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ISEKAI Demon Waifu WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

ISEKAI DEMON WAIFU is an Android game with release date 03/25/2021 from TAPZEN PTE. LTD. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better ISEKAI Demon Waifu download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Exchange Codes
  2. A Guide for Beginners
  3. Game Events and Perks
  4. How to get magic crystals?
  5. Hero Leveling Tips
  6. Tips for Gaining and Leveling Passions
  7. Walkthrough Tips
  8. Resource Guide
  9. Talent Arena Guide
  10. Castle Guide
  11. Why You Need a Guild

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Exchange Codes

Where to enter the promo code? You can enter exchange codes in the "Player’s account" menu (upper left button with the ruler’s avatar). Here you should go to the "Settings" tab, then select the "Exchange code" section. After clicking on this address, a window with a dialog line will appear on the screen, into which you need to enter gift codes. All received prizes will appear in your inventory.

Please note that the exchange codes in the game are valid for a certain time, after which, gifts will not be issued.

Exchange codes:

  1. Lalhc - 200 gold, 2 otherworldly collector’s coupons, 2 Chaos potions III.
  2. Dmwf - 200 gold, 100,000 magic crystals, 2 Chaos potions III.
  3. Hplif - 2 talent scrolls, 2 Chaos potions III.
  4. Hvfun - 500 gold, 3 Chaos potions III.
  5. Yishik - 500 gold, 3 Chaos potions III.
  6. Rdmsz - 200 gold, 2 Chaos III potions, 2 collector’s coupons from another world.
  7. Bkpps - 200 gold, 2 Chaos III potions, 2 collector’s coupons from another world.
  8. Xghkb - 200 gold 2 Chaos III potions, 2 collector’s coupons from another world.
  9. Vcdxd - 200 gold 2 Chaos III potions, 2 collector’s coupons from another world.
  10. Idw4ever - 200 gold, 2 Chaos potions III.
  11. Fgdnb - 200 Gold, 1 Expanded Drink Ingredient.
  12. Summondemon - 500 gold, 3 Chaos potions III.
  13. Frdeisk - 500 gold, 3 Chaos potions III.
  14. Sylvie - the gift drops out randomly from the presented list.
  15. Rem - the gift drops out randomly from the presented list.
  16. Crossover - 200 gold, 1 Chaos potion III.
  17. Eyma - a gift drops out randomly from the presented list.
  18. WET4U - a gift drops out randomly from the presented list.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: A Guide for Beginners

The game is a mixture of RPG and life simulator types. You act as the main character, who enters a parallel world and becomes the lord of demons. Your main task is to protect the resulting world and create an ideal society, clearing the Castle of many enemies. Your main assistants will be the girls - the Valkyries or, as they are indicated in the game - the generals. The button to go to their menu is located on the bottom panel of the main game screen. The "Heroes" section is called. At the start, you will receive several girls and a couple of men who will lead your troops into battle.

The second group of assistants is your wives - passions, who will be in the Harem. By pumping passions, you will increase the characteristics of those heroes to whom they relate in some way. For example, a general can be of the same race as a passion. Also, passions will own mines and other objects that need to be pumped and developed to progress in the game.

The game is very demanding on the Internet, so if the connection is bad, then it will constantly crash and enter again. We do not recommend playing it from the mobile Internet, as the network is not stable in some regions. Your best bet is Wi-Fi.

How to start the game correctly?

When you start the game for the first time, the system will prompt you to select the region in which you will play. Each region has its own countdown, which runs relative to the prime meridian (or Greenwich Mean Time):

That is, if in Europe at the moment it is 00:00, then in America it is only 19 o’clock in the evening, and in Asia it is already 8 o’clock in the morning. You should choose a server in the region where you feel comfortable playing, so that you can cooperate with other players and complete all daily events.

If you played on any server, and you liked the game so much that you decided to play it for a long time and achieve high results, then we recommend you wait for the opening of the new server and switch to it in the first hours of launch. So you will get advantages in pumping over other players who entered the server later than you.

Authorization. As in many other games, it is important here to pass authorization through social networks (for example, Facebook) or virtual stores (Google Play, App Store). This is necessary to restore your account in case of unforeseen circumstances. Without authorization, you will have to restart the process of passing the game.

Start of the game. It is very important at the beginning of the game to follow the prompts of the system, which will guide you on the right path. After going through the first few chapters of the story campaign (you can enter it through the "Campaign" section). Simultaneously with the passage of the chapters of the storyline, you will be given tasks that appear in turn. Without completing one quest, you will not be able to move on to another.

Complete all the tasks and missions that the game gives you at the start, since this is the time when it is most necessary to stock up on resources and rare items, when you can get a lot of gold and other game items.

These resources should not be wasted anywhere. For example, it is better to save gold bars until better times, when it will no longer fall so often. The game is very rich in temporary events that repeat periodically. They will also give you a good boost in your development.

Your main task is to collect and maximize pumping of all heroes in the game, since their parameters affect the overall development of the ruler and your account. Of course, it’s impossible to pump everyone right away, this is a rather long and painstaking process. Since the game did not allow us to use tactical schemes during the battle (and the battle itself takes place in automatic mode), you need to get (hire) as many troops as possible. The total number of soldiers in the army is displayed by the "Army" indicator. Troops in the game are one of the resources that need to be constantly improved and improved.

