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Idle Angels WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

IDLE ANGELS is an Android game with a release date of 1.10.2019 from MUJOY PTE. LTD. Game genre: Role Playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. TOP of the best angels (Tier list)
  4. Guide for leveling up Angels
  5. Guide to the characteristics of Angels
  6. Secrets of the fight
  7. Guild Guide
  8. Walkthrough Events and Adventures
  9. Arena Secrets

Idle Angels: Gift Codes

How do I enter a gift code? The code is entered directly in the game itself. To do this, you need to go from the main screen to the "Player Profile" located in the upper left corner. Then you should select the "Gift Code" section. In the window that opens, you need to enter the symbols of the promo code into the active line, and confirm your actions "Confirm". You will then receive the contents of the gift code immediately.

Gift codes:

Idleangels2020 / idleangels2021 and idleangelsfb are considered the same gift code, so you can only use one of them.

Idle Angels: A Beginner’s Guide

Idle Angels is an RPG game with PvP elements. The game is not difficult, and will suit those people who do not like to sit in the game for hours, but just want to go into the project, pump characters, pick up prizes, go to the Arena several times.


  1. Has a multilingual interface. Almost all game processes have been translated into different languages, thus you can quickly grasp the game and enjoy the beautiful mechanics, and not think about the translation. You can also go to the chat, ask questions of interest.
  2. Bright heroines whom you control. Each character has its own advantages.
  3. Automatic leveling of the player’s level in off-line mode.
  4. Simple and straightforward algorithm for playing and pumping heroes.


  1. There is help in the game, but it is only in English.
  2. It is impossible to control the heroes during the battle. The whole process is fully automated, and victory depends only on the selection of the team and the level of pumping of the champions.
  3. The vertical mode of the game, for some it is a plus, but many do not like this arrangement of the screen.

At the start of the game, you go through a short tutorial, where you will be told the main story of the plot. You will also receive the main character of the game, which can be pumped to the rank of SSR +. The rest of the blue or purple heroes cannot be pumped to orange quality.

The main character will automatically appear in your team, and she cannot be removed or replaced. Therefore, you will be able to pump an additional 6 Angels + the heroine.

The storyline runs through several cities in the real world. For example, the first story and teaching is held in Seoul (South Korea). These battles take place in automatic mode, while if you leave the game, then your team continues to fight monsters and brings you game experience, experience for Angels and other necessary items. The "player experience" should not be confused with the "angel experience".

Player experience - allows you to increase the level of your account. It can only be obtained in a standard automatic battle. Experience, like other things, is added to a chest, which must be periodically opened to obtain items. If you do not open the chest, then you will not gain experience. But experience can be obtained for Dungeon Bosses in the story campaign.

The experience of Angels is obtained in different activities of the game and for completing certain tasks. Experience is given in the form of material that can be accumulated with the Bag. Directly in battles, your Angels are not pumped, and at the end of the battle you take a bottle of experience. Also, the experience of heroes can be obtained from temporary actions and events.

Main screen

In the game, to go to the main screen, you need to click on the "Home" button from any menu, which is located in the lower left corner. The main screen contains buttons for all the main activities.

Main menu (bottom panel):

Summoning - the button allows you to enter the menu for summoning new Angels. The call is divided into 4 parts, which open as the player’s levels increase. In Normal Summons, you can get blue and purple heroes, as well as their fragments, for a regular scroll. In the Elite Summons for The High Scrolls, you will receive Purple, Blue, and Yellow Heroes, as well as their Shards. At 60 and 100 account levels, Epic and Legendary summons are opened, respectively.

Smelt - In this menu, you can get rid of unnecessary equipment. For spraying, a special resource "Melt" is issued, which is necessary to create new equipment. For melting a certain amount of purple items, you will receive a top-tier item (or items, depending on the amount of sprayed material).

The gear crafting function unlocks at account level 25. Items available for crafting are shown in the middle of the screen. The selected item is displayed in the icon in the upper part of the window, just below the amount of "Melt" required for the manufacture of ammunition is shown. After you have collected the required amount of "Melt", you can tap on the "Create" button (in the center of the screen). The crafted item will move to the Bag, then you can put it on one of the heroes.

The higher the account level and there are Angels pumped to a certain level, the higher in quality you can create things. If your player’s level is pumped up, but there are no high-ranking characters, then items for manufacturing will only appear of gold rarity.

Daily - the button takes you from the daily Dungeon menu. Each activity opens at a specific player level. Going into each adventure, you can create an individual team composition for it.

Adventure namePlayer level to open an activityDescription
World boss25You can get equipment of red quality
AdventurethirtyYou can get "holy essences" for pumping heroes
Sky tower40Defeating the Guardians will grant you Learning Vials and Enhancement Essence
Secret abyss60You can get attribute bonuses
Test70Sacks of stones are mined here

Player profile (button with the avatar of the main character) - here you can change the name, see your level and the combat power of the team. These items are moved to the main screen, and are located next to the profile. Here you can get help or see tips on the game, link your account to an available social network.

