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Infinity Kingdom WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

INFINITY KINGDOM is a game for android with a release date of 01/27/2021 from the company YOUZU (SINGAPORE) PTE.LTD .. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Infinity Kingdom download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Gift Code
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Best Immortals (Tier List)
  4. Guide to the Immortals
  5. City Building Tips
  6. Quick Development Tips
  7. Infinity Kingdom Adventure Walkthrough
  8. Ruins Guide
  9. Relic Fighting Review

Infinity Kingdom: Gift Code

How do I enter a gift code? To do this, you need to enter the game and go to the "Profile" of the player from the main screen (located in the upper left corner). Then you need to go to the "Game settings" section, and select the "Use sets" item. After these actions, a new window will open with an active line in which you should enter the existing gift code.

1 promo code is valid for the entire game account, but is given to different rulers. If you have 2 or more lords on your account (even on different servers), then you can enter the code for only 1 ruler. Before activating a gift, you should think about which lock you want to help.

Gift codes:

  1. Razumov - 100 gems, 1 philosopher’s stone, 1 chest of improved acceleration.
  2. Samsung - 300 Gems, 3 Philosopher’s Stones, 1000 Empowerment Stones, 3 Medium Resource Sets, 30 "5 Minute Boosters".
  3. Sumsangus - 5000 enhancement stones, 1 protective barrier for 8 hours, 10 small potions, 100 small potions OD, 5 "boosters for 15 minutes".
  4. Tribegame - 200 Gems, 1 Hired Worker for 1 Day, 3 Boosters for 30 Minutes.
  5. Beakerslab - 200 gems, 3 "boosters for 30 minutes", 1 food bonus for 4 hours.
  6. Legendrhony - 200 gems, 1 medium HP potion, 3 improved experience scrolls.
  7. Ojgame - 200 gems, 3 "accelerators for 30 minutes", 1 protective barrier for 4 hours.
  8. Natwithaheart - 200 gems, 1000 enhancement stones, 3 improved resource chests.
  9. Carbonfin - 200 gems, 3 "boosters for 30 minutes", a stone bonus for 4 hours.
  10. Luckyfeb - 100 gems, 1 philosopher’s stone, 1 chest of improved acceleration.
  11. Echogame - 200 gems, 1 hired worker for 1 day, 3 improved scrolls of experience.
  12. Censor - 200 gems, 1000 enhancement stones, 3 "boosters for 30 minutes".
  13. Infinity - 100 gems, 1 chest of medium acceleration, 3 medium sets of resources, a protective barrier for 4 hours, 1 rare key to the chest of a dragon.
  14. Clashwitheric - 200 gems, 3 medium AP potions, 3 improved experience scrolls.
  15. Rey - 200 gems, 3 improved resource chests, 3 "boosters for 15 minutes".
  16. Chiefpat - 200 gems, 3 "accelerators for 30 minutes", wood bonus for 4 hours.
  17. Lex - 200 gems, 3 improved experience scrolls, 5 market orders.
  18. Kairostime - 200 gems, 3 improved resource chests, 5 market orders.
  19. Iferg - 200 gems, 1 medium HP potion, 3 boosters for 30 minutes.
  20. Tom - 200 gems, 3 improved scrolls of experience, 1 "booster for 60 minutes"
  21. Brad - 200 gems, 3 "boosters for 30 minutes", a gold bonus for 4 hours.
  22. Aevatrex - 200 Gems, 1 Medium OD Potion, 3 30 Minute Boosters .
  23. Noraverse - 200 gems, 500 enhancement stones, 3 improved scrolls of experience.

If you failed to receive a gift for the entered promotional code, therefore, it has expired, since some codes have a time limit for entering.

Infinity Kingdom: A Beginner’s Guide

At the time of this writing, the project has existed for just over a month. The game is being developed by a company from Singapore - YOUZU. The game interface is made in a pleasant cartoon style, all the characters and the environment are well drawn and detailed.

Battle. The main element that I would like to draw your attention to is the combat system. For fans of such games, it will be a novelty. The bottom line is that if you send your troops to one or another point on the World Map, then you will no longer be able to interact with them (the exception is the collection of resources). That is, if you are attacking another player or dwarfs, you can either speed up your movement, or return the army home. All this is done with special items or for gems. The same thing happens during the battle itself or after the return of troops from the battle. Compared to other projects, you can’t just leave your squad anywhere on the map.

As for the battles themselves (in adventures or in the Arena), there is only a head-on collision format. The warriors will fight face to face, and you will not be able to perform other movements - only attack or retreat. In the Well of Time, you fight your opponents in a horizontal plane with all the traced skills. You can press the skill buttons at the moment you need. But you can put "autoboy" and "acceleration x2", and just enjoy the fight, and your fighters will do all the work themselves.

Detachments. To build, you need to open the "Troops" tab (on the bottom control panel of the main screen). Here you will see 4 squares and 1 circle. The system of forming an army in the game implies the creation of a front line of defenders and warriors, and a back line of shooters, mages and support. You cannot put a mage in the first row, just like a warrior in the second row.

Troop types automatically appear when deployed, led by your chosen immortals. You need to put a dragon in the circle, which you will get from an egg with a certain element.

Elemental system. This mechanic plays an important role in every army. If your troops consist of a certain number of commanders of the same element, you will receive passive bonuses for the entire army:

  1. 3 units of one element - + 20% to physical and magical protection of immortals.
  2. 4 squads of one element - + 20% to magic and physical attack of immortals.
  3. 5 units of one element - + 10% to health points.

