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Hunting Clash WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

HUNTING CLASH is an Android game with release date 11/18/2019 from Ten Square Games. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. All About Hunting
  2. How to upgrade weapons?
  3. All About Bait
  4. How to complete an animal album?
  5. Amplifier Guide
  6. How to earn more hunting points?
  7. A Guide for Beginners
  8. Should I Join the Club?
  9. How to Win a Duel?
  10. How to take part in the events?
  11. How to Win the Championship?
  12. Guide for donators
  13. Is It Worth Playing?

Hunting Clash: All About Hunting

The beginning of the hunt. Go to the Animal Album, select the location and the bait card for the desired animal. Then press the Hunt button in the lower right corner of the main screen to go to the selected location.

Tracking animals. Use the joystick on the right and use it to examine the location. Look for green sonar waves that indicate the approximate direction and location of the selected animal.

Use amplifiers and lure cards of the highest level to hunt down the largest animal.

Shot. Use the joystick to aim the sight at the area of the animal’s heart. Then press the green button on the left to fire. During one hunting session, you can shoot only once, while the time for finding a target and making a shot is not limited.

Hunting glasses. Hunt down valuable animal breeds to earn more hunting points. Hunt points increase your ranking in the leaderboards and allow you to open reward chests during events.

Dog. The pet increases the value of the prey and makes the hunt more successful. In each location you will be accompanied by different pets. Hunt in the location indicated on the card, earn points and level up to open more slots for bonuses.

Dog treat. Feed your dog to add experience points and level up faster. Dog treats can be obtained during events or through a special offer.

Premium workout. Train your dog to open additional slots for bonuses. Buy training for 50 gold coins to speed up the time for the dog’s level up and increase the number of bonuses that can be activated at the same time.

Hunting Clash: How to upgrade weapons?

Weapons are the main hunter’s tool that allows them to hunt down more valuable prey. Each game location uses a certain weapon model, which can be modified and improved its characteristics.

Do not forget to pump weapons in new locations to win battles in this area.

Level. Unlock and upgrade the properties of weapons to increase their star level and get additional bonuses while hunting. Properties are opened gradually one after another according to the built chain.

Weapon properties:

Hunting Clash: All About Bait

Bait - special cards that are necessary for a successful hunt for animals. Obtaining and upgrading cards is essential to progress in the game and receive rewards.

Receiving. Win battles, take prizes in the event standings to get bait cards. You can also buy cards in the Store, or get them from special packages:

Free package. Every day, several free packages with 2 decoy cards, silver and gold coins, and weapon tokens are available for you to receive. Click on the package icon next to the Hunt button to receive a gift, after which a countdown will begin until a new package is received.

Log in to the game every 4 hours to receive new decoy cards and level up.

Characteristics. The bait card determines the average weight of animals that you can catch, and the chance of finding this animal at the location while hunting. The higher the characteristics of the decoy card, the higher the chance of earning more hunting points.

Map level. Select a decoy card to improve its performance. If the required number of map elements is collected, the green upgrade button is activated. Click on it, check out the cost of the improvement, if there are enough silver coins, increase the level of the card.

Types of cards. Pump over the rarest bait cards, as they bring more experience points to increase your game level. Depending on the type of cards, they have a different maximum level:

Hunting Clash: How to complete an animal album?

Album. Get decoy cards to collect all the animals in each location. On each card, you can familiarize yourself with the description of the animal and the record set during the hunt for it.

Locations. Choose your favorite location to hunt different animals. The game allows you to visit different parts of the world and enjoy unique landscapes. Look for a unique animal in each location to complete the entire animal album.

Location opening. Level up your game to gain access to all hunting locations. The list of locations is located on the left side of the Animal Album, here you can navigate between locations and familiarize yourself with the information about the required game level to open a new area. A new location will open every 10th level.

MontanaYellowstone Elk, Grizzly Bear, American Bison, Canadian Wolf, Desert Bighorn, Rocky Mountain Wolf, Red Lynx, White-tailed Deer, Snow Goat, American Bear, Coyote, Wapiti, Mule Deer, American Corsac, American Hare.
NamibiaAfrican Buffalo, Lion, Steppe Lynx, Cheetah, Southern Black Rhino, African Elephant, Spotted Hyena, Big Kudu, Hyena Dog, Hartman’s Mountain Zebra, Common Warthog, Impala, Leopard.
KamchatkaAmur tiger, Japanese wolf, Kamchatka brown bear, Red wolf, Kamchatka reindeer, European elk, Siberian goat, Arctic fox, Siberian polar bear, Korsak, Tundra wolf, Siberian bear, Bighorn sheep.
BurmaGaur, Tibetan chiru, Asiatic tiger, Indian elephant, Asiatic cupreus, Caracal, Binturong, Asiatic wolf, Indian boar, Crested deer, Altai argali.
YukonBoreal forest caribou, Canadian lynx, Moose, Asiatic wild boar, Bighorn sheep, North American cougar, Polar bear, Red fox, Black bear, Pronghorn antelope, Wolverine.
Lomsdal-VistenRed deer, Brown bear, Eurasian wolf, Raccoon dog, Wild boar, Common badger, Roe deer, Fallow deer.
Jim-Jim FallsRed Kangaroo, Emu, Proechidna, Johnston’s Crocodile, White-breasted Philander, Australian Camel, Wombat, Cassowary, Giant Kangaroo, Dingo.
Tucholskie BoryEuropean bison, European mouflon, Ussuri raccoon, Northern lynx, European elk, European roe deer, Central European wild boar, Raccoon, White hare.
Valley of the KingsNile Hippo, Fenech, Maned Sheep, Nile Crocodile, One-humped Camel, Nubian Ibex, Gazelle Dorcas.