The game has a definite plus - it is not required to repair (build) and pump over various buildings, except for the Warehouse. This circumstance makes it possible to focus on the main aspects of the game, concentrates on pumping heroes.

Player account

Information. In the player’s menu, you will find your basic information on the game. This shows your overall Influence, which is influenced by the following parameters (they are also reflected in the profile menu):

  1. Combat efficiency.
  2. Negotiation.
  3. Trade.
  4. Command.

At the bottom of the window is a bar for gaining experience. As soon as the scale is 100% full, you can move to a new level of development by clicking on the "Up" arrow. With an increase in the level, all indicators increase, as well as new gaming opportunities and new activities.

You can get player experience for completing daily tasks (the menu button is located in the left corner of the bottom control panel of the main screen). Here you can also get activity points that fill the scale at the top of the task window. To get the smallest prize chest, you only need to complete 1 quest. Each new chest carries better prizes than the previous one. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly and as much as possible complete all daily missions, since they will not only pump the overlord, but also bring many useful in-game items.

Daily missions

Quest nameDescription
Upgrade your heroYou need to go to the "Heroes" menu and select one of the warriors. There, for magic crystals you can increase the level
MiningCollect any resource in the "Collect" section
Food collectionCollect food from the "Collect" section
RecruitmentCollect an army in the "Gathering" section
Council affairsSeveral orders must be made in the "Council"
Casual dateIn the "Harem" you need to invite any passion for a "Random date" by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the window
Resource Sources DevelopmentIt is carried out in the activity Source of resources, where it is necessary to carry out excavations at one of the mines in the section "Development of resource sources"
BowsYou should go to the "Server rating" section, where there will be 3 tabs. Each tab has a Bow button at the bottom of the window. By clicking on it, you will complete the task
Battle in locationsBy entering the battle a certain number of times, you will close the quest. The task can be completed in any military location
Scroll researchTo complete it, you need to go to the "Heroes" menu, select any character and go to the "Talents" tab, where you can improve the required talent with the help of scrolls
VoyageMultiple portal journeys must be completed
Arena of talentsJoin the battle in the Talent Arena
Study at the Forbidden LibraryYou need to go to the library, where in the "Reading Room" select one of the available slots, and by clicking on it, you should select a hero who needs to pump certain talents and indicators
ConstructionThe task is carried out in the guild in the "Construction" section, here you should bring your donations
Guild trekTo be completed in the "Guild Dungeon" section, you need to complete the attack on one of the monsters
Payment of tributeGo to the Embassy and receive the gifts that the citizens have prepared for you
Bathing in hot springsSend passions to swim in hot springs

To close tasks, you need to perform the action a certain number of times. Opposite each quest there is an arrow for a quick transition to execution, by clicking on it, you will automatically be transferred to the section where you need to perform the operation. For each successfully closed quest, you will receive +10 master’s experience and +10 activity points to fill the scale with chests.

You can increase the characteristics of the overlord by pumping your heroes: raising their level and using them potions.

Appearance. This is the section where you can change the appearance of the ruler. To perform this action, click on the "Change appearance" button, after which a window with a choice of costumes will open. Having picked up the necessary wardrobe, just click on it and confirm your choice by tapping on the "Change appearance" button.

Settings. In this tab, you can customize some game moments for yourself. For example, change the look of your castle or switch the server. There are also buttons for navigating to:

  1. Exchange code - enter the gift code here and receive a reward from the developers for it.
  2. Change language - here you can choose which language you will play. You can select a language only from the list of languages ??presented. If your dialect is not on the list, then do not despair, as you can pick up any international language into which the game has been translated at the moment (for example, Russian, English, German and others). The list of languages ??presented will depend on the server you selected at the start of the game.
  3. Sound settings - the setting allows you to adjust the game sounds and music.
  4. Terms of Service.
  5. Privacy Policy.
  6. Help / support - you can write to the support service if strange phenomena occur on your account (for example, an action is not being performed). Also, support will help to solve the problem with payments, if suddenly the money did not come to your game account.

Copy ID. In this section, you can copy your identification number and the name of the ruler to the clipboard of your mobile device in order to send it, for example, to the support service to clarify a misunderstanding in the game.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Game Events and Perks

On the main screen of the game, there are many different icons for navigating to the menu. The columns on the right and left, as well as under the list of major currencies, are sections with various promotions and time events. Basically, these are shops where you can buy game resources for real money. But among these promotions there are temporary events that give rewards for certain actions in the game, that is, you do not need to pay for them with your own money.

How to properly invest in the game? If you decide to reward developers with a ruble (or other currency), then you can do this to your advantage. At the start of the game, you will be offered to make the first payment, for which you will receive a good bonus. But you won’t be able to get more bonuses, only discounts. Therefore, you can combine discount and bonuses.

Some of the offers are very tempting, especially the Double Gold promotion. Note that gold is a rare resource, but you can get it in the game for free, so you shouldn’t spend money on gold, never at all. It is not effective.

Also, do not spend real money on getting "cool" generals. They practically do not differ from ordinary characters, the only thing that can be noted is that their base number of talents is 5 units higher in comparison with the received heroines. But some girls who will come across to you for free have 15 units of talent (and above), while purchased generals have 17 units, in fact, this is not a big difference.