Progress through the assignment - the button is located in the center of the upper edge of the screen. By clicking on the section, you will see what task you need to complete at the moment, and what you get for it. If the task has already been completed, then just take the reward. Quests are not difficult, and do not force the player to separately spend time completing them.

Events - there are banners with temporary game events in the upper right part of the main screen. Opening them, you can see which missions are available to you, and to which you still need to pump. Events last for a certain amount of time, so we recommend running them to their maximums. Sometimes for simple actions you can get diamonds (premium game currency), coins and other important resources.

Quests are ongoing activities that the game invites you to complete. They are divided into several points:

To quickly level up in the game, you need to close all available tasks that you have at the moment. It will receive valuable resources for completing it, you will be able to pump the heroes faster and advance further along the storyline.

There is another group of buttons in the upper left corner under the player’s profile.

Bonus center - here for watching commercials you can get additional rewards, experience of Angels and the player. Different videos are available for viewing in each tab, and the rewards contain various in-game materials. There is also a roulette wheel in which you can win good prizes. You can spin the wheel for free or for diamonds.

Shop - has several tabs, which are divided by the currency of exchange. Each store contains a specific assortment. But you need to buy certain items, since some currency is very difficult to get, and it should be saved until these items appear in the shops.

What to buy in the store?

Name of shopCondition of access to the storeNecessary goods
Secret shopAvailable from the start of the gamePurple equipment for coins, gold and red equipment for diamonds with 90% discount
Diamond shopUnlocks after destroying 12 - 30 story bossesGolden scroll of epic summoning (no more than 3 pieces per day)
Sapphire shopUnlocks after destroying 12 - 30 story bossesGolden scroll of epic summoning (no more than 1 item per day) and red scroll of legendary summoning (no more than 1 item per day)
Guild ShopAfter joining the unionGems, shards of Nemesis (for Destiny or exchange for sapphires in the Bag)
Shop of FeatsAfter the opening of the ArenaGold Scroll of Attire II and Medusa Shards (for Destiny or exchange for sapphires in the Bag)
Glory shopAfter reaching player level 25Shards of Valkyrie

Idle Angels: TOP of the best angels (Tier list)


This is an SSR quality hero. Due to his skills, he is considered the coolest support hero in the game. She imposes positive effects in different directions on her team. Deals massive damage on the enemy’s command. If at the start of the game does not differ in strength, then later it fully reveals its potential.


  1. Nuiva’s blow - deals magic damage to 6 enemies. If she has less than 50% of her maximum health, her damage is increased by 100%.
  2. Celestial - heals 6 allies for 80% of their attack. If Nuiva has less than 50% health points, the healing is doubled.
  3. Progenitor - increases the team’s maximum health points by 5% and critical damage by 5%.
  4. The Ancients - increases attack and evasion by 10%.
  5. God - increases the maximum amount of health and protection by 15%.
  6. Board - increases attack by 24%.

Nuiva’s ability to heal depends on the level of her attack, so it is recommended that she first of all pump this indicator. Moreover, it is useful for her 1 skill. She stands at 5 - 6 positions because of a small amount of health and protection.


This is an SSR quality character. The heroine has not only amazing base indicators of health and protection, but also excellent massive damage. It is necessary to place the Angel in the first row (1 - 3 positions), since she not only can take the main blow, but also with the second skill inflicts damage to 1 row of the enemy team. She will be an excellent warrior on any team, and her positive effects, which she gives to the team, will help to win even in a difficult battle.


  1. Eternal Night - deals increased physical damage to 6 enemy heroes. Each 1% of missing health points increases the damage multiplier by 2% (up to a maximum of 270%). Each enemy kill restores Erebus 25% of health.
  2. Hades’s malice - deals physical damage to 3 enemies in the first row of the opposing team, and enters a state that reduces the damage it takes by 55%, and gives a 60% chance to reflect damage for 2 rounds.
  3. Dark - increases the maximum number of health and defense points by 5%.
  4. God - increases attack by 10% and vampirism by 5% (the ability to regain health points from damage inflicted on the enemy).
  5. Earth - increases the maximum number of health points by 18%.
  6. Life - increases attack and critical damage by 20%.

The only drawback of Erebus is that it is very difficult to get it, but if it fell out to you, you should immediately pump it and put it in the team using the "Inherit" mechanic.


This is an SSR quality Angel. Another character of the Warrior class, who stands in 1-3 positions, like Erebus, Aida is very difficult to get, but he will significantly strengthen and protect your team. The only negative is that the heroine will not be able to impose negative effects on the bosses of the Dungeon. Although her damage and other abilities more than cover this disadvantage.


