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Lineage 2 Revolution: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

LINEAGE 2 REVOLUTION is an Android game with an exit date of December 14, 2017 from Netmarble from South Korea. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Lineage 2 Revolution download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Guide for Newbies
  2. Guides by class
  3. Orc Guide
  4. Equipment Guide

Lineage 2 Revolution: A Guide for Newbies

Lineage 2 Revolution has been beating all ratings for popularity in the Russian mobile gaming market for several years now. Indeed, the game is very bright and dynamic. Lineage 2 Revolution is an analogue of the famous Lineage and Lineage 2 games that came out a few years ago for playing on a PC.

In today’s guide, we have collected the most useful information on the game, the necessary tips at the start for beginners, analyze the pros and cons of each character in the game, their positioning, how they behave in a given situation. This article will help new players to start correctly, and not to make some mistakes that old gamers faced at the beginning of the game.

Lineage 2 Revolution: Which server is better to choose

At the very beginning of the game, the system suggests to choose one of the servers offered to the player.Choosing a server will affect the start of the game and is an important part of the gameplay. A year ago there were a lot of Russian-language servers. But in the autumn of 2018 they were united, leaving 2 servers - Belf and Faris.They have remained ardent fans of the game, for years, creating characters and improving the technique of the game. On these servers, all TOP places are already occupied, guilds are formed and filled to the maximum. If you start playing on these servers, it will be difficult to catch up with experienced players. It will be difficult to find a group for pumping characters.

For beginners, it is better to choose a new server, where you can harmoniously pump your character, join a good guild and, over time, take the top positions. Players on new servers are developing dynamically, you can always find a group (party) for the passage of tasks. At the moment, Russian-speaking players are offered to play on European servers:

  1. Julian number 1 - a new server for Russian-speaking players, life is in full swing, many young clans. There are representatives from other countries.
  2. Bay of Lyon number 1 - a new server, but the players on it with characters who have reached 100 levels and above.
  3. Oragon
  4. Shilen.
  5. Moon.
  6. Yana
  7. Beleth.
  8. Faris.

The last three servers are quite old, which will be difficult to develop.

Game Description

Character selection . After selecting the server, the player will be asked to choose a character. There are 5 races in the game:

  1. People.
  2. Elves.
  3. Dark Elves.
  4. Gnomes.
  5. Orcs.

Each race has strengths and weaknesses. Gnomes are the most underrated race by players. But, as practice shows, these are wonderful warriors, they have some good characters.

Also, characters are divided into classes:

  1. Warrior - this melee fighters have a lot of stamina. Possess control over the enemy, will be able to protect the allies from the onslaught of enemies. Can beat the enemy on the area. Players call them tanks.
  2. The robber is a ranged warrior. The main type of weapons bow and crossbow. They have an increased attack, but few health points.
  3. Mage - used in battle spells that give an attack on the area (mass attack). Possess the ability to impose positive skills on the team, cure it. Also impose negative effects on opponents. Have little health. They are ranged fighters.

About each profession, its pros and cons can be found below.

The choice of class will affect the choice of profession. For all races, each class can choose one of 2 professions at level 31. Orcs at level 31 have only 1 profession. It is worth noting that when choosing an orc, the player immediately receives a character of level 180, good equipment (set, gear), jewelry and weapons.

At any time, if you do not like playing for the champion, you can delete the character. After selecting a character, the player enters the central city of the race, where he will be offered the first task. It is performed automatically.Then you can look at the main menu screen, mail, shop and other main sections of the game. For each section there is training that is recommended to pass. It will tell about this section, what can be done in it.

Menu system

Description of objects on the screen. On the left, the tasks that need to be completed will appear on the screen. In the upper right corner there is a mini map where the player can look at the direction, the main places that the character runs through. In the lower right corner is a panel with active skills that can be used in battle.Above it are various potions (health, protection) that can be used during the battle. In the upper left corner there is an icon by clicking on which you can select the automatic game mode (to attack or not to attack certain players).

The main menu with buttons is located near the mini map. There is a Backpack (where things get, awards, equipment), Shop, Mail (awards and various messages are sent here), Chat Panel, Bell (player achievements are shown here). The menu (indicated by the button with three bars) is the main menu through which you can enter the main game activities (Clan, Dungeons). In the menu you can open the Character (all information about him is given here), Item, Settings, Events and much more.

It should more often go to the menu and submenu, which are highlighted by a red circle - it means that you can get a reward or perform some kind of action. Awards are recommended to collect immediately.

Combat power. The most important points in the game are Combat Power (CP). All actions that a player performs in the Line serve to increase the CP (BM). By BM choose characters in groups and clans. BM level affects the selection of opponents in the Arena. Combat power can be viewed in the upper left corner under the HP and mana scale. In order to raise combat power, you must:

  1. Increase the level of the character - leveling is a major part of the gameplay. With each level, the character becomes stronger and increases its combat power.
  2. Skill skills - each character has active and passive skills that must be developed. They affect the strength of the strike in a battle, increase the hero’s characteristics in a battle, impose positive effects on the allies and negative effects on opponents.
  3. Increasing the level of equipment - armor, weapons and jewelry increase the basic parameters of the character, also increase his combat power.
  4. Runes - they give additional characteristics, increase the hero’s BM, give the character bonuses to the parameters.
  5. The level of achievements - with each achievement, the player receives bonuses and increased performance.
  6. Reputation points - increases the hero’s combat power.
  7. Stones of the soul - give the equipment an increase in performance, thereby increasing the hero’s BM.
  8. Code Monsters - improves the characteristics of the character.
  9. Pets are riding animals that give an increase in BM.
  10. Other characters on the account - the more characters on the player’s account, the better. They and their level give a certain percentage to the increase in BM.

