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League of Legends Wild Rift WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: WILD RIFT is an Android game with release date 12/9/2020 from Riot Games, Inc. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. League of Legends Wild Rift System Requirements
  3. Beginner Tips for a Successful Start
  4. TOP characters for beginners
  5. TOP of the best champions (Tier list / tier list)
  6. TOP of the best heroes - meta (meta) for May 2021
  7. How To Get The Best Builds?
  8. Rank Overview
  9. Runes Guide
  10. How to Choose the Right Role for a Champion?
  11. Essential Item Descriptions

League of Legends Wild Rift: A Beginner’s Guide

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile version of the famous League of Legends PC game, which many players have been waiting for a year to release. In short: the game turned out to be cool, the project, in our opinion, was a success. There is no offline pumping in the game, there is no unbalanced deposit of real money. Yes, in the project you can purchase some additional buns for real currency, but this will in no way enhance your character.

How to download the game League of Legends Wild Rift? The game is currently available on all mobile devices. You can download it absolutely free from the App Store and Google Play. In this case, you can put almost any country of residence. If you are looking for a game in virtual stores, it is best to write the name Wild Rift in the search box, and not the full name of the project. In this case, you will find the game much faster.

Why did you focus on this? Many players on the forums often ask that they cannot find League of Legends Wild Rift in stores, scoring the entire name into the search. What is the reason, we do not know. Most likely, the developers confused something in the settings when implementing the project in the App Store and Google Play. However, you can write a short name and the game will quickly be found.

Wild Rift is an excellent MOBA game for mobile devices, the history of which has been running on computers for a very long time (previously LoL was played only on PCs), but at the end of 2020 the developers presented us with a project for mobile devices. What is a MOBA? Many people know that these are 3 labyrinths (lines) along which you run and try to destroy the enemy. At the same time, there is a space with bushes between the paths (forest). There are 2 bases located opposite each other at opposite ends of the map, where players of 2 teams appear and respawn.

Absolutely all the heroes that are currently available in the game are also present in the computer version of the game. But a number of characters that are in LoL are sorely lacking for players who play in a computer project.

There are item assemblies for each character before starting the game. You can make yourself any assembly available to you. You can use the items recommended by the system that are exhibited here. You can also make your own assembly, which will be to your liking.

Are all heroes available at once? At the start, you can choose a champion from 5 presented characters. It:

  1. Master Yi.
  2. Garden.
  3. Ari.
  4. Jinx.
  5. Blitzcrank.

Also, 10 different heroes are unlocked every week, and you can try to play them. This is done in order not to give all the warriors to the player at once. This is important, since a beginner can get lost in the heroes, and was able to choose what he really likes.

As it seems to us, the developer thinks like this: we have 5 champions, now we will try to play with these 10, and we will choose a couple of characters from which we will really play, and then we will earn money with our hands or we will buy all of them.

Match time. One game takes place in the region of 15 - 25 minutes. This is very good: when you have a little time, you can safely afford to sit down and do one or two games. In this, similar session games differ in a positive way. You do not need to spend an immense amount of time and try to somehow pump 1 of your character month after month.

Everything is fine here: we entered, chose a hero, played 1 - 2 mast, got the necessary pleasure, and go about your business (or play further). Everything is intuitive in the game: there are 4 skills and their direction.

Who should play Wild Rift? Of course, if you are a fan of the MOBA genre, and if you like to play Dota on a computer, LoL, then you will definitely like this game. The question often arises: is it possible to play from a computer with friends who play on phones? Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this from a computer through some official client. However, you can use a variety of emulators. We recommend playing through BlueStacks (the link to the game is given at the beginning of the article), since its engine is as close as possible to mobile systems.

League of Legends Wild Rift System Requirements

System requirements:

How to optimize the network and increase ping? The way we want to share with you works on both Wi-Fi and mobile internet. First, you need to download from any store (App Store or Google Play) - Connection Stabilizer Booster. The application has a transparent background. The only thing you need is to make sure that your device is compatible with this program.

First, you should go to "Statistics" and see the data in the ping (the time spent on transmitting a data packet in computer networks from the client to the server and vice versa).

Then, you need to go to the "Installation" section, and scroll down the lines to the "Select Ping Interval" item, and select 4 seconds.

After the selected action, a window with the image of the Earth will appear. You will see the indicator flashing. If it shimmers blue, then everything is in order with your pings.

To stabilize the connection, you just have to run several applications at the same time. The program itself will speed up the data transfer. But if in the game you have a yellow icon showing the connection, then, perhaps, the server on which you are playing is overloaded. The absence or loss of the network is indicated in red.

How will you play on a particular mobile device? Weak phones will also support the game as the optimizations are very well done. There is a big problem in such mobile games, when developers make a game, and the graphics seem to be normal, and old devices have to pull this or that game, but it does not work. The problem is always optimization, and here it is well worked out.

If you have a good TOP device, then setting the graphics to the maximum in the settings, the picture is just gorgeous. At the same time, there are no delays, errors, everything works smoothly. The only thing that the game requires is a stable Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. The connection with the phone must be very good so that there is no "lag".

When you enter the game, be sure to go to the settings, and in the "Graphics settings" set 60 FPS, this is very important. Even if at the same time you reduce the graphics to a minimum, 60 FPS must be set. The game will be much smoother and more pleasing to your eye.

Now there is a very large influx of players, so you should prepare, since all battles will be picked up instantly, there are no delays in the selection of your group. Since this is the younger brother of the computer version (and a lot of people play it), already experienced players with LoL have switched to it.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Beginner Tips for a Successful Start

Complete the tutorial. If this is your first time playing Wild Rift, be sure to complete the tutorial, even though you have played another MOBA game. There are 2 reasons for this:

In the finale, you will receive a chest, with any hero to choose from. You will have a great desire to open it, and get some kind of champion. But we advise against doing this. And in general, you should not spend money on characters until you get account level 10. Until that moment, you will be presented with various heroes. And you run the risk of fooling yourself by buying someone whom you can get for free in the future.

Set up your gameplay correctly. We advise you to carefully read the opportunities offered by the project:

Learn all the heroes, runes and items in the game. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Champions, Runes, and Items. If you have not played LoL before, then you are in a losing position. And your opponents can win with this knowledge. You need to understand that items and runes play a very large role in Wild Rift. More than once we observed how players outplayed their opponents using passive skills from their items.

Each champion has 4 active skills. And this means that they have many times more opportunities. In any MOBA game, it is very important to know not only your hero, but also the characters of your opponents. Of course, this knowledge will come with experience.

Level 10 in the game is recruited quickly, and rating games open with it. During this time, just playing, you will not have time to study all the champions. Therefore, you should read their skills, and run in training mode. Because when you go to the rating, you run the risk of getting so caught in your face there that it will hurt for another two weeks.

Before the match, select the items suitable for the hero. When you have completed the training and customized the game for yourself, familiarized yourself with the champions, items and runes, it’s probably time to go to the match. Right? Not really. Having chosen the champion you want to play for, we advise you to pay attention to the best players, and borrow from them an assembly (a list of items for a match). Of course, the game offers a couple of standard options, but we would not say that they are good, and in some cases, frankly terrible. And when the TOP assembly is already in your pocket, you can go play.

Choose the right place for the battle. And so you entered the game, first of all, pay attention to the lines. The game tells and shows you at the start where, which line is. But for some reason, you can see Garan on the double line, and Kaisu on the single line. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, especially at the start of getting to know the game. You see, the paired line means there and you have to go arrow and support. You see, a single line - a fighter or warrior is heading there. One champion with a high attack rate goes to the middle lane, and another gentleman goes into the forest. Everything, nothing complicated!

