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IDLE SPACE CLICKER is a beautiful and exciting game of a small German company ColdFire Games. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Passage of the Main Company
  2. Improving the ship correctly
  3. Technology Guide
  4. Amplifiers
  5. Hangar
  6. Daily events
  7. Special events
  8. Research
  9. Chests
  10. Dark matter
  11. Shopping in the market
  12. Entry Reward
  13. Friends
  14. Lottery
  15. Progress
  16. Settings and saving in the cloud
  17. Award boxes
  18. post office

Passage of the Main Company

Main battle

The main activity of the game is the passage of sectors with enemies. With each sector, the enemies are getting stronger and stronger. The number of sectors is infinite, at least none of the players reached the last sector. There are several types of enemies in the game:

  1. Small and medium enemies - found in every sector. Credits are given for the victory over them, which can be spent on improving the ship (the button on the bottom right of the screenshot). These enemies are not able to kill you. The more sectors you pass, the more you will get credits for killing them.
  2. Bosses will meet after passing 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, and then every 3 sectors. Their strength also increases from sector to sector. Unlike other enemies, bosses can kill you. If you defeat the boss, you will be given a fragment of the ship’s spare parts (white, green, blue and even gold) or 20 pieces of scrap metal, a lot of credits and will be allowed into the next sector.

If the boss wins, then you will not pass to the next sector, and you will collect credits and pump the ship. When you feel that you will cope with the boss - press the button "Fight with the boss" and most likely you will be lucky.

In the game there are several modes of passing the main sectors and strikes, which you can use:

offline exit

Offline mode is turned on when you turn off or lock the phone. Your ship still continues to fight, earning credits and passing sectors. But he does it several times slower than online: it takes 3 minutes to pass 1 sector.The game calculates whether you can handle the boss or not, based on the sum of all ship improvements, but this calculation is understated. That is, in the online mode, you will easily defeat the boss who was not offline.

After starting the game, it shows how many sectors managed to pass and how many credits to earn. You can triple the amount of credits by watching a video ad. If there were bosses in the sectors covered, the game will give you fragments of ship spare parts and / or scrap metal.

Online mode is activated automatically when you start the game. In this mode, your ship just shoots a machine gun at enemies. The difficulty is the bosses of sectors number 78, 156, 234, and so on, every 78 sectors. This boss is passed only with touches on the screen, with one machine gun it is almost impossible to go through it online.

Auto touch. When you press this button, the ship, in addition to firing from a machine gun, will still launch missiles at its own enemies. This is more effective than a regular machine gun, but this mode does not last long.Moreover, the missile launch speed is far from the maximum.

Manual touch on the center of the screen leads to the launch of rockets. Coupled with auto mode, tapping on the screen with two fingers leads to the fastest launch of rockets. The game has a limit - no more than 8 missiles fired per second. Therefore, no matter how quickly you click and how many fingers you would not use anyway, more than this restriction the rocket will not start.

The optimal mode is to turn on auto-touch and quickly click 2 fingers across the screen.

Technologies include super-tools or shields. They are very useful in the battle with difficult bosses and, if used wisely, can make the situation in your favor. In total, you can put 3 super surprise in the battle (3 icons in the screenshot above). More about technologies will be discussed in the relevant section of this article.

Improving the ship correctly

Ship upgrades for loans

Ship upgrades are made for credits that can be obtained from enemies and bosses of the main battlefield. You can improve the rocket, machine gun and technology. Each improvement is more expensive and more expensive.Therefore, the advice is logical - improve the minimum cost technology. Do not skew only in the machine gun and / or rockets, so you will not go far. When improving there is a step of improvement: 1, 10, 100 or maximum, they are needed only for your convenience.

Technology Guide


The game has the following types of technology:

  1. Laser beam - shoots two laser beams aimed at enemies.
  2. Bomb - deals damage to all enemies in the area.
  3. Shield - absorbs all damage.
  4. Pistol - shoot enemies with a super fast machine gun.
  5. Reflection - absorbs all damage for a short time.
  6. Flurry - activates many bombs, and causes damage to the area.
  7. Ion Storm - calls on a destructive ion laser storm.
  8. Laser Drones - activates two self-guided laser drones.
  9. Vampire - a powerful blow damages the enemy and at the same time repairs your ship.
  10. Chrono stop - freezes time for a short time.
  11. Pulse of a new star - activates a pulsating new star, causing damage to the area.
  12. EMP shield - absorbs damage, and when exhausted, deals damage over the area.
  13. Reboot - resets the recharging of other equipped technologies.
  14. Apocalypse - shoots a charging projectile that hits a huge area.
  15. Defragmentation - the energy beam breaks enemies into small pieces and at the same time repairs your ship.

