed. The developers themselves do not approve the use of third-party programs, but do not prohibit it. The only place where the deck tracker is absolutely impossible to use is tournaments.

Using Deck Tracker

After installation, when you first start, a window appears with registration. If a player wants to see the statistics of his games, it is recommended to register. After that, the utility will save game data, transfer data between devices.

The main window of the program can be divided into 4 blocks:

  1. Menu with buttons - to switch game modes, to select the tools of the program.
  2. Block with decks - for newbies this block will be empty, but over time it will fill up with decks.
  3. Block with cards - to the right of the block with decks the composition of the selected deck will be displayed.
  4. The block with the "mana curve" - here you can see how the amount of mana increases or decreases. You can switch to reflection of attack or health cards.
The program can be configured in Russian. To do this, go to the Settings (Options) and select the Appearance menu, where the Language selection line will be on top.

Main menu buttons

The "Import" button - you can add to the program any deck of the game or download from the Internet. Add a deck of the game as follows:

  1. You should create a deck in "My Collections" and the game album.
  2. Go to the game mode and select the created deck.
  3. Go to the deck tracker and click "Import".
  4. A context menu will open where you should select the item "from collected".
  5. The program will open a new window where the selected deck is displayed.

The "Export" button - with its help, you can share a deck on any site on the network, give a deck to a friend, move to another device.

The "Replays" button - allows the user to watch games with the selected deck, analyze the games, see errors.

Deck button " - created to edit the deck in the tracker deck, transfer cards.

New button - to create new decks.

During the game, when using the deck tracker, on the right, the player’s deck is displayed on the left - the opponent’s deck. The cards that players used will be dimmed. Under the list of cards shows how many cards in the hand of the players, how many are left in the deck.

Hearthstone: Year of the Dragon

By tradition, game developers annually release new large-scale updates, add-ons, rotate cards to maintain balance. Particularly strong cards are sent to the Hall of Fame. New Year - Year of the Dragon began in April 2019. It was marked by the release of the new addition "Retribution of the Shadows". With him there will be many new cards, new spells.

Maps that filled up the Hall of Fame:

  1. Proximity to nature.
  2. Guardian of horror.
  3. Divine mercy.
  4. Baku Moon Eater.
  5. Genn Greymane.
  6. Gloomy deer.
  7. Black cat.
  8. Sparkling moth.
  9. Sparkling eel.

Players received compensation for removing these cards in the form of dust.


In order to make it more interesting for players to fight each other, the developers change the list of maps for the Arena battle every year. In the year of the Dragon, you can beat opponents with cards from the following sets:

  1. Base.
  2. Classical.
  3. The curse of Naxxramas.
  4. Awakening of the ancient gods.
  5. Zlachny town Gadgetzan.
  6. Witch Wood.
  7. Retribution shadows.
For the time of the event, the Arena sets are subject to change.

Rise of the Mechanisms

The new game event, during which players will receive a new legendary card - the KLNK-KL4K mechanism: it costs 3 mana, has 2/3 parameters, has magnetism and causes death wheezing 1/1 microbots to the table. If players are not able to take part in the event, the map can be made for 1600 dust.

With the beginning of the uprising, some cards will receive a new value:

  1. Chlyuponasaurus.
  2. Crusher.
  3. Necromechanic.
  4. Boom-zuka Spark.
  5. Unexpected effect.
  6. Microgalaxy of the Moon.
  7. Crystalology.
  8. Kamnetsvetchik.
  9. A pair of hands.
  10. Cloner.
  11. Jump-skoker.
  12. Lilac pairs.
  13. Bureamplifier.
  14. Gromogolov.
  15. Explosive spirit.
  16. Dr. Morrigan.
  17. Security Rover.
  18. Beryllium resetter.

In short, the developers promise a lot of interesting, fun and exciting in the new year of the Dragon.

Hearthstone: Shadow Retribution

Shadow Retribution is a new addition to the Year of the Dragon, released April 9, 2019. Now all the twilight heroes of Hearthstone have united in the League of Evil. The leader of this terrible company became Rafam.

New in maps:

  1. Henchmen - henchmen of villains, have options 1/1, but at the same time have powerful blows. They can be drawn on the table with spells.
  2. Frames - a new kind of spells, whose properties are enhanced with each turn, during the game are in hand.
  3. A doublet is a property of cards that allows you to cast a spell or hit an opponent twice in a turn.

In addition, the old characters returned, which for some time did not appear in the game. 135 cards were added to the game, and players received the legendary High Warlock card as a gift. Players were pleased with the changes in some of the cards, which have colorful illustrations.

Abduction of Dalaran. Supplement promises to be rich in new adventures. One of the first stories was the Abduction of Dalaran. As the developers promise, this is the biggest embezzlement in the company’s history.Players will be offered several game modes. True, to start an adventure, you need to pay real money for it. Each subsequent story will cost gold, but it can be opened for money.

The player in the adventure will perform the mission of an ordinary minion of villains who decided to steal a magical city! The player’s task is to divert the attention of the guards.

Bank of Dalaran. Absolutely all players can go through this story for free. It is necessary to help Vihlepykh to get into the richest repository of the universe. At the start of each game, a lot of coins will be scattered on the table, of which the opponents will receive 2 pieces. They can be used to gain an advantage over your opponent.But it should be remembered that gold is not always favorable, especially if it is from the League of Evil.

