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Heroes Charge WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

HEROES CHARGE is an Android game with a release date of 08/28/2014 from uCool. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)
  3. TOP of the best heroes (Tier List), who should be the first to transfer to legendary quality
  4. Hero Leveling Tips
  5. Ship Walkthroughs (Crusade)
  6. Guild Guide
  7. Guild Raids Walkthrough
  8. Outland Portal Walkthrough
  9. Chronoportal Walkthrough

Heroes Charge: A Guide for Beginners

The main task of the player is to collect various heroes. And it takes quite a long time to collect and pump them, and you will need a large number of different characters to complete this or that activity. The main challenge in the game is the passage of the Campaign, where you will receive the initial experience of the game, new heroes and other necessary items.

The level of a player (team or account) is your general level, which is shown in the upper left corner next to your avatar. The level of the team only increases for completing daily quests, which should not be ignored. On the contrary, it is recommended to conduct them daily.

The player’s level affects not only the ability to open game content, but also the increase in the level of your heroes. Many newbies ask the question: why can’t I level up my characters? It’s simple, the level of the champions cannot exceed the level of the team.

Game tasks are an important aspect in the game that will bring you not only player experience, but also gold, crystals (gems) and good items. All tasks should be completed. It is better to take it as a habit - every day to start passing the available missions, and then start working on various challenges. Quests often ask you to complete one or another adventure once. Therefore, by the completion of some missions, you can also get additional bonuses.

Ways to get gold and crystals in the game:

You can also get gold for completing the campaign. But its inflow is very small. You can also get a pretty penny for selling things. There are many ways to mine gold in the game, although it will still be constantly lacking. The main thing is to spend it wisely.

Heroes Charge: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)

Today we will have 2 TOPs: the first one will be associated with heroes that are useful throughout the game, regardless of their color, the second - heroes that become relevant after obtaining the legendary quality. But all need to be pumped from the first moment of their receipt, since pumping takes a long process of time due to the collection of heroes’ soul stones. Those whom we have described in a legendary quality, we will not add to the list of regular TOP characters.

Cloud Strider (Lancer)

Faction - Pilgrims.

The attack is physical.

The main characteristic is agility.

Role - damage, support, control.

Paul is a man.

Position - 2nd row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Grand Arena Shop.


  1. Phantom Strike - Wu Kong summons his copy, which you use to inflict damage.
  2. Double - Summons 2 copies, which fight instead of him.
  3. Frosty Spear - Throws a spear at the target, which deals damage and slows down the enemy. A phantom is also created, attacking the selected target.
  4. Strengthening the phantom - increases the amount of health for yourself and your copies.

The Wanderer is excellent in almost any PvE activity of the game, it is indispensable for guild raids and in the Portal. Since he loves to create copies, he can find use for himself in the Arena, thanks to the creation of phantoms.

Ninja Assassin (Mortra)

The faction is not.

The attack is physical.

The main characteristic is agility.

The role is damage.

Paul is a man.

Position - 2nd row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Guild Shop.


  1. Ninja Strike - is transferred to the farthest enemy, and deals damage in melee, increasing attack speed and bonus damage. 1 hit guaranteed - critical damage.
  2. Mortal Blow - Throws several daggers and deals huge physical damage.
  3. Blur - blurs your body so that it becomes difficult to see the enemy, while increasing the speed of evasion. Each successful dodge gives him additional energy.
  4. Finishing blow - increases the damage from critical hits.

Ninja is applicable in every activity, he cannot but find a use for himself. Huge physical damage makes Ninja dangerous for magicians. it is difficult to destroy it due to its high evasion, due to it the Ninja does more damage. Collecting it is difficult, but worth it.

Savage (Herring)

Faction - Nagi.

The attack is universal.

The main characteristic is strength.

Role - tank, support.

Paul is a man.

Position - 1 row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Elite Campaign.


  1. Strike and capture (magic ability) - deals massive damage and stuns opponents in the area of ??effect of the skill.
  2. Arc Strike (Physical) - Deals damage to nearby enemies.
  3. Corrosion - weakens the target’s armor for a while.
  4. Strength of the Elders - increases your attack power.

A good and stable hero, he has an aura of protection for his faction. It can be used in different activities, but it must be selected according to its usefulness in the team. For example, if a squad goes against a boss who needs to cut off the armor, then the Savage, like no one else, will help in this.

Muffler (Salo)

The faction is not.

The attack is magical.

The main characteristic is intelligence.

The role is control.

Paul is a man.

Position - 2nd row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Elite Campaign.


  1. Strategist - drowns out the magical skills of several opponents, they can only inflict physical damage (imposition of silence).
  2. Silence - Imposes silence on 1 target.
  3. Drugging - deals massive damage, while confusing enemies and draining their energy.
  4. Burning Aura - Silencer’s normal attacks deal increased damage.

An excellent control hero who can turn a mage into a calm creature with a normal attack. In order for him to hit the enemy with control with 100% result, try to keep the warrior above the opponent’s level. But this does not always work. Good for the Arena.

Poisonous (Viper)

Faction - Flying.

Attack - damage over time.

The main characteristic is agility.

Role - damage, support.

Paul is a man.

Position - 3 row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Elite Campaign, Arena Shop.


  1. Acid Surge - splashes acid on the enemy with the highest health.
  2. Toxic spit - spits out poison, inflicting magical damage to several opponents, the attack deals gradual damage and reduces the armor of opponents.
  3. Ointment of resistance (passive ability) - creates a barrier against magic damage.
  4. Poisoning (passive ability) - increases the damage from a physical attack.

Poisonous has an aura that strengthens its faction. He performs well in many of the game’s challenges. Indispensable in the passage of guild raids. Can be part of a team with different damage. His attacks ignore enemy defense and armor.

Death Mage (Kroba)

The faction is undead.

