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Lost Centuria WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

SUMMONERS WAR: LOST CENTURIA is an Android game with a release date of July 17, 2019 from Com2uS. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Coupons
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Crystal Tips
  4. Character Guide
  5. Conduct the Battle
  6. How to assemble a team of heroes correctly?
  7. Arena Guide
  8. Slaughter Arena Team Options
  9. Runes Drawing Tips
  10. Duel Mode Walkthrough
  11. Campaign Walkthrough

Lost Centuria: Gift Coupons

Where can I enter gift vouchers? The developers have provided a variety of gifts for their regular players in the form of special coupons. To activate the coupon and receive a gift, you need to go to the "News" section from the main screen (lobby) of the game. Then you need to select the "Event" tab, and scroll in the right part of the window all the banners with offers to the very bottom, until a banner with the name "Coupon Exchange" appears. After clicking on it, a new window will open with an active line, where you need to enter the characters of the coupon you have.

After entering, if the system did not show an error, a message with an attached gift is sent to the game mail (the button in the form of a letter in the upper right corner). If you have not received a letter with a gift, then simply restart the game and the gift will appear in the mail.

Attention! All received gifts have a specific time of receipt. That is, there are several days (99 maximum) for you to read the message and receive the gift. After the expiration of the specified period of time, the gift will disappear.

Gift vouchers for 300 crystals:

  1. SWLCFR216.
  2. SWLCFR217.
  3. SWLCEN675.
  4. SWLCEN871.
  5. SWLCEN963.
  6. SWLCFR679.
  7. SWLCFR930.
  8. SWLCDE478.
  9. SWLCDE475.
  10. SWLCDE783.
  11. SWLCDE965.
  12. SWLCID906.
  13. SWLCFR842.
  14. SWLCEN426.
  15. SWLCKR488.
  16. SWLCKR532.
  17. SWLCKR797.
  18. SWLCJP537.
  19. SWLCJP630.
  20. SWLCTW546.
  21. SWLCTH075.
  22. SWLCKR486.
  23. SWLCTH564.

How do I get gift vouchers? Developers on their Facebook page ( https://web.facebook.com/LostCenturia ) and on the YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/SummonersWarLostCenturia ) often post interesting posts with various contests (or simply give coupons). For active participation in events, you can receive coupons of various denominations, as well as other interesting prizes. Sometimes, for winning, you can receive a prize in the form of real gifts that will be sent to your home. Therefore, we recommend that you participate and receive various goodies.

Lost Centuria: A Beginner’s Guide

Lost Centuria is a game where the main content is PvP (player versus player) battles in real time. In order to get to the Arena, you need to have a squad of 8 characters. All heroes in the game develop gradually, so it’s hard to say which ones will be better and which ones will be worse.

The game is well rendered, and more importantly, well thought out. Here, not only the pumping of monsters is of particular importance (this is the name of your heroes in the game), but also the correct understanding of the mechanics of the battle and the capabilities of the characters.

At the very beginning of the game, many beginners have a question: what first of all needs to be passed, what to focus on? Most importantly, it is recommended that you first complete the Campaign as quickly as possible. The faster you pass it, the more resources you will receive. You will have crystals, mana, and cards (that is, you can open as many heroes as possible).

As soon as you pass the boss of chapter 2, you will have the opportunity to go to the Wanted. In this adventure, you will be able to re-kill bosses. And for this you will receive special medals to open the chests of glory. You will also receive mana and crystals.

The main rule in the game is that the more different resources you have, the faster you develop. Also, your experience as a player is of great importance for moving up the game hierarchy. Learn to play on counterattacks and correctly form a team of fighters in order to win even a superior opponent.

At first, you are advised to play as much as possible, and open all available modes. Including the Battle of Constraints. It is updated every 3 days, and it is not advisable to skip it. For completing the Battle, good rewards are given that will help you progress faster.

Important gaming moments

Player experience. For raising the level of characters - monsters, you get player experience (otherwise experience is impossible to get). For each of your levels, you will discover new opportunities in the game. You can find more detailed information about the experience in the "Help" section in the "Guide" section.

Opportunities obtained at new levels

Player levelGame opportunity
2Possession - Level 2 Mission Assignment Department
3Possession - Workshop Level 2
4Alliance Trading Post Level 2
fivePossession - Workshop Level 3
6Possession - Level 4 Mission Assignment Department
7Possession - Workshop Level 4
eightPossession - Level 2 Magic Shop
ninePossession - Workshop Level 5
10Possession - Level 3 Magic Shop
elevenPossession - Workshop Level 6
12Alliance - Tier 4 Alliance Trading Post
13Possession - Level 4 Magic Shop
fourteenAlliance - Alliance Trading Post Level 5
fifteenPossession - Level 5 Magic Shop

Your task is to reach level 7 as quickly as possible and open a Workshop of level 4, and then up to level 9 of the player. Since up to 7th level you can make ordinary runes, and from 7th level you will have the opportunity to make epic runes, and from 9th - legendary.