After passing each boss, players will receive additional properties and starting decks. They can play if you pass the adventure again. The story can go Rakanisha, insidious little light with interesting effects. And if the player does not have adventurism, then you can play as your usual hero.

Violet fortress. Khagata was going to free the captives so that they would tear the guards of the magical city to pieces. But criminals do not always play to the tune of the leader! Before the game, several criminals will appear on the table. Creatures will appear randomly. Prisoners will try to break free, approaching their goal with each turn. The story can be traversed by Wessina, a student of Hagata. You can also go through the adventure with the Dog Eye. Heroes must pass several tests to gain new strength and defeat bosses.

Streets of Dalaran. In terms of the League of Evil, there is a point where it is necessary to terrify the inhabitants of the city, to arrange confusion on the streets of Dalaran. Therefore, opponents on the table will be only 4 cells for the implementation of combinations. It should properly distribute the forces and competently fight with the enemy. You will have to play for the heroes: Kriziki and captain Yudori.

Cloaca. Chapter 4 of the adventure will take place in a fetid sewage - in the cesspool, where there are many different vile creatures. It is necessary to be careful - in the dungeon is not as above, so the health indicator and attacks will change places. The player will fight in Clown Panderen - warrior master Chu and druid Mzhvyaklya.

Shadow Retribution Cards


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
3Blessing of the AncientsOrdinaryDoublet: your creatures get + 1 / + 1.
oneAcorn2/1OrdinaryDeath wheeze: you put 2 1/1 squirrels in your hand.
eightLight wood4/8LegendaryProvocation. Death wheeze: hibernates. To wake this creature, restore 5 health.
3Healer2/5RareWhen you regain health, you place a random druid spell in your hand.
2Strazhnitsy Ways of DreamsRareSummons two 1/2 Dryads with Drain Life.
2Crystal Song PortalEpicYou dig a druid creature, if you have no creatures in your hand, you draw 3 cards.
oneCrystal strengthOrdinarySelect effect: deals 2 damage to the selected enemy or restores 5 health.
fiveCrystal deer4/4EpicOnslaught Battle Cry: If you regained 5 health points in this match, summon a copy of this creature.
2Keeper Stallladris2/3LegendaryAfter you cast a spell with a choice of effect, you put copies of both options in your hand.
eightForce ForestRareDoublet: calls 5 ancient 2/2.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
fiveHunting squadRareCopies all creatures in your hand.
fourArcane Woman The Mistress3/3EpicWhen you cast a creature for (1), you take a spell from the deck.
3Ursatron3/3OrdinaryDeathrattle: You take a mechanism from the deck.
oneQuick shootingOrdinaryDoublet. Deals 1 damage.
oneBlestyanka1/1RareDeathrattle: You put a hunter spell in your hand.
3Nine livesEpicYou are digging up your being with the "death wheeze" that died in this match, and make its death wheeze work.
fourSighting salvoOrdinaryDeals 4 points of damage to the selected creature. You dig a spell.
7Verys Windrunner5/6LegendaryBattlecry: Equips Tori’dal, Starfury.
6Bestial forceRareDoublet. Summons a wyvern 5/5 with an onslaught.
6Annihilatron3/4LegendaryDeathrattle: Calls a random mechanism from your hand and makes its "Deathrattle" work.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
fourTriclinier3/3Rare+3 spell damage. Your spells are at (1) more expensive.
2Frog - postrelushka1 \ 3OrdinaryAfter casting a spell, deals 1 point of damage to a random opponent’s creature.
3Will summonerRareDoublet. Destroys the selected creature and replaces it with 2 random for the same mana.
oneFocusRareYou dig for (3) or less.
2Manasmerch2 \ 2EpicBattle Cry: You place a random mage spell in your hand for each spell you cast this turn.
oneFrosty rayOrdinaryDoublet. Freezes the selected creature. If it is already frozen, deal 2 damage to it.
3Mail raven3/2OrdinaryBattlecry: you dig the creature mage.
eightPower of CreationEpicYou unearth the creature for (6) and invoke two copies of it.
2Khadgar2/2LegendaryYour cards calling creatures call twice as much.
tenKalegos4/12LegendaryYour first spell stands at each turn (0). Battle Cry: You dig a spell.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
2Mysterious BladeRareBattle Cry: If you have an active secret, get +1 to attack.
3Adventure NameRareYou take the lowest-value creature from the deck. It gets + 2 / + 2.
oneDesperate measuresRareDoublet. You play the random secret of a paladin.
tenNozari4/12LegendaryBattle cry: fully restores health to each hero.
fiveDuelEpicSummons essentially from the deck of each player. These creatures are fighting.
3Commander Riesz4/3LegendaryYour secrets work twice.
3Bronze messenger3/2OrdinaryDeathrattle: You put 2 4/4 dragons in your hand.
fiveDragon broadcaster3/5EpicBattlecry: all dragons get + 3 / + 3 in your hand.
oneTo not give upOrdinarySecret: when an opponent plays a spell, your creatures gain +2 health.
2Gift of the IlluminatedOrdinaryDoublet. Your chosen creature gets a life abduction.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
fourLoving soulOrdinaryImposes a dumbness on your being and invokes a copy of it.
fiveConvincing scout2/6RareProvocation. Deathrattle: Destroys a random creature of the enemy.
fourDark Khryukan4/7OrdinaryDeathrattle: Restores 5 health to an enemy hero.
eightKatrina Muerte6/8LegendaryAt the end of your turn, summons your creature that perished in this match.
2Dark silhouette2/2EpicBattle Cry: Turns into a copy of your chosen creature with a "death wheeze."
9Mass ResurrectionRareSummons 3 of your creatures killed in this match.
2Evil Recruiter2/2OrdinaryDeath rattle: you put a henchman in your hand.
3Madame Lazul3/2LegendaryBattle Cry: You dig up a copy of the map from the hand of your opponent.
0Swindles LazalEpicThe opponent’s creature gets -1 to attack until your next turn (improves every turn).
0Forbidden wordsRareSpends all your mana. Destroys a creature with an attack equal to mana or less.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
oneCheeky escapeOrdinarySummons all your creatures in hand.
fourWhirlwind4/2EpicDeathrattle: Calls your random creature into your hand. It costs (2) less.
2Assembly of the stolen2/3RareBattlecry: gets + 1 / + 1 and "onslaught" if you have a card of another class in your hand.
7So nozous6/6LegendaryWhen you mix a card into a deck, you put a copy of it in your hand.
fourVendettaRareDeals 4 points of damage to the selected creature. If you have a card of another class in your hand. Worth (0).
6Unidentified ContractEpicDestroys the selected creature. Being in the hand, gets an extra effect.
fourHousewoman4/3OrdinaryBattlecry: You dig a spell of another class.
6King of Thieves5/5LegendaryBattle Cry: If you have a henchman under control, you choose a fantastic treasure.
oneSwindlesRareSelect a creature. You mix 1 copy of it in the deck (it improves every turn).
3Evil Scoundrel1/5OrdinaryA series of tricks: you put two random henchmen in your hand.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
2Witch brewEpicRestores 4 health. You can play multiple times this turn.
0MutationOrdinaryTurns your chosen creature into a random one, which costs (1) more.
2Spirit of murlocOrdinaryYour creatures receive Death Death: Summons 1/1 Murloc.
2Anglerfish from Cloaca2/3RareAfter you play a Murloc, you place a random Murloc in your hand.
fourShramurlok4/4LegendaryYour Murlocs are worth (1).
fiveGryazneformer4/4EpicBattle Cry: Turns into a copy of 4/4 of another creature from the deck.
eightLive source4/8OrdinaryKidnapping life. Onslaught Wind Fury.
oneSlimy hlyupen2/1RareBattle Cry: You put a henchman in your hand.Overload (1).
7Queen of the Khagata marshes5/5LegendaryBattlecry: You put a 5/5 horror in your hand and teach him two spells of the shaman.
fiveCunning HagatyRareDeals 1 damage to creatures (improves every turn).


