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Idle Mafia WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

IDLE MAFIA is an Android game with a release date of April 13, 2020 from the Century Game company. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the best heroes (capos), Tier List
  2. How to properly level capo?
  3. Lots of money and cigarettes without hacking the game
  4. All the ways to get new capos
  5. How to successfully complete tasks on the street?
  6. Doing Business Right
  7. Creating a Capo Family
  8. Office Overview (Daily Errands)
  9. Cigar Fight Guide
  10. Prison Break
  11. Walkthrough
  12. The correct donation
  13. Conclusion

Idle Mafia: TOP of the best heroes (capos), Tier List

Capos are your gangsters, the backbone of the mafia group. Ultimately, the prestige and power of the gang depends on the strength and skills of the capo.

Types of capos. There are three types of capos in the game:

Capo nationality. There are Italians, Mexicans and Japanese in the gangs. You can find out the nationality of a capo by the flag of the corresponding state, which is displayed both on the hero’s icon and in his personal card.

Other characteristics of the capo. To see all the characteristics of a capo, click on its icon in the general gallery. You will see a detailed card with capo data:

  1. In the field of management. Indicates which buildings this kapo can manage. Areas of management are: strength, techno and business.
  2. By profitability. Displays the income multiplier that will have a business with this capo manager. The profitability increases as the capo level rises. Legendary capos have the highest yield, and rare ones have the lowest;
  3. By strength in battle and life. Indicators of power (damage value) and vitality of the capo. They are pumped with increasing level and also depend on the type of capo.
  4. By status. When a capo runs a business, a mark appears on his card - "at work".

Capo skills. Capo skills are divided into 2 categories:

Skills are pumped as the main capo level rises. Legendary capos have 3 skills, great ones have 2, and rare ones have only 1 skill.

The business skill property is only activated when the capo is running the desired business (loans, smuggling, studio, etc.). Distribute capos among buildings according to their skills, and then they will begin to generate colossal income.

Best Capos (Tier List). As you progress through the game, strive to assemble a team of legendary capos. They have the most skills and the highest strength, life, and profitability multipliers. Legendary capos perform best in battle and are great at managing business, especially when assigned to the right buildings to trigger a business skill. Use the legendary capos from the table below.

S: BestYusuke Sugode (Japan), Keith (Italy), Jose Garcia (Mexico), Mitsukuni Kitano (Japan), Stefano Falcone (Italy).
A: ExcellentRosario Lopez (Mexico), Yuya Dojima (Japan), Kyosura Senre (Japan), Gogo Gokudo (Japan), Consuelo Delacruz (Mexico), Kaito Hayabusa (Japan), Vincent Russo (Italy), Angelina Barone (Italy).
Q: GoodEugenio Rodriguez (Mexico), Gigi Loski (Italy), Enzo Devoto (Italy), Bella Delano (Mexico).
C: RegularDante Poeta (Italy), Laura Minafo (Italy), Pedro Cuevas (Mexico).

Idle Mafia: How to properly level capo?

Leveling up. Use cigars to pump the capo. The higher the capo level, the more cigars you will need. Raising the level improves the characteristics of the capo: its profitability multiplier, strength and vitality. At first you will be content with rare capos. Download them to successfully complete tasks and move forward. Next, great capos will appear in your collection. From now on, focus on pumping only on them, until you get the legendary capos.

For the successful passage of the street, keep a few capos "in reserve" to pump them when the corresponding task appears.

Leveling by star rating. Its ultimate stardom depends on the type of capo. So, rare capos can have a maximum of 2 yellow stars, great ones - 5 yellow stars, and legendary ones - 5 purple stars, which is the best star rating in the game. 1 purple star = 5 yellow stars, so all legendary capos start with them. To increase stardom you need capos, which will be "absorbed" by the hero you are pumping. The exact number of "absorbed" is determined by the final star rating of the desired capo:

The addition of a star is reflected in the indicators, increases the characteristics of the capo and its maximum level, thereby increasing the pumping threshold.

Follow the symbols on the capo icons: yellow arrow - the ability to increase the level, red dot - the opportunity to increase the stardom

Resetting the capo. To reset the pumping for 10 diamonds, press the red button in the capo card, opposite the indication of its current level. When reset, the capo returns to level 1, and you replenish all the cigars spent on it. Note that the stardom of a capo cannot be zeroed out.