To get a bonus for the first payment and increase your VIP level, we recommend purchasing a small chest in the "Goblin Caravan". The chest contains rare items, and for the first replenishment you will receive a general with 24 units of the base talent, and other pleasant rewards.

Card privileges

There are 3 types of cards in the game, which will give certain items every day during the entire validity period, as well as some game features:

It is worth noting that the difference in price between the deluxe and super cards is 2000 rubles, while it is more profitable to buy a deluxe, although it does not give a large number of VIP points, but the weekly rewards are almost the same, not to mention the privileges. It is not worth buying a weekly card at all, as it will not justify the costs.

VIP-status privileges

VIP points are gradually added up for each payment you make. As soon as you gain a certain amount of VIP experience, you will receive an upgrade in status, and with it new privileges.

VIP1 privileges - you get the heroine Rina and additional rewards. Required to earn 1 VIP experience point.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 30%
Random date energy limit+1
Voyage portal energy limit+1
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor1
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source45
Time spent on the Springs2 hours 30 minutes
Daily miracle "Magic Crystals" x101
Smart Decision Daily Miracle1
Daily miracle "Benefit"1
Fast Growth Daily Miracle1
Soul Kinship Daily Miracle1
Sincere Forgiveness Daily Miracle1

VIP2 privileges - you get the heroine Amelia, and the "Fast Voyage" option opens. Required to obtain 1999 VIP Experience Points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 30%
Random date energy limit+2
Voyage portal energy limit+2
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor1
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source45
Time spent on the Springs3 hours
Daily wonders1

VIP3 privileges - you get the heroine Fiotina, and the "Quick Voyage" and "Quick Date" options will open. Required to receive 4999 VIP experience points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 45%
Random date energy limit+3
Voyage portal energy limit+3
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor2
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source50
Time spent on the Springs3 hours 30 minutes
Daily wonders1

VIP4 privileges - you get the heroine Kaguyu, and the option "Fast battle", "Gift function 10 times" and automatic start in the Battle of the Lordoa of Oracle Peak opens. Required to receive 9999 VIP experience points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 45%
Random date energy limit+4
Voyage portal energy limit+4
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor2
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source50
Time spent on the Springs4 hours
Daily wonders2

VIP5 privileges - you get the heroine of Frankinstein, and the "Rapid battle in the Arena" option opens, the "Full battle" opens. Required to receive 19999 VIP Experience Points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 60%
Random date energy limit+5
Voyage portal energy limit+5
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor3
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source55
Time spent on the Springs4 hours 30 minutes
Daily wonders2

VIP6 privileges - you get the heroine Irina. Required to receive 79999 VIP experience points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 60%
Random date energy limit+6
Voyage portal energy limit+6
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor3
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source55
Time spent on the Springs5 o’clock
Daily wonders2

VIP7 privileges - you get the heroine Polani. Required to receive 199999 VIP Experience Points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 75%
Random date energy limit+7
Voyage portal energy limit+7
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor3
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source60
Time spent on the Springs5 hours 30 minutes
Daily wonders2

VIP8 privileges - you get the heroine Medusa. Required to receive 399,999 VIP Experience Points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 75%
Random date energy limit+8
Voyage portal energy limit+8
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor3
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source60
Time spent on the Springs6 o’clock
Daily wonders3

VIP9 privileges - you get the hero of Wood. Required to receive 999999 VIP experience points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 90%
Random date energy limit+9
Voyage portal energy limit+9
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor4
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source65
Time spent on the Springs6 o’clock
Daily wonders3

VIP10 privileges - you get the heroine Felicia. Required to receive 1,999,999 VIP Experience Points.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 90%
Random date energy limit+9
Voyage portal energy limit+9
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor4
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source65
Time spent on the Springs6 o’clock
Daily wonders3

VIP11 privileges - you get the heroine Kio. Required to receive 3999999 VIP Experience Points. VIP12 is like 11 VIP status, only the twin heroines Aka and Ao are given.

PrivilegeNumber of bonuses
Chance of getting a resource source+ 90%
Random date energy limit+10
Voyage portal energy limit+10
Free restoration of Voyage’s boa constrictor4
Resource stock limit in the Resource Source70
Time spent on the Springs6 o’clock
Daily wonders3

What is a daily miracle? This is a special gaming bonus that players with VIP status receive. If you have 1 unit in front of the line of a miracle in terms of VIP privileges, therefore, this miracle can work 1 time per day, 2 units - 2 times, and so on.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: How to get magic crystals?

Magic crystals are a very important and necessary resource for increasing your combat power. For them, you pump heroes and buy additional features. It is very important to constantly have several thousand magic crystals in stock, since their absence can drastically affect the further process of the game.

If you have spent all the crystals, then you should not despair, since this resource can be obtained in different activities:

There are other places for obtaining magic crystals that are found throughout the game. In general, to see where you can get a particular resource, you can simply select it and read the description of the subject.


Entering the Cabinet, you will see 2 sections: Gathering and Advice. In Gathering, after a certain period of time, you can collect magic crystals several times, increase the level of provisions and troops. The higher the level of the overlord, the more you can collect resources. To increase the number of fees, you need to increase the level of the Warehouse. It is increased here using the "Raise Warehouse Level" button (located in the lower right corner of the window). But the function becomes available only during the transition to a new master level.