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
6Darkest hourEpicDestroys all your creatures. For each destruction a creature calls a random creature from your deck.
tenBesische8/8EpicIt is worth (1) less for each of your demons who died while this creature is in your hand.
3LawlessnessRareYour demons get +1 to attack. Deals 1 damage to all enemy creatures.
6Brood mother4/6OrdinaryProvocation. When you take this card, it restores 4 health to your hero.
2Unexpected turnRareYou mix all the cards from your hand into the deck and draw as many cards.
fourZealous servant2/2RareDeathrattle: Your two random creatures get + 2 / + 2.
2Fel Lord Betrug5/7LegendaryWhen you take a creature, calls for a copy with an "onslaught" that dies at the end of the turn.
2Genius of Evil2/2OrdinaryBattle Cry: Destroy your chosen creature. You put in your hand 2 random henchmen.
3The machinations of rafaamOrdinarySummons a 1/1 imp (improves every turn).
7Supervillain Rafam7/8LegendaryProvocation. Battle Cry: Replaces cards in hand and deck with legendary creatures.


ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
2Evil Metalolike2/2OrdinaryWhen this creature deals damage, you gain armor in the amount of damage dealt.
2Sweeping blowsRareThe creature chosen receives: "It also deals damage to creatures on either side of the creature that attacks."
tenExplosive7/9LegendaryBattle Cry: Summons a copy of a creature from the deck. It gets "onslaught".
tenSpace fuseRareSummons 2 copies of a creature from your deck.
fourHaikalibur3/2EpicAfter your hero attacks, he kneads the bomb in the opponent’s deck.
7Main Demoman Boom7/7LegendaryBattle Cry: Summons two 1/1 explosive bots for each bomb in the enemy’s deck.
fourThe machinations of Dr. BoomOrdinaryYou get +1 to armor (improves every turn).
3Clockwork goblin3/3RareBattle Cry: Knead a bomb in the deck of the enemy. When he takes it, the bomb explodes, dealing 5 damage.
fourOmega - the destroyer4/5EpicBattlecry: If you have 10 mana crystals, deal 10 damage to the selected creature.
oneMotivationOrdinaryDeals 1 damage to the selected creature. If it survives, you put a henchman in your hand.