Hero leveling

Pumping occurs, mainly due to the execution of quests. For the execution of the task the player receives a certain amount of experience. There are also Undergrounds in which certain items are mined to increase combat power (stones, rune fragments, equipment).

Subject tasks - are marked on the panel in yellow. These are quests that lead the player through the history of the world. They are given constantly. But, there will come a moment when the game will offer to pump a little and raise the level, and after that the storyline will continue. In this case, you must go to the "Main Menu" - "Calls" - "Tasks". There are a number of tabs for various tasks:

  1. Daily task - 6 quests are available per day, at the same time it is possible to take 3 pieces. The meaning of the task is to find the character online for a certain amount of time. After the arrival of this period of time, the player receives rewards and experience. You can leave the game online and go about your business, or perform other activities in the game.
  2. Weekly tasks - 10 quests available daily. The player simply clicks on "Run" and the hero will automatically run to perform them.
  3. Single tasks and tasks of the Hall of the Clan - you must read what task you take, because some quests are designed for pumped and high-level heroes.


Everything is simple, everything is painted at the entrance to each Dungeon: where and what needs to be done.There is a "Tower of Arrogance" - here you need to walk on the floors and kill monsters. The higher the player rises, the more difficult. But at the same time, the reward is better than on the first floors. If a player is stuck and cannot pass a certain floor, it is recommended to click on the "Auto Pass" button, after which the character will quickly go over the floors that have already been passed and will bring rewards to the player. There is an "Elite Underground" where stones, crystals, blood stones, equipment fall.

Rewards for passing the Daily Underground (the type, rank and amount of the reward varies depending on the day of the week and the difficulty of passing):

Day of the weekName of the UndergroundReward
Monday.Sanctuary of the Persecutors.Scroll: weapon modification.
Tuesday.Warrior’s Shrine.Stone improvement weapons.
Wednesday.The sanctuary of the beast.Scroll: modification of the armor.
Thursday.Shrine of Evil.Stone improvement armor.
Friday.The sanctuary of demons.Scroll: modification of accessories.
Saturday.Shrine of Memories.Stone enhancement accessories.
Sunday.An ancient sanctuary.Selection box with stones improvement.

Time break. To pass, you need several participants. Opens for a certain time. If you exit the fault, you can get a penalty (entry restriction within a few hours).

Stories are selected at the entrance to the rift:

  1. Type of Dungeon.
  2. The name of the Underground.
  3. Level of difficulty.
  4. The level of combat power.
  5. The level of the Underground itself.
  6. Status Awards.

Awards for the Altar of Madness

Difficulty level: Easy / Normal / Hard / Very Hard
Cloak yarn10/20/25/100
Ramogh’s core1/2/4/8
Shard of Madness2/5/10/25
Random reward for passing- / 1/1/2
Difficulty level: Nightmare
Shard of Madness100
Core Ramog (Nightmare)6
Fragment of a forgotten folio2
Random reward for passing2

Awards for the Countess Blood Bedroom

Difficulty level: Easy / Normal / Hard / Very Hard
Cloak yarn10/20/25/100 /
The Trisha Core1/2/4/8
Tricia’s Teardrop2/5/10/25
Random reward for passing.- / 1/1/2
Difficulty level: Nightmare
Tricia’s Teardrop100
Kernel Trish (Nightmare)6
Fragment of a forgotten folio2
Random reward for passing2

Temple Creation Award

Difficulty level: Easy
Cloak yarn20
Core of agiosone
Difficulty level: Normal / Hard / Very Hard
Cloak yarn40/80/150
Core of agios2/4/8 /
The core of the elements of Agios1/10/50
Random reward for passing1/1/2

Award for the Temple of Dragon Hearts of any level of complexity.

Cloak yarn60/100/190
Embryo Awakening Core4/8/16
Dragon Scale10/50/75
Random reward for passing1/2/2

What is included in the random rewards for passing the Temporary rift?

Tactics scramble. Automatic execution of tasks in the game, called "autoquest". It is activated immediately after making the quest. At this time, the champion independently runs to perform this or that mission. The player at this time can manage his hero. If during autoquest the champion hits 1 monster, then the player is recommended to collect several goals in one place and beat them with massive skills. Thus, you can quickly complete the quest and gain experience.

If a player fights against a boss or an elite monster, then it is recommended to divert his guards (guards) to another object. This object can be non-fiction or plot characters. When the guards are distracted, you should immediately start hitting the monster. When a character has very few lives, you should not run away from the monster. It is recommended to simply circle around him and not go far. Thus, the boss will miss, but not depart from the hero. This maneuver will give time to restore life or drink potions.

Avtoboy mode - differs from auto-quest in that the player can activate it during the fight. The game has two options for using autoboat:

  1. This is when a character independently battles a monster using his active skills.
  2. When a champion uses an auto attack, the player controls the skills.

Experienced players recommend option 2, because the player will be able to activate the necessary skills at the right time. For example, hit with a massive skill or put a shield.

If you daily perform all the quests offered, go to the Underground, you can quickly gain experience.It is important to perform other actions in the game. For example, join the clan.


Experienced players recommend joining the Clan from the start of the game. And the better the clan, the better the player. In the rolled clans there is the "Clan Hall". Here the player will receive a large number of bonuses. For example, there is the "Crystal of Unity". The higher the level of the crystal, the more percent of the bonus members of the clan receive. This bonus will be given constantly while the player is in the clan.

Roulette. By clicking on the "foot" in the upper right corner, you can receive additional prizes every day, you just need to turn the roulette, from which good bonuses randomly drop out. If a relic has fallen, you should go to the "Relic" section, where you need to register it (put in the appropriate cell). Here the relic will stand for an hour, after which the player will be able to pick up bonuses. Each time prizes are given in different quantities.

