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Passage of King of Avalon: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

AVALON KING is a strategy game that appeared in May 2016 and has become a part of Google Play Bestsellers since it uses the Pay-to-Win model. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better King of Avalon download to computer via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Gift codes
  2. The tricks of combat
  3. How to get gold for free?
  4. Siege of Demons
  5. Alliances in the Game
  6. Exchange of goods
  7. Shooting range
  8. Council of Heroes
  9. Arena spirit
  10. Detailed guide to buildings
  11. Wise Geek Tips
  12. How to rock your lord?
  13. How to use teleport?
  14. Monsters and resources on the map
  15. Dragon training secrets
  16. Hyde on dragon spirit
  17. What is the capture of Excalibur?
  18. VIP level secrets

King of Avalon gift codes

Gift codes

Gift codes are a set of letters and numbers when entered in the game settings (as shown in the screenshot) you will receive various items in the mail.

koa5050 gives:

koa7575 gives:

Other codes:

Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

The tricks of combat in the King of Avalon

We send army on a campaign

Your army consists of the following types of troops: infantry, cavalry, arrows and siege troops. These types of troops can be trained in the barracks, stables, on the shooting range and in the siege, respectively. Each type of troops is divided into two categories. Each type of troops has its own special characteristics and strengths.

Fighting in the game takes place automatically, without the participation of the player. But the troops in the campaign you collect yourself. It is your choice of troops for a particular enemy that will determine your success or failure in a battle.

Troops are divided into offensive and defensive. Attacking troops are best sent to attack, on other people’s castles and other enemies. But the defensive well show themselves in repelling attacks on your castle (citadel). If defensive troops are sent to attack, then the losses will be terrifying.

Infantry - these are protective troops (tanks), they hold the blow well and protect the rest of the armed forces from destruction. Infantry is attacking - swordsmen and defensive - spearmen. All swordsmen have a bonus against archers, which form the basis of the defense of any castle. Spearmen have a bonus against attacking troops - cavalry.

Riders - are the main striking force of your army. The attackers are lightly armed riders, they have a bonus damage in battle with archers (not to be confused with crossbowmen). Defensive troops are heavy riders, they have a bonus against attacking infantry - swordsmen.

Arrows , as well as cavalry - this is the main strike power of your army. In defense, archers, who have a bonus against the main attacking troops, light cavalry, traps and siege troops, are showing themselves well. Archers are best sent to friends for reinforcement. Attacking crossbowmen have a bonus against the defending infantry - spearmen, thereby not allowing them to defend the army from light cavalry.

Siege troops . Siege troops are divided into rams and trebuchets. Both the first and second are attacking as they are exclusively traps. The rams absorb the power of traps, that is, they tank, taking their damage on themselves, and trebuchets attack traps. The rams have a very unpleasant property, the slowest speed, so you should not take them on long hikes.

So, the attacking troops are:

  1. Light cavalry - № 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12.
  2. Crossbowmen - № 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11.
  3. Swordsmen - № 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
  4. Siege Troops - No. 1-12.

Defensive troops are:

  1. Heavy cavalry - № 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11.
  2. Archers - № 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12.
  3. Spearmen - № 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.
The recommended ratio of troops when attacking an enemy castle: 10% - swordsmen, 35% - crossbowmen, 35% - light cavalry, 20% - siege weapons. The ratio of troops may vary depending on their presence and the composition of the enemy’s army.

Troop troop view from bird flight

The easiest way to protect troops is to use a peace treaty. The peace treaty does not allow your enemies to attack your city or spy on you. Please note that the action of the peace treaty does not apply to all troops that are outside your city (for example, collect resources, send in reinforcements to the allies or are in the camp)!

If you have already been attacked and you do not have a valid peace treaty, you can send your troops to a parking lot in a camp outside the city. Remember that when your troops are in the camp, they are vulnerable, so carefully choose the location of the camp. You can also send your troops to a remote resource point to gather resources or send your troops to your ally for reinforcement. You can also use teleport to change your coordinates on the map.

Use an alliance teleport or a recruit teleport to move your city closer to your allies - this is a great way to protect your city, because possible reinforcements will always be near you.

You can also build more hospitals or improve them, it will help you to cure more troops after the battle and reduce the number of casualties.

King of Avalon: cunning with invisible troops. Troops can be sent to the parking lot at any point on the map, but any opponent can see them and attack them. In the game there is a bug that allows you to make these troops invisible. When you go to the map for the first few seconds, it loads; if you have time to send troops at this time, they will become invisible at the end of the campaign. Perhaps the first attempt you will not be able to do it, but this is the best free way to protect your army during the absence.

Hike. Are your troops attacking someone? Did you send reinforcements to the allies? Or sent troops to collect resources or to the camp? All this is considered a campaign. The number of troops that you can send to each trip is determined by the level of your stronghold. The higher the level of your stronghold, the higher the limit of your troops in the campaign. You can also increase your troop limit during a hike by doing research, assigning skill points or dragon skills, and using various amplifiers. The number of trips you can send at the same time is determined by your level of research. Having researched the "Campaign Places" technology at the university, you can send several trips at the same time. Activating high VIP levels (8 and above) will also temporarily open an additional place in the hike.