Are common

ManaCard nameAttack / LifeRarityDescription
eightViolent hurricane6/6EpicYour creatures with the "frenzy of the wind" receive the "meganeist wind."
6Violet Guardian4/7OrdinaryProvocation. +1 spell damage.
fourBlade spellgiver1/6OrdinaryBattlecry: Gets +1 to attack for each spell in hand.
7Cloaca Slug3/5RareAfter this creature takes non-lethal damage, it calls its copy.
7Tunnel miner3/7RareProvocation. Deathrattle: Deals 3 damage to all creatures.
2Sorcerer Binder3/2OrdinaryBattle Cry: If you have spell damage, you draw a card.
fiveRecidivist3/6RareDeathrattle: If this creature’s attack is 4 or more, you summon it again.
6Portal Archdemon5/6EpicBattle Cry: You mix in the deck 3 portals. When taking each of them, you invoke a 2/2 demon with an "onslaught".
fourPortal Guardian5/2RareBattle Cry: You mix in the deck 3 portals. When taking each of them, you invoke a 2/2 demon with an "onslaught".
eightBrave Intern4/4OrdinaryProvocation. Battlecry: Get + 2 / + 2 for every other creature in your game.
3Flight Master3/4OrdinaryBattle Cry: Calls a 2/2 griffin on the side of each player.
3Faceless rage5/1OrdinaryBattle Cry: Copies the health of your chosen creature.
6Experimental Scribe6/4OrdinaryDeathrattle: Summons 3 Vengeful 1/1 Scrolls.
fiveDalaran Knight5/4OrdinaryDivine Shield.
9Strong lopaten9/9OrdinaryOnslaught
fiveAzeritental2/7EpicAt the start of your turn, takes damage from +2 spells.
2Magic servant2/3Ordinary
onePoisonous fin1/2OrdinaryBattlecry: Your chosen murloc gets poison.
6Watchdog safe4/5OrdinaryProvocation. Death rattle: calls the bank safe 0/5 with "provocation".
2Spy Sun Thieves2/3OrdinaryBattle Cry: Get + 1 / + 1 if you have an active secret.
fiveMage of the Sun Reavers4/4RareBattlecry: deals 4 damage if you have a spell in your hand for (5) or more.
6Mad Summoner4/4RareBattle Cry: Fill the battlefield with demons 1/1.
3Carpet plane1/6EpicAfter you play a creature for (1), it gains +1 to attack and "onslaught".
2Mana reservoir0/6Ordinary+1 spell damage.
fourProud protector2/6OrdinaryProvocation. Gets +2 attack while you have no other creatures under control.
fourProtector of values5/6RareWhen this creature attacks, the opponent puts a coin in his hand.
3Arcane Guard5/6RareCannot attack until you have spell damage.
2Dalaran Librarian2/3OrdinaryBattle Cry: Imposes dumbness on creatures on either side of themselves.
onePotions dealer1/1OrdinaryBattle Cry: Restores 2 health to all your characters.
fiveBarista oinchen4/5LegendaryBattle Cry: You put in your hand a copy of each of your other creatures with a "battle cry."
7Mounts traders5/8RareWhen you play a spell, summons a random beast for (3).
fourHarpy - Witch3/3EpicBattle Cry: Calls on two 1/1 fusions that are creatures of all types.
eightArchivist Eliziana7/7LegendaryBattle Cry: You dig 5 cards and replace your deck with two copies of each of these cards.
fourHigh Warlock Vargot2/6LegendaryAt the end of your turn, you play the spell you cast this turn (the targets are chosen randomly).
tenEvil Gray Mage6/6EpicAt the end of your turn, you summon a random creature for (6).
eightRammer3/12EpicOnslaught After this creature attacks and kills another creature, it can attack again.
6The inconspicuous saboteur5/6EpicBattle Cry: The enemy plays a random spell from his hand (targets are chosen randomly).
fourShelmobot3/8RareProvocation. Battle Cry: The enemy calls a creature from its deck.
eightJepetto tarator6/6LegendaryBattle Cry: You take 2 creatures from your deck. Their attack, health and cost are equal to 1.
2Race boar2/1OrdinaryOnslaught Deathrattle: Summons 1/1 Murloc.
fourStray healer3/2OrdinaryDivine Shield. Battle Cry: Restores 3 health.
2Evil Cable Guy1/1OrdinaryBattle Cry: You put a henchman in your hand.
3Jeweler - guardian3/4RareBattle Cry: Your hero will be the target of spells or hero power until your next turn.
7Nomi’s cook6/6LegendaryBattle Cry: If you have no cards in the deck, it calls on 6 zhiromental 6/6.

Hearthstone: Brawl. Hyde and Secrets

Brawl is a game mode that is available to players from level 20. The mode is similar to the Arena, here the players fight among themselves. But the most interesting is the Fight Rules, which change weekly. It is always difficult to predict the rules for the current week. Sometimes a player will have a new deck with which he must join the game with an opponent. Sometimes the player is asked to assemble a deck from scratch from cards specially prepared for this Brawl.

How to start playing with a friend? To do this, go to the mode "Fight", go to the list of friends. Choosing a friend, you need to send him a "Call" (the button is opposite the friend’s nickname). When the call is accepted, you need to again offer "Call a friend for a fight." After these actions, the table will open for the game.

