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Immortal Soul Black Survival WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a game released by Boltrend Games. This game combines RPG and Battle Royale elements. The strategy involves collecting and improving the parameters of the hero on the main screen of the game. And the moments of the battle royale are associated with matches that take place for 20 - 25 minutes on maps with several areas. The result of the battle - only 1 player should remain alive.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. Battle Tips
  3. Hacking Guide
  4. Gameplay Answers
  5. A Guide to the Areas of Lumiya Island
  6. Seoul Region Guide
  7. Character Guide
  8. Weapon Tips

Immortal Soul Black Survival: A Guide for Beginners

At the very start of the game, you go through training. It is very important to read all the tips and follow the system prompts to understand the gameplay. The game has several characters that differ in the type of weapon possession and skills. But you will take your first steps in the game as the hero Hyun Woo. According to the plot, this guy is a test subject in a scientific laboratory, where they are working on studies of various physical and intellectual abilities of people and animals.

At the beginning of the gameplay, it is important to understand the structure and mechanics of the game, as it is fundamentally different from similar projects. You will be presented with several combat modes, one of which is training. Later, when you close it, the "Training" mode will appear in its place, where you can test the strategy of actions of any hero without penalties.

Game currency

Gold - You earn gold for every match you play. The amount of gold earned depends on the performance of your encounter and current rank. Using the gold coin booster before entering the mode is the reward for this game.

Gold can also be obtained in the following ways:

Gold can be spent on the following:

Bear Points (BP) are one of the game currencies in Black Survival. Unlike gold and gems, BP cannot be purchased from the in-game lobby shop. But you can earn Bear Points at the end of each game. The amount of BP earned depends on the duration of the match, and ranges from 0 to 20 BP. Using the Bear Point Booster before entering the battle will double the reward.

Bear Points can also be obtained in the following ways:

You can spend Bear Points by playing Bear Point cards by clicking on your BP balance in the upper right corner of the main menu. They can buy 1 chance of a draw for 100 points or 6 chances for 500 points. You can get the following prizes from the BP draw (1 prize per card):

Gems - can be purchased for real money in the in-game lobby store. The exchange rates vary slightly depending on the player’s location and platform. Gems can also be obtained in the following ways:

How to spend:

Boosters are lobby items that can be used to increase rewards earned in regular and ranked games. They cannot be used in solo or private games. You can choose to use or purchase boosters before entering the battle. Boosters (amplifiers) can be obtained by playing the Bear Point card or bought with gems (2 gems per booster).

There are 4 types of accelerators:

Confidence ( Confidence Syringe) is a stat used to increase the star ratings of characters. Warriors can be promoted to the next star rating once they reach 100% confidence in their current star rating (up to 5 stars). Upgrading a champion’s Star Rating will improve their base stats, giving them an edge in the match.

You can earn confidence on your chosen hero (unless the character already has 5 stars) by playing regular or rating battles. Confidence cannot be earned by playing private or singles. The amount of trust earned depends on the length of the match. In addition, if you exit the game, your chosen warrior will not receive any trust. Before entering a battle, you can activate Confidence Boosters to double the amount of Confidence earned this game. Confidence Syringes can also be purchased with Gems from the Daily Specials store, but this is not recommended.

Alternatively, use gold to buy Syringes of Trust, which will immediately boost the selected character’s Confidence to 100%.

Which platform is better - Steam or Mobile? In general, the game on PC is slightly faster than on mobile devices if the keyboard shortcuts are used skillfully. However, there are some gameplay elements (like changing positions) that can be done faster on mobile devices. There are top rated players on both platforms. Differences in connection speed and player performance tend to have a larger impact than platform choices.

Remember that players connecting from a computer and a mobile device are playing on the same server, which can affect the course of the battle.

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Battle Tips

After choosing a game mode, you should choose one of the battles that take place in real time. Between choosing a match and entering a battle, you will have a few minutes to select Boosters, character abilities and boosters.

Study all the heroes, as any of them is able to win the match. The main thing is to choose the right equipment and related abilities for him.