Reinforcements. Having built an embassy, you will be able to receive reinforcements in your city, which your alliance members sent you to the rescue. Reinforcement troops will help you to assemble a huge defensive army.The troops that suffered in the battle will be considered as wounded, not killed, and after the battle they will go to the hospitals of the cities from which they came to you to help. You can receive reinforcement troops until you reach the reinforcement limit. The level of your embassy determines the maximum number of reinforcement troops you can receive.

The co-operation allows you to unite with your allies in a battle against enemies and collect a much larger number of troops than if you entered the battle in your own. You need to join the alliance and build a hall of war in order to participate in cooperatives and convene your own cooperatives. Your alliance can increase the number of participants in each cooperation by making contributions to the technology of the alliance.

After the start of cooperation, all allies who want to participate in it must arrive at the meeting place of the cooperation before the scheduled time. The co-operation armies must first assemble in the city of the lord who called the co-operation. When the set time comes, the participants of the cooperation and their troops will advance to the goal of a single army.

If the lord and his troops failed to arrive on time in the city in which the co-operation was convened, this lord and his troops would not be able to participate in this co-operation.

How to get gold for free?

Lot of gold

In the game there are many ways to get gold for free. You can get it:

  1. Fulfilling achievements. To see the list of achievements for which you can get gold, click on the "Player Profile", and then on the image of the medal in the lower right corner.
  2. Performing some game tasks. For example, for the completion of heroic tasks.
  3. Entering the alliance for the first time. When you join an alliance for the first time in the game, you will receive a certain amount of gold and 2 alliance teleports. Please note that you can only receive gold and teleports of the alliance when joining the alliance once per game.
  4. Making a deposit in a bank. To make a deposit in the bank and earn money on it, click on a bank in your city, and then choose one of the deposit options that best suits you.
  5. Winning the jackpot. Try your luck playing the crystal ball. Click on the tavern, then on the crystal ball and try to win mountains of gold!
  6. Discovering the tarot cards. Look at the fortune teller in the tavern, scroll through the wheel of the Zodiac, and perhaps the fortune teller will invite you to open Tarot cards. Among the awards for the discovery of the Tarot cards there is gold!
  7. Participating in the events in the game. You can see a list of current and future events in the center of events, which is located to the right of the dragon’s lair. View available events, participate in them and get gold for achieving the goals of events.
  8. Collecting a gift of Merlin. Merlin can give you a lot of useful items and even gold. Merlin’s gift appears from time to time next to the daily delivery airship. Do not forget to include gift notifications to pick up the gift on time.
  9. Buying gold on the black market. If you are the king, you can use the royal skill called "Black Market Links" to exchange royal coins for gold on the black market. To use this skill, go to the kingdom map and click on the "King’s Hall" button in the lower left corner.
  10. Taking gold from messages from the system. Do not forget to check your mail: this way you will not miss small gifts and useful information from system messages from the development team.
  11. By participating in events in our communities. In our official communities we have a lot of events with great rewards. To participate in these events, go to "Player Profile", and then go to "Settings". By clicking on the "Community" button, you will see in the new tab a list of our official communities.
  12. Opening chests with gifts of the alliance and chests with gifts of the lord. Both types of chests available in the tab "Alliance" - "Gift Chests." You must be in an alliance for at least 24 hours in order to gain access to King Avalon’s chests.

King of Avalon: Siege of Demons

siege of demons

Only members of an alliance with a level of R4 and above can set the time of the beginning of the siege. Setting the start time of the siege serves as a reminder for alliance members.

The siege must be started manually at a set time. As soon as the siege begins, alliance members with a level of R4 and above will be able to open a certain set of tasks. Jobs are restarted after a certain period of time. Each lord will be able to perform only a certain number of tasks during the event.

Alliance members with a level of R4 and higher can choose the level of difficulty at the beginning of the siege. As soon as the siege begins, alliance members will be able to fight the Fomores by logging onto the event card.Merlin will provide you with troops to fight the Fomores.

The campaign limit for these troops and their advantages will depend on your lord advantages. You can only send one trip to your fortress during an event, and you cannot replace one trip to another. During the siege, the Fomorians will attack your alliance fortress from all sides. Each Fomorets shown on the map replaces many enemies, with whom the lords will have to fight when the enemies get to the fortress. The lords with the garrisons in the fortress will battle with the Fomor invaders in a sequence that coincides with the strength of the lord’s troops.

Lords can only attack one Fomor at a time. The Fomorians who survived the battle with one lord will fight the other lord. If the Fomorians do not die, they will reach your portal and cause damage to it. The more waves you endure, the more points you get! Your alliance will receive points and rewards for every fomore killed. If the portal health score reaches 0, your alliance will lose the defenses of the demons.

Sometimes bonus fomortsy will appear on the map. If bonus fomors are killed before they can escape, all member lords will receive rewards! After the event, all the lords participating in it will receive rewards calculated by alliance points by mail.

King of Avalon: Alliances in the Game

Alliance player porridge

How to create an alliance? How to join the alliance?

Click on the "Alliance" button at the bottom of the screen. In the window that opens, you can choose the alliance that you would like to join, or create your own alliance. If your citadel has not yet reached level 6, you will have to pay 200 gold to create an alliance. If your stronghold is 6 or higher, you can create an alliance for free. The language of the alliance is automatically determined by the game language of the head of the alliance, but you can change the main language of the alliance at any time. If you decide to create an alliance, remember that the name of the alliance and its motto is the first thing that other players will see when they join your alliance. Choose them wisely!