"Dark Stranger". Fight mode was introduced into the game several years ago, so some stories can be repeated.This is very good, because some adventures are loved by players. One of such stories is the "Dark wanderer" fight, where a random deck is given. The situation at the match is always tense.

The outcome of the match in the mode is not at all predictable. If you get into such a story, you need to follow the table, strike the opponent in a timely manner.

"Together against Mechanozoda" - the adventure periodically comes across in the Fight mode. Here, players do not compete with each other, but unite in a union for the battle against a fairly strong opponent, which is not so easy to win.

It is worthwhile in such Fights to try to remember which cards are gone from the deck, to follow the moves of an ally, to try to find mutual understanding with a partner. Since the boss is rather complicated, it is recommended to beat him more often in the face.

"Recruitment". One of the most exciting, in the opinion of many players, is the Fight mode. Feature "Recruitment" - the player himself chooses a boss against which he will fight. Opponent can be any character in the Blizzard universe.

Choose a boss for the party should be carefully. Characters have specific features. Selecting the ability of the enemy, it is necessary, starting from what the player owns better, with whom his deck will be combined (there are stories where you can take your deck).

Heroic brawl - to participate in the story you need to pay a certain amount in gold or 599 rubles with real money. This is where players with very good decks compete. Costs more than pay off at 7 - 10 battle (provided that the player really plays great).

If you are still not well-versed in maps, you cannot correctly build the mechanics of the party, then it is better not to spend money on such a fuss. It should be some time to play with ordinary players and gain the necessary experience.

The royal battle - the essence of the regime is that any player can play cards from the latest paid adventures. This brawl gives a chance to play for very powerful heroes, you can change them, try something new. This story offers in every new match - a new boss.

The most pleasant modes, of course, remain those where you can take your deck. But also to collect a new deck of absolutely unique cards (sometimes the event is combined with some event in Blizzard). New maps bring unexpected spells, contain samples of the legendary characters of the universe. In some adventures you don’t even need to collect a deck, just a player enters the Fight and starts the match.

Hearthstone: Secrets of the Pass

In this section, we will cover aspects of passing various bosses and tests in Hearthstone. You will learn not just how to pass this or that boss, but how to do it with various decks, including budget decks.

Hearthstone: King of the Lich

The Lich King is the last boss in the Ice Throne adventure - The Icecrown Citadel. For the final passage of the adventure, you must defeat the Lich King with all 9 classes of heroes 1 time each. The reward will be the "Prince Arthas" card.

Battle tactics (fits all classes):

  1. Should increase the pace.
  2. Follow the cards of the opponent.
  3. Prepare heavy cards (creatures and spells) for a later party period. If there are many creatures in the deck, you can throw a table with them.
  4. On move 7, the boss gets a creature of 2/6 (this action he performs in each battle), so you need to prepare for this move and save the corresponding trump card (here you should get heavy creatures or spells). Up to move 7 you can accelerate well, and the Lich can no longer withstand the onslaught.
Before passing the boss, you need to take a few cards in the deck that can cause small creatures (1/1), this is necessary to increase the pace in the first moves of the game. If the first time failed to pass the boss - no big deal, attempts are not counted.

Passage of the Lich King by some classes

We recommend passing the adventure with the decks described above. But some decks need to be strengthened.

Jade - Druid deck (2 cards each):

  1. Jade idol.
  2. Jade flower.
  3. Jade monster.
  4. Insight.
  5. Lotus sign.
  6. Charm: small jasper.
  7. Violent growth.
  8. Swipe.
  9. Golem of antiquity.
  10. The gift of nature.
  11. Creeping plague.
  12. Magic teacher.
  13. Goblin - auctioneer.
  14. Bone mare.
  15. The call of the thicket.

Reinforced Priest deck :

  1. Internal fire - 2 pcs.
  2. Madness Potion - 2 pcs.
  3. Cleric of North Earth - 2 pcs.
  4. Word of Power: Shield - 2 pcs.
  5. Divine Spirit - 2 pcs.
  6. Light Well - 2 pcs.
  7. Shining Elemental - 2 pcs.
  8. Word of Darkness: Pain - 2 pcs.
  9. Priest of Claw of Kabbalah - 2 pcs.
  10. Word of Darkness: Death - 2 pcs.
  11. Stolen thoughts - 2 pcs.
  12. Priest - glutton - 2 pcs.
  13. Spawn of Light - 2 pcs.
  14. Word of Darkness: Horror.
  15. Tortol guard.
  16. Ysera.

Reinforced Rogue Deck :

  1. Backstab - 2 pcs.
  2. Step through the shadow - 2 pcs.
  3. Illusion.
  4. Insidious blow - 2 pcs.
  5. Path through the depths - 2 pcs.
  6. Deadly poison - 2 pcs.
  7. Cold blood - 2 pcs.
  8. Stubborn Gastropod - 2 pcs.
  9. Pitch Guard - 2 pcs.
  10. Emergency bot - 2 pcs.
  11. Hero of Stormwind - 2 pcs.
  12. Full stiff-toothed - 2 pcs.
  13. Gruul.
  14. Ysera.
  15. Huge mastodon.
  16. Lord Deathwing.
  17. Ultrasaurus.

Passage of the Lich King in Hearthstone with Decks

Presented decks are great for passing any class. Each deck is not expensive, players will already have something in the starting decks. Author decks - Zaltir.

