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LORDS MOBILE is a strategy game that was born on March 16, 2016 in the depths of the Chinese company IGG.COM. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Lords Mobile download to computer via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Guide for the best heroes
  2. ips for Newbies
  3. Research Guide
  4. Guide on gear
  5. Guild Guide
  6. Secrets of the Colosseum
  7. All About Migration
  8. Resource Guide
  9. Combat talents, bonuses of forts, titles and buildings
  10. Pumping Familiar
  11. Clash of the Guilds
  12. Hyde on military constructions

Lords Mobile: Guide for the best heroes

The qualities of the heroes are revealed at high levels. The game is designed so that the characters must interact with each other. For example, when attacking an enemy’s castle, you need to put up 3 types of troops, where you need to put 5 heroes at the head of each army. Also in some competitions, the player performs and beats a pack of 5 characters. The better the team is completed, the more victories will be won by the gamer.

When the player’s castle is attacked by an opponent, not all the heroes who may be with the gamer are used in the defense. Such characters, which the player received for real money, from single companies, from elite trials, will not participate in the defense of the city. Only those 5 heroes that were chosen at the start of the game will be used.

The most important thing to know about the heroes of Lords Mobile, that in this game there are no bad characters. Each character is good in its own way. It should be understood what role this or that hero plays.

The main groups of heroes in Lords Mobile

  1. For the war - for this mission the pack, which will include: Goblin Demoman, Rose Knight, Snow Queen, Demon Killer and Light Child, will be perfect. This is a great team that is worth coaching from the very beginning of the game.Together, these heroes will give the army + 70% attack, 50% points of health to shooters and infantry, and 100% points of health cavalry.
  2. For farming - here the heroes can be divided according to the speed of collecting various resources:
    • For the extraction of wood - the Knight of Roses and the Lighter;
    • For stone mining - the Death Knight and the Messenger of the seas;
    • For ore mining, Brünnhilde and the Archer of Death;
    • For harvesting - the Keeper of the Oath and the Mentalist;
    • For collecting gold - the Blacksmith of Souls and the Night Falcon (the hero can be purchased for real money).
  3. For the Colosseum - this is an important part of the game, where it is necessary to achieve a certain status by fighting, for which the necessary resource, gems, will come every day. Best of all in the arena is the tutu from the Knight of the Rose (will act as a melee fighter), Primadonna (which will treat the squad), Demon Slayer (will beat the enemy with a ranged attack), the Snow Queen or the Lighter (magicians) and the Black Tag fighter ranged).

Many players from the first level are trying to collect Spy, but this hero is good after level 25. It is better to first collect 5 green heroes for the Colosseum. If a player in the arena has at least 200 place in the ranking, then he will receive 1000 gems daily.

Light Child

Hero can be used when attacking or defending cities in the Colosseum. Character relate to strong heroes.

Type of troops: cavalry.

Combat skills:

  1. Heavenly punishment - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Trap - gives additional strength to the set traps, trap health points increase to 75%.
  3. Cavalry health points - + 50%.
  4. Attack cavalry - + 50%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Apollo’s tag (unique skill) - deals great damage to surrounding opponents and stuns targets for 5 seconds. The chance of stunning increases with increasing skill level. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the stun chance is 100%.
  2. The child of Apollo (active skill) - for 4 seconds puts a shield over any friendly character that absorbs damage.
  3. Kara heaven (active skill) - deals massive damage to the enemy and reduces the magical defense for 3 seconds. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the chance of reducing the defense is 100%. The chance to put a debuff increases with increasing skill level.
  4. Call of Nature (passive skill) - draws strength from the environment.

Blacksmith souls

This is a strong hero.

Type of troops - infantry.

Combat skills:

  1. Technical gap - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Gold supply - gold production rate increases by 50%.
  3. Trap - gives additional strength to the set traps, increases the protection of cavalry by 75%.
  4. Infantry - increases infantry attack by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Slaughter whirlwind (unique skill) - causes massive damage to nearby enemies, reduces their defense by 3 seconds.The chance of reducing protection increases with increasing skill level. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the chance of reducing the defense is 100%.
  2. Crush (active skill) - reduces the percentage of critical attack of the enemy by 5 seconds. Deals massive damage to nearby enemies.
  3. Bonebreaker (active skill) - moves to the point indicated by the player on the battlefield, causing huge damage to nearby enemies and reduces the attack by 5 seconds.
  4. Steel body (passive skill) - increases the character’s armor properties.

Demon Killer

Dexterous hero.

Type of troops: infantry.

Combat skills:

  1. Dark onslaught - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Infantry - gives 50% health points to an infantry phalanx.
  3. Trap - increases trap damage by 30%.
  4. Infantry - increases infantry attack by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Death whirlwind (unique skill) - deals 2 times massive damage to enemies, reduces their critical magic damage by 6 seconds. The chance to reduce crit increases with increasing skill level. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the chance of imposing a decrease in crit is 100%.
  2. Silent trap (active skill) - causes great damage to the enemy from behind.
  3. The secret seal (active skill) - causes massive damage to nearby enemies, for 3 seconds imposes silence on the enemy. The chance to cast a dumbness increases with increasing skill level. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the chance of imposing dumbness is 100%.
  4. Mark of darkness (passive skill) - increases the magical defense of the team.

Keeper of the Oath

An excellent melee hero, which is given to the player at the start. Good tank in the Colosseum. This is a strong hero.

Type of troops: infantry.

Combat skills:

  1. Deadly blow - deals massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Infantry - Increases maximum infant health points by 50%.
  3. Food delivery - increases the speed of food delivery by 225% (a necessary skill, when many units appear in the army).
  4. Infantry - increases infantry attack by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Shock wave (unique skill) - deals great damage to surrounding opponents and stuns targets for 1 second. The chance of stunning increases with increasing skill level. If the enemy is lower than the level, then the stun chance is 100%.
  2. Holy Shield (active skill) - puts the shield for 4 seconds.
  3. Shield strike (active skill) - deals 1 opponent, increased damage and stuns him for 3 seconds.
  4. Hot blood (passive skill) - consumes less energy in battle.

