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Huuuge Casino Slots WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

HUUUGE CASINO SLOTS is an Android game with release date 05/25/2015 from Huuuge Games Play Together. Game genre: Casino simulator. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Huuuge Casino Slots download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to Bet?
  3. Tips for Getting Free Chips
  4. Tips on How to Beat the Casino
  5. How to Choose a Slot Machine?
  6. How to Finish Your Workout?
  7. How to Play with Friends?
  8. Should You Join The Billionaire League?
  9. How to Participate in Events?
  10. All About Mascot Collection
  11. Donator Guide
  12. Is It Worth Playing?

Huuuge Casino Slots: A Beginner’s Guide

ATTENTION! You cannot win real money at Huuuge Casino Slots. The game is an online casino simulator and is intended solely for the entertainment and pastime of users.

Beginning of the game. After installing the application on your mobile device, you will need to accept the privacy policy. Next, go through a little tutorial with Betty’s assistant and start playing.

Profile. Enter your name, age, gender, country and location, choose an avatar. In this tab, you can track your game progress, win statistics, the number of Fame Points and Likes received.

You can change the name of a profile only twice, after which the last specified name will be assigned to the profile.

Interface. The main game screen is a casino lobby through which you can navigate to the main activities of the game. The upper part of the screen displays information about the number of earned chips and diamonds, an indicator of game progress, buttons to go to the store and the options menu.

Lobby. Here are the buttons for navigating to the sections of mascots, slot machines and other games. You can go to the quick game by choosing one of the offered machines in the lobby, or use the attached slots. On the left are the Huuuge Casino Slots player profiles that you can befriend.

Settings. Through the options tab, you can go to settings for notifications, language, sound and vibration. you can also go to edit your profile or contact support.

Facebook. Be sure to log in to the game through your profile on the social network. This will allow you to save your game progress, play on multiple devices, or restore your profile when you change your phone.

If you did not log into the game through Facebook during installation, then log in through the Friends tab.

Chips. The main game currency that is used to place bets and launch slot machines. Also, with the help of chips, you can create your own club or send a gift to the player at the table.

Diamonds. Premium currency that can be used for the following purposes:

Level. You can get information about the current progress by looking at the indicator next to the avatar, or by going to the Progress section in the profile information. The more time you spend playing, the faster the transition to a new level will come.

Experience points. Every bet you make at Huuuge Casino Slots brings you a gaming experience. You can get the most points on slot machines, but bets on roulette and when playing poker.

Level up. After the level indicator is full, you will receive a notification that a new level has been reached. As a reward, you can get chips and an experience booster, which will speed up the acquisition of the next level. After reaching level 100, every 10th level you will be given lottery tickets as a reward.

Huuuge Casino Slots: How to Bet?

The size of the bet. The maximum bet amount depends on your playing level. Based on the balance, set the desired bet using the slider, or use the MaxBet button.

Beginning of the game. After you decide on the bet, press the Spin button and start the slot machine. To activate autorun, hold down the Spin button for 5-6 seconds so that it turns red.

Reward. With a successful combination of symbols on the slot machine, you will receive a prize in the form of chips. The size of the reward depends on the bet, the set payouts on the slot machine and the existing combination of symbols.

Jackpot. To get the maximum payoff, all drawn symbols must be on the same payline. All information about the winning lines is located in the information tab of the game.

Huuuge Casino Slots: Tips for Getting Free Chips

Daily bonus. After reaching level 10, you will be able to receive free chips daily. The amount of the gift may vary, as it depends on several factors:

Betty Bonus. Your assistant Betty is ready to give you gifts every 15 minutes to keep you afloat. The amount of the bonus depends on your playing level.

Betty booster. The main way to get this booster is to participate in the lottery. If you’re lucky, this boost will allow you to collect the Betty bonus every 5 minutes instead of 15.

Shop bonus. Go to the Store tab and click on the button in the lower right corner. The payout will be in line with the Betty bonus. You can get a store bonus once every 8 hours.