When you find yourself on the lane, we would advise you to destroy crypts (artificial characters that help the opposing team) without much aggression. They should be merged gradually, so as not to push the wave towards the enemy tower, but, on the contrary, to pull it towards your own. So you give room for maneuver to your forester (an ally who hunts in the forest), who may want to go to the gang (attack by a character or a group of characters on an enemy or a group of opponents with a significant advantage in level and or number).

If there was a batch, and you won, then - yes: destroy the crypts on the line, and go to the base to buy. So the enemy loses the ability to attack monsters, and you will come with new items in your pocket. We remind you that items in the game are very important, and you cannot buy them on the go. Many are not yet accustomed to this, from which they often run with gold, but without objects.

Learn to see good moments for teleporting to the base and purchasing. If this is an early game, then we cleaned up the lane and went back to work. If the stage of destroying monsters is over, then look at the map, and no skirmishes are noticed, then you should go shopping.

Important objects on the map

In the game, like nowhere else, the rule works - do not fight just like that. When the early game ends, the object game begins. And it won’t always be towers. There are 2 very important caves in the forest. In the first sit dragons, and in the second the Herald of the Abyss, and a little later Baron Nashor. The Herald of the Abyss is the lord that the team chooses which line to use. The baron gives the team a good buff that strengthens both champions and creeps that are next to these heroes. The effect is useful, but not endless. So it’s not worth it, if you have one, to wander around the map idle.

But whose effects remain for the entire match are dragons. There are several types of them in the game, each gives its own special enhancements. And, if possible, you need to take them all. To do this, you need a good or average forester in your team. After all, the stupidest thing you can think of is just go and start picking up the dragons. If everything is done correctly, then the first step is to pick up the crab on the river. And if your forester slows down, then do it yourself. This will give you an acceleration area and highlight important objects.

The second thing to do before picking up a dragon is to gain an advantage. In an amicable way, the forester should go to the gang, and if not destroy the opponents, then at least scare them and send them to the fountain (respawn point) to restore health. This window is the best moment to destroy the dragon. You have a numerical advantage, and even if something goes wrong, you can always run away by speeding up.

Why so many actions? The fact is that dragons and the baron are very tenacious creatures, and rivals always have time to come up from the lane and try to take the victim from you. Of course, first there will be matches in which no one will bother you to destroy monsters. But the higher your rating, the more difficult it will be to pick up the dragon without the slightest resistance.

Positioning. In Wild Rift, the positioning value reaches a new level. You can often defeat your opponent simply by moving in the right direction. This applies primarily to the early game, especially when your opponents want to crush you. In team battles, by choosing the right position, you can really become out of reach of enemies. Indeed, in the game, heroes not all heroes have 10 escates (the ability to escape in a difficult situation due to skills).

The pace of the game. The game is deceptively smooth. Events, both in the match as a whole and in individual skirmishes, occur smoothly, so you have time to think and decide on further actions. But at the same time, the actions take place at lightning speed, so if you are thinking for half a second longer than it should be, then you can pack your bags on the fountain. This approach is good because there is no known lost or won battle in the game. It all depends on many factors, and is not a foregone conclusion. Yes, you can plan a 4-person gang for 2 opponents, dive under the tower, and it would seem that gold is in your pocket. But no, a few competent ultimatum skills from the enemy, correct positioning under your tower, and your whole team lies down from 2 enemies.

Smart players will draw conclusions and go to study the champions so as not to fall for such a trick next time. And the stupid ones will snap back in the chat. The best way to get a feel for the pace of the game is to play through several matches. But not just run around the map, but turn on your head, then you will realize many moments, and the game will become much more interesting.

League of Legends Wild Rift: TOP characters for beginners

Today we will tell you about the champions with whom it is best to start your journey in the game. This will be a list of simple, but not useless champions, whose mechanics will not bother you too much. After all, if you first get into the Wild Gorge, then a huge layer of all kinds of information besides the heroes themselves will fall on you.


Tanks are melee fighters with a lot of health points and defensive skills. They are able to close the whole team with themselves, and in a difficult situation they will help their own to retreat under the towers and win a victory. Many players do not like to play as warriors, as they are slow and do not have a high attack. But here tanks are a very interesting, proud, respected and rewarding profession.

In the game, if you play as a tank, this does not mean that you have to go to the lane with a hero with a high attack, but fragile. It is normal practice for LoL to send a tank to a single lane.

Malphite - boasts easy handling. A pile of stones, for which you play in exactly the same way as it looks: straightforward and head-on. Differs in high survivability, for which, among other things, a shield with a passive ability. The damage is not very much, if you are not going to dress it in magic damage, but in general, for playing solo - the lane is enough.

The champion’s trump card is control. He has a slowdown from the first skill, and a great ultimate ability that knocks up all opponents in a certain area. Most suitable for initiating contractions. Malphite will remain the best tank on the highest ratings of the game.

Dr. Mundo is a simple and useful tank, and more often than not, he is in the solo lane. This tank is good, mainly due to its survivability. Thanks to the ultimate ability, the doctor simply restores his health at a wild speed, from which he can live long enough even in batches. True, he cannot boast of outstanding control. But in the heat of battle, it is capable of inflicting good damage on nearby opponents.

The gameplay for Mundo is extremely simple. You fly into the crowd, squeeze the ultimate skill, and throw skills towards the enemy hero, with the highest attack. Simple and fun.

Amumu - this crybaby has been in search of friends for several hundred years. Most often, this hero is taken to play in the forest, which is not surprising, given his ganking potential. The first skill of Amumu allows you to stun the enemy and be attracted to him. Whereas the ultimate is a massive area stopping spell.

That is, you fly out of the bushes on the first skill, then squeeze the ultimate skill. If the allies do not slow down, then easy kills are guaranteed. This is not to mention mass mixes, where the ultimate ability goes well. As a result: playing as Amumu, you will not collect kill after kill, but you will make a huge contribution to the victory with your control.

Singed - Able to take one kill after another. This is the most fun tank that needs to run constantly. He doesn’t have to stand still and exchange cuffs. All he needs is to leave behind a huge trail that will damage opponents.

In massive battles, you can get 3 skills of the enemy character with the highest damage, and throw it to your allies. And in order not to fly away to the fountain in the heat of battles, we advise you to squeeze out the ultimate ability, which increases the recovery of everything that is possible, and generally increases the hero’s stats. Plus - due to the fact that the damage of 1 skill is gradual, you can turn out to be the main person who believes the main character of your opponents.

Warriors (fighters)

Garen - so you understand, it’s easy to do everything on it, except for participation in team battles, for which Garen is not particularly popular in the adult league. He is too simple and predictable a hero. He can survive very well and for a long time, restoring his health, in this he is helped by a passive skill and 2 skill, which temporarily reduces incoming damage and reduces the duration of enemy control.

1 skill allows you to reduce the distance with the target, hang silence on it and inflict damage. 3 ability - this is damage in the area with the ability to move in the process. Garen’s Ultimate Ability is a typical finishing move. As a result: nothing outstanding, and at high ranks it will not work for you, but for a start it is a great option.

Nasus is the main strength of the hero in his first skill, which you need to finish off everyone, due to which you will collect a boost for this skill. The ultimate ability increases defense indicators, increases attack range and health, plus - speeds up the recharge of 1 skill. At the same time, it deals damage to opponents who were careless to be near Nasus.