The attack is magical.

The main characteristic is intelligence.

Role - damage, control.

Gender is a woman.

Position - 2nd row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Grand Arena Shop.


  1. Summon Ghosts - Summons a group of angry ghosts that inflict massive damage and steal health for her.
  2. Flock of Bats - Summons bats that inflict massive magic damage.
  3. Silence - imposes massive silence on opponents.
  4. Evil Essence - increases its magical power.

Deals high damage, can restore his health due to damage to opponents, has good control. She can be placed in any magic team, where she will deal the main damage.

Fallen Sovereign (Terror)

The faction is not.

The attack is universal.

The main characteristic is agility.

The role is damage.

Paul is a man.

Position - 1 row.

Pickup locations - Chest, Crusade, Elite Campaign, Arena Shop.


  1. Transformation - the hero is able to transform into a demon with 50% or more energy, which beats at long distances. At the same time, the attack of the Fallen is significantly increased. But it is worth remembering that skill is energy.
  2. Reflection - creates a copy for dealing damage.
  3. Theft of vitality (magic ability) - blocks enemy attacks, and steals health from the target.
  4. Demon blood - increases health points.

A very powerful and tenacious agile with an incredible amount of damage. The hero is great for battles of different formations, but works especially well for 1 target. It can act as a tank.


The faction is the original.

The attack is magical.

The main characteristic is intelligence.

Role - damage, control.

Gender is a woman.

Position - 2nd row.

Places of receipt - chests, Crusade, Elite Campaign.


  1. Firestorm - Deals increased damage to 1 target.
  2. Crucible - Summons a flame, dealing massive magic damage.
  3. Ash Caldera - a circle of flame rises around a random target, dealing magic damage and stunning the enemy.
  4. Phoenix Feather (passive skill) - increases the energy scale when attacking from the hand.

Amber is one of those heroes for which you need to select a squad. She can’t just be put on a replacement for any team. After gaining legendary quality, she does not get particularly strong. And the legendary ability only increases the power of normal attacks. But she does her job well without a legend.

Heroes Charge: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List), who should be the first to transfer to legendary quality

This TOP was compiled according to the opinion of experienced players who have been playing for more than one year. These heroes will help you in many activities. Therefore, it is recommended to pump these heroes from the moment they are received. Heroes in the TOP are ranked according to their usefulness - from the most powerful character to the weakest, but not useless.

Imperial executioner. With the acquisition of the legendary quality, the Executioner greatly increases his damage. He has the ability to turn the enemy into an animal (into a chicken), and the legendary skill he turns rivals into a black chicken, together with this, he steals energy and resistance to magic from him, thereby accelerating the approach of his ultimate ability, as well as its power.

Obtaining a legendary quality, the Executioner has the "Judicial Staff" item, which increases the main characteristics of the hero. The use of the Executioner in the game is very wide, while it is designed for high levels of gameplay, this will become noticeable at the level of Executioner 100+. He is indispensable in the fight against single targets and bosses.

Warlord. An excellent support hero who can stand in the front row or inflict significant damage. At Legendary, Tracy gains an aura that adds maximum health to allied heroines (valid while Tracy is alive). At the same time, the aura also affects the Warlord herself, which increases her survivability, and since she is an excellent support hero (one of the best support characters in the game), her survival is important. Since after her death, your whole team will fall apart.

But due to the large number of Fencer commands, it is not so relevant in the Arena, although it is still quite good in the Grand Arena. She has a good legendary item that increases her strength, attack damage, physical crit, and a little magic resistance. It is very easy to pass the Crusade with it, and it will also find application in guild tournaments and championships. She is also indispensable in the female Trial of Heroes. In the Outland Portal on the Burning Phoenix, she is irreplaceable, without her it is very difficult to complete this adventure. It is suitable for all activities except the campaign raid.

Gnome Warrior is a professional tank with good damage. The legendary quality of the Dwarf makes him one of the most powerful tanks in the game. After receiving the legendary quality, the hero will sparkle for you with new colors, even if he was previously forgotten by you. The legendary ability gives the champion a shield that protects him from incoming damage when he loses 7 - 10% of his health points. The shield not only absorbs a lot of damage, but also interferes with some types of control.

The Legendary item gives the Dwarf a lot of strength, armor and magic resistance. The use of the Dwarf is similar to the Warlord. He is able to hold out in the Portal due to his shield against the Northern Dragon. For example, you come to level 90 in the Grand Arena with 2 well-pumped tanks, and you will definitely need 1 more good tank, and you are unlikely to find a better Dwarf.

Most importantly, determine the priorities and important aspects of the game for you personally. For example, separate PvP and PvE content. There are universal heroes, but, in general, characters that show themselves well in the Arena are not particularly relevant in raids. Conversely, raid heroes in the Arena feel out of place.

The Voice of the Depths is a wonderful hero for the Arena, getting a great item that gives a lot of agility, dodge and health points. Talena has a good legendary ability: when the hero dodges a physical attack, she summons her phantom. And the Voice is able to dodge in battle very often. In turn, the phantom can take on several thousand units of incoming damage flying into the Voice of the Depths, or catch the ultimate ability of the Imperial Executioner.

Combined with equipment, the legendary skill adds even more survivability to the Voice, turning it into an excellent tank controller against enemy physical commands. But, unfortunately, Talena is useless in the guild raid, in Outland Portals, although she can be successfully used in other adventures. The Voice is of particular relevance in the Arena.

Light Carrier - Also useful for the Arena and Grand Arena. Until a while ago, Apollo was not a particularly useful hero, but after the developers strengthened his skills. Legendary quality gives him one of the best things for magicians "Sun Eye", which significantly increases his intelligence, magical power and magical critical damage.