Feast - by going to this menu, you can organize a feast. The steeper the event, the longer the bonus earned from holding it runs. You can adjust the options from the "regular" peer to "luxurious". Resources for the feast, are given for the performance of tasks "Clan Hall". It works like this: the player arranges a feast, the guild members come, they can take part in the event (they will have an additional window). Then the player gets a certain percentage, which improves the characteristics of the hero for a while. During this time, you can perform complex tasks or go to the guild boss.

Donations - an important component for the development of the clan. Each member of the clan must periodically donate to Adena (game currency), blood marks and blood stones to the guild. Blood marks and stones are needed only to raise the level of the clan. Therefore, if the player has these items, then it is imperative to sacrifice them to upgrade the clan.

Achievements of the hero. This section is divided into 5 different areas of player activity:

  1. Battle - points are given for any fight, killing a rare monster.
  2. Gain - points are awarded for achieving a level, completing certain story missions, increasing skills, and so on.
  3. Equipment - points can be obtained for the purchase of equipment, its improvements, the insertion of stones.
  4. Social - points are given for finding friends, getting friendship points, donations.
  5. Resources - points are awarded for the purchase of various stones, for the use of potions and scrolls.

When you perform a specific task, you can get adena and reward. With each task in each section, the scale of achievements increases. When the scale is filled, the character gets the rank of achievement and he is given an extra bonus to the characteristics of the hero.

It is recommended to enter the achievements daily and complete tasks in them, because in this way the player enhances to the champion the basic characteristics of the character. Some tasks can be completed in the course of other tasks.

Arena. Players can fight in the Arena among themselves. For each fight, a certain amount of reputation points is given, which raises the glory to the champion. Rating increases the basic parameters of the hero. For fame rating, a player can receive additional rewards every day. You can enter the Arena from the "Main Menu" - at the bottom of the "Battlefield" - "Arena" screen. The arena will be available to the player at level 10.

It is advised to choose an opponent not by the level of the hero, not by rating, but by the number of points of combat power. If the champion player CP is higher than the opponent, then you can easily win over him.


You can enter the "Runa" menu through the "Main Menu" - "Character" - "Runa". Here is the improvement of the basic characteristics of the hero by applying runes. The runes are divided into basic and basic. Each basic rune corresponds to the type of champion’s parameters. When all the basic runes on the page reach the level of the central (main) runes, the character will receive a significant increase in all characteristics presented on the page.There are 10 pages with runes. As soon as the player fills the entire 1 page, the second page opens and so on.Thus, it is possible to strengthen the hero and increase his combat power.

To apply runes, you must have a sufficient amount of adena and rune fragments. Fragments are knocked out in the Tower of Arrogance (in the Underground) and in the Shop.

The menu has a button "Automatic", when clicked, the system will distribute the application of runes evenly.

Character skills

Skills are divided into passive and active, depending on the method of use. The effect of active skills is permanent.Active skills need to be activated.

Passive skills. The effects of passive skills are constantly applied from the moment they are received, additional conditions are not needed to use them, and they do not waste their health and mana. They enhance the basic characteristics of each class, as well as the effectiveness of weapons and armor.

Passive skill categories

Skill classificationExplanation
Skill class.The ability that all heroes have a certain class.
Clan skillThe skill that a character can get in a clan.
Rare skill.The passive skill that is given to the hero with the help of the rare Forgotten Scroll (it can be obtained in normal game zones, with participation in raids of the clan, drop out of the awards).

Active skills. To activate them, mana (MP) and health (HP) are required. Active abilities can be used in various ways and applied against opponents, on yourself or on group members. These skills help to use the attributes of each class more effectively.

Active skill categories

Skill classificationExplanation
Physical skill.Deals physical damage to enemies.
Magic skill.Deals magical damage to enemies.
Modification skill.With it, you can modify the attribute of a spell or a selected target.
Weakening skillsA skill that limits or weakens the attribute of a selected target.
Rare skill.It turns out with the help of a rare Forgotten Scroll.

Rare skills. They can be obtained regardless of the champion class. These abilities are distinguished from other high-performance. To make a skill, you need to find a certain number of pages of the Forgotten Scroll, then make a Forgotten Scroll, and then get a specific skill. Rare skill level is increased by Forgotten Atta scrolls.


  1. Flying arrow - deals damage to several opponents.
  2. Meteor shower - attacks a large number of enemies in a large area.
  3. Absolute Shield - gives a shield that greatly increases the character’s defense.
  4. Healing blow - with its help, you can significantly restore HP.

Active and passive abilities can be increased for skill points (Skill Point - SP). SP is given with the achievement of a new level of the hero, for some quests and for increasing the scale of quests. To replenish the SP you can purchase a chest in the store.

SP at the start of the game will be given in large quantities. Therefore, many players improve everything. It is worth remembering that upon reaching level 31, the hero will receive a profession in which active skills will change. Consequently, increased active abilities will go nowhere.Experienced players recommend not to spend SP on active skills. But passive abilities can be increased, since they will remain with the character until the end of the game.


In the menu for making potions, you can go through the "Main Menu" - "Character" - "Elixir". Here you can make a variety of potions that are used in battles:

  1. Elixir HP - increases for some time the scale of the hero’s health.
  2. Elixir MP - increases for a certain time the mana scale.
  3. Elixir of Attack - increases attack.
  4. Elixir of Protection - increases protection.

Elixirs are made from special herbs, which can be obtained in the Undergrounds of loot. Here, players can get up to 20 herbs of 4 different colors. There are 3 types of monsters in Dungeon Loot. Each of them has different parameters, different herbs are given for the victory over them. In this dungeon, PvP mode is enabled (that is, players can fight each other), so it is recommended to be careful when collecting herbs. The dungeon is open from level 24.

