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I Viking WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

I, VIKING: VALHALLA CREED is an Android game with release date 08/08/2019 from Saber Interactive Inc. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. a beginner’s guide
  2. Game Tips
  3. Hero Guide
  4. Features of leveling heroes
  5. Secrets of Combat
  6. Glyph Guide

I, Viking: a beginner’s guide

I, Viking is a mobile action game from Saber Interactive, in which you will find interesting adventures. You and your Viking squad go on your drakkar to an unknown country to make a pirate raid. But the raid is about finding out your relationship with a hostile Viking clan and fighting for the plundered wealth. Now your goal is not only to raid, but also to defeat enemies and burn their ship.

The multiplayer mode includes two teams of 6 heroes fighting against each other, each hero has different abilities and tactical advantages over the others.

You should be extremely careful when choosing the Vikings - a fearless and skillful swordsman, an energetic but slow axeman of overwhelming power, an experienced and well-aimed spearman. Each hero in the game has its own unique abilities that will come in handy in battle. You will have access to additional types of units with different characteristics, which can be recruited for a generous reward.

When composing a squad, you should build on the skills of the main characters, which can be combined for a more powerful attack or to repel a blow. Also, the performance of warriors is affected by the equipment that is produced in the Forge. The Shaman will prepare magic potions and potions for you to restore your health. From him you will receive powerful spells that will help you win battles. All of this will come in handy in battle. You need to rebuild and develop your village, in which the Great Hall should be located, in which you will recruit new units.

In the battle itself, it is important to remember that victory will bring you not only the destruction of the enemy, but also the capture of the enemy torch, with which you can set fire to his drakkar.

It may seem to a beginner that he did not come to fight, but to find various types of rare treasures hidden from view in the local landscapes. And even if not every building has a rare metal or a sacred rune, everyone will receive what they aspire to.

Viking village

In addition to adventures, you have to rebuild the village where your soldiers will live. Several buildings can be built in the village. Buildings open gradually, after completing certain tasks.

Shipyard - you can buy new ships or put heads on it. Heads are placed on drakkars, which increase 1 stat to all members of your squad:

Each head opens at a certain level of the drakkar. In total, you can pump the ship up to level 9.

Altar - gives in battle more experience and silver by a certain percentage depends on the level of pumping the statue. For increasing experience, you must pay 100 gold per day.

Merchant - has a huge assortment of goods that are needed to equip the village, improve equipment and level up heroes.

Barracks - there is a ring in which combat glyphs are placed before battles. They are simply dragged to the free cells of the ring.

Temple - glyphs are made from runes in it, which enhance the parameters of the heroes’ equipment.

Barracks - all the heroes that you have are located here. Through the Barracks, you can select a character and go to his menu. The fighter’s menu has functions with which heroes are pumped. The warriors are placed in the drakkars. If there is free space on the ship, you can see it here. Here you can dress a warrior, or move things between characters.

The hall is a building in which new soldiers are hired. Also here you can roll dice after leveling up the hero.

Game resources:

  1. Gold - can be obtained in matches by taking it from a monk or a gate guard. If you are very lucky, then gold can be found in one of the buildings on the map. Also, gold can be obtained for completing tasks in the village. After receiving a certain amount of Valor points, you can get Thor’s chests, from which gold sometimes drops. The store sells gold for real money, but the game can be played without investment.
  2. Silver - mined in battles when robbing houses, given for completing tasks, for rating battles, dropped from Thor’s chests. If you do not have enough silver for any purchase, then you can always buy it from the Merchant.
  3. Resources - can be obtained from any activity or purchased from a Merchant. Resources are divided by rarity. Rare and legendary materials are sometimes found in houses in battles, when robbing monks and guardian knights, they are bought from the Merchant.

I, Viking: Game Tips

Can I change my nickname after registration? Yes. To do this, click on the username (upper left corner of the display in settlement mode). Indicators of the development of your village are given next to your login. In the menu that opens, select the "Change name" item, then enter and confirm the new data. If you are changing your nickname for the first time, then this action will be free for you.

Why link to Facebook? If you register an account through the social networks presented in the game, then you can restore your gameplay at any time. At the same time, you can put your unique avatar on the icon, and invite friends from the selected community. But you can register a page on a social network only for 1 game account.

