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KING’S THRONE: GAME OF LUST is an Android game with a release date of 09/16/2019 from GOAT Games. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Heroes: getting and pumping
  2. How to get girls? Processions
  3. Girls Leveling Guide
  4. Childbirth. How to increase the potential of children?
  5. Parenting Secrets
  6. Child Marriage. How to find a pair?
  7. Leveling Beasts
  8. How to develop the Kingdom?
  9. Tax is the main way to get resources
  10. Royal Orders
  11. Tournament Arena Rules. How to attack?
  12. Siege of Barrouch Fortress
  13. Campaign Guide
  14. What is a dungeon for?
  15. Completing Quests is a Source of Experience
  16. Game events (events)
  17. King’s Pass
  18. Alliance Guide
  19. Participation in the King’s Council
  20. Banqueting
  21. Correct Settings
  22. Donatim right. VIP system
  23. Is It Worth Playing?

King’s Throne: Heroes: getting and pumping

Heroes are the main unit of the Kingdom. It is on their strength that your development, the strength of the troops and the filling of the treasury with resources largely depend. Ways to get heroes:

Stardom and specialization of heroes. The more stars the hero has, the higher the threshold for his pumping. Depending on the specialization of the property, there are heroes of troops, provisions, wealth or inspiration. Specialization shows which resource the hero is focused on collecting. There are also universal heroes, without priority in terms of resources, as well as heroes with two specializations - main and additional.

Hero properties and property points. The higher the properties of the hero, the more he contributes to the general statistics of collecting resources for the kingdom. The value of the property is determined by the points of properties, which are decomposed into 4 indicators for troops, wealth, provisions and inspiration. Improving the level of a hero for gold increases all his properties, and using the book increases one specific property.

All leveling materials, scrolls and boosters are stored in the bag. Do not forget to go there periodically and check what elements can be used.

How to level up and promote the hero? You need gold to level up. The initial level limit is 100. You can use materials and advance your hero to increase this limit. Each promotion rank requires its own materials. You can get them in activities or combine at the forge.

The improvement is exponential, and each subsequent one will cost more. Be sure to download and promote the heroes evenly. When you get a new hero, try to bring him to the general level of improvement of other heroes.

Talents - Quality Improvement. Improving quality skills (talents) improves the quality of the hero, which in turn improves all of his properties. All talents have stardom and cannot be increased. When the talent level increases, the property attached to it is recalculated. Further, with an increase in the level of the hero, this property will give a greater increase in its resource. There are three ways to upgrade your talent level:

  1. With the help of manuscripts. Manuscripts increase talent by 1 point at once, but have a chance of success. The more the stardom of the talent, the less this chance. In order not to waste materials, it is best to use manuscripts on talent with 1 star. There the chance of success is always 100%.
  2. With the help of quality scrolls. With a 100% chance of increasing the level of talent. Best used on talents with 4-5 stars.
  3. Through skill experience. Experience is gained at the training site. It also pumps with a probability of 100%, however, the higher the stardom of the talent, the more experience of the quality skill will be required for pumping.

Leveling up tournament skills. Tournament skills are used in tournament arena competitions. There are two of them: ferocity (increases the chance of crit) and cruelty (increases the damage of crit). Skills are improved by gaining tournament experience on the training ground. You can also use the tournament manuscripts, which are mined in activities, to increase.

Do not forget that the fighter in the tournament arena is chosen at random. Try to pump the skills of the heroes evenly, so that there are no weak ones left among them.

Training on the training site. On the training ground, heroes gain experience of quality skill and tournament experience. Training takes 3 hours. The capacity of the site is limited, unlocking a new training target is carried out for gems, and each time it will be more expensive. When you open 5 targets, 1-click training becomes available.

Unlocking new targets is one of the lucrative ways to invest gems. All your heroes must be trained on time and evenly!

Leveling up due to communication with girls. Almost all heroes are associated with certain girls from the girls’ chambers. As you develop intimacy with girls, new skills are unlocked for them. Improving them for the girl’s experience adds the indicators of the characteristics of the hero associated with her.