The Snow Queen

Wise hero (magician).

Type of troops: arrows.

Combat skills:

  1. Hurricane - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Trap - gives additional strength to the set traps, trap health points increase to 75%.
  3. Arrows - increases the maximum health points of shooters by 50%.
  4. Arrows - increases the attack of warriors by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. A wave of cold (unique skill) - long-range magic attack on 2 lines of warriors. Freezes the enemy for 5 seconds. In the freezing state, the opponent cannot move. When thawing, the enemy receives additional damage.
  2. Frostbite (active skill) - the player points the hero to the point at which the Queen creates a whirlwind, causing damage to nearby enemies.
  3. Ice armor - for 8 seconds closes the weakest ally with a shield, increasing its defense.
  4. Charge - reduces your opponent’s defense for 1 second.

Knight rose

The hero is good in attack, in the Colosseum, on trial and resource extraction. This is a strong hero.

Type of troops: cavalry.

Combat skills:

  1. The honor of a paladin - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Wood supply - wood extraction speed increases by 150%.
  3. Cavalry - increases phalanx health points by 50%.
  4. Army - increases the attack of all types of troops by 20%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Throw shield (unique skill) - deals 1 enemy, increased damage and stuns the target for 1 second. 1 time per battle, the shield will ricochet against the opponent.
  2. Prayer (active skill) - heals a team fighter with the lowest HP. Reduces damage on the selected ally by 5 seconds.
  3. Call of Justice (active skill) - mass defense of the team, the enemy inflicts less damage on the squad for 8 seconds.It is applied at the beginning of the fight.
  4. Heart of roses (passive skill) - increases the magical protection of the character.

Goblin Demoman

This is a wise hero. Good for attacking monsters.

Type of troops: arrows.

Combat skills:

  1. Meteor - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Trap - increases trap health points by 75%.
  3. Trap - increases trap damage by 30%.
  4. Army - increases the attack of all types of troops by 20%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Chain reaction (unique skill) - causes massive damage to the enemy from 5 bomb throws.
  2. Bad boom (active skill) - deals damage to 1 opponent and touches nearby enemies.
  3. Explosive prize (active skill) - deals damage to 1 opponent, stuns the target for 3 seconds.
  4. The last boom (passive skill) - after the death of the hero, explosives are activated, causing massive damage.

Night Falcon

Dexterous hero. The character can be bought for real money or obtained in the tests "Cloud Head".

Type of troops: cavalry.

Combat skills:

  1. Revenge of silver - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Guardian of the castle - increases the protection of the city walls by 60%.
  3. Cavalry - increases warrior protection by 50%.
  4. Cavalry - increases phalanx attack by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Starfall (unique skill) - deals increased mass damage to the enemy.
  2. Wings - blades (active skill) - releases feathers into the enemy, each feather strikes the enemy 3 hits.
  3. Summon eagle owl (active skill) - the eagle owl participates in the battle as an extra hero. May stun for 3 seconds.
  4. Fair wind (passive skill) - increases the dexterity of the squad.

Death Knight

Strong hero.

Type of troops: cavalry.

Combat skills:

  1. Funnel souls - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Stone supply - increases the rate of stone extraction by 50%.
  3. Cavalry - increases phalanx defense by 50%.
  4. Cavalry - increases troops protection points by 50%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Desolation (unique skill) - deals massive damage, discarding the enemy. Imposes a freeze effect on enemies for 3 seconds.
  2. Puncture (active skill) - deals massive damage to the enemy on 1 line.
  3. Resurrected (active skill) - after death, resurrects with increased damage for 10 seconds after raising (used once per battle).
  4. Icy heart (passive skill) - using energy, increases its power.

Black Mark

Dexterous hero. Hero can be purchased after passing the "Elite Test" for 3 crowns.

Type of troops: arrows.

Combat skills:

  1. Silent murder - deals massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Arrows - increases phalanx health points by 50%.
  3. Arrows - increases the protection of fighters by 50%.
  4. Trap - increases trap attack by 30%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Rain of arrows (unique skill) - deals 3 times a massive defeat in the middle area of the enemy.
  2. Five Achilles (active skill) - causes 1 enemy increased damage and also causes bleeding for 3 seconds.
  3. Through wound (active skill) - deals 1 enemy damage and reduces his defense for 5 seconds.
  4. Retribution (passive skill) - gives extra energy to the team.


Dexterous hero.

Type of troops: infantry.

Combat skills:

  1. Supersonic attack - deals massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Guardian of the castle - increases the protection of the city walls by 60%.
  3. Traps - increases trap installation speed by 40%.
  4. Infantry - increases the protection of fighters by 50%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Ambush (unique skill) - deals 3 times massive damage to the enemy in a small area.
  2. Trick (active skill) - increases the chance to dodge a hero by 8 seconds.
  3. Drowning the target (active skill) - damage to 1 opponent and imposes dumbness for 5 seconds.
  4. The path of the assassin (passive skill) - selects the weak spot of the enemy, thereby causing increased damage to the opponent.


Wise hero. It shows itself well in the Colosseum, but absolutely no need to use it when defending the city and when attacking an opponent in the field.

Type of troops: siege weapon.

Combat skills:

  1. Melody of death - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Guns - Increases your health points by 75%.
  3. Guns - increases sediment protection by 75%.
  4. Tools - increases attack sediment by 50%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Hymn of Athens (unique skill) - heals a squad for 4 seconds.
  2. Ultrasound (active skill) - deals increased damage to 1 opponent.
  3. Secrets of aria (active skill) - for 8 seconds increases the attack of nearby allies.
  4. The power of colors (passive skill) - increases the skill of healing.


Wise hero. Hero can be purchased after passing the "Elite Test" for 3 crowns. Uses magic in battle. It shows itself well in the Colosseum, but absolutely no need to use it when defending the city and when attacking an opponent in the field.

Type of troops : siege weapon.

Combat skills:

  1. Firestorm - causes massive damage to enemies and 200% (at the gold level). The attack power depends on the level of the army.
  2. Wood supply - increases tree extraction speed by 150%.
  3. Guns - Increases your health points by 75%.
  4. Tools - increases attack sediment by 50%.