  1. Hand - deals 600% physical damage to 1 enemy. When killing an enemy, Hades uses this skill again, up to 3 times. If the enemy remains alive, it imposes a bleeding effect on him, and the affected enemy will not be able to heal for 2 rounds.
  2. Fog - removes all positive effects from the opposing team, and deals increased physical damage, which is doubled if the target is bleeding.
  3. King - increases his maximum number of health and defense points by 5%.
  4. God of pestilence - increases his attack by 10% and vampirism by 5%.
  5. Master of Torment - increases his critical damage and physical resistance by 15%.
  6. Lord - increases his attack by 24% and magic resistance by 20%.

Hades imposes positive effects only on himself, unlike Erebus, but his ability to spoil rivals will come in handy in the Arena. Hades is also good in a team for going to a guild boss.


It has a purple rarity, so you cannot pump it above 3 stars. But at the start of the game, it will bring a lot of benefits to its player. This is a support character who is better placed in the 5th - 6th position. The Angel is prized for its healing abilities and boosting the basic stats of allies.


  1. Healing with light - heals 3 allies with the lowest health points for 100% of their attack.
  2. Seraphim - imposes a state of spirituality on 3 allies, increasing defense by 60% and attack by 18%. The duration of the effect is 3 rounds.
  3. Elemental Mastery - increases the maximum number of health points by 3%.
  4. Guardian of Life - increases attack by 8%.

Of course, over time, if you get a stronger healer. For example, Nuiva, then Raphael can be left to "replace" to increase the characteristics of heroes in Destiny. During pumping, it is recommended to first of all increase the attack rate with the help of outfits and jewelry.


SR quality hero with magic damage. If you need an increase in damage to your team, then you can put this Angel on the 1st - 3rd position. The girl deals increased magic damage to several opponents, while she can control targets. It has shown itself well in PvP.


  1. Great - deals increased magic damage to 4 enemies, has a 50% chance to apply stun for 1 round.
  2. Harmony - deals 20% magic damage to 4 opponents, and heals himself for 70% of the attack.
  3. Three - increases the maximum number of health points and attack by 4%.
  4. The first god - increases attack and critical damage by 8%.
  5. Peace - increases attack by 15%.

Fu-Xi is good in that it is easy to get and pump it over. She has an increased amount of health and defense points, which makes her an excellent defender for other characters on your team, and the ability to self-heal increases her stamina.


This Angel SR is a rarity, but very difficult to obtain. Possesses good abilities that cause significant harm to opponents. The advantage of the girl is that, being located in 1 - 3 positions, she can attack the enemies of the back row, thereby reducing the chances of the enemy winning.


  1. Descending - deals 500% of physical damage to 1 target, imposing poisoning and bleeding on it for 2 rounds. Being poisoned, the enemy loses 3% of the current number of health points per round. While bleeding, the target cannot be healed.
  2. Seductive - Deals 230% physical damage to 3 enemies in the back row. Lucifer increases his defense by 200%, and provokes enemies, forcing them to attack themselves for 2 rounds.
  3. Nightmare - increases attack and accuracy by 4%.
  4. Fascinating - increases the maximum number of health points and evasion by 8%.
  5. Eternal Darkness - increases critical damage and attack by 12%.

Lucifer is great for any build, has shown itself well in PvP and PvE activities. If you got it, then there is no need to change it to another character, since her ability to provoke can save even the most fragile hero.


This is a SR support hero of rarity, but it is not as easy to get her as other warriors of her quality. It has a set of buffs for its team and excellent debuffs for enemies. Despite the fact that Hephaestus is an Angel of support, it can be set to 1 rad.


  1. Armed to the Teeth - Hephaestus and the hero with the highest attack enter a "protected" state, reducing damage taken by 50% and increasing damage reflection by 20% for 2 rounds. Deals 250% physical damage to 1 enemy with the highest attack.
  2. Hammer of Chaos - removes all positive effects from the enemy Angel with the highest attack, dealing 300% physical damage and applying bleeding, which makes it impossible to heal for 3 rounds.
  3. God - increases the maximum number of health points and protection by 4%.
  4. Twelve - increases attack and critical damage by 8%.
  5. Almighty - increases health recovery by 6% and hit reflection by 15%.

After awakening all the skills of Hephaestus, she will be able to resist enemies for a long time, increasing the chance of victory. Great for dungeon bosses.