Elixirs forever increase the parameters of the hero. Therefore, it is necessary after the collection of herbs to look for a special monster Mandragora. Essences fall from them, without which it is impossible to make a potion.

Monster Types:

  1. Strong honey badger - you need to kill this monster in order to receive the blessing of the honey badger, who will give the character certain effects. Each type of Medoyed gives its effect to the extraction of herbs. Effects are not cumulative.
  2. Mandragora - successful extraction of herbs increases the chance of the appearance of this monster. She does not move and attacks from one place. Mandragora appears at a certain time, if you do not win it - it will disappear.
  3. The garden keeper is a giant monster that periodically appears and travels around the Underground. If you collect herbs around it, you can get 2 times more production. If you kill him, you can get a box with trophies.


In the "Main Menu" - "Challenges" - "Bestiary" you can get to register the Monsters’ cores in the Code.Registration provides an opportunity to improve the main parameters of the hero. Bonuses are given depending on the rank of Bestiary. Monster cores can be obtained on the hunt, or from the call boxes. When hunting for named monsters are more likely to get the core.

After filling out the page Bestiary becomes active. After that, a gamer can see detailed information about a particular monster. For activating the page the player receives awards. In the Bestiary presents monsters active in each region. Activate the code can be hunting for certain animals.

Each page of the Bestiary represents a specific location in which monsters are found from the page. If the player cannot find a certain monster, he will be in one of the regions of the game world.

To find a monster, you must click on the "Place" button under the icon of the beast, after which a map of the desired region will open. To the right of the map will be shown all the monsters in the location.The required enemy will be highlighted in blue and the button "Move" will appear opposite its name.If you click on it, the character will independently run to the location of the required monster.

Lineage 2 Revolution: Guides by class

The game has 3 main classes, which are divided into 2 professions at 31 character levels. It is necessary to choose a character precisely by profession, because the main parameters and active skills will be determined by her. In the article we will not describe all the skills of the characters, because they can be viewed immediately when you first create a character. It is important to answer the question: which heroes behave better in certain activities, what are their pros and cons, which hero is universal, and which behaves badly in any situation.

The main characteristics of the hero are determined by two leading directions in the game:

  1. PvP - this is all the activities and actions associated with the battle against the characters of other players. Many gamers choose their hero by the criterion of his behavior in a fight against players.
  2. PvE is a fight against monsters and bosses. Picking up a hero with excellent indicators for this game mode, gamers can farm well (periodically kill monsters to get a certain item), quickly raise the level of the hero, help the team on the bosses.

In the article we described the impressions of the characters of experienced ruler players who have been playing this game for many years. If the player has an opinion, then it is worth trying to pump the selected hero.


Paladin (warrior) - is a good class of tanks (melee fighters) who will defend their group in any case. If he develops harmoniously, he will be able to keep the boss on himself. It has a huge amount of control in PvE and in PvP, it has a huge survival rate. In PvP, it will be slightly better than other classes of tanks.

A general (warrior) is a good class, a lot of control in PvE and in PvP. Can play with two-handed swords and spears. They are good to farm (to extract certain things from monsters, repeatedly attacking them). But it will be harder for them to run into the crowd than to other classes of warriors - the dealers (warriors with increased attack).

The Treasure Seeker (robber) is good in PvP, he has enough control, but he is weak in PvE. When fighting in a mass brawl against other players, it is very difficult for them to play. If you fight 1 on 1, you can win in many cases.

Shooter (robber) - he is a good farmer, considered one of the best archers in PvP. In PvE, he is weak enough, but nevertheless he gets monsters from the largest distance in the game (good for group farming, when the shooter pulls the fat monster out of the crowd, and then the tank intercepts him and does not attack the rest of the fragile fighters). But there are Lukari who will be better than him. Although he is good at mass sieges.

The firelord (magician) is one of the weakest classes in PvP, it is quite difficult for them to kill one or another character. He has a low amount of control. But for PvE, this character is good (especially in a group with a warrior).

Bishop (mage) - a good character, can heal allies, but does not have any features. He performed well in mass PvE, but in PvP he doesn’t work so well due to being overtaken by other healers.


Knight Eve (warrior) - among the tanks, this hero is very rare. But, nevertheless, the mechanics of this class will bring it to the first position. In PvE - not bad, well controlled and keeps the crowd of monsters. In PvP - this character survives well.

Minstrel (warrior) - the player can give a group a very great benefit, playing for this hero. It is characterized by an increased critical strike. Gives a lot of damage in a mass PvE brawl. In PvP - a little weaker. He will often be searched for in a group. If a player is looking for a quality character - this hero is perfect.

Pathfinder (robber) - good damage in PvE. Very good champ for single player. In PvP is not bad, but will be inferior to the commander. In PvE will eat a lot of potions, so you need to be careful with him, do not climb on the rampage. It has tremendous attack speed and good critical damage.

Silver Ranger (robber) - very quickly deals damage, but it does not give much critical damage. Very good in PvE and in PvP. It can be overclocked. You can wear any equipment. In the mass fights, he is good, with the farm gives very good performance.

Spell Singer (mage) is one of the best PvP classes. It has a huge amount of control. They can quickly farm and fight in PvE. Character deals ice damage. He deserves attention. The character is good in a group and in a single game.

Elder (mage) is one of the best PvE and PvP healers. It is considered a universal class that fits into any group for any situation. Good in massive fights and in single combat. They find it difficult to farm alone, but, nevertheless, he will, there are not many potions.