Personal skills of the character:

  1. Armageddon (unique skill) - causes massive damage to the enemy, imposes a stun effect for 1 second.
  2. A wave of flame (active skill) - deals massive damage to 1 enemy lines, imposes a stunning effect for 1 second.
  3. Flash (active skill) - deals damage to 1 enemy, applies a burn for 4 seconds.
  4. Soul Fire (passive skill) - increases the magic attack of the hero.

Characters that should not be taken to war

  1. Trickster, Clockwork Doll, Night Falcon - these characters have well-developed administration skills. They are good for gathering resources and building. Skills begin to function since the player hired a character and raised his required rank. Plus from these heroes on the wall or on a hike - their own damage they inflict. They can be taken to other events. The skills of these characters work all the time, so you can just leave them in the city.
  2. Diva, Dark Adept, Lighter - give a good bonus siege weapons. The precipitations stop working, as the enemy approaches the army. They do good damage on the wall, but are absolutely useless in defending the wall and attacking the enemy in the field.

Lords Mobile Tips for Newbies

Armor for research

The first step is to collect clothes for research:

All elements are collected from simple resources that fall from the resource cells on the kingdom map, from chests with materials, from tests, from the quest of the day and the quest of the guild. The player will be able to assemble these components faster than the rest of the armor. Rare resources will be needed on other parts of the clothing. These ingredients are difficult to collect at the start of the game. They fall from the chests of monsters, or from the monsters themselves. Also rare elements come across at the event of the maze (the chance of falling out is very low).

Doing things is advised in turn. Do not collect items together.

Artifact "Lost hours" should not be collected in the initial stages of the game. Many experienced players do not make this decoration at all. The subject gives a research rate of 11, 5% and a construction speed of 18%. The moon flute adds to the research rate - 26%. This difference is not noticeable when research lasts several hours, but in the later stages of science is studied up to 50 days, these 10% will play a big role. If the player believes that the bonus to the construction is important, it is better to dress a piece specially designed for construction.

General game tips

No need to build a lot of farms. Farms give food to the army. As practice shows, almost all players at high levels have a minus in the number of required food. This indicator does not mean anything: a player’s army will not die of hunger and will not scatter. It is impossible to accumulate food (it is not a stone).

Guild at the start of the game will be a good step . With it, the player goes faster research, build. You should choose a guild with a large percentage of fullness and a good rating.

Councils of the head of the guild. Not the fact that the head of the guild will fall into a game connoisseur.This may be a person who plays with friends, and they decided to create their own faction. Gradually other people entered it. Some tips may simply be harmful to the development of the game. Therefore, it is the player who must decide what to do in any given situation.

Do not live the hive. This is not an unequivocal advice, many players like to move cities closer to the guild.Advantages of housing for 100 km from the hive:

Get an additional account (twink) . At the start of the game, it is advised to make 2 accounts, put farms there, start mining resources - the player’s twink will be of great help to the main city, both in resources and in war. Downloading two accounts from the first stages of the game is easier than starting a twin at higher levels.

Resource chests are the only thing you can spend guild coins at the beginning of the game. This will speed up the collection of things for research.

The cellar must be constantly filled with resources . Distribute part of the funds from the warehouse to the cellar. This will save the player’s resources after an enemy attack, and help him recover faster after the siege of the city. But, you should not put more things into the cellar than it can accommodate.

Abandoned farms can become a Klondike for a player . With them you can make good money, get a lot of resources and useful things. They will also help cover many wounded soldiers when attacking the city. Sometimes it happens that the hospital does not have enough places for the wounded, and the player is a steep enemy. These fighters should be collected and sent to a group attack. It is necessary to find an abandoned farm 400 km from the city (they will go there for about 2 hours), and put an attack on it within 8-10 hours. The troops will be visually located in the castle, but they will not suffer during the siege, as they will prepare for the march. But, there is no sending such an army to the Bastions of Chaos, which other people can attack.

Extra resources and food can be exchanged on a merchant ship , donated to the guilds or sent to the guild warehouse. The resources in the warehouse will be protected by people who have the castle closed from attacks by a shield.

Lords Mobile: Codes (promotional codes)

Where to enter codes in the game Lords Mobile? The mechanics of the game does not provide for the input of promotional codes in the game itself. But in order to please their players, the developers have found a way out. Now you can enter a promotional code by clicking on the link http://lordsmobile.igg.com/event/ru/cdkey/ . Here you must enter your ID and code. After entering the game, the gamer will see the received gift in the mail.

Gifts decided to distribute instead of contests that were regularly held before. Some codes work a long time. We have collected codes for you from around the Internet. There are many codes with the same gifts. Twice one promo code can not be entered.

Codes for 1 acceleration for 8 hours and 1 shield for 8 hours :

  1. 7FG5EPRS.
  2. UKSGAYN6.
  3. 837PJ4UA.
  4. NW5DDAGE.
  5. 9A2EV6XC.
  6. BEUZY878.
  7. 3TG4RDBF.
  8. GJ25RZA2.
  9. 63HFVJAS.

Cheats for other gifts:

  1. JV_MlB2vcqWif - 300 crystals.
  2. Baozou - 30 chests with resources.
  3. Hadiahsukasuka - 10 rare chests, 10 chests Braveheart.
  4. Bagairaja - 10 rare, 10 chests of griffin.
  5. JEU - 15 chests with resources.
  6. AMPKHR6R - works only for new locks (up to 12 hours), 20 different chests with resources.
  7. GOBCHANNEL - another code for beginners (up to 48 hours of play), 30 chests with resources (about usual to legendary).
  8. IFIKUS - 5000 gold.
  9. 7iGPCSAzsut4 - 200 crystals.

Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Lords Mobile: Research Guide

Research is an important part of the gameplay, which allows you to improve many indicators of the hero, the army, the speed of construction. Unlike soldiers, knowledge will not get to anywhere.