If you have run out of free attempts to collect resources, you can get them by using a special item that will resume the collection, but only 1 resource. But you should not use the item at the start of the game, since you will not get a big effect from this. With the leveling up of your account, the number of collection units increases, and it is very difficult to find this item, so it is recommended to save it for an emergency (for example, when completing a quest).

Council is a game option with which you can give orders to the Council. There are 2 options for choosing an order:

  1. The correct one - who punishes criminals, helps the population, improves life in the Castle. By choosing this option of the order, you will receive a reward in the form of some resources, as well as a certain amount of magic crystals, and your subjects will be happy (the choice will in no way affect the process of the game).
  2. Demonic is an alternative solution that is completely opposite to the positive mandate of the Council. You can release criminals, raise taxes. But you will get a little master’s experience, and since this experience can be obtained only in 2 - 3 activities, this choice is more preferable for the development of your account.

When choosing a variant of the order, start not from your conscience, but from the real state of affairs in the game. If you go through the main campaign well and you always have enough resources, then you can safely choose the correct version of the order. If you lack the master’s experience to open some activities, then in this case, the choice should fall on the demonic version of the council.

Mining in mines

Magic crystals can be obtained in the temporary event "Mining in mines" (the event icon appears when it starts in the right column of shares on the main screen). To excavate, you need to spend 4 points of stamina. The number of crystals received per hit depends on the level of the overlord’s ability to trade. After the end of the event, the next day, you can receive an unclaimed reward that will automatically come to your in-game mailbox.

Excavations. In order to excavate, you need to hit the large magic crystal, which is located in the center of the event screen. During excavation, there is a chance that you will get Fever. This is a bonus to the number of hits on the crystal. Fever lasts 5 seconds, stamina is not consumed during this prairies. A great opportunity to get a lot of stones in a short period of time, just very quickly by tapping your finger on the drawn crystal.

Rating. The event has a rating of players and guilds, as a result of which all participants in the event will receive additional prizes, the higher the place in the rating table, the more rewards you will receive. It is best to get into the top 200 places. Guild rating rewards are evenly distributed to the guild itself and its members who participated in the event. The points obtained, as well as the stamina, are displayed in the line under the crystal.

Rewards - in excavations for certain actions you will receive pleasant bonuses to the crystals you receive. There are server rewards that are given certain total server points (for example, players have collectively scored 5,000,000 points). There are also personal rewards:

  1. The number of excavations is 100 times.
  2. The number of crits (hits of increased power) - 30 times.
  3. The number of fevers is 5 times.

Shop for glasses. For each successful hit, you receive loot points, which are calculated based on the force of the blow. These points can be exchanged for goods in the Shop, which is located on the lower taskbar of the event. Here you can get rare items, as well as even more magic crystals.

Supply. For crystals and gold, you can buy a certain amount of stamina. We do not recommend spending gold, as stamina regenerates itself over time. If you want to get first places in the event rating, you can buy bread for crystals.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Hero Leveling Tips

Generals - these warriors lead your troops into bats, fight bosses. Interaction with heroes - generals brings an increase in the level of influence of the overlord, and also each level increases the number of the main army. Heroes can be obtained by completing tasks on the main screen of the game, which appear above the bottom panel of the task.

Recruitment. They can also be found in the "Archaic Guard" menu - this is a periodic temporary event (the holding time can be seen in the center of the screen). Here, with the help of special tickets or for gold, you can recruit characters. Heroes change depending on the time of the event. That is, every time an event starts, it proposes new characters. But it should be remembered that in addition to warriors, you will receive various game items or fragments of heroes, having collected which, you can summon a champion. You can view the probability of receiving by clicking on the "i" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

It has its own "Daily Quests", the completion of which gives "ancient relics" that open up the possibility of free recruitment. On the right side of the section there is a "Glasses shop". Points earned in recruiting for summons can be exchanged for hero fragments or various in-game items.

Passions. In the event, you can get a passion, which is currently the main recruitment option. Passions, like warriors, change with each new period of the event. The rules for obtaining girls for a harem are identical to the rules for obtaining combat characters.

Level up. To increase the level of a character, you must have a certain amount of magic crystals. Crystals are mined in different places, and their current amount is displayed on the top panel of the main game screen (like other main resources).

Each hero has a level-up limit. After reaching level 100, the characters will not be able to develop, in order to continue pumping, you need to perform "Promotion" (breakthrough).

Breakthrough - to complete it, you need special items that can be found during the passage of the game. You can see exactly what elements are required in the "Subjects" menu in the "Synthesis" tab. The breakout is made at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 levels. After each advance, the warrior receives a new rank. During the breakout, the parameters of the hero are significantly increased.

Abilities - are part of the influence of the overlord, and are an important part of his power. The higher the combat ability, the less you will suffer losses in adventures:

Talents - increase the bonus to abilities. To increase them, you need special scrolls, which can be obtained for completing daily missions when opening chests, for receiving rewards for Achievements, as well as during participation in periodic game events.