3 skill is interesting if you are going into a tank, not by damage, but by reducing the physical protection of opponents in a certain area by 15%. A very useful thing in team fights. He will remain the best fighter and at the highest ratings in the game. At the same time, he perfectly plays the role of a tank.

Jax - this champion feels great in the woods and on the top lane. But given the set of skills, the forest will be preferable. The first skill allows you to jump to a specified target, be it an ally, enemy, or creep. 3 skill can organize a massive stop of enemies, and allows for some time not to receive damage from auto attacks of opponents.

The ultimate ability is responsible for survival, which increases the indicators of magical and physical protection. In general, the hero is very interesting, professional players give out real beauty on him. If there are no problems with mastering it, then he can become your main character for a long time.


Annie is a great hero to be afraid of. The main charm of the hero is that every 5 skill will stun opponents. To quickly and without loss of mana get this function, you need 1 skill to finish off creeps. So the recharge time of the skill is reduced by 2 times, and mana is not wasted. It also works on players, it’s just harder and longer to finish them off.

In general, nothing unusual in terms of skills. 1 skill is damage to a single target. 2 skill - area damage. 3 skill - a shield on an ally, which reduces incoming damage. But Annie’s ultimate ability is interesting: the girl summons a stray bear, which deals damage upon landing, and then runs with you and attacks opponents. The only difficulty is learning how to control the bear correctly. Mostly a great magician.

Lux - all you need to be able to play for this hero is to correctly position yourself on the field. Lux skills have a huge attack radius. The arsenal has immobilization and massive damage. And the ultimate ability hits the floor of the card. In addition, there is a shield that can be hung on yourself or allies. The only thing is that you have to get closer to activate the additional damage from the passive skill.

Ziggs - this crazy squirrel is able to give you a lot of positive emotions not only with its appearance, but also with its gameplay. 1 skill is the main way to deal damage. The second skill is control, escape and good damage on towers in one bottle. Skill 3 is great for massive fights, when it’s hard for opponents to dodge it, Annie starts to stomp, slowing down and taking damage. Ultimate is massive area damage at a great distance, and one of the easy ways to kill 5 opponents at once.

The killers

Here we have only 1 option. If you need a simple assassin, then play as Master Yi, because with others you may have problems with mastering at the start. And the Master is as simple as 2 rubles. You just clear the forest, squeeze your ultimate, and go to the gang. His running speed, attack speed increases, at this time the enemy slowdown does not affect you. So press 1 skill next, and collect kills.

During the use of 1 skill, you disappear from the map, and cause damage. This way you can avoid enemy control and damage. 2 skill - the Master takes a pose, and begins to restore health. During this time, the incoming damage is reduced. 3 skill allows you to deal pure damage.


Sona is a favorite to start. He can do everything that a self-respecting support hero should be able to do: heals allies, covers them with shields, increases movement speed, and increases damage. And the cherry on top is a massive stoppage of opponents with the ultimate ability.

Nami is a more aggressive support than Sona, which increases damage by a larger percentage, and heals a single target better. She has a 1 skill toss. Nami also has a tough ultimatum that lets the wave sail for a long time. This wave knocks up all opponents in its path. The skill is drawn very nicely, and very useful for team battles.


Varus - in principle, there is nothing unusual about it. 1 skill - the hero makes an accurate shot, while the longer Vargus prepares to shoot, the further the arrow flies, and the more damage it deals. 2 skill passively hangs marks due to auto attacks, and other skills remove them, causing additional damage. Skill 3 is a puddle with a slowdown and built-in anti-healing. The ultimate ability immobilizes one enemy, and if the rest do not scatter, then the immobilization jumps to them. The hero deals the main damage with simple attacks from his hand.

Miss Fortune - she prefers to inflict damage with skills, and massively and thoroughly. From the hand, of course, you can and should attack, but with skills it turns out to be tastier. 1 skill is a bouncing core, 1 target takes damage, and enemies standing behind it are guaranteed to receive direct critical damage. On the line, it deals very high damage to the enemy through the creep.

2 skill passively increases movement speed, and when activated, increases attack speed. Skill 3 is slowing down. Ultimate ability - Damage in front of you in a fan-shaped area. The main thing is that there is no Braum in the opposing team, because this guy easily turns huge damage into none.

League of Legends Wild Rift: TOP of the best champions (Tier list / tier list)

What factors were taken into account when choosing champions for the list below? It is important for us to understand that even if the game was lost in an unequal battle, then playing on one of these champions, we could turn its course at almost any moment. At the same time, getting more pleasure from the game. And also the understanding that you can invest your time in the game on these heroes, and ultimately see an excellent result.

We do not urge you to run and buy characters without proper preparation, thereby complicating and spoiling the game for yourself and your allies. Therefore, we ask you to be extremely responsible in mastering the characters below, if you still decide to purchase someone from the list. If you play for them without preparation, you will not be able to reveal even 5% of their potential.


This hero is a popular choice among professional players. Possesses harsh and ruthless damage dealing mechanics. Zed, almost always, can easily enter the battle, pick up the desired enemy player (or several), and can also easily get out of it unharmed. Zed has a high aggressive skill score.

Most players take him for the first time, thinking that he significantly stands out in strength against the background of other heroes, but in reality, to understand its mechanics, when and why you should use a particular skill, requires dexterity and good preparation. It is easy for them to clear creeps on the lane. In addition to this, instead of mana, he uses energy, which is restored much faster.


  1. Contempt for weakness (passive skill) - if the hero fights against opponents with low health, he deals additional magic damage to them.
  2. Throw shuriken - the character and the shadows he summons throw shurikens that deal damage when they hit the opponent.
  3. Living shadow - the skill to be divided into 2 parts: the passive part - when the hero and shadows hit the target, Zed restores energy to himself. When the ability is activated, Zed jumps. When you press the skill button again, the hero changes places with the shadow.
  4. Shadow cut - the character and his shadows inflict massive damage around them.
  5. Brand of death (ultimate ability) - Zed becomes invulnerable, and performs a dash to the selected enemy, putting a mark on him. After a few seconds, the mark explodes, dealing 50% of the damage that the hero inflicted on the enemy.

We recommend Zed to those players who like real game challenges and those players who like the assassin’s style in general. A great character for any stage of the game.


A warrior with the help of his passive skill can significantly enhance one of his main skills. You will get them after 5 basic attacks or using skills. The labels located under the health bar of the Pantheon will tell you about this. In this case, the enhancements themselves will differ, and depend on the skill that you will use after the passive ability is triggered. For example, after strengthening 1 skill, it will deal additional damage, and also slow down the enemy. You can enhance all skills, except for the ultimate, but using it immediately activates the passive property.

The ultimate ability itself has several options for using it: when you quickly press the skill button, you will deliver a powerful blow with a spear, and reset the ability’s cooldown by 50%. If you hold the button for a few seconds, you will increase the attack range, and you can throw a spear in the selected direction. To targets with low health, you will deal more damage.

Since the Pantheon can instantly move across the entire map, it takes a certain amount of time to skillfully handle this skill. It is best to use the ability to cut off the enemy from the place of retreat or to catch opponents by surprise. It is not advised to dwell on this skill, as on the source of damage.


  1. Will of a mortal (passive skill) - the next skill of the hero, after several attacks, is strengthened.
  2. Warrior spear - deals huge damage with a spear, throwing it in the selected direction.
  3. Warrior’s shield - the character makes a dash to the selected enemy, stuns him, and deals damage.
  4. Aggressive defense - puts a shield, and becomes invulnerable to attacks in front of you. However, he can attack.
  5. Great Starfall (ultimate ability) - the warrior jumps into the air, then lands at any selected point on the map.