Each of the existing elements has an advantage over the other. For example, Water dominates over Fire, and Fire over Wind, and so on. The element of Darkness has precedence over all elements, except for Light. And Light, in turn, is stronger than Darkness, and no one dominates over it. But Light cannot exercise control over the rest of the elements.

Advantage between troops. A similar system of advantages has been developed for the arms of the troops: the cavalry does more damage to the shield-bearers who dominate the spearmen. And the spearmen have an advantage over the cavalry. Archers have an isolated position - no one dominates over them, but they also cannot receive a strength bonus over other types of troops.

At the start of the game, you cannot choose a certain type of unit for yourself, since you will receive commanders at random. It is the case that decides who you will play at the moment. Of course, in the future you can put together a strong team, but at the initial stages it is impossible to do this.

Important first steps in the game

Account linking. I would like to tell you in the first login and linking the game account. Many users play through emulators on their computer (we recommend the excellent BlueStacks service, the link to download the game is given at the beginning of the article), which replicate the Android operating system inside your PC. Personally, we ran into a problem right at the start: we installed the game in the emulator, created an account, played, and tied it to the Google system. And then, when we tried to enter the game from the iPhone, we failed.

When you sign up with an iPhone, you don’t have the option to select Google Account as an account. Also, if you link your game account to Apple ID, you will not be able to select it by logging into the game for Android.

We recommend linking your account to Facebook or Twitter. It is possible that you do not use emulators, but there may come a time when our advice will come in handy. For example, you switch to an Android device.

The choice of the starting faction. At the moment, you have 3 factions to choose from:

In general, with regard to the bonuses they give, it does not matter at all. This 5% to the type of troops will not make the weather. The main thing you should do when creating a new account is to choose the faction recommended by the game itself. Since she does this to all players.

The player who just created an account will log in, perform some actions, join an alliance, help in construction, thereby speeding up your development. And in the future, it is advised to follow the development of your service, since TOP players will interact with each other on the side from the same faction. And since up to the 9th level of the Castle you have a free contract to change the faction, before placing the Town Hall, you must make a choice for the near future with whom you will play on the same side.

Comfortable game. For the most comfortable game, you should concentrate on leveling only one of your squads. Creating one, but strong army is much more effective and useful than trying to gradually pump a lot of immortals at once. For the most part, your gameplay is built around 1 of your squad: you go to beat the dwarfs with it, with this command you can go through the Well of Time, participate in the Arena and do much more.

In the game, you do not have the ability to interact with several units with 1 target. For example, you cannot beat 1 player with two teams. Then why do you need a second team?

Keeping the second squad makes sense to collect resources on the map, but for this you do not need to pump their quotes. It is enough to give them a few levels so that they can transfer a lot of materials.

Building. Infinity Kingdom is one of those games where, for the most part, your main goal is to build a Castle. First of all, you must improve and build those buildings that are needed for the construction of the Castle of the next level.

Lock Function:

  1. Increases the number of base troops that your commanders can lead into battle.
  2. Opens up opportunities for the construction of new buildings. The exception to this rule might be the Tower of Knowledge, where you need passive skills for champions.

At every 10th level of one of the barracks, a higher level of your army becomes available to you. Starting from level 9, do not forget to pump Residential buildings, as they will supply your city with taxes in the form of gold.

Leveling commanders. Don’t be afraid to download immortals! Many players, including us, were alarmed by the number of immortals from the first second, and began to look for information about who is better to pump. Downloading everyone, of course, is not necessary. But even if you strengthen someone, there is a wonderful Alchemist who will disassemble your already pumped commander for all the resources that you have invested in him. And this: soul crystals, gold, experience and in general all other resources.

You can digest the soul crystals of a certain immortal into purple soul crystals, at a rate of 1 to 1. But here you need to clarify something. If you purchased a hero for soul crystals, then you will receive them back later. If you buy soul crystals of a certain immortal for gems, you will still receive purple soul crystals. This is important as gems and crystals overlap in the market. But besides the market, you spend soul crystals in the Tower of Knowledge, and gems in completely different places.

Since it is the soul crystals that you get back, then buy shards in the market for them. If you see a legendary hero who is not a fact that will be useful to you in the future, and she stands for gems, then think many times.

If the merchant has a legendary hero for soul crystals, then you can take it, since the Alchemist will return the crystals. But you can return the crystals to yourself by analyzing already pumped commanders, or by spraying existing crystals of an uncalled hero. If you buy crystals of the soul of an immortal, and then summon him, then the summoned warrior stays with you forever. This also needs to be remembered.

Union. You should always strive to be in the best alliance on the server, as there are active players there who will help you develop. Also, the union can own a territory that will passively bring resources. But if you are in an inactive alliance, somewhere on the outskirts of the map, then who will need you there?

By joining an active alliance (preferably from the TOP-10), you will get companions going to the same goal. You will have a territory from which, as you develop, you receive a passive bonus. Also, all the necessary military and farming technologies are pumped in the union, from which you will receive a good bonus.

When you build or pump knowledge, your allies can help you speed up these processes. Thus, you spend less precious accelerations at low levels.

Union advantages:

Resources. If you have resources in your bag, do not unpack until you need them. Your inventory does not have a limit on the number of items, and it does not slow you down, just as opening resource sets does not speed up your development. But while you sleep, you can get random scouting from a neighbor who will see, say, you don’t have the strongest garrison and mountains of resources that are not protected by a warehouse. And what will he do? That’s right, it will borrow some of the resources from you with the help of an attack.