Can I play from different devices? Linking your account to any social network makes it possible to enter the game from any gadget. If you registered via email, then you can also play from different devices.

How do I level up my game account? To do this, you need to receive Valor points, which are earned in battle by all heroes.

Changing the type of combat control. To change the appearance of controls in a fight, you need to open the "Settings" menu, then go to the "Control" tab. There are several options for controlling the battle. In the "Camera" section, you can change the camera mode. This must be done for a more comfortable viewing of the battle.

Camera control in the village. To look in different directions, you need to swipe your finger across the display of your mobile device (or hold and move your mouse if you are playing on a computer through an emulator). If you draw a circle, the camera will rotate with the movement of your finger. If you want to change the tilt angle, then you should swipe the screen with 2 fingers. To zoom in or out of a part of the map, you need to tap on the screen.

How do I add friends? To do this, go to the "Thingvellir" menu, then select the "Friends" section, here go to "Search - Find a Friend". After you find the person you need, click on the "i" button, then confirm the "Add as friend" operation.

Creation of a group battle. In the game, you can jointly conduct some raids. In order to collect a squad of allies, in the battle lobby, select the "Group" section, then click on the "Create group" command. In the window that opens, you must click on "Add friends", then tap on the button "i" - "invite to the battle group". After these actions, a list of friends who are in the game will appear. To take part in the battle, each invited player must agree to participate in the battle by clicking on the "Start battle" button.

Village management features

How to open the Temple? You should gradually complete all the main quests, which are marked in yellow in the mission section. For example, complete the mission "Upgrade the Blacksmith and collect the promotion reward."

How to open the construction of Drakkars? All yellow tasks should be passed in turn. The last quest in the chain "Upgrade 1 character to level 5", after receiving the reward, you will open the menu for building drakkars. After completing the "Build a Level 3 Drakkar" quest, you will be able to equip ships with additional "heads".

How to improve the Hall? After completing the yellow quest "Create any 1 item", and taking the reward for completing it, you will be able to increase the level of the Hall.

How to increase the forging of equipment? If you hire several blacksmiths, you can create several things at the same time. To summon a worker, you need to click on the "Hire a blacksmith" button in the Forge. Thus, you will have 2 more specialists working. Therefore, 3 items can be forged at the same time. In the same way, you can increase the speed of production of runes. You just need to hire a few shamans. To increase the number of simultaneously produced glyphs in the Forge, you need to "Add a table".

It should be remembered that each additional hiring of desktops and tables requires a large investment of funds. Therefore, it is recommended to prioritize production.

I, Viking: Hero Guide

There are several classes of warriors in the game. Characters are divided into simple and unique. Simple heroes can be obtained in the game for in-game currency, and unique fighters are purchased for real money or obtained in special events.

When buying unique heroes, it is recommended to pay special attention to their characteristics and abilities, which determine the usefulness of a warrior in battle. It is also worth paying attention to the interaction of the hero with the rest of the team. This is important because unique characters cannot be fired and will be with you throughout the game.

When using unique units, you can reset their development progress and start all over again.

Hero classes

The Swordsman is a warrior with a shield and a sword. He is very good at 1v1 battles. He has a high run and attack speed, which makes him the best torch bearer. He has average survival rates. A distinctive feature - his heroic blow penetrates the enemy’s block, can withstand the skills of a berserker. The swordsman is weak against the crowd, since he is completely devoid of massive attacks.

Spearman - fights with a spear and covers himself with a shield. It can survive for a long time in a fight due to its evasion skill, knocks down opponents. The spearman has high damage, but low attack speed, relatively low movement speed. Can grab a torch (spearman is 2nd in speed with torch). A distinctive feature - it can inflict penetrating wounds to 1 or several opponents. The lesion angle is 30 degrees. Feels good against multiple enemies. Vulnerable the moment the evasion ends.

Axeman is a hero with an ax and a shield in his hands. It has a high health score and excellent survivability. Has control over the enemy in the form of a massive stun. The Axeman is an excellent warrior for countering torchbearers with the Madness skill. If you have several of these warriors in the team, then you can safely withstand several attacks of the opponent. With all its virtues, the Axeman has a slow movement speed and does little damage. It is best to put warriors with a high damage rate on a team with an Axeman. If the hero protects the drakkars, then it is recommended to place him next to them, so he may not reach the torch bearer.