How to change the alliance? How to get out of the alliance? How to dissolve the alliance?

You can only be in one alliance at a time. To join another alliance, click on the invitation that pops up on your screen, or go to the "Alliance" section and take a look at alliances that you can join. You can always join another alliance of your choice, however, for this you must first withdraw from the alliance in which you are already a member. To exit the alliance, click on the "Alliance" button at the bottom of your screen> "Manage"> "Leave."

Only the head of the alliance can dissolve the alliance. If you are the head of the alliance and you want to leave the alliance or change the alliance, but do not want to dissolve the alliance created by you, you need to transfer the post of the head of the alliance to another member of the alliance before you leave the alliance or change it. To dissolve the alliance, click on the "Alliance" button at the bottom of your screen> "Manage"> "Dissolve".Remember that a strong alliance is the key to your victory!

How to change the title in the alliance?

You can change your rank in the alliance only by the head of the alliance or by participants whose rank is 2 or more ranks higher than yours. If your rank above rank of your ally is 2 ranks or more, you can raise or weaken your ally. By clicking on the "Alliance" button at the bottom of the screen, you can:

Reinforce or attack?

Exchange of goods

If you have already unblocked a trading place and entered into an alliance, you can click on the "Exchange of goods" in the trading place. There you can send requests for items and send items to members of your alliance.Click on the trading place, and then on the "exchange of goods." After that, you will see requests left by alliance members, as well as requests for specific items. Choose a suitable item and you can send it. You can also leave your exchange request to help you members of your alliance.

Please take into account:

  1. The exchange of goods does not take place in the campaign.
  2. The exchange of goods is possible only between members of the same alliance.
  3. About sending items at the request of others: the number of items that you can send during the day is limited. The limit on the exchange of goods will be 100% higher for players of level VIP 6 and higher.
  4. Tax: when exchanging goods you do not need to pay tax.
  5. New members of the alliance can use the exchange of goods immediately.

How to build an alliance building in King Avalon?

Alliance towers allow you to expand the territory of the alliance and increase the area on which the advantages of the alliance operate. If the alliance tower was destroyed, the alliance buildings located in the territory controlled by this tower will be demolished automatically.

Buildings built with the tower are tied to the tower, not to the territory of the alliance. Thus, when destroying the old tower of the alliance, all buildings belonging to it will be demolished, even if they are inside the territory related to the new tower.

The dragon altar is an alliance building that becomes available at alliance level 10. It allows alliances to cast mystic dragon spells. These spells can help develop and defend your alliance, or attack your enemies. Only members of rank 4 or higher have the opportunity to ask the dragon priestess to cast a spell.

There are three types of spells: for development, attack and defense. Alliance members can unlock higher-level spells by making donations for the appropriate alliance technology. The spell points will be used to activate the spells, and alliance members can sacrifice a special item, the elixir, to score more spell points. Also, the elixir can be used to increase the power of some spells before they are cast on the target. Elixir can be obtained by fighting with monsters from the portal. Merlin was working on the creation of a new spell, but he didn’t take something into consideration during the preparation, and his experiment ended pitifully!

How to take reinforcements?

By building an embassy, you can receive reinforcements from your allies. The level of your embassy determines the number of reinforcement troops you can receive. You can send reinforcement troops back to the city from which they were sent, at any time.

To send reinforcements to one of your allies, click on his city on the map of the kingdom, and then on "Reinforcements". The number of reinforcement troops you can send is determined by the level of the embassy of your ally and your limit of troops on the march. You can send reinforcement troops to your ally only once.

Your troops that suffered in the battle for an ally’s city are considered wounded, not killed, and will return to your infirmary for treatment if your infirmary has not yet reached the limit of the capacity of the injured.

Other alliance functions

Alliance Revenge is a new spell on the dragon altar. When the Revenge of the Alliance is launched, your city will have the advantage of this spell, as well as the cities of your alliance members: anyone who attacks your city or a city of a member of your alliance will have to wait some time before activating a peace treaty. "Dangerous revenge" begins to act after 10 seconds.

You can increase the level of the alliance by increasing the level of experience of the alliance. The experience of the alliance is received by all members of the alliance who have made donations in the technology of the alliance in the "DONATIONS" section (the "Alliance" tab).

Alliance help. When improving buildings, researching or treating the wounded, you can ask your allies to help you speed up the timers of these actions. Each time your ally helps you, the time on your timer will decrease. You can ask to help you speed up the timer by clicking on the image that appears above the building, which you, for example, are improving. You can also help your allies by clicking on the image that appears above your embassy when any of your allies need help. The level of the embassy of the player who needs help determines the number of times the Allies can help him, as well as the time taken to speed up the timer.

Alliance market. You can purchase items on the alliance market using alliance honor points. You can get alliance honor points by making contributions to the alliance technology. In the alliance market, you can find out your current number of alliance honor points, as well as purchase special items on them. The honor of the alliance always remains with the Lord, so that the honor of the alliance will go with you to another alliance when changing alliance. Alliance members with titles of levels R4 and R5 can use alliance funds to purchase items from the list of items and place them on the alliance market so that all members of the alliance can acquire them. Every time a member of the alliance gets 1 point of honor of the alliance, the funds of the alliance also increase by 1. If the alliance dissolves, the funds of the alliance will be reset.