We recommend that you enter the game more often, it is not at all necessary to sit for whole hours, it is enough to go in for a few minutes: to squeeze out the help of your guildmates, to make a couple of contributions to pumping union technologies.

Infinity Kingdom: Best Immortals (Tier List)

The game among the immortals has its own hierarchy, which divides them into several types:

  1. Regular.
  2. Unusual.
  3. Rare.
  4. Epic.
  5. Legendary.

Accordingly, baseline performance is very different between types. If we take legendary heroes and ordinary ones, then ordinary ones need to be pumped for a very long time so that their characteristics become equal to the basic statistics of legendary characters. But if we take epic and legendary commanders, then there is not much difference between the basic parameters. In this case, you should choose immortals according to the main skill that was already discovered initially.

Based on the above, we decided not only to list the best champions, but also to unite them into elemental teams. At the same time, we will talk about the general feature of the team, and about each immortal separately. In the game, you can combine characters, combining different elements into 1 squad. But it is better that 3 heroes (or 2 + dragon) are one element.

the fire

Advanced Team - Specializes in explosive damage to quickly eliminate the back row of the enemy, and then repel attacks 1 rad, until victory.

  1. Ippolita (legendary) - deals physical damage, has an increased attack speed.
  2. William I (legendary) - Deals physical damage to enemies in front of him. Increases the critical strike chance of the entire army.
  3. Ashoka (legendary) - Deals huge physical damage to the back row of the opponent in front of him. There is a chance to double the damage done by the basic skill.
  4. Wu Zetian (legendary) - deals magic damage to a random enemy unit. There is a chance to inflict additional damage on another unit of opponents.

Basic team - these warriors are easier to assemble in order to successfully perform in the Arena. Keep Ashoka under cover and slow down opponents.

  1. Sanada Yukimura (Epic) - Deals physical damage to enemies opposite. There is a chance to disarm opponents (reduces the damage they cause).
  2. Spartacus (epic) - increases attack speed, and restores health points with each normal attack.
  3. Ashoka .
  4. Solomon (epic) - deals magic damage to two random enemy units. Causes them to be weak (the damage taken by the target is increased by a certain percentage).


Advanced Team - This unit can drain all enemy units of energy at the same time. Attila will impose silence on opponents, the rest will inflict huge damage.

  1. Attila (Legendary) - Knocks back all enemies in a cone-shaped area, dealing massive physical damage. There is a chance to cause silence (enemies cannot receive energy and use the skill for 4 seconds).
  2. Ramses II (legendary) - deals physical damage to enemies in front of him and disarms them (reduces their damage).
  3. Merlin (legendary) - Deals magic damage to all enemies. If the target is frozen, the damage is increased.
  4. Yoshitsune (legendary) - deals great physical damage to a random enemy squad. If the target has less than 50% health points, the damage is increased by 50%.

Basic command - this command is not difficult to get. Merlin and Elena work together. The squad specializes in high mass damage and freezing effects. But her back row is quite fragile, and can be easily eliminated by physical attacks from the back rows of the enemy.

  1. Harald III (legendary) - deals physical damage to an enemy unit, reducing its physical defense. There is a chance to strangle opponents.
  2. Brunhilda (epic) - deals physical damage to enemies of the selected row. Has a chance to stun opponents (enemies do not move for 5 seconds).
  3. Merlin .
  4. Elena the Beautiful (epic) - summons an ice storm, dealing magic damage to 3 random enemy units in a radius every 3 seconds. There is a chance to freeze the target (the enemy’s attack speed is reduced by a certain percentage).


Advanced team - has good physical damage and control. All heroes are a curse for magicians. Genghis Khan is good at countering heroes - healers and blocking enemy damage.

  1. Peter the Great (legendary) - neutralizes enemies in front of him, dispelling all their efforts. Deals great physical damage.
  2. El Cid (Legendary) - Reduces physical damage inflicted on first row allies. If a normal attack is carried out against the units, there is a chance to inflict physical damage on the enemy.
  3. Genghis Khan (legendary) - deals physical damage to all enemies, and causes injury (units cannot heal for 10 seconds).
  4. Lee Songge (legendary) - imposes a transfer effect for 10 seconds on two random enemy squads (transfers a certain percentage of physical or magical attack and physical and magical defense of the army, and deals physical damage).

Basic team - suitable for offense or defense, works great in PvP and PvE.

  1. William Wallace (epic) - Deals physical damage to enemies in front of him. There is a chance to cause silence (enemies cannot receive energy and use the skill for 4 seconds).
  2. Bedivere (Rare) - Deals physical damage. If the target is under the influence of silence or restraint, the damage is increased by 100%.
  3. Lee Songge .
  4. Constance (Rare) - Dispels negative effects over the entire army, and increases the critical strike chance of two random allied troops by 6 seconds.


Advanced team - has good area damage, especially Qin Shi Huang, who will injure enemies and prevent them from being healed.

  1. Saladin (legendary) - deals great physical damage to all units.
  2. Hannibal Burke (legendary) - increases damage and applies cleavage (each normal attack inflicts additional damage to the enemy units closest to the target, lasts 8 seconds).
  3. Baldwin IV (legendary) - summons a hurricane, dealing magic damage to one random enemy army. There is a chance that when it hits the target, the hurricane will split into 2 parts and hit nearby enemies).
  4. Qin Shi Huangdi (legendary) - inflicts injury on all units of the opponent, and does not allow them to be healed. Increases attack speed for all allied units. All Immortals of Air receive the Slash Effect.