Berserker - beats with two-handed axes. All his skills are aimed at a massive fight. Special Feature - Very slow, but slightly faster than the Axeman. If you activate his "Rush" skill, then the opponent will not be able to seize the initiative during normal attacks. This skill allows the hero to survive for a long time, in the presence of low health points. This unique skill, which is similar to the glyph "Frenzy", makes the Berserker a great torchbearer. This warrior is suitable for experienced players, as they need to learn how to control.

Gunnar is a unique hero with an outstanding sword. He, like Berserker, should learn to manage. He has a high indicator of health points, thanks to which he can be placed in the first row from the enemy. Can cover fragile characters. Unique feature - has a skill that slows down the torchbearer or any other enemy. Thanks to this ability, it can help the retreat of allies. The second skill makes it possible to fight simultaneously with several opponents, and can also stop enemies when other team members are attacking.

When you use Gunnar as a base defender, it is recommended to place him longer from the base, since during the slowdown of the enemy, the warrior can calmly destroy him. If you put him next to boats, then his skill will not be as productive, provided that the enemy with the torch has "Madness". Perfectly acts as the main attacker, as it can stop enemies for a while. Well suited as a covering torch for its wearer. But, unfortunately, Gunnar has a low damage rate and low movement and attack speed. He must be constantly maintained, as he can become an easy prey for enemies.

Rurik is a unique unit that fights with 2 swords. He showed himself well in a 1v1 fight. One by one he can destroy all opponents. Excellent resistance to knights. Can be a great support character thanks to her 2nd skill. Has a low speed of movement, behaves poorly in mass mixes. If you put 2 Ruriks in 1 team, then they will be practically unkillable, but skill is needed to use them correctly.

Brunhilde is a unique beauty with a weighty two-handed sword. It is advised to have it in every squad. Her 2 skill stops torch runners under Frenzy. 1 skill allows the warrior to rush into the center of the enemy crowd and scatter all members of the opponent’s squad. She needs support and special healing glyphs, as the developers have endowed her with low health points.

She is an excellent guard for Drakkars, she can also act on the attack, thanks to the slowing effects. Ideal strategy for mass brawls: hit with 1 skill, then retreat or finish off weak enemies. This tactic will help the girl live longer. It should be remembered that during matches with other players, she can become 1 target for destruction.

Ingvar - carries and fights with 2 axes. Its main role is to support allies, so it is not intended for massive squabbles, but it shows itself perfectly in a 1v1 battle. Unique ability - Ingvar can cast a spell on enemies so that they only attack him. After using this skill, you should run away. He is good at attacking enemy boats, as he distracts them by himself. Ingvar is well worth defending if he has Madness. If you do not have Brunhilde on your team, then Ingvar can easily replace her. It should be remembered that he needs to allocate a separate support character. He has a low movement speed, so another warrior must carry the torch.

I, Viking: Features of leveling heroes

In order to harmoniously develop your warrior, you need to increase his level. This can be done using the shackles of Valor, which the fighters receive during the battle. Each level up gives you the opportunity to roll 4 dice for free, and 3 dice for a fee. The dropped numbers allow you to increase some characteristics:

  1. Damage.
  2. Health points.
  3. The power of 2 skills.

Unique characters can roll the dice 3 times for free, which makes it possible to pump them faster than ordinary warriors. You can strengthen the protection of heroes with the help of ammunition.

If your fighter does not participate in the battle, then he will not receive experience for pumping. The hero pumping limit is limited by the drakarr level. Therefore, if your hero at the start of the battle already has the maximum level at the moment, then he will not receive experience in a bob.

In order for the heroes to develop, after they reach the maximum level, it is necessary to build a new ship at the "Shipyard".

Rank is an indicator of the development of a unit. Each Rank is 5 levels. By pumping Ranks, you can equip your character with powerful weapons and ammunition that matches the development of a fighter.