Shooting range in king of avalon

Tire can be found in the tavern. You can shoot at the dash and win great rewards for it! Please note that the opportunity to shoot at the dash is available only to those players who have already acquired gold or a set in the game (even the most minimal!)

  1. When you open the shooting gallery, you will see a list of available awards (you can change them by clicking on "Update"). In the upper left corner you will also see the number of coins in the shooting gallery that you can use at the moment. Click on "Start" to proceed to shooting.
  2. Shoot the target by clicking on it to get the reward. The resulting award will immediately go to the "Items" or in the armory, depending on what reward you receive. With each subsequent shot, the rewards get better, but you also need more coins for the next shot.
  3. Click on "Awards History" to see the available awards, as well as those awards that you have already received.
  4. Click on "Surrender" to return to the previous window and update the list of possible awards.

The coins of the shooting gallery you need for a shot can be purchased in two ways: by completing daily tasks or by purchasing game sets that have coins of the shooting gallery. Remember that the coins of the world change every month, so you need to use them until the end of the month in order not to lose them.

Council of Heroes


Heroes can be found in the new building, called the "Council of Heroes". This building will appear in your city next to the chambers of the spirit, when your stronghold reaches the tenth level. Heroes are glorious and strong personalities who will stand a mountain for you and will provide significant bonuses to your city if you appoint them to the right position. Hero bonuses are valid all the time. Heroes do not enter the battle. The level of heroes can be increased to increase their bonuses, strengthen their skills and unlock additional bonuses.

Gallery of heroes. In the heroes gallery you can see each of the heroes available to you. You can get into the gallery of heroes from the circle of appeal by clicking on the "Gallery of Heroes". By clicking on any particular hero, you will see the bonuses already available to this hero, the bonuses that will become available when you increase his skill, as well as the maximum level that this hero can achieve, and his specialty.

Summon heroes. Heroes can be summoned in a circle of appeal in three different ways:

Summon summons can be obtained in the following ways: by killing monsters, by cooperating in barbarian camps, from daily rewards, certain kits, and from Merlin’s gift.

List of heroes . In the "List of Heroes" section you can increase the level of your heroes and their skill. To level up a hero: click on the hero, then on the green "+" sign, then select the amount of hero experience you would like to use. To improve the hero’s skill: click on the hero. If you have the required number of particles of this hero and this hero has reached the required level of the hero, click on the green arrow. The experience of the hero can be obtained in four ways: from the circle of call, from the gift of Merlin, from certain events, as well as with the killing of monsters. Particles of the hero can be obtained in the circle of appeal and the alchemist.

Council of Heroes . You can assign heroes to positions in the council of heroes, so that the bonuses of heroes begin to act on your city. In total, there are 8 positions in the heroes’ council; they become available to you and your heroes at certain levels of the citadel. To assign a hero, click on a post that is not yet occupied, and then select the hero you would like to assign to this post. Please note that in order to take a position, the hero must have a certain specialty. Not all available characters can take each of the posts. The list of existing bonuses can be seen on the left side of the window - in the "Benefits" section. Your city gets the benefits that give bonuses only when the hero is appointed to the position.

Arena spirit

Spirit comparison

In the event "Arena of the Spirit", available at the citadel level 15 and above, you can fight with the dragon spirit of another lord and get for it luxurious rewards. Go to the event center and click on the "Spirit Arena" tab to get to the spirit arena.

In the window that opens, you can fight the dragon spirit of another lord by clicking on the "Into the battle!" The first 5 battles per day are free, and for each subsequent battle you will need to pay 10 gold coins. For each battle you get chests with the materials of the spirit (maximum - 10 chests per day).

At the end of the battle, you will receive points if you won the battle or if no winner was identified in the battle, or you lose points if you lost the battle. Remember that one season in the creature arena lasts 7 days.

Rewards for points. You can get 7 different sets of excellent awards in the arena of the spirit, depending on the number of points received during the season. Reach the points on points to pick up rewards. These rewards change every season, which means you can only receive rewards once a season.

Reward for the rank. The rank award is awarded depending on your world rank among all the players of King Avalon. You will receive rewards based on the rank your dragon spirit will take. Among the awards for the rank you can find awards such as 100,000 gold coins for the best dragon spirit!

Detailed guide to buildings in the King of Avalon

Buildings in the game

You can only build or upgrade one building at a time. The time remaining to complete construction or improvement is shown below the image of the hammer on the left side of the main screen. To build or improve two buildings at the same time, you need to hire another team of builders - this way you will have two construction lines. You can also complete the construction or improvement of the building immediately using gold, and then build the next building.

The King of Avalon Citadel is the most important building in your city. Every time you upgrade the citadel, you get the opportunity to improve other buildings in your city. Raising the level of the citadel also increases your troop limit and overall strength. You can find out details about the amount of resources produced in your city, as well as production amplifiers in the citadel in the section "City data". You can find out more about the amplifiers you have in the citadel in the "Gains of the city" section.

Sanctuary. If your hospitals are full, a certain percentage of your dead troops will turn into souls going to the sanctuary. Scabbard, Excalibur’s sheath, will collect for you ambrosia automatically. Use ambrosia to resurrect the souls of your troops. To visit the sanctuary, find a new building in your city.