Basic team - this team can stand up for themselves and do great damage. Montezuma has good healing skills, and can keep a party alive for a long time. Mulan increases the evasion of troops. All heroes help each other.

  1. King Arthur (legendary) - reduces the damage received by the entire army. There is a chance to reflect damage for 6 seconds.
  2. Mulan (epic) - deals physical damage, and increases all allied units’ evasion by 6 seconds (the effect does not stack with other bonuses).
  3. Robin Hood (epic) - Deals physical damage to one random enemy squad, and reduces its attack speed.
  4. Montezuma (epic) - restores health points to the two troops with the largest losses. If the target has less than 30% of the troops, restores health points every 3 seconds.


Advanced team - has excellent survivability and good damage resistance, has regeneration and control.

  1. Charlemagne (legendary) - creates a shield for all units that absorbs damage.
  2. Alexander the Great (legendary) - passive: increases army damage from regular attacks (works throughout the battle). Active effect: increases damage and attack speed, gives immunity from all types of control (you must activate the effect).
  3. Cleopatra (legendary) - Deals magic damage to all enemy units with a high attack speed. Reduces magic damage to two random troops with the highest magic attack by 6 seconds.
  4. Zenobia (legendary) - restores health points to the two most damaged troops. With a successful normal attack, these troops recover health points over 6 seconds.

Basic team - has a high ability to defend and control. Team heroes are a good choice.

  1. Guy Marius (Rare) - Creates a general shield for the troops of the first row, absorbing damage.
  2. Leonidas (legendary) - deals physical damage to all enemy troops, and reduces all damage taken to allied units by a certain percentage for 6 seconds.
  3. Cleopatra .
  4. Amanitore (Rare) - Restores health points to the two most damaged troops every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

Light and darkness

Since there are the least number of heroes of these elements in the game, it will not work to assemble a completely legendary team. But thanks to the isolated position of these immortals, different heroes can cause serious damage to enemies.

Team of Darkness - has priority over all elements, except for Light. Characters have formidable abilities and inflict huge damage.

  1. Flavius Belisarius (epic) - Deals physical damage to enemies of the selected row. There is a chance to cause dark healing (all healing of the opponent turns into damage for 10 seconds).
  2. Siegfried (legendary) - Deals physical damage equally distributed among enemies within a certain radius.
  3. Elizabeth Bathory (legendary) - Deals physical damage to two random units every 3 seconds for 15 seconds, and restores health points to allies in the amount of 25% of the damage done. If the target has already been attacked with the skill, deals physical damage to nearby enemies from the target, with a chance to stun them for 4 seconds.
  4. Medb (epic) - deals magic damage to 3 random enemy troops, and causes pestilence (enemy units take damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds).

Team of Light - the detachment is not subject to any elements, has powerful healing, which allows you to stand on the battlefield for a long time. Has high damage.

  1. Julius Caesar (legendary) - Deals physical damage to all enemies. There is a chance to disarm opponents with the highest magical and physical damage (damage done to allies is reduced).
  2. Joan of Arc (epic) - dispels all negative effects to all allied units, increases damage to the team (damage increases by 1% for each dispelled effect).
  3. Theodora (Legendary) - Heals all allies and dispels all effects that deal continuous damage. If the target has less than 50% health points, the healing effect is increased by 100%.
  4. Gilgamesh (legendary) - deals physical damage to all enemies, and pronounces judgment on them (opponents receive physical damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds).

Infinity Kingdom: Guide to the Immortals

In the game, the main heroes - squad leaders are called "Immortals". There are several ways to get characters in the game:

  1. Collect heroes from fragments (soul crystals) in the "Immortals" menu.
  2. Summon heroes in the Temple of the Immortals for the Philosopher’s Stone. There is a free call once in a certain period of time.
  3. Summon for the fragments of the Philosopher’s Stone in the Temple of the Immortals. Several free call attempts can be used per day.
  4. Fragments of the immortals can be obtained in temporary events, promotions.
  5. Buy slices from the market.
  6. Dropped out of various chests.

During the call, we do not recommend using 1 philosopher’s stone, wait until 9 of them are accumulated. This will save the stone, and with a high probability you will receive a fragment of the legendary immortal or part of it.

Philosopher’s stones and their shards can also be earned by completing daily missions or "Growth" missions. The quest menu opens after clicking on the button in the form of parchment (located in the lower right corner). All legendary immortals have the same chance of being dropped in the Temple, except for Merlin, for the Philosopher’s Stones, and they also have an equal chance to appear on the market.

To summon and pump an immortal, you need soul crystals of this particular hero. At the moment, there is no universal item in the game that can be used to upgrade any champion.

Merlin is an immortal who can only be pumped for real money. To get it, you need to make any purchase in the game for real money, no matter at what cost. His description says that after being summoned, he will appear at a merchant in the market, where he can be bought for in-game currency.

Immortals pumping

All actions that you will perform over the heroes are done in the "Immortals" menu (located on the panel in the lower right corner). The pumping takes place in several ways. Any enhancing event gradually increases the "Power of the immortal" and the number of units that can be in the squad of this hero.

Strengthening characteristics. The boost button is located next to the name of the immortal. This is where the main characteristics of the characters increase:

  1. Agility - increases the chance of a critical hit and evasion.
  2. Activity - increases the speed of reading the skill.
  3. Intelligence - increases magical attack and defense.
  4. Giftedness - increases energy recovery.
  5. Maximum number of troops .