The legendary ability is interesting in that when the hero dies or the hero’s health points fall to 10%, Apollo explodes and deals huge magic damage to nearby opponents. This makes him an ideal counter-hero for ninja squads, such as in guild tournaments. If during the explosion there are no enemies nearby, then a bunch of energy flies into 1 rad of opponents, inflicting 30,000 - 35,000 units of damage to each opponent, sometimes catching opponents in the 2nd row.

The effectiveness of the hero depends on his pumping and equipment, the higher the stardom of the equipment, the better. Apollo excludes guild raids and Outland Portals. But among useful TOP heroes, he takes his place by right.

Cleric - he shows himself great in PvP content, but with one caveat, you should use this hero in the Arena when you reach level 95+ and you have such warriors as the Turtle or the Dwarf. Cleric at legendary quality gets a nice item "Nimbus Gem", but it adds little strength.

The legendary ability allows the Cleric to heal the weakest ally with Divine Light, and this warrior receives a large amount of magic resistance for a long period of time. This ability is useful in defense and healing units. After all, it will help to avoid a lot of damage from the destructive ultimate ability of the Imperial Executioner, or it will be able to save your ninja from damage during the explosion of the Carrier of Light. Its main use lies in the area of ??PvP content.

Psychopath (Ogre Mage) - proved to be excellent on guild raids. At the legendary quality, he receives the item "Crazy Helmet", which increases strength, magical power and magical critical damage. The legendary ability deals high damage, and its use does not require energy.

The hero can be put on a team in some chapters of the guild raid: in 15 - 16 on intermediate single bosses, in 17 on the super Turtle fighter. It will be useful on the Lord of the Caves in the Portal on difficulty 8 and on the Robot. He is not bad in the Arena and Grand Arena with good equipment, a large amount of health, there are control support skills.

The shooter is the second hero you need in guild raids. As you gain legendary quality, it becomes even more useful. The legendary item gives a lot of attack damage, armor, evasion and increases health points. But due to the low survival rate of Prime, few people use it in the Arena.

His legendary ability "Robo-shield", when using 1 or 2 skills, a shield is imposed on the hero. At level 100, that’s roughly 6000 damage absorption. Used by Prime on the raid boss in Chapter 18, where it shows excellent results. This hero can resist the ninja for a long time if he is placed in the 3rd row.

There are 2 more useful heroes, but their use is limited to PvE content, and the difficulty of pumping does not make it possible to put them on a par with the above-described characters. Moreover, it is not necessary to pump them independently for your collection, it is enough just to hire them for a while. But on the other hand, these heroes will allow you to set records in guild raids, get a bunch of coins for the guild store.

Warrior Bear - with its legendary ability, it turns into a machine for obtaining gold and items in the intermediate stages, since each Bear’s attack imposes a curse on the enemy. And thanks to this curse, subsequent attacks inflict increased damage on the wounded. Each curse lasts 7 seconds, and the effect can stack up to 5 times, significantly increasing the Bear’s attack.

The legendary item mainly increases attack damage, and increases physical damage and strength. The bear shows itself well in the intermediate stages of guild raids, where a lot of monsters are concentrated, and there is little control from rivals. And if you put champions with a massive reduction in armor (Shaman of Shadows, Queen of the Damned, Psychic Sword and others) in his company, then his damage increases exponentially. Due to the damage done, you will be able to break records on the server, get a lot of gold, and sometimes crystals (gems).

Sword master - shows himself well in guild raids on 13 and 14 bosses. Receiving a legendary ability, the DM increases physical critical damage, while giving an aura to increase critical damage to other swordsmen of the teams. Since he has a healing, he saves heroes with low health points from death.

The legendary item gives the DM points of health, damage and physical critical damage. At the same time, the Master on bosses does good damage. It can be used in many adventures of the game: Grand Arena, Trials, Portal on Phoenix, but in the Arena it is not as useful as other champions. On guild raids, ignoring control during the use of the ultimate ability, turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Heroes Charge: Hero Leveling Tips

There are a lot of heroes in the game. They are divided according to different criteria, which should be considered when choosing a team. The main difference between the warriors in the main characteristics:

It is also important to understand the positioning of the heroes, that is, why do you take this or that war into the team. This is very important, because all other things being equal in the Arena, but with the wrong choice of roles, you will lose. And not only in the Arena, but also in other adventures of the game. Basically, the roles of characters are divided according to the following criteria:

There are also several factions in the game. What are they needed for? And so that the heroes of the same race can help the heroes of their faction. There are activities in the game that involve visiting the trial only because of the heroes belonging to a particular race:

How do I get heroes? There are several options for obtaining characters, as well as their soul gems:

  1. Gold and bronze chests.
  2. Buying soul gems in shops.
  3. Getting soul stones in the Campaign.
  4. Obtaining soul gems in the Crusade (Ship).
  5. Buying soul gems in the Ship’s store for dragon coins.
  6. Purchase soul gems in the Arena store.
  7. Buying soul gems in the guild store for guild coins.

Stardom is a system for improving the characteristics and indicators of heroes at each level. Stars are raised with the help of soul stones, at the time of their accumulation of a certain amount.

It does not matter at what level the process of the Evolution of the hero will be performed, during this process the characteristics are compensated. That is, a hero who was promoted to 5 stars at level 10, reaching level 48, will be equal in characteristics to the same hero, but who was promoted to 5 stars at level 48.

Hero quality - champions in the game differ in color (quality). It rises at the time of the complete collection of the hero’s equipment at the current quality. then you need to tap on the "Promote" button in the character’s profile. After improving the quality, items disappear from the slots, but their characteristics are included in the sum of the hero’s indicators. That is, they are not lost in vain, but simply change their shape. There are 12 stages of development in the game:

Gaining hero experience

Experience is given for completing various activities, but only to those characters who participated in the battle. It will take a lot of time to pump heroes in this way. To do this, there are 4 items in the game that will help increase the level of your heroes:

  1. A potion for 60 experience points.
  2. Ointment for 300 experience points.
  3. Cheese gives 1500 experience points.
  4. The stack will pump your character for 7500 experience points.

