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IDLE WAR: LEGENDARY HEROES - Android game with release date 03/11/2020 from IDLE GAME. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the best heroes (Tier list)
  2. General Hero Guide
  3. Character upgrade and ammunition guide
  4. All Ways to Get Heroes
  5. Altar of Heroes
  6. How can a newcomer assemble a team of 5-star heroes?
  7. Which heroes need to be taken into battle?
  8. Battles in the Battle Room
  9. Wonderland Guide
  10. Arena Battles
  11. Fights in Tartarus
  12. Walkthrough of the Dark Tower
  13. Raids as an Additional Resource
  14. Quick Grow Tips In The Game
  15. The Importance of Quests and Achievements
  16. Guild Guide
  17. Friends in the game are very important
  18. Quests in the Tavern
  19. Wheel Spin for Rewards
  20. Market Shopping
  21. Guide to the Right Donat
  22. The Most Important About Your Game Account
  23. Conclusion

Idle War: TOP of the best heroes (Tier list)

Fortress Race:

  1. Nerid;
  2. Choir;
  3. Rosetta;
  4. Storm guardsman;
  5. Archbishop.
  6. Royal archer;
  7. Phantom Assassin.
  8. Elemental mage.

Race of Savages:

  1. Hippopotamus;
  2. Denzlif;
  3. Leader of the orcs;
  4. Beater spirit;
  5. Blade ranger;
  6. Queen of Blades;
  7. Apostle of Thunder.

Race of the Forest:

  1. Vidar;
  2. Fatima.
  3. Cybele;
  4. Mountain giant;
  5. Priestess of the forest;
  6. Wild ranger;
  7. Blade dancer;
  8. Unicorn.

Grave Race:

  1. Dracula.
  2. Thanos;
  3. Skeleton king;
  4. Pharaoh;
  5. Dark ranger;
  6. Nightmare;
  7. Frosty dragon.

Race of Heaven:

  1. Hercules.
  2. Gabriel.
  3. Aurora.

Race of Hell:

  1. Glow of death;
  2. Needheg.

Why did we prefer these characters:

Idle War: General Hero Guide

Race. Heroes in the game are divided into 6 races:

  1. The fortress is blue;
  2. Savage - red;
  3. Forest - green;
  4. The grave is purple;
  5. Heaven is golden;
  6. Hell is black.

When opening new heroes, you get diamonds in the Gallery (see screenshot above). The size of diamonds is determined by the stardom of the open character.

You have 60 cells in the Heroes tab to place all the characters. The number of cells can be increased for diamonds.

Classes. Heroes are divided into 5 classes: warriors, magicians, priests, rangers and assassins. The functions of the character in battle depend on belonging to the class. Warriors are tanks that take on most of the enemy damage, mages and priests are healers, and rangers and assassins are damage dealers, those who deal the main damage to opponents.

Be sure to consider the class of heroes when creating a combat formation and the allocation of places in the team.

Stars. The more stars the hero has (small or large), the stronger he is. Heroes with big stars are the strongest and have the highest leveling capabilities.

When opening a new hero, evaluate his combat potential by the power parameter, the number of abilities and the highest possible level of leveling. All this can be seen in the Gallery of Heroes.

Information about the hero. Characteristics of the heroes show the following:

The energy of the hero. A normal attack or damage gives the hero energy points. He can immediately begin to use his skills when the score reaches 100. The more energy points accumulated, the more powerful the hero can use.

The maximum number of energy points cannot be more than 200.

Your backpack. The backpack contains everything that your heroes need in the game. There are 4 tabs here:

  1. Shards. Nominal or arbitrary fragments for summoning heroes of different stardom (see screenshot above);
  2. Requisites. Leveling elements and materials needed to complete activities (hearts, scrolls, Arena tickets, etc.);
  3. Ammunition. Battle robe of heroes and their weapons;
  4. Artifacts. Special items used in battles.
All fragments and rewards for battles in the Battle Hall automatically fall into the backpack. Do not forget to check it and call on new heroes. From a backpack, you can sell unnecessary low-quality ammunition.