Moving to one of the locations on the battle map (district, region), you need to use the "Search". When you press or click on the center of the screen, expend 3 units of stamina, an average of 1.5 seconds is given to explore the current area. Search is necessary to find objects or an enemy.

Search probabilities

Search objectProbability of being in the area
Main computer1%
Enemy (another player or artificial character)70%
Wild animal50%
Dead body5%
An experience40%

Actions at the location

In the match, in the lower right corner, there are 4 action buttons that you can press at the right time. Every action is important at a certain point in time. For example, you should quickly move from one area to another before the onset of the restricted area. The timer located at the top of the screen will notify you about the time of the appearance of the restricted zone.

Movement - involves the movement of the character in the current area. Select a point on the minimap. For 1 movement, you spend 5 units of stamina (blue indicator in the lower right corner of the battle screen).

Remember! Rest of any kind is canceled as soon as you take another action or are attacked by another player. If you use "first aid", then it is not interrupted.

If you decide to inspect the mode tabs or look at the map (without moving), the "Rest" will not be canceled. This can be used so as not to be distracted at other moments of the match.

Exhaustion - when a character’s stamina drops below 0, then he loses health points when performing any action for which you need to pay with stamina. For example, "Search" consumes 3 units of stamina. But it will cost 6 health points if you don’t have stamina.

Position. There are 2 different positions that can be used in the game. You can change your position using the button of the same name located in the lower right corner:

Meeting - you can find an enemy (another player) while searching the area. Since the game is played in real time, players can find you even when you are standing still. If you manage to find the enemy, you can do the following:

Features of the characteristics of warriors in battle

What is Precision? In an attack, the system first checks the hit probability. Normal attacks and most combat abilities can either hit or miss. Initial Base Accuracy is 80% (assuming Initial Mastery = 0).

How to improve accuracy? Accuracy increases with skill. With each increase in the rank of mastery, the base accuracy increases by 1 - 3%. There are also certain items that increase accuracy when used or equipped.

Attack damage is the actual damage done by lunging towards the enemy that hits them. Attack damage = normal damage + skill damage. Normal damage is calculated using the formula: Total Attack Power x 100 / (Total Enemy Armor + 100). Total Attack Power = (Static Attack + Weapon Damage) x Modifiers (Mastery or Position Rank Effects).

Skill damage - bypasses the armor of the character and equipment (in total, they give an idea of ??the overall indicator of armor). Champion Skills, Item Skills, and Mastery Rank all affect the skill’s damage. When attacking while guarding, the damage will be reduced by 50%.

Additional attack effects:

Injury - When attacked by an animal or another player, the chance of accidental injury is 2%. Injuries can be treated with a first aid kit or rest. There are 4 types of injuries:

Level - you start every match at level 1 and can reach a maximum of level 18. Experience for leveling up increases with each new level. How to get experience in battle:

Mastery is a measure of your weapon proficiency. This is one of the factors that determine attack damage. The current mastery system in Black Survival is divided into several ranks: the lowest mastery rank is F and the highest is SS. Increasing the rank of mastery provides an increase in base attack power and accuracy. Mastery grades above S provide unique bonuses.

Mastery increase:

Forbidden zones are assigned for a certain period of time, and being in them at the time of the attack will lead you to death. Players cannot travel or search in these areas. Restricted Areas are shaded on the area map. If you remain in the zone when it appears, you will be killed immediately. 10 seconds before the zones become restricted, all areas that remain open in the next round will be highlighted in green (as shown in the image above).

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Hacking Guide

Using a networked computer consumes 30 stamina and has a three second usage time:

Remain stationary (stay within the same area, search and rest is allowed) for 70 seconds and the hack will succeed.

Hacking attempts are immediately reported to all players, but the hacker will be out of reach and not visible for 35 seconds at night. If you failed to jailbreak your computer, then you can try again within 30 seconds after the failure. After a successful hack, all Restricted Areas are unlocked for 2 rounds, including the Research Center.

Instructions for assembling a Networked computer (since many players in chats and forums ask the question: how and from what to assemble a networked computer, we decided to provide you with detailed instructions in pictures).