You need to download skills so that the girl’s spent experience is optimally useful for pumping the hero. Calculate what is profitable for you, do not seek to download everything in bulk. So you definitely won’t have enough experience.

Binding of the beast. You can bind a beast to a hero by adding property points to it. Unbinding is done for gems. Pumping the beast gives additional property points to the hero.

Treasure. The treasure is capable of granting a mod bonus. There are 5 qualities: Normal (White), Superior (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange). Treasure can be obtained by evaluating treasure boxes, which consumes a certain number of blacksmithing tools. After evaluating the treasure, you can check the corresponding treasure in the treasury of heroes (girls, children).

Treasure mods are only valid for players in the corresponding Treasure Challenge. Treasure mods do not count as part of a player’s overall mods in normal trials.

King’s Throne: How to get girls? Processions

Processions are walks around the city with random visits to city buildings (town hall, library, terrace, living room, etc.). In the processions, you see girls who may agree to marry you and go to your palace. The more often you meet the same girl, the more likely this is. If you meet your wife in the procession, then add her intimacy points. You will also meet men on walks and receive resources from them.

The importance of luck. The favor of beauties and the amount of resources received from men depends on your luck. The higher it is, the more successful the procession will be. You spend 2 units of luck at a time. If luck falls below 70 units, then you run the risk of not meeting a girl and getting ordinary resources. Maximum luck is 90. To increase your luck, donate gold, grain or gems (see the screenshot above). This can be done manually or by auto donation.

Do not lower the amount of luck below 80. Otherwise, it can drop to 70 units during the procession, and you will waste your favor.

Grace. Grace is used in the procession. You can complete 3 processions at a time and spend 3 favors. Next, you need to wait 30 minutes before recovering or use a grace potion to recover attempts instantly.

King’s Throne: Girls Leveling Guide

Properties of girls. The girls live in the maidens’ chambers of the royal castle. Their indicators:

  1. Intimacy: The higher the intimacy with the girl, the better the properties and potential of your child with her. Closeness also determines what skills she can learn.
  2. Charm: The more charm you have with a girl, the more experience she will get when you visit her.
  3. Experience: Girls gain experience when visited in their chambers. It is needed to improve the skills of the girl and pumping the hero associated with her. New skills are unlocked as intimacy builds up. The more experience a girl has, the more characteristics she gives to the hero.
  4. Children: The number of children this girl has born.

How to download experience? The girls’ experience grows as they visit her chambers. Also, visits give 1 intimacy point. Visits are random - when a girl is chosen at random, and direct - when you pay gems to visit a specific girl.

When the "Increase intimacy" option is enabled in the settings and the girl reaches the level of Shalunishka, 18+ content will be displayed with her during the visit. If the option is turned off, the effects will remain the same.

During visits, tone is consumed. You have 3 free tones, 1 tone is replenished in 30 minutes. Thus, you can make 3 visits to the rooms every hour and a half. You can use a tonic potion to restore tone instantly. During the visit, you can conceive a child.

How to build intimacy and charm? To increase the girls’ performance, they need to give gifts. Intimacy is rocked with a precious necklace and priceless earrings. Charm - with perfume and a ball gown.

It is best to pump the girls evenly, because the cost of upgrades grows exponentially.

Girls’ titles. You can upgrade a girl’s title if her charm and intimacy have reached the required level. In this case, her children will receive an additional improvement bonus. The size of the bonus is determined by the girl’s title. The title can be promoted if the charm and intimacy of the girl has reached the required level, and you have not reached the limit of the desired title. If a girl’s title is promoted, her children will receive a promotion bonus. In addition, the girl’s title buff will be increased, giving all your kids extra. bonus properties.

Demotion of title. A girl’s title can be lowered without changing her charm and level of intimacy.

King’s Throne: Childbirth. How to increase the potential of children?

Random visits to girls. Go to the "Maidens’ chambers" in the castle and press "Accidental visit". A visit to a girl gives her 1 intimacy point and experience. With an accidental visit, you have a chance of conceiving a child, however, it will be lower than with a direct visit.