Idle War: Character upgrade and ammunition guide

Who should download? 4 and 5-star heroes and heroes with large stars have the highest combat potential. 2 and 3 star heroes will eventually be useless in battle. Leave them to develop more powerful. At the beginning of the game, we recommend downloading 4-star heroes, but do not promote them! After the appearance of the 5-star team - download and promote only them. In the future, go to the heroes with big stars.

Resources spent on improving characters are not returned! Choose the heroes to pump correctly and do not waste in vain.

Level up. Gold and fragments of the soul are paid for raising the level of the hero. The higher the elevated level, the more expensive the upgrade will cost.

Raise the heroes evenly! So the combat power of the whole party will grow faster. Remember that with an increase in the level of pumping, each nested unit of resources gives a smaller result. Exclamation marks on the icons of heroes - your tips. They mean that at the moment this hero can (and should) be pumped.

Promotion After the hero reaches the maximum level of pumping, he can be promoted for gold and trump crystals (see the screenshot above). Promotion increases the maximum level of pumping, increases the characteristics of the hero and opens up his additional ability.

As the hero advances, his shooting gallery opens. Dash unlock progress is displayed on the hero’s screen to the right.

Development. Development is an increase in stardom. It is possible after the hero’s maximum advancement and the full opening of his shooting gallery. For development, you will need materials: similar heroes and several random heroes of the desired stardom. Development increases the maximum level of pumping and significantly increases HP points and attacks.

You can "protect" the necessary heroes from accidental spending by clicking the lock icon on the character page. Blocked heroes cannot be used as supplies for development.

Ammunition. Ammunition has a different stardom and color that determines its quality. From weak to powerful ammunition happens: green, blue, violet and orange. It can be worn automatically or manually, choosing the right thing for each cell. When collecting 4 elements of purple or orange ammunition, you collect a full combat suit. For example, in the screenshot above, the hero is dressed in a combat suit of the highest (orange) quality.

The hero in the suit receives bonuses to the parameters of ammunition (increase in HP, attack, armor).

Ammunition crystals. Ammunition can be strengthened by crystals. They are given to the hero when they reach the 40th level of leveling. Crystals increase the hero’s health points and can be improved for gold and the sands of time. Improved crystals rise in stardom. The crystals are tied to a specific hero, they cannot be disassembled and impossible to remove.

Pumping ammunition in the Forge. In the Forge, you can increase stardom and get better quality equipment by reforging low-level ammunition (see screenshot below). For this you pay gold. Gradually improving the quality of ammunition, it can be brought to purple and orange, and even assemble a full suit.

You can not reforge the ammunition worn on the hero. Exclamation marks on the icons and tabs of the ammunition in the Forge are your tips. They mean that this equipment can be reforged and improved.

Pumping heroes at the Guild Academy. The guild academy follows you regardless of the change of guild. Here you pump the technology of the heroes of each class. Gold coins and guild medals are paid for pumping. Initially, you can only upgrade one technology. When it reaches the required threshold, it becomes possible to pump the next one, etc. In total, you can upgrade 8 technologies of each class of heroes.

Pump technology of all classes evenly, without focusing on any one. You can reset the boost technology. After the reset, the spent medals and coins will be returned to you. The first dump is free; diamonds are paid for the subsequent ones.

Idle War: All Ways to Get Heroes

The call in the Call Hall. The Summoning Hall is the main source of heroes. There are 3 types of appeal:

  1. Main. Gives 1-5-star heroes. We need ordinary summon scrolls. Free - once every 8 hours;
  2. Higher. Gives 3-5 star heroes. Rare summon scrolls or diamonds are needed. Free - once every 48 hours;
  3. Friendly. Gives 2-5-star heroes. Hearts are needed.
The main and highest calls are the types of daily quests. In order to guarantee their fulfillment, we recommend having in reserve up to 5 scrolls of each type of appeal.