Consider carefully your decision to reset capo boost. This can often lead to loss of business profitability, inability to complete tasks on the street, etc.

Sure leveling strategy

Capo leveling is the most important part of the gameplay. To be successful with Idle Mafia, you should definitely follow the tips below.

1. Assemble the backbone of 5 capos. Download them, put cigars in them. These capos will participate in battles, generate income for you and help you complete missions related to battles. The type of capo in the top 5 doesn’t matter - just keep it up to date depending on the capos you open. Start leveling with rare. When great capos appear, include them in the top five instead of rare ones, then replace the great ones with legendary ones. Ideally, in the later stages of the game, your battle squad should consist of 5 legendary capos, as indicated in our Tier List.

2. Choose the best. Keep in mind that new capos are dropped randomly, so you never know who you will receive. If you have a choice on whom to spend cigars, then focus on the stardom and swing those heroes who have it higher! An increase in stardom gives a huge leap in all characteristics, respectively, the higher the levels of such capos, the better.

3. Save up cigars. You should always have a supply of cigars to complete missions. Otherwise, you will get stuck in one place. Also, do not forget about the tasks for pumping the capo - keep a few in reserve in order to quickly complete this task in the future.

Idle Mafia: Lots of money and cigarettes without hacking the game

Earnings offline. While offline, you can make a lot of money without any effort. To double your earnings outside the game, be sure to watch the commercial. A triple increase in offline earnings for diamonds is also available. We advise you to focus on the amount of cash offered - if it is huge, then pay diamonds and take triple passive income.

The length of time you earn outside the game depends on the number of your capos. Each capo adds 30 minutes to the passive income limit. Get new capos to collect even more money. Keep in mind that outside the limit, money stops accumulating. Remember to collect your cash on time.

Money and cigars with activities. To get mountains of cash and cigars, complete the activities:

  1. Unlock new streets and complete tasks. The further down the street, the more tasks there are on it, which means that you can collect many rewards for completing them.
  2. Make money from your business. As you progress in the game, the number of business buildings that you take under the mafia control grows. Just don’t forget to assign a capo there with an auto-collection option.
  3. Take part in battles. Cigar and prison battles are your main source of new cigars.
  4. Participate in events. Track the opening of new events and do not forget to check in there. Huge rewards are given in events, including cigars and cash;
  5. Raise your rank. Rank is determined by the number of streets passed. The higher the rank, the larger the income multiplier - a constant value by which the size of the received income from the business increases. With a high rank, you will be making huge amounts of money from the very first steps on a new street.
  6. Create families. Collect the necessary capos for families to significantly increase your business income and collect additional cigarettes.

Read in detail about each activity in other sections of the article.

Resources for advertising. Do not miss and click on the helicopters that periodically fly over the street - here you will receive cigarettes for watching ads. Trucks passing by give extra bucks if you click on them.

Currency designation. As soon as the amount of cash and cigars earned reaches 1000, abbreviations will be used in their designation:

Be sure to link your account to Facebook (Settings-Linkage). So you will protect yourself from accidental data loss in case of problems in the game and will be able to transfer your progress to other devices.

Idle Mafia: All the ways to get new capos

Safes with capo

Opening safes is the main way to get new capos. There are 4 types of safes: free, gold, mysterious and national. Let’s analyze each type in detail.

1. Free safes. There is a chance to get all kinds of capos from them. Drop Chances:

Please note that legendary capos in free safes are very rare (or not at all). Basically, only rare heroes can be obtained here. A free safe is available to open every 3 hours.

2. Gold safes. Gold keys are required to open gold safes. You get them as a reward for completing tasks on the street. Drop Chances:

As with free safes, it is almost impossible to get a legendary capo here, however, every 10th safe opened will definitely give you a great capo. You can open the safe one time or use x10 - 10 openings with 10 keys at a time.

X10 does not provide any free bonuses other than a guaranteed great capo on the 10th try.

3. Mysterious safe. Source of great and legendary capos for blue keys. Drop Chances:

Every 10th opening of the mysterious safe gives a legendary capo. Opening x10 is available - for 10 blue keys or 1K diamonds.