As a result, you have an interesting champion with good attack range, and skills that will comfortably allow you to stay in the lane. Possesses fast control, stamina and with the ability to take a lot of damage. The Pantheon has an excellent prospect for surprise attacks.

Li Xing

The blind monk - this is how his name is translated, belongs to the class of warriors. An incredibly difficult champion to play. But for some, on the contrary, it will seem easy enough. The hero has mind blowing damage, as well as excellent mobility, which often helps his team win matches. Lee Sin, like Zed, depends on a subtle understanding of the mechanics, because after sending your resonating blow to the enemy, and making a dash towards him, it is important to understand and know: if you will not fall into a trap in which a bloodthirsty company of rivals awaits you.


  1. Flurry (passive skill) - after activating any skill, the hero’s attack speed increases until he performs 2 attacks from his hand, which restore energy to the character.
  2. Resonant Strike - consists of 2 parts. The sound wave makes it possible to illuminate enemies, while inflicting physical damage on them. If the wave hits the enemy, then you can use Resonate Strike for 3 seconds. The hero makes a jump to the opponent wounded by the wave, and hits him.
  3. Defender - the skill also has 2 parts of use. The defender makes it possible to instantly move to the selected ally, and protect himself and him from incoming damage. After defending, you can activate the skill 2 times, within 3 seconds, and rush into the battle. At the same time, Li Xing receives an increased rate of vampirism.
  4. Onslaught - at the first activation of the ability, the hero creates a wave from hitting the ground, dealing magic damage and highlighting opponents. When you injure an enemy, you can produce 2 part of the skill - the hero reduces the movement speed of enemies by 4 seconds.
  5. Dragon’s Fury (ultimate ability) - produces a deafening attack from a roundabout at the enemy, inflicting massive physical damage. The highlighted target is bounced. Opponents who are hit by the target during landing are also tossed up.

Li Sin’s huge advantage is his 2nd ability. The hero easily adapted to your team’s playing style throughout the match. And it is an excellent choice for players of the forest role.


Another difficult champion to be in the shooters class. He deals the most damage of all shooters at the start of the match, using his 1 ability. And given the fact that he receives bonus gold due to his passive skill, it gives an understanding of the ideal champion. Perfect if you learn how to handle his spinning axes properly. If you like to inflict real pain on your enemies in the lane, and intimidate your opponents without the opportunity to deliver an extra blow, then Draven is your hero.


  1. League of Draven (passive skill) - the hero gets adoration when killing enemies, for which he receives an additional bonus in gold. The amount of gold depends on the percentage of adoration received.
  2. Rotating ax - with the next attack from the hand, the character deals additional physical damage. The thrown weapon ricochets away from the enemy, and bounces into the air. If you manage to catch him on the fly, then use your auto attack again.
  3. Rush of blood - increases running speed and attack speed (decreases over time). Captured Ax nullifies the cooldown effect of Spinning Ax.
  4. Let’s disperse! - Throws axes at the enemy, causing physical damage and slowing down opponents.
  5. Whirling death (ultimate ability) - throws axes forward, which inflict physical damage on all enemies in their path. Then, after hitting the selected target, the weapon is returned back. You can activate the skill a second time to speed up the return of the weapon.

This guy can do high damage throughout the game, has a high attack and movement speed. But its main feature is its rotating axes. Therefore, if you are going to take him with you to matches, it is very important to hone his skills almost to the point of automatism. After all, attempts to catch axes in mass mixes, with incorrect positioning, will be very difficult for you. Skills do not allow opponents to get too close to you, and at the same time inflict colossal damage with an auto attack.


Wayne takes time to unleash her full potential. And if you do not get it in the early stages of the game, then closer to completion, it can bring real chaos on the battlefield. Her ability recharge is one of the fastest in the game. And due to his mobility, Wayne can be quite an aggressive champion. She is a real hunter. Her mobility is reflected in almost everything: in her passive skill, which accelerates the speed of movement when moving towards the enemy. This effect increases with the use of the ultimate ability.


  1. Night Hunter (passive skill) - when running to the target, which is located near Vane, her movement speed increases.
  2. Somersault - a girl makes a somersault, taking a comfortable position for an attack. Her next attack from her hand deals additional damage.
  3. Silver arrows - every 3 attacks from the hand or the use of skills in relation to the same enemy, deals additional damage to him.
  4. Sentence - when attacking, knocks the enemy back, attacks, applying physical damage. If a wounded enemy hits an obstacle, they will receive additional damage and be stunned.
  5. Last battle (ultimate ability) - gets an increased percentage of attack power, and invisibility during somersaults, also reduces the recharge time of skills.

Let the time of invisibility during somersault, with the activated ultimate ability, and small, but often in battles allows you to change the location correctly. She can easily catch up with a fleeing opponent when most other heroes cannot do it.


This steam golem is a favorite of players who like to play characters that can pull opponents with a hook. Blitz can hit any enemy champion if the latter is poorly positioned. And if this hero is Cale, whom your team will disassemble in a matter of seconds, leaving enemies without the main source of damage. If the hook brought you closer to victory, and turned the tide of the game, the previously performed actions do not matter.

Blitzcrank’s 3 skills allow you to interrupt the actions of enemy characters, he can also stun them. Has excellent skills in order to catch up with the enemy, pull in and neutralize him. And his shield from passive skill in combination with his entire arsenal makes Blitzcrank the ideal support hero who can knock out an opponent.


  1. Mana shield (passive skill) - when the hero has a small amount of health points, he receives a shield, the strength of which depends on the amount of his mana.
  2. Rocket grab - shoots with the right hand, while causing damage to the opponent and pulling him towards him.
  3. Acceleration - increases the speed of running and attack.
  4. Power Fist - Deals double damage to the enemy, and throws him into the air during the next attack.
  5. Static field (ultimate ability) - hangs a mark on the attacking opponents. Marked opponents are struck by lightning. The skill is recommended to be used to destroy the shields of enemies, inflict damage on them and impose silence.


The shooter has excellent mobility, one might even assume that one of the best. He’s so jumpy that sometimes it seems like getting the perfect gank on him is harder than on other champions. He can catch up by reducing the distance with 3 skills. He knows how to shoot enemies, retreating with relative ease, and do a lot of damage already at the early stage of the match. But you need skill and practice to start feeling your character well, and accurately hitting his rivals with his skills. Otherwise, you will just waste mana.

He can perfectly combine basic attacks with abilities, combining and dealing massive amounts of damage towards the end of the game. Ezreal, who was given a lot of kills, by the end of the game becomes a killing machine for almost any target in a few seconds. But even so, the correct choice of position is no less important aspect of playing for him, since his survival rate is not very high.


  1. Overflow magic (passive skill) - when a hero hits an opponent with a skill, his attack speed increases.
  2. Mystical shot - shoots an energy charge, when it hits the target, not only damage to the enemy is inflicted, but also the cooldown time of Ezreal’s own skills is reduced.
  3. Distortion of the essence - shoots a sphere at the opponent. On a successful hit, the ball explodes, dealing damage.
  4. Magic shift - allows the hero to port to a specified location, located not very far. Then he makes a shot to the nearest enemy. If the opponent is wounded by Essence Distortion, then he will be the priority target.
  5. Aimed volley (ultimate ability) - shoots an energy charge that deals huge massive damage.