Chances of losing heroes in the Summoning Room:

Each highest call fills the call scale (at the top of the screen) by 10 points. If it is fully filled and you have VIP 3 status, you will receive a random 5-star hero.

Summon in the Tree of Life. In the Tree of Life, you can get splinters or summon 4-5-star heroes of the desired race. Sources of life are used for summoning. Drop Chances:

Summons in the Tree of Life are very convenient for forming combat structures that give bonuses in battles.

Getting heroes from shards. In addition to the call, heroes can be collected from the fragments. All fragments are stored in a backpack. When collecting the right amount, you call on a new hero - a specific (if the fragments were inscribed) or random. Shards can be obtained:

Idle War: Altar of Heroes

On the Altar, you can make out unnecessary heroes and get materials for them, including crystals of the soul. Use the Smart button to automatically select the heroes to be disassembled, or mark them manually. By clicking on the magnifying glass, you will see how many materials you get from parsing.

Analysis in the Altar is irreversible. Block the necessary heroes from random parsing by clicking the button with a lock on their pages. The heroes used in the construction of the Arena cannot be disassembled.

Altar Shop. Heroes are sold here for soul crystals that you receive in the Altar. Keep in mind: the price offers in the store are very high. So, to buy the 1st hero you will need to decompose in the Altar up to 10 similar heroes. Always evaluate the appropriateness of the purchase.

Idle War: How can a newcomer assemble a team of 5-star heroes?

Newcomers to the game are loved, so they indulge in very good gifts, including strong heroes. To get all the prizes, use the Novice’s Gift (a cup in the upper left corner of the main screen).

Tests of the beginner. Here, for clearing the stages in the campaign, you get scrolls of draft and two 5-star heroes:

The journey of growth. Depending on the level of your game account, you will be given very good rewards - items, uniforms and shards for summoning 5-star heroes:

Trophies of Glory. You need to make calls of heroes and rotation of the magic (magic) wheel. For this you are awarded prizes:

In total, in the Beginner’s Gift, you get five 5-star heroes. This is a great way to form a strong team in a short time.

Another 1 hero for connecting to accounts. At the beginning of the game, you are given a 5-star hero for simply connecting your account to Facebook, google play or e-mail. You can pick it up in the Achievements tab.

Idle War: Which heroes need to be taken into battle?

The total power of the party is displayed at the top of the battle formation screen. The team must have at least two tanks - the warrior, taking on the main damage. Also, 1-2 healers are needed for treatment. The remaining heroes are attackers, dealing damage to the enemy.

Heroes in the front row take more damage. Put in the first row of tanks with high HP, and in the second row - more vulnerable heroes (magicians, priests, assassins). To move the hero in the building, hold your finger on it and move it.

The advantage of races. Racial benefits increase damage by 15% and deal 30% additional damage. Each faction has an advantage over one race and obeys another. The Fortress is strong against Savages, Savages dominate the Forest, Forest has an advantage over the Grave, and the Grave - over the Fortress. Heaven and Hell fend off each other. This is shown schematically in the screenshot:

Buildings that give bonuses in battle. Depending on the arrangement of the heroes, the entire team receives bonus increases to the characteristics. Creating a building that takes advantage of races and bonuses is an art based on calculating the required combination and correctly pumping heroes. There are 4 types of bonus builds:

With any construction, the heroes of Heaven and Hell get extra. bonuses to the parameters: HP - 1%, immunity to damage - 1% (Heaven); attack - 1%, power - 1% (Hell).

Try to collect heroes in the construction of "Ragnarok". It gives the most bonuses in battle. Watch the power of your team. Even the activation of the bonus will not be useful if there are weak characters in the team.

Time and battle process. The battle in the game takes place without your participation. The player is required to choose the right team of pumped heroes. Each battle lasts 2 minutes. If you do not meet the limit - lose. During the battle over the heroes, their fighting position is displayed:

You can skip battles by checking the box "Skip battle".