The forbidden maze. After awakening the dragon spirit, he can go to the forbidden labyrinth. In the forbidden labyrinth, your dragon spirit will have to fight the monsters and go through the floors of the labyrinth, going lower and lower. The lower the dragon spirit descends through the labyrinth, the better the rewards he receives after fighting monsters.

Items that your dragon spirit receives when opening chests are sent to the dragon spirit bag. Do not forget to monitor the capacity of the bag and its weight. Both of these indicators can be increased by conducting relevant research or by increasing skills and talents.

Crystal ball . You can get a fortune telling on a crystal ball in exchange for dragon scales or gold. Collect three items of the same kind and collect this item, get five items of the same kind and collect all five items! Collect five jackpot coins and you win the jackpot. The alert that you got the jackpot will appear on the screens of lords in all kingdoms!

The part of gold used for fortune telling is added to the total jackpot. You can win!

What is a cool ax and where to find it? You can’t have a chance to unlock the city. Can be obtained from the daily delivery of halflings.

It ’s a game of interest, it’s worth it. The number of percentages of your profit is in the bank. Your profit.

What is an auction? New items constantly appear on the auction. The price is the minimum price. If the bid is made, it will be extended to 5 minutes again. When the auction ends, it will receive the item. If your bid is not the highest, then you can pick it up completely after the auction ends! If you won the auction If your bid is not the highest, you can pick up the gold at auction.

What is a black market? New items constantly appear on the black market. Once you’ve wondered on each item once. To bid, you must pay a non-refundable fee. The following is your bid! The difference between the bets will be returned to the lord. If your bid is not the highest, you can spend the gold on the bet. Please note that you will not receive a non-refundable fee paid.

Forge you can forge. You can get materials for forging uniforms by attacking monsters or barbarian camps. You can also get the fragments of the scrolls you received from the store. In the forge, you have the following 3 steps:

  1. The Merge You CAN the get fragments of scrolls by killing monsters or Acquiring Them in the "the Objects" - "Market" section called. If you have a number of fragments of scrolls, you can.
  2. Forging. If you already have a scroll, you can forge uniforms. To do this, visit the blacksmith in the forge.
  3. Gain If you have already out, you can strengthen your outfit and increase your performance.

Farm - the basis of battle

Farm, sawmill, iron and silver mines. Mines produce silver. The image of the building will be above the relevant building. By improving the number of resources, you can increase the number of resources. It would be your time when you reached your goal. do not forget to collect resources on time.

Bivouac Your troops live in bivouacs. The number of troops will be at the same time.

The infirmary. Wounded troops can be cured in the infirmary. It has been shown that it’s possible to limit the number of troops it has been subjected to. It is possible to raise the limit to the level of the injured. It has become possible to increase the amount of energy and energy. Do not forget to treat your wounded troops in time! If you have reached the limit, all troops will be counted as killed.What is your battle?

Wall of The protects your o city the when attacking the Enemy. If you are attacked and you are defeated, your city will catch fire. The city has been dwelling on its walls. You can go out in thirty minutes. You can’t increase your wall. If your walls get to the point of the map. It will immediately recover to the maximum.

Well of desires. If you do not have enough resources - the well of desires will help you! The water in the well of desires is as magical as in Lake Avalon. You can make a certain number of desires at the well of desires. Making every wish, you can get up to 10 times more than you thought. The well of desires can be built when your stronghold reaches level 8. In order to build a well of desires of level 1, you must have 250 units of wood. Improve the well of desires to increase the number of free desires that you can make a day. Improving the well of desires also increases the amount of resources you can get by making a wish.

The watchtower is your eyes and ears of your city. The watch tower and the troops that are attacking your city. Improve the watchtower, and you can get more detailed information about your opponent. If your sentry tower will not turn red. You will also see the watchtower icon. Click on it to learn more about your opponent.

Hall of War. If you have a hall of war, you can join your ally’s co-operation or convene your own co-operation.Improve the hall of war and increase the number of troops that can go camping campaign. Cooperation allows you to collect much like a larger army when attacking. The size of cooperation and the number of participants in cooperation can be increased by making contributions to the technology of the alliance. To improve the hall of war, you need military books that will be used automatically for improvement.

Trading place. You can send resources to your allies or purchase resources from them in a trading place. You can send a request for the resources you need. The duration of each request will be 24 hours. You can only send one request at a time. All sent requests will be visible in the chat alliance. Sales duty ensures that the necessary goods will be delivered to the destination. The size of the sales duty decreases with each improvement of the trading place. The amount of resources you can send, on the contrary, increases with every improvement.

Embassy. If you have an embassy, you can get accelerated timers and reinforcements from your allies. Improve the embassy and increase the number of timers that your allies can help you speed up, increase the time of acceleration of timers and increase the number of reinforcement troops that your allies can send you. Your embassy can receive only one reinforcement army from each member of your alliance. Upon reaching the reinforcements limit, you can no longer receive reinforcements. Reinforcement troops are a great way to protect weak alliance members. Enemies hardly expect to meet such a powerful defense when attacking! Every time when any member of your alliance needs help, a sign of help appears above your embassy. Click on it to help your ally!

At university, you can learn useful skills that give you advantages in the game. All studies at the university are divided into four categories: development, economy, battle and defense. Study the categories of research that will help you improve your strategy. Improving the university gives you access to new research.