Dark Elves

Knight Shilen (warrior) - tank. The character regenerates his health through attacks. Thanks to this, the hero survives, and survives in all situations. Controls are not so much like Paladin. The class is common among players. Good in massive PvP. It is difficult to play for him, although he is considered one of the best tanks for pharma (especially when the Lukari bring many monsters to the group).

Death dancer (warrior) - will find a place in any group, strongly accelerates all allies. Dress him up for critical damage. The dancer is comfortable playing alone. It has only one drawback - a large number of players play for it.

Wanderer of the abyss (robber) - deals a huge amount of damage, takes most of the bosses (sometimes in order to pick up a thing, you need to put the final blow to the boss). Deals maximum damage to 1 target. Minus - he has a bad survival rate. Good in massive PvE and in PvP, but will not be able to take a lot of kills, because it hits 1 target and will not be able to live long.

Phantom Ranger (robber) - deals many powerful critical hits, inflicts huge damage during auto attack.Universal in PvE and PvP. It has a lot of control. You need to be careful with its positioning, it is necessary to put the hero correctly (behind the back of the tank), also the use of active skills affects the survival rate. The weak side is low survival, but a huge loss, it needs to be overclocked in a group. If Phantom got a good group, he will cope with all enemies.

The wind caster (magician) is one of the TOP characters in terms of causing damage both for 1 and for multiple targets. Inflicts an incredible amount of damage due to its abilities. Taking the 3 profession, the Summoner will have the greatest damage in the game. Of the minuses - little control and low survival.

Sage Shilen (magician) - the strangest healer in the game. In order to cure the group, the group itself must work to do this, and the Sage will impose the necessary positive effect for this. If the group is poorly dressed, then it will not be able to be treated. Of the benefits - very few players play for him.


The guard (warrior) is a very good tank, has a large amount of control, but slightly less than that of the Paladin.Behaves better in PvE than Paladin, but in PvP is weaker than Paladin. Can beat abilities 2 times.

Slayer (warrior) - takes swords or spear. Very good in terms of positioning in battle. Can quickly move to the battlefield, which allows him to fly into the fight instantly. Gives a good effect on the group. It has the strongest physical attack in the game. At the same time, it does not have high critical damage and high attack speed.

Collector (robber) - has a large amount of control, a lot of health. Deals stable damage, but without large numbers, does not have a high attack speed. Increases farm adena to the whole group.

The combat ranger (robber) is the strangest lukar in the game, he does not have over attack indicators. Produces good damage in PvE and in PvP. But other characters bypass it in everything.

Battle magician (magician) - imposes on the group a lot of positive effects. Gives a unique effect - increases damage from the hand (not skills) to the whole team. It can act as an assistant or in the role of causing great damage. Good character.

The sage (magician) is an interesting healer, but first of all, he is one of the best PvE healers. PvP doesn’t have much control. He has a great ability that does damage across an area, but in PvP this character is weak.

How do heroes behave in PvP

PaladinTreasure hunterFire lord
GeneralShooter (but good in massive PvP)Bishop
Silver knightKnight eveSage
Spell singerMinstrelBattle Mage
ElderPathfinderBattle Ranger
Guardian of the abyssKnight Shilen (rather weak)Sage Shilen
GuardianDeath Dancer (rather strong)
Windcaster (rather strong)

How do heroes behave in PvE

One of the bestGoodAverage
Death dancerPaladinTreasure hunter
Guardian of the abyssGeneralFire lord
Wind spellShooterBishop
MinstrelKnight eve
PathfinderSage Shilen
Silver RangerCollector
ElderBattle Ranger
Battle Mage

Lineage 2 Revolution: Orc Guide

Orcs appeared in the game a year ago. This race is the strongest in the game, but for each of them it is very difficult to play, you must learn to play first on other races, and then you can choose orcs. These characters are immediately given to the player at level 180, without the need to fulfill any conditions. They have 3 classes, from which you can get on 1 profession. Like other races, orcs have common passive skills:

  1. The potential of the orcs is a bonus to defense and resistance to critical hits.
  2. Thief weapon - increases attack by using claws +12.
  3. Light armor - increases dodge by 2, applies separately to helmet / armor / gloves / shoes.
  4. Warrior skill - increases damage when attacked by 10%.

As skill levels increase, performance increases. At the start of the game, the orcs already have all the open skills for level 180, they are given good SR equipment and weapons, and many different bonuses. Skills have already been pumped to level 30, runes are at level 7. All that you can get above level 180, the player shakes on their own.

Shaman orcs

This is a magician, and he has the most balanced active abilities, from which you can make a great combination in battle. Gives the group support + good attack + magic attack. Wearing it is necessary in the magic equipment, preferably on the attack. He is accompanied by a magic staff and a shield (he is the only one who can wear these two attributes at the same time).

Active skills:

  1. Frosty flame (activated only with a rod / staff) - attacks, causing damage as a percentage equivalent + a certain amount of final damage. It will become a goal (stops the enemy, not allowing him to move and beat) for 2 seconds. With this skill it is good to farm.
  2. Shaking flash (wand only) - a fiery aura appears, which deals 26% damage per second to the enemy + final damage + lowers the enemy’s defense by 9%. In PvP inflicts additional damage, you can attack several times. If the Shaman moves, the aura follows him, causing gradual damage to the enemy.
  3. The Song of Vengeance - increases the attack by 18,000. This stable figure + gives Shield for 7 seconds + for 15 seconds allows the hero to heal from monster damage (vampirism).

Passive skills:

  1. Whisper of Death - increases critical damage to the entire group + 59%.
  2. The Song of Battle - increases the attack of the entire group by 0.5%. The effect increases with the growth of group members.
  3. The song of life - with the use of any ability there is a chance to impose on all members of the group to restore by 3 seconds 5.6% of the attacks +3427. The chance of activation is 15%.