Power is a general indicator of the effectiveness of a hero, in which all the characteristics of the warrior himself and his equipment are concentrated. It is calculated automatically after leveling the character. The Power value is shown under the warrior’s level on his icon.

If you decide to fire a soldier, then all the ammunition worn on him will disappear with him. Before leaving, you should remove all equipment and move it to inventory so that another hero can put it on.

How to hire a fighter if there is no place in the team? To do this, you need to dismiss one of the old warriors, or build a drakkar of a higher level than you have at the moment. You can purchase 1 seat for gold. Unique heroes do not require a separate place in the group. When you get a unique unit, 1 additional slot automatically appears. If you want to put the hero in an empty place in the team, then you need to click on the "Hire" button, which is in each free slot.

I, Viking: Secrets of Combat

Many newbies make similar mistakes in battle that could have been avoided. Therefore, we have collected the most common errors in the conduct of the battle, and give recommendations on the competent conduct of the battle. These tricks will help you counter your enemies in campaign and raids.

  1. Exiting the battle - many novice players, upon seeing a stronger opponent, immediately exit the battle mode. We do not recommend doing this, since during the fight with him, you will gain valuable experience and some knowledge of the gameplay. If you have a strong opponent in front of you, just watch his actions. But if you win the fight, then defeating a powerful enemy will be sweeter than defeating a weak opponent.
  2. If you defeat an opponent who is higher than you by the level or the number of cups, you will receive additional bonuses and rewards. But, if you lose to a weak opponent, you will receive fewer Valor points than necessary.
  3. At the start of the match, at the moment the soldiers disembark, many newcomers use Brünnhilde to attack. We do not recommend doing this, as she is one of the most valuable, unpredictable and powerful heroes. It should be activated at critical moments. The girl must be dressed in the most equipment, and also pumped her in 1 turn.
  4. Berserker and Axeman - New players often make the mistake of using these comrades at the start of the battle. It is recommended to leave them for mass disturbances. You also need to learn how to use them, they do not like haste. Their slowness at the start will not give efficiency in robbery and in search of a key. These are the two activities that should be done at the start of the bout.
  5. We do not recommend giving a torch to the Axeman and Berserker. They move very slowly, and in a burning shaft in their hands they will slowly walk towards the enemy’s ship, but they can only reach the first crowd of the enemy. They are best used as cover for other torchbearers. They can distract a significant number of enemy units from the torch-bearing warriors, thereby bringing victory closer.
  6. We do not recommend giving Brunhilde a torch. This is tantamount to the fact that you will beat the groundhog with a shot - there is a lot of sound, but there is no benefit. If you decide to use the services of a girl as a torchbearer, then she needs to wait for her allies. To give a smut to Brunhilde is the most extreme scenario.
  7. If on the map your squad is attacked by neutral NPCs (artificial intelligence heroes), for example, when opening a gate (there are 2 Spearmen), then you should not run away from them. If you run away in corporate mode, your allies will be hit. It is recommended to send 1 soldier to rob the nearest building, after which you should choose one of the enemies and help the players to destroy rivals. These 2 Spearmen can kill 1 hero with 1 hit, thereby weakening your team. Robbery will reduce the killing of NPCs in a mass brawl.
  8. If your guys leave the house without loot, then this means that neutral AI soldiers are located in the building. Newbies rush to plunder other buildings, and at this time these NPCs leave the house. They will not attack you, but in the future they can cause significant damage to the hero with a torch or destroy him. This circumstance can lead to the defeat of your squad. Therefore, we recommend that you destroy the detected NPCs.
  9. Many newcomers follow the fleeing monk. Do not catch up with him, as this can lead to an overall loss. There are several options for the development of events, if you run after the servant of God: they can kill teammates, since there will be fewer of them. At the moment of chasing a monk, an enemy with a torch can run to your boats and burn them, but allies will not be able to stop him. If the enemy is in full force, then he has an increased chance of throwing fire on the drakkar from 1 time.

How is the team of friends and enemies selected? Players are matched by the same number (plus or minus) of cups that gamers have earned in previous battles. Therefore, you should not worry about the fact that you will face opponents much stronger than you.

Where does the torch come from? To set fire to the enemy ships, you need to take a burning ember from a large fire located behind a metal gate on a hill near the temple. You can also take fire from additional bonfires, which can be found on 2 banks, if before that someone lit them from their own or enemies.