The pantry protects a certain amount of your resources, which will remain with you, even if the enemy attack on your city was successful. The higher the level of your storeroom, the more resources it can protect. A pantry does not protect resources that you have not yet collected from farms, sawmills and mines, so try not to leave resources from resource buildings uncollected.

Trap . You can build traps for your enemies in the trap. Different types of traps are designed to defeat different types of enemy troops. For example, falling traps are designed to defeat infantry, set traps - to defeat cavalry, capture-traps - to defeat shooters. During an attack, your siege troops can destroy traps and take a hit from the traps, protecting your troops. With the improvement of the trap you get access to more dangerous traps, as well as increase your trap limit. You can increase the speed of building traps by doing research at the university and using skill points. When an enemy attacks your city, your traps automatically react to it. Remember, when defending a city, traps are activated automatically, but only if you have troops in the city. If there are no troops in your city, traps are not activated. To demolish traps, go into the trap in the "Build" section, then select the type of traps you would like to demolish. Next, click on the "i" button next to the image of the trap. Select the number of traps you would like to demolish and click "LOCK". After the demolition of the traps, you will not be able to get back the resources that you spent on their construction earlier.

Barracks, stables, shooting range and siege. Different types of troops train in different buildings: infantry trains in the barracks, cavalry trains in the stables, arrows train in the shooting range, and siege troops - in the siege. By improving these buildings, you gain access to the respective troops of higher levels. The higher the level of troops, the stronger they are! New troops will be available to you when the corresponding building reaches 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26 and 30 levels. The level and number of bivouacs determines the number of troops that you can train at the same time, as well as the speed of training the troops. You cannot train troops in an appropriate building while upgrading a building and cannot improve a building while you train troops in it. To disband the troops, click on the building in which these troops usually train, then click on "Train". Next, select the type of troops and click on the "i" button next to the image of the warrior. In the new window, select the number of soldiers that you would like to disband, and then click "DISMISS." After the dissolution of the soldiers, you will not be able to get back the resources that you spent on training these soldiers earlier.

If your city has been attacked by an enemy and you have lost the battle, your city will catch fire. The burning of the city damages your defense of the walls. You can put out the fire by paying for this gold, or you can wait: the fire will automatically stop after thirty minutes. You can restore the defense of the walls by repairing them. As soon as your walls defense reaches zero, your city will be automatically transferred to a random point on the map. After changing places on the map, the level of defense of the walls will be restored to the maximum.

Wise Geek Tips

Who's new

How to change the kingdom? Only those who started playing King Avalon less than 5 days ago and whose fortress level has not yet reached level 6 can change the kingdom. To change the kingdom, click on the button "Kingdom" -> button "Maps" -> button with the image of the globe -> the kingdom in which you would like to move. After that, click on the map, and your fortress will be moved by random coordinates to a new kingdom.Before changing the kingdom, make sure that you are not in an alliance.

Where to check the total content of the troops? Troop maintenance is the amount of food your troops consume every hour, provided that the amount of food in your city exceeds the limit of food stored in the pantry.You can find out what is the total content of the troops in your city by clicking on the parade ground. You can also check out the total troop content by clicking on the citadel and selecting City Details.

How to change the portrait? To change the portrait, click on your portrait in the upper left corner -> click on the "More" button -> click on the helmet icon under the profile -> browse through available portraits and select an existing portrait or upload your personal portrait.

How to increase strength? The game has six ways to increase power:

  1. Training more troops.
  2. Building improvement.
  3. Building traps.
  4. Studying technology at university.
  5. Increase the level of the lord,
  6. Increase dragon level.

What is the background of King Avalon? In the world of King of Avalon, King Arthur is dead. Sorceress Morgana collapsed Camelot and let dragons and monsters into the kingdom. The kingdom was left without a ruler, and each city alone copes with all misfortunes. Only when the new king regains Excalibur will he be able to unite the kingdom. You are a lord living in these dark times. You are the head of the city. If you manage to get Excalibur, you will become king. But for this you need to survive and gain strength. Build a city, recruit an army, master the skills, grow a dragon and learn technology. All this will help you in the battle for the kingdom. Join the alliance with other lords and increase your chances of winning. Dark times always pass. Become the one who put an end to them and will remain in history as a great ruler forever!

How to rock your lord?


What are statues of prestige? You can find statues of prestige by clicking on your stronghold and selecting "Statues of Prestige". There are 4 different types of statues in 5 different colors: green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Different statues give different advantages:

Fragments of prestige statues can be obtained from an undead merchant or from special sets. You can summon a statue by using the statue’s blank on the altar of invocation. The statues will go to your weapon statues. You can use the statues by going to the "Embed the Statues" section. You can use the material for statues to increase the level of statues of prestige. You can get material for the statues when parsing the statues.

Not all statues of prestige can be built into any building. Additional benefits relate to your level of prestige. You will see three dots to the left of your statues. Having reached 10, 15 and 20 levels of prestige, you will get access to these advantages, and the points will turn green.

What are gems and stones for processing? Gems are gems that you can put in your uniform to make it even stronger!

You can get gems in several ways: killing monsters from the portal, collecting Merlin’s gifts, winning them in the dash, receiving them as awards for the golden event and for the Fallen Knights event, as well as from some sets.Please note that gems can only be inserted into the finished uniforms, they can not be used on scrolls.