Clothing for study

With armor for research, you can increase the speed of learning. Necessary things (taken only those items that can be made from the usual resources available to the player, not investing real money):

  1. The slot of the head - "The crown of snake bone." This is the only hat to increase the speed of studying science. It is necessary to collect jade spheres on it, and not to spend them on other things.
  2. Slot torso - there are 3 things to study: "Elder’s Attire", "Horror Shield", "Cavalier’s Mail" (this is an excellent choice, it is made from simple elements and brings more advantages than the "Elder’s Attire").
  3. Slot legs - you need to collect the heart and make the "shoes griffin."
  4. The slot of the right hand is "Thunder Peak" (other items are very expensive).
  5. Slot of the left hand - "Vice" (give the most maximum bonus for learning).
  6. Jewelry - "Moon Flute" (it is made from simple components, is inexpensive, and over time they can be made 3 pieces).

Other means to increase the speed of learning

  1. Bonus from the kingdom - gives 10% to the speed of studying science and will be displayed in buffs (positive skills) from the kingdom. You can accumulate this bonus from Guild Orders or other events.
  2. If a player takes the Citadel , then the guild leader will be able to welcome the gamer title Sage, which will add another 10% to the research speed.
  3. For real money a player can buy an improvement of + 20% to the rate of learning nacks.
  4. The speed is added by the "shrunk pens" (the response of the co-guilds to the call for help of the research).
  5. The Heroes of the Slicker and the Clockwork Doll add speed to learning skills.
  6. Accelerations that fall from monsters, chests, events.


Studies are held in the Academy. At the start of the game, 4 branches of research are available to gamers:

  1. Hunting for monsters - this science at the start of the game brings the player various means: accelerations, gems, shields, rare elements, and also enhances experience. Therefore, it is necessary to explore as much as possible before the rest of the directions.
  2. Economy - it gives the player "Construction Speed" and "Resource Collection Speed". Next, you need to study "Strength Training" and "Basement Management".
  3. Troops - all research is needed here, you need to learn all skills and branches in your free time. The higher the characteristics of the army, the less losses will be on the battlefield.
  4. Protection - these studies are mainly aimed at improving the protection of the city wall and traps. Science for walls is important in the initial stages of the game, when other players have a poorly studied War branch. Also these sciences are important when a player tames a familiar who is restoring a wall.
  5. Improved protection - this tab opens later than the first 4. These sciences are designed for walls and traps: for strength, for power, for additional protection. Experienced players are advised to leave this thread for later.
  6. Improve the army - here, first of all, it is necessary to study the "Priority Collection". Science allows one-touch to send to the cell the required number of soldiers, for its full collection. Also, the player can choose the class of troops sent (the highest or lowest, the difference in the speed of collection). Useful science "Subsidies" (the player hires units constantly, so it is important to reduce the amount of resources for hiring soldiers and for treating the wounded).Next, you should study "Congenital Talent" (allows you to save talents, and in case of an attack quickly exchange them), "Quick Exchange" (retains equipment), "Central Command" (allows you to create divisions, then the player can select the desired hero and army with one button) .
  7. Army command - there are such sciences as "Mining of resources" and "Strength training", but they give a smaller bonus than in "Economy", and they are more expensive). Next, you should study the science for rifle and cavalry phalanxes. 90% of the fight depends on the choice of the type of troops. These sciences need to be studied. Then it is necessary to investigate the "Maximum Deposit", which gives an increased number of gems, the player can store them in the Treasury. The rest of the sciences in this thread are needed in the later stages of the game and are very expensive, they are studied for a long time. Therefore, science must be left for later.
  8. Military domination - in turn should be examined: "Additional supplies" (when a player’s city is attacked, the supply of resources continues, it is necessary to study up to level 10). "Endurance Limit" (useful for those gamers who can not often enter the game), "Expanding shelter" (will help keep more troops in the basement). "Bastion" (science is useful for farmers).
  9. Familiars - "The collection of anima" (increases the collection of the resource by 80%, is inexpensive, quickly investigated). "Price 1 (2 and 3) of the Covenant" (for the study will need a lot of runes familiars). Science has the same effect as Subsidies. "Taming" (gives experience for taming monsters - familiar).

Lords Mobile: Guide on gear

The characteristics of the reservation are divided into logistics and management. They have two features:

  1. The speed of construction, collection, research, carrying capacity always work while the leader of the player is alive, and the thing is wearing it.
  2. Bonuses for the army work when the thing is put on the leader, and the hero goes as part of the player’s packs.
Head slot Torso slot Foot slot Right hand slot Left hand slot Jewelry Slot
Things to speed up construction
Mask reno Thunder Armor (gives the biggest bonus to construction speed) Griffin Boots Trident or "Sacred broadsword (Donat) Griffin’s Claw
Things to accelerate the study of science
Snake bone crown Cavalier’s Mail and Horror Shield (Donate) Griffin Boots Thunder spike Vice Moon flute (3 pieces)
Things at the speed of collecting resources
Mask reno Thunder armor Sailor boots (payload + 27.5%) Thunder spike Griffin claw (gives army carrying capacity + 25%, gold extraction rate + 35%, construction speed + 27.5%) Bone beads (gives + 8% speed to move the cage first)
Things for familiars
Helmet of Conquest (gold extraction rate +26, 5%) Thunder armor (gold extraction rate + 50%) Leggings of Dwarf (gold extraction rate + 16%) Griffin’s claw (gold extraction rate + 35%) Mystical box (speed of creating pacts + 25%, experience + 25%) - 3 pieces
Things to fight (novice armor) - collected from simple resources
Horned Sich Helmet (ATK infantry + 5%, ATK traps + 10%, army defense + 10.5%) Royal armor (siege weapons + 7.5%, army carrying capacity + 14%, army health points + 5%) Sturdy boots (ATK cavalry + 4.5%, ATK arrows + 4.5%, army defense + 10%) Fiery tomahawk (ATK cavalry + 10%, ATK infantry + 6.5%, ATK arrows + 3.5%) Oblivion Shield (ATK infantry + 4.5%, ATK arrows + 6.5%, ATK sediments + 10%) or Lunar Scepter (ATK arrows + 9%, ATK postures + 14%) Island Relic (ATK infantry + 11.5%, arrows + 6%, army health points + 2.5%)
Things for battle (armor for mid-level players) - collected from mobs, gear does not need rare components
Indulgent face (ATK infantry + 10%, arrows ATK + 10%) Void Armor (infantry protection + 5%, cavalry health points + 5%, ATK army + 5%) Cell Leggings (ATK cavalry + 12%, ATK arrows + 12%, shooters protection + 5%) Dragon Claw (ATK infantry + 10%, army health points + 10%) Blade of Terror (ATK infantry + 9%, infantry protection + 12%, wood production speed + 25%) Sea anemone (infantry ATK + 8%, cavalry ATK + 8%)