4. National safe. In the national safe you get great and legendary capos with a choice of the nationality you need. This is the most useful safe for selecting the necessary heroes to pump stardom! Drop Chances:

Every 10th opening of the national safe is guaranteed to give a legendary capo of the required nationality. The safe is opened with special keys, or for diamonds (opening cost x10 - 2K diamonds).

Spend diamonds to open safes to get new capos. This is the most appropriate strategy for using premium currency.

Capo exchange

Change extra capos to get new great or legendary heroes. To start the exchange, click the "Exchange" button in the capo gallery. Here you need to choose from the available capos those whom you agree to give in order to get a new random hero.

Each capo chosen for exchange adds units on the "exchange scale": rare by 1 unit, great - by 10 units. To get a great capo, the scale needs to be filled by 20 units, and the legendary one - by 100 units. Click on "auto select" to automatically prepare rare capos for exchange. Great capos will have to be handpicked.

Collect rare and superfluous Great Capos to exchange them for Legendary Capos later. Great capos are not worth changing as there is an easier way to get them.

Collect Legendary Capo Parts

Collect Capo Parts by completing outdoor missions, other game activities, and timed events to earn a random Legendary Capo for your collection. In total, you need to collect 60 parts.

Idle Mafia: How to successfully complete tasks on the street?

Each new level of Idle Mafia is a new street of the city, where you have to complete a series of assignments, filling the task scale on top. For the completed task you will receive cigars for pumping capos, keys to safes and diamonds. From street to street the number of tasks and their complexity grows.

Start with the tasks for which you have the resources. Gradually accumulate the necessary items to complete the remaining tasks.

Types of tasks. Outdoor tasks can be divided into types:

You must definitely have a stock of items to complete tasks: cigars, keys, attempts to fight. In no case do not waste your resources in bulk, do not download the capo just like that - save up, wait for the required task. This is the surest tactic for their implementation.

Closing tasks. After completing all the assignments and filling out the task scale, you can move to a new street. All capos, diamonds, cigars and keys remain with you. The upgraded buildings of the previous street go to the mafia, you can no longer receive income from them and you can not return there. It also clears your dollar bill.

On a new street, you get new tasks. Capturing buildings, pumping them and collecting income from a business starts from scratch. With the transition to a new street, your rank is calculated, your rank rises and the income multiplier increases. After passing all the streets of the city, you move to a new city.

Try to complete all tasks on the street, even when the task gauge is full. Closing all tasks allows you to earn even more resources.

Idle Mafia: Doing Business Right

Your goal on the street is to subjugate all available business and get huge monetary benefits from it. Let’s figure out how to do this.

Acquisition of buildings / business organization. First you need to take control of the business in the building. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Buy a building. Keep in mind that the further you go through the game, the more expensive these "purchases" will cost you;
  2. To win back the business by force. For this, a firefight is arranged between your capos and the capos of the hostile group. If you win, the building will go to you absolutely free.
Don’t be afraid to lose in a battle for a building - attempts at these battles are unlimited and free.

Collection of income. The buildings on the street are various banks, brothels, shopping centers, bars and much more. You will capture them gradually. Running any business generates income in the form of bucks. Click on the bundles of bills above the buildings and take your money. The size of one batch of proceeds depends on the level of pumping of the building. The process of accumulating revenue is shown by a gradually filled circle next to the object. Everything happens quickly, you just have to click on the bundles of banknotes in time.

On the first street, you start with two buildings. The further you progress through the game, the more buildings you can capture and get more business income.

Leveling buildings. Level up the building for bucks to speed up and increase its profitability. With each new level, the cost of improvements increases. The possibility of pumping is indicated by an arrow near the building:

Press the "max." to upgrade a building in 1 click.

Appointment of the capo. Assign a capo to run a specific business and increase the profitability of that building. Capos are divided into 3 areas of management: strength, techno and business. Each building can only be managed by a suitable capo. It gives the business a profitability multiplier that depends on its level. More advanced capos have higher profitability multipliers. Accordingly, more money can be obtained from the buildings they manage.

Auto accumulation of proceeds due to the capo. In buildings where there are capo managers, revenue can be accumulated automatically. This will greatly facilitate the process of collecting money, since you do not have to constantly go around all the buildings - it will be enough to accumulate the amount of income and receive it at a time.