It is best to enter battles "with the participation of groups", as playing with friends is much more interesting and effective than with randomly selected allies.

How to open a metal gate? The gate is opened by the keepers after 4 minutes from the start of the match. But if you can find the appropriate key, then you can open the gate. The key can be found in residential buildings. If 1 of your hero is killed, then the key is automatically transferred to your other hero. Therefore, the other player will not be able to take the key you picked up.

If you are carrying a torch to the enemy’s drakarr, then you can significantly shorten the road if you go down the rocks that are located on 2 sides of the fort.

I, Viking: Glyph Guide

The player can forge ammunition for heroes at the Forge. But if you create equipment of rank 2 and higher, then you will need to use special items - glyphs, which can be made in the Temple.

Glyphs are divided into 2 types:

Also, glyphs are subdivided by the number of angles:

  1. Triangular.
  2. Quadrangular.
  3. Pentagonal.

The types of glyphs are the same at every level, but the quality and efficiency varies with the number of angles.

Glyphs can be forged from runes that can be found in houses in matches, or by opening "rune bags". If necessary, you can exchange unnecessary runes for bags at Knorr’s shop. Runes are classified by rarity:

Glyphs become available as you experiment, and open randomly when using recipes, so each gamer will have his own unique recipe to discover. I use the "Random combination" option during the experiment, the game will randomly select the runes. At the same time, the system does not determine the runes that you used in previous recipes.

Experienced players are advised to replace repeating runes when creating a glyph with ones that have not previously participated in the combination. This is necessary to avoid material shortages.

Requirement for creating glyphs:

  1. Triangular - green runes are required: 3 types of 2 for combat and 3 types of 3 for enchanting.
  2. Rectangular - green runes are required (2 types of 4 for combat and 2 types of 5 for enchanting) and blue runes (2 types of 2 for combat and 2 types of 3 for enchanting).
  3. Pentagonal - you need green runes (2 types of 8 for combat, 2 types of 10 for enchanting), blue runes (2 types of 4 for combat and 2 types of 5 for enchanting) and purple runes (1 type for 2 pieces for combat and 1 type, 3 pieces for bewitching).

The temple needs to be raised in level to enhance the effect of glyphs, but this will increase the production time and its cost. Previously crafted glyphs that are in inventory and glyphs that are inserted into equipment also increase their stats.

Enchanting glyphs

They are required to craft equipment in the Forge.

We recommend that you carefully select the glyph for each wardrobe item, since after starting the creation, it cannot be replaced. It is advised to insert different glyphs into each piece of equipment, because the effects do not stack.

If you decide to disassemble the equipment, then the percentage of the resources spent will be returned to you as compensation, but there will be no 100% refund.

Glyph properties

Glyph imageNamethe effect
A lifeIncreases health points by a certain percentage (depends on the level)
MasteryIncreases the effect of the main skill by n%
ForceIncreases damage dealt by n%
MeditationIncreases the effect of an additional skill by n%
DefenseReduces incoming damage by n%
GreedReduces the duration of the heist by n%
RushReduces the recharge of the main skill by n%
TremblingIncreases the chance of stunning an enemy by n% with a normal attack

Combat glyphs

These glyphs are activated during a match. Before the start of the battle, they should be placed in the ring slot in the Arsenal. The ring has 3 cells, it is recommended to choose the most useful glyphs that fit your battle strategy.

Glyph properties

Glyph imageNamethe effect
HealingRestores health points over 15 seconds by n%
RageIncreases damage dealt over 10 seconds by n%
HealingInstantly restores health points by n%
PersistenceReduces incoming damage over 10 seconds by n%
TreatmentInstantly restores health points by n% to the main character and his support
ShockIncreases the chance by n% to stun an enemy for 10 seconds during a normal attack
AgitationIncreases the effectiveness of the main skill for 15 seconds by n%
VigilanceShows on a mine - a map of all opponents for a certain time
FocusIncreases the effectiveness of a utility skill by n% for 15 seconds
MadnessGives immunity against simple attacks, but cannot withstand some skills and effects

Article author: Evgeniya G.