Lords Mobile: Guild Guide

What is the guild for:

Guild creation algorithm:

  1. You should click on the guild icon, a new window will appear with 2 buttons "Enter" and "Create a guild".
  2. You need to click on the button "Create Guild". In the top line, enter the full name of the faction.
  3. The second line "Guild Label" - you need to enter 3 letters that will be visible to all players.
  4. Next, you should choose a logo and language (it is recommended to choose all languages, as Russians are not very fond of the game).

How to find people:

  1. If the kingdom in which the player has created a guild is new, then it will be easy to recruit players. A strong gamer must join the created guild (you can send him a personal message with an invitation). After that, the guild will appear in the list, and it will see other people. You can make a cool ad in the world chat ("a new powerful guild, the head is a donater, is ready for anything for the development of the faction," etc.). The people will see the message and come to the guild.
  2. If the kingdom in which the player created the guild is old, then it will be very difficult to recruit players (many guilds, many players who are already in guilds). Here you need to come up with a bright message in the world chat. The call must be very attractive so that players want to join the new guild.
  3. You can find, in the old kingdom, the average power of the guild, and write the head of the guild that you want to become the head of the Academy. Several people will be sent to the new guild head. The creator will only accept players. Thus the Academy will be created.

Often new players will enter the guild, pump up to levels 5-6 and leave the game. To do this, periodically you need to clean the rows from such guys.

Chapter assistants. In the guild council you need to choose 2 - 3 adequate people. They are required to be appointed to the position of R4. These people will have almost the same rights as the head of the guild. If there are inadequate people on the council who constantly insult players in chat and messages, the people will quickly run away with such assistants. The council should help the head to attract new players, create guild rules, monitor the implementation of these rules.

Place for the hive. It is recommended to place the hive on level 4 cells near the Citadel (you can see it in the tab "About Resource Cells"). It is better not to set the hive too close to the fortress. When the guild has found a suitable place, the head needs to move the lock to this cage. Coordinates need to throw off the guilds, so that they moved their cities. Many players do not like to live in beehives, they should not be forcibly pulled along.

The higher the level of the cell, the more resources on it, and it is faster going. Therefore, if the guild is located near the Citadel, then it will collect resources faster than guilds on level 1 or 2 cells. You should not place a hive next to another guild. She will try to drive out the new neighbor until he becomes stronger. At the first stages it is recommended to choose a quiet place. If it is not found, it is better to transfer the locks to level 3 cells.

Guild Rules

Co-guilds rules must be followed . It makes no sense to invent them. You just need to go to the list of guilds, choose one of the most powerful. In the description of this guild will be posted the rules that must comply with its members. It is advised to take as a basis the rules of a powerful guild, and adjusting for themselves. For example, the number of dead monsters per day, the required daily fee, and more.

Guild council should closely monitor the implementation of the rules. There will always be people who do not want to perform duties. Such players must be found and fined. If the penalty did not help, then it is better to expel the lazy people from the guild, and in their place to recruit new people.

Motivation is the best way to get members to follow the rules. Should come up with a promotion. For example, a valuable prize to the one who will kill the monsters the most in a week or a day.

The guilds and the head of the guild do not see in statistics how many monsters the player destroyed. Therefore, R4 is necessary to monitor the implementation of the norm. You can do this as follows: daily, you should randomly select several members of the guild, and ask to throw off a screen of homicide statistics for a day or a week. The next day, it is recommended to choose a few more people.

In the ideal guild, where everything is well developed and friendly staff - there are rules that are perfectly executed.

Lords Mobile: Secrets of the Colosseum

The Colosseum is an arena where players fight each other, achieve a certain rank. The basic principle is that at the beginning, when there are attempts (number of battles), the player must keep their positions in the ranking. If a player is lowered on the list for a couple of attempts, then he loses 1 - 2 attempts. To return to the previous position, you need to try hard. Return your rating is necessary to update attempts. Otherwise, the player loses the ability to receive gems.

Packs of heroes involved in the battles in the Colosseum, swinging player specifically since the beginning of the game. If you are looking at a lot of teams with the Assassin. Many newcomers are afraid to fight such a squad. But the team with the killer is not terrible, if you can understand it.

One-eye (for example, the Lighter often keeps him away). If it’s the first line, then it must be beaten by soldiers (melee fighters). It all depends on the second line. Shane weakly opposes the Black Mark with its magic. If there is a knight of his choice, then his tanks will be beaten after Shane falls. At this time, you can connect the skillful ranged heroes.

An identical pack. It all depends on the constellations. However, he has not been advised. In such a battle, you can die and lose a place in the ranking.

It is difficult to reach them. If you are a child of light, then you need to put 2 - 3 rifle shooting skillful heroes. A pair of strong fighters.

Beginners can choose their opponents. If you want to take care of it, then it’s better to take it. It is necessary to ensure that it can be used for physical protection.

The main thing from the start of the game is to pick up 5 heroes for the Colosseum, and throw all the forces on their growth (learn the necessary skills, create armor). No need to download all the characters at once. It is better to have one strong five than 20 weak warriors. The stronger the squad, the more afraid of his opponents, the higher the chance to maintain his position and rise in the ranking.

Lords Mobile: All About Migration

Migration is needed to move with the city from one kingdom to another. For example, in the kingdom all the players are very strong and have no one to fight. Either a person found another guild that is outside the domain, or a player’s friend started playing in another kingdom. There are many reasons for relocation, the main thing is that the game allows you to relocate.