Hunting Clash: Amplifier Guide

Amplifiers. When tracking down large animals, special items with special properties will always come in handy. You can get them as a reward for increasing your game level or for a prize in the championship and events.

Weight. During the hunt, increases the weight of the prey by 15%. Use the booster to shoot down larger animals.

Chance. Increases the chance of an animal spawning from a decoy card by 100%. Use the amplifier to find the animal you are hunting at the location.

Sonar. During the hunt, a special hint appears with the location of the animal and its value. Use the booster to find out about the location of the desired animal and shoot the largest target.

Luck. Increases the chance of spawning large animals by 100%. Use the booster to find larger and more valuable loot at the location.

A steady hand. During the hunt, the weapon has an automatic guidance system. Use the booster to shoot directly into the heart of the animal.

Amplifier activation. Click on the required amplifier icon under the resource indicator on the main screen to activate the bonus. After that, the amplifier will be applied during the hunt.

Remember to turn off the amplifiers so they don’t go to waste. During a duel, the selected amplifiers are spent on each shot.

Hunting Clash: How to earn more hunting points?

Hunting glasses. Hunt animals to gain points and increase your ranking in the leaderboards. You will also need points to complete tasks in game events and defeat another player in a duel.

Bait. Raise the level of the decoy card to increase the number of points that you can get for hitting the target. Choose the bait cards of legendary, mythical and epic animals to get more points.

Shooting accuracy. Aim at the heart of the animal to get a bonus for shooting accuracy. The target area is marked with a small green circle on the animal’s body. The farther from this area the place of defeat, the less points you will receive as a result of the hunt.

Amplifiers. Apply weight boosters to shoot down a larger animal. The greater the weight of the prey, the more points you will gain for a successful hunt.

Weapon. Upgrade your weapons and get more stars to unlock new properties. The higher the level of the weapon, the greater the chance of finding a more valuable animal of different classes.

Hunting Clash: A Guide for Beginners

The goal of the game is to hunt down the most valuable breeds of animals, earn as many hunting points as possible and take the top lines in the world ranking. Upgrade weapons and lures, go to a location and hone your hunter’s skills.

Beginning of the game. After installing the app, read and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Data Management Policy to play. Follow the onscreen tutorials to learn game mechanics and basic activities.

Level. For improving decoy cards, you get experience points. Level up to receive additional rewards in the form of gold, silver, weapon tokens, and decoy cards.

The higher the level, the more gaming activities become available to you. For example, after reaching level 2, participation in events and the use of amplifiers will become available to you, and after reaching level 10 you will be able to create your own club.

Rating. Hunt valuable specimens to get more hunting points and get into the world ranking. The competition also takes place between clubs and participants in fights.

Gold. Use premium currency to buy decoy cards, card packs, boosters, silver, and weapon tokens. You can get gold from a package or as a reward during events.

Silver. Use this currency to buy decoy cards and upgrade them. You can get silver from a package or as a reward during events and fights.

Weapon token. Use this currency to unlock weapon properties and increase the star level of weapons. You can get tokens from a package or as a reward during events and fights.

Interface. The main screen displays the terrain of the location selected for hunting. At the top of the screen, the game level indicator, the number of available resources, the Rating and Dogs tabs are displayed.

At the bottom of the screen there is a button to go to the Duel, cells for opening packages and a button to start a hunt. On the right are the booster slots and the selected decoy card. On the left - buttons for switching to the Events, Champions, Challenges, Clubs, Store, Weapons tabs.

Settings. Click on the icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings menu. Adjust music, sounds, gore display and graphics quality. You can also change your account name and game language.

Synchronization. Log in via Facebook or the game center to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.

If during the game there were failures with the Internet connection, when starting the application, you may be able to select an account to continue. Choose the recording with the greatest progress and save time.

Hunting Clash: Should I Join the Club?

Club. Become a member of the club and enjoy its benefits. Get the opportunity to interact with other hunters and receive club packages. Clubs differ in the number of credibility points, the openness of the recruitment of participants and the requirements for the players.

