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Horse Haven WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

HORSE HAVEN WORLD ADVENTURES is a game for android with release date 22.01. 2015 from Ubisoft Entertainment. Game genre: Casual. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Horse Haven download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. All About Farm Management
  3. How to take care of horses?
  4. Breeding Tips for New Breeds
  5. Horse Racing Guide
  6. How to Participate in Dressage?
  7. Quest Completion
  8. A Guide for Donators
  9. Is It Worth Playing?

Horse Haven: A Beginner’s Guide

Horse Haven is a simulator of a farm and horse breeding at the same time. The developer is a well-known company Ubisoft. Colorful drawing of horses, different locations, races and exhibitions will definitely not let you get bored.

Plot. You are a budding horse breeder, acting as the ranch manager that Carol has entrusted to you during her vacation. Your task is to restore a huge ranch and start breeding horses, since no one knows when Carol will return from her journey.

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to get to know the main characters. They will teach you the basics of the game, give you various tasks and encourage you. Main characters:

The game can be roughly divided into 3 parts:

Locations. The game is diverse geographically, you can build 5 horse breeding farms and participate in races on 4 continents:

Interface. The main screen displays a ranch with all buildings and a train station. Going inside the stable is done by clicking on one of them.

At the top of the screen, the game level indicator and the number of basic resources are displayed. On the left side there are promotional offers, buttons to go to the store and a section for donators.

By clicking on the button in the upper left corner, you will go to the world map. Use the arrows to change the part of the world and choose the location you want to go to, or the races you want to participate in.

In the upper right corner is a list of horses, just below the game menu with settings, tasks and horsepower. In the lower right corner you will find tasks from the characters of the game and a section of friends.

The main currencies in the game are coins and diamonds, they are needed to care for horses, breed new breeds and build buildings. Coins can be earned from horse races and by earning income from stables, and diamonds by completing tasks.


Friends. This tab displays a list of your friends in the game, as well as Amy. You can visit friends’ farms and perform certain actions there, for example, pet a horse. For each completed task, you will receive a small reward.

To upgrade your farm and horses faster, add as many friends as possible to get help from them.

Every day you will be recommended several players with whom you can make friends. You can also remove from the list of inactive friends who do not help you.

Friends can help you speed up the time required for a certain process, such as building or grooming a horse. To do this, you need to hire them to work. One friend can help once a day.

Installing the game. Horse Haven is a free game available on iOS and Android platforms. After downloading, the game will ask for your age, you must enter the number and accept the user agreement to start the game.

A present for a new player. From the first 14 days of the game, you need to log into the application at least 7. The creators of the game welcome you and give you great gifts, among them coins and diamonds, two breeds of horses, decorations for pets and a farm.

Awards calendar. When you visit the game every day, you have the opportunity to receive good gifts with food or game currency. The game provides an opportunity to choose one of two gifts, but only if you enter the game daily. If you miss one day, you will receive the less valuable of the two gifts.

When choosing a gift, give preference to any premium currency, as it is rather difficult to earn in comparison with coins or feed production.

Viewing commercials. In the tab for donators, you can get free coins and diamonds several times a day. By watching the promotional video, you can get 100 coins or 3 diamonds.

Horse Haven: All About Farm Management

In the game, you can build several farms in different parts of the world. The buildings on all sites are the same for their purpose, only the appearance differs.

Also, in different locations, you can grow several types of feed. Since the warehouse is the same for all farms, you will be able to create special feed mixtures for all horses in the stables.

When entering the game, to collect all the coins at once, watch the commercial.

Center of the farm. The main building on the site, when a message icon appears above the center, you need to go into it. Here you get information about the events taking place in the game and pick up daily rewards that you did not manage to receive on the previous day.

Bulletin board. Located next to the Farm Center. By clicking on the message board, you can view the list of in-game achievements and pick up a reward for your achievements.