Monster cards. Monsters are the names of your game heroes. At the start of the game, it is recommended to get as many cards as possible. Even heroes that you do not play will have to be pumped in order to quickly increase the player’s experience, since the runes in the game decide a lot.

Weakening effects. At the start of the game, before the first battle, you need to study all the effects of the weakening. These effects you will apply in battle and their correct distribution, and timely use will bring you victory. In order to find out what effects are in the game and how they work, you can do the following: go to the menu of any hero. In the upper right part of the screen there will be a description of the main skill of the monster, in which the effect is highlighted in red (blue). Click on it and you can read about all the effects.


You can join the alliance by simply going to the Alliance Office in the Possessions, after which the alliance window will open. Here on the left side of the screen is a list of all alliances on the server. If next to the name of the alliance is the description "Entry by approval", then your application will be considered by the guild leaders. And the review of applications takes a very long time. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the "Filters" section (the button is located above the list), here you should put the filter "Intro method" - "Free intro" (intro types are rewound by arrows).

After the above actions, a list of clans with free (instant) entry will appear. If you leave the guild, then you will have a penalty for a new entry - 30 minutes. You can join the alliance in another way, for example, write a message in the chat about the search for a worthy and active clan. Then you may be offered an alliance. If you like the offer, then you should go to the Office and enter the name of the proposed union in the search bar. If the system does not find the necessary alliance, then try to write the name with a lowercase letter.

Why do you need an alliance? Friends, in fact, you don’t really need them, because apart from viewing information about them, you cannot do anything. Maybe in the future, the developers will add interesting content with the possibility of joint passage. But at the time of this writing, there are no such opportunities. Therefore, it is better to focus on the alliance.

After joining the alliance, you will have access to the store, where you can purchase skill cards, heroic cards, fame tokens, mystical dust and enchantment scrolls. The store is updated every week.

You can also donate your cards to guildmates, and for this you can get coins. Do not be greedy with cards, as for coins you will acquire fame tokens. At the start of the game, it is important to get as many of them as possible. Tokens are required in the Duel mode. When you collect a certain number of tokens, they will turn into medals of glory. For them, you can open chests in the Summoning (Call of Glory), to which there are from ordinary to legendary monsters. The chest of glory will improve depending on your league (the number of cards in the chest increases).

Lost Centuria: Crystal Tips

How do I get crystals?

Quests - try to complete daily and regular tasks as much as possible, since for their successful completion you will receive crystals, which at the start will save you time in obtaining them.

One of the tasks (in the "Other" section) requires you to find a friend. How can you find it? To do this, you need to go to the "Friends" menu (click on the button in the form of 3 dashes in the upper right corner). But in the friends section you can find it by search. To do this, write to the chat "Looking for a friend", or simply select an adequate player and rewrite his nickname in the search line "Friends". As soon as the system finds a player, then you can click on the "Select" button, thereby sending him an invitation.

It is also possible to find a friend by player ID. To do this, you can meet someone outside the game, or invite a real-life friend to be friends in the game. Your ID is written above the search bar in Friends. Also, having selected the interlocutor in the game chat, and clicking on his nickname, in the window that appears, you select the "Information" button. After that, a window with the player’s data will appear, and his ID will be written in gray font near his nickname.

Raising your rating - in the Battle for rating you will receive special victory points, for which various prizes are given as a reward for achieving victory points. The fights themselves take place in the Combat Mode activity. And at the end of each season, according to its results, you can also get crystals and Ancient Books for the number of points.

Opening Summoning Chests - they will bring you not only hero cards, but also some necessary game items, including crystals. It is best to carry out the call of glory so as not to spend the already accumulated rare currency.

Completing the tasks of the heroes - each hero has a certain number of tasks associated with him. They can be viewed in the "Tasks" section of the monster’s menu (button in the form of a medal). For each successfully completed quest, you will receive a certain amount of crystals.

"Capture" mode - here you can carry out operations, for the successful completion of the mission (for 3 stars) you will receive a Cadugan chest, in which you will find skill stones and cards, but for a certain number of accumulated stars you can get additional crystals. Progress is displayed on the bar at the top of the rewards window.

Participation in temporary game events - each event generously rewards participants with gifts, including crystals. It should, if possible, go through all the events as much as possible in order to be able to get more buns.

Where should crystals be spent correctly?

At the start of the game, you will receive a large number of crystals. And beginners have a question: where to spend them correctly? When you open all the modes, it is recommended to learn how to play in the Arena. Entrance fee not to the Arena is 100 crystals. Once a week you can enter the Arena for free. The main task of the player in the Arena is to get as many victories as possible. First, you get good game knowledge, and for every 2 victories you get hero cards.

In addition to the Arena, you can spend crystals to Summon. But this is the most expensive way to get cards. For 1 character challenge, you will give 300 crystals (this is 3 trips to the Arena).

If you have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the game, then it is better to go to the Arena, and do not buy calls.

But in Summoning, you can get heroic skill cards, while in the Arena only a common and rare skill class. But getting a heroic stone is very difficult.