The computer connects to the island’s network. It takes time to activate. It cannot be used in the last Restricted Zone. When hacked, you can use a special effect.

System shutdown (required for successful hacking of a networked computer). Below are the recipes for assembling the system. It needs to be assembled before you fully assemble the networked computer.

Possession of a networked PC and System Shutdown Code allows access to the host computer. The main computer can be found with a 1% chance of finding it in the Research Center. By using the System Shutdown Code, within 7 seconds, you can start operating the PC.

When controlling the system, movement is not possible (a special scene appears). If you fail while controlling your computer, you will be killed. As soon as you turn off the system, all other enemies instantly die.

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Gameplay Answers

My weapon is missing, what should I do? It is likely that the weapon was either destroyed or worn out. Whenever you attack, the weapon you are using has a 1 - 2% chance of becoming disappear. It might just be a crack at first, but if the barrel cracks again it will become unusable. It is advisable to change weapons as soon as they crack.

Why is my opponent taking almost no damage? Your attack was low while your opponent’s armor was high. The final damage is calculated using your static attack, your weapon’s attack, skill, and the opponent’s stats and armor.

Attack and armor can change depending on the position used.An offensive stance increases attack, while a defensive stance increases armor. Changing your position during a fight will increase your chances of winning.

If your attack did not deal a lot of damage, even though the attack rate on the weapon was high enough and the enemy’s armor was low, chances are that your weapon skill was low. Strong weapons with low skill will do only minor damage. Using unfamiliar weapons can be tricky. Improving your weapon proficiency will increase your accuracy.

The pistol is a powerful weapon, but that power is meaningless without precision. It may be more efficient to simply use your fists instead. Each character has a different skill. Test your warrior’s prowess first and then find the best weapon for him.

My opponent does a lot of damage in the first seconds of the fight. Perhaps your opponent has changed position. Depending on the given position, attack and armor can be changed or even provide you with additional abilities. Changing quickly to the best position for the current situation is a skill that needs to be developed. An offensive stance increases your chances of spotting enemies in the same area, so it’s useful when you’re ready to fight.

Why does my health decrease when I move? Perhaps it was caused by exhaustion (complete lack of stamina points). Endurance is consumed not only during actions, but also during movement. If you keep moving even after your stamina is completely depleted, you will be depleted, instead your health points will be used. It would be wise to restore a small percentage of your stamina with rest or special items (such as water) so you don’t take damage when exhausted.

Search consumes 3 stamina, while moving (changing area) consumes 5 stamina. Performing these actions when exhausted incurs a penalty of 6 and 10 health points, respectively.

Why are my opponents very fast at creating items? Try to memorize objects in each area. Knowing where things are can give you an edge over others who are slow to memorize important details of the game.

What’s more important: skill, armor, or food? They are all important, but different playstyles focus on skill / armor / food at different times. One player can create a lot of armor first and then make up for lost skill while dealing little damage. Another player could start by crafting their weapons and lots of food, focusing primarily on skill and potentially gaining armor from killing players instead of crafting the whole thing. Other players can choose their style of play somewhere in the middle.

Typically, characters with high starting stats may play more aggressively early in the game, while characters with low starting stats may need to craft armor / food first. In addition, the skill of finding objects through combat requires some food, otherwise you will find yourself in a very vulnerable position. It may take a bit of experimentation to figure out which playstyle you prefer.

How can I learn to survive in matches? Early death is usually caused by one (or more) of the following:

Game modes

There are currently four game modes in Black Survival:

Normal game modes have character star restrictions. Any warrior who exceeds the star limit will have their stats reduced to match the current limit. Heroes with a star limit will not be promoted or their stats will not be increased.


League of Herbivores players gain experience by playing regular games. Predator League players cannot gain or lose BR, but can earn gold and complete quests and log research in this mode.

Immortal Soul Black Survival: A Guide to the Areas of Lumiya Island

Each area has a unique, limited supply of items to be found there. Some items are only available in certain locations. Zones become forbidden every 2 to 3 minutes. They are temporarily closed, and reopen at the end of the next round. At the beginning of round 5, all restricted areas are permanently closed. Restricted areas are random in every game.