The shaman can collect monsters in a circle, activate 3 skills, then 1 and finish them with 2 abilities. This character can be quickly pumped.


This is a warrior with increased attack. He needs to pick up equipment for damage. The character has sufficient control over the enemy, which makes him a welcome member of any group.

Active skills:

  1. Attack on the weak point - deals damage + additional damage + 50% chance to impose a negative effect on the enemy, from which the opponent becomes weaker or becomes in a stupor for 3 seconds. This is such a variable skill or weakness, or camp.
  2. Rock Sword - deals 3 attacks, each of which deals damage + reduces the target’s run speed by 45% for 5 seconds.Suitable at the moment when the player is chasing the enemy.
  3. Rage - increases attack by 16,000 + increases critical strike chance by 6% + increases attack speed by 10%. As skill levels increase, numbers increase.

Passive skills:

  1. Aura of attack - increases the attack of the group by 2664 units of the whole group.
  2. Hardening - increases critical damage resistance by 11,000+ and reduces the duration of a negative effect by 16%.
  3. Detection of a weak spot - is activated during an enemy attack. Reduces enemy defense by 20%, reduces critical damage by 6624 for 5 seconds. The chance to activate the skill is 15%.


This is a robber who uses totems in battles. They are based on his battle tactics. Dress hero is recommended to attack.

Active skills:

  1. Flaming fist (works with a claw) - deals 177% damage + 25,000 fixed damage. For 3 seconds, reduces enemy armor by 21%.
  2. Hurricane onslaught - strikes a series of fast, stunning blows.
  3. Spirit Totem - randomly gaining 10 seconds by the power of one of the Spirits: Puma (the number of targets increases by 2, attack speed + 21%), Bear (defense +17500, life theft +4, 24%), Org (attack 19500, chance critical strike + 9.15%).

Passive skills:

  1. Quick step - increases the speed of the group by + 16%.
  2. Increased attack speed - with a successful strike, the likelihood of an attack speed increase of + 7% and a dodge chance of + 11%. Superimposed up to 3 times. The skill activation chance is 30%.
  3. Aura of the spirit of the totem - when using the Spirit of the totem for a while, the power of the Spirit of the Rabbit is given (speed + 28% for 2.5 seconds). There is a chance to receive the power of the Spirit of Falcon, the chance of activation of which is 30%. Falcon gives the hero critical damage + 70% for 10 seconds, speed ratio + 18.29% for 10 seconds.

With good luck when inflicting damage by the Totem Spirit plus the hero will receive all 3 bonuses from the character’s last passive skill.

Lineage 2 Revolution: Equipment Guide

Armor, weapons and jewelry - an important point in the growth of combat power. Many players spend resources to improve their armor, without thinking that a great thing might fall out at high levels, and improving which requires a huge amount of materials. Also, do not spend the stones of the soul prematurely, inserting them into anything.

The first rule of a successful player is to save resources. You should not spend rare things right and left. First you need to properly explore the game and its mechanics, to understand which items have value, and which are just fleeting debris, suitable only for disassembly.

In the line of a large variety of things to enhance the character. The quality of things is determined by the grade (grade) of the item:

  1. C - the worst things, they can either be sold or put for recycling.
  2. B - things are a little better, but there is no point in improving them anyway.
  3. And - normal things, it is possible to carry, more rare parts of equipment will not drop out yet. Sharpen them do not need.
  4. S - good things, but no need to sharpen them.
  5. R - from this rank can be improved items.
  6. SR - until recently, were the best items in the game. They can be improved and strengthened.
  7. UR - at the moment the most top items, they can be obtained by a long collection of resources for manufacturing.

All improvements are made in the Forge. You can get into it through the "Main Menu" - "Item". In the Forge, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Increase the level of equipment.
  2. Improve equipment.
  3. Combination of equipment.
  4. Modification of equipment.
  5. Attribute modification.
  6. Subcharacteristic change.
  7. Increase the limit.
  8. The manufacture of the subject.
If the inventory space is not enough, then you should not sell equipment. It is recommended using it to raise the level of things. If there are no items to increase the level, it is advisable to choose any best thing from the wardrobe and increase its level. So the player will make the character stronger and make room in the inventory.

Increase the level of equipment. When raising you should pay attention to some features:

  1. The maximum level of equipment is 30. Exceeding the limit is available for a rank of SR and above, and level 40 is available.
  2. If used together sold and non-sales items of equipment, the resulting item will not be sold.
  3. To increase the level of equipment required materials of the same type (weapons for weapons, armor for armor, and so on).
  4. To increase the level you can use special varnishes.
  5. To increase the level, you can use the "Automatic selection", after which you can choose the rank of items from which to improve.

Improved gear

It is worth noting that at the moment it is not worthwhile to engage in improving equipment to increase its rank. This requires a lot of material, and to do a thing of rank SR or UR in this way will not work.

Improving equipment is raising things in rank. For improvement, stones of improvement are used, which can occur only at the maximum level of equipment. Stones of improvement can be obtained in the daily dungeons, during the call materials, in prizes for daily activity, for quests.

The level of modification, soul crystals, random characteristics and attributes do not change upon improvement. At the same time, the level of the improved subject is reduced to 1. Improvement occurs with 100% success.

During the improvement of the subject, things that can be used to improve are highlighted. For each type of items, there are their own improvement stones:

  1. Weapons - the stone to improve weapons.
  2. Armor is a stone for improving armor.
  3. Accessory - a stone of improvement of accessories.

Modification of equipment. If the modification is successful, the basic characteristics are increased. Weapons gain an aura depending on the level of modification. Scrolls are used for modification.