Locations where items can be found to increase the experience:

In the Cave, it is advised to put the most powerful warriors for protection. Since for every 8000 units of power, you will receive 1 more item per hour.

Difficulties with pumping heroes appear, at about 50 - 60 levels, when you have new characters. The problem itself is that the level of the team rises faster than you can collect cans. The main thing to remember is that you cannot pump all the heroes at once. But supporting the necessary warriors and spending surplus resources on outsiders will help you to have 20 - 25 pumped heroes available to a high level.

Item enchantment

Access to the enchantment opens at account level 20. In the Enchantment Tower, you will be prompted to choose a hero and what you want to enchant his things with. In addition to common items, dust can be used. There are 3 types of dust in the game:

Dust is sold in all shops, drops from chests and on the Ship, and also returns when you click "Promote" in the hero’s menu, but only if the champion’s items have already been enchanted. The amount of dust returned depends on the boost level.

Each item has its own limit for enchantment, depending on the color of the item. But do not rush to enchant all items. Firstly, this is a rather costly process (both in terms of gold and materials). Secondly, additional characteristics from enchantment are not saved when the hero is transferred to another level of promotion.

But you still have to enchant, at least in order to close the daily quest. And here a little trick will help you: It is not necessary to enchant the item as much as possible if it is not green. It is enough to do it for 1 star, and the quest will be counted.

We advise you to engage in enchanting no earlier than the purple level of increase. At this time, good items appear, and the color of the characters does not change every day.

If you want to reach heights in the Arena from early levels, then you will have to enchant your team’s items always with the maximum number of stars. Since even a small increase in stats can lead you to victory.

Heroes Charge: Ship Walkthroughs (Crusade)

The ship opens at account level 30. It consists of 15 waves, for passing which you get gold, items, dragon coins. Sometimes heroes or soul stones come across. There are 2 difficulty modes on the Ship: normal and hard. Their main difference is that in hard mode you get 2 times more rewards, but the heroes do not recover their health and energy at the end of battles. The second difficulty unlocks after you complete the normal one.

Newbies often have a question: how and by whom, to pass the Ship? Key characters, the passage with which will not cause any special problems, and will take no more than 15 minutes of your time, in both modes.

  1. Chaplain - everyone has this healer from the very start of the game. Her 1 skill, mass skill, will help you win. It is easier to pump it, it heals the whole team at once.
  2. Death Knight - this tank is good because, thanks to its ultimate ability, Abaddon starts each new wave with full health. But we do not recommend building it yourself. It will take a long time, and there are more general characters in the Arena. It will be easier to find the guild where he is in the mercenary camp, or to fish him out of the chest.
  3. The Spirit of Vengeance or the Old Curse are heroes with the Mass Control skill. Each of them has its own advantages. Jakira, for example, does a lot of massive damage. And Medusa on each wave will have energy for an ultimate ability thanks to 3 skills.
  4. Mystic - has an ultimate ability with huge massive damage, blindness, gives energy to allies. It is easy to assemble.
  5. Death mage - has a good massive ultimatum ability, if he does not kill a couple of opponents, then at least he will pat them well. It can be placed without a tank, because on each wave it has a completely filled energy strip. True, there is 1 minus, if it did not fall out of the chest, then you will have to wait for the opening of the Grand Arena to start collecting it.

Such a roster, according to experienced players, is ideal, but this does not mean that these heroes cannot be changed. On the contrary, only the most fortunate players will have such a team at the time of the opening of the Ship. Alternatively, the Mystic can be replaced with any mage with high mass damage. Also, a dodger or strongman, for example, Luna, Lancer, Amber, can find his place in the squad.

Walkthrough Tips:

Heroes Charge: Guild Guide

The guild is an important aspect of the game that cannot be simply ignored. Indeed, in it, in addition to communication with other players, you are given the opportunity to collect new heroes, get the necessary items for them and earn gold.

Upon reaching level 32, you have the opportunity to create your own guild or join an existing one. When creating a new one, you will be asked to pay 500 crystals. Next, you need to select the name, coat of arms and country of the guild. After that, the guild becomes suitable for receiving new recruits.

Guild coins. The guild has its own store with its own currency - guild coins. There are several ways to earn these coins:

To open each chapter in a raid, you need to collect a certain amount of meat (stamina). If the first raid requires 40,000 units, then the last one will require more than 70,000 units. Each player can add 600 pieces of meat per day to the guild’s piggy bank, simply by spending it in the campaign. At the beginning of the game, it’s easy to keep 4 raids open at once. But the higher the level of the members of the alliance becomes, the faster the guild bosses are passed, and, therefore, the faster the guild meat is spent.

Heroes Charge: Guild Raids Walkthrough

Chapter 7

Super-Silencer - differs in that in its arsenal it has a massive spell "Silence", energy burnout, and also has the ability to deal a lot of damage to 1 target. Therefore, we recommend taking heroes with high physical damage, who do not depend on their magical skills, and have good health steal. The selection of characters follows the scheme: a hero with the removal of armor + a champion with high physical damage.

The composition of the detachment. The best choice for a hero to remove armor would be the Savage. In addition to cutting armor, he can stun the boss with his 1 ability at the right time. In the absence of the Savage, you can use the Bloody Death, the Parapsychic sword or the Poisonous sword. But they won’t be as good as the Savage.

For dealing damage, Ninja, Fallen Overlord, Cloud Strider, and Shadow of the Foliage work well. If your heroes die, then connect characters with stun, interrupt and other control abilities, such as Commando, Warlord, Moon Guard and Drunken Master.