Joining the club. Go to the Clubs tab and choose one of the proposed ones to become a member. If you know the name of the club you would like to join, enter the name in the search bar to go to the desired club card.

You can leave the Club at any time. Strive to get into the top Clubs in order to receive help from active members.

Creation of a club. Create your club and choose your loyal companions to receive the best rewards during the competition. The cost of creating is 1500 silver coins. Choose an emblem, come up with a name for the club and add a description.

Leader. After creating a club, you will receive the status of a leader, which will give you certain powers. Promote or demote other members of the club, and you can also exclude from the club inactive players who do not contribute to the credibility of the club.

If the leader leaves the club, then his powers are transferred to the player who is the longest member of the club. Also, the leader changes when the player is inactive for 30 days.

Chat. Click on the Message button to start chatting with club members. The chat also displays messages about the main events that take place in the club, for example, the player’s exit or joining the club.

Donation. Select the bait, the card that you would like to receive, and request it from the club members. You can only request open baits. After receiving your request, club members will be able to help you, you can also donate bait cards to other players.

A request can be sent every 4 hours, the maximum number of donation cards is 6 regular and 3 rare. Daily, you can get 36 Common and 3 Rare Decoy Cards per day.

Be sure to request a donation from club members to improve decoy cards and level up.

Club package. Win battles and get green shells. Each shell counts towards the club’s pool. Earn at least one bullet and you will be able to receive a reward at the end of the event.

The more shells during two days club members can earn, the higher the level of the gift package will be, the maximum level is 12. The increase in the level of the package can be tracked on the progress bar.

You will only be able to take part in club packages if you joined the club before the start of collecting shells.

Hunting Clash: How to Win a Duel?

Duel is a PvP battle mode in which you need to score more hunting points than your opponent. Victories in duels affect your rating, receiving rewards in events, club package and fight package.

Battle. The fight can only take place at a location available to you. Before starting the hunt, choose one of the three bait cards, your opponent will also make his choice. If your choice is the same, then the second card will be selected automatically.

Points will be awarded for killing only these two animals. Therefore, when choosing a bait card, focus on the highest in type and level so that you have the opportunity to hunt down valuable prey.

Be sure to hunt both selected animals to increase your chance of winning.

The number of attempts is limited only by the time of the battle, so try to get the most valuable animal that will be counted. To increase the chance of winning, use the necessary amplifiers.

Rating. Win a duel to earn cup points and increase your rank. If you lose, you will lose points and lower your rating, the rank after receiving does not decrease.

Duel package. Win Challenges and receive up to 4 Packs of Decoy Cards. To get the content, click on the filled cell and click Open.

After that, the countdown will begin until the package is opened. The opening time depends on the type of the duel package, the better its contents, the longer it will take to open. Only one duel package can be opened at a time.

Projectile package. Get 10 shells by winning duels to get a special package. The reward will include 8 decoy cards, silver and gold coins.

Hunting Clash: How to take part in the events?

Events. Complete tasks, get rewards and compete with other hunters for a place on the podium. Participation in all events is limited in time, so strive to complete as many tasks as possible in the allotted time.

Types of events:

Tasks. Enter the Events tab and choose which one you want to take part in. Check out the list of tasks and complete them every day to earn more points. In this section, you can track your progress and rating.

Reward. Collect the set threshold of points in order to open one of the chests with rewards, or take the first line in the ranking to receive a reward. The reward is automatically distributed after the end of the event.

Take part in all available events to get more rewards.

Hunting Clash: How to Win the Championship?

Championship. Compete with other players for a reward within 24 hours. Hunt the specified animals to earn as many points as possible and get the best rewards.

Scoring. After the start of the event, the largest number of points received during the hunt for any of the specified animals will be taken into account in the ranking. Next, the highest hunt rates for all animals are summed up, and your position in the table is determined.

Be sure to hunt all animals listed in the Championship and use boosters to increase your rating.

Reward. Take first place in the rankings for the best reward. The reward is automatically distributed among the participants after the end of the Championship:

Hunting Clash: Guide for donators

Score. Buy missing silver coins, boosters, weapon tokens or decoy cards for gold. In the store, you can also buy gold or resource packs for real money.

Sets. Check out the promotions in the Offers section and choose the appropriate set of resources or bait cards. Promotions are constantly changing, so you can always find the option that suits you.

The most beneficial to buy are offers and packs during in-game events. The more expensive the purchase, the more profitable you will acquire resources per unit.

Go to the Offers section of the store every day and check if there is a free gift set of resources.

Hunting Clash: Is It Worth Playing?

Hunting Clash is a colorful and realistic animal hunting simulator from Ten square games. Simple game mechanics, variety of weapons, locations and animals make the game an enjoyable pastime.

Here are some of the pros:

The main disadvantage of the game is that you need a constant Internet connection, which is why the phone is quickly discharged.

Article author: Maria M.