Increasing a hero’s Talent affects his main indicators, as well as the overall power of your army. The more soldiers go into battle with you, the higher the likelihood of your victory over the enemy.

Also, each hero has a General talent, which is determined by a certain number of stars (the number depends on the character). This talent is reflected in the overlord’s stats. General Talent Stars cannot be upgraded.

Potions are special items that increase the main parameters of the characters. Potions are divided by the number of points received, as well as by the indicators of the pumped characteristic. If your general lacks the skill of a merchant, then it is better to pump trade for him, if you have few troops, then it is better to increase his number.

By increasing the indicators of characteristics, you increase the influence of the overlord, thereby increasing his parameters. Potions can be obtained from daily quest chests, for successfully completing chapters and stages of the story campaign, for Achievements and other activities of the game. You can learn more about the locations of obtaining potions by clicking on the selected potion in the hero’s menu or in the inventory. After that, a description of the item and the place where you can get it will appear.

Patronage - the characteristics of heroes are improved by increasing the Patronage of Passions from the Harem. First, you need to get points of patronage and intimacy points on dates with passions, and then, increase the level of patronage of passions, which will affect the indicators of generals’ abilities.

PvP skill - necessary to increase the efficiency of the character in the battle in the Arena with other players. The skill increases some bonuses, they are different for each hero. For example, Gascon has an increase in the probability (chance) of delivering a critical strike, and an increase in damage from a critical strike (critical damage = 200% normal damage).

Forbidden library.

Here the heroes gain experience of the talent and pump their PvP skill. The training takes place in the "Reader Room" section. To send a hero to the library, you need to open (buy) tables at which you can plant a character for training. Each reading session lasts 3 hours. During the educational program, you can add books by clicking on the librarian in the main hall. Upon completion of the training, students gain talent experience and PvP experience.

After you open 5 tables, the "Quick Learn" function will become available to you. You can purchase a maximum of 10 tables. Tables can be purchased for gold or opened using VIP status.

Books. Library books are issued by the librarian. The higher the quality of the book, the more talent experience your learning heroes will gain. If the selected books are suitable for students by any criteria, then they receive additional experience of talent. A librarian can lend out up to 100 books daily. For reading and returning literature, you get reading points, which can be exchanged for items in the Points Shop.

How can a hero get a book? To do this, you need to click on the character during the training. In the window that opens, you will see 3 slots for books. By clicking on an empty slot, you can select any volume you see fit. At the end of the training, you will receive the number of talent points, PvP skill points and reading points indicated in the description.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Tips for Gaining and Leveling Passions


When traveling through the portal, you can wander through different regions of the world, where you can meet various heroes of the game. This way you can get to know girls and make them a part of your Harem.

Acquaintance with passions. While traveling across different kingdoms of the continent, you will meet beautiful strangers with whom you can have a nice conversation. The portal throws you into different parts of the world in a random order. From time to time you will talk with girls you already know. The more often you talk to them, the more "closeness" between you becomes.

After the time has passed, when "intimacy" reaches its maximum level, you can invite your friend to become a part of your life. The girl will agree, and will become your passion. A mark will appear on her body that she is now your companion. If you meet on a journey a passion that you already have in the Harem, then you will increase the indicator of intimacy with her. If you have a place in the Source for a new source, then the chance to meet a stranger increases.

Luck. The higher the luck, the greater the chance to meet a new stranger who will become your passion. Luck sets automatically over time. But it can be increased with clover. Clover can be obtained for successfully completing daily quests and Achievements.

Let’s hit the road! If you have passions, then you can travel with them. In these trips, you can find new sources of resources. Each trip will have to pay in gold or resources.

Trips. To get through the portal to other countries, you must have a special portal energy, which is automatically restored over time. You can visit the portal up to 5 times at the same time. To start teleportation, you need to click on the "Voyage" button or tap on the portal with your finger.

If you run out of energy, you can always buy it. A special widget will appear, in which the portal’s energy recovery resource will be located.

Spirits (located in the lower right corner of the portal) will help you to meet the next passion with increased success. There are 3 types of spirits in the game:

  1. Ordinary perfume - using an item, you will get a 50% chance of meeting a passion on your next voyage.
  2. Advanced spirits - using an item, you will get a 75% chance of meeting a passion in your next voyage.
  3. Luxurious perfume - the chance of meeting a passion rises to 100%.


The harem is the place where your loved ones will live. There are several sections in the Harem that open as you level up your account. The main section where you will receive benefits is "Passions". There are several things you can do to improve your relationship with the characters in the game:

By going to the menu of a particular passion, you can take advantage of several functions. For example, look at the description of the girl. For this there is a button "i", which is located in the upper left corner next to the name of the companion. On the right side there is a button in the form of an eye, by clicking on which you can fully view your spouse.

Patronage. On the left side of the window there are 3 sections that will help you pump your passion. By choosing the "Patronage" menu, you can increase the performance of the heroes. At first, your passion can only improve a few talents, but with an increase in its rank, new opportunities will open up.

To perform an improvement, you need to select one character in this section (a passion can patronize three heroes), and then select one of the parameters presented. Opposite the talent symbol there is a short description of the bonus received at this stage. Above the "Upgrade" button, the number of proximity points required for pumping is shown.