Direct visit. You can pay visits to a specific girl, but for this you need to pay gems. Keep in mind that the higher the level of intimacy with a girl, the more gems you will have to pay, however direct visits often end with the appearance of a child, so the investment of resources is very profitable.

The potential and quality of the child. A newborn has a quality (stardom) and a limit of the level of development, determined by its potential. The child’s potential and quality is influenced by the level of closeness of his mother. The potential can be:

The quality of the child determines its influence on the indicators of resource collection: wealth, provisions, troops and inspiration. The higher the quality of the child, the more he will add to these indicators.

To get a baby of high quality and potential, rock the closeness of his mother and pay her direct visits. She will surely give you a strong baby.

King’s Throne: Parenting Secrets

To start teaching children, go to the Royal Apartments and then to the Children’s Rooms. Each child has its own learning cell. New slots can be opened for gems, and each subsequent one is more expensive than the previous one.

Be sure to open new cells to raise all the kids! It is an efficient investment of resources.

Education. The child receives the first level when he is given a name. Further education takes place by replenishing energy and adding points to the properties of the child. As the scale of properties points is filled, the child rises in level. The higher the potential (stardom) of the child, the more energy you need. 10 units of energy are automatically added every 3 hours.

If you do not teach a child for more than 6 hours, the accumulated energy starts to burn out. In order not to guard the time of obtaining energy, you can use a potion of energy, which instantly gives 20 points of the properties of the child.

The ability of a matured child. You yourself can define your child’s ability as an adult: feeble-minded, frustrating, mediocre, smart, intelligent, capable, or gifted. After determining the ability, the grown child is ready to marry.

King’s Throne: Child Marriage. How to find a pair?

The grown-up child leaves the children’s quarters and can marry / get married. The marriage affairs of your offspring are in charge of a matchmaker from the Royal Apartments. You can find a spouse for your child or advertise his abilities in the world chat.

The wedding consumes gems and dowry. A child can only be bound by marriage with the children of other players, and only with those who match his abilities. After marriage, your child’s score is added to his spouse’s score and the child’s stats increase. Also, a married couple receives property bonuses that depend on relatives.

How to arrange a marriage? By clicking "Arrange marriage", the system will select all possible candidates for the post of spouse (s) based on similar requests from other players on the server. Updating the list costs 1000 gems. Here you can choose your potential life companions and look for those who have the highest characteristics.

How to make an offer? To make an offer, you need to click the matchmaker on "Children not married" - "Make proposals". In the window that opens, enter the items of marriage: gems or dowry (if you have the required amount) and click "Search".

You can specify the ID of a specific player or share a message in the chat and wait for your proposal to be answered. Please note: in this case, you will have to marry the first player who approves the application. You will have no choice.

Chat messages. You can start looking for a pair on your own in the chat, but it is long and dreary, because new messages will have to be viewed manually and try to get ahead of other players who are doing the same.

Who are the relatives? Players whose children are married to each other automatically become relatives. Visits can be made to relatives. This will increase your sympathy with him, which increases the bonuses of the properties of married couples. Your Affinity with a relative can reach 100. If it exceeds 100, your children will no longer receive property bonuses. In a relationship with one relative, only 10 couples will receive property bonuses. If the number of pairs exceeds 10, then only 10 pairs with the highest traits will receive the mod bonus.

King’s Throne: Leveling Beasts

The animals live in the menagerie. You can bind animals to heroes and add the properties of animals to their properties. This increases the fighting abilities of the heroes. Unlinking the beast will reduce the general properties of the hero.

You cannot link / replace heroes for two hours before the leaderboard closes.

How do I get beasts? Collect points in temporary events and exchange them in lucky lotteries for fragments. With the accumulation of the required number of fragments, you can unlock the beast.

The first beast is given to the hero for free. When the cooldown reaches 24, the beast can be replaced by spending gems.

Types of animals. There are three types of beasts: common, rare, and legendary. Binding a legendary beast to an exclusive hero activates the Lura of the Beast, improving the properties of the beast. Unlink removes the link. After binding to a hero, the properties of the beast will not be counted in the rating of the hero-exclusive skin and the events of the hero’s duel.