Set an 8 hour timer or alarm to collect your store bonus at least 3 times a day.

Facebook giveaway. Using a mobile device, go to the official community page and follow the attached link to the post to receive free chips.

Be careful and only follow links provided by the community, not third parties.

Lottery. Use lottery tickets to win prizes in the form of a set of chips, boosters and additional lottery tickets. The value of the award depends on the type of ticket used.

How to get lottery tickets:

In order to receive a free bronze ticket, you must go to the lottery section.

Autostart. To use all available lottery tickets at one time, hold down the ticket button for a few seconds, and autoplay is activated. After that, all the prizes will be shown to you one after another and credited to your account. To cancel autoplay, click on the ticket again.

Huuuge Casino Slots: Tips on How to Beat the Casino

Determine the size of the bet. In order not to lose all the chips earned for several starts of the slot machine, you need to determine the maximum possible bet size for yourself. Better to place small bets in order to increase the chance of getting a big win per 100 spins.

Don’t rely on luck. The principle of operation of most slot machines is based on the occurrence of random numbers and symbols, which means that a winning combination is a matter of chance. However, you need to understand the mechanics of the game and distribute the chips correctly.

Don’t try to recoup. After a series of unsuccessful bets, you will have a desire to win back, to bet even more in order to get a big win. This strategy is likely to lead you to complete ruin. It is better to stop, change the slot machine or take a break for a few hours and return to the game with renewed vigor.

Study the machines. Play the machines you like, placing small bets to study the size of payments and calculate the likelihood of hitting a winning combination or getting a jackpot. After that, you can adjust the size of the bet and reduce the loss rate.

Huuuge Casino Slots: How to Choose a Slot Machine?

Opening the game. All slot machines have a game level requirement and are opened only after this condition is met. To open the game before reaching the required level, you can use diamonds. Some slot machines require club membership.

Favorites. The slot machines you like can be added to the quick access panel so that you do not have to search for them among the numerous list of games. Hold the slot with the selected machine and select the required option from the pop-up menu. The game will then go to the Attached Games section of the lobby.

Types of slots. In the lobby you can find more than 150 different slot machines, from which each player can choose something to their liking. Some games have similar rules, others may be specific. So that you can add your idea of Huuuge Casino Slots slot machines below, we will tell you about our favorites.

Quick Huuuge Jackpots

Characteristic. The game triggers 20 paylines. The combinations are made up of 10 symbols, the most winning is when the Wild symbol appears 5 times. There are 20 paylines.

Jackpot. When 5 or more HuuugeHit symbols land on the field, you can get one of 5 jackpots. The more identical symbols appear, the greater the winning amount will be.

Bonus game. When three FreeBonusGames symbols fall on the field, the field is activated, on which the cells are covered with clover leaves. Open the cells one by one until you get three symbols that will trigger free spins.

Free spins payout. During Free Spins, HuuugeHit symbol combinations do not qualify you for the jackpot. The maximum winning with 9 symbols will be 250,000 chips with a bet of 100, the minimum winning with 3 symbols - 100.

Phoenix garden

Characteristic. The game launches 25 pay lines. The combinations are made up of 12 symbols, the most winning is when the Wild symbol appears 5 times, the bet increases 400 times. There are 25 paylines.

Bonus game. Every time a Wild symbol lands on the playing field, you have a chance to start a bonus game. If you manage to get three identical symbols during this game, then the jackpot is activated and you will receive a big win.

If the Wild symbol does not trigger the bonus game, you will receive a doubling of your winnings.

Free spins. When three or more Scatter symbols appear on the field, you get 5 free spins of the slot machine. When you start free spins, all the reels except the first one can be filled with Wild symbols.

The falcon temple

Characteristic. The game launches 25 pay lines. The combinations are made up of 11 symbols, the most winning is when the Bonus symbol appears 5 times, the bet increases 100 times. There are 25 paylines.

Feature of the game. Your task, together with other players at the table, to earn bonuses to bring the sunset closer and get to the Temple of Ra. When the sun goes down, all players receive free chips.