Technologies 1 through 8 are available per sector walkthrough. They will become your comrades in the first weeks of the game. Other technologies appear after conducting relevant research. Near technologies there are indicators of damage, power, duration and recharge. These numbers change through improvements and research. But you should not look at them when choosing a strike, since each technology operates at a different time. Below we consider what technologies it is desirable to use.

For passing bosses, it is better to use technologies that protect your ship, since the damage from your ship is always much greater than the damage from super-tools. Therefore, the longer you keep your ship alive, the more damage you will do to the boss. To do this, we recommend using the technology: shield, reflection, vampire, chrono stop, EMP shield, reboot and defragmentation.

Against ordinary enemies, blows striking the region help well: a bomb, a squall, a pulse of a new star and an apocalypse. You can take 3 hits into battle. If you have few shields recommended by us against the boss, take strikes hitting one target. The effectiveness of your tactics is checked by the amount of health taken away from the boss.



There are several amplifiers in the game, but they are valid only in the main campaign of the game :

Amplifiers can be bought in the store, or get for viewing ads. Hyper motors are a very effective amplifier and are given during spatial jump. It is better to use them at the very end when meeting with difficult bosses.



The hangar is available in the menu. Here you can change the appearance of your combat fighter. You can change the wings, hull and cockpit. Choose not only the shape, but also the color of each part of the ship. Foms are opened when a certain number of fragments of a ship’s spare parts are recruited.

Parts have stars. Each of the stars gives some reinforcement to the ship. The more stars you open, the stronger you will be. Gains act regardless of whether a spare part is installed on a ship or not.

Fragments of the ship’s spare parts can be obtained for killing the bosses of the main company, opening chests or on the market for tokens.

Daily events

Daily events

In daily events, you can win minerals for research. There are 3 types of events:

Thus, on Sunday you need to play necessarily!

boss destroyed

Events are a battle with bosses. The higher the level of the boss, the stronger he is and the higher the reward for defeating him. For the victory over the boss energy is given, when a certain threshold is reached, the sum of this energy is given the keys to open the chest "Mercury". But the more bosses you pass per week, the more energy you need to get each subsequent pack of keys.

After passing 2 bosses, you can open the chests. The chests contain different amounts of minerals - 7, 14, 24, 33, 41 and 48.

Bosses and chests can be reset once a day and start all over again. That is, to collect energy from the bosses passed through again and open the chests again. The resulting energy and minerals do not disappear when reset.

You can make 1 attack on the boss in 30 minutes. In total, you can accumulate 10 attacks in 5 hours. In battle, you can use friends instead of yourself. But for some reason they quickly die. You can use 1 friend per day instead of yourself.

Special events

Special events

The main event is also a series of fights with bosses, but when defeating them, only energy is given to get the keys to the chest with fragments of ship parts. The farther you go, the more energy is needed to get the next key kidney. Every Monday, progress is reset.

Here you can also drop bosses and start from the first. And the energy collected remains with you when you reset.When you reset, you simply collect energy from the bosses passed, as they are now easy for you to pass.

The amount of energy produced can be doubled if you buy a special amplifier for 100 battles for 400 crystals. The calculations showed that it is quite expensive and it is better to spend these crystals directly on the purchase of fragments of spare parts on the market.

In battles with bosses, it is better to fight with a pumped ship, that is, before committing a spatial jump. Every Monday a new event opens with new chests and fragments.

1 energy unit recovers in 1 minute. 1 attack of the boss eats 10 energy units, that is 1 attempt of attack is restored in 10 minutes. You can accumulate 10 attempts in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Here you can also use friends instead of yourself in battle. And also 1 time per day. And one friend can not be used in a special and daily event.



Research is a good way to pump your ship and discover new technologies. Bleeding uses the minerals mined in daily events and their chests. There are 3 branches of research:

  1. Offensive - uses mostly red minerals.
  2. Protection - uses mostly green minerals.
  3. Leadership - uses mostly blue minerals.

Studies take a decent time, and you can run only 1 study in each branch at a time. Time can be reduced by using minerals or viewing ads.

Each study has 5 degrees. Each stage is more expensive than the previous one. To run a study you need to have not only minerals, but also fulfill the requirements for the degrees of previous research.

The higher the research, the more requirements it imposes on the quality and quantity of minerals. To improve minerals - use a converter that converts them with a factor of 15 to 1. That is, for 30 red minerals T-1 you will receive 2 red minerals T-2, for 15 T-2 you will receive 1 mineral T-3.

Explore first of all cheap technology. So you quickly pump over your ship.