Raising animals. Use dry additive to level up the beasts. Using a dry additive package provides more of the additives needed to raise animals. Each level increase consumes a certain amount of additive. Beast Fragments obtained after unlocking this beast can be used to upgrade the stars of this rare beast. Each increase in stars unlocks some bonuses of the properties of the beast and increases its max. level.

King’s Throne: How to develop the Kingdom?

Kingdom experience and level up. Experience is needed to level up the Kingdom. It can be earned through campaign battles, completing daily quests, and royal decrees. With a new level, new cities and functions are unlocked, and the appearance of the King is also improved. Raising the level adds indicators:

  1. Max. gold collection limit;
  2. Max. grain collection limit;
  3. Max. soldier recruitment limit;
  4. Max. limit of royal decrees;
  5. Daily gems rewards.

To level up, go to your account and click "Upgrade". Only then the accumulated experience on the experience scale is counted towards the increase in the level.

For raising the level, you are entitled to gems in the Growth Fund. Don’t forget to go there and collect.

Resource size indicators. Based on the number and leveling of heroes, children and girls, indicators of the size of resources are formed. Their types:

  1. Troops. Shows the number and strength of troops. A high indicator guarantees the survivability of troops in campaign battles.
  2. Wealth. Shows the amount of gold collected when collecting taxes.
  3. Provisions. Shows the amount of grain harvested during tax collection.
  4. Inspiration. Shows the number of soldiers hired at a time when collecting taxes.

The combination of the four indicators shows the overall strength of the Kingdom. All your statistics on experience, the number of heroes, children and girls, as well as the amount of resource collection, can be viewed in the player’s account.

Completing the main tasks. The main tasks are displayed on the screen and allow you to keep the whole development process in good shape. For completing tasks, very good rewards are given, helping to successfully advance in the game.

Getting buffs. To open buffs for the development of the Kingdom, you need points, which can be obtained by getting into the weekly player rating. The rating is updated every day at 00.00 server time and is completely reset on Mondays. The earned points are sent to the rating participants at 08.00 on Monday.

King’s Throne: Tax is the main way to get resources

Resources. The game has resources:

  1. Gold;
  2. Grain (food);
  3. Troops;
  4. Gems are a premium currency received for donations and in activities.

The first 3 resources are your taxes. To collect taxes, go to the Throne Room and click on the Chancellor. The amount of resources that you can collect is influenced by the level of pumping of heroes, raising children and improving communication skills with girls.

Reach Kingdom level 8 (successful Kingdom II) to unlock the Collect All feature.

Resource collection limit. Upon reaching the collection limit, resources will begin to replenish, and during this period you will not be able to collect them. The more resources you get, the longer it will take to replenish them. The collection limit depends on the level of the Kingdom.

Use the Royal Tax Seal to get an additional attempt at collecting resources in excess of the available limit. Best used later in the game.

The subtleties of recruiting troops in the Throne Room. You hire troops for the grain that you collect here. The number of hired troops corresponds to the amount of grain consumed. Keep in mind that if you harvest less grain than you hire troops, then over time, food supplies will go down.

King’s Throne: Royal Orders

By issuing decrees, you get gold, grain and soldiers. You also get property books and Kingdom experience.

How it works? You must resolve issues arising in the Kingdom. Depending on the option you choose, you receive a reward. For example, in the screenshot above, you need to react to the news of the repentance of the captured bandits. They can be punished immediately (and gain experience) or listened to (get a book of properties).

Experience is always more needed than property books, but the options that give experience are not always ethically correct. Which decision to make is entirely up to you.

Limit of decrees and seal of royal decree. Upon reaching the edict limit, they will need to recharge. During this period, new decrees cannot be issued. Use the seal of the royal decree. One seal gives the right to issue one decree outside the limit.

King’s Throne: Tournament Arena Rules. How to attack?

Selection rules and number of attempts. In the tournament, your heroes fight the heroes of other players, while only heroes of level 60 and above can participate. If you have several necessary heroes, then the fighter for the tournament will be selected randomly, you cannot choose someone specific. You can participate for free up to 4 times a day, then you will have to buy tickets to the tournament or take revenge.