Sunset. There are 8 phases before sunset and the opening of the entrance to the Temple of Ra. The higher the bets are made by the players, the faster the next phase begins. During sunset, you can also receive additional free chips.

Chat. Tracking free chips for passing the phases of sunset and visiting the Temple of Ra is convenient to do through the general chat. Your big wins and all bonus rewards will be displayed here.

Huuuge Casino Slots: How to Finish Your Workout?

Huuuge Training - the opportunity to participate in additional challenges and receive more rewards every day. Betty will assign you an exercise that will lead to good gifts.

Tasks. In just a day, you need to complete 8 tasks. All of them are performed sequentially one after another and include the following actions:

Keep an eye on the timer so that you can complete all tasks on time.

Energy bar. One of the types of reward for completing a task is an energy discharge that fills the energy bar. The indicator shows the number of discharges required to fill the energy bar and the time it takes to do this. As soon as the energy bar is full, you will receive additional winnings.

Club training. One of the types of reward for completing a task is a load that fills the club counter. If club members actively complete tasks, then you can all get an increase in winnings by the specified percentage.

Huuuge Casino Slots: How to Play with Friends?

Adding. There are two ways to send a friend request to a player. Click on the player at the table, and then the Add button, if the player accepts your offer, he will automatically be on the list of your friends. You can also pre-examine the information about the player’s profile by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, and then add it through the similar Add button.

Removal. The number of friends is limited, so you can remove inactive players from your friends list. To do this, go to the player’s profile through the Friends section and click the Remove from friends button.

Blocking. If you find the behavior of one of the players offensive or unacceptable for yourself, you can protect yourself from such communication. To do this, go to the player’s profile and click the Mute button.

If blocking player messages does not help in resolving the conflict, contact the support center.

An invitation to the game. In order to make your pastime even more fun, you can invite your friends to the game table and chat. Click on an empty seat at the gaming table and select the friend you want to invite. If the player confirms the invitation, he will automatically take a seat at the table.

Private game. To start a private game, hold down the slot with the selected slot machine and select the required option from the pop-up menu. This game mode allows you to have a private conversation with the invited player.

You cannot share chips with a friend. You can support club members and complete a club event together to receive a reward.

Huuuge Casino Slots: Should You Join The Billionaire League?

League of Billionaires. Build a team and compete against other players in the league to take part in daily club events and receive great rewards. You will also get access to exclusive club games.

Join the club. You can familiarize yourself with the proposed list of clubs that you can join, or enter the name of a specific club in the search bar. You can also find a suitable club using the provided search parameters.

Be sure to join the club to receive 1,000,000 chips in your reward.

Create a club. If you are not a member of any club, you have the opportunity to create your own and invite your friends or active players to it. Click on the Create Club tab, enter a name, select a symbol and set membership restrictions. It will cost you 2,000,000 to create a club.

Leave the club. Go to the Billionaires League tab and click on the icon in the upper right corner to open the menu. Click Leave Club and then confirm your decision. Upon release, you will lose the League Points you earned for the current season and any unclaimed rewards.

Donations. The number of donations made by members of the club determines its level. The higher the level of the club, the higher the value of the maximum number of participants.

League points. The more league points a Club has, the higher its rating in the standings. To get league points, you need to make successful launches more often and get big wins. For every 100,000 chips, you get 1 league point, for example, if you win 10,000,000 in chips, you get 10 points.

Huuuge Casino Slots: How to Participate in Events?

Events. For a more exciting game, the developers have provided special game events. Your task is to complete tasks within the allotted time in order to receive additional rewards in the form of chips and tickets.

Reward. All chips that you earn during the course of the event will be automatically credited to your account. If the award is not credited, please restart the app or check your internet connection.

Candy Chase and Sky Hunt are similar in-game events, which consist in the player receiving moves and further advancing along the map. Events are limited in time, so if you manage to go all the way, you can get the most important reward.