Top lineups

PvE and PvP roster:

  1. Icarus.
  2. Hera.
  3. Ra.
  4. Amur.
  5. Chaos.
  6. Heimdall.

Late Game Lineup:

  1. Hades.
  2. Erebus.
  3. Valkyrie.
  4. Gaia.
  5. Amaterasu.
  6. Michael.

Medium game line-up:

  1. Fire God Zhong Rong.
  2. Dancer.
  3. One.
  4. Angel of Christmas.
  5. Fu-Si.
  6. Lucifer.
  7. Hephaestus.

Composition for fast pumping:

  1. Izanami.
  2. Pandora.
  3. Chickpea.
  4. Princess Bari.
  5. Nemesis.
  6. Jellyfish.
  7. Shennong.

Composition for the Dungeon boss (it is impossible to impose negative effects on bosses). The teams are distributed from the strongest to the weakest, but they all proved to be excellent.

Shooting galleryTeam
God tierRa, Cupid, Hera, Heimdall (the rest of the heroes can be put at your discretion)
Tier 1Icarus, Hades, Lucifer, Gaia, Erebus, Odin, Valkyrie
Tier 2Hephaestus, Princess Bari, Izanami
Tier 3Idunn, Phantas, Jeanne d’Arc, Medusa, Nika, Geb, Verdandi, Sivanmu, Anubis, Apop (choose the 6 most suitable Angels for you)

Composition for the guild boss (negative effects such as poisoning and ignition do not work on these bosses).

Shooting galleryTeam
God tierRa, Lucifer, Siren, Icarus, Odin (the rest of the heroes can be set at your discretion)
Tier 1Firebok Zhu Rong, Hades, Heimdall, Valkyrie
Tier 2Gaia, Nika, Princess Bari, Sivanmu, Izanami, Tsukuemi
Tier 3Apop, Lilith, Seth

Idle Angels: Guide for leveling up Angels

Pumping heroes in the game does not take much time and does not require special knowledge and abilities. Even a child can pump the character, since the amplification system is designed for easy use and is as automated as possible. There are several types of increasing the power of Angels:

  1. Raising the level - the action can be carried out by going to the "Angel" menu, and then choosing the desired heroine. To increase the level, you need "Angel experience", which can be obtained almost anywhere. If you have enough experience, then just click on the "Promote" button (located in the center of the bottom of the screen).
  2. Transition between levels - at each 10th level, you must complete a transition in order to further increase the strength of the hero. For promotion, you need "Angel experience" and "Holy essence". If you do not complete the transition, you will not be able to further increase the level of the Angel. After level 30, the ability to complete the transition will be influenced by the increased stardom of the warrior ("skill advance")
  3. Skills advancement is performed in the "Skill" tab. Above the "Awaken" button, it is shown how many fragments of the hero and coins are required to increase the character’s stardom and unlock the ability. Each rarity has its own number of improvements.
  4. Destiny is a game mechanic aimed at increasing the basic characteristics of an Angel. But Fate can be used by characters from the main team and the replacement group. You can see the fate in the menu of the selected Angel. There will be shown a recipe to enhance the champion.
  5. Fashion is costumes for your Angels that increase the girls’ base stats. Each hero has his own costume. And they are divided into several types of rarity. Green quality is the lowest, it slightly exceeds 1 character parameter. In contrast, red (of the highest quality) has several attribute bonuses.
  6. Ring - becomes available at level 100. Like other items, it increases the parameters of Angels. You can improve the quality of the rings with other similar rings. The recipe for pumping is written in the description of the ring. You can put stones in the rings.

Equipment - you will receive equipment in various places and activities, and you can also make equipment yourself. Each item of ammunition enhances certain indicators of characteristics. At the start of the game, you can use the automatic function "Put on everything", after which the hero will be selected the most optimal items for him. In the future, you can independently take off and put on things in order to enhance certain parameters of the hero.

To find out what a particular item gives to the Angel, you need to click on it, after which a window with a description will appear.

Each item can be improved, this requires "essence of improvement" and coins. To enhance all the equipment of the Angel automatically, you should click on the "Enhance" button in the hero’s menu. Items can be pumped separately, go to the hero’s menu, select an item, click on it. After that, a window will open in which you can enhance the item.

Inheritance is a game mechanic that allows you to transfer training, equipment, gems to an Angel with more powerful starting attributes. In order to carry out inheritance, you need to go to the "Combat" section (on the bottom panel) and go to the "Squad". Here in the upper right corner is the "Inheritance" button. In the upper part of the window that opens, there are 2 cells: the first is for the Angel you want to change, the second is a new hero who is offered an inheritance. At the bottom of the window, all the characters you have opened are shown. To carry out inheritance, you just need to drag the necessary girls into the appropriate cells, and then confirm the operation.

Artifacts - will become available upon reaching the 50 account level. Moreover, each artifact has its own recipe for making. Crafting artifacts increases the level of mastery (maximum level - 3). You can craft orange artifacts of the current Dungeon boss level.


Becomes available at level 60. Each relic gives its parameters to the Angels. Initially, you can only receive relics of N, R and SR quality, but there is an opportunity to enhance them to a higher rarity. In the description of each relic it is written how many resources are needed to increase it. There are exclusive relics that increase the statistics of a specific Angel (for Odin, Gaia, Amaterasu and Ra).

