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Walkthrough Lily’s Garden: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LILY’S GARDEN - Android game with release date 02/04/2019 from the company Tactile Games. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Puzzle Guide
  2. Level Secrets
  3. Amp Guide
  4. A Beginner’s Guide
  5. Walkthrough
  6. All About Lives
  7. Garden Secrets
  8. Special Promotions Guide
  9. Special Events Guide
  10. Game Conclusion

Lily’s Garden: Puzzle Guide

How to get into the puzzle? Each level in the game is a puzzle. Solving it, you get to the next. To pass, click on the screen a green arrow indicating the current level.

Tasks. In puzzles, you need to complete tasks, the essence of which is to collect certain items. For example, at level 38 (see screenshot), you need to collect five packages with seeds and twenty bees. To do this, you need to combine and remove from the playing field tiles of the same color next to the bees, as well as "move" down the packaging field with seeds. The fee is counted when the required number of items is collected. The tasks on the levels are different. The higher the level, the more difficult the task.

Amplifiers When solving a puzzle, amplifiers will come in handy. You can use all or several amplifiers from your arsenal, having previously marked the necessary ones in the window before starting the level.

If the Shovel and Rake amplifiers available to you are over, you can buy them directly in the game for gold coins.

The moves. The number of moves per level is limited - never forget that! The remaining moves are displayed on the right side of the screen, above the items that you need to collect.

Foreign objects on the playing field. Their role is to prevent the player from moving the tiles, and, accordingly, to build the necessary combinations. Foreign objects, such as dandelions, disappear from the field when using the Bomb and Rocket amplifiers or when making combinations of tiles of the same color next to them.

Level completion. When you successfully complete the task, you get a star for the passage of the plot and gold coins.

The fewer moves you spend on solving the puzzle, the more gold coins you will receive in the end.

I lost the level. In this case, you can either complete the level again by clicking "Surrender" or buy 5 more moves for a certain number of coins and try to win.

Lily’s Garden: Level Secrets

1. Stack tiles from top to bottom! So you get the opportunity to make as many necessary combinations as possible, including those that form the amplifiers! If you act the other way around, then your upper combinations will either disintegrate or they will "get stuck" in tiles of other colors, thereby preventing the combination from coming together.

2. The duration of endless lives cannot be "delayed"! Keep this in mind if you win the bonus of endless lives in the action and want to leave the game for a while. Even with the phone turned off, the countdown of the endless lives continues. Thus, try to take this bonus to yourself when you plan to continue to play further. This is the only way you can take full advantage of the bonus! You must admit that endless lives are great. Especially at difficult levels.

3. Use amplifiers wisely. It’s quite difficult to get amplifiers - they rarely drop out. And the further you play, the more difficult the puzzle levels will be. Use bombs, rockets, magic bottles and others only on really difficult levels, when you cannot go further and continue to develop the plot. The inefficient use of amplifiers will lead you to become stuck in the plot and will be forced to buy them for real money in an in-game store.

4. Amplifiers on the playing field - as a last resort. When you see that there are very few moves left in the puzzle, or any of them will not lead to the desired combination of tiles, turn on the amplifiers! Do not use them on the playing field just like that, wait for a really unfavorable situation, when you just can’t do without help. As in any other puzzle, strategy is important here, and it means waiting for the right moments and making counter-moves only when it is really needed.

5. Combine amplifiers. If you use two amplifiers at once, for example, a bomb and a magic bottle, then the effect will be colossal. You might even complete the level right away. Try to make sure that the amplifiers scattered across the playing field get up together. Difficult, but you will like the result.

6. Take your time. These puzzles do not need to be completed in any given time, and therefore, take your time.Think over your actions, think logically, do not waste your moves. Try to predict the location of the tiles two or even more steps forward. It all depends on your strategy, the ability to make the necessary combinations and calculating the chance of collecting the necessary items in fewer moves. Remember - the more moves you end up with, the more coins you get.

Lily’s Garden: Amp Guide

What are amplifiers for? Amplifiers help you quickly complete the task at the level, while spending fewer moves.

How to get amplifiers? Amplifiers become available as you progress through the game. Some of them can be used ready-made from the arsenal and created independently on the playing field (bomb, rocket, magic bottle).Other amplifiers can be taken only from the arsenal, they cannot be created on the playing field (shovel, rake).

Types of Reinforcements

Rocket. To create a Rocket amplifier on the playing field, click on a group of tiles of the same color with the image of a rocket, and the tiles will disappear, leaving one amplifier in its place. A rocket allows you to remove one row of tiles in a column or column (depending on its location).

Bomb. To create a Bomb, click on a group of tiles of the same color with its image. The resulting amplifier at once removes all the tiles located next to it.

The magic bottle. To create a magic bottle, combine ten or more tiles of the same color with the image of a spiral. The magic bottle removes all tiles of the same color from the playing field.

Shovel. A spatula is an indispensable tool to remove unnecessary tiles from the playing field, for example, when a single tile of one color prevents a group of tiles of another from joining together. Using a spatula, you can "pry" an unwanted tile and remove it.