The magician for the middle line. At the same time, in battles, you must correctly control your position, and move the ball at the right time and in the right place. Orianna at the beginning of the game keeps the enemy character under constant pressure along the line, while doing a lot of damage, being at a safe distance. If you can understand its mechanics, and get used to using the ball, unleashing its full potential, then you will be a great player for any team. Her ultimate ability is one of the most effective tools for team fights throughout the match.


  1. Spring mechanism (passive skill) - the more the heroine hits one target, the more damage it does.
  2. Order: attack - sends the sphere to the specified point, leaving it in that place. While moving, the sphere deals great magic damage to all enemies who get in its way.
  3. Order: dissonance - the sphere gives an impulse of energy, which deals great damage in the area. At the same time, it leaves behind a funnel, an ally, getting into it, accelerates, and rivals slow down.
  4. Order: protection - sends a sphere to an ally to accompany him. While moving, the sphere deals magic damage to opponents that meet on its path. Upon reaching the designated ally, the ball covers it with a shield. The target’s armor and magic resistance are increased.
  5. Order: Shock Wave (Ultimate) - The sphere creates a shock wave that deals magic damage in the area, and pulls them towards the sphere.

Orianna is a tremendous influence in team fights. It is universal: someone uses it as support, someone as a source of huge area damage. She has long been hailed as one of the most balanced PC LoL champions.


Solo Warrior - Lines (or Baron Lines). It is equivalent to Draven, that is, for people who like to intimidate their opponents with a barrage of massive damage. He can allow an enemy champion to retaliate in melee, and then make him drown in a sense of terror. The hero realizes that the opponents are not able to properly respond to him.

He has unique abilities, while they have a low cooldown. In the meantime, the enemy retreats under the bleeding, Darius will pull him back. Darius’ ultimate ability can become a mass execution for enemies who are low on health. Your opponent, often, may not even be aware of the danger, thinking that there are only a few seconds left before you kill, and then, suddenly, he will see the countdown timer himself.


  1. Bleeding (passive skill) - attacks from the hand and using skills cause bleeding from enemies, which gives physical damage for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times. When 1 enemy receives the maximum amount of the effect, the character’s onslaught increases.
  2. Extermination - makes a blow with an ax in a turn. Opponents who are hit by the blade take more damage than those who flew from the shaft. In this case, the hero replenishes his health, the recovery rate depends on the number of victims hit by the blade.
  3. Crippling Strike - The next attack from the hand, wounds the enemy in the neck, causing the wound to bleed. While the effect lasts, the opponent’s movement speed is reduced.
  4. Detention - when hitting, ignores part of the opponent’s armor. When the skill is activated, the champion pulls the victim towards him.
  5. Noxian Guillotine (Ultimate) - Darius dashes towards the target, dealing pure damage to it (armor and defense are ignored). If the enemy is bleeding, then the hero deals additional damage. If the enemy dies from the skill, then after a few seconds you can repeat its activation.


This assassin is quite difficult, and speaking of difficulty, here we are hitting the very skill when playing as her. She has several unique mechanics in her combat arsenal. and in order to use many combinations of them, you will have to make every effort, and sit at this business for more than one evening. But, like any other strong champion with complex mechanics, Akali can fully reward those who were attentive and persistent enough in its development.

Due to the various combinations, a good Akali player is often difficult to predict, because each time he will bring something new to the process of killing your champion. Akali’s abilities and her pursuit skills make her an ideal hero for those who like to wage a stealthy style of war, leaving which, in most cases, at least 1 enemy will fall victim to one of the most mobile and unstoppable assassins in the Wild Gorge.


  1. Assassin’s mark (passive skill) - after wounding an enemy character, an energy circle appears around him. Leaving the circle, the heroine strengthens the next attack from her hand, while the range and damage of the attack increases.
  2. Five-point strike - throws out 5 kunai, dealing damage, depending on the additional attack power and skills. When wounded, slows down an opponent.
  3. Twilight Shroud - Immerses an area in a smokescreen, increasing its running speed. While inside the fog, Akali becomes invisible, opponents cannot target her. During the attack, the girl briefly leaves the stealth mode.
  4. Assassin’s shuriken - rolls back and throws out a star, deals magic damage, and puts a mark on 1 wounded enemy. If you activate the skill 2 times, then Akali will dash towards the target, dealing additional damage.
  5. Perfect kill (ultimate ability) - makes a jump to a given point, attacks wounded rivals. When the skill is reactivated, it finishes off the enemy.

Akali really stands out for her unique style of play. What vryat can quickly get bored with you. She is one of the most ideal assassin heroes in the game at the moment. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to master it.


If restrictions were introduced into the game, then Yasuo would be the first candidate to get into them. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, he deserves to be on our list of the best champions. Yasuo is one of the best and craziest warriors in the game at the moment. We are now writing about those cases when a person really plays who understands its mechanics and has played a sufficient amount of time for him.

The hero has everything: from his deadly skills to the appearance of the character. It has low skill cooldown times, high damage, one of the best defensive abilities in the entire game, high durability, and good mobility. All of this is combined with difficult mechanics that not everyone can understand and accept.


  1. Way of the wanderer (passive skill) - increases critical damage to the hero. While moving, Yasuo collects a stream and creates a shield that activates when attacking the hero.
  2. Steel storm - deals damage to all enemies in front of you. If he hits an enemy, then a charge of the Oncoming Storm is created. As soon as 2 charges are created, the warrior forms a whirlwind that knocks up opponents.
  3. Wind wall - a shield is created that absorbs all damage. Action time 4 seconds.
  4. Swift Blade - makes a jump through the selected enemy, dealing magic damage. If you activate Steel Storm during the dash, it will deal massive damage in a circle.
  5. Last Breath (Ultimate Ability) - Port to an abandoned opponent, deals damage to him and keeps surrounding enemies on the fly. The flow value is increased to maximum, and all charges of the Oncoming Storm are reset to zero. After applying the skill for a certain time, all critical hits of the hero inflict increased damage, ignoring armor.

Often Yasuo deals damage on a par with the most pumped shooters and mages, but at the same time he is a melee champion. But against more experienced players, Yasuo becomes one of the most difficult heroes, which makes him more balanced at higher ranks.

It is worth noting that the champions who are on this list of the best were chosen through a lot of thought. And it took a lot of time to compile the TOP, since there are many excellent and strong heroes in the Wild Gorge. And if a character that is not on the list suits you, and you really enjoy playing for him, then you should not run and change your favorite. Better to make sure that the character you choose brings a lot of benefits to the team.

League of Legends Wild Rift: TOP of the best heroes - meta (meta) for May 2021

We do not recommend buying the champions presented below at the very start of the game, as they need to be studied and felt. Yes, they all have good stats, but they have some drawbacks that can darken your rainbow trip to matches in the early stages of the game. These are heroes that require thorough study, training on them is the primary task.

Camilla - the first catch lies in the passive skill. When dealing basic attacks on an enemy, she gains a shield, but the shield is not simple. It will protect against the type of damage that prevails on your target. Even at such a moment, you can sit well in a puddle. For example, they flew into the team of opponents, gave a shooter with physical damage, and they have the most damage in the squad, the magician gives out.

1 skill is also not easy. To do maximum damage, you need to take a long pause. 2 skill requires good knowledge of positioning. A reckless ultimatum will lead to a situation where you find yourself surrounded by the enemy.