Moves. To be able to advance on the map, you need to earn moves. You can get them by filling in a special indicator by launching slot machines. Also in the store you can purchase a set that includes several moves.

Reward. Receiving a reward depends on the cell on which you step after making a move. As a prize for advancing on the map, you can get chips, diamonds, lottery tickets, a multiplier of game experience and new frames for an avatar.

Huuuge Casino Slots: All About Mascot Collection

Talisman is a special item that can be obtained during the game on the machines. Having collected the required number of different types of talismans, you can receive a collection reward.

You can always watch the instructional video in the informational section to learn more about the talismans.

The rarity of the talisman. Each talisman has from 1 to 5 stars, which indicate the rarity of its acquisition. Accordingly, talismans with one star will be quite easy to get, but five-star ones are almost impossible.

Receiving. Mascot packs can be obtained as a reward for leveling up, a successful bid, completing a club task, or by purchasing packs in the store. The more you bet that you place while playing the slot machines, the better the package content will be.

Packs with talismans drop out randomly during the game and can sometimes wait for you in the lobby.

Duplicate. In the event that you come across a talisman that you already have in your collection, it will be counted as a duplicate. After collecting the required number of duplicates, you can get additional chips.

Magic package. Obtaining such a pack of talismans allows you to reopen the set and change the reward. When you drop several new talismans for the first time, we advise you to pick up the reward and not use the second attempt.

Collections. You have to collect 24 collections of 10 talismans each. Go to the talismans section from the lobby, check out the current collections and the progress of collecting them. Previously collected sets of talismans from previous events will be stored here.

After collecting all the collections, you can go to the next level and get higher rewards for collecting new talismans

Reward. For completing each of the collections, a nice gift awaits you, which will include impressive amounts of chips and avatar frames. To find out about the reward, click on the set you are interested in, the reward will be indicated at the top.

Exchange of talismans. Earn trade tokens to request the missing collection talisman. The exchange cost will be determined by the rarity of the talisman. The number of requests is limited only by the number of tokens available.

Some yellow-framed talismans are not available for exchange

Methods of obtaining exchange tokens:

Exchange tab. Here you can get information about all requests for exchange, as well as requests and offers from other players. All requests are limited in time, so after it ends, the request will disappear.

Huuuge Casino Slots: Donator Guide

Score. To stay afloat and place big bets, you can take advantage of the store’s offers and purchase additional chips with real money. Each purchase will bring you a certain bonus in the form of boosters, packages with talismans and exchange tokens.

In addition to the main offers in the news, you can find out about promotional offers and make a better purchase.

Huuuge wheel. One of the components of the daily bonus that brings you free chips once a day. In addition, you can use the wheel at any time by paying a small amount. Get an extra chance to try your luck and earn more chips.

Purchase bonus. Participation in some promotions, for example, Level up party or Lucky Number give you the chance to double or triple your purchase. The number of lucky ones is limited, if you are lucky, then after the purchase, bonus chips will be credited to your account.

Storage. A unique opportunity to accumulate chips and purchase them at a reduced price. After each start of the machine, some of the chips will be sent to the safe until it is full. You can redeem the accumulated chips at any time.

The higher your stake in the game, the more chips go to the safe.

VIP status. The store has a VIP section, which presents all offers for the purchase and activation of one of five VIP-statuses:

Huuuge Casino Slots: Is It Worth Playing?

Huuuge Casino Slots is one of the many apps with a variation of the online casino simulator for mobile devices. The game has its own distinctive features, a simple interface and the ability to communicate with gambling fans around the world.

Pros. The undoubted advantages of the game are the variety of slot machines, the possibility of receiving chips for free and the presence of additional activities. Even if this is your first visit to an online casino, you can easily master the basics and enjoy the game.

Minuses. One of the main disadvantages of Huuuge Casino Slots is the lack of an offline game mode. All actions are synchronized and saved only if there is a stable Internet connection. Unfortunately, if there is free time, for example, during a trip to work or out of town, the Internet is not always available.

Article author: Maria M.