Idle War: Battles in the Battle Room

The Battle Hall is the main activity of the game. It is a map with 20 worlds. The next world opens after clearing all levels of the previous one. Keep in mind that the skip function in the Battle Room does not work!

After going through the usual mode on the map, you will have access to more complex ones.

Awards and Autoboy. You get rewards for every battle. Among them are gold, ammunition, materials for pumping, etc. Also keep in mind that your team is fighting in the Battle Hall, even when you yourself are not in the game. In autoboy, heroes get gold, soul shards, and experience. To collect the rewards of the autoboy, click on the large chest when moving to the Battle Hall.

Autoboy rewards are the main source of your passive income. Depending on the level passed, the performance indicators for collecting autoboy rewards are growing: the further you go, the more you will get offline. You can see statistics on collecting autoboy rewards per second by clicking on the icon of the last completed level.

The maximum time for collecting rewards in a motor vehicle is 10 hours. In the future, they cease to accumulate. Do not forget to collect prizes as often as possible so that they do not burn out.

Idle War: Wonderland Guide

Rules. In Wonderland, you move from one cell to another, eventually moving to the next floor. In total you need to go through three floors. The farther you go, the stronger the enemies and more rewards. Raids are updated every 48 hours. After the upgrade, all enemies, rewards and quests are restored.

Whenever a new cell is selected, all adjacent cells in the same column are destroyed. Be sure to make the right choice.

Treatment in Wonderland. The health of heroes in Wonderland is not restored. In the spring of life, 50% of the HP points will be restored to the surviving characters, but you still need to get to it. Dead heroes can be revived for an elixir of rebirth. Its first application is free, the next ones are worth diamonds.

Recruit a team of healers. So you can treat your heroes to the approach to the spring of life. Rearrange heroes with incomplete health in battles in the second row so that they receive less damage.

Awards and relics. For victories you get gold and medals of conquest. They are used as currency in the Wonderland store, where you can buy shards of heroes. You also take one of the three relics - a special award that gives the heroes a special effect: raising the parameters of some characteristics (see the screenshot above). Relics come in many qualities. The best of them are epic.

Choose a relic with an effect that affects heroes of all races, unless you use heroes of the same race in a party. Relics fall into a backpack and only work in Wonderland. After the update, they disappear.

Mercenary camp. Sometimes a mercenary camp appears on your way. In it, you can choose an ally who will automatically win the next battle. Please note that for such battles you do not receive rewards.

Mercenary camp - an opportunity to skip the battle and get to the spring of life faster if you have a wounded hero in your party.

Opponents. In standard battles, you choose between two types of opponents: ordinary and elite. The latter have more fighting power, but also the reward (including relics) for the victory over them is more generous.

Opponents do not restore health if your heroes died in battle. You can recruit a new team and finish off the enemies with fresh forces.

Idle War: Arena Battles

Arena of Glory Rules

1. Team and fights. You form a team of defenders and enter the battle. Arena battles last 2 minutes. Attackers lose if they cannot defeat the defenders during this time. The first 2 battles are free, and then you will need Arena tickets. They can be purchased on the market or bought for diamonds.

Buy tickets at the market for 5 each - it’s much cheaper. Always keep some tickets in reserve. Arena battles are part of daily quests.

2. The choice of the enemy. Click "Battle" to select. If the proposed enemies do not suit you, click Refresh. Choose an opponent with a team power less than yours and the highest score - from it you will get more points when you win.

Be sure to check the composition of the opposing team, even if it has low power - if 1-2 heroes occupy most of this power, then you are unlikely to defeat them in 2 minutes.

3. The trick of selecting a team. Take note: in order to outwit inattentive rivals, put in a team of 1-2 very powerful heroes with constant treatment. Set other fighters at will, even weak ones. If the opponent does not bother to check the composition of your team, he will not meet the time limit at the Arena.