In other words, you just can’t play for Camilla and start winning. The champion needs to be properly researched and accustomed to the mechanics of abilities.

Aurelion Sol is a mage that only the most patient players can really master. He inflicts his main damage due to the spheres that constantly revolve around him. But the fact is that they rotate at a very small distance. It can be increased by 2 abilities, while their rotation speed and damage increase. In reserve, Sol has a massive stoppage of opponents with a peculiar mechanic. Skill 3 very much resembles the shape of a bird: you start flying around the map, bypassing all obstacles, which helps you very quickly fly into the gangs.

Sol has his own trick - he launches a stop for enemies and then goes flying, since the stop does not work while you are nearby. Everything needs to be calculated correctly in order for the gang to be successful.

Twisted Fate - at first glance, he seems like a fairly simple champion, but, as usually happens in such cases, the problem lies in positioning and ultimate ability. 1 skill is massive damage. 2 skill is damage with different effects that you can choose yourself:

There are nuances with the correct choice of color in a given situation. 3 ability - this passive skill gives additional damage. The ultimate ability on the first press reveals enemies on the map, when re-activated, it allows you to teleport a long distance. If you do not learn how to use the ultimate skill with benefit. That Twisted Fate you will not be able to reveal.

Ari - her ultimate ability is to learn how to handle correctly. After all, she makes a dash and deals 3 hits. The trick is that if there are other opponents or creeps near your target, then this damage is scattered on everyone. That is, if you are fighting 1 subtle enemy on the field, then most likely send him to the fountain. If the team kneading begins, then here you will face difficulties. You need to not just mindlessly jump, but try to jump so that only an enemy champion with high damage falls into the range of action. This is not easy.

Otherwise, mastering the Ari mechanics is not difficult. 1 skill launches a sphere that deals magic damage on the way to the target, and pure on returning back. 2 skill has similar damage mechanics as the ultimate ability. 3 skill is good control. You don’t just stop your opponent, you interrupt any of his actions, and force him to follow in your direction. In practice, ability 3 has many uses.

Jin - the first thing that catches your eye when choosing a hero is the time that the shooter spends on reloading. Compared to other champions, he does it very slowly and slowly, and there are only 4 rounds. The second thing that may upset you is the lack of interruption of the operation. Overall, Jin is a tricky hero to master. You need to understand how to correctly pick up creeps on the lane, how to use 1 skill, what traps are for, how to implement control from 2 skills.

Jin doesn’t bounce after every shot, he sticks to the ground. If you sit in the wrong place, you will become an easy target for your opponent. Only when you master all the above points, you realize how cool the shooter is and how much damage he has. For Gene, you must constantly keep the maximum distance and not get into the thick of things.

Fizz - he is mainly used as a forester, but he also shows good results in the middle lane . The set of his skills, of course, more inclines this killer to the forest. He knows how to jump on a trident in order to jump off it and inflict damage. Why is it so hard? The point is that while you are in the air, you cannot be targeted. This fact helps to avoid unnecessary damage. He also has a dash to the chosen target and an interesting ultimate ability.

Fizz launches a fish that clings to the first enemy on the way, circles around him, and lures a large shark. After a while, the shark emerges, throws the opponent into the air, pushes the rest of the enemies in different directions, and, of course, inflicts damage on everyone.

But it should not be bought at the start of the game. Undoubtedly Fizz is an interesting character, but at first you will have a question: what to do now? This is a champion who deals the main damage while close, and it is not difficult to get to the enemy. It is difficult, then, to get out of the batch whole. What do newbies do? They use the ultimate ability, then they burn through 3 skills, then the first, activated the second. Then they stand and wait until they are sent to the fountain.

League of Legends Wild Rift: How To Get The Best Builds?

An assembly is a collection of items, runes and spells that you need to play a match. In Wild Gorge, assemblies are made for each character separately. Often, an improperly assembled assembly on a hero does not allow him to reveal his full potential, from which you are constantly sent to the fountain by opponents and scolded, with obscene words, allies.

In order to constantly win matches, one naked enthusiasm and character is not enough, you need a baggage of knowledge of the game. In particular, it is important to know what kind of hero certain items are suitable for a successful match.

The situation, you got a new character, and you want to see how, to make a normal assembly. To do this, go into the game, click on the central icon of the lower taskbar "Leaderboard". Next, you need to click on the "Champion" tab, after which a table appears with all the heroes of the game, the best on your server.

Let’s say we’re interested in Jax. In order for you to see the best results on it, you need to click on the arrow to the right of the statistics. After that, the rating of all players on this character will appear. Here you can see the rank of the player in 1st place. To the right of the rating of each player is a symbol in the form of an open book. After clicking on it, a new window will appear with a complete assembly of Jax from the server leader: items, runes and spells.

Conveniently, you can click on any image, and you will be shown information about the selected object.

Moreover, you can click on the "Copy" button, and replace one of your assemblies with the current hero (there may be several assemblies). The assembly will start working immediately after replacement. Thus, you can choose an assembly that suits your style of play.

If the assembly in spells is "Smite", then this assembly is prepared for the forester. If there is no "Kara", then the hero plays a different role.

After the performed actions, you need to go to the "Assemblies" menu (the 3 left symbol on the lower task bar of the game). Here you can switch the available builds before the match. You can also rename the assembly. And change the existing objects.

If something does not work for you on the selected assembly, then try changing it to a "defensive" assembly. In most cases, these builds are the most efficient.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Rank Overview

The ranking system of the game is necessary in order to match players according to their skill level, and in general indicates your progress in the game. The system consists of 10 ranks, and the first 7 of them are divided into divisions. Each rank, starting with Iron and ending with Diamond, is divided into 4 parts - these are the divisions, which are denoted by Roman numerals. IV is the lowest division and number I is the highest.

Ranks above Gold do not have divisions. Instead, you will receive special points for victories, and lose them if you lose. Your progress in rank will depend on the number of these points.

To unlock the ranking system, you need to reach level 10 of your account. With an average intensity of the game, you can reach this level in 3 days. You just play as normal and you get experience. After the ranked mode becomes available to you, you will need to complete 10 matches. This is something like a calibration, where, based on the number of escapes, the game will determine the rank from which you start your journey.

After getting into a division, you need to progress from IV to I in order to raise your rank higher. Promotion through the division is based on the principle of receiving rank marks.

Rank Markers are icons around your ranked portrait that reflect your current progress within a division. For a victory, you get 1 mark, for a defeat, you lose. But in Iron and Bronze, there is a protection against the loss of marks. The higher the rank, the more marks you need to get to achieve the next. Therefore, it will take much longer from Platinum to Emerald than from Iron to Bronze.

The more you win, the faster you move through the divisions and get your marks.

Ranked endurance. By the way, tags can be obtained faster, and if they are defeated, they can not be lost. The "Ranked Endurance" system will help you with this. This system helps players who perform well to get to their real rankings a little faster. Having accumulated enough stamina points, you can insure yourself against losing marks in the event of a loss, and get more benefits from winning.

If the endurance scale is more than half full, then upon defeat, instead of rank marks, you will lose ranked endurance points. And if it is filled to the end, for the next victory you will receive 2 times more marks. The higher the rank, the more points are required to fill the scale completely.

When you reach the maximum at a specific rank, namely, you advance to the 1st division, and get the maximum number of marks, you get into an increasing streak. She has certain requirements for moving to the next rank. Iron to Bronze ranks are 5 games where 2 wins will bring you a streak win and the next rank. And 3 losses will bring a loss of 2 marks and a failure in the promotion series.