Deck for all. The Young Dragonhawk is taken into the starting hand. You should try to hold them down to move 7 by imposing positive effects. The task is to make the creature get +1 to attack each turn. By move 7, you should use the bone mare dragon. The bottom line is that the dragon has the property "Wind Fury", which allows you to attack 2 times per turn.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Scolding sergeant.
  2. Veteran of Acherus.
  3. Young priestess.
  4. Young Dragonhawk.
  5. Zealous acolyte.
  6. The leader of the evil wolves.
  7. Fallen sin’dorei.
  8. Raid leader.
  9. Spawn of Y’Zot.
  10. Priest Sin’dorei.
  11. Dwarf black iron.
  12. Defender of Argus.
  13. Light Val’kyr.
  14. Hero of Stormwind.
  15. Bone mare.

The cheapest deck. The deck is based on murlocs. You can dilute the deck with good class cards that will protect murlocs, control the opponent’s field. Be sure to leave the murloc - the commander and the murloc - wave metro.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Murloc - breakwater.
  2. Murloc - the gunner.
  3. Oracle Dark Scale.
  4. Knight of the Dead.
  5. Warrior Bluegill.
  6. Murloc - breakwaters.
  7. Lake Hunter.
  8. Vicious breakwaters.
  9. Sniper Svetlezhibrykh.
  10. Vaish’ir oracle.
  11. Vaish’irsk visionary.
  12. Murloc - commander.
  13. Paleomurlok reconnaissance.
  14. Meek megazavr.
  15. Fallen seer.

Deck for 280 dust. The deck is more suitable for the Warrior, but relevant to all classes. At the start we give ourselves a beat until the "Grim conqueror" falls out. Then you should go on the offensive.

The composition of the deck (2 cards):

  1. Inner rage.
  2. Vortex.
  3. Fighting rage.
  4. Commander shout.
  5. Armor master.
  6. Fire ax.
  7. Furious pyromancer.
  8. Shield block.
  9. Violent ghoul.
  10. Furious berserk.
  11. Servant of pain.
  12. Creepy corsair.
  13. Bloody blade.
  14. The bite of death.
  15. The grim frequenter.

Hearthstone: Lord Rebrad

Lord Rehrad - 1 boss 1 wing (lower tier) in the adventure "Icecrown Citadel." It is not particularly difficult to pass, but if any difficulties arise, we recommend you to go through it with the deck we offer. The opponent is rich in weapons and cards with creatures.

Hero to pass - Priest.

Start hand:

  1. Crystal oracle - 2 cards at once.
  2. Word of Darkness: Pain.

The remaining cards:

  1. Internal vision - 2 pcs.
  2. Internal fire - 2 pcs.
  3. Cleric of North Earth - 2 pcs.
  4. Sparkling Healing - 2 pcs.
  5. Word of Power: Shield - 2 pcs.
  6. Divine Spirit - 2 pcs.
  7. Shining Elemental - 2 pcs.
  8. Shadow Word: Pain - 2 pcs.
  9. Stolen thoughts - 2 pcs.
  10. Wonderful beetroot - 2 pcs.
  11. Priest - glutton - 2 pcs.
  12. Changeable Shadow - 2 pcs.
  13. Faceless manipulator.
  14. Ring of light.
  15. Priestess of Darkness.
  16. Dragon Fire Potion.

Tactics : using the theft of cards from the enemy and the classic combinations, the boss is easily killed. At the start you should steal through the oracle "Bone Spike" (deals 15 damage to the hero) or "Whirlwind of bones" (deals 1 damage to all enemies, including the hero). These cards are necessary to strike at the very hero of the enemy, since you cannot beat him in the face.

Hearthstone: Saurfang Passage

Saurfang is the 2nd boss of the 1st wing in the Icecrown Citadel adventure. The peculiarity of the enemy - he can take damage only from weapons. He is immune from other effects. He can go through the base deck.

Hero to pass - Rogue.

Start hand:

  1. Deadly poison.
  2. The Hunter of the Needlescore.
  3. Kobold.

Basic cards :

  1. Blade of the killer.
  2. Deadly poison.

Deck :

  1. Backstab - 2 pcs.
  2. Deadly poison - 2 pcs.
  3. Acid Slug - 2 pcs.
  4. Kobold geomancer - 2 pcs.
  5. Murloc - breakwaters - 2 pcs.
  6. Poisoning injection - 2 pcs.
  7. Daze - 2 pcs.
  8. River Crocolisk - 2 pcs.
  9. Fan blades - 2 pcs.
  10. The Hunter of the Igloshkurykh - 2 pcs.
  11. Dwarf - inventor - 2 pcs.
  12. Ogre - magician - 2 pcs.
  13. Schitonosets Sen’jin.
  14. Assassin’s Blade - 2 pcs.
  15. Liquidation - 2 pcs.
  16. Sprint.

Tactics : the hero’s weapon is given a boost, with a good combination there will be enough basic cards.Constantly monitor the table, change cards more often. Beat the enemy hero only with reinforced weapons.