Relics only increase existing characteristics, that is, they do not add what is not written in the abilities.

Warrior Relics

NameHero qualityDescription
PyramidN - SR +Increases attack against Mages, and reflects damage
Petrified Magic EyeSR - UR +Increases attack against Archers, increases the indicator of pure damage
Laurel WreathSR - UR +Increases attack against Archers, increases the chance of a critical strike
Sky DomeSR - UR +Increases health points and healing effect
Flag of ResistanceSR - UR +Increases incoming damage reduction and increases health points
Pride WingsSR - UR +Increases damage to Archers and increases overall attack for all classes
Blood PoolR - SSR +Increases damage

Relics for Mages

NameHero qualityDescription
Book of DestinyR - SSR +Increases damage to Warriors and overall damage
Persian myth (Myth Peach)R - SSR +Increases Archer Damage and Critical Hit Chance
Poseidon’s TridentSR - UR +Increases damage to Warriors and healing effect
Song of SirenSR - UR +Increases speed and resistance to control
Eight TrigramsSR - UR +Increases the speed and chance of applying buffs
Pandora’s BoxSR - UR +Increases damage to Warriors and overall damage
Starfire StoneSR - UR +Increases attack and net damage

Archer Relics

NameHero qualityDescription
ShennongqinR - SSR +Increases damage against Archers
Moonlight LawR - SSR +Increases the speed and chance of applying buffs
ThroneR - SSR +Increases damage to Mages and overall damage
Magic MirrorSR - UR +Increases damage to Mages and health points
Merciless PunishmentSR - UR +Increases damage to Mages and the chance of dodging
Youth AppleSR - UR +Increases damage to Mages and the chance of a positive effect
Blessing ElixirSR - UR +Increases damage to Mages and overall damage
Doll of LoverSR - UR +Increases Damage to Mages and Critical Strike Chance

General and exclusive relics

NameHero qualityDescription
Gold CenserN - SR +Increases incoming damage reduction
Gentle PrayR - SSR +Increases the effect of treatment
Spirit WrapperR - SSR +Increases damage to Mages
Cretan’s MazeN - SR +Increases damage against Archers
Horn of DoomN - SR +Increases damage
Elato’s HarpN - SR +Increases damage to Warriors
Dead blond hairR - SSR +Increases damage reduction
GangnirSR - UR +For Odin only. Increases damage dealt to Archers and pure damage
Vast universeSR - UR +For Gaia only. Increases damage dealt to Warriors and critical damage
Yasakani no MagatamaSR - UR +For Amaterasu only. Increases the speed and chance of applying buffs
Scales of truthSR - UR +For Ra only. Increases damage dealt to Warriors and overall damage


The gem system unlocks at account level 70. To open it, you need to spend a certain amount of coins. Only 1 gem can be installed per Angel. Stones enhance the basic parameters of heroes.

Gems can level up. To do this, you need to click on the equipped gem, after which a window with a gain will open. To increase the level of a stone, it is necessary to have a certain number of stones of the same type (the amount depends on the type and level of the gem). Also, when strengthening, special tickets may be required.

If you have 2 gems of type 1 in your Bag, then you can synthesize them and get a more advanced gem. You can also combine several low-level stones to get 1 high-level and quality gem.

Jewel hunter. This is a temporary event that occurs periodically on servers. It lasts 35 days and opens at level 70. During the event, you can get several types of gems, as well as special gem essences. The first three times of the challenge will be rewarded with 150, 110, 85 essences, and the last 7 times will give you 10 essences of gems for each challenge. The total number of rewards that players can receive is 415 stones per day.

When the event ends, then all earned by you, but not received rewards will be sent to you by mail. Every time the event is reset, you will receive an increase in the value of experience for the mastery of the hunter. The experience value is the number of layers the gem hunter went through the last time.

If a total of 15 layers were completed in the last round, then after the reset you will receive 15 experience points. When the mastery experience points in an event reach 0-20-40-80-140, the mastery levels will change to DCBAS. If you are certified as a Senior Gem Hunter, you will gain double experience.

Temple of Angels

After collecting new heroes, you can get rewards in the Temple of Angels. After leveling it up, you can turn on the light in "Protect the Star". The mechanics of the Temple are such that absolutely all Angels you open can have a bonus to their characteristics. After a girl gets a new fashion, you can ignite her level in The Legend of Beauty.

Star Protection and Beauty Legend provide permanent bonuses and sparks. When the sparks reach the required amount, you can receive additional bonuses to characteristics.