To go it is necessary:

  1. Go to the world map, where all existing kingdoms will be shown.
  2. It is necessary to choose a suitable kingdom, and enter it as a hero.

A scroll is required to move (it costs 810 guild coins or can be purchased for real money).

  1. Turning to the new kingdom, you should select the cell on which to accommodate the castle.
  2. Then you need to open the scroll, click on the "Migrate" button (you need to be where the player wants to move). The whole city will instantly be on the cell that was selected. The scroll works like an accurate teleport.

Rules for teleporting to a new place:

  1. Player rating in the Coliseum is not saved, it will be reset. The player will be at the very last place, and he again needs to fill the rating. Until there is a certain place, the gamer will not receive gems, therefore, will not develop progressively.
  2. All resources above the limit, which the player has and are simply stored in the city, will disappear when the house is teleported.
  3. Before moving it is necessary to collect all the troops in the castle, otherwise they will also disappear. To avoid this, it is recommended to take care of the units in advance.

If in the chosen kingdom there are no acquaintances, friends or a guild that is ready to accept a new member, then it is not recommended to change the place of residence. You also do not need to be in a guild, which is located in another kingdom, because the player will not receive guild assistance.

Newly created kingdoms are the best place for newbies. Such kingdoms are protected by a gaming shield.And you can move when the shield is removed. There are many players who are just starting their first steps in the game. Therefore, the moved player may be stronger than the local lords. In such states it is easy to collect resources, attack other cities (and take away their treasures).

The new kingdoms are under the shield for the first 50 days. Consequently, if a novice at the start appeared in such a place, then it is not worth leaving. Perhaps there will be few guilds and experienced players, but you can safely develop and not be afraid of attacks on the castle. But, if a player wanted to leave such a kingdom, he would not be able to return back until he removed the protection.

The old kingdoms (1 and 3) are suitable for players who are not interested in wars and battles. Here they can easily develop. Local players are no longer playing or rarely log in to Lords Mobile. Some are fed up with endless battles and battles, they peacefully gather resources, explore the game, experiment with packs. Huge hives of different guilds are concentrated around the Citadel, but no one attacks them, and they peacefully exist side by side. Here you can kill monsters, collect resources and gain power, until the player reaches a competitive level.

Lords Mobile: Resource Guide

Resources make up an important element in the game. Without them, the development of a player in Lords Mobile is impossible. They can be collected in any way possible:

  1. On the cells (you need to open the map, select any resource, and click on the "Collect" button).
  2. Resources are given for killing monsters.
  3. Some rare items drop out of events.
  4. Gems are collected in the Colosseum.

To collect the required increase in the rate of production. The faster a player collects a cell, the higher the likelihood that stronger players will not kill an army or drive a novice out of place.

You can increase the collection rate in 3 ways:

  1. Get bonuses for the speed of collecting tasks and events (you can buy for real money in the store).
  2. Collect armor at a collection rate.
  3. Learn the necessary talents.

Talents are explored at the Academy. It is necessary to open it, go to the branch of Economics. There is a science "Collecting Level 1" and "Collecting Level 2". If these skills are maxed out, they will increase the collection rate by 117%.

Hero Equipment

Clothes - you need to go to the equipment of events, choose "Set Rino," which will give the player an increase in the speed of collecting resources. The kit includes:

There are still two empty slots that can be filled with things, they will be useful in the extraction of resources:

  1. You can increase the carrying capacity of the army so that the player sends fewer troops to the cell for gathering (if the player moves away somewhere, or his squad sees more powerful players, the gamer will lose fewer soldiers in combat). For lifting capacity, you should choose "Boots of Navigator", which will add (at the gold level) 27% of the army carrying capacity.
  2. There remains a slot 2 of the river, where you can put the "Griffin Claw" - this is the simplest thing that as quickly as possible is going to the gold level from simple elements (falling from monsters). The claw will give + 25% to the carrying capacity of the army.

You can increase the speed of collection if you move the castle closer to the Citadel (there are level 5 cells, they are going to be faster). Accordingly, there are a lot of people who want to collect these cells, and the player needs to quickly get to them and take them. There is a quest for the complete collection of cells level 5 (to get a purple color). In this case, the speed of movement of the troops is important. There are "Invincible Leggings", which give the squad + 30% to the speed of movement (but for their manufacture requires 3 rare ingredients, knocked out from the monsters, and they are very expensive).

It is recommended to put "Bone Beads" from the "Sabretooth Set" in the Jewelry slot , which will increase the speed of movement of troops by 8%. They can put 3 pieces at level 25.

Resource Bonuses

In the inventory there is a section "Acceleration", where for coins guilds or gems you can buy bonuses that accelerate the speed of collecting resources:

  1. For 50% - it works 24 hours, it costs 600 gems.
  2. 50% - valid for 7 days, costs 3360 gems.
  3. The bonus falls by 100% from various events, but much less than 50%. Available from the Guild Assignment.

In the Academy in the branch "Improve the army" there is a skill "Priority collection", when a player can collect a cell with resources by selecting the level of troops (high or low). You can choose the highest class troops T3, which will quickly assemble a cell than warriors of level T1. But T1 has a higher movement speed. Therefore, you should choose a detachment depending on the task.

Bonuses work if the troops were sent and arrived at the cell in the collection gear. If a player on the road changes clothes to other things, then the bonus will not be valid upon arrival. But it can be changed after the start of the collection (for example, in military armor, for defense), then the increase in the collection rate will be preserved. You can also change into clothes for gathering on the way to the cage and start the operation already in this gear.

Unfortunately, there are no special buildings and heroes to speed up the gathering.

Lords Mobile: Combat talents, bonuses of forts, titles and buildings

Combat talents

If a player has 1 or 2 types of troops, then the person has the maximum bonus to attack the army. If a gamer plays with cavalry and shooters, then the maximum should be (all 3 levels) to study the sciences:

At the start, you can skip the detachment protection skills. It is required to immediately proceed to the study of sciences that give additional points of health to the army. Then you can explore the "Strength Training".

First of all, from combat skills it is recommended to study as much as possible and not to spare money for the core attack of the troops.