Classic games take place on Lumia Island. There are 22 searchable areas on this map. In addition, there is the Underground Path, an area where players start each match. This area does not appear on the in-game map, and you cannot return to the Underground Path once you leave it.

The underground path is the starting point for all survival games. This area cannot be searched and no other players or animals can be found here. In addition, the skills and abilities of the character cannot be used here. If you selected any Supply Boxes prior to entering the game, the Supply Items will appear in your inventory. Elements can be thrown in the Underground Path, but they cannot be picked up again.

In the lower left corner, you can change your weapon before leaving the tunnel. The equipped weapon will, by default, be designed for the highest skill of the character.

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Seoul Region Guide

Team matches are played on the Seoul map. There are 12 searchable areas. As with the Lumia Island map, you start each game with the Underground Path. In a Team Match, players return to this area after death, during the respawn period.

Water areas. Areas located near the reservoir are designated as Water areas. This term does not refer to areas where water may be found. Lenox’s Fishing Skills can only be used in the Waters, and Leon’s Human Torpedo deals additional damage and has a shorter reload time when used in Waters.

Endurance items, bullets and arrows are available in all areas of Seoul. Epic items cannot be found until the end of Round 2 of Restrictions (4 minutes 30 seconds after the start of the game).

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Character Guide

Which character should I play? Play whoever you want based on any criteria (statistics, play style, hero appearance) that you personally appreciate. Almost all warriors are viable in a competitive game. Most of the champions can be found on trial in regular games. Free trial characters are reset weekly.

Play a character in a free trial before deciding to purchase it.

Which character is the easiest and most suitable for starting the game? There are factors that determine how easy or difficult it is to play a hero:

The simplest heroes (according to experienced players):

What’s the hardest character?

JP. While JP players can easily win a low-rated match (when players are not using a hack), higher-rated gamers know how to counter a hack by guarding the Research Center, hiding or throwing away laptops, and so on. If there is more than 1 JP in the game, the hacking attempt may not be possible due to the limited number of ingredients. Using JP as a standard combat character is also very difficult because his weapon prowess is completely random and none of his abilities are combat-related. For these reasons, JP has a very low expected payoff.

Isol. Playing as this hero requires balancing an additional aspect of the gameplay (creating traps) along with fighting, making food and armor. There are three main styles of playing him:

Barbara. Barbara has very low base stats to balance her body modification skill. Her early game is very unstable until she gets some body modification skills from turrets and she has to spend time customizing turrets throughout the game. However, Barbara has a very high potential.


Abilities are not generic skills that can be used during gameplay. Finding Bread is the default ability and will be automatically selected if you have no other abilities. Otherwise, you can choose any abilities before entering the queue for the game. Abilities can be purchased in the in-game lobby store (10 days of use) or obtained by playing the Bear Points card (1 day of use of each card).

You can use the abilities of your choice in the game by clicking on the abilities icon that appears in the lower right corner above the "Rest" icon. All abilities have a cooldown and cannot be used again until the cooldown has expired.

Classic abilities

Adaptation - increases the attack depending on the number of corpses (the number of deaths of subjects from your team +3) * 2. After use, add 30 damage when attacking the "assassin" (60 second cooldown). Cost - 4000 gold.

Poacher - If there is a wild animal in the current area, you are guaranteed to encounter it on your next quest. For 1 time, your attack on an animal has an accuracy of 50%, and deals 80 additional damage (recharge 70 seconds). The cost is 4000 gold.

Taunt - for about 10 seconds, only you will participate in a battle against enemies, and you will receive 50% less damage, but your attack is reduced by 50% (cooldown for 60 seconds). The cost is 4000 gold.

Rise - for 10 seconds, increases attack by 15%, but reduces armor by 5%. Allies in the same area will gain + 0% Attack (60 second cooldown). The cost is 4000 gold.

Broad Heal - Recovers 10% health and stamina for allies in the current area (60 second cooldown). The cost is 4000 gold.

Team Abilities

Acceleration - Moving or searching requires 1 stamina for 15 seconds (recharge 80 seconds). Given when buying for real money for 10 days.