Hearthstone: The passage of the Lady Mortal Whisper

Lady Mortal Whisper is the 3 boss of 1 wing in the Icecrown Citadel adventure. It is worth noting that the Lady can also go with 1 or 2 times the usual inexpensive deck. The deck is based on the effects of healing to heal the dragon, which the player must deliver the main blows. The remaining cards are needed for exchange. All cards in the deck are collected in pairs.

Hero to pass - Priest.

Start hand:

  1. Word of Darkness: Pain.
  2. Power Word: Shield.
  3. Inner vision.

Healing Cards:

  1. The healer voodoo.
  2. Ring of light.
  3. Naga is a healer.

The remaining cards:

  1. God’s punishment.
  2. Inner vision.
  3. Cleric of North Earth.
  4. Warrior Bluegill.
  5. Engineer - newbie.
  6. Rider on the wolf.
  7. Magma Ridge.
  8. Word of Darkness: Death.
  9. Dwarf - inventor.
  10. Berserk Gurubashi.

Tactics : you need to strike the dragon 4 times to kill the Lady Mortal Whisper. To this end, the "Witchwood Witch Doctor" is implemented on the creature, on the 7th move - the "Ring of Light". On the 8th move - the second "Ring of Light". It is necessary until there are lechilki - kill the enemy.

Hearthstone: the passage of Sindragosa

Sindragosa - 3 boss in the 2 wing (upper tier) in the adventure "Icecrown Citadel". It is necessary to assemble a deck with heavy creatures for 6 - 8 mana. The boss’s specialty is that he has 3 stages (at 30, 20 and 10 life units).For each stage, the boss freezes 1 creature on the table (it will continue to lie until the end of the game, taking up space).

The hero for the passage - Druid.

Start hand:

  1. Berserk Gurubashi.
  2. Violent growth.
  3. Swipe.


  1. Illumination - 2 pcs.
  2. Wild growth - 2 pcs.
  3. Wildlife Sign - 2 pcs.
  4. Blood Swamp Lizard - 2 pcs.
  5. Healing touch.
  6. Dwarf - inventor - 2 pcs.
  7. Frosty Yeti - 2 pcs.
  8. Swipe - 2 pcs.
  9. Sen’jin Shieldkeeper - 2 pcs.
  10. Berserk Gurubashi - 2 pcs.
  11. Naga - healer - 2 pcs.
  12. Star fire - 2 pcs.
  13. Ogre of the Heavy Fist - 2 pcs.
  14. War Golem - 2 pcs.
  15. Hound of the Subsurface.
  16. Guard Tree - 2 pcs.

Tactics: the player gradually accelerates, then exposes his heavy creatures. At the same time it is necessary to conduct the exchange. If at the start there is a lot of pace, then you can lose. In the case when the pace turned out to be high at the start, it is better to replay the game. You should try to use all spells, leaving 1 in hand. At the start, the boss will beat the hero, it hurts to hit, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it, there is healing.

It is worth trying not to touch the creatures of the player to freeze the boss. If the player overtook the table thanks to the Watchtower, the card should be exchanged and the boss dropped to 21 life units.After the turn there should be 1 card that can be exchanged. Get: the boss needs to impose a freeze, and there are no cards on the table. Next you need to put the creature 8/8 and bypass, thus freezing.

Hearthstone: the project of the Day

Passing the Day is a series of puzzles from the mechanic of Boom. Also, the project brought with it a new hero Mech - Jaraxus, legendary spells and cards with "Magnetism" (creatures that have this property can be combined with mechanisms, from which the parameters of the card are enhanced). There are new Omega - cards, if you play them with a full mana scale, you get a stunning effect.

Boom puzzles are divided into 4 parts, in each part the players meet with 4 bosses. At the end of each story will meet with Dr. Boom.



  1. Poison Pollark.
  2. Mira Turning.
  3. Storm.
  4. Electra Bureshkval.

Here, there is no particular difficulty. It is worth looking at the cards in your hand, choosing a suitable creature that is worth strengthening or destroying (depending on the properties). If you do not have enough impact force, you should beat the hero in the face of the enemy. The "Kick me" card in one of the stories has the ability to move to the other side when wounded. By sending her a blow to the enemy, you cannot allow her to return home (by dying, she will destroy the hero).



  1. Subject No. 362.
  2. Astromaniac Arvin.
  3. Stargazer Moon.
  4. Clonist Zerek.

To a greater extent, to win it is necessary to mirror the state of half of the opponent’s table. If the boss has additional cards, then the player probably has spells, hit by a hero, creatures with effects with which you can remove the excess from your opponent.

Cleaning the table


  1. Dendrologist Dexter.
  2. Screaming Slut.
  3. Demonologist Draan.
  4. Dr. Morrigan.

The most important thing is to calculate the impact force, the number of creatures’ lives on the table, if the card is 2 attacks, and the creature has 3 lives, then you should see what you can finish it with without significant losses for striking other characters. For example, strengthen the attack or use a massive spell.



  1. Mud technician Bryn.
  2. Blastmaster Sparkle.
  3. Yarkotron - 2000.
  4. Crystal Kangor.

The main goal is to do so in order to survive the attack of the enemy on the next turn. Here it is necessary to look at the situation: you need to use healing not only on yourself, but also on creatures that protect the hero on the table. Sometimes it is necessary to weaken the enemy and his creatures.