Going to the gain window, you will see a circle with several cells. It is necessary to put certain resources in these cells. To find out what material is needed, click on the slot. A small description of the item will appear, and the place of its receipt (tap on the command "Get"). Basically, you can get materials by doing raids in the Well of Time. If the raid is available to you, the "Raid" button will be active opposite its location. If you have not completed the required chapter of the campaign, then the resource cannot be obtained in this way.

In the center of the stat boosting system, there is another slot that fills up automatically after you collect all the stones in the circle. This cell increases one of the characteristics, for example, physical or magical damage. To go to the next level of enhancement, you will need to pay gold.

Stardom - in the game, the system for increasing stardom is indicated by the receipt of huge crystals of the same immortal soul as the hero. After improvement, the main parameters and the highest skill increase. Also, upon reaching a certain number of stars, additional cells for the skills of an immortal will be opened.

Level - increases for scrolls of experience. There are several types of scrolls, the higher the type, the more experience the commander will receive from it. Immortals can also gain experience during the campaign. Scrolls can be obtained in various places:

  1. For daily entry into the game.
  2. For daily missions.
  3. For completing the "Growth" missions.
  4. From the chests of the Well of Time.
  5. From "experience chests" received in the same places, for promotions, in gifts from developers, for VIP status and much more.

Equipment. Immortals can wear equipment that matches from position on the field. It is easy to put on: if you have equipment for this hero, then go to his menu, click on the slot with a red circle (it shows that there is clothing for this character), and choose any outfit that appears in a new window. Equipment can be changed in the same way by clicking on the desired cell.

When a champion has a full set (4 items) of equipment, he receives a bonus to the parameters of the immortal. You can see the increase in characteristics next to the inscription "Resonance" (located in the right corner above the set of slots for clothes).

We recommend that you collect a set of the same color (rarity), so the Resonance from the equipment will be higher. If you collect 4 items of different colors, then the bonus will be calculated according to the lowest rarity (for example, a common item).

To increase Resonance, equipment can be enhanced. To strengthen, you need to click on the cell with ammunition, after which a small window will appear. To make a gain, click on the "Gain" button. To complete this operation, you need "enhancement stones", which can be obtained for various actions in the game.

Skills. There are 2 types of abilities in the game:

  1. Active are combat skills that the player activates after filling the skill scale with energy. Energy is obtained during a normal attack. The faster the character carries out an attack, the faster the scale will fill. If energy does not accumulate (for example, under the influence of the enemy’s negative effect), then you will not be able to use the skill.
  2. Passives are abilities that work from the start of the match and throughout the battle, they do not consume energy. Passive abilities can empower one or more immortals. In order for the hero to use the skill, it is necessary to open two additional cells at 2 and 7 stars (at 5 stars - for epic commanders).

To study passive abilities, it is necessary to build a Tower of Knowledge, in which skills are learned as the level of the building rises. Also, passive skills can, for some immortals, be included in the basic skill. For example, Alexander the Great.

Choose the passive abilities that best suit the parameters of your commander and change them as needed.

Gallery. In the menu "Immortals", there is a little visible button in the upper left corner that opens access to the Gallery of the Immortals. Here the commanders are arranged according to the elements. If you received any commander for the first time, then you can get gems by clicking on his image. You can also find out the history of any immortal by highlighting it.

Infinity Kingdom: City Building Tips

At the start of the game, you need to improve the castle and educational buildings to level 20 as soon as possible. If possible, then without breaking the pace, improve the castle and training buildings to level 30. Otherwise, it makes sense to focus on resource buildings, the Academy and the Tower of Knowledge. It is recommended to spend acceleration only on buildings necessary to increase the level of the Castle. The purchase of a permanent builder is mandatory if you want to improve the necessary buildings in the shortest possible time. You can buy another builder for 24 hours by spending 90 crystals.

Castle - for your rapid progress in the game, you constantly need to develop the city, the basis of which is the Castle. Its level affects the level of development of other buildings. Also, the ability to develop the army, agriculture, technology and other areas of the settlement’s life depends on the castle.

Academy - basic knowledge is concentrated here that will strengthen and accelerate your development and the army. The Academy has 4 branches of development, which open gradually:

  1. Manufacturing - Explore the acceleration of mining in resource buildings here. At the start of the game, you need to pump the "Fast construction" science as quickly as possible and up to level 10, which will significantly increase the speed of construction and improvement of buildings. The rest of the sciences should be developed as needed.
  2. Troops - here all research is related to the improvement of all types of troops. First of all, we recommend pumping general sciences, such as "Inhuman speed" (increases speed on a campaign), "Crushing rage" (increases AP on a campaign). In between some of the primary sciences, there are several other typical sciences. Therefore, it is necessary to pump those that are needed to open the necessary studies.
  3. Immortals - studies are related to the development of commanders and their types of troops. Here, just as in the "Troops", one should study as much as possible the science common to all characters.
  4. Fortification - studies here are the sciences related to improving the security of the city during air raids, increasing the level of reliability of barriers, walls and defensive weapons. Here, we advise you to pump all sciences as much as possible and gradually, without jumping to other paths of development.

Fountain of desires - here for your prayer you can get a resource chest, the higher the building is pumped, the more resources you will receive, and increase the number of free daily prayers. The fountain must be pumped evenly, since at high levels of the game, an appropriate level of the fountain will be required to increase the level of the castle.