Scrolls are special items for modification. They do not have ranks. There are 2 types of scrolls available:

  1. Normal - the modification level is increased by 1.
  2. Blessed - level can rise from 1 to 3.

To modify each type of equipment there are different types of scrolls.

The player can get bonus effects when using 7 more items of clothing with level 8 and above.

Attribute modification. Equip a rank of S or higher receives attributes. The player can use items with the same attribute to increase the level of the attribute. Chance of improvement varies depending on the rank of equipment and resources. Attributes can change only when combining equipment.

Attribute types for weapons

SlaughterhouseBonus damage when attacking monsters.
Hunting.Bonus damage when attacking elite monsters.
Valor.Bonus damage when attacking bosses.
Destruction.Bonus damage when attacking players.
SpikeBonus damage when attacking magical monsters.

Attribute Type for Armor

Protective maneuver.Reducing damage from monsters.
Patience.Reducing damage from elite monsters.
Iron wall.Reducing damage from other players.
Aegis.Reducing damage from magical monsters.

Attribute type for accessories

Perseverance.Increased resistance to stun.
Meditation.Increase magical defense.
Vitality.Increased slowdown resistance.
Hardness.Increased critical resistance.
Rapidity.Speed boost.
CalmIncrease the duration of the combination.
With each attribute level, the effect percentage increases.

Subcharacteristic change. For each equipment of rank A and above apply from 1 to 3 attributes. If a player does not like certain attributes, then they can be changed using a certain number of diamonds. Subcharacteristics of the same type should not be repeated. Also, you can not change the main sub-characteristics.Subcharacteristics can be changed by combining equipment.

Increase the limit. Exceeding the limit of equipment level is possible only on things of rank SR and UR. To increase the maximum level, you must use the same equipment of the same rank. The maximum level can be increased by 2. Such operations can be performed 5 times, that is, the maximum level of the object can be increased to 40.

Combination. For equipment of a higher rank, you can combine equipment of a lower rank. For the combination does not need to pay anything. This operation in each case takes place with 100% success. You can also combine task scrolls and herbs to increase their rank.

Soul Crystals

Soul crystals serve to enhance the basic characteristics of equipment. The number of cells into which soul crystals can be inserted depends on the rank of the armor. The bonus parameters depend on the level and rank of the crystals inserted into the thing. Each type of equipment has its own kind of crystals. Soul crystals have 5 levels.The ranks of soul crystals from C to SR, and crystals of maximum level below SR rank, can be improved to a higher rank.

Soul Crystals can be obtained by hunting on game cards and in clan dungeons. Soul crystals are inserted into the object for free, but when withdrawn, you will need to pay a certain amount of adena. There are 9 types of soul crystals that influence changes in the parameters of a thing.

Soul Crystal Types

Crystal nameThe subject where it can be inserted
Soul Crystal Attack (increase physical and magical attack).Arms, gloves.
Soul Crystal of Protection (increase physical and magical protection).Helmet, armor.
Soul Crystal HP (health).Helmet, armor.
Soul Crystal Punching.Ring.
Soul Crystal of Precision.Boots, necklace.
Soul Crystal of Evasion.Boots, necklace.
Soul Crystal Flexibility.Earrings.
Soul Crystal Critical AttackNecklace, gloves.
Soul Crystal of Critical Resistance.Earrings.

Improving soul crystals. To improve the crystals one level or higher, you must use a certain number of soul crystals of the same rank and adena. Improvement is made in the "Main Menu" - "Item" - "Improvement".

Effects of equipment set. The player can receive additional bonuses if the character is dressed in 2 or more items of the same type. The effects of recruitment increase as the number of items increases.

Armor Kit:

  1. Helmet.
  2. Armor.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Boots.

Accessory kit :

  1. Necklace.
  2. Earrings.
  3. Ring.

There are no sets for weapons. Equipment rank determines the class in which effects are available. Available kits:

  1. Blue wolf.
  2. The set of persecutor.
  3. Distance set.
  4. Nightmare set.
  5. Avadon’s set.
  6. Greatness set.
  7. Dominus set.

Create UR item

If at the start the player plans to create UR armor, weapons and accessories ever, then it is necessary to prepare for this operation right from the start of the game. It is not joke! All the necessary materials are collected very long and in large quantities.

To create UR equipment you need:

  1. Full SR grade gear - equipment must be level 30 and above.
  2. A recipe is a special recipe for creating UR equipment. They require 15 pieces for weapons and 10 for armor. There are a lot of recipes, they exist for each type of weapon.
  3. Materials for equipment - you need 250 pieces for weapons and 150 for each armor. There are various materials that are defined by class.
  4. Shining improvement stone - you need 10 pieces for weapons and armor.
  5. Parts of items - 5000 parts for weapons and 3000 parts for armor.

Recipe - is determined by the attributes of armor and weapons. To create a recipe, you need 10 or 30 (depending on the attribute) fragments of a torn recipe and 1500 pieces of weapons and armor. The number of parts also depends on the attribute. For example, for weapons with an attribute against magic monsters, a recipe with an attribute against magic monsters is required. To create it, you need 30 fragments of a torn recipe and 5,000 pieces of weapons.

Materials for equipment - they also need to create. They are created not only by attributes, but also by weapon / armor classes.

Materials for weapons class Warrior (sword, shield, twin swords, spears)

Slaughterhouse15 attribute weapons against monsters, 250 Durandilum alloys, 10 glowing weapon upgrade stones, 5,000 weapon pieces.
Hunting.15 weapons with an attribute against elite monsters, 250 Durandilum alloys, 10 glowing weapon upgrade stones, 5000 weapon pieces.
Valor.15 weapons with attribute against bosses, 250 Durandilum alloys, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.
Annihilation.15 attribute weapons against players, Orihalkum 250, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.
Rage.15 weapons with an attribute against magic monsters, 250 Orihalkum, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.