4. Results. For victories you get fragments of the Arena of Glory, for losses they are taken away. The number of shards is your Arena score. The account is allocated places in the ranking. Arena Awards: diamonds and sand of time. Their size depends on the place in the ranking. Daily rating rewards are mailed every day. At the end of the season, all players receive seasonal rewards.

5. Statistics. In the battle log you can see your statistics of victories and defeats, see the record of battles and "take revenge" on those who defeated you.

Revenge is always a bad option. Do not mindlessly spend tickets. Better pump the power of the team and focus on new battles.

Zenith Arena

1. The selection of the team and the battle. You need to form 3 teams of defenders. Each of them will fight in one round lasting no more than 2 minutes. The attacking team loses if they do not win the defenders during this time. The side that won 2 out of 3 fights wins the entire battle. Note that the battle at the Zenith Arena spends 3 Arena tickets at once.

You can swap teams. For the 1st round, we recommend putting a weak team, for the 2nd and 3rd - strong. Look for opponents with the opposite disposition of forces. Then in the 1st round your team will be defeated, but in the 2nd and 3rd opponents will lose.

2. Rating and medals of honor. Your place in the Zenith Arena ranking depends on the number of victories. It has 8 titles: from beginner to champion. Depending on the rank, honor medals accumulate in your Arena chest: the higher the rank, the more medals per hour appear there. Chest limit: 20,000 medals. Honor medals are an indicator of leadership and the currency of the Arena store where you can buy shards and sources of life.

Do not forget to pick up medals from the chest on time. If their number reaches the limit, they will cease to accumulate.

Idle War: Fights in Tartarus

Tartarus is a huge abyss divided into stages. You need to choose 5 heroes who will fight one on one with the inhabitants of Tartarus. The further you advance, the stronger your opponents will be. When you win, you get valuable rewards, including special elixirs and bonuses from the Goddesses. Also in Tartarus, you can meet mysterious merchants and buy various game items from them. Battles in Tartarus are updated every 48 hours.

Choose the most powerful of your heroes for Tartarus. After confirming the composition of the team, you will not be able to change it. Dead heroes cannot be replaced with new ones.

Enemies and passage. Information about opponents is available before the battle. The battles themselves can be skipped. Every 50 levels of Tartarus form a location (stage). After completely clearing the previous location, you switch to a new one and save the progress. Further passage begins with the level of the location at which you finished last time. After the update, you go to the 1st level of the last open location.

Elixirs and bonuses of the Goddesses. The won bonuses of the Goddesses of Victory, Luck and Wrath give an increase to the characteristics of the entire five heroes. Elixirs are as follows:

For the Elixir of the Renaissance, you can revive the dead hero, but its use is worth the diamonds. Consider the appropriateness of the purchase.

Idle War: Walkthrough of the Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is a multi-story building, where enemies await your team of heroes on each floor level. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies and the more rewards. To save time, you can skip the battles in the Dark Tower. The system itself will calculate the result of the battle.

Keys of the Abyss. Each loss in the Dark Tower takes away 1 key of the Abyss. You have 10 keys in total. 1 key is restored every 30 minutes.

Victories and defeats. Do not be discouraged by the repeated defeat in the Tower - sometimes there are really difficult floors. By the number of floors traveled, you can judge the strength of your heroes.

If you have lost more than 5 times on the same floor, think about it - probably you should go up the power of the team or think about the best battle formation.

Ratings Depending on the floors completed, the ratings of participants are formed. At the end of the season, seasonal awards are mailed to everyone involved in the Tower. The size depends on the place in the ranking.

Idle War: Raids as an Additional Resource

Value. Raids are a great way to replenish your backpack. For victories in raids, you get rewards that depend on the type of raid:

Walkthrough Every day you have 2 attempts to complete. Raids have difficulty thresholds that will be unlocked when the account reaches the required level. The higher the raid difficulty, the greater the reward you will receive. Sometimes you can randomly get double or triple rewards.

Complete raids on the most difficult threshold for you to earn more rewards. Use the skip battle function to save time. For additional attempts, increase the level of VIP-benefits.