Boot camp - here you can see the status of all troops, including how many troops of each type are available to you at the moment, how many are in the battle or lying in the infirmary, as well as the total number of troops.

Infirmary - soldiers who were wounded in battles with dwarfs or other players on the World Map are treated here. The higher the hospital level, the more units you can heal at a time. Healing can be accelerated.

The Alchemist’s House is a significant building for the immortals, in which you can spray and recycle unnecessary equipment or heroes. To do this, select the appropriate tab and click on the selection button on the right side of the window. you can spray several heroes or items, or one. For dismantling objects you will receive enhancement stones, for dismantling immortals - purple soul crystals.

The warehouse is an important building in the defense of the city and the protection of resources, where you can hide your supplies from enemies attacking your settlement. The higher the level of the warehouse, the larger its capacity. Unprotected resources can be plundered.

The harbor is another building from which you can get the fragments of the immortals. From here you send your ship on a journey, at the end of which your captain will bring overseas gifts, and you can read the ship’s log and the sailing report.

An arena is a building - an activity for fighting other players. It is necessary to collect a squad of immortals for the battle. Opponents are shown to you in random order, according to your rating in the Arena. There is a ranking system in the Arena that gives you a chest with prizes every day. To receive more gifts, you need to climb higher in the ranking.

Tower of Knowledge. Various passive talents are studied here, which can be individually selected for each immortal. The Tower opens at the 11th level of the Castle. And if up to this point you are able to open skill slots from commanders, but there is no Tower, then you will not be able to use the abilities.

Resource buildings

All resource buildings (except for residential ones) bring a decent income if resources are taken on time. Therefore, there is a need to pump all mining buildings, as well as build new ones, as soon as such an opportunity becomes available.

Teaching buildings

Barracks. There are 4 types of barracks in the game, one for each type of troops:

  1. Archers.
  2. Cavalry.
  3. Shield bearers.
  4. Spearmen.

In the barracks, soldiers are trained, thereby increasing the number of units in the army. With the pumping of the building, the type of army is pumped at every 10th level of the barracks.

Archer leveling

Troop type nameNumber of health pointsCarrying capacity
Light archers96five
Powerful archers144fifteen
Elite archers192thirty
Noble archers24060
Royal archers288100

Spear pumping

Troop type nameNumber of health pointsCarrying capacity
Light spearmen112five
Powerful spearmen167fifteen
Elite Spearmen223thirty
Noble Spearmen27960
Royal Spearmen335100

Cavalry upgrade

Troop type nameNumber of health pointsCarrying capacity
Light cavalry126five
Powerful cavalry189fifteen
Elite cavalry252thirty
Noble cavalry31560
Royal cavalry378100

Shield bearers upgrade

Troop type nameNumber of health pointsCarrying capacity
Light shield bearers120five
Powerful shield bearers180fifteen
Elite Shield Bearers240thirty
Noble Shield Bearers30060
Royal Shield Bearers360100

Any training of troops can be accelerated. To do this, enter the desired barracks, and click on the "Speed up" command. After that, a window will appear in which you can select "Accelerators" for a certain time. For example, 15 minutes.

Buildings needed to level up the Castle

As we wrote above, the Castle needs to be pumped first, but to increase its level, you need to have some buildings with a certain level in the city. So that you can quickly develop your infrastructure, we have prepared a table with the buildings you need. The buildings needed to level up the Castle must be at the same level as the main building currently has. For example, to go to level 3, you need a Wall and a Level 2 Sawmill.

From 3 to 10 level of the Castle

Castle LevelRequired buildings
3Wall and Sawmill
fourWall, Quarry
fiveWall, Farm
6Wall, Archer Barracks
7Wall, Infirmary
eightWall, Shieldbearer Barracks
nineWall, Academy
10Wall, Cavalry Barracks

From 11 to 20 level of the Castle

Castle LevelRequired buildings
elevenWall, Warehouse
12Wall, Spearmen Barracks
13Wall, Fountain of Desires
fourteenWall, Residential building
fifteenWall, Tower of Knowledge
sixteenWall, Archer Barracks
17Wall, Infirmary
eighteenWall, Shieldbearer Barracks
nineteenWall, Academy
twentyWall, Cavalry Barracks

From 21 to 30 level of the Castle

Castle LevelRequired buildings
21Wall, Warehouse
22Wall, Spearmen Barracks
23Wall, Fountain of Desires
24Wall, Tower of Knowledge
25Wall, Mint
26Wall, Archer Barracks, Infirmary
27Wall, Shield Barracks, Academy
28Wall, Cavalry Barracks, Warehouse
29Wall, Spearmen Barracks, Fountain of Desires
thirtyWall, Tower of Knowledge, Mint

From 31 to 40 level of the Castle

Castle LevelRequired buildings
31Wall, Archer Barracks, Infirmary
32Wall, Shield Barracks, Academy
33Wall, Cavalry Barracks, Warehouse
34Wall, Spearmen Barracks, Fountain of Desires
35Wall, Mint, Tower of Knowledge
36Wall, Archer Barracks, Infirmary
37Wall, Shield Barracks, Academy
38Wall, Cavalry Barracks, Warehouse
39Wall, Spearmen Barracks, Fountain of Desires
40Wall, Tower of Knowledge, Mint

The higher the level of the Castle, the more immortals you can put on various achievements, thereby providing yourself with additional bonuses and percentages for development.