The third option for spending crystals is the acquisition of mana. For 2500 crystals, you can buy 50,000 crystals. It is more profitable if you buy for 550 crystals. You will need a lot of mana in the game. It is required to level up the heroes.

Support for players (located in the TV section in the lower right corner of the main screen) - for 100 crystals you can get a heroic card or not get it, for a loss you will receive either a gray or a green card. But you should not risk for 100 crystals, it is better to go to the Arena, guaranteed, for the same money, you will receive 2 - 3 cards, and if you are lucky, then all 10 times.

Place your bets for mana, for 100 mana you can get a green card, and if you lose, you can get a gray card. In both cases, such an action will be beneficial, since you need cards.

Magic Shop - sometimes an epic card worth 250 crystals can appear in it. But this is also not a very profitable investment. Here you should spend crystals in the event that you really need the card being sold. But heroes that are sold for a different currency are advised to buy everyone.

You should not purchase emoji at the beginning of the game. Although they are cute and cool, they can only be purchased at high levels of account development, or by depositing real funds.

Lost Centuria: Character Guide

In the game, legendary heroes are not as important as epic ones. Legendaries are hard to get and hard to upgrade. And if you are going to play for a long time, then it will be easier for you to pump gray and green characters. Don’t cling to legends, your task is to get a large number of cards. And, accordingly, you need to download only those heroes that you need. You cannot pump all monsters, only if up to level 9 in order to increase the player’s level.

It is worth noting that after losing some time, we came to the conclusion that almost all heroes can be used in battles. Thanks to this circumstance, you can create and collect various teams of monsters. The game, in terms of heroes, has a good balance. And even ordinary characters are of great use in a well-formed squad.

Therefore, we did not choose the TOP of the best characters in the article, since the situation in the game can change at any time, and even the weakest and most useless monster today can get a legendary stone, and everything will change dramatically. From time to time, new characters appear in the game who have interesting game mechanics, but do not introduce imbalance into it, but, on the contrary, expand the possibilities for creating new teams.

In the game, all heroes are divided into 4 types of quality:

In addition to quality, monsters are divided into roles that you will use in battle:

Elements. The game has 5 elements:

  1. Fire.
  2. Water.
  3. Air.
  4. Light.
  5. Dark.

Also, the elements can dominate among themselves on the battlefield, that is, inflict increased damage on the lower element: fire hits the air, which dominates over water, and water is stronger than fire. Darkness and light have a bonus to attack against each other. But this scheme is mainly adhered to only during the passage of the campaign. In other activities, players build on other indicators.

Level up. At the moment, there are 15 levels of heroes. Each level is increased by a certain number of copies of cards and mana. The cost of moving to a new level depends on the quality and level of the hero. With an increase in the level, the main characteristics of the heroes increase. Having reached level 30, you can complete Overcoming the Limit and pump the map further up to level 30. For each overcoming one of the characteristics of the warrior increases.

Skill stone. For each monster, you can pick up a skill stone. Stones can increase abilities or add a new skill, everything will depend on the skill stone received. Leveling up and inserting stones are carried out in the monster menu. Each character can put 3 stones, but only one of them can be used. To do this, you need to activate the stone.

Skill stones are divided into 4 types:

  1. Usual.
  2. Rare.
  3. Heroic.
  4. Legendary.

Yes, the game does not ask the player for excessive hours of pumping monsters. You can only strengthen them by raising the level by placing runes and skill stones. But the most interesting thing in the game is the battles, the many options for building a team, interesting and exciting battles. Here it is necessary not only to collect cards, but also to constantly improve in the game.

Obtaining cards (cards can be obtained in the same ways as crystals):

  1. Summoning is the main place for receiving cards, but you should not spend crystals on it. If you receive books or medals of glory for battles in the Arena for events or tasks, then it is better to use these calls.
  2. Single player battle.
  3. Arena battles.
  4. Buying cards in the game stores (Possessions, Alliance).
  5. Receiving cards for completing tasks.

Lost Centuria: Conduct the Battle

In the game, in principle, all battles are similar, and are tied to the counterattacks of opponents. Moreover, counterattacks can be carried out in parallel to each other or after the use of an attack by an opponent. But let’s take a closer look at everything. So, you have selected a team of 8 characters and 3 spells (the ability to choose spells opens a little later), and enter the battle. A battlefield appears on the screen. Your heroes are located on the left side of the screen, and enemy monsters are on the right side.

In addition, each team is divided into 2 parts: front and back rows. In the first row there are the most tenacious heroes, in the second there are heroes with a low indicator of protection and health. If the battle takes place in automatic mode, then all the warriors hit the character sitting in 1 slot. But the main point of the match is massive attacks.

All your cards appear in your hand (lower right corner of the screen) as you attack speed. That is, if a fighter has a high speed indicator, he will move first and be the first to appear in your hand.

Under the cards in your hand there is a mana fill scale, with which you produce the skills of the heroes. Each hero has a certain cost to play the skill. As soon as the required amount of mana is gained, you can activate the champion’s skill. After you attack with an ability, your opponent can make a counterattack at that moment. But you can also answer him (if you have enough mana). You can answer not only with the skills of monsters, but also with spells.