At first, the Super Silencer will not be able to get a lot of damage, simply because of the difference in levels between your warriors and the boss himself, because he has level 65. Consequently, many stuns and silences will not hit him. The main thing to remember is that your diligence in the game will help you defeat all the bosses.

Chapter 8

Super Fallen Sovereign is a chapter 8 boss. The boss has 2 combat phases. At stage 1, he summons 4 illusions and hits with a normal basic attack. After 30 seconds of combat, the boss takes on a different form, which increases his physical damage and gives him immunity to control. He continues to summon illusions, and also begins to use spells with massive damage, which at fifty levels can easily put all your characters down. Like the Super Silencer, this boss has a priority on heroes with armor removal and high physical damage.

You can extend 1 phase, this is done by stunning, and preferably two from the Savage and the Warlord. At about 29 seconds of the fight, release the ultimate ability of one hero, and after 2 - 3 seconds, activate the skill of the next warrior. So you can delay the transition of the boss to another phase by almost 10 seconds. In addition to stunning, the Savage will give you the removal of armor, and the Warlord will steal health for your team. These 2 heroes can be the backbone of your party at fifty levels.

Tactics. In Chapter 8, there are several strategies for dealing maximum damage. the first is the most productive for the initial levels, but requires special heroes, which are not very easy to collect by this time. The strategy itself is about damaging boss illusions, which means you need champions with massive physical damage. For example, the Spirit of Vengeance or the Lunar Guardian. Better yet, both warriors at once. The fifth hero is best to take a character who deals a lot of damage to 1 target. This can be Fallen Sovereign, Cloud Strider, Ninja Assassin, or Shadow of the Foliage. Fanged Storm is also very good, which will give your team additional combat speed.

Such a composition is good because it will quickly deal with illusions, and will increase your place in the damage rating. However, the boss damage will be lame, which will delay your guild kill.

The second strategy will be good for more advanced players, that is, for high levels, when it’s all the same for the boss’s illusions and massive damage. Here you need heroes with high damage to 1 target, but don’t forget about removing armor. Ninja Assassin, Cloud Wanderer, Fallen Master, Moon Guard, Fanged Storm, Magic Sapper, and other strong men and dodgers with good physical damage are well suited for this. As a tank, the Savage is the best choice. If you do not have a Savage, then you can take the Warlord, Bloody Death, Bear Warrior and Drunken Master.

Do not take Poisonous on the Lord, as he can easily direct his poison not into the boss, but into an illusion.

On this boss, as in many aspects of the game, a lot depends on your luck: whether the Savage hits the Overlord, stuns the boss, or the damage passes by. That is, the final outcome of the battle is influenced not only by the choice of heroes for the battle and the degree of their pumping, but also by the factor of surprise and the level of your luck.

Chapter 9

Ancient Tree - This boss is unlocked at account level 61. And the most interesting thing that happens on this boss is that tanks are not needed here. You don’t need to put anyone in the first row on it. You can, of course, put it, but it makes no sense, since the Tree will constantly throw back everyone who comes close to it. In addition, the boss still has the ability to massively stun, so the choice of heroes is limited to 2 and 3 rows.

The surprises of the Tree do not end there, and the next one is waiting for you, when you inflict a lot of damage on him with heroes with a physical attack, but you will not succeed. This Tree has a lot of armor, and during the battle it gets more and more. But there is a way out of this situation - you have to use magicians or heroes with reduced armor (depending on which heroes you are pumping).

Heroes who can prove themselves well on the Ancient Tree:

If you have a shortage of such heroes, then you can go the other way, but it will not be so successful. You should take heroes with the ability to cut armor, such as Poisonous, Parapsychic sword, Shaman of shadows, and heroes in the back rows with physical damage: Shadow of the Foliage, Cloud Traveler, Fanged Storm.

The Fallen Overlord and Ninja Assassin are not on this list, as the former will fly around the battlefield until his ultimate ability, and the latter after. This boss forces players to abandon the usual scheme of placing heroes: a tank and several soldiers behind it. Which brings some variety to the game.

Chapter 10

Super Spearman - This boss is unlocked at level 71 of the team. And its main feature is that it has an incredible amount of magic resistance, which is in the hands of players. The boss’s abilities are not much different from the skills of an ordinary spearman, only he does not take away his health with his own ultimate ability, the positive effect does not take his health, but increases the damage. He also has an additional skill - forwarding a fiery spear through all your warriors.

The composition of the detachment. The ideal fighter against the Spearman is the Ninja, as he is one of the TOP heroes for dealing damage at a distance, and he is able to turn the boss with his back to the team. Nevertheless, do not disdain the Magic Minesweeper, he is quite suitable for protecting the Ninja. The Cloud Wanderer and the Fallen Lord will be very good, whose illusions are able to take more than one boss attack on themselves. And by themselves, these guys do a lot of damage.

You can also take support heroes into the team that cut the armor of the boss, such as Poisonous or Savage. You can take those that add characteristics to allies - the Shadow of the Foliage or the Commandos. In fact, these are some of the most boring bosses, just a dummy that can fight back - the only trick: turn and beat.

Chapter 11

Super-Mystic is another chapter, where the initial damage is not accumulated on the boss, but on the very first wave of the first stage. Nevertheless, with the achievement of high levels, the situation changes, and there it is already possible to let the boss feel your rage. Access to the Mystic opens at 76 team level. The boss has high damage, health, unlike the usual Mystic, the boss has an additional ability - burning out a random target, with almost full health, up to 1 unit or 1%. The situation is aggravated by the fact that after this action the boss loves to be blinded, which is guaranteed to finish off the scorched warrior.

Tactics. But there is still a way to get an acceptable amount of damage from the boss. You will need heroes with the ability to impose silence, the more the better. Each player has one character from the very beginning of the game - this is the Shadow of the Foliage, in addition to silence, it is capable of inflicting a large amount of damage, while it will add attack power to all allies, which will also improve the final result.