To use the gems, you need to remove them from the "Objects", and then go to the armory. Using the gems in the armory, click on the outfit that has the right place for the gem you have, and click on the empty gem to insert the gem. Remember that a gem can be inserted into a place for a gem only if the gem is the same shape as a place for a gem. Note that not every unit of the uniform has space for gems.

You can remove the gem inserted into it by using the gem extraction kit and you will receive the gem back. You can also destroy a gem; however, if you break a gem, you will not get it back, so be careful when removing gems from a uniform.

The game also has stones for processing, which can be used to process gems. Remember that you cannot insert stones for processing into the uniform. You can also use gems to process other gems and enhance the benefits they give.

Temporary rarities are valuable items that give you great advantages for a certain period of time.

You can take a look at temporary rarities by clicking on your portrait in the upper left corner of the screen, then on the lower left icon with temporary rarity. Then click on the "Go To Market" button in the lower right corner of the screen. In the market of temporary rarities you will see all the new rarities. Click on any of the rarities to learn about the benefits it provides. After purchasing a rarity that suits you, go back to the tab with temporary rarities and click on the rarity that you would like to apply, and then click on the "Equip" button.

Temporary rarities are limited in time from 2 hours to 30 days. This means that after a specified time, rarities of this kind will be removed from the list of your items. The countdown begins exactly at the moment when you acquire a temporary rarity. You can use only one temporary rarity at a time. Enjoy the benefits that are rare, you can only if you are equipped with it.

What is rarities? Ancient rarities with powerful powers were discovered in Avalon! You can find them on the rarities map (tavern -> rarities map) and find out what amazing properties they have. Remember that you need to apply rarity so that the properties of rarity begin to act. This can be done in the player profile by clicking on the image above the "Skill Points".

Every rarity has a time when it cannot be taken away from the owner: three days after receiving the rarity (note that this rule only applies to the first owner of the rarity). During these three days, other lords cannot take a rarity from its owner. After three days, the rarity of the owner can be taken away by anyone who defeats the owner of the rarity in battle or cooperation!

Skill points For each increase in the level of the lord you get rewards and skill points. You can distribute skill points in three main areas: war, economy or balance. Skill points will greatly enhance your city. If you would like to change strategy and reassign skill points, you can reset skill points and assign them again.

How to get skill points? You gain skill points every time your lord level rises:

You can increase your lord level by increasing your lord experience. You can gain the experience of a lord by killing monsters and using items to enhance the lord’s experience.

How to use teleport?

newbie teleport

There are 5 types of teleports in the game:

All teleports are designed to transfer your city to another place, however, the ability to use teleports, as well as the way they are used, depends on the type of teleport.

How to use rookie teleport? To use the recruit teleport, enter the kingdom you would like to move to and click on the kingdom map. After that, click on the "MOVE" button, confirm your choice and your city will receive new random coordinates in the new kingdom. You cannot use a rookie’s teleport if you are in an alliance.

How to use the teleport alliance? Click on the teleport alliance in the "Items" section, and then click "USE."The game will automatically select new coordinates for your city near the alliance fortress. If the alliance does not yet have a fortress, then the game will select new coordinates for your city next to the leader of the alliance. Click MOVE to change the location of your city.

The head of your alliance can also send you an invitation to move closer to the alliance. Remember that this invitation does not contain a free teleport to move your city: you need to use an advanced teleport, an alliance teleport or gold to move. Teleport on random coordinates or teleport recruit can not be used to move into the territory of the alliance. Please note that when using the teleport of the alliance, you cannot select new coordinates for the city on your own.

How to use advanced teleport? If you have an advanced teleport, click on the place on the kingdom map where you would like to transfer your city, and then click on "Move". After that you will be able to move your city manually a little more, in order to arrange it exactly according to the coordinates along which you would like to establish your city. Four free cells on the world map are necessary in order to locate your city in a new place.When all four cells are highlighted in green, click MOVE to move your city to a new location.

How to use teleport at random coordinates? Click on teleport at random coordinates in the "Objects" section, and then - "USE". After that, your city will be moved to a new place on the map of the kingdom, selected at random.

How to use teleport fortress? Select the teleport of the fortress in the vault and click "Use." The game will automatically select a new place to place your city next to the alliance fortress. If your alliance does not have an alliance fortress, then the game will select a new place for you near the city of the head of the alliance. Click "Move", and your city will be transferred to a new location. Note: if your alliance does not have a fortress, the fortress teleport will not work.

Monsters and resources on the map

Black dragon

The Black Forest is an ancient cursed forest surrounding Lake Avalon. Morgana cast a spell on him to prevent you from getting to Avalon. Hike through this forest is slow and difficult, but you can still make your way through this forest. However, you cannot camp in the black forest. If you are on the streets of the kingdom of.

How to collect resources? There are resource points on the kingdom map. You can send troops to resource points. Then you can use these resources for your city.

To select resources, select a resource point and click "Borrow." Point and click "HIT". When your troops collect them, they will return to the city.

The number of troops will be camping. They can carry. You can also use the defender skills.

There are. The levels of resource points.

How to attack monsters? The map of the kingdom is teeming with the monsters of Morgana. Kill the monsters and get rewards for it! Monster of the higher level. The more it loot.

Click on it. This is what you want to do, and select troops according to it. After the battle, you will receive a description of the loot. You will receive a "First Blood" bonus. In such a battle, you can suffer. All wounded troops for treatment.