Spells are an additional combat mechanic. They are divided into several types:

Each spell can be used 1 time per match. Therefore, you should select spells for the capabilities of the team in order to get as much advantage as possible in the battle.

Counterattack. This is the most interesting thing in the game. All heroes and spells that you choose in the squad must match each other, and harmoniously support allies. For example, you have a good hero with a high attack rate. For its effective use, you need to reduce the enemy’s defense, or stop his attacks. You can also feed the main warriors with an increase in characteristics or immunity to various types of weakening (control).

If your main attacking hero carries out an attack, then to enemies, then the opponent can block incoming damage with a shield or the ability to reduce incoming damage. If this happens, you can respond to him by imposing a "Brand" on the enemy (increases the incoming damage to the enemy) or impose a "ban on the use of enhancement" (that is, cancel the imposed positive effect).

Remember that each person chooses his own strategy, and the game makes it possible to use cards not for their intended purpose. Even if you have learned all the heroes of the game and know their potential, you should explore additional possibilities of using them, explore non-obvious options for combining heroes.

For example, you see an enemy in command of a fragile warrior in the front line. What do you think? Yeah, this is a weak player with a low level of knowledge, he cannot build a team correctly, because I can easily kill this monster, thereby weakening the opponent’s defense. In fact, you are throwing all your strength into the destruction of this very character, which is given to you as a decoy. But you cannot destroy him on the move, since the player hung up the pumped runes for his protection and health (good news - runes do not work in the Battle of the Arena).

Or vice versa, the opponent fielded a team of tough champions with a notoriously low damage rate. Does this indicate his inexperience? It is likely that not, since the game makes it possible, thanks to runes (they do not work in the Battle of the Arena) and spells with amplification effects, to significantly increase the damage of monsters. And since all the characters of the opponent initially have high indicators of protection and health, it will not work to destroy them with a swoop, and you will have to tinker.

Lost Centuria: How to assemble a team of heroes correctly?

The team must include 8 heroes. As a rule, a squad consists of heroes with a high attack, healers, defenders (tanks) and other auxiliary characters (support, control, and others). The game has a regulated order according to which you need to make a team of heroes. In order to form a team, you must go to the "Formation" section at the beginning of any adventure. The section consists of 8 numbered slots.

Tanks (defenders)

In the cell under number 1, you should put the monster that will be the first to take the entire blow. Since during auto-combat (when the characters are fighting among themselves on their own, without your participation), all attacks fly first at the first warrior, then at the second, and so on. Accordingly, in the first 2 cells you need to put defenders (fighters with high health and protection indicators).

It is good that in this game there are rare and common monsters that do an excellent job with the role of tanks. We advise you to take a closer look at Ramagos and Mafu. Many players use them at 3000+ ratings. You can also choose Jeanne, who, in addition to high survivability, has control. There are also legendary tanks such as Rakan. But in the game, legends do not solve, and you will download and play with those monsters whose cards you get.

Although in one of the first slots you can put a hero with high damage, but with a fairly high survival rate. Therefore, you should choose a warrior for the first 2 cells according to the highest characteristics of health and protection.

Supporting heroes

Support. On any team, you need a support monster. There are several support categories in the game:

It is very important in this game to have a character who will increase your combat characteristics. Separately, we can note the fighters who increase the attack speed of allies (floodrs): the most popular support monster is Bernard, but Megan can also be placed. Their difference in the cost of mana (Megan - 3, Bernard - 2), even Megan, in addition to increasing speed, also gives allies an increase in attack. But Bernard with the runes of agility will cost 1 mana, which, according to experienced players, is more effective.

The control. Control heroes are also irreplaceable in the team. For example, Train, which stuns opponents. Or Sokha, which steals positive effects from opponents and imposes them on her team. There is a very cool legend - Ganymede, who burns the entire opponent’s team. There is Wusa, also a very strong monster that gives immunity and shield to allies.

But we advise you to pay attention to some simple and epic heroes, since at the time of this writing, almost all TOP players are building a team on Bareth, and this is control and the imposition of negative effects. Therefore, you need to have support that will help you resist such units:

In general, the game has a lot of support monsters that will be useful at one point or another in the game. Here you yourself have to experiment with the heroes and choose the support that suits you best. You can choose some non-obvious character, put runes for him for protection and health, and put him in the front ranks. In this regard, the game offers a lot of variety and many ways to build a team.

Attacking heroes (damage dealers).

At the moment, the games of damage dealers can be divided into 2 categories:

Among the simple and epic monsters, there are a number of excellent attacking warriors that we recommend paying attention to:

It is very important, if you play from physical damage, then you need to have a character with a break in armor in your team, or have skill stones with a decrease in defense. In this case, your damage dealers will do more damage.

The rift can be obtained from the normal hero Prilea, which reduces the defense of enemies by 50%. And if you are lucky with the "Cool Wind" skill stone, which also stuns opponents with a 30% chance.