Try to use the power paddle when the number of game moves ends.

Rake. Using a rake, you can simultaneously remove one column and column of tiles. Just click on one of the tiles and use the rake to remove the column and column where this tile is located.

When you use Shovel and Rake amplifiers, game play is not wasted.

Lily’s Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

Lily’s Garden is a three-in-one puzzle game, complemented by a sophisticated storyline and stunning dialogs at the level of this series, where each character has his own character and in a certain way affects the life of the main character.

What is this game? The main character of Lily’s Garden is the young accountant Lily, who has a black streak in her life. Boring work routine, troubles on the personal front and petty everyday turmoil are supplemented by news of the death of Mary’s beloved cousin. Lily finds out that her grandmother left her an inheritance - an estate with a huge garden adjacent to it. Hiding for a while from the bustle of the city, the girl decides to live in her new possessions and work out on the farm.

In the future, Lily is visited by her grandmother’s lawyer saying that according to the conditions of the will to restore the garden, the heiress is only 30 days old. Otherwise, Lily will not see any inheritance. Now the heroine faces a difficult task: will she cope? Will the garden be restored, turning it into a real work of flower art, or not?Lily’s tasks are complemented by interactions with other people - a handsome neighbor, a grumpy lawyer for grandmother Mary, a proud assistant and a cunning cousin who also claims to be an inheritance.

The technique of the game. The basis of the game is the execution of tasks from the diary of Lily. In total, the heroine has 30 gaming days. Each task consumes a certain number of stars, and you get the stars themselves by completing puzzle levels. The farther in the game, the harder the puzzle. In other words, you "control" Lily’s life on your grandmother’s estate, solving the tasks of arranging a garden and communicating with other characters with her, and the "engine" of the whole process is the successful completion of levels and collecting stars.

The main characters of the game

Lily. The main character, the heiress of the estate of the cousin of Mary and the beginning gardener. Positive, decisive and conflict-free girl.

Luke. Neighbor Lily. A mechanic by profession, considers himself a good architect. He has a dog named Dog, and he also likes to play the banjo at three in the morning, which upsets the neighbor’s peace of mind. Despite this, Lily and Luke become friends with the prospect of a romantic relationship.

Philip Jones Grandma Mary’s lawyer. He monitors the fulfillment of the conditions of the will and inspects the arrangement of the garden, which Lily is engaged in. Very strict and grumpy old man.

Regina. Assistant Lily. Regina is brave, and not afraid to say what she thinks about others. This attracts a very restrained Lily.

Cousin Larry. A member of the Lily family. He also claims to be Mary’s inheritance and spins around the estate all the time. His motives are not clear, but there is clearly something on his mind.

Blaine Businessman and ex-boyfriend Lily. He deceived Lily and threw her. Slippery and unpleasant type.

Lily’s Garden: Walkthrough

Diary of Lily. The diary is displayed on the game screen in the lower left corner. By clicking on it, you will find out what tasks Lily set herself for the new work day. To complete the task, click the green Forward button. To complete the task, you give the right amount of stars. The scale in the diary shows your progress in completing the tasks of the labor day. When the scale is full, you get prizes - sets of boosters and gold coins.

Stars. Stars are earned by completing puzzle levels. Performing one level gives you one star. In the future, you spend stars to complete the tasks of Lily from the diary. Depending on the complexity of the task, you need to spend a different number of stars on its implementation: something will cost you one star, and something already several.

Golden coins. For gold coins you will purchase various amplifiers, as well as buy additional attempts in case of loss at the level. Coins can be obtained:

  1. When passing puzzle levels;
  2. Like a prize in a gift box;
  3. As a prize for participating in special promotions;
  4. Buy at the store.

Gifts for daily entry into the game. For daily entry you get Harvest of the day! Just click on Lily’s diary and collect rewards - gold coins and various amplifiers. On the seventh day of entry you are entitled to a great gift.Which one is the secret.

Try to enter the game every day, otherwise you will not receive gifts.

Connect to Facebook. You can connect your game account to Facebook. To do this, click the button in the form of a gear in the upper right corner, and then - on the upper blue "Login" button.

Connecting to Facebook will ensure the preservation of your game progress when changing or breaking a gaming device. Also using Facebook you can find friends on the game with whom you will exchange lives.

Lily’s Garden: All About Lives

General information. You have five lives in total. If you lose the puzzle, you lose your life. One life is replenished once every 20 minutes. Your number of lives is displayed in the upper left corner as a heart icon.

Getting lives from friends. If you have run out of lives, you can ask them from friends in the game. To do this, click on the heart and click on the button "Ask for life". You can also send lives to friends.

You can only exchange lives with friends if they are added to the game via Facebook.

Endless lives. Sometimes you can get a bonus in the form of "endless lives". This means that for a certain time you will not waste your life playing in puzzle levels. Your heart of lives for this period shows a sign of infinity.Depending on the size of the prize, endless lives fall on a different time period, and a timer next to the heart counts its end. Infinite lives can be obtained:

Lily’s Garden: Garden Secrets

Garden arrangement. The main task of Lily is to create a beautiful garden, and in this you will also help her.When choosing the design of flower beds, garden paths and the flowers themselves, you will be offered three design options, and you will have to choose the appropriate one.