It can be a little bit more than that. There are also many other resources protected from burglars. You can also get items to enhance your lord experience, dragon experience, and aggressor power.

It was a situation where you couldn’t have to go. It can be used. It doesn’t guarantee victory over the monster.

Dragon training secrets

dragon skills

You can’t have been a man of human hands! It will make it possible for your troops to increase the number of troops and increase your troop level. All dragon skills can be divided into skills skills and aggressor skills. You can improve your skills and skills, or you will make it easier to improve your skills.

How to increase the level of the dragon? Killing monsters, collecting troops or killing forces. It is a funeral day for your dragon.

The power of the aggressor and the strength of the defender. Killing monsters and enemy troops will increase your power of your dragon’s aggressor. Gathering the forces of your troops will strengthen the power of your dragon’s protector. The ratio between the aggressor and the strength of the defender affects the character of your dragon. This is a list of aggressor power levels.

How to assign dragon skills? Dragon skills can be assigned in the Assign Skills panel. You can assign attack skills.

The assigned skill only affects the relevant attribute. For example, if you defend.

Hyde on dragon spirit

dragon spirit

What is the dragon spirit and how to find it? If you want to reach the level of 10, you can’t get it. Once you have already made your choice! If you wish, you can also rename your dragon spirit.

The dragon spirit has its own system of talents, skills and uniforms. After awakening, the dragon spirit will be able to enter the forbidden labyrinth. The forbidden labyrinth is a dungeon with many rooms where the dragon spirit can fight against the monsters from the labyrinth and get rewards for it!

You can look at your dragon spirit in the spirit’s chambers (the building next to your watchtower). The entrance to the forbidden labyrinth lies between the center of events and the dragon’s den.

How and when can you get items from the bag of the dragon spirit? Moving out of the maze, you will see a timer in the maze. When the timer expires, the items that are in the bag of the dragon spirit will be sent to you by game mail.

If you would like to get items from the bag of the dragon spirit early, you need to use the acceleration. After reloading the maze, you will again receive healing potions and stamina, and you will be able to re-enter the maze.

If you would like to start exploring the maze from a particular floor, then note that you can start re-exploring the maze from the floor at number 11, 21, 31, and so on, but only if you reached these floors during past labyrinth studies. .

The dragon spirit uniforms are similar to the Lord’s uniform: you first need to get a scroll of the appropriate uniform to forge it. Forging a uniform, you can put it on to take advantage of this dragon spirit outfit.

You can get dragon spirit outfit scrolls from the maze chests, kits, and you can win them at auction. You can enhance your outfit by clicking on the "Strengthen". You can check the spirit chambers, fragments of scrolls, materials and scrolls, and then on the "Armory of the Spirit."

What are the talents and skills of the dragon spirit? The spirit of the spirit of the dragon, you can and your magic spirit! Berserk doesn’t have the most damage, The magician specializes in inflicting magical damage. You can increase the spirit of your dragon spirit by increasing the level of your dragon spirit.

Increasing your dragon spirit level will increase your experience. You can enhance the experience of the dragon spirit by using items from the experience of the dragon spirit. These items can be obtained from kits, chests of the forbidden labyrinth, awards for the rating of the forbidden maze (you can find it by looking at the best researchers in the forbidden maze), as well as at the auction!

The skills of the dragon spirit automatically open when the dragon spirit reaches a certain level. Take a look at the skills of the dragon spirit to see how many skills are available to your dragon spirit at the moment.

You can also take a look at the university to do research on your dragon spirit to get more bonuses for the dragon spirit!

What is the capture of Excalibur?

I'm a king

It is a battle of the kingdom against the kingdom of the kingdom against the kingdom.

When does the capture of Excalibur begin? Seeing the numbers and the numbers of the kingdoms.

How to participate in the Excalibur? When this event begins, kingdom. However, you can only attack in black forest. To move to another kingdom, you need a new item called the Invader Teleport. You can attack and occupy the towers or Avalon! For a couple of hours in a row. After the battle, you are transported at a random point on the map.

What are the benefits of a king? If you capture Excalibur and become king, you will receive many resources! The king also has the ability to redistribute resources obtained during the seizure of Excalibur, other lords. And the king has special skills! Click on the "King’s Hall" at your embassy to learn more about these skills!

How to use the skills of the king? Go to the King’s Hall in your embassy and use special items (royal coins) to activate the king’s skills. Royal coins are added automatically to the counter of all players in the kingdom when hunting or completing daily tasks.

VIP level secrets

my vip

How to get VIP-points? You can get VIP-points by entering the game every day. VIP-points you get every day for entering. You can also get them as a reward for events.

How to raise VIP-level? In total, the game has 12 VIP levels. You can see your current VIP-level next to your avatar.

You can increase your VIP-level by gaining VIP-points. You can get VIP points every day or every day on the market.

How to activate VIP? Each time you increase your VIP level, your VIP benefits are automatically activated for a period of 24 hours. You can also click on the "ACTIVATE" button to activate your VIP level. If you want to make it your VIP level, you can purchase it on the market. Remember that VIP-level gives you VIP benefits only when it is activated.

Why do I need to activate the VIP? If you’re a little boy, you’ll be able to There is a lot of more troops and troops indicators.

You can find out your VIP panel next to your avatar. Benefits, it provides you more benefits. Those who often activate the VIP, achieve the best results in the game.

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