Idle War: Quick Grow Tips In The Game

We have prepared for you all the ways to quickly replenish your account with diamonds and gold, and the backpack with the necessary items. Take note of them and remember them well. These tips are relevant at any stage of the game.

Gold mining:

Once every 8 hours you can open a free chest with gold. The higher the account level, the more gold you will collect.

Getting free diamonds:

Getting trump crystals:

Receiving soul shards:

Getting sources of life:

Getting Sand of Time:

Getting a radiant artifact:

The game is designed so that every 8 hours you can take something here: gold, hold a free call, etc. Since notifications do not always work, we recommend setting an alarm every 8 hours. This is the best tactic not to miss gaming bonuses (of course, within reason).

Login bonus (daily login). Click "Check in" on the sidebar on the right and get a reward for signing in!

If you entered the game, but did not pick up the reward for entry, you can pick it up another time. The list of rewards will be updated when you collect all 30 in a month.

Participation in events. Follow the events. Sometimes there appear free tasks to perform certain actions, for example, to complete the required number of calls, develop the hero to the required level of stardom, etc. For fulfilling the requirements you receive substantial rewards.

During the period of such actions, stock up on attributes for taking actions (for example, draft scrolls), otherwise you may not have time to fulfill all the conditions.

Idle War: The Importance of Quests and Achievements

Quests. For completing quests you get prizes (see screenshot) and glory points. As they accumulate, you can collect fragments of 4-star heroes in the "Skip" tab of the store.

If you have a pass, you will also receive bonus rewards for fame points - diamonds and fragments of 5-star heroes.

Enumeration of quests. These include:

  1. Sending hearts;
  2. Gold collection (free and for diamonds);
  3. Spinning the Magic Wheel;
  4. Completion of missions in the Tavern;
  5. Creation of equipment;
  6. Regular call;
  7. Heroic call;
  8. The Battle of the Arena of Glory;
  9. Collection of auto-battle rewards;
  10. Victory in Raids.

Each task needs to be done the required number of times. For completing all 10 quests, the biggest reward is given. Progress is reset once a day.

Quest rewards are a significant addition to your game resources and backpack inventory. Be sure to follow them.

Achievements. Unlike quests, progress is not reset daily, but accumulates gradually. Upon reaching the desired threshold of completed tasks, you get rewards - from gold to valuable inventory items.

Types of achievements. A general list of achievements is presented below. The specific numbers depend on the execution threshold:

  1. Reaching N-level account;
  2. Getting VIP;
  3. Obtaining 4.5 and 6-star heroes;
  4. Exchange of heroes;
  5. Getting purple gems;
  6. Getting orange ammunition;
  7. Battles and victory in the Arena of Glory;
  8. Win N points in the Arena of Glory;
  9. Stripping the World;
  10. Completion of missions in the Tavern;
  11. Killing bosses in Wild Adventures;
  12. Mopping floors in Wonderland;
  13. Spinning and winning heroes in the Magic Wheel;
  14. A call at the Tree of Life;
  15. Getting 9 and 10 star heroes;
  16. Linking your account to Facebook, Google play, E-mail;
  17. Obtaining 50 blue gear.
For linking your account, you get a 5-star hero already at the start of the game, and getting blue equipment gives you a lot of gold and 100 diamonds.

Idle War: Guild Guide

How to find a good guild? To search for a guild, go to the Recruit tab in the chat. Guild recruitment announcements are posted here.

Always participate only in active guilds. Get out of low-level guilds and join the more developed ones. This is a common practice for passing the game successfully.

Guild Experience. Guild experience depends on the activity of its members. To add experience to your guild, click on "Check in" in the guild hall. As the experience scale is filled, the guild raises its level and increases the limit of participants to 30. Guild ratings are formed by the levels of guilds.

Guild experience and level is the best way to track its activity. If your guild cannot fill the experience scale for too long and hangs at the same level, then it’s time to think about changing it.