At ranks from Silver to Diamond - this is the 6th game, where you need to get 3 wins faster than 3 losses. It’s worth noting that ranked stamina doesn’t work when you’re in a boost streak.

Starting from the Diamond rank, the rules change slightly. You still need to complete 4 divisions, but there are no markers at this rank. Here, similar to the marks, you will receive victory points when you win, and lose them when you lose. The number of these points depends on the whole rank of the players that the game has selected for you for your team. To move from one Diamond Division to the next, you need to score 100 Victory Points.

At the "Master" rank and above, victory points are also used, but the rank system itself works a little differently due to the high level of the game. There are no divisions or point limits at these ranks. If you want to advance further, you need to overtake other gamers, gaining more points than theirs. There are no promotion streaks at these ranks. Here, the system itself will raise you as soon as you reach the required number of points.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Runes Guide

Why bother to understand the runic systems of the game? After all, there is a proven scheme, which we described above, when you can visit a TOP player and copy his assembly. But runes play a big role, along with champions and items, and just copying them is not enough to win. It is extremely important here to understand what this or that rune does, so that during the match you can realize its potential, and not let it go on the brakes.

Having an understanding of the runes will make it easier for you to figure out what to expect from your opponent on the lane. With this information, it will be easier for you to determine the skill of the enemy.

You can take 4 runes in each match. One big one, which will largely determine your style of play, because it has an active effect. For example, the restoration of health points, every 4 seconds, or additional damage after a certain number of attacks.

In addition to the large rune, there are 3 small ones that give the hero additional passive buffs. Experienced LoL players try not to adhere to any particular rune assembly, she often changes them right before the start of the game, based on the composition of the opposing team. But in the Wild Gorge there is no such opportunity yet.

Large runes

Execution by electricityHaving inflicted damage to an opponent 3 times in a row (does not depend on the execution of an attack), the rune gives additional damage, depending on your attack indicators. Rollback - 25 secondsThis rune goes very well with many heroes. But before you take it, it is important to understand whether you will be comfortable implementing it. Will you be able to fire 3 volleys without any problems without harming your health. If you play as a procaster (a hero who can quickly kill the enemy using skills), then the rune is right for you
FluffAllows you to deal additional damage or give a shield to your allyRune can often be seen on support heroes. There shouldn’t be any problems with its application. You should hit the enemy with a basic skill, and activate the rune. If you are walking long distance support, then it is worth taking it.
The ConquerorEach of your attacks grants 1 rune charge, which can be stacked up to 5 times. Charges increase your damage to the enemy for 8 secondsFavorite rune of many champions of various classes. The main criterion for its activation is lingering damage, that is, the ability to attack the enemy for a long time
The art of maneuveringBy moving, attacking or using skills, you will accumulate a rune. After accumulating 100 points, the next attack will heal you, and hasten by 1 secondNot suitable for all heroes. Sits perfectly on Gina or Wayne
Grasp of the undeadEvery 4 seconds, your attack deals additional damage, depending on your maximum health points, + restores your healthIt helps with short damage exchanges, especially at the start of the game. Sits well on heroes with high health (tanks, warriors)
Tremors of the earthIt is activated at the moment when the enemy catches control, and you start to receive an increase in defense indicators, and a moment later, cause damage in the areaOne of the best tank runes is support. That is, if you support on a mage, then take Pushinka, if on a tank - Tremors. Great for Alistair, for Blitzcrank. But you shouldn’t take it for Brown.
Living sourceIf you give the enemy control of any kind, up to slowing down, then you hang a mark on him. If your ally attacks the marked enemy, he will restore his healthAs if on purpose, the rune was created for Brown, as it combines perfectly with the mechanics of his 1 skill, but this does not mean that it will not work for other support heroes
KleptomaniaIt is activated by using the skill, after which the next damage to the enemy is accompanied by a random effect of any itemThis is the most unpredictable rune, so we do not recommend using it in serious battles.

Large runes have the greatest impact on the game. You can get information about your opponents even before the start of the match by watching the runes on the loading screen. You will know that the Grasp of the Undead will heal rivals, the Conqueror will count on protracted battles, and Execution with Electricity will strive, by all means, to throw 3 basic attacks in a row at you. You can already work with this information.

All runes (large and small) are not matched to the class of your champion, but to the role that he plays in the match. For example, a warrior can be assembled into a tank. In this case, the tank is the role that the warrior takes on.

The "Domination" rune branch (aimed at increasing your damage):

  1. Brutality is a great rune if you plan to enter the battle from the first seconds of the game. It gives additional damage and armor penetration at the start. The biggest mistake you can make is picking Cruelty and not taking advantage of your advantage at the start. If you do not like aggressive play at the beginning, or your hero is not suitable for this, then it is better not to take this rune.
  2. Gathering Storm - Every 2 minutes, increases your damage for the remainder of the match. The longer you play, the stronger you get. Very often, the Tempest can be found on the arrow, which deals a lot of damage in the middle / late stage of the match (ADK)
  3. Hunter: Siphon Life is the only rune that is found in all branches of minor runes, and we even thought that 3 identical runes would make an excellent assembly, but no. Gives starting lifesteal and a little extra damage at the beginning, and for each kill you are given a little more damage and lifesteal. In general, a pleasant rune that occurs quite often in matches.
  4. Triumph - restores 10% of missing health for killing an enemy hero, while you will deal 3% more damage to opponents whose health has dropped below 35%.
  5. Weakness - it allows you to deal 5% more damage to the character to whom we have hung up control.
  6. Champion - gives 10% additional damage at the start of the game, while you will lose 5% damage each time you fly to the fountain. That is, 2 plums, and you have no advantage.

The "Courage" rune branch (make a boost for your champion’s survival):

  1. Black bone is the meaning of the rune: to pull up the level of protection or the level of magic resistance. If the tank bought in defense, the rune slightly raises its resistance, and if in resistance, then the rune will increase the armor value. Suitable for fragile ranged characters who, due to its action, make up for the missing protection.
  2. Accumulation is a good rune, a hybrid bonus: you have suffered 5 minutes of the game, and received an increase in defense and resistance.
  3. Hunter - Titan - A very important rune for off tanks (this is an additional tank in a group batch, plays the role of a spare tank if the main one does not cope with the task) and fighters. For killing opponents, it constantly raises your survival rate.
  4. Regeneration is ideal for individual heroes, if there is no healing, or if you feel sorry for the money for recovery potions. Every 3 seconds out of combat, heals the champion or restores his mana (whichever is less). A great addition for magicians. You can control adaptive recovery on the principle of controlling mana consumption, as soon as one indicator is greater than the other, the rune restores the one that is less, and when it is replenished, it changes by 2 indicator.
  5. Loyalty is an aura that increases defense and resistance to you and your closest ally. Perfect for support heroes.
  6. Spirit Walkers are just a bonus to health points and slow resistance. The rune is interesting in that it works great with a counterattack. Works as a catalyst against heroes out of control. With this rune, you will not be slowed down by the entire debuff rate.