How does the tournament work? In a tournament, the quality and properties of the hero are important. Quality will become his ATK strength, and properties will become his LZN. You are given 3 opponents to choose from, while you do not see their ATK and LZN indicators, but you can see their tournament level, which increases the chance and size of crit. damage.

It is best to fight opponents that are weaker than you. Choose non-belligerent opponents - no weapons in your hands, with books and scrolls. This will give you the best chance of winning. Keep in mind that enemies choose your heroes in exactly the same way. To avoid failures, swing the heroes evenly, increasing their properties, quality and tournament level on the training ground.

Experience and tournament score grow with victories. You also take extra. prizes if you fight the tournament the required number of times (2 times, etc.).

Temporary and permanent buffs. Temporary buffs can be used to increase the chances of winning. They are bought either for gems (at the beginning of the battle) or for a victory. After every 3rd victorious battle, you can pick up a chest with a permanent buff for the hero.

Don’t accumulate victories. Spend them right away to purchase the necessary temporary buffs to win 3 times in a row and get a permanent buff. The third opponent is always the most difficult!

Losing. If you lose the battle, you will not be able to participate in the tournament for an hour.

The "Fight All" function opens on VIP-5. In this mode, a weak opponent is selected automatically.

Challenge and vengeance. Using the tournament challenge item, you can challenge players from the leaderboard. The player who defeats you more than 5 times will be added to your "opponents list". You can use the tournament revenge item to take revenge on a player on the "Rivals List" (1 use per 1 hero per day).

Revenge counts as a battle, so use the Vengeance Chance to pick up the extra. prizes for participating in the tournament.

Tournament rating. The rating of the players is formed by the number of victories in the tournament. The tournament awards that you will receive by mail depend on your place in the rating.

King’s Throne: Siege of Barrouch Fortress

Siege time. The siege is divided into two stages, each beginning at its own time:

Tactics. Your heroes take turns fighting the enemy. You can fight in automatic and manual mode. Keep in mind that with each defeat the enemy’s strength grows, so the manual mode is beneficial - in it you can send weak heroes to the first battles, and strong ones at the end.

Losing heroes can be resurrected using the Expedition Charter.

System of rewards. Players receive points depending on the damage inflicted on the enemy. According to points, the rating of the highest points is formed.

Starting a game on a new server significantly increases the chances of successfully completing activities and getting into the ratings!

The second siege rating is the death blow rating. Players who deal the fatal blow to the enemy are included in this rating and receive additional points. The place in the rating depends on the speed of the killing blow.

Glasses shop. The earned points can be exchanged in the points store for items for pumping your heroes and girls.

King’s Throne: Campaign Guide

To get into the campaign mode, click on the Kingdom below. Here you will see a map divided into the territory. Each territory includes campaign chapters - a series of battles in enemy castles and boss battles. Gradually passing chapters in the territories, you open up new lands. For each battle won, you receive Kingdom experience and awards.

Statistics. Before starting a battle in a particular castle, you can assess your capabilities by comparing the number of troops, soldiers and possible losses with those of the enemy. If you are inferior to the enemy, then you should pump the strength of the troops, otherwise even a numerical advantage will lead to defeat.

Turn on "Autoresolution" to complete battles in castles in auto battle mode.

Boss fight. Your heroes are directly involved in the boss battle. If the hero loses, he is replaced by your other hero, etc. A defeated boss can be used to punish prisoners in a dungeon.

The accumulation of resources in defense. The defense of conquered castles with the help of a hero and a girl gives extra. awards. The hero gives the opportunity to receive resources from the castle. Their size depends on its level and attribute points. The presence of a girl in the castle allows you to accumulate awards in chests. Their quality is influenced by the closeness and charm of the girl.

Leveling up conquered castles. The conquered castles can also be pumped, and then they will bring more income in less time. Improvement occurs with the help of experience, which is accumulated when you take resources from the castle. Food is paid for raising the level.