Materials for weapons class Rogue (dagger, bow)

Slaughterhouse15 weapons with an attribute against monsters, 250 Iron ore, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.
Hunting.15 weapons with an attribute against elite monsters, 250 Iron ore, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5,000 weapon pieces.
Valor.15 weapons with an attribute against players, 250 Iron ore, 10 shining stones for improving weapons, 5,000 weapons.
Annihilation.15 weapons with an attribute against bosses, 250 Steel, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5,000 weapon parts.
Rage.15 weapons with an attribute against magic monsters, 250 Steel, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.

Materials for weapons class Mage (staff)

Slaughterhouse15 weapons with an attribute against monsters, 250 Trees, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.
Hunting.15 weapons with an attribute against elite monsters, 250 Trees, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5,000 weapon pieces.
Valor.15 attribute weapons against bosses, 250 Trees, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5000 weapon parts.
Annihilation.15 attribute weapons against players, 250 Sturdy Trees, 10 glowing weapon upgrade stones, 5000 weapon pieces.
Rage.15 weapons with an attribute against magic monsters, 250 sturdy trees, 10 shining stones of weapon improvement, 5,000 weapon pieces.

Materials for creating armor class Warrior (heavy armor)

Patience.10 armor with attributes against monsters, 150 Adamantite, 10 shining stones of an improvement of an armor, 3000 parts of an armor.
Patronage.10 armor with attributes against bosses, 150 Adamantite, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Iron power.10 armor with attributes against players, 150 Adamantite, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Aegis.10 armor with attributes against magical monsters, 150 Adamantite, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.

Materials for creating armor class Rogue (light armor)

Patience.10 armor with attributes against monsters, 150 Leather, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Patronage.10 armor with attributes against bosses, 150 Leather, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Iron power.10 armor with attributes against players, 150 Durable leather, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Aegis.10 armor with attributes against magical monsters, 150 Sturdy leather, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.

Materials for creating armor class Mage (magical armor)

Patience.10 armor with attributes against monsters, 150 Fibers, 10 shining stones of an improvement of an armor, 3000 parts of an armor.
Patronage.10 armor with attributes against bosses, 150 Fibers, 10 shining stones of an improvement of an armor, 3000 parts of an armor.
Iron power.10 armor with attributes against players, 150 Synthetic fibers, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.
Aegis.10 armor with attributes against magic monsters, 150 Synthetic fibers, 10 shining stones to improve the armor, 3000 pieces of armor.

Materials for creating Ordinary accessories (Elves, Moonstone, Black accessory, Phoenix, Nassen, Arbol)

Required materialamount
Recipe (for each type of your own)ten
gold bar150
Shining improvement stoneten
Parts of accessories3000
Beads (for each accessory their own beads)150

Materials to create accessories Hero

Required materialamount
Recipe - Hero Accessoryten
Hero Bar150
Shining improvement stoneten
Parts of accessories3000
Hero’s Beads150
If the player does not have enough materials while improving, creating equipment, and the player does not know where to find him, then you need to go to the Forge or the Workshop, choose the thing to improve and click on the missing material. In the appeared window it will be shown where to find the resource.

Where to get materials for the manufacture of the item grade UR:

  1. Recipes - workshop.
  2. Fragment of a torn recipe - clan shop, breaking equipment in the workshop, World boss.
  3. Materials for manufacturing - breaking up equipment in the workshop, Field boss, Timebreak.
  4. Shining Improvement Stone - Daily Dungeons (on the Hellish level of difficulty), combining common improvement stones in a workshop.
  5. Parts of equipment - breaking up equipment in the workshop, Temple Guardians, Field Hunting, Timebreak.
  6. Beads of usual accessories - the Guardian of Treasure, the Time break (on complexity - the Nightmare).
  7. The beads for the Hero’s accessories fall out of the glory call box (can be bought from the Glory Call Merchant).
As soon as a player has a weapon of SR rank, you should start saving for his improvement, and you need to select the ingredients by attributes.


The cloak is a function of the game that allows you to show the player’s achievements while traveling around the world of Lineage 2 Revolution. If you put him on a hero, you can improve his statistics. Raincoats have different effects, the subcharacteristics of the raincoat can be changed. Cloaks can be obtained after achieving certain goals.

There are two types of raincoats:

  1. Private.
  2. Clan.

Types of personal raincoat:

  1. Adventurer’s Cloak - can be obtained after reaching level 75, a brooch is needed for the adventure seeker’s cloak, which is given during the passage of the Cloak Guide.
  2. Blood Ranger Cloak - it turns out at level 75, you need a blood Ranger Cloak Brooch, which you can buy at the store.
  3. Garden cloak - it turns out at level 75, you need a brooch garden cloak, which you can buy at the store.
  4. Hero’s cape - it turns out at level 75, you need a hero’s cape brooch, which you can buy at the store.
  5. Cloak of the red destroyer - it turns out at level 75, you need a brooch of the cloak of the red destroyer. Brooch can be obtained as a reward for the passage of the Temporary rift on the complexity of "normal".
  6. A cloak of voluntary blood - it turns out at level 75, you need a brooch of the cloak of voluntary blood, which you can get as a reward for completing the Temporary rift for difficulty - normal.

The cloak of determination is the clan’s cape, only the clan leader can raise the level of the cape. To obtain, you must have level 75 and be a member of the guild.

The level of each raincoat can be increased in the "Main Menu" - "Subject" - "Cloak". To improve the necessary materials that can be obtained in the Temporary Fault. The maximum level for a raincoat is 30.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.