Stables. Here foals are raised and adult horses are kept. The stables will bring you a profit, which depends on the level and rarity of the horse.

Breeding center. In this building, horses are crossed to obtain new breeds. The building does not improve and there can be only one building of this type on the site.

Luxurious was worth it. A special building for keeping horses. It is necessary to move horses here that you do not plan to develop and receive income from them.

Warehouse (Barn). It contains farmed feed and horse mixes. To increase the storage capacity, it must be improved, and the extra units of feed must be sold.

Fields. Essential for growing forage, for this select the desired crop and sow the fields with a swipe of your finger. Harvesting is done in the same way. Farms in other locations may have fruit trees instead of fields. After upgrading these facilities, you will increase the number of units of feed produced.

Feed grinder. Essential for the production of formula or horse feed products. There is no need to stock up on different types of feed, as the needs of horses are constantly changing.

Corral. Designed for walking and jogging horses. Here you need to level the ground and remove the manure by clicking on the screen, for this you will receive several coins.

Market. Here you can buy new horses or sell existing ones. Purchase offers are limited and updated over time. Improving the market opens up access to the purchase of new horse breeds.

Railway station. Designed to transport horses between locations. For moving a horse to another location, you must pay and wait a few hours.

Score. Some of the buildings are immediately located on the ranch, some buildings need to be restored, others need to be bought and built. Buying buildings is done through the store tab located in the lower left corner.

The store also sells ranch decorations. All decorations are purchased with coins, diamonds and rubies. They do not affect the gameplay and serve only for visual effect.

Building. The opportunity to build a new building opens after reaching a certain game level. The number of buildings of the same type for construction also increases.

Building buildings costs money and takes time. When the construction or improvement of the building ends, a bow appears on it, click on it and finish the construction stage.

To speed up construction by 30 minutes, ask your friends for help.

Rack of tests. Horse breeding quiz. You are asked to choose one of three questions, three possible answers are given. Each question is updated within 4 hours.

If you are at a loss to answer, then you can remove one wrong answer for watching the commercial. For the correct answer to the question you will receive diamonds, and for the wrong consolation prize in the form of coins.

Improvement of buildings. Each building can be upgraded to 5 stars. Upgrades involve spending coins and always take a certain amount of time.

Moving. Most of the objects on the map can be moved. To do this, hold your finger on the building, press the arrow button and move it to the desired location. If the object is transparent, then it cannot be installed in this place.

Purchase of territory. New plots of land for construction must be purchased for coins. Purchase zones near your site, thereby clear the ground from trees and stones.

Off-farm facilities. Also across the road from the farm, you can see several buildings that also have some capabilities. Basically, they will be associated with temporary events in the game, where you can get all the information about the competition.

Horse Haven: How to take care of horses?

Development of foals. Each foal born can be given a name or whatever the computer suggests. After the foal, it must be transferred to the stable so that it can grow into an adult horse.

In order for the foal to grow up, it must be well fed. As soon as he gets the right amount of feed, you will receive an adult horse.

The horse automatically gets level 5. From that moment on, she is ready to race and participate in selection. An increase in the level occurs in the process of further care.

The better the horse, the higher the income you get from it, and the more expensive it can be sold.

Basic care. At the beginning of the game, Carol left you a foal as a gift, on which you can learn the basics of horse care. To complete all actions, training tips from the characters of the game will appear.

An icon will appear above each stable, indicating the need for a particular horse. To fulfill the horse’s need, click on the stable and the game will go into animal interaction mode.

The horses’ favorite food must be grown in the fields. Remember to grow food for your horses so they don’t starve.

Care steps:

List of horses. By clicking on the tab in the upper right corner, you can see the list of horses that are kept in the stable and stable. Their needs at the moment will also be indicated here.

Clearing the stables. Transport older horses to luxurious stables to free up stables for new foals. These horses will also be able to participate in breeding and racing. You will need to pay for transportation.