It can also come in handy on the boss Death Mage, she deals the main damage with her ultimate ability. This skill is magical, so she can’t stop her from blinding the boss. Do not forget to take the Silencer with you, because he has 2 skills that impose silence. Moreover, one of them is controlled, that is, you yourself can choose when to use it. in addition, he is able to burn out the boss’s energy. The Silencer has 4 skills, thanks to which, he ignores the blindness.

Having these 3 warriors in your team, you guarantee almost constant silence of the boss throughout the entire fight, therefore, the Mystic will rarely use blinding, this, in turn, gives the characters a chance to perform with physical damage. And one of the best boss physicists is Ninja Assassin. As a 5-member team, we recommend taking Poisonous, and not only because of the armor cut. The ability to release poison makes it very useful on Mystic. The fact is that the ability of poisoning is magical, therefore, they cannot be missed due to blinding. In addition, damage from poison is not affected by armor and magic resistance.

Chapter 12

Super-Admiral - the normal amount of damage on it begins to fill only when they stop opening it. This boss is unlocked at team level 81. And if you do not take into account the large reserves of health, armor, resistance and increased damage, then this is an ordinary Admiral with the same abilities. But one caveat is still present - after 30 seconds of the fight, the boss slightly increases himself in size, and does not slightly increase his damage. And the "Waterspout" ability, which throws 1 target into the air and deals damage to it, starts working throughout the squad.

Tactics. There are few options for confronting the boss. Experienced players recommend grouping based on armor cut heroes (Poisonous and Savage). In this case, the last hero is able to knock down any skill from the boss. You cannot bypass the Ninja, because at the moment, there is no character who could inflict more damage than him. And then you have a rich selection of champions: Fallen Sovereign, Cloud Wanderer, Fanged Storm, Shadow of the Foliage, Commando, Sword Master, Magic Sapper and even Archer.

The highest damage in this raid can be inflicted on the very first wave of the very first stage. Therefore, on this boss, the guild leader or the officers who opened this raid are firmly in the first positions in terms of damage. Therefore, many guilds give preference to chapter 13, where the same items fall, but the boss is destroyed much faster.

Chapter 13

Crystal Titan - This boss unlocks at 81 team level. Among his abilities there are 2 types of laser: the first hits 2 targets, the second hits all at once. Also, the boss likes to knock all your heroes back, while stunning them for a while. While your champions are stunned, the boss summons random heroes for the illusion. Illusions completely copy the behavior and skills of the characters, but the health level is much lower, so it will not be difficult to destroy them.

The boss has 4 huge crystals, each of which will find its target, and inflict impressive damage on it. Any of the Titan’s abilities can take most of your team’s health. But another skill of this boss will help restore health, namely the shield, which he unfolds at about 20 seconds of the battle, and it disappears at 30 seconds.

If during this time you manage to destroy the shield, then your warriors will receive some resistance from the boss’s magical attacks until the end of the battle, and they will instantly recover their health and energy. This shield is pierced only by magical attacks, therefore, if your team consists only of physicists, it is doomed to failure. At first, the level of 1 magician will not be enough, but with the increase in the level of the team, the situation will change.

Command structure. The undisputedly best magical hero for the Titan is the Death Mage. During the duration of the shield, she manages to use bats 2 times, and inflict a lot of damage with her 1 skill. In addition, she does not cease to be useless after the destruction of the magical barrier, because she replenishes her health thanks to the ultimate ability, which deals a lot of damage, but already to the boss.

But at level 81, she will not be enough alone, then a Magic Sapper or Lunar Guard will come to her aid, which will not only help to break through the shield with the first magic skills, but also cause a decent amount of physical damage to the boss. Of course, you can choose purely magical heroes (the Machinist, Imperial Executioner or Emberstar), they will help get rid of the shield, but after that they will become a burden for the squad, because they do not have the skills to restore their health, they do not even have the theft of lives. Therefore, they will not live long, and will not inflict the desired amount of damage.

The savage is used here not only to remove armor from the boss, but also for insurance on the shield, since his 1 skill has magic damage. But the Ninja Assassin will inflict TOP damage. The last recommended heroes will be: Cloudstrider, Fallen Sovereign, and Swordmaster.

How to break through the shield using only the Death Mage and the Savage? This question is asked by many inexperienced players. The answer is actually simple - this alignment is possible closer to level 90 of the team, when the Death Mage is fully equipped in orange gear. But it is also necessary to use her ability wisely. You need to wait for the shield to appear, wait for it to launch a flock of bats, and only then activate the ultimate ability. Soon she will start the mice again. If this damage was not enough, then you will have to use the Savage’s skills.

The trick of the Sword Master and the Ninja. It consists in ignoring the boss’s abilities to knock back and then stun. What needs to be done to make everything go well? First, you need to understand when the boss intends to push off. Before using this ability, the boss pulls his head back, as if swinging. At the last moment, you should use the skills of the Ninja and the Sword Master, then they can avoid being stunned, and calmly continue to kill the Titan.

Remember that this battle must be fully manual in order to activate the champion’s skills in time. At first, the boss will seem difficult, but over time, the fingers will get used to, and all actions will occur automatically.

Chapter 14

Silver Dragon - The boss has level 99 and is immune to control. But its main feature is that it has 4 phases of combat, in each phase it has its own abilities. Different heroes are needed for each phase.

1st phase. Lasts from 100 to 70% of the Dragon’s health. Here he kicks your heroes back with his paw, replaces them and freezes them. He also has a massive silence, which will make you think a little about choosing heroes to attack. you will have to discard such popular heroes for raids as Fallen Sovereign, Moon Guard, Poisonous, as well as all mages. you will have to forget about the Shooter, because his 2 skill "Stimulator", thanks to which he deals the main damage, is magical. Therefore, he will not be able to use it.