Exploration of the castle. At different levels of the castle, tasks of different levels are opened. The higher the level of the castle, the higher the level of the opening tasks. The quest can be reset by spending gems before you start it. Children must complete the task. Each child can only participate in one activity.

You can spend gems to increase your rewards. During the quest, you can spend gems to skip the passage and receive rewards for completing it. After receiving the reward, children will be able to take part in other activities.

When receiving rewards, there is a certain probability of crit, after the launch of which the rewards will be increased.

King’s Throne: What is a dungeon for?

Bosses that you were able to capture during the story campaign fall into the dungeon. Here they are awaiting royal punishment.

How to punish? To punish the imprisoned boss, click on his portrait and click "Punish". For punishment, you receive different resources and other rewards, but at the same time you spend your Status. You can use the "1-click punishment" option - then the punishment process will go faster.

To find out specific rewards, click on the portrait of the prisoner before starting the punishment. The more criminals you punish, the more valuable rewards you will receive.

Where can I get the Status? The status is updated daily. To increase your daily Status output, win campaign battles more often and log into the game every day.

King’s Throne: Completing Quests is a Source of Experience

Tasks are divided into daily, weekly and progress. Completing each group of tasks not only gives experience, but also a chance to get good prizes. Do not confuse the main tasks and the "tasks" block - the former are not repeated, the latter are updated and have a cumulative system.

Awards. For completing tasks, you get Kingdom experience and progress on the points scale. Upon reaching the desired indicators on the scale, you get the opportunity to open a chest with rewards. The further along the scale you advance, the more valuable the rewards you will take.

The prestige of the received rewards in the chests directly depends on the leveling of your Kingdom!

Types of daily tasks. They are reset daily at 00.00. These include:

  1. Punish prisoners in the Dungeon - 35 rubles;
  2. Teach children - 4 rubles;
  3. Train heroes on the training ground - 4 rubles;
  4. Win campaign battles - 16 rubles;
  5. Improve the skills of the hero’s quality - 1 p.;
  6. Visit the girls - 12 rubles;
  7. Go to Processions - 12 rubles;
  8. Fight in the Tournament Arena - 4 rubles;
  9. Go to a banquet - 1 p.;
  10. Raise the level of heroes - 10 rubles;
  11. Collect gold, grain, hire soldiers - 12 rubles each;
  12. Issue Royal Decrees - 12 rubles;
  13. To show respect in the rating, in the Hall of Fame - 1 p .;
  14. Get an annual, monthly, seasonal card - 1 p .;
  15. Make a contribution to the alliance - 1 p.;
  16. Defeat bosses in expeditions - 10 rubles;
  17. Make a deal in the adventures of a merchant - 1 p.

Weekly tasks. Reset every week at 00:00 on Sundays. These are tasks similar to daily ones. The amount required to complete increases depending on your rank, however, the rewards for them will also grow. There are 10 ranks in total. You can see the required number of executions at each rank by clicking on the arrow opposite the task.

Progress. On the progress tab, you receive rewards when you reach the required activity completion limit. The higher it is, the more valuable the prizes will be given to you. Types of activities:

  1. Go on processions;
  2. Punish the prisoners in the dungeon;
  3. Train heroes at the training site;
  4. Fight in the tournament arena;
  5. Issue royal decrees;
  6. Hire a soldier;
  7. Collect grain;
  8. Collect gold;
  9. Log in for several days;
  10. Have children with girls;
  11. Hire heroes;
  12. Raise the level of the Kingdom;
  13. Visit your girls;
  14. Complete campaign tasks;
  15. Increase the power of the Kingdom;
  16. Take the girls to the girls’ quarters;
  17. Contribute to the alliance;
  18. Arrange child marriages;
  19. Join banquets;
  20. Make a deal in a merchant adventure;
  21. Defeat bosses on expeditions;
  22. Kill siege bosses;
  23. Raise your VIP level.
Your progress is accumulating gradually, you should not specifically strive for its implementation. Focus on completing weekly and daily assignments.

King’s Throne: Game events (events)

Timed events start alternately, update and run for a limited time. During the event, you get an additional opportunity to collect valuable items for pumping heroes and girls. All events are different, so here are a few of them.