Don’t be afraid to sell horses with low ratings and unnecessary breeding.

Horse characteristics. All information about the horse can be viewed in the information card after clicking on the icon of a particular horse. The card contains the following information:

Modifications. The horse can be dressed up to your liking or according to the dressage theme. Click on the hanger icon in the stable to go to the mod shop.

You can choose from a saddle, boots, bridle, blanket, ears, hood and more. In the future, it is planned to decorate the mane. To dress up a horse, drag the selected item onto it, and then pay the cost of the decorations at the checkout.

Horse Haven: Breeding Tips for New Breeds

The game has a huge number of horse breeds, both real and invented. You can get them in several ways:

Selection. The main way to get most of the horse breeds in the game. A breeding center must be used to give birth to a new breed of foal.

Follow the horse breeding guidelines for new breeds.

Breeding center. By combining males and females of different breeds, you can breed a new one. The game will offer you two horses for selection and will indicate the foal which breed you can end up with.

To get to know a new breed better, touch the horse and view it from all angles before starting breeding.

Breeding scheme. In order to always get a new breed, it is necessary to follow the horse breeding scheme when breeding. This shows which horses you already own and shows their gender.

If you have parents of a future foal, then you can safely try to breed it. After going through the entire breeding scheme, you can breed a horse of an exclusive breed.

Wheel of Fortune. After you click the Withdraw button, the wheel of fortune will appear, the spin of which determines the success of the selection. You will receive a new breed of foal if the arrow stops over the pink area marked New.

If the selection is unsuccessful, you can try again by spending diamonds. If it was not possible to breed a new breed, then you can try again after a while.

A worthy breeding pair can be found among friends’ pets.

Breeding requires an investment of money, and a new foal does not appear immediately, but after a while. Sometimes you can shorten the waiting time by watching a commercial.

Conpedia. In the menu tab, click on the horse icon and you will go to the real encyclopedia of horses. Here is all the information about playable horse breeds. There are 6 sections in total:

Study everything thoroughly to bring out and collect the entire collection.

Horses that you have already bred are marked with green checkmarks. Each horse has from 1 to 4 levels and has a certain skill: speed, endurance, grace, the skill of adapting to the weather, jumping.

You can also get information on how to get the available breeds, just click on the horse you are interested in. You will be offered several breeding options with an indication of the percentage of probability of obtaining a new breed.

Gifts. In Konepedia you can also receive gifts for breeding new horse breeds and replenishing the collection. As soon as you open the indicated number of new horse breeds, a red box with a gift in the form of diamonds will light up.

Horse Haven: Horse Racing Guide

To take part in the race, open the map of the continents. Competitions are displayed on the map as a cup. By choosing specific races, you can familiarize yourself with the rewards that can be obtained for completing a certain distance.

Horses from any farm can take part in the race, regardless of the location of the race. The number of participations is not limited, you can play until the horses run out of energy.

Take part in new races, as the reward is always higher there.

Prior to the start of the mini-game, you will receive an award for public speaking at the Obstacle Race. The number of coins you get at the beginning depends on the rarity and level of the horse displayed.

Upgrade shop. Before you start racing, you can select enhancements to optimize your horse’s performance. Depending on the level of the horse, you can purchase from 1 to 3 boosters.

There are 6 improvements in total, which are valid only during the current race:

Don’t waste coins on boosters, just take part in the races more often and increase the endurance of your horses.

Sometimes boosters can appear at a game location. Be sure to collect hearts, shields and impulses to increase your horse’s stamina and travel a long distance.

Control. The horse runs on its own, coins and obstacles will be encountered on its way. In order to overcome obstacles and collect coins that are high, you need to make a jump.

Touch and hold your finger anywhere on the screen to make the horse jump. If you bump into an obstacle, some of your stamina is lost and you end up covering a shorter distance.

Once the red stamina bar reaches zero, the race will end. You can continue the ride and increase the reward for watching the commercial.