Spark bonuses

ActNumber of sparks received
Hero awakening5 (for each new character)
Acquiring green quality fashion1 (each time)
Purchase blue quality fashion1 (each time)
Purchase purple quality fashion2 (each time)
Purchase orange quality fashion3 (each time)
Acquisition of red quality fashion5 (each time)


The training system opens at account level 40. Angel training can increase the basic attributes of Angels. The result of each workout can be saved or canceled depending on the results. Training takes place with the help of a special subject - vials. There are 4 types of vials in total:

  1. Regular.
  2. Higher.
  3. Platinum.
  4. Perfect.

Funds can be converted to a higher quality vial at a 10: 1 rate. That is, in order to get 1 higher vial, you need to spend 10 regular ones, and so on. Based on this formula, you can find out that to make 1 perfect vial, 1000 ordinary tools are required. But you can only collect materials for training in the Bag. Training Vials are primarily earned from Trial of the Stars, but they can also be purchased from the Diamond Shop or Exploit Shop.

Each training process will randomly increase 1 of the characteristics of the hero. So that your workout is not wasted. You should confirm the result (if it suits you).

Training starts with a high chance of increasing stats, but training efficiency decreases as your character’s stats increase.

Idle Angels: Guide to the characteristics of Angels

The indicators of the characteristics of the heroes affect their conduct of the battle. Thanks to them, you can analyze the capabilities of your character and team. There are several types of characteristics in the game, each of which is useful.

Basic attributes (affect the attack of heroes depending on their class):

Combat characteristics (this data shows the capabilities of your champions in battle):

Idle Angels: Secrets of the fight

In total, a team can have 12 Angels, but only 6 of them can fight. The rest of the heroes are replacement in case of the death of the main soldiers. The number of substitutes depends on the player’s level. The main character must be in the main cast. It can be placed in any slot where it will be most useful for your tactics. You cannot replace the main character.

Positions are slots for the location of the heroes of the main team. The first row - from 1 to 3 positions, the second - from 4 to 5 positions. In-hand attacks (without using skills) are prioritized in the 1st row. Abilities choose different targets according to the skill description.

The order of attack of the Angels is the same as the order of the formation of the group by position. That is, the hero will attack first at 1 position, second at 2 positions, and so on. But characters with a high attack rate will attack first. If there are several such champions, then the offense depends on the position you choose. The angels who died in the battle will be replaced by heroes - replacements in order.

Domination - or containment system. This is the mechanic of the distribution of heroes in the squad. The Warrior will be stronger than the Archer, the Archer will restrain the Mage, and the Mage will dominate the Warrior. You should remember this aspect of the game, and do not put 1 class characters in the team.

The deterrent system gives a bonus when attacking the restrained class + 20% to attack. And if the restrained class attacks the dominant one, then its attack is reduced by 10%. For example, the Warrior will hit the Archer with an attack power of 120%, and if the Archer hits the Warrior, his attack power will be equal to 90%.

Attack mode

In the 1st round of the battle, the Angels use normal attacks until the scale of using the skill is full. After filling the scale, the Angel uses 1 skill, and then the second. In one round, the hero can cast only one skill, and then, in the next round, the next spell. After that, the characters of the 2nd round make normal attacks.

Angels will not be able to use the ability if they do not have enough mana for it. Until mana builds up, champions make normal attacks.

Heroes can use the skill, but cannot perform actions associated with it if they are in a state of stun or other control. In this case, the ability is considered to be produced, and the round is skipped.

Idle Angels: Guild Guide

A guild is a gaming community that unites players with the same interests and desire to succeed in the game. You can only be in one alliance at a time. If you created an alliance, and then want to leave it, then you will not be able to do this while there are other players in your guild. First you need to dissolve the members of the community, and then permanently remove the guild. If you are not the leader of a faction, you can leave it at any time.

If there are few active players in your guild, or there are none at all, then we recommend finding an active alliance, since with its help you will pump faster and earn the necessary resources. The higher the level of the guild, the more bonuses you get from it.

The battle rank in the game is set depending on the rank of your guild, which is ranked according to the combat power of the Arena. The number of union members depends on its level. By increasing the level of the guild, you will exceed the limit of alliance members.

If the leader does not make his contribution within 7 days, then his position will be transferred to the vice - leader who has the largest number of contributions. Also, if the chapter does not appear for several days in the game, then his leadership is transferred to another officer.

Vkad guild - obtained by daily registration of the union and participation in the "Invasion of the beasts". If a player leaves the guild (or is exiled), then all guild coins are reset and he cannot shop in the store.

Guild boss. The guild boss is opened by the leader of the alliance and his assistant. The guild boss will be alive for 24 hours after opening. The cost of summoning a boss is 2000 guild honors. Players can challenge the guild boss 3 times a day. The boss has different stages of passage. When you defeat the starting monster, the boss evolves to the next stage (that is, increases in level and power). You will start each challenge with the first stage of the boss battle. After the final victory, you will receive chests with the necessary items, with guild treasures, guild contributions and guild experience.