To use auto-accumulation, increase the capo level for cigars. Otherwise, you will not get access to this important option and will be forced to collect income manually. Each building has its own requirements for the level of the capo, so check the objects more often and make sure that the pumped managers work in them. Keep in mind that the auto-accumulation requirements will increase as you progress in the game.

Assign capos to buildings with high profitability multiplier and unlocked auto-accumulation function. These are the best managers. If you are not able to pump all the capos, then first of all place the capos with auto-accumulation in the buildings that give the highest income.

Information on the building. Check the profitability of the building by clicking on the information icon (exclamation mark). It states here:

You need to be very familiar with this data in order to distribute your capos correctly.

Idle Mafia: Creating a Capo Family

You get additional bonuses by collecting the required capos and combining them into groups by nationality and star rating. This is called the "capo family". All types of families are reflected in the Office, section "Family".

Family requirements. Capos in a family must be of the same type and have the same stardom, and sometimes a family requires strictly defined capos. At the same time, families have a level on which the amount of bonuses provided depends. The higher the level of the family, the higher the requirements for its members. Thus, the Godfather family at the 1st level should include five 3-star great capos, and at the 8th level - five legendary capos with 5 purple stars each.

Capo families by nationality. Collect 5 capos of the same nationality to activate them in families and receive a business income multiplier or a combat strength bonus. Types of families:

Special families. In a special family, you need strictly defined capos to unlock bonuses. The level of such families rises depending on the leveling of the stardom of its members. These families are:

Idle Mafia: Office Overview (Daily Errands)

The "Office" tab keeps track of the current activities of your mafiosi. There are several tabs here, each of which helps you succeed in your gameplay.

Daily errands. Once a day, send the capo on tasks from the "Orders" tab of the Office. Each assignment has its own requirements for stardom, nationality and management for the capo performers. The longer the task goes, the more prestigious it is and the more rewards you will receive for completing it. One capo can only perform one assignment. However, he continues to run the business and take part in the battles.

It is very important to have a team of various capos to close all daily errands. Always sort the errands, send your best capos to the hardest ones, and pick up the rest for common tasks.

Video amplification. This is an opportunity to double your cash flow by 2 hours for watching an ad (video). According to our observations, video amplification does not make a lot of money. The best way to increase your revenue per view of your ads is to watch videos when you go offline. Read more about this in the corresponding section of the article.

Stash. The stash contains your keys, in-game resources, capo fragments and in-game bonuses. Sort your items and use them on time, keys first.

Idle Mafia: Cigar Fight Guide

Cigar Battles are the main source of new cigars and one of the street quests.

Preparing for battle. Before the battle, you need to correctly form a team of five capo fighters. You can choose any capo, and the squad’s success will be automatically assessed by the look of the "To battle" button:

Additionally, at the top of the preparation screen, the total BM of your capos and their health against BM and the health of the enemy is displayed.

The BM of your squad must be higher than the BM of the enemy. Track the value of the power indicator, form the team so that the "To battle" button is green (in extreme cases, yellow). Don’t risk it, you will lose if you send weak fighters to fight!

Detachment placement. The warring capos face each other. To preview the formation, press the magnifying glass icon on the preparation screen - you will see who each of your capos will fight against. Check out the skills of the enemies. Your task is to place your capos in front of the "necessary" opponents, so that your fighters can make full use of their skills when they receive a certain percentage of damage. To move the capo, hold down its image and drag it to the desired cell.

Your victory largely depends on the correct placement of the capo in difficult battles.

The fight. Pressing the button "To battle", you will go to the battle itself. It is standard - your and enemy capos take turns shooting at each other and apply their skills as they deal damage. Press "2x" to speed up the battle process. Acceleration here only affects how quickly the battle ends.

Even with a tie, you can still win the fight - it all depends on whether your capos have time to deliver finishing blows.

Auto mode. In auto mode, the capos are constantly fighting for cigars. In this case, the limit of the automatic mode depends on the total number of your capos. Each hero adds 30 minutes to the duration of the auto mode, respectively, the more capos you have, the longer they will be able to get you cigars. For example, if there are 23 capos, the auto mode will last 11.5 hours. You just have to enter the "Battle" section on time and pick up the loot.

Track the auto mode and collect cigars on time! Keep in mind that outside of auto mode, cigars will stop accumulating and you will lose resources.