Only the head can change the coat of arms and the name of the guild. Be careful: this procedure costs 1000 diamonds. A good guild is an active guild. If you are the head, do not forget to check the members of the guild for activity. This is your main function. Expel inactive low-level players, free up space for new participants.

In announcements, you can write important messages about the life of the guild (by raid, mine, activity, etc.). If your guild is international, use English. To join the ranks of your guild, resort to recruitment as often as possible. Such messages can be sent once an hour. In requests, you can accept as a member of all comers.

Recruiting is the best way to recruit fresh blood into a guild. Dial messages go to the general chat, so be concise: it’s better to just write "Welcome".

Guild Raid

It is a battle with the boss by the forces of all the guilds. After the battle you are awarded prizes. The stronger the boss, the better the prizes. After killing the boss, guild members receive rewards in the mail. Their size depends on the position in the raid rating and the damage done.

For killing the same boss you take a reward only once. In another guild, you will not receive it. If you are defeated, you can take part in the battle after 16 hours or pay diamonds to receive 3 more attempts. After killing the current boss, the next one is unlocked. You can’t fight bosses killed.

Guild boss battles are another reason to start a game on a new server. Only there you can fight all the bosses, while on the old most are already defeated.

Shop and mine

Mine. In the guild mine, you receive an order and go to fulfill it. For the completed order you receive gold and guild coins. The guild mine can be pumped by donating gold or diamonds. With an increase in the level of the mine, the amount of remuneration for completed orders increases and the experience of the guild is added.

Guild Store. In the guild store you can buy the necessary items for guild medals. The assortment of the store is updated once a day, but can be reset for guild medals.

Best to buy fragments of 5-star heroes and rare ammunition. Keep in mind that a purchase limit is imposed on purchases.

Idle War: Friends in the game are very important

Hearts. Hearts are used for a friendly call. The more hearts you have, the more calls you will make. You can get hearts only from friends. To do this, click "Take and send" in the friends section.

Add friends correctly. It is very important to correctly create your list of friends for the continuous receipt of hearts. Friends limit: 30. Use world chat to add them - view messages about adding there and write them yourself.

Add to friends only those players who are higher or equal to you in level. A low account level usually indicates inactivity in the game. With such "friends" you will not get hearts. Monitor your friends list, delete those who have not been online for more than two days, free up space for new active friends.

Wild adventures. Wild adventures are activities that you go through with your friends. Every 8 hours, the Dark Forest boss appears on the Wild Adventures tab. You and your friends must defeat him using Stamina (chicken legs) for battle. Keep in mind that players who have reached account level 36 can participate in Wild Adventures.

Use the Sturm function and set all available Stamines to reduce the battle time and collect all the rewards at once.

For the battle with the boss points and weekly rewards are given. The reward for killing the boss goes to the one who kills him. The award includes up to 2,500 diamonds. Every week, a Dark Forest boss rating is compiled. Places in it are allocated in accordance with the points earned.

The higher your team rises in the ranking, the more weekly rewards you will receive.

Idle War: Quests in the Tavern

In the tavern, the heroes complete tasks (missions). The stardom of a mission is determined by the time it takes and the rewards it gives. The more stars, the greater the reward. At the same time, 1 hero can complete 1 mission. The total number of missions per day is limited.

To increase the number of available missions will have to increase the level of VIP. New tasks can also be added using tavern scrolls. Missions lasting less than 2 hours can be completed ahead of schedule and free of charge. For early completion of missions of 3 stars or more, diamonds are paid.

For each mission you will need heroes of a certain stardom and class. Thus, in your arsenal should be a variety of characters to complete all the tasks of the tavern. Their pumping does not matter. Use the Smart button to automatically set heroes.

Updating the list of missions. The list of missions is updated once a day. Early dumping of the list for diamonds is possible. The chances of getting different missions after an early update are as follows:

Idle War: Wheel Spin for Rewards

There are two types of wheels: the magic wheel and the wheel of miracles (opens at level 80 or VIP-3). Here you spin the roulette and get random prizes (ammunition, gold, pieces of heroes, etc.). To spin, you need magic coins that you can buy in the market or win events.