Secrets of fast construction

The main progress of the game and the development of the account are based on the pumping of the city. At the first levels, the construction and improvement of buildings is fast. But after a certain level, construction slows down a lot, and can take several days. Therefore, it is important to have and use many ways to speed up this process. Accelerators are divided into 2 types:

  1. For a certain time - for example, speed up the construction by 5 minutes. But what will these 5 minutes give if the building takes 8 hours to build?
  2. Percentage acceleration is the best type of acceleration as it can significantly reduce construction time.

How to get temporary boosters:

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of places to get accelerators and they are easy to get. But it is impossible to find percentage accelerators in chests, they can only be pumped:

  1. You can increase the construction speed by studying the sciences of the "Production" branch. We recommend that you pump the sciences related to the acceleration of construction as quickly as possible.
  2. To develop the Talents of the ruler in the economic direction.
  3. Assistance from members of the union is also considered a percentage acceleration. Since, pressing "handles", you accelerate the construction of the building by 3%.
  4. It is necessary to study all construction technologies of the union, as quickly as possible.
  5. Bonus from the faction - the winner of the "Struggle for Resources".

Infinity Kingdom: Quick Development Tips

Look every day in the calendar (purple button in the upper right corner). Here you can see active events, both personal and for the union. Just click on an event and start completing tasks. For this you will receive various necessary items that you need for development (resource chests, acceleration). Go on, see what you can do, and what you have not yet pumped so much.

Complete missions and daily quests. Missions are located in the union menu. They are not complicated. For example, some alliances perform them in the morning. Thus, you get chests with items needed to upgrade your account. Don’t be lazy and take part in it every day. Naturally, by doing so, you help yourself and the union.

Do not be lazy to enter several times a day to close quests. These quests are located in the "Development" menu (the button is parchment in the lower right corner) and tasks for obtaining an epic hero (at the time of this writing, you can get Elena the Beautiful). For daily entry into the game, you also get small but pleasant rewards (chests with materials, gold, VIP points, things for immortals, and more).

The timer is updated daily, which is located next to the calendar, and seven-day quests (for the hero). For being online for a certain time, you also receive various pleasant gifts. All this will be useful to you for development.

Develop the talent of the ruler. It can be opened in the "Player Profile". As long as you perform some actions in the game, you gain experience of the ruler. As you level up, you will receive talent points that need to be distributed in the development tree.

We definitely recommend that you upgrade the "Construction of the century" as much as possible (increases the speed of building improvement). and "Great experience" (for battles with dwarfs, immortals get + 100% experience).

Visit the World Map more often. A large number of resource points are scattered on the map. Therefore, they will have to be processed to complete tasks and for the union. On the other hand, if you have exhausted all your reserves with resources, then they can be obtained on the map in large quantities.

On the map you can find 3 types of dwarfs, from which you will receive certain trophies that you need to develop the city and immortals. To find opponents, you need to click on the magnifying glass (located in the left half of the screen above the chat). Then a window will open with the selection of the required object. In the search engine on the left side of the window, you will be given 3 tabs - these are various objects:

  1. Dwarfs.
  2. Dwarf leaders (bosses).
  3. Resource points.

Each element of the map has a certain level that can be selected during the search by moving the slider left - right. By killing monsters, you will not only get yourself additional materials, but also close several quests. You can see a list of all trophies after you select the dwarf you need on the map.

Dwarf leaders. They have 4 types and are intended for obtaining dragon chests. All chests are moved to the Treasury building, where they can be opened at a certain time (each chest has its own timer).

Please note that if you have all the slots with chests in your treasury, then you should not beat the bosses yet, since there will be nowhere to store the loot, and it will simply disappear.

Infinity Kingdom Adventure Walkthrough

Well of time

This is the main PvE location where you need to clear the land of annoying dwarfs. The campaign consists of 12 chapters, and each chapter, in turn, consists of several stories. Each story requires a 3-star passage, that is, you must complete the stories by fulfilling 3 conditions:

  1. All opponents are destroyed!
  2. No immortal should die.
  3. Less than 2 immortals killed.

Each star gives a certain number of points that fill the scale at the bottom of the chapter. After you fill the scale, several chests with various materials for development (gems, acceleration and resources) will become available to you. To open all the chests, you need to close all stories by 3 stars. It is worth noting that the Philosopher’s Stone is hidden in the last legendary chest.

Why go through the Well? During the passage, after completing each story, you will receive materials to enhance the parameters of your immortals and equipment. When you complete the story by 3 stars, you will be able to replay it in the future in the automatic "Strike" mode. As we noted above, you can collect materials for pumping heroes without leaving the "Immortals" menu.

To complete the stories, you need OB points, the jars with which fall from various places:

  1. For completing the stories of the Well.
  2. For completing daily quests.
  3. Can be purchased from a merchant.
  4. Get rewarded for logging into the game and many more actions.

For opening certain territories, you get a permanent passive ruler skill (for resource extraction, the speed of collecting resource points on the map, accelerating healing in the Infirmary, accelerating construction, and more).


The adventure opens at level 15 of the Castle. At the location there are chests with resources and acceleration, which you will receive when you get to them. Also on some cells there will be opponents. The color of the enemies matches the power of the opponents For example, blue is equivalent to a rare immortal. The player’s task is to walk through the cells to the end of the path with a living squad.

Healing. After passing a certain number of cells, you can stumble upon the Source of Life, which will heal all your units. If at the time of the discovery of the Source your troops are completely healthy, then we recommend that you simply bypass it, and return to it later, having received significant injuries. The Source also resurrects dead immortals.