Stages. Battles for cigars are divided into stages. New stages unlock as you progress through the streets. The further you go through the stages, the more cigars you get. Sometimes you will have to fight bosses - stronger enemies. After such battles, the number of cigars earned in auto mode increases significantly.

On a new street, you don’t need to go through all the stages of battles at once. Be sure to have a couple of stages "in reserve" in case the task appears to fight for cigars.

Quick fight. Fast Fight - Auto-battle for cigars to the maximum available stage. Once a day, an attempt at a quick battle is free, then you have to pay diamonds for it. In a fast fight, you instantly receive cigars for 2 hours of regular combat, as well as cigars for a battle won.

Use fast combat only after completing all stages of battles in normal mode. Quick combat does not count as completing a mission on the street.

Idle Mafia: Prison Break

Features. The Prison Break activity is a map with locations, on each of which you need to fight with prison guards. The ultimate goal is to get to the location of the warden and win. The more locations you pass, the more rewards you get. After battles in the location, the capo’s health is not restored. Jailbreak updates every 24 hours. After the update, all the bonuses received and the progress of the passage are reset, and the strength of the enemies increases in proportion to the degree of pumping of your capos.

It is very important to go as far as possible in Jailbreak to get as many rewards as possible! Do not forget that every time the prison guards become more powerful, which means that it will be more difficult to defeat them.

Selection of the squad. Similar to battles for cigars, before starting a battle on a location, you must set up a squad, focusing on the indicators of the total power of your capos, their HP, as well as the skills that they will use when they lose health. The "Fight" button is a check of the unit’s viability. Make sure that after the presentation of the fighters, it is green, in extreme cases - yellow.

In battles, you can use any capos, regardless of their type, nationality and area of government. Track the status of the fighters by clicking on "Capo" at the bottom of the prison’s main screen. Here is a list of all the capos and their health bars. The icons of the dead capos are dimmed. The icons of the capos belonging to the battle group are marked with checkmarks.

With a new battle, the health of enemies is not restored. If you lost, but took away HP from your opponents, recruit a group of new fighters and re-enter the battle - they will finish off the enemies.

Winning rewards and bonuses. For defeating the prison guards, you will receive prison coins for the store. Also, after winning, you choose one of three bonuses that give different effects: restoring a certain percentage of health, increasing strength, receiving a shield for damage, and others. Bonuses have different durations (after battle, during battle), and sometimes they are intended only for certain capos (the required nationality, ability, or control area). All active prison bonuses are stored in the bag.

Keep in mind that these bonuses only work in jail and do not in any way affect battles for cigars, for business, etc.

How to choose the right bonuses? The most valuable bonuses apply to all fighters. If there are no bonuses of mass action among the proposed ones, then choose the one that is needed by the majority and has the maximum percentage of application. To do this, look at which capos the bonus effect applies to, compare them with your arsenal of fighters and isolate the largest group, those who will need the bonus the most.

For example, you have the option to choose the + 5% health bonus in two variations: for all Italian capos or for all Japanese capos. To determine the greatest utility of the bonus, open the capo list and see how many Italians and Japanese you have. Accordingly, the bonus must be chosen for the largest group. Remember - only the right choice of bonuses will help you go through all the stages of the prison and escape.

It is best to choose bonuses that restore the health of your capos, especially at the end of the battle. This effect is very important in prison battles, since here the fighters cannot replenish their HP on their own.

Viewing ads for a bonus. Be sure to watch the commercials to resurrect 1 random deceased capo or heal 50% of the capo on the battlefield. Suggestions to watch videos periodically pop up after battles and the choice of bonuses. Choose the best option for you according to the situation - if one of the capos died in the team, but it is also possible to return 50% of the health to a stronger fighter, then it is better to choose the second option.

Score. Spend the earned prison coins in the prison shop. New capos, legendary capo parts, keys and cigars are sold here. Remember to shop every day, as the purchase limit is limited and resets once a day.

The best buy in the store is the keys to the mysterious safes. By opening such a safe 10 times in a row, you are guaranteed to receive 1 legendary and 9 great heroes. That’s 1,000 prison coins cheaper than buying fragments. Only in the later stages of the game, when your team will not have enough specific heroes, buy capos for coins.