Each spin gives you 10 lucky coins. They are used to purchase ammunition and artifacts in the magic wheel store. The wheel is updated every 3 hours. Drop items cannot be received 2 times (except gold and soul fragments).

10 spins of the magic wheel at a time will be much more profitable for you, because spend 8 magic coins.

Idle War: Market Shopping

In the market you can buy various game items for diamonds and gold. The assortment of the market is periodically updated.

Compare prices and take the best deals. Sometimes buying a few things at a time is much more economical.

What to buy? First of all, take the missing resources for pumping heroes (for example, trump crystals). Do not forget about things that must be in stock for completing daily quests (scrolls, tickets to the arena). Last but not least, items that can be won in activities.

No need to pile mountains of gold and diamonds. Spend them in the market, leaving the selected limit on the accounts. So you pump heroes much faster, get new ones and advance in the game.

Idle War: Guide to the Right Donat

VIP advantage of donors. Donut in the game is imprisoned for the VIP system. The level of VIP benefits depends on the number of your in-game purchases and affects the bonuses that can be obtained in the game. You can see all the VIP benefits on the appropriate tab in your account or in the store.

A monthly card is the most profitable donation. Buying a monthly card, you get 750 diamonds and 750 points of VIP benefits. Over the next 30 days, you will receive 300 diamonds every day by mail and additional prizes with VIP benefits. Thus, in total you will receive 9750 diamonds, regardless of whether you enter the game or not. In our opinion, the monthly card is the most correct donation in the game.

Buy a monthly card first and get an additional bonus of the first purchase - gold, items of equipment and a 5-star hero.

Purchase pass. The pass allows you to receive bonus rewards for glory points in daily quests. The usual pass is valid for 5 days, seasonal - 30 days. If you purchased a pass, but did not open all the rewards, you can purchase fame points 4 days before the pass is reset. Buying a pass adds 1000 VIP points to you.

The usual purchase of diamonds. In the store you can also buy diamonds for money. With the VIP advantage, you get additional diamonds for your purchase, and with the first purchase, the diamonds you buy are doubled.

If you decide to buy diamonds, get a monthly card. It is much more profitable.

Game events. In game events (the icon in the upper right corner), various sets are offered for purchase. Limited events are often timed to holidays. Sometimes they even make free gifts here, but mostly you will find a donut.

Special events, such as the Diamond Fund, are permanent. Here, when you activate the fund, you will receive diamonds for reaching the desired account level. Special events are also weekly and monthly. Sets in such events are available during the specified time.

Idle War: The Most Important About Your Game Account

Account and experience. The level of the account depends on the gaming experience. It is obtained during battles in the Battle Hall, and the progress of receipt is shown by a green bar in the upper left corner of the main screen. In your account, you can change your avatar and choose a different name (the first time - for free).

Read the ads in your account. So you will always be aware of new events and updates in the game.

Change of server. Periodically, new game servers appear in the game, which is reflected in the player’s account on the "Change server" tab.

At the beginning of the game, monitor the opening of new servers and switch to a new one from the first day of its opening! Only in this way will you have real opportunities to get into the TOPs, find a strong guild and collect the most awards. The difference between newcomers and "old-timers" of servers is enormous, so it’s almost impossible to break into the ranking on old servers if you are not an ardent donor. Be careful - the game on the new server starts again.

Account protection. Linking your account to Facebook, Google Play and Email helps protect game progress from internal crashes.

Be sure to link your account to the proposed accounts. Only with their help will it be possible to restore your data in case of unforeseen zeroing of progress.

Idle War: Conclusion

Idle War is certainly an interesting and colorful game, another gift for those who like to collect a variety of teams of heroes and go on trips with them. Of the advantages of the game:

There is nothing perfect, there are also disadvantages:

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D. , Yaroslav I.