Mystical artifact. 3 free keys are given per day, with which you can open a mystical artifact. Further, the system will randomly determine the dropped "prize" - it may be a card, object or battle with the enemy. Artifact keys can be purchased for gems. For defeating enemies, you get points that can be exchanged in the "Exchange".

Horse racing. Held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, 00.00 to 08.00. Here you can bet on one of the horses using the race tokens. If the horse wins, you will receive points for the victory, and if the horse loses, points for the wrong bet. Victory points can be exchanged for treasure boxes.

Temporary assignments. Timed assignments are mainly aimed at increasing the activity in the game. Rewards are given for the number of entries, online time, number of purchases, gems spending, etc.

We recommend that you have a reserve of resources in case of conducting thematic temporary assignments. This way you can earn many rewards for participating.

King’s Throne: King’s Pass

Job Center. Completing quests from the King’s Pass Quest Center gives you experience that is automatically added to your XP progress and improves the King’s Pass. Upon filling the experience scale, you move on to the next pass level and receive King’s Pass coins and other prizes as a reward. Types of tasks:

The higher the level of the king’s pass, the more times you need to complete each of the tasks of the center for the next promotion.

Types of king passes. There are three types of passes:

  1. Basic: opens for free. Leveling up after reaching pass level 60 only gives King Pass experience, no rewards. Max. level - 200.
  2. Premium: open charge. Reaching pass level 80 provides an exclusive reward. Raising the level further above 80 gives the King’s Pass Coins. Max. level - 200.
  3. Advanced: opens for a fee. Reaching pass level 80 provides an exclusive reward. Raising the level further above 80 gives the King’s Pass Coins. Max. level - 200.

Exchange shop. King’s Pass coins can be exchanged for desired items in the exchange shop. Purchasing the Advanced and Greatest Rites while the King’s Pass is active increases the VIP experience, but does not activate the first refill.

King’s Throne: Alliance Guide

Joining an alliance. You can join an existing alliance or create your own. Alliances are closed and open. You need to send an application to closed alliances. Players who left the alliance or were expelled from the alliance cannot join the new alliance for 24 hours.

It is advisable to join top multilingual alliances. In them, you will receive more rewards for alliance events. Use the rating of alliances and monitor vacancies.

Alliance stats:

Strengthening the alliance. Alliance members donate wood, stone and iron to build and improve the level of fortification. Personal points and fortification experience can be obtained through donations. Ranking rewards will be provided after the event ends. Leaving during the event will not affect the personal points gained and the experience of strengthening the alliance.

After joining a new alliance, the fortification experience from past donations will not be added to the new alliance. All donations from alliance members are recorded in the construction log. The score is used to rank the personal points in chronological order. Based on the level of fortification and points, the rating of the strengthening experience is compiled in chronological order.

King’s Throne: Participation in the King’s Council

By participating in the King’s Council, you can gain Council experience and Council rank to improve the skills of the hero. To participate, take a seat at the Council table. If you do the council yourself, you will receive a 20% bonus to Council experience.

Immunity. Taking a seat at the table is not easy - another player might push you out. You have the first 30 minutes of immunity, during which you cannot be kicked out of the table. Alliance players have 60 minutes of immunity.

Grant immunity. The grant immunity feature can only be used once per Council meeting to protect a member from calls from others. Once the granting immunity function is confirmed, the decision cannot be changed or reversed until the end of the council meeting. Only the master of the council can use the grant immunity function.

Titles. Players with the title gain bonus Council experience (Kings: + 7%, Lords: + 2%). If the titles are at different levels, the player with the higher Title wins. If the Titles are of the same level, the player with the higher Kingdom level will win. If more than one player has the same kingdom level, the one with more Kingdom experience wins.

Cooling time. If the challenge fails, the opponent can no longer be challenged for 10 minutes. If a player is expelled from the King’s Council, he cannot rejoin the council for 10 minutes.

King’s Throne: Banqueting

You will receive Banquet Points by organizing or participating in banquets. You can exchange these points for items.