Rank. In the section, you can improve the rank of the passion, and see the main parameters of the girl. But until you open the "Hot Springs", you will not be able to pump the harem. At the bottom of the window, the requirements for increasing the rank of the companion are shown, as soon as the conditions are met, you can increase the rank of the passion. Here you can also see the bonuses that the girl is currently giving to your account.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Walkthrough Tips

Conducting a battle

Your first battle will take place during the familiarization phase, then in the campaign and other adventures. First, you get to the menu for viewing the indicators of the enemy, which compares his and your combat effectiveness. If the enemy’s combat power is higher than yours, then you will lose, since the battle process is automated. You can influence it only by pumping your generals and tab characteristics.

If your combat power is higher or equal to the strength of your opponent, then you can fight him. The description also indicates the approximate amount of losses that you can incur if you win. For players who don’t understand much in digital terms, the developers have come up with a color palette that shows possible losses:

  1. Green - the number of wounded and killed is within the normal range and does not exceed the average size. That is, compared to your opponent, you will not incur significant costs in the fight. Therefore, you can safely go into battle and pick up rewards after it ends.
  2. Yellow - this color tells you that victory can come at a very high price, and you will have to collect again a significant part of the army, which will die on the battlefield. But this does not mean that you will lose. It’s just that in some cases the winnings may not be effective, and it is better to pump up your account a little in order not to incur serious losses.
  3. Red - this color tells you that you can not only lose with a probability of 99%, but also lose almost the entire army. In this case, your opponent has much superior forces, so you should not attack him, it is better to start pumping the lord and characters, as well as increasing the overall combat power of your account.

Battle. When you agree to join the battle, you are on the battlefield. Your troops will move from left to right. At the bottom of the window there is a scale with marks that shows the passage of the battle stage. The notches on the scale indicate the number of waves of the opponent with which you have to fight. On the right side there is an "Attack" button. As your army advances, "Attack" will periodically light up. This means that your soldiers are approaching a new wave of the enemy, and it would not hurt to carry out a battle with them.

Having defeated the wave (on the screen, your army just quickly sweeps past, leaving behind a pile of fallen opponents), you can notice that the mark on the scale disappears, and the slider moves to the next unit of the enemy. You can influence the movement process in only one way, namely, to leave the battle. To do this, on the lower taskbar to the left of the battle track, there is a button to exit the battle.

After running away from the enemy, you lose the same number of units that was indicated in the description for the battle. In this case, you will not receive any reward, and the battle will not be reflected in daily quests.

Boss. At the end of each stage, a powerful military leader with an impressive number of warriors will await you. Your generals will join the battle against bosses. Each hero has 1 hit. In total, a certain number of characters can hit (depending on the level of pumping your account and the head of the company you are going through). As soon as the first warrior inflicts damage to the opponent, then another fighter will replace her, who will also inflict 1 blow.

Bosses like these can be expected in any part of the chapter of the campaign, but they mostly end it. At the start of the game, it is easy to complete the chapters of the campaign, when the cost of leveling the heroines is a small amount of magic crystals. But with each stage, the passage becomes more difficult. If you could not defeat the boss, then you should pump a little and only then try to attack him again.


This is the first adventure the game offers you. The campaign is divided into several chapters, and the chapters, in turn, into several stages. Each stage contains several waves of opponents. The battle takes place in the standard mode, which we described above.

Before each battle, you will be presented with a storyline in the form of a dialogue that you can skip. The passage of each chapter carries some game bonuses. For example, the possibility of receiving tribute from different regions of the world. You can view the history of the region by clicking on the "Travel Notes" button, which is located in the lower left corner.

Also in the campaign there is a "Map" (the transition button in the lower left corner), which you can open and see all the regions of your possessions. After successfully completing Chapter 15 or obtaining VIP4, you can complete the Campaign in the "Quick Battle" mode. That is, you can complete the stage automatically, and the victory will depend on your number of troops.


This is a combat location where you fight with your war heroes - generals. It is divided into 2 adventures:

  1. Fighting the Brave.
  2. Trekking the Ancient Dragon.

Fighting the Brave. Consists of 20 rounds. For each round of the battle, you can get Ruin points, magic crystals and various items. Ruins points can be exchanged for things in a special activity section. Each battle increases your rating, which is displayed in the list. For places in the rating, you get additional rewards. Each warrior can participate in a duel once a day, but you can use special items to add 1 attack attempt. During the fight, you may drop a Brave Chest, from which you will receive rare items to upgrade your account.

The battle with the dragon. Opens every evening at a specific time. Here you fight together with other players on the server against the dragon of the Wasteland. Generals, as in the battle with the Brave, can participate in the battle only once. For each battle, you get Ruin points, which are added to the ones you received from the Brave. The player who delivers the last blow to the dragon will receive an additional reward.


This is the third combat activity that becomes available at level 10 of the demon lord. This adventure lasts 3 days. The first two days you explore the dungeons, 3 days are allocated to receive a reward. While research is underway, you can send your troops to siege fortresses, as well as to excavate the found treasure maps. But you can get treasures only for 3 days. After completing a cycle of 3 days, all achievements are reset.