Copper Talents

Resource Collection:

First you need to learn as much as 1 skill, then go back and learn another. The higher the talent, the greater the effect. It is better to explore skills in turn rather than mix them. So the player will have 1 good talent than a few bad ones.

Training troops (in the military branch) - here you need to study training levels 1 and 2 as much as possible, then you need to go and spend money on collecting resources, since training will take a lot of resources.

Talents for farms. For players who do not like to attack and are engaged in simple gathering, then they need to maximally explore the extraction of important resources. For example, a person collects gold and stone, then for a fruitful collection to level 10, the player should study the following sciences:

  1. Stone production (1, 2 and 3 levels).
  2. Gold production (1, 2 and 3 levels).
  3. Construction speed and research speed.

If the player is not engaged in collecting, then up to level 60 you do not need to rock the stone, as there will not be enough talent for all skills. At level 60 will add a few talents for which you can improve the production of stone.

Fort Bonuses

The game has forts that give players additional bonuses:

  1. Icy - increases attack of the arrows.
  2. Thunderstorm - increases infantry attack.
  3. Light - increases the attack of the cavalry.
  4. Lunar, Heavenly and Comet Fort - give additional points of health to the army and increase the protection of troops.

Vassal titles

The ruler of the kingdom is not the head of the guild. Military battles are periodically conducted behind the Citadel, and the ruler is the man who defeated all the candidates. He receives the title of Ruler, occupies a fortress and receives additional bonuses: + 10% to attack the army, + 10% to defense of the army and + 10% to army health points.

Many players believe that the only meaning to seize the Citadel, is when a gamer has reached great power, he spent a lot of time in different battles and the apogee of his career in the game is the conquest of the kingdom. During the battle, participants spend a huge amount of resources and units.

Title Army Bonus Percentage
Titles that increase performance
Queen gold production rate - 20
General attack - 10, defense - 10
Advisor resource production rate - 10
Steward training speed - 5, protection - 5
The keeper attack - 6, health points - 6
Priest protection - 15
Quartermaster speed of movement - 15, speed of collecting resources - 10
Inventor construction speed - 10, health points - 3
Sage research speed - 10
Titles that reduce performance
Coward protection - 10, production of all resources - 10
Scoundrel health points - 10, workout speed - 8
Jester attack - 10, health points - 6
Slave attack - 5, protection - 10
Traitor Gold production speed - 15, movement speed - 5
Criminal movement speed - 15
Slut production of all resources - 10, speed of training - 5
Loafer construction speed - 10, movement speed - 10
Fool The research rate is 10, but this person receives a bonus, which increases the speed of food production by + 5%.

Buildings that will help in the war

  1. Barracks - gives a bonus to the defense of the army: from level 6 - 1%, at level 25 - 10% from each barracks.
  2. Hospital - each building level 25 gives 5% to the maximum points of health of the army. For example, from 15 hospitals a player will receive 75%.
  3. Manor - each building gives at level 25 + 2% to the attack of the army.
  4. Prison - if the player on the 25th level has the leader of the enemy imprisoned, the conqueror receives an additional percentage to the attack of the army. The amount of the bonus depends on the level of the captive hero. For example, a character of level 60, will bring the player + 30% to the attack.
  5. Battle Hall - at level 25 gives a building bonus + 25% to the attack of the allied army.

Lords Mobile: Pumping Familiar

Familiarities are tame monsters that give improved characteristics of the army, give additional skills.

What you need to build before taming the familiars

Up to level 17 of the Castle, it is not profitable to create familiars, because at level 17 the following building possibilities open:

  1. The Watchtower - at level 17, the building "shows the approximate size of each unit and the class of soldiers in the enemy army that approach the player’s camps or the main fortress." With each new level, the intelligence effect improves. At level 25, a player can consider the exact number of units, which troops go to possessions, in what order. Also, intelligence will report on the heroes who head the army and phalanxes.
  2. Workshop - at level 17, the building opens the player a second slot for decorations. In the slot you can put the subject to increase the combat performance or the speed of resource extraction and research.
  3. Academy - at level 17, research troops of level T3 are opening. Skills should be learned: "The Royal Guard," The Fiery Requests, "The Hidden Sniper," and The Royal Trooper. "

After building improvements, many players wonder whether it is worth further improving the infrastructure or starting the taming of familiars. Other players suggest creating helpers. Each player must decide for himself what is more important to him.

The pros of familiars

Familiaris themselves will be a huge plus, who will bring to the player not only passive, but also active skills.

Aquarius is a familiar that needs to be downloaded first. He has the skill "energy reserve", which will give the player 40 - 75% endurance. Thanks to this skill, a person quickly collects pieces for heroes, boosters (no matter what kind of tests - elite or ordinary). For each test you can get boosters from 3 to 15 minutes. A day from the test, with the help of Aquarius, to collect a lot of accelerators. If a player will receive an hour of free bonus acceleration (no matter what: construction, collection, research) - this is excellent.

While the gamer is developing his first familiar, in parallel, should study the science for the troops T3. These sciences should be studied by the time of the complete pumping of Aquarius in order to explore other covenants more quickly.

Harpy is the second in turn to tame the familiar. Has the skill "First Class", thanks to which, the player gets 12 VIP points in the form of a random item.

The rubbed is a familiar that increases the speed at which the pacts are created (a very necessary skill). Skill "Earthquake" gives from 5 - up to 30 fragments of pacts for 1 use. This skill is considered passive, is activated by a skill (there will be an icon on the familiar panel), brings the fragments that are required to create skills.

Free skills that a player will receive during the pumping of the first familiars:

  1. Product change - instant product update on the Trade Ship. The bonus can be obtained from any familiar, but it will not matter, because he will be pumped up to the active skill.

Medals from familiars fall rarely, so the player has to open a lot of pacts that bring additional skills.Do not be surprised if the skills that are not studied will be in the player’s inventory.