Imposing Poisons - Bareth

Baret is a simple hero, but you can safely pump him, as he will come in handy in the Campaign. He has a very interesting mechanic that will require you to fix the counter-attack of your opponents. But Baret gets stronger with the Koni. This is a regular 1 mana card. It returns the card you just played back to your hand.

How it works: you collect Bareth and Konami cards in your hand, for this you need a monster that increases the attack speed (preferably 2 monsters) so that you can quickly sort out the deck. Then you give under control any cheap cards (Jeanne for 3 mana, a bear for 4 mana). Thus, you are waiting for the appearance of Bareth and Konami. Having received them in your hand, you play Baret, walk as a bird, return Baret to your hand, and walk again.

Heroes that are recommended to be put in the team to Bareth:

When composing a team, it is important to build on those cards that fall to you more. The higher the level of the monsters, the more the characteristics increase, the more effectiveness these characters will have.

It’s good when legendary cards often fall out, but at level 7 they will be weaker than ordinary monsters, which are at level 9 and above. That is, legends are not the most powerful heroes in the game.

Lost Centuria: Arena Guide

The entrance to the Arena is made through the Test Mode. The entrance cost is 100 crystals. But Arena differs from other modes in that the level of all characters in teams will be equal to 10, regardless of the real level of the monsters. In this case, the effects of the runes in the Battle of the Arena will not be applied. Therefore, the enemy’s monsters will not have hidden ghosts, and you can defeat them with your strategy.

The more battles you fight in the Arena, the more rewards you will receive. The match itself is played in the same mode as standard battles. But since the cost of mana cannot be reduced here by runes and spells, you can try to build a team using heroes that cause long-term damage (burning, poisons). You can also build a team based on control, for example, freezing.

After 10 victories in the Arena, you get the coolest chest, which will definitely contain 2 purple cards.

Why can’t you open Challenge Mode? The Challenge mode will become available the moment you get into the Bronze III league. But for this you need to win a series of victories in the Duel Mode. But since at the start of the game many beginners cannot imagine a playable team without a legendary hero, they are not even going to play in this mode. In fact, you can put together a great team without a legend.

Arena team to start the game

At the start of the game, there are 2 main directions of the player’s tactics in battle:

If you play on the offensive, then the majority of your team should consist of attack heroes, hitting 1 target and having massive damage. Basically, the attacking heroes are epic and legendary monsters. And since at the beginning of the game path you do not have such fighters, it is recommended to collect a defense team.

Protection. For the defense team, you need to decide on the tanks that you can put in the first line. It is best, at the beginning, to take 2 - 3 defense (health) heroes into battle. Try to choose a bear, penguin, or golem. The golem can be changed to another monster, but be sure to leave a penguin and a bear in the squad. The first can change places with any other warrior, and the bear heals itself.

Support. Next, you need to decide on the support monsters. First of all, you need a healer. You can get treatment from Mikene, from Elucia, you can also put Colleen. In addition to the healer, you need a warrior who imposes positive effects on allies. These can be: Griffin (attack speed), Shannon (increase in attack and defense).

And since the team is built on the basis of defense, it is recommended to take an additional support champion. If there is an epic hero, then you can put him. For example, Sokha, which steals positive effects from enemies and distributes them among allies, and additionally heals all teammates. If there is no heroic hero, then you can put the usual one. For example, Fairy - Elucia, which heals 1 ally and removes weakening effects. It will be very useful for your tanks. A Rakuni can be placed that imposes a mana cost reduction on the ally with the highest cost.

Attack. Now you should deal with the attack monsters. If you have a purple hero, then feel free to put it. You can use 1 champion with massive damage, and one with damage to 1 target (for example, Finna, Zika, Callie). Callie, in addition to good damage, puts the effect of prohibiting healing on opponents. Also, Tagaros often drops out at the start, which stuns the enemy.

As a result, you should get: 3 defenders, 3 supports and 2 attack heroes. This is the optimal command for the starting exit to the Arena. But you can put a third attack character if you remove one support soldier.

Spells. Now you need to choose 3 spells, which are put on the basis of your strategy of the game. But, nevertheless, the effect of increasing the characteristics is always useful. You can put "Lightning", as it stuns and deals massive damage to opponents (it costs 1 mana, but you can use it, as an exception, several times).

Lost Centuria: Slaughter Arena Team Options

Command through deceleration

In general, there are many options for the slowdown strategy, but we have selected the most optimal team in this article that will help you progress in any Arena. It is important to put runes on all heroes, but you can just use gray ones, since only set effects work in the Arena.




Team up to 4500 rating points (how to get the rank of Fighter)

The tutu is quite simple, there is nothing special about it. The whole strategy consists in throwing poisons at the opponent, fires, and accelerating the attack with Seara (worth in slot 6). It is best to dress her as much as possible in health.




Barbarian-based team

This team has become very popular in the Arena. The main task of the squad is to destroy 1 rad of the enemy as quickly as possible. If you take down the front heroes, then you will definitely take the monsters in the back row, since most often there are attack characters there, and they have little health and protection. The main heroes in the squad are the Harpy and the Barbarian, without which a beautiful battle cannot be achieved, and you need to assemble a team of other heroes.