The attack of the fortress is carried out in the usual combat mode (as in the Campaign), but it is not so easy to conquer the fortress, if you are poorly prepared, then all your troops will be destroyed. After you occupy the 20th castle, in the future, in every 4th fortress, you can find a treasure map. But only the player who takes the fortress first can get the card. The treasure map is a kind of grid where the chest will be located at the intersection of the lines. Players can only receive a card once during the entire research period.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Resource Guide


A resource source is a place where your passions will help increase your income and influence of the demon lord. You can also get a certain amount of troops and magic crystals. Each source increases a certain overlord’s ability. Initially, you have only 1 source, but with the advent of new companions, the number of sources increases, as well as the chances of finding a new source. The source can be found through the "Resource Source" menu itself. To do this, you need to go into the activity and tap on the free slot at the bottom of the screen. This action will cost you 100 gold. Excavation is required to develop the source. To do this, you need to click on the spade button. Each action increases the experience of the source (the increase scale is located at the top of the window). As soon as the scale is filled, the source gets a new level.

The quality of the source regulates the grade of the passion. That is, each mine has a maximum pumping level (at the start - level 10). But the levels can be increased by increasing the rank of the companion who leads the excavation of this source (up to level 15 and higher). Also, the rank of the passion affects the number of bonuses received by the lord.

You can open the source for gold, but if you do not have a free passion, then you will not be able to develop it. We’ll have to wait until the girl is free or you marry a new one. The more companions you have, the more sources you can have at the same time.

Another way to find a source is walking with passions in the Voyage "On the Road" activity, but for the walk to take place, you need to pay gold or give a special ticket. While walking, you can find a mine, to which the girl who found it will be automatically assigned.


After opening and maximizing the pumping of sources, you can trade them. To do this, after tying the ribbon, you need to click on the "Trade" button, the system will transfer you to the section with the ability to find a business partner.

In the Trade section, you have the opportunity to automatically select a partner for yourself, for this simply click the "Find a partner" button opposite your mine. After this action, a list of players who have put up their sources for the auction will appear. In order for the percentage of income to be higher, it is necessary to feed the deal with special items or gold.

Trading gives an additional bonus to the Demon Lord’s influence from another player. But trade can only take place between 2 different types of sources, but with the same goods. In other words, you become trading partners with another gamer. In the future, both of you will receive dividends (profit) from these sources.

If you want to trade with a specific player, you can send that person your ID (located in your Account Settings) in order to jointly make a profit. When you have a pumped-up source, in the Trade section you can find a list of candidates for its acquisition. There are both paid (for gold) high income and free low income trading options.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Talent Arena Guide

The arena of talents is a PvP battle against other players. Heroes who have reached level 60 and above can take part in battles. You can fight 4 times daily, choosing 1 general out of 3 random ones. But there is a "Challenge Offering" item (sold in the Shop for gold), which allows you to choose any of your warriors from the available ones. For example, you can take the most pumped general into battle. The cost of the item is 200 gold.

The waiting time between battles is 60 minutes. After spending all attempts, you can use the "Arena Offering" item to continue the battles. For every 5 generals level 60 and above, 1 additional attempt is given for the Offering.

Battle. Having entered the Arena, you need to click on the "Battle" button (in the lower right corner of the window), after which you will be taken to the generals selection page. At the bottom of the window, your 3 random wars are shown. If you have a Challenge Offering, then the function to select your fighter will be located on the left side. On the right are positive effects that can be used in battle (1 effect - 1 battle). Effects can be obtained for gold or special items. At the top of the selection window are 3 random opponents. You can choose one of them for the battle. After that, the battle will begin immediately.

The general abilities of the heroes determine the value of the number of lives of your fighter in the Arena, and the general talents determine the strength of the attack. After a battle (losing or winning), you can "Pursue the Opponent" with the Pursuit token. To do this, you need to enter its ID in the search bar that appears (after selecting an option). To chase the player, on the Arena start screen, go to the "Arena Data" section and select the "Chase" tab. At the bottom of the window there is a search bar where the player’s ID is entered. Here you can also watch the battles of attacks or defense.

To often win in the Arena, you need to choose and pump well 1 general, and to increase his health and attack, you should evenly pump the talents of all characters.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Castle Guide

The city you received is your castle with various game modes, some of which we have described above. But there are still a few important passages that need to be covered in order for you to better understand the process of the game.

Alchemist’s workshop

Here you can create various game items from stones. Alchemy materials can be obtained from quests, events, Achievements, and elsewhere. Alchemy material appears several times a day, which makes it possible to conduct experiments for free. Other materials are required to be mined. To carry out an experiment, you should click on the boiler, after which a menu with a choice of material will appear. By highlighting any resource, you can find out what you get after a successful experiment.

Alchemy Material:

For alchemy, you can get not only the completion of one of the daily quests or the closure of the Achievement, but also gifts that are given for a certain number of experiences. A bar showing the progress of alchemy is located at the top of the window screen. For example, you will receive the first gift after making 3 experiences.

Inomir’s Merchant

This is the place where you can get fragments of heroes or fragments of their outfits. The "Printing Press" function allows you to get various elements for platinum coins. It is best to start with 10 seals, so the chance of getting a hero fragment is higher than in a single seal (for 1 coin). Platinum stones for coins can be obtained in the Campaign, in temporary events or for Achievements.