Boss fights. Bosses are the most powerful opponents in the prison. It will be difficult to fight them, but with the right choice of bonuses, you can easily go through these battles. For defeating bosses, increased rewards are given: more prison coins, as well as cigars and keys for opening safes. The more difficult the boss, the more prizes you get.

When you defeat a boss, you choose more valuable bonuses.

Fights with competitors. Between battles with prison guards, fight the competition for extra bonuses, prison coins, cigars and keys. A call from a competitor does not affect the passage of the prison locations in any way. This fight can be accepted at any time, but it is better not to prolong it, as it gives good rewards. The competitors are strong enough. Your capos start fighting them with 100% health, and even if they die, they can still continue the main battles in stages. Attempts to fight with competitors are not limited in any way - try until you win.

If you are not able to defeat your competitors, then continue to go through the stages and accumulate bonuses. You can additionally pump the capos to increase their power. Return to your competitors when you get stronger.

Idle Mafia: Walkthrough

Participating in events is a great opportunity to win legendary capos and other prizes, including tons of cash, cigars and keys. Events change and have a limited duration. You have to fight the capos of other players to prove who is the strongest here!

Features. The event takes place on a special street similar to the main street. Here you also open new buildings with a business, assign a capo there and level up. The difference from the main gameplay is that the event lasts 3 days. During this time, you must complete as many tasks as possible in order to get into the rating and collect prizes. Business buildings are bought for bucks, they cannot be captured by force. Special legendary capos with maximum stardom take part in the events. You can pump their level - for money and items provided for the event.

Capos employed on street events cannot be used on main street!

Items for pumping. Each event uses its own items. In our example, to improve the capo, you need sushi, which is mined in the casino. The casino needs to be pumped for money, and then it will produce more sushi. When collecting sushi, you need to download managers and fulfill the requirements for the level of capo for auto-accumulation of income, which is very important in events.

In special buildings, you can play mini-games and receive additional prizes.

Additional boosts are prizes. Go to the event office and click "Prizes". Here you can get additional boosts for your capo team. Depending on the event, the properties of the prizes change. To collect prizes, you need cards that are won in mini-games. In our case (event "Japan"), the cards for collecting prizes are mined in a casino slot machine.

Income goal rewards. A closed task is marked with a red dot at the top of the event screen. There are 16 tasks in total. Each subsequent task is more difficult than the previous one. The size and quality of rewards increases as progress progresses.

Champion Rewards (for Ranking). In the ranking, there are 200 mafiosi with the highest income on street events. The size of the rating reward (legendary capos and keys) depends on the place. Ranking rewards are issued after the end of the event.

How to get off the event street? To go to the main street, click the blue button with a house on the sidebar on the left.

Idle Mafia: The correct donation

Buying keys. Buy keys to safes - gold, mysterious and national. This is the surest and fastest way to get a team of the strongest capos, because every 10th open safe is guaranteed to give a legendary hero. Also, when buying keys, you get a certain number of diamonds as a gift.

Follow the offers of the day, week and month. With them, you can purchase keys with maximum discounts.

Joining a mafia club. Mafia Club is a 30-day subscription to great in-game bonuses. She gives:

Joining a mafia club is one of the most profitable types of donation in the game. Provide yourself with diamonds.

Buying sets. The composition of the playsets changes periodically. They mainly include cigars, diamonds, and sometimes legendary capo cards. Some sets can be purchased with discounts.

Buy sets with diamonds. The rest of the items (cigars, cash) you will successfully earn in the game.

What is the right way to spend diamonds? We do not recommend buying cash for diamonds - you will earn it yourself. Your best bet is to spend premium currency on keys to open capo safes and trying quick cigar fights. This way you will quickly recruit your team, close tasks on the street and get more cigars.

Idle Mafia: Conclusion

In Idle Mafia, you will test yourself as the head of a mafia clan, learn how to collect money from the "dark deeds" you do and, of course, manage your large gang of accomplices. Despite its simplicity, the game is made with high quality and dignity, has animated inserts for a variety of gameplay, witty dialogues between the characters and even shows how the characters live on your streets.

The game is easy, it does not take much time and does not require an enhanced donation. The downside of the game is difficult tasks on the street, because of which you must deliberately stop the pumping process and wait for a suitable assignment. This is annoying and does not allow you to swing at full strength. Otherwise, if you grasp the essence correctly and close all tasks on time, you will quickly become the best mafia and achieve great success!

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.