Lost Centuria: Runes Drawing Tips

In order to make runes, you need to go to the "Possessions" tab (lower right control panel of the lobby screen). Then go to the Workshop. On the left side of the workshop screen, you can select one of three tabs for crafting:

Manufacturing takes place for a certain amount of magic dust (depending on the chosen process). Dust can be purchased from the Possession Store and the Alliance Store. Also, magic dust is given as a reward for the successful completion of some special tasks.

Each rune has 1 standard property that cannot be changed, and 3 additional ones that appear in the process of strengthening the runes. After collecting 3 runes of one set on 1 monster, you get an additional set effect.

Set effects

Energy - increases the maximum number of monster health points by 15%

Onslaught - increases the maximum damage from the hero’s attack by 15%.

Hide - Reduces the mana cost by 1 unit (1 time).

Guardian - increases the maximum protection rate by 15%.

Blade - Increases critical strike chance by 20%.

Will - gives immunity (the duration of the rune after using 90 seconds).

Anger - increases the critical damage of the monster by 25%.

Focus - increases attack accuracy by 30%.

Patience - increases the character’s resistance by 30%.

Vampire - increases vampirism by 20%.

Rage - gives a 30% chance of returning a card to your hand after playing it.

Destruction - reduces the maximum health points of the enemy (opponents, depends on the hero’s attack style) by 30% of the damage received.

Each set is divided into 3 runes, which have one of three standard properties:

Gain. It is carried out in the inventory or in the hero’s menu, on which the rune necessary for pumping hangs. Each rune can be pumped up to level 15, while the existing properties of the runes increase (except for the set effect). The level rises when there is another rune with the same slot number. For example, you want to pump an attack rune, for this, another attack rune will serve as the material for strengthening. The name of the rune does not matter. Also, a certain amount of mana is required to enhance. The final boost depends on the class of the selected runes.

Enchantment. With the help of this mechanic, you can add or increase additional properties of the rune. In total, you can add 3 properties, but if you are lucky when creating a rune, you can get an artifact with 4 additional properties, that is, in the end, 5 properties will hang on the rune. But such runes fall out very rarely, and they should be placed on your most effective monsters.

Enchanting requires a certain number of enchantment scrolls (the number of scrolls is written in the enchantment recipe). They are difficult to obtain, so they should not be spent on high-level runes. Enchantment scrolls can be obtained as a reward for completing certain tasks, as well as purchased from the alliance store. Of course, enchanting requires you to pay a certain amount of mana for the operation.

Who needs what runes?

To answer this question you need to go to "Formation" and select one of the commands. As a rule, each of the 5 possible teams is formed based on the player’s tactics. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate runes. But there are some general rules for choosing runes:

  1. Runes for tanks - are selected depending on the maximum indicator of health or protection. If your health warrior is the first, then you choose the "Energy" rune for him, and if he is a hero with the role of protection, then the "Guardian" rune, they will increase the survivability of your tank.
  2. Runes for damage dealers (attack heroes) - here, accordingly, it is necessary to supplement the indicators of defense, the chance of critical damage or the critical level itself. The choice will be determined by the characteristics of the character. For example, it has a high base critical strike chance, so it should be increased so that the champion deals increased damage more often.
  3. Runes of accuracy - but if your character has an attack in 1 target, and plus to this he puts a negative effect on the enemy, then it is better for him to increase the accuracy of the attack with the "Focus" rune. Heroes with a massive attack are recommended to increase their accuracy in case of its high base value.
  4. Vampirism - if your hero has the effect of stealing life, then he needs to put on a set of Vampire runes so that he can stand on the battlefield longer, and in properties it is better to catch an increase in attack and critical damage, so that vampirism will bring more benefits.
  5. Rune "Rage" - this rune is required to be set in the event that you collect a team for 1 hero (for example, Bareth, which is best kept in your hand at all times).
  6. Destruction - if your hero has a very high mass attack, then the "Destruction" rune is suitable for him, which reduces the target’s defense, plus you can put heroes with this property in the team so that the magician inflicts even more chaos in the opponent’s squad. If you have 2 attack warriors in your team, then you can put them both with the "Destruction" runes. In this case, you can take 2 support, which imposes the effect of prohibiting treatment.
  7. Runes for support - there is a very large selection, which will depend on your style of play. You can put immunity on a hero with a counterattack, increase the accuracy of control heroes, increase the survivability of healers, and more.

Remember that it is not worth pumping runes at the very start of the game, it is better to pump the player’s level as quickly as possible in order to get more powerful runes, although their cost will be higher than usual, but they will bring more benefits.

Lost Centuria: Duel Mode Walkthrough

This is the PvP content of the game, which is divided into several activities. Each activity has its own rules for conducting a battle. Here players from all over the world meet in real-time battles. In total, at the time of this writing, there are 4 battle modes.