You can heal heroes with the help of a special heart, which is located in the right corner of the screen next to the rest of the tools for passing.

The main feature of the adventure is that after the battle, the health of your immortals is not automatically replenished, and you go to the next battle with the number of health points left after the previous battle. But between battles, you can use different tools.

Take a good healer with you to battle, as he will not let you die quickly and will constantly restore health points.

After each battle, you will be offered 3 bonuses to choose from. You should choose additional effects based on the most important needs of your team. For example, the army’s defense suffers, therefore, you need to choose defensive abilities or increase the maximum number of health points. You can see the selected bonuses in the "Lost Souls" section in the lower right corner of the panel.

Mirror of the immortals. During the passage of the adventure, your commanders can be killed, but sometimes you may come across the steles of the "Mirror of the Immortals", where you can choose any proposed hero for the duration of the passage. You will not be able to fight with the killed characters, and this adventure must be completed to the end. Otherwise, the next day (watch the timer in the upper right corner) it will be updated, and all progress will be lost.

Even if all of your champions are alive and well, still choose one character from their Mirror. Do not just walk by, as your hero can be killed at any moment, and there will be no one to replace him.

A path of stones - cells will lead you to the boss, after which you go through the portal to the next level, on which all received bonuses, heroes and items are saved.

Infinity Kingdom: Ruins Guide

While you are completing a task, including an online quest, you can do other things. On the World Map, along with resource points, all sorts of monsters and dwarfs that must be destroyed for assignments and collecting material for equipping the immortals, there are also ruins. They are divided into 3 levels. They need to be investigated.

To reconnoiter the ruins, it is enough to send a specially trained soldier to the desired point. As a result, you get rewards in the form of chests with resources and other materials. To send a unit, you need to go to the memorial stele, opening which you will see a map of the world. It is divided into different areas that differ from each other in color. Tap on any area to find out what level you have to explore the ruins.

You need to investigate 10 ruins at each site, and get 10 fragments of the obelisk for this. This is your main task, for the completion of which you will receive 50 gems and 10 resource chests.

A menu with a book will appear to the right of the map, which must be clicked to open the tasks. The exact coordinates of the ruins and their level will be indicated above the book. But you can start researching only when you collect the stories of the stele (they will become available as skills are discovered in the Tower of Knowledge).

In addition to the map, you can see the experience scale, for closing which, as a result, you will receive 2050 gems and 18 philosopher’s stones. After exploring the ruins for some time, you will gain 4000 experience, and you will be able to open the ruins of level 2. At this point, you should temporarily stop exploring the level 1 ruins, and make an effort to explore the level 2 ruins, as you will get more experience from them.

After you gain 10,000 experience, 2 researchers will become available to you. With its help, excavations will go faster. Level 3 runes will become available to you after you gain 30,000 experience. Then you need to explore all the territories where these ruins are located, and then return to the ruins of levels 1 and 2 to completely close the experience scale.

Coordinates. All ruins have their own coordinates. We found a large number of ruins for you, which are reflected in the tables in the picture below. You can use them for your development and help in promoting your union.

In addition to the fragments of the obelisk, your explorers, bringing you various items. But not all at once, which you see in the list when examining the ruins, but 3 pieces chosen at random. Either way, while you explore the map, you will receive good bonuses.

Infinity Kingdom: Relic Fighting Review

Each server has its own Chronicle of events, which includes 21 stages. You can learn more about this by looking at the "Chronicles" menu on the bottom right panel. For completing the 14th stage in the Chronicle feed, the "Fight for Relics" competition becomes available to your server.

Relic Fight is a competition between 3 factions, where you get a lot of interesting rewards. Immediately after the opening of stage 14 of the Chronicle, you open 1 stage of the competition for the relic (3 stages in total). You will be notified of the start of the competition by the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the main screen. By clicking on the icon, you will go to the window of this competition.

In the upper left corner, you can see how many energy cubes your union has accumulated. If you click on the box with cubes, you will see the description of the awards "Union Rewards" and "Personal Rewards". The leader of the union, who took 1st place in the collection of energy cubes, whose kingdom ultimately wins, receives the cup forever.

In the center of the screen, the banners of all factions are shown, under which the results of the competition are shown. A little below shows a map of the "Heart of the World" and 5 Altars.


  1. The kingdom that receives the maximum number of energy cubes for the competition will be the winner.
  2. Kingdoms that take 2nd and 3rd places will be considered losers, and their rulers will receive only a part of the rewards.

How do I get energy cubes? The Heart of the World provides the kingdom and alliance with the most efficient production of energy cubes. The heart of the world can be occupied for 8 hours after the start of the "Struggle for Relics". The Union that has captured the Heart will receive cubes for 12 hours. After the collection time expires, the Heart will restore its original status, and any union can capture it.

Around the Heart, 5 Altars are located, they provide the union that has captured them with a continuous and stable production of cubes. The union will receive cubes until the Altar is captured by another union. Also, for Altars, the alliance receives unique Capture bonuses, which give advantages in the Battle.

During the Battle of the Forbidden Zone, the Chaos Beast will wake up. You need to gather allies and defeat the Beast, thereby setting up the production of cubes for the union. During the Battle in the Forbidden Area, several energy nodes will appear every 2 hours. The alliance that captures the node first will immediately receive a large number of cubes.

Each capture during the event will go to the piggy bank of your union and faction, so you need to take part in the Struggle to help the development of the alliance.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.