Guild Battle

Conducted between servers in the same region. If 2 factions with the same name take part in the battle, then the server number on which the union is based will be assigned to them. You can register a guild to participate in the battle via the Discord channel. You can access it through the "Player Profile" in the "Community" section. Before each battle, the alliance’s previous achievements are reset, but this does not affect the rewards received until a new roster of champions appears.

The battle is held once a week, and any guild with level 3 and higher can register to participate in the event. Registration is done by the players themselves, not by the leader of the alliance. The number of members in the guild corresponds to the lower limit of the required union participation. If less than 4 guilds take part in the competition, then the event will not be held at all for the current week.


You have to fight with 20 players of the opposite team, while your guild must put up at least 20 members. The rest of the members of the union do not take part in the competition.

Your main task is to defeat all members of the opposing alliance.

Registration is done on Monday and Tuesday. If the number of applicants meets the requirements, the guild will automatically take part in the current season.

There are 32 guilds participating in the final. If the number of unions exceeds 32, then the qualifying competition will be held first.

Each round in a qualifying tournament has its own order. After the completion of a certain round, and there are exactly 32 guilds in the qualifying tournament, this stage ends, and these 32 alliances are combined into the final. Using the classic knockout pattern, the winning guild advances to the next round until a champion is determined.

Apple of discord

Check in. For registration, guilds of level 5 are allowed, as well as those that are included in the TOP-4 on each server in the region. Any member of the voiced unions can register. When registering, you need to choose 15 heroes who will take part in the event.

If you leave the union for any reason during the registration period, you will no longer be able to participate in the event.

Qualifier. They are designed on a point system. During the qualifying games, you will face 10 rival guilds. Each win will bring you 3 points. The final ranking will be based on board points and the TOP 32 will go into the main event. If the number of points of 2 guilds coincide, then the alliance with the higher charm value will win.

Knockout is a unified elimination system. The top 32 guilds in qualifying matches are randomly selected. The winner advances to the next round and the loser is eliminated.

Sending. Angels eligible for the main event had to be listed at registration. You can send 1 character out of 15 to the horizontal bar. While the tournament time is running, you can take turns sending your heroes to battle.

If your Angel is killed, then he will no longer be able to take part in the competition...

Battle. The Battle for the Apple of Discord is a 1v1 battle for all Angels sent by the two guilds. During the battle, heroes earn charms. Wins a higher charm value. Calculation of the charm value "A charm" (winner) - "B charm" (loser) = charm remainder. The remaining charm from the previous match will count towards the next battle.

Each Angel can fight up to 5 times. After that, regardless of whether you win or lose, your hero will leave the competition. Each character can only use 1 strategic props in battle. Different props strategies have different effects that can be purchased from their respective stores.

During the battle, the Angel with the higher charm will attack first. The first attack does not affect the course of the battle, but it can affect the result of the judging in some special circumstances.

Strategic props. When the Angel is sent to battle, you can choose to use strategic props. It can be purchased at the Apple of Discord store. At the time of purchase, you should check the action of the item in order to know how it works in battle.

Support. Players who do not participate in the event can enter the support page via the schedule button after determining the TOP-32. You can choose 1 guild to support. Each time a supported alliance advances to the next round, you receive 1 reward.

Idle Angels: Walkthrough Events and Adventures

Holy cannonball hunter

This event will become available to the player on the 8th day after the first entry into the game. The hunter’s activity cycle is 42 days. From this adventure, the "holy core essence" can be obtained. You can receive sacred core essence 6 times a day. In the first three times with 200, 120, 80 points, and in the second three times with 30, 20 and 10 points.

Once a day, all the achievements of the event are reset, and the rewards earned but not received will be sent to your mail. When the event ends, then all earned by you, but not received rewards will be sent to you by mail. Every time the event is reset, you will receive an increase in the value of experience for the mastery of the hunter. The experience value is the number of layers the gem hunter went through the last time.

If a total of 15 layers were completed in the last round, then after the reset you will receive 15 experience points. When the mastery experience points in an event reach 0-20-40-80-140, the mastery levels will change to DCBAS. If you are certified as a Senior Gem Hunter, you will gain double experience. You can get more rewards at higher skill levels.

You need, if possible, to complete all tasks of current events and daily missions, since for these promotions you will receive worthy prizes that will help you to pump faster in the game.

Star court

The adventure opens at player level 70. It has 4 difficulty levels:

  1. Normal.
  2. Master.
  3. Nightmare.
  4. Hell.

Only after completing all stages of one difficulty level, the next level will be unlocked. You will receive different rewards in different difficulties. There are 19 stages on each difficulty level, including 14 combat stages and 5 bonus stages. In the combat stages, you need to defeat the guards in order to enter the next stage. In the bonus stages, you just need to get the rewards and then move on to the next stage.