Battle for rating

Most visited activity, which gives the maximum number of rewards. In addition to the prizes for the battle itself, you will receive rewards for the winner’s points and for the rating points. The battle is carried out seasons, each season lasts 1 month in real time. We have described the mechanics in more detail in the Arena Guide section.

How to rise in the rankings? In order for you to consistently increase your rating, you need to have enough gaming experience. The more and longer you play, the more you understand how this or that monster behaves in battle, when to use spells, what strategy is best to choose, and much more.

You can watch the battles of other players in another way. To do this, select the nickname of any gamer in the chat, then call (by tapping on the nickname) his "Information" and go to the "Battle Data" tab. Here you can watch the replay of the contractions. You don’t have to watch high-rated players, you can choose those who have the same rating as yours. Each gamer has his own teams, and you can adopt and try their arrangement of monsters.

Experiment with monsters, but it’s not worth choosing them in any order, you must have your own tactics.

Why go to Duel Mode? You need to take part in the battles in the Arena Duel Mode "Duel for rating" as often as possible. Here, a certain number of stars are given for the victory, which you need to collect. For 25 stars you will receive 1000 crystals, and for 50 stars - an Ancient Book. And until 50 stars have been accumulated, repeated awards will be given.

The rating also allows you to receive a reward for achieving victory points. That is, the higher your rating, the more prizes you get. Crystals, books, mana and other necessary game items are given here.

Special regime

Normal battle is the most gentle of all activities. Here you can practice and gain gaming experience, as you do not receive penalties for losing. But, as in the Battle for the rating, you will receive stars and medals of glory.

World Tournament

A mode where you use your team, but only the effect of a set of runes will be used, but all the stones that your monsters have (for example, a skill stone) work. Players are admitted only if they have reached the Gold V league and above. You can fight an unlimited number of times, but after 5 losses, you are eliminated from the tournament. If you have a monster or spells above level 11, the level will be leveled to 10. But if you have cards below level 10, their level will not be adjusted. That is, they will have their current level.

Before the start of the match, each side has some time to remove 2 cards (heroes or spells) from the opponent’s deck. Therefore, you need to prepare, since a good knowledge of the characters will help remove the most useful warriors from the enemy. But you need to make a choice quickly so as not to miss the blocking time.

The World Tournament is a kind of rating by which you are judged as a good player. According to the developers, everyone has equal chances. But this is not the case. The World Tournament is a stepping stone to entering the tournament with real prizes (one of the directions of world esports). The players who take the first 8 places will get into the cyber tournament.

When is the best time to go to the World Tournament? Experienced players advise that it is better to visit this Arena in the first days of the season, when there are many players, a lot of newcomers, and you will have a better chance of getting on a person whose cards are below level 10. But it should be remembered that the selection of players depends on the number of victories. For example, you have achieved 6 - 8 victories, then your opponents will come across about the same.

Team. If you have already assembled a good deck, then it is advisable to go to the tournament for her, since you know her and already know how to play her. But you must have interchangeable heroes. Since the enemy only sees your squad during blocking, you can put characters that are not particularly important to you, and then quickly add the necessary champions to the team. If you put a strong tank, then it can be removed to open access to the rest of the heroes. Therefore, it is better to put not the leading defender, but the one who can be quickly replaced. This principle works in other positions as well.

Remember that the enemy may not choose more than one of your heroes to block. In this case, you will go into battle with those warriors that you put in the team, and you cannot change them. Therefore, you do not need to put unlevelled monsters at all, select those with whom you can defeat.

It is also important that all heroes who go into battle have runes. What quality runes you hang on monsters is not important, since only the set effect works, but the set must be complete.

Lost Centuria: Campaign Walkthrough

There are 2 adventures in single player mode:

  1. Capture is the main campaign where you can enjoy adventures in the world of Summoners War - Cadugan. The campaign is divided into several chapters. For each stage, you will receive rewards and a Kalugan chest. More details about the awards can be found in the description for the story. You can open new chapters after reaching a certain rating in the Arena.
  2. Wanted - here you can fight the bosses of the Campaign, which you have already met. Boss battles take place in standard mode. The main thing is to know how the bosses behave in battle, what skills they have. After the victory, you will be able to enter the battle from the bosses again after a certain period of time.

How to complete the initial chapters of the 3-Star Campaign?

Before each stage of the chapter, in the "Formation" section at the bottom on the left side of the screen, there is a hint in which the game advises you to choose heroes with whom it will be easier to complete the stages. Also on the right side of the battle description window tells about the features of the boss. For example, the boss imposes some kind of prohibition on your actions. Your task is to choose such a composition that will minimize the attempts of the enemy to harm you to a minimum.

Team composition for chapter 1: try to get those warriors who will help you complete the chapter by 3 stars. It is imperative to take support heroes with you: one who will remove negative effects from you, the second - who will increase your characteristics (better attack). Colleen is recommended as she not only applies attack buff, but also heals the entire group.

It is important to have 2 tanks in your lineup, which will provide you with protection at the beginning of the match. It’s also good to have damage over time, and an attack hero with massive damage. From spells it is better to take "Spiritual Cleansing". Its plus is that when you have a lot of negative effects, it removes them.