Ambush - the hero can prepare an ambush after not moving or fighting for 7 seconds. For a maximum of 20 seconds, instantly attacks the enemy upon detection and gains 3 experience. The cost is 10,000 gold.

Ammunition Supply - Increases stocks so that the weapon used is fully reloaded. The next 2 bullets become FMJ explosive bullets, increased by + 8% armor penetration. The cost is 6,000 gold.

Search for bread - when searching the area, it is guaranteed to find bread (recharge 180 seconds). Is free.

Counterattack - Take an oncoming stance within a maximum of 2 seconds. When attacking, it takes 40% less damage and performs a counterattack.

Pursuit - chances of finding an enemy + 3%; Finds traces of the last person to leave the current area.

Scout - within 20 seconds, identifies and shows the number of animals and enemy players in nearby areas and reduces the chances of being found by 10%. Cost 6000 gold.

Supply boxes

These are random items that you can choose to receive at the start of each game. The items from the supply box will appear in the inventory in the Underground Path, in addition to the 2 Bread and 3 Water that all players receive. The set of items in the box is usually limited to items of rarity green or white, with a few exceptions.

Power type A gives one random weapon item.

A D-type supply grants one random piece of armor.

The refrigerator dispenses one random food or ingredient.

Supply boxes can be obtained by playing the Bear Point card or purchased with gems (1 stone per supply box). Supply boxes cannot be used in Team Match.

Immortal Soul Black Survival: Weapon Tips

The best weapon. Based on attack damage, the "best" weapon is the orange or legendary weapon. With the exception of the Soul Dart and Blood Dart, all of these weapons require a special Arcane Engine. This requires you to obtain Sacred Blood or Secret Stone (or from Dr. Wickeline), and making it can take a long time. The time it takes to craft this weapon may or may not be worth the extra attack damage, and it can only be crafted in the 2nd half of the game.

Indicators of a good weapon:

Pros and cons of weapons

Type ofAdvantagesdisadvantages
BladeMost purple (epic) weapons. Purple weapons have high attack damage (46-50). Good balance of weapons based on random ingredients and weapons that do not require a random ingredientDullness randomly. Each bluntness reduces weapon attack damage by 1 unit. If the same weapon is used throughout the game, the blunt effect can result in -5 or more attack damage
StabA pure thrusting weapon is not dulled. Strong blue (rare) weapons (e.g., Trident, Bident, Tail Screw) can be quickly upgraded to purple weapons, reducing the chances of a final weapon defectPurple weapons are slowly crafted
PunchWeapons made from random ingredients are very quick to craft (e.g. Meteor Glove, Fenrir’s Claw). When fighting an animal, you can take off your weapons and fight unarmed to gain more skillPurple weapon has low attack damage (37-46)
Blunt weaponA strong blue weapon that can be crafted very quickly (2-3 ingredients). Fanged Mace and Red Silencer are extremely quick to craft using the Secret Stone or Holy BloodMost purple weapons require a random ingredient, are difficult to craft, and have low attack damage
CannonsBlue and epic weapons have high attack damage. Lower defect rate (1%) than melee (2%)Shots always make noise, making it difficult to control animals and prevent players from fighting. Ammo required (excluding DEW weapons). Limited variety of purple weapons
OnionPurple weapons can be crafted very quickly (within 3-4 areas) and have high attack damage. Quiver accessories can increase attack power and ammo capacityBooms required which are manufactured separately
Throwing weaponsCan achieve greater proficiency by repeatedly crafting weapons, especially if there is a Saint Relic. Weapons cannot be damaged or destroyedMore complex inventory management: When using purple weapons, the blue predecessor often has to be stored for a long time in order to craft more sets. This takes up 1 inventory slot for most of the game. You may run out of ammunition; weapons must be crafted several times per game

How to craft equipment efficiently?

What is an "item bookmark"? Items can be added to the Bookmark page of the item index. One bookmarked page (8 items) is free, additional pages can be purchased with gold. When using the in-game creation guide, the player’s bookmarks page (s) will appear first. In this way, frequently used items can be selected faster.

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