The format of the battle in the adventure is 6x6 (Angels against monsters). The status of both teams will be preserved after the battle, including health points, mana and the status of the Fallen (dead). Fallen heroes will not be able to fight this challenge again. Before the battle, at each stage, you can customize the composition of the team. All characters you have can be used in battles, except for those who have already died.

Players who have reached VIP6 can reset the adventure progress once a day. After resetting, your current achievements are reset and you can re-select the difficulty level for the challenge. The trial schedule and reset time will be updated every day at 0 o’clock server time. For participating in the activity, you will receive coins and gems.

The secret abyss. You can explore the secret abyss once a day, and progress and rewards will be reset every day at 00:00 server time. The Secret Abyss has 3 walkthrough layers and each layer has 5 levels. After completing the level, you can get many rewards.

In the adventure, you can fight and defeat the Guardian of the Abyss to receive bonuses that increase the basic parameters of your heroes. This gives the opportunity to choose 1 of 3 types of bonuses. If you spent a certain amount of health points at one level, then the remaining health is transferred to the next stage. And the Angels who died in research cannot go to the next battle.

Players can resurrect heroes or restore health points using a resurrection potion or a recovery potion. The combat power of the monster in the Abyss will increase as the player’s combat power increases.

Heavenly tower. Unlocks at account level 40. The tower has many floors, on each floor monsters will be waiting for you, with which you need to fight in order to rise higher. You can customize the team to complete the Tower. In order to enter the adventure, you need to have a special key. You can get it for free once every 6 hours. Keys can be accumulated up to 3 pieces. They will start replenishing again after you use everything.

If you successfully completed the Tower the first time, you will receive additional rewards, and the top 50 players (who spent the minimum amount of time to complete) will be included in the Sky Tower leaderboard.

World boss . Different levels of the world boss will open depending on the progress of the Dungeon (the storyline of the game). To pass the boss, you can set up a separate team, or you can go through the story with the main group. The World Boss is much stronger than the current level Dungeon bosses, so you will often encounter unsuccessful challenge attempts.

You should not be afraid to attack the World Boss several times in one day, since he has no limit on the challenge. If you did not succeed in defeating the enemy the first time, then you should pump over and try again.

Adventure - activity opens at player level 35. Here (as the VIP status increases) there will be several slots available for choosing heroes. Each slot is a separate event. By clicking on the slot, you are offered to choose an Angel for the campaign, which does not interfere with the further passage of the game. For example, you sent a heroine on a campaign who is on the main team, but during her adventure you can also carry out other activities without losing a fighter. After the trekking time expires, the Angel will return with pleasant loot.

Idle Angels: Arena Secrets

Arena. This is a normal battle with other players in automatic combat mode. At the Arena, you can collect a separate composition of Angels or correct the main one (if necessary). Opponents are selected in random order, but below you in place in the rating, even if the player himself is not in the game. In total, 5 free attempts are given to enter the Arena.

Before challenging, you should pay attention to the combat power of the enemy. Since if you enter into a fight with a more advanced opponent, then you will inevitably lose.

Clash of the Titans. Unlocks at Level 35. Competition for the players with the highest combat power. 10 free attempts are given daily for the battle. Achievements are reset after 00:00 server time. Players can individually customize their defensive lineup to cope with challenges from other players. The event lasts 3 days. Rewards are earned according to the final ranking of the event.

You need to challenge players who are ranked higher than you in order to get a higher ranked position after winning.

Arena of Glory. Only the top 100 players in the Arena rankings of each server can register for the Arena of Glory. After adjusting the lineup of the Angels team for this competition, you can sign up for the Arena of Glory. The squad must have at least 6 heroes. Players set up their squads in the registration interface. It cannot be changed during qualification.

After the selection of the squad, the characteristics of the Angels will change with the adjustment of the player, so you need to prepare the best squad for the competition.

There is only one chance for a player to be credited each season and it cannot be changed after successful registration. The player cannot participate in the event without registration.

A series of divisions. The top 64 players in qualifying can advance to the division streak. After adjusting the composition of the group, you must "confirm", all the states of the current heroes (equipment, characteristics, training, etc.) will be saved. If you want to change the status of the characters, you need to resubmit the lineup.

The divisional streak will kick off at 8pm on Friday and 64 players will be split into 8 groups to compete. The top 8 players will appear at night in the finals. The Top 2 Picks will kick off at 8 p.m. on Saturday and the finals will kick off at 8 p.m. on Sunday. There is an interval of 30 minutes between each round of the game, players not participating in the event can place bets on the next round of games during the break.

During a division streak, you can adjust your squad and the system will automatically start a match according to the squads. During the event, the gamers with the higher qualification points will be the forwards, and the players with the lower point will be the defenders. All rewards will be mailed after the champion has been identified.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.