Inspiration rune branch (runes of support for your champions):

  1. Pathfinder - gives small joys for foresters. Allows you to accelerate your champion’s mobility by running through bushes or along the river. Perfect for the aggressive style of the game of the forester, due to the bonus running speed.
  2. Inspirer - 10% of your damage is applied to attacks against large monsters in the forest or against towers. Provides your hero with gold and experience.
  3. Hunter - Genius - reduces the cooldown timer of your skills quite well, but the reduction limit is 40%. The rune is quite controversial, in our opinion. The taimeng reduction indicator is easily recruited by items, without damage to damage.
  4. Sweet - allows you to stay on the lane for as long as possible, no matter what class you play for. When eating honey fruits, you not only get the base gold inherent in the game, but also increase the healing from these fruits. Well suited for foresters too.
  5. Pack Hunter is a good thing to increase your team’s gold collection simply by providing assists. Support heroes will be pleased with the small run speed boost.
  6. Mana flow - well suited for magicians, constantly increases your mana, the main thing is to hit opponents with skills.

League of Legends Wild Rift: How to Choose the Right Role for a Champion?

The shooter is not to die, and be able to take the correct position, finish off all creeps, and give damage to the enemy when he tries to finish off your creep. You should wait for the opponent’s mistake when he loses position or gank from the forest or the middle line. If the attack is carried out by your group, then, if possible, help it. And if they attacked you, then the task of paramount importance is not to die. It is better to lose and not finish off a few creeps, survive, and waste the time of attacking rivals than to pick up a couple of extra gold and go to the fountain.

Support - it is important not only to protect your lane ally in the early stages of the game, but also to place wards (special marks) in order to minimize a successful attack on you. You should create situations when the opponent is out of position, separate the enemy support and ADK by a long distance. It is important to warn of an impending attack.

If you are caught on him or your ally is set up, you need to do everything for him to survive. Try not to finish off or even touch creeps, as the ADK may not have time to finish off the creep after your damage. If possible, do not eat honey fruits. It is better to fly to the fountain, but the passions of your ally from the enemy gang, do not die, and continue to prepare for the battle on the dragon.

The shooter and support are closest to the location of the dragon’s lair (double bottom line). Therefore, it is an important task to help your forester at this site.

The midline player is the main coordinator of the match. In addition to the fact that he must clean his lane, and not miss the creeps. he is still obliged to warn about enemy ganks, and create vision with the help of wards. It is beneficial for the hero to quickly clear his lane in order to have time to help his forester, ADK or ally on the solo - lane (top line), as well as help, if possible, on all objects of the map. It is often the responsibility of a champion to shoot down the wards in front of the dragons. The middle lane hero (midliner) is a kind of support with good damage, and one of the main coordinators on the map.

Harrow line (solo - line) - you should take the hero, depending on what your team lacks. It can be an assassin, a fighter, a tank, sometimes a shooter. Everything is very situational. The tasks are simple - to finish off creeps, give damage to opponents, and not lose your lane. The most important thing that goes into the task of a solo hero is to create a situation where you can move around the map and help in killing, for example, a dragon, then help clear the ADK line and demolish the tower.

Towers are objects for all roles on their lines, each division of the tower is called a plate. The first tower (T1) - for each plate you are given 100 gold. The number is divided between those who are near the tower. For the complete destruction of an object, the whole team is given 150 gold, each, regardless of where you were.

If you destroyed towers T1 and T2 within 45 seconds, a shield is imposed on T3, and it will be more difficult to destroy it. Often, players make mistakes when the squad wants to hack the game quickly, and tries to break T3 in a hurry, instead of taking the dragon, and is faced with the revival of the opponent, who has the advantage in the form of the tower itself and its purchase.

Forest - all the gold mining lies with the forester in the forest camps, since they are scattered throughout the map, you simply must attack everyone at the first good opportunity. Even if you can’t kill, you can damage the enemy in his lane. Be sure to pick up the Shy Crab. This will help minimize the ganks of the enemy jungler in your lane.

If you see that the enemy forester went to the gank to the allies, and at this moment, you are clearing the forest, it is better not to finish off 1 stone, and rush to help a friend, with a good opportunity. Before picking up the dragon, prepare yourself the ground for this: remove other people’s wards, put yours in places where your opponent can come from. The main thing is to try not to hit the dragon when all the enemy’s heroes are alive and nearby.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Essential Item Descriptions

There are many items in the game that will bring you closer to victory. But we decided to tell you in detail about 11 main items that can help you survive and defeat your opponent.

Stasis enchantments is a very useful item, and given its low cost, it serves as a faithful assistant in the inventory of many players. It gives a lot of trouble to killers and about casters who can use all their powerful skills on you, and there is practically nothing left to be left with.

Stasis allows you to survive in the midst of turmoil. This item is perfect for controlling opponents and knocking down the ultimate abilities of champions like Zed, Fizz, or Katarina.

The Enchant itself gives you 2.5 seconds of invulnerability, and you cannot be targeted. But we cannot move or use skills if you do not have a pet. For example, Annie in stasis can give commands to her bear.

Often in stasis, you can wait for the recharge of skills, and due to this, come out victorious in the battle.

Living Silver Enchant - great if the enemy team has a lot of heroes with stun, immobilization or charm (Seraphim, Mundo, Lux or Annie). Unfortunately, Silver won’t save you from any kind of toss.

Blocking the opponent’s ADK. What to do with the enemy’s ADK, in the conditions of his domination? A very difficult task? And it’s not uncommon for you to play well, but your dragon line sags or fails to cope with its tasks.

In order to moderate the ardor of the enemy ADK, you will need 2 items:

Frozen Heart - Designed for Support Champions. But if you play for ADK, and your damage to all opponents is enough in abundance, then you can try to collect this item among the latter. But it all depends on the situation of the match. The Heart itself allows you to reduce the attack speed of all enemies in the area by 15%.

Many shooters experience discomfort when these 2 items (picture above) are collected, for example, from Amumu, as their rate of fire occurs as if in slow motion. The item itself is well suited for tanks - support and tanks - initiators, who will be in the thick of the battle, and give a negative effect to a large number of opponents.

Anti - healing - there are several items in the game with the effect of terrible wounds, and you must have at least 1 allied player, 1 of the available similar items. This is important if the opposing team has champions with life leech, for example, Darius, Doctor Mundo, or a strong healer (Sona, Zhanna). It also makes sense to collect Anti-healing when the opponent has taken the sea dragon, which gives + 8% to the draining of life for all heroes until the end of the game.

Spiked armor - when attacking you, enemies will be dealt magic damage in the amount of 25%. The effect of Grievous Wounds is also applied. The effect will additionally be applied to immobilized opponents.

Morellonomicon - will give +300 to the health reserve and +70 to the power of skills and + 15% to magic penetration. Dealing magic damage inflicts Grievous Wounds. The item is suitable for mages and assassins who have massive magic damage to hang Wounds on several targets at once. It, depending on the situation, can also be collected by such champions as ka Orianna, Aurelion Sol, Annie, Katarina, Seraphina and Lux.

Herald of Death - for champions that deal physical damage, as the main source for battle, also applies the effect of Grievous Wounds. Well suited for assassins, foresters and marksmen.

The Abyssal Staff is good for mages, it gives 40% to magic penetration, and for champions with physical damage, it is well suited for breaking through the Herald of Death.

The Guardian Angel is the most popular item, even among beginners, that allows you to resurrect. The item is suitable for almost any character. It will help the initiators to more boldly approach the opponent’s tower and take more damage. ADK will help you survive a gang or win a duel with your opponent’s ADK. You can wait for the skills to roll back, and after death, unexpectedly, go on the attack, instead of retreating.

Shadow Glaive - gives an increase to penetration and an excellent passive ability that allows you to reveal enemy wards in the area "around you" and break them in just 1 hit. A good item for those who constantly move around the map, mainly for junglers who may not spend the All-Seeing Loupe to detect wards near neutral objects.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.