Experienced players are advised to take heroes only with physical skills: Shadow of the Foliage, Ninja Assassin, Cloud Wanderer, Sword Master, Drunken Master, Pilot, Warlord and Bear Warrior.

Phase 2. Lasts from 70 to 40% of the Dragon’s health. Here, the developers give you a chance to catch your breath and inflict more damage. That is, only in phase 2 you will be able to inflict 3,000,000 units or more damage. But for this you have to try. At this stage, the boss stops freezing you and starts frying. The dragon showered your heroes with meteorites, while doing good damage. He breathes fire with an additional effect, and does not forget, in the meantime, to hit everyone with his paw.

There is no silence during this phase, therefore, champions with magic skills can be used during this phase. Therefore, you can take all of the above, but with the addition of the Fallen Lord, Poisonous, Magic Minesweeper, Archer, Death Mage and Fanged Storm. The maximum damage for the entire raid can be inflicted at this stage of the battle. So it is advised not to oversleep her.

Phase 3. It starts at 40% and ends at 10%. At this stage, the Dragon releases a chain of lightning, deals stunning damage to 1 target, and strikes all of them with lightning, while reducing the physical damage of your characters. And of course, he waves his paw. To achieve minimal health loss from chain lightning, and to avoid being stunned, it is recommended to use heroes and illusions: Cloud Wanderer and Fallen Sovereign. Otherwise, your choice is unlimited.

4 phase. It is the most difficult, because it is a kind of mixture of the three previous ones. The boss fires a chain lightning, freezes, sets fire, throws meteors, and, almost without stopping, hits everyone with his paw. And the whole thing happens under the blinding. You can only recommend the Sword Master, the Savage, the Cloud Wanderer, the Fallen Lord and 5 characters to choose from. Although, by and large, you can only rely on luck.

In all this chaos, important points can be highlighted. For example, you will not be able to occupy the first lines in the damage rating without having a Cloud Wanderer or a Sword Master in your team. The former is due to its illusions, the latter is due to its healing and short-term immunity to magic. You cannot bypass the Ninja, who, as usual, will do the main damage. With his high dodge chance, he is not afraid of the Dragon’s paw.

The Savage will be useless in Phase 1 under silence, but he remains the only usable tank on the Dragon. But for stage 1, you will have to find a replacement for him.

Chapter 15

Access to this raid opens at team level 89, and at first it will be difficult. In fact, the boss is a regular Lord of the Storm, only with a very large pool of health and damage. He has the same abilities, only each of them can immediately kill any of your characters. Everything is complicated by the fact that the boss has level 101, therefore, control abilities will not always hit him. You won’t be able to get a lot of damage right away, but it’s still worth a try.

The composition of the detachment. In the first seconds of the battle, the boss summons a huge whirlwind that throws up all your heroes, after that, usually only the remains of warriors land on the ground. To avoid this, you need Cloud Strider, his frost spear throw will turn the boss in the other direction, which will make the whirlwind go into the milk.

The boss likes to use forked lightning, which strikes 3 targets, but can hit 1 hero 2 times, which will force the unlucky warrior to retreat to another world. To achieve the minimum health loss of characters, it is recommended to take 1 more hero with the ability to summon illusions. Desirable fallen lord.

The last ability of the boss is a small whirlwind that knocks back the nearest hero, damages him, and turns to stone for a while. This can only be avoided through control. The best choice for this is the Imperial Executioner, preferably of legendary quality. The main thing is that you will not use the executioner’s ultimate ability. But the difference in levels can play a cruel joke, so you should take the Shadow of the Foliage for insurance.

The remaining 2 places can be taken by the Ninja Assassin and the Savage. The first is for damage, the second is for removing armor and, if you’re lucky, for controlling your stun. In theory, you can replace the Savage with the Drunken Master, but in practice it will not lead to anything good.

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Robot fighter

Normal physical and magical attacks do not damage the Robot. Only additional damage affects him: poisons, burning and curse. However, the key to passing this boss is to correctly interrupt attacks on the tank. The main damage to the Robot is inflicted by Viper (Poisonous) thanks to its 1 and 2 abilities. A good choice would be Varlog, because he can perfectly take on the boss’s attack and interrupt it, and besides, he deals a lot of additional damage.

It is better to choose Ogre as a tank, since it has a sufficient number of health points, an additional attack and an ultimate ability with stun. The chaplain grants extra survivability with his healing, and can disrupt the boss’s spell casting with his 3 skill. 5 hero can take any warrior with an additional attack.

For some players, this boss is one of the most difficult, and its passage requires a certain skill. if you are going to hire a well-dressed character from the guild, we recommend that you first practice with your own, or hire a weaker warrior to time the main moments of the battle, and then start the passage.

Northern dragon

On this boss, only flying heroes inflict damage, the rest of the Dragon simply freezes. But even after freezing, auras and effects continue to work. There are 7 flying champions in the game at the moment:

  1. Viper - Poisonous.
  2. Phoenix.
  3. Pilot.
  4. An old curse.
  5. Griffin.
  6. Witch.
  7. Master mage.

All, except the last 2, can be easily collected in the Arena and the Ship. But you can take one pedestrian to the detachment - Bionika. He will be able to take on a lot of damage due to resurrection, plus he will give additional health leech, which will not be superfluous for the team.

Tricks. You can extend the life of the Pilot, just wait until he accumulates energy, and use the ultimate ability when he flies next to the Dragon’s paws. After these actions, he will remain behind the Dragon’s head until the end of the battle, thus he will not receive damage with his paw and breath. Another significant obstacle to the passage is the Dragon’s ability to impose silence. Here you can advise two things: first - the Viper and the Old Curse should use the ultimate ability at the first opportunity, and the Phoenix only once and only after silence.