Team composition for chapter 2: this chapter has a very specific boss who imposes a shield on all his allies. And you can remove this shield only by hitting it 5 times. For beginners, this opponent is very difficult to beat. The team should be chosen very carefully. Approximate composition of the team:

  1. Roid - He hits the front row 3 times in a row.
  2. Zeke - deals 2 hits in a row to the enemy in 1 row.
  3. Ramagos - as a tank.
  4. Mav - as support for Ramagos.
  5. Shannon - increases the attack to allies.
  6. Mikene - removes negative effects.
  7. Barat - periodic damage.
  8. Lapis - theft of magic and a shield.

In principle, you can put those characters that you have, but Zeke and Roid form the basis of the team, since they inflict several hits in one attack, and this is important in this chapter. He also hits Sokha and Finn several times. Or maybe you have other heroes that have multiattack? It is better to take them with you.

Team composition for chapter 3: The boss of this chapter applies a blocking mastery effect on his teammates, which absorbs all damage below a certain value. The effect ends when the target takes damage that reduces or ignores defense. What does this mean? This suggests that your team should have heroes who massively reduce the enemy’s defense. For example, Kali, Prilea. You can put Bareth, a poison that ignores the enemy’s defense. It is recommended to put Lapis in the group, for the shield. With such a team, the passage will not be too much of a problem.

Chapter 4 Squad Lineup: The boss applies the damage distribution effect to front row opponents. This boss is not particularly difficult. You can take the usual, but tenacious heroes ahead, add a healer to the team:

  1. Ramagos.
  2. Elution.
  3. Mav.
  4. Shannon.
  5. Mycenae.
  6. Lapis.
  7. Barret.
  8. Cali.

Team composition for Chapter 5: The boss grants an ally the power of a reaper, removing all debuffs, and fully restores his health. An enemy dies if attacked by an afflicted monster. This chapter is more serious than the previous ones. Since the boss will quickly kill your team due to the effect, you need to kill him faster. Of the spells, it is best to take the attackers.

  1. Ramagos - will finish off the heroes of the 1st row with his skill.
  2. Mav - to change position so that the bear will live up to its finest hour.
  3. Khan - to attack and freeze the first row of the enemy. They can counterattack at the moment when the boss activates his skill. Then the enemy will be frozen and will not be able to do anything.
  4. Shannon - increases the attack and defense of allies, it is recommended for her to complete 1 turn in the battle.
  5. Mikene - removes negative effects from the team and distributes the health of the heroes.
  6. Lapis - will steal magic from opponents.
  7. Barret - for continuous massive damage.
  8. Khmun is like an attacking champion.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Boss - Imposes the effect of ancient armor on all allies, which absorbs all damage. Only an enemy whose attack power is higher than the level of ancient armor can deal damage to the target on which the ancient armor lies.

Team. You need to have 2 support heroes in the squad, which increase the attack of the heroes. It is also important to have a warrior with periodic damage and a champion with a massive attack. If you don’t have a legendary character with a massive attack, go for a heroic one. It could be Luchen or Sophia. It is recommended to take Soku into the team, who will steal enemy positive effects. And it will come in handy in parts 2 and 3 of the chapter. If you do not have it, it means you should put another attack hero or 3 support, which will increase the characteristics of the team.

Of the spells, if there is periodic damage, Destruction is best, but you can also take Berserker. For Ancient Armor, it is best to take "Lightning". Looks good in such a command "Chain" or treatment.

Remember that in the game, all the effects you have (positive or negative) can add up. Therefore, 1 support can impose an effect on you 2 times in a row, thereby strengthening you 2 times or weakening.

Battle. At the start of each stage, you need to strengthen the team with positive effects, and then fire at the enemy with massive attacks that can reach the 2nd row of the enemy. If you have Nicky, then she will quickly destroy the opponent’s distant fighters. You need to monitor positive effects so that they are constantly on your heroes. If the effect ends, then you should immediately update it.

Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Boss - inflict damage on all enemies and imposes the effect of the curse of helplessness, from which any attacks become invalid. The curse can only be removed when the target is fully restored to health.

Team. The main heroes in the team should be massive healers. It’s good to have a healing spell in hand. The best thing to do is take Colleen. It is important to have a warrior with periodic damage, for example, a pumped Baret. It is recommended to take the spell and heroes with periodic damage so that the opponent can gradually wither while the heroes are under the curse.

If you have Khmun, then it is also advised to take him to the squad. He, too, will heal himself and the ally with the lowest health a little. It is recommended to put Lapis, which will steal magic from the enemy and put a shield on your team. The passage should begin with it.

Battle. After stealing Lapis, you should increase the attack of your heroes with the help of support. And then send periodic damage to the opponent. After the curse is imposed on you, treatment should begin.

Chapter 8 Walkthrough:

The rest of the chapters are traversed already on the experience of the player himself, on his attentiveness. By the beginning of Chapter 9, you will already have many different heroes who can resist the intrigues of the bosses.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.