Run with the horses. There is an additional type of race in which the horse’s speed is important. The race takes place with the participation of other horses, and your task is to reach the finish line faster than everyone else.

A speed increase indicator appears on the right. You need to click on the screen at the moment when the slider is in the green zone, in which case your horse will receive significant acceleration.

Horse Haven: How to Participate in Dressage?

Dressage is a competitive show of horses. To be included in the standings, the show horse must have certain characteristics and be modified in accordance with the theme of dressage.

Tournament table. At the end of the show, you take the appropriate place in the standings. The reward is distributed after the end of the event, you get diamonds and special green coins, which are needed to train the horse.

Each season has its own theme and the horse that matches it more gets more points from the judges during the show. Your friends’ ratings also increase the final score.

Players receive rewards based on the weekly score. The higher the place in the leaderboard, the better the reward.

To rise in the rankings, you must display a rare, well-trained horse with a unique appearance.

Training. You need to train your horse so that in dressage it can perform the necessary elements and get more points. The higher the level of completion of the element, the greater the reward.

The training of an element lasts for some time, for increasing the level of performance and learning a new element you need to pay green coins. In total, a horse can learn 4 elements:

Dressage. Click on the Join button and start watching your horses. Any horse with the appropriate amount of energy can be entered for competition.

After clicking on the question icon, a list of recommended horses for the current show opens. If you show one of these horses, the judges will appreciate it and give you more points.

Before the performance begins, you can further modify the horse to get more points.

During the performance, you can take 3 photos and choose the one that will illustrate the performance of your horse in the standings. Upon completion of the review, you will receive rating points and green coins for further training.

If you are not happy with the number of points earned, then you can perform a performance of another horse, but you will no longer receive the daily reward. Performances can be held every day until the end of the event.

Horse Haven: Quest Completion

Complete tasks every day to receive special rewards. For example, collect coins, collect food.

Subject tasks. In the lower right corner there are icons with the characters of the game. Each of them has a task for you, for the completion of which you will receive various rewards in the form of experience, coins, modifications and decorations.

Information about the task can be obtained by clicking on the character. It can consist in performing one or more actions. All tasks appear as the farm develops and restores.

If you performed an action before it appeared in the quests of the characters, then its completion will be automatically counted. But it is better to develop the farm as tasks appear.

Daily tasks. In the menu tab, click on the crown icon to go to the list of tasks. You need to complete 5 tasks in the allotted time. For each completed task, you will receive experience points and coins, and for completing all tasks, a good gift.

Special tasks. In the menu tab, click on the list icon to view the tasks. You will receive 3 tasks, for example, make an in-game purchase, accumulate diamonds or complete a certain distance in the races.

After completing one of the tasks, the list will be updated. As a reward for completing tasks, you will receive special coins for purchasing exclusive horse breeds, for example, horses from the Constellation collection.

Progress. In addition to completing the listed tasks during the performance of the main game actions, you can get diamonds for your achievements. There are 115 achievements in total that require you to:

Horse Haven: A Guide for Donators

When shopping for pet products and care products, you will have to spend coins and gems. If you do not have enough money, you can purchase gems in the Store for real money.

To make purchases, click on the basket icon in the upper left corner of the screen. First, you will be offered to subscribe, then you will be introduced to promotional offers, then offers for the purchase of horses, diamonds and coins.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers.

Horses available for purchase:

Subscription. A number of privileges are available in the game after subscribing. 1 or 12 months subscription purchase available. By subscribing, you get:

Horse Haven: Is It Worth Playing?

Horse Haven is a pleasant pastime game that will appeal to both adults and children. Colorful drawing of horses, animation of movement, musical accompaniment and several game directions.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that might turn you off:

We recommend that you install Horse Haven on your gaming device and play for a couple of days. Then you can understand if this game is right for you. If yes, then start creating the perfect place for your horses.

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.