Avoiding silence, Phoenix will deal more damage, and skills following the first ultimate ability will be less useful than a normal attack, due to the incomplete amount of Phoenix’s health. But sometimes you can use the ultimate skill to finish off the Dragon.

Furious Blood

The boss is famous for his high damage to 1 target, but at the same time, it also kills him. Approximately every 15 seconds, the boss hits with an ultimate ability, and almost kills any of your warriors, but at the same time the Spearman takes damage in the amount of 20% of his health. For a successful passage, you need to take heroes that will give maximum survivability, and create additional objectives for the boss’s ability.

Leoric can be tanked, since he can easily take on 2 - 3 ultimate boss shots. Instead of him, as an option, you can take Abbadon, his passive skill reduces the damage from massive shots, and he has better survivability than Leoric. Next, put Ember in the team, his ultimate skill will help him not die from the boss’s dash, plus the shield absorbs damage from massive attacks well.

It is recommended to put Lancer, 4 copies of which will give an additional 4 targets for the boss attack. And if you’re lucky, they can turn the boss in the other direction, which will give the team an opportunity to dodge the boss’s massive dash. Warlock - he has a tenacious, in terms of health, inferno, which can also play the role of a tank. Plus, Varlog imposes a gradual treatment, more than once will save the lives of your heroes.

Fill the last place in the group with the Chaplain, there is not much to say about her, just good treatment.

At some levels, it is better to play with manual control in order to control Ember’s skills so that he does not use the ultimate skill 2 times in a row.


The phoenix is ??killed only when it is in the egg, therefore, for a successful passage you will need heroes who can deliver a lot of hits in a few seconds. For example, this is Lancer, Drunken Master, Parapsychic Sword. Many are skeptical of Barry due to his late arrival on the battlefield. But thanks to this, he remains to live up to the egg. The Drunken Master is a tenacious hero in itself, and has a high dodge rate, which will also play into your hands.

Lancer is recommended not only because of his ultimate ability, but his illusions will also be able to do a couple of hits in the egg.

Vortra, with its high damage, will speed up the egg spawn time, thereby your heroes take less damage from the boss. Well, Troxy will give the whole team additional damage, and will launch a lot of arrows in the egg.

There are many commands for passing Phoenix. But the rest of the warriors are pumped for a long time. And we told you about the most budgetary group for the successful passage of Phoenix.

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Dwarf Arsenal

Arsenal is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In it, you can earn items that you sell to a merchant for gold. Enemies in this Challenge inflict massive physical damage all over the place and tend to have large health reserves. For the first three difficulties, most mid lane heroes are ineffective as they cannot withstand all of the damage. Better to use 3, 4 or even 5 frontline heroes, as they can survive the damage much better.

  1. Heroes to Challenge:
  2. Souls Hunter.
  3. Death Knight.
  4. Chaplain.
  5. Magician doctor.
  6. Ninja Assassin.

But on difficulty 5 and higher, it is necessary to reconsider the presence of heroes in the team. Starting from difficulty 5 and up, all opponents will be targeted to quickly destroy your team, so you should aim to kill the enemies first. The ninja assassin can very quickly inflict a huge amount of damage on the enemy. Clones of the Cloud Wanderer will distract opponents and force them to shoot at other targets. Having a good healer is important. The Chaplain is suitable for this role. But at 9 and higher difficulty levels, another strategy will come in handy, which we will discuss below.

Best team composition:

  1. Knight of the Cross.
  2. Death mage.
  3. Witch.
  4. Manipulator.
  5. Chaplain.

It is very comfortable and safe to play with this team (in terms of errors). But if you are an ordinary player, then it is best to use the following heroes:

  1. The voice of the depths.
  2. Fencer with a rose.
  3. The spirit of revenge.
  4. Queen of curses.
  5. Manipulator.

Of course, this lineup is less immune to mistakes, and any mistake can lead to the death of one of the heroes. But if you do everything right, then with enough perseverance, you can go through history.

Tactics. Next, you need to select the appropriate level of difficulty, that is, your heroes will not be killed in the first seconds of the battle. In the first phase of the battle, the Machinist will be waiting for you, and you need to carefully monitor the abilities he uses. That is, you need not leave him more than one chance to use them. To do this, alternate control, it is best not to combine the effects, but to use sequentially one after the other.

The swordsman gains the ultimate ability faster than anyone else, then the Spirit of Vengeance, and only then the Voice of the Depths and the Manipulator.

If you made a mistake that caused the death of your heroes, do not rush to start over, perhaps this is just for the best. At the 2nd phase of the battle, a Pilot is waiting for you, who can kill the Spirit of Vengeance and the Swordsman on the fly. But if you change the timing of the Manipulator’s ultimate, the situation changes. After stunning him, there will be a massive provocation from the manipulator. Then watch the Pilot take off, and interrupt him with control. Especially if you see a circle on the floor next to the 3rd row heroes. If you run out of controls, or one of them does not work, then there is a chance that the Pilot will simply miss the rocket or not kill the heroes while flying.

In the 3rd phase you will be greeted by the Mini-Pilot and the Machinist (the same as in the first phase). It is necessary to keep track of both enemies at once. If you can ignore the rocket and the Pilot’s flight, then the Driver’s skills should not be missed - they must be interrupted immediately. Also, do not ignore the Pilot’s superbomb, it is fatal to your champions.

Temple of the Tide

This is where you get experience items. Completing this challenge is much easier than completing Arsenal. The Temple is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The rarity of the potions obtained is related to the difficulty level of the task. The main rule for going through all the difficulties is the selection of a team with high damage and massive control:

  1. Manipulator.
  2. Chaplain.
  3. Dwarf warrior.
  4. Fencer with a rose.
  5. Death mage.

With this command, you can easily go through all the difficulty levels that will be available to you as you level up your account.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.