  1. The glory of the Colosseum - gives an additional 3 free attempts to the Colosseum, speeds up the passage of some quests on the "Guild Assignment". If you continue to learn the skill (to the maximum), then the player will have 5 attempts at the Coliseum from this skill.
  2. Dark magic - instantly completes the current transformation, useful on quests. For example, the player at the start takes the task to 4 basts, where 3 essences should be filled, and using the skill, the player reduces the number of essences in the quest to 3. That is, 4 will no longer need to be filled.

So, familiars give the player not only their skills, but also additional skills. At this time, the player pumps the account, heroes, research (with the fallout of additional accelerators), increases the rating in the Colosseum (there are additional free attempts, it fills up the laboratory faster, gets VIP points.

Cons of pumping familiars

The fighting efficiency decreases - while the player will be at the 17th level of the castle (when taming familiars, there will not be enough funds to improve the buildings), opponents will develop further, improve the level of the Academy and open new sciences.

What does a player miss in Academy:

  1. Military line - bonuses to attack troops, because of this, the player will not be able to fight a more powerful opponent.
  2. Vetka Economy - the player will not be able to download yet: the speed of construction, the management of the basement, strength training, the speed of collecting resources. Higher skills are not available because the Academy is not improving.
  3. Hunting monsters - this is the biggest disadvantage. The army will remain at level 17. The player is less likely to attack monsters, therefore, receives less useful items from them. The guild will be upset that the player will no longer invest resources in the guild, kill fewer monsters.

Shaking familiars, the player will increase the power of the heroes, but without well-studied skills, these heroes do not pay for themselves.

During the upgrade, the familiars will be unavailable:

Despite all the disadvantages, it is necessary to tame familiars on the 17th level of the castle. If you start earlier, the city will constantly burn (there will be no T3 troops). If you start later, it will be more difficult in some trials and in the Coliseum.

Familiarization process

Buildings necessary for the development of familiar:

  1. Menagerie - through the covenants, through which you can assemble.
  2. Sacral Tower (you need at least 3 pieces) - pacts for domestication are made here.
  3. Aviary - the place in which the familiars train. 1 enclosure accommodates 1 familiar (open-air cages must be built according to the farmed farms). All heroes can train assistants.
  4. Well - gives energy to your family.
  5. It is necessary to explore skills for domestication at the Academy.

Tips on taming familiars

Lords Mobile: Clash of the Guilds

Guild preparation for registration in the battle:

  1. It is 1 person. Thus, they merge the rating, and so 2 - 3 times. It will be a lot less powerful. It is easy to cope with it.
  2. Often guys who are registered next to the list. It is necessary to go in a row. For example, for all the player. 4 packs with cavalry. If you are a player, you can’t get it. This is what the Co-Guilds go into battle with. Troops should not be repeated.
  3. There is another method to prevent packs from repeating during registration. Distributors who will fight against each other. Then he writes the message "you are fighting today with infantry," "you are cavalry," and so on. Those who have been chosen must come to the competition. In this case there will be no repetitions. But there are excesses. For example, it’s not a bad thing. As a result, the player turns out a salad of heroes.

Competitions are held in 4 rounds. The strongest teams reach the final.

Algorithm of registration:

For the most powerful soldiers of the ranks.

Special window. It was the rival guild, its combat power, The number of wounded, dead. The players are given the opportunity to make mistakes and shortcomings. If the player doesn’t participate in the fight.

If you won’t be able to face a very serious opponent. Prizes are given to all participants in the battle. The 70% chance of a rare item falling out.

Lords Mobile: Hyde on military constructions

Build wedges and phalanges

Click on the icon for the hero window. The "Army building" tab opens where you can choose the necessary structure.

Story for protection. There is no need to build an infantry wedge against the fortifications. The troops on the walls are evenly spaced. Squadron of the 2nd squad He can’t get to the other troops. Therefore, it is reduced to 50%.

Should not defense of The use cavalry phalanxes. If the player doesn’t have time, then the infantry or rifle phalanx should be used. But the rifle is best. It’s not a problem. You can’t make it easy for you to fight for a few seconds before the fight. You can distribute the troops.

Build an army to attack . In order to figure it out, it’s necessary to understand the mechanics of battle. This will be in the form of a line. It depends on how the unit will behave. The square will always be on the line, and the line will attack all 4.

For each type of acts acts. If you are attacking with the troops or a shock phalanx. It will be achieved that it’s 200% of the unit’s attack. Damage from one type of troops will be much greater than from a mixed army.

It is necessary to use 1 type of troops.

When attacking, you should always take 4 troops to the main army. They take damage for a while. The morale of the fighters is more than the attacking troops. If the player goes for a phalanx. Phalanx should be chosen from the shooters. With the infantry, there is no need to subtilize.

It will be possible to meet the player . The player wants to break through the opponent completely rifle army. In this case, it is recommended to use it for squares (for example, an infantry wedge). Switch to the enemy cavalry. It is often used to control the forts, where the opponent is knocked out by 1 type of troops. This attack option can also be used in Chaos bastions.

An example of the attack of 4 soldiers in the attack of cavalry. It should take riders and dragons on the lizards. As a four: 4 royal guards, 4 hidden sniper, 4 gladiators, 4 infantrymen and 4 cataphracts. In the first seconds of combat, the enemy’s morale is reduced by 15%. Even if the size is less than the army of the enemy.

How to check the opponent’s phalanx without loss

It is planned. It is necessary to transfer the fortress. Next, you need to scan the enemy for counterintelligence.

Click on the "City of Intelligence" button to select the "Intelligence" button.

Before the wall. Then do not be lazy, and scroll report to the hospital, where there may be injured. To attack, you must take all the heroes (Lighter, Primadonna, Dark Adept and Electro Mentalist). It is the time of the fighter. It should determine the enemy’s wall.

Example of a siege: 1200 T3 sediments, 4 fighters from each type of troops. You also need to take pillows from any type of troops. Although it does not matter. No matter which class (T1, T2, T3 or T4) is the outcome.

After the attack on the wall , another intelligence is done. Here are the warriors treated at the hospital. Infinitely, therefore the phalanx - If there is a cavalry wedge, it can be used as the infantry cavalry. If the enemy has many wounded cavalrymen, then the opponent has a cavalry phalanx. But there wasn’t it.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.