Plus all boom puzzles is that the player sees the opponent’s cards. It needs to be used wisely.Knowing the cards will help to calculate combinations and build a strategy for the move.

Hearthstone: Passage of the Witch’s Forest

The adventure in the Witch Forest Adventure is called Monster Hunt. Stories are traversed by 4 heroes (specially created for the adventure), who at the end fight with Hagata.

In order to defeat all the bosses, you need to collect a deck for a hero. Each character has a recipe for which it is desirable to collect cards. But if you can not collect such a deck, then you should pay attention to the additional cards for the adventure.

Additional looks - maps (universal - work for all heroes):

  1. Each turn heals all characters on the table +2. If something is not going to take this card.
  2. Adds to all creatures +2 health, even if you play through the spell, it will work fine.

Each character has a super - boss who appears after passing the first 7 bosses. 8 boss with a very high probability will be very powerful. The game will warn about it in advance. Therefore, when collecting a deck, it is necessary to make a start from the abilities and power of this boss. The deck should be selected to control the bosses.

The player can be caught by the boss Whispering, and the player will have 1 spell for 0 mana, which can be constantly repeated. Thus, the enemy can be killed in 1 move.

Tess - Greymane

Ability - can uncover spells that were cast during the game, and the enemy’s spells are also counted. But neutral spells are not considered. The more you play the same spell, the higher the chance to unearth it.

The boss - most likely (98% probability) will be the Pirate, who has the infinite Doom of the Kings weapon. The boss has a very high tempo.

Tactics: Jade golems are recommended. The creature rushes to the table, then digs it out, then puts it back on the table. You should do this every turn, as a result, a huge damage is inflicted on the enemy and a powerful creature is built for 3 mana.

It is recommended to improve the ability of the hero, it will be scary for opponents. For example, the card is taken "Sticky fingers" (the hero walks 2 times) or "Cult of the wolf" (the cost decreases when excavated). As a result, "Jade Idol" is played for 1 mana.

Darik Crowley

Ability - plays through guns. The peculiarity of the guns - if they shoot at 2 targets at the same time, then the enemy, who is between the fires, also takes damage. If the hero killed someone from a cannon, then you can shoot again. Various weapon boosters work well.

The boss is most likely to be the boss who has massive damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use cards with an increase in the health of creatures, strengthening of guns, calling for additional guns.

Tactics: if it turns out to collect skills to enhance Darley’s guns, it will be good, in the end there will be a strong deck. It is recommended to build a deck on heavy creatures. Then add the "Scepter", which reduces the cost of cards, you can find a gun, which reduces the cost of cards. For example, a player took Ragno, which costs 5 mana.The hero shoots a cannon, and now Ragno costs 3 mana. On the third move, you can safely play Ragno, thereby increasing the pace. You can collect a deck on the "inspiration".

Psar Shaw

Ability - a hero for 2 mana puts a dog with "Onslaught" (a jerk that hits in the face). The deck should be collected with spells that impose positive effects on dogs.

The boss - most likely will be the one who constantly falls asleep to the field with different special creatures.They are not in the rest of the game, they have 3 health units, and they return back to the deck after they die. And so it will be throughout the game.

Tactics: if a player finds a spell that gives dogs three to attack, it will be great. It is good to take a card that increases the cost of cards from the enemy. Then the boss instead of 3 creatures will cause 2, so it will be easier to peretempit. Sometimes the boss puts a 4/2 creature on the table (it gives a card for each lost creature). If you succeed, you should leave the creatures on the table and beat something else, so it’s worth doing. It should take lechilki in the deck, increasing the attack and life of creatures.

Taki the Watchmaker

Ability - the first spell played will double. It is worth taking this ability after 1 boss. You can take 2 in a row - the spell will increase by 3 times. So for 0 mana can re-start the course. This is important, because with the wrong move you can always replay it. The card will come the same, but the move itself can be changed, the random effect of the cards may be different.

Boss - Taki fights with herself from the future. The boss can replay the match in 10 mana, which will start anew.This can be fought with antimagic, for example, "Whimsical companion" (issued as additional adventure cards).The companion has the ability to change cards in the hands of opponents. That is, the player can exchange a hand with the boss. It works well if the player has no cards in his hand.

Tactics: an additional card "New compass" (works on all heroes), which can reduce the cost of any card to 0. Excellent for expensive cards. The companion can be used as a spy - you can at any time see what is in the hand of the boss. It is done this way: hands are changed, after which Taki begins the move again.

You can take a few cheap arrows, a doubling (spell) take +3 to attack. That will turn out: arrows for 1 mana - 12 damage will inflict, for 3 mana - 16 damage, for 7 - 36 damage. This trick can endure anyone.


With Hagata, the player will have to fight after he defeats the final bosses of 4 heroes.

The peculiarity of the game is that the player will be given 4 heroes in the form of cards during the match, the features of which will be preserved.

Tactics : it is worth taking the ability to heal +2 on each turn, then Toki’s ability to cast spells 2 times in 1 turn.The last one to play is Tess, who needs to take the skill to play a card 2 times. For example, the Call of the Forests must be in the deck (summoned creatures). "The Call" is played, then one should endlessly dig it up and play it again. It can double the abilities of the hero. As a result, the player increases the pace, the boss will not be able to catch up with him, and the player’s field will be filled with pets.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.