Change the design of the garden. You can always change the look of your garden. To do this, do the following:

  1. Select the item you want to change (flowerbed, bee house, gazebo, etc.),
  2. Hold your finger on the element until other design options appear at the bottom of the screen,
  3. Choose one of three suitable options and confirm the changes by clicking the green checkmark button.

Lily’s Garden: Special Promotions Guide

Starting from a certain level, special promotions are available to you, in which the player is invited to complete interesting tasks and collect amazing gifts. Be sure to take part in them - because this is a great opportunity to get endless lives, gold and amplifiers! Consider examples of some stocks.

Sunflower growing

What to do? You are invited to grow the largest sunflower in the city in the allotted time! At first it will be a small sprout in the pot, but the more levels you go through, the higher the plant grows. With each level passed, the sunflower is added in growth by one division, which is tracked using a ruler.

Where is it and how to play? This is a special promotion, players participate in it, passing game levels.Starting to play another puzzle, you first go to the page with a flower pot, a ruler and a timer. The timer counts the time taken to complete the task - in order to get the best prizes, you must grow your flower to the end of the countdown. Now just click on the "Play" button and continue to solve puzzles.

Prizes When the flower reaches two, eight and twenty divisions in the line, you get a box with the rewards:

Hot series

What to do? In the allotted time, you need to complete up to three levels in a row the first time. If you succeed, then you will get cool amplifiers.

Where is? The promotion itself is displayed when you click on the green arrow before completing the puzzle.You go to the next page, where the timer under the horn of multi-colored ice cream shows the time during which you need to complete the task. Press the green "Play" button in the middle and try to fulfill the conditions to get prizes!

Prizes The amount of gain you receive varies depending on how many win-win levels you managed to overcome the first time:

Picking flowers

What do we have to do? Passing levels, you need to collect flowers for a limited time and get points. The number of points earned determines your place in the leaderboard for the Color Picker. The more points you earn, the higher league you get.

Flowers The flowers you need to collect in puzzles are pink bricks with a picture of a flower. To see the total number of flowers collected and your place in the leaderboard, click the flower pot icon on the right side of the screen.

Keep in mind that the number of colors collected at the level will only be counted if you successfully complete the puzzle. In case of loss, all the flowers collected are burned.

Flower picking scale. The Color Picker page has a scale in the middle and at the end of which are boxes with gifts. When the scale reaches the next gift, you get it for yourself.

Timer. The timer counts the time for which you need to collect as many flowers as possible to get the biggest gift.At the end of time, the scale is reset and begins to fill from the beginning.

Gifts. In total, two gifts are provided:

Leagues. There are five leagues that differ in earned points when collecting flowers, from lowest to highest:

  1. A rock;
  2. Bronze;
  3. Silver;
  4. Gold;
  5. Diamond.

The leaders of each league move to the next oldest league and get chests with sets of boosters and endless lives.

Lily’s Garden: Special Events Guide

As a rule, special events are always dedicated to any important date for everyone - New Year, Christmas, Halloween, etc. At this time, various interesting events are launched, participating in which you can get additional prizes and gold coins.Sometimes events are held just like that and also carry some kind of benefit, for example, profitable sales. The following are examples of some events.

Christmas calendar

Special event dedicated to the end of the outgoing year. It will last all December, until the Catholic Christmas.

How to find? The calendar icon is on the right side of the screen, the icon in the middle. Click on it to check what gifts you received, and when the time comes to receive the next one.

What to do? You need to pass the level every day with any non-open gift - according to the results you will get great prizes! The timer, which counts the time until the next gift is issued, is at the bottom of the calendar.

Cyber ??monday

On Cyber ??Monday, you have the opportunity to purchase great sets of amplifiers on sale at a discounted price (65% discount). To make such a bargain, click on the cyber-Monday icon on the right. The time until the end of the sale counts down the timer at the bottom of the icon itself.

Lily’s Garden: Game Conclusion

A very beautiful, bright and entertaining game with a beautiful drawing, which, most likely, will be very popular with the girls, because the main character is a girl, moreover, cheerful, cheerful and positive! Pros of the game:

1. An interesting plot. You are sure to get carried away with this story, will help Lily build a wonderful garden, fulfill the conditions for inheritance and, of course, meet new people! What does a mechanic neighbor stand for, the friendship of the heroine with whom, perhaps, will grow into something more :)

2. Lack of advertising. There are no annoying pop-up videos in the game, so do not worry - no one will distract you from the gameplay.

3. Good heroes. This is not just a "three in a row" puzzle, but a real story developing before your eyes. What will happen next, you do not know. The game itself can be compared with the series, the action of which takes place before your eyes.

4. Beautiful puzzles. A few words about them. All puzzles are different, beautifully drawn and accompanied by interesting details: dandelions that need to be removed from the playing field, or bees flying from flower to flower, etc. Watching this design, certainly made with love for the game, is very nice.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.