How to hold a banquet? You can open banquets using banquet items, poison, or by paying gems for a large or small banquet. The small banquet lasts 24 hours and the large banquet 48 hours.

How to go to a banquet? Attend a maximum of 3 banquets per day and receive banquet points as a reward. You also have a chance to receive banquet items. If all seats are occupied, or when the banquet you organized has run out, click "Restart" to end the banquet and receive banquet points.

King’s Throne: Correct Settings

How to start playing? The key to success is the first days of the game. Try to get used to it as quickly as possible, pump the level of the Kingdom and open up new functions. In the early days, it is best to play a lot and for results. On days 4-5 of the game, you can reduce activity and focus on collecting resources.

You can practice in the game, and with the opening of a new server go to it, being already savvy in game matters. As a "seasoned", it will be easier for you to take the leading places in the rating and advance in PvP. One server can have 1 character and account.

Official communities. In Settings, you can directly go to the official game group on Facebook. We recommend that you do this more often, or better, subscribe to the page and visit it regularly. Developers often arrange promotions among players and issue redemption codes for various actions in the offs. community (likes, reposts, etc.).

Ransom code. To enter the redemption code, go to Settings and click on the "Redemption code" in the window that appears. Keep in mind that all redemption codes are individual and can be used on one account once!

Castle restoration. Restoration - changing the appearance of the castle - can be opened by victories in events. The restoration provides various bonuses. When the Restoration period expires, the castle returns to its previous appearance, and all associated bonuses are no longer valid. Restorations give weekly item rewards, which appear as chests on the Restoration screen.

King’s Throne: Donatim right. VIP system

Supreme Growth Fund. An excellent investment for those who intend to play the game for a long time. By purchasing the Supreme Growth Fund, in addition to the usual gems reward for leveling up, you will additionally take ten times the size of the gems you rely on. Only the Supreme Growth Fund gives you the ability to earn that much premium currency.

The purchase of the Supreme Growth Fund will increase the VIP level, but will not provide other purchase privileges (including the first purchase bonus).

Cards. There are several types of privilege cards: monthly, seasonal and annual. During the validity period of the card, you will receive 100 gems daily. Also, upon purchase, you will receive gems and VIP experience, but you will not be able to receive the first purchase bonus. With an activated card of any kind, do not forget to enter the game every day and pick up bonus gems. Otherwise, unclaimed gems will be canceled and you will waste your money.

Weekly Premium Card. By purchasing a weekly Premium card, you will receive bonuses:

The Weekly Premium Card comes in handy most in the mid to late game so you don’t miss out on any tax collection or edict.

The main replenishment of gems. Regular purchase of sets of gems. There is a first replenishment bonus here - when you buy a set for the first time, you will receive a double amount of gems for free. For the first purchase of gems, you will also get a very good prize - the 4-star hero Robin Hood.

Purchase awards and packages. Sale of sets of items. It can be daily, limited and cumulative (depending on the amount of previous purchases). Most useful in the later stages, when you are lacking in specific items.

VIP system. With the amount of donation, the player’s VIP experience grows, gradually filling the VIP scale and increasing the VIP level. The higher your VIP level, the more privileges you have in the game. With the VIP increase, you get new heroes and girls, starting with VIP-9 - double heroes. There are 12 VIP levels in total. List of privileges:

If you have a VIP-level, you will have additional shopping opportunities in the store - discounts and an increase in the purchase limit!

King’s Throne: Is It Worth Playing?

King’s Throne is based on the mechanics of popular games of a similar format. Experienced players can see here the echoes of the game "The Great Sultan" and the like. Heroes, girls in harems, offspring training, etc. - we have already seen all this, but this does not make King’s Throne less interesting. You have to develop and increase your power in the dark Middle Ages, not forgetting about your wonderful wives and diligent children. If you are a fan of role-playing games in a similar vein - feel free to install King’s Throne.

The disadvantage of the game can be called too gloomy, faded imagery - it certainly loses to competitors. There is a lot of donation in the game, but it is quite possible to play successfully without it, especially if you use the advice of the Wise Geek and develop wisely!

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.