Chests come in 4 types:

  1. Special Event Chest - opens for keys received in a special event. The more you open them, the more keys you need. Inside there are 6 or more fragments of ship parts of a certain color (quality). Every Monday, this chest is reset, and a set of keys to open a new one.
  2. Chest Mercury - gives when opening 250 materials of 1 class (T-1) of different colors. The keys to the chest are extracted in any daily event. When opening the number of keys required for opening does not increase.
  3. Chests Centaurus and Andromeda - give materials 1, 2, 3 classes. The keys to the chests can only be obtained as a bonus for the purchase of crystals. There are no other ways yet.

Dark matter

spatial jump

Dark matter and spatial jump are the best ways to pump your ship through the game. The meaning of their use is the following: when you cannot pass bosses in the main campaign - use a spatial jump, and you will get dark matter and hyperdrives. The further you go, the greater the reward. Every 25 sectors the size of the resulting dark matter is greatly increased. Dark matter can be spent on strengthening your ship. And the ship is amplified very, very well.

Recommended Tactics:

  1. Walk up to sector 10 and evenly buy all the upgrades for credits you can buy.
  2. Turn on offline or online battle mode and go to the first boss you can’t get through. In parallel, sometimes spend credits for improving the ship.
  3. Pass difficult bosses using autoscan, click and technology to a boss you can’t get through.
  4. Use hyperdrive, and technology to go through the most difficult bosses. See you with the impassable boss.
  5. Use the space jump and waste dark matter. Moreover, it is better to expend dark matter on the cheapest improvements available.
  6. Returning to the first sector. You repeat all actions starting with item 1 of this recommended tactic.

After a spatial jump, your credit amount is reset to zero, and all upgrades are reset to level 1. And again you have to collect loans and buy improvements on them. And best of all - the bosses again fall fragments of ship parts and scrap metal.

In doing so, you are well pumped your ship and quickly get new parts for it.

Only after using the spatial jump, you better not go into events or use friends in them, since your ship is dropped to the initial level.

Shopping in the market

Shopping in the market

You can buy ship parts or amplifiers on the market. Parts are purchased by consuming scrap metal turquoise or gold tokens. Moreover, scrap can be converted into tokens from the calculation:

Tokens are spent on getting spare parts for the ship. Green and blue parts give for improved tokens. Blue and orange zapchat for elite tokens.

Tokens and scrap can be bought for crystals. Buying for 1 500 crystals of 20 elite and 60 improved tokens is the best way to nest crystals.

You can buy various amplifiers for crystals, but investing crystals in consumables is not the wisest decision.

To buy crystals - you need to click the + icon near the number of your crystals at the top center of the screen.When you purchase, you will receive more keys from various chests.

Entry Reward

Entry Reward

Come into the game every day to get first-class rewards: crystals, amplifiers and scrap. The more you enter, the better your daily rewards will be. At the beginning of each month, rewards are dropped, and everything has to be dialed from 1 number.



Strong friends help not only in battle with the bosses of events, but also give gifts used in the lottery. On the day, you can send a friend request to 5 new friends. Their level will roughly match yours. In total, you can have up to 50 friends.

Every day, friends can and should send gifts in the form of hearts. Friends will also send you gifts (hearts) that come in the mail. For sending a gift you get 5 hearts and for accepting a gift you will also receive 5 hearts.

Inactive and badly pumped friends can and should be deleted. The blessing in front of each friend is his strength and the maximum sector that he passed. Also listed when a friend last entered the game.

Recruit friends by reference in social. nets or User-IDs are still hemorrhoids, but it’s useful for getting top friends to your friends.



You can win great rewards in the lottery, for example, 100 crystals or an elite token. The wheel can be rotated 1 time per day for free or by typing 100 hearts when sending (receiving) gifts to friends.



For the performance of certain actions in the game are gifts in the form of crystals. In the game you can get crystals for the following actions:

Settings and saving in the cloud


This is a very important part of the settings - your gadget must be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, all the achievements that were obtained without the Internet will not be saved. Play without the Internet without the risk of losing progress can be only a few minutes. But do not worry, only the progress that you have gone without the Internet will be lost.

Also in the game settings we recommend:

Award boxes

Award boxes

In the game on the main screen, you can see the floating boxes with awards that you get for watching commercials. Also, once every few hours on the left you can see the offer to view the advertisement and will receive 10 crystals - this is a good offer that you should not refuse.

post office


Unfortunately, it is impossible to correspond by mail, but gifts from friends in the shape of hearts come to the mail. When you receive letters, a corresponding small icon appears on the main screen. And when there are a lot of letters, you can pick up all the gifts by pressing one button.


We hope you enjoyed our article. We hope that our achievements will help you in the passage of this wonderful game - Idle Space.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.