Merchant collections. The printing press can give you coupons that you can exchange for items from the collection (the jump button is located in the lower left corner of the trading floor and is called "Unknown Items"). Basically, you can buy outfit blueprints for the characters here. After collecting a certain number of blueprints, you can make a synthesis and get an outfit. For 2 coupons, you can update the assortment of the collection.


This is the inventory, the button for switching to which is located on the lower taskbar of the main screen of the game. All the items you have and various stones are displayed here. Some items can be activated to improve some of the game’s features. If you click on such elements, a window with a description and an "Apply" button will appear.

Items are a tab in your inventory. This is where your treasures lie. It is convenient because all materials are arranged in groups, and if you want to use one of them, you do not need to scroll through the game tabs to find the place of its application. For example, potions are needed to increase the characteristics of generals. They are displayed in the inventory, but in order to apply them, you must first go to the heroes, then go to the "Potions" section and perform other actions.

But if you go into the inventory, and select any potion, then after clicking on it, a window will appear where you can immediately apply the brew. For the convenience of players, the developers have inserted into the description of the item the ability to choose any hero (which the player has), and under it they gave a brief description of it. Having chosen the desired hero, you can give him a potion, thereby improving his characteristics. You can choose several potions at the same time.

Synthesis - there are such items in the game, when added, other items are obtained. For example, out of 5 scrolls of Chaos, any scroll of talent can be obtained in random order. This can be done in the "Items" menu in the "Synthesis" tab. Here are items that can be synthesized (blueprints for outfits, fragments of heroes).

If you scroll to the end of the section, you will find a scheme of items for Breakthrough heroes (after level 100 and above). Having collected the required amount of material for a breakthrough, you can, when necessary, transfer the general to a new level of progress. That is, the game itself gives you hints.

Other tabs with "Emblems" and "Outfits" items reflect your titles and wardrobe. Until you have them, the items are grayed out. To find out how to get them, just click on them. Thus, you do not have to puzzle over where to get this or that item.

Carefully study all the mechanics of the game, as there are many hidden clues and pumping opportunities in it.

Communication menu - located on the lower taskbar. It consists of 2 tabs: Friends (you can correspond with your friends) and Mail. This tab is the most important, since the developers send you gifts for your successes in the game, prizes come for various ratings, and much more. When a new letter appears, the system puts a red dot on the menu.

Keep an eye on the mail (especially after a long absence from the game), as some prizes have a limited time to receive. If you don’t pick them up, they will be gone.

ISEKAI Demon Waifu: Why You Need a Guild

A guild is a community of players who come together to progress effectively in the game. Your well-being depends on the level of the guild. If the union does not develop, but stands in one place, then it will not bring possible benefits. Participation in a guild requires constant injections of your resources into it. Although at the start of the game you will receive many different materials, this does not mean that they can be spent anywhere.

Do not be afraid to switch guilds if the ones you were a member of did not develop, they did not have Building or Adventure open. Look for an alliance that can benefit you the most.

The heads of some inactive guilds, seeing your daily activity and benefits, can appoint you as an officer. You should not fall for this trick, since even the rank of officer will not benefit you in an undeveloped and inactive guild. Alone, you will find it difficult to lead lazy participants. Since the officers do not receive additional bonuses, it is not worth staying in such a group either.

Joining a guild. At the 2nd level of the demon lord, access to the Guild opens. First, you will be asked to create your own guild or join one already created by other players. It is better if you enter into an alliance, since the creation carries a lot of unnecessary problems and a waste of time. If you do not appear in the game for a long time, then you need to complete as many actions as possible in a short time. If alliance management will hang on you, then you will not be able to progress effectively.

To choose the best union for yourself, you should go to the "List of guilds" tab and scroll through the recommendations of the system. The game will offer you a choice based on your level. But even a newly created union can develop rapidly. If you have chosen the wrong alliance, then leaving it carries a penalty in the form of 24 hours of inability to join another guild. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a union wisely.

The best way to find an active guild is to ask about it in the general game chat. For example, by writing the message "I am looking for an active union!" At the same time, you need to voice your positive qualities: I often go online, complete all quests, constantly make donations, and more. You should write information that will help the head of a good union understand that you are a responsible player and will be useful to the group.

Guild Quests. Every day you will be given tasks of the union, which should be completed, the more you close the quests, the more guild points you will receive. Basically, the tasks are related to the training of heroes in the Forbidden Library. The more you train your generals, the more profitable the guild and you. Guild points can be spent in the Build section of the Guild Exchange tab. The higher the level of the union, the more assortment for exchange. All participants, completing tasks, increase the progress bar. As soon as the scale reaches a certain mark, all members will receive gifts.

A guild dungeon is a combat activity where alliance members collectively destroy bosses on the map. Opening bosses - invaders can only be leaders or officers of alliances. Each participant in the campaign against the boss receives rewards depending on the amount of damage done to the enemy. After the boss is destroyed, the union receives a replenishment to the Guild Fund.

Awards. The level of the guild rises for every action of its members: offering, building, completing tasks and much more. To encourage their members, the head of the union or officers can buy a "Guild Package" with funds from the "fund". After purchase, all members of the alliance will be able to receive 1 package.

There are 3 packages with incentives:

The author of the article: Evgeniya G., Yaroslav I.