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Magic Rush WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

MAGIC RUSH: HEROES is a role-playing game released by the Chinese company Elex on July 1, 2015. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Best Heroes:
  2. Uther
  3. Gerber
  4. Aurora
  5. Aurai
  6. Marilyn
  7. Coco
  8. Charles
  9. Sebastian
  10. Medea
  11. Blaine
  12. Jacob
  13. Mira
  14. Lotus
  15. Hani
  16. The best combinations of heroes:
  17. Magical mega - team
  18. Legendary team
  19. Physical mega - team
  20. Top Arena Troops
  21. A Guide for Beginners
  22. City Guide

Magic Rush Heroes: Best Heroes

The game has a lot of heroes who perform different functions. Some are good at the Arena, others in Campania, and others in the Underground. We picked up heroes that can be involved in any active location.



  1. Angel Shield - the hero puts a shield over the entire team, which will absorb incoming damage. With skill leveling, the percentage of damage absorbed rises.
  2. Holy Lights - Uther treats a comrade who has the weakest percentage of health.
  3. Sacred blow - stuns 1 opponent for 2 seconds.
  4. Sacred blessing - increases the percentage of protection for all heroes in the squad.


  1. Life Scepter - increases magical power and increases max XP.
  2. "Guardian Shield" - increases the defense of the hero, and also increases the resistance to magic.

Recommended command:

  1. Gerber.
  2. Blaine.
  3. Muse.
  4. Sebastian.



  1. Awareness of the soul - Gerber creates clone 1 of opponents (for which the damage has passed), the clone will fight on the side of Gerber.
  2. Ax of the soul - deals damage to multiple enemies.
  3. Armor collapse - reflects damage done by 50%, which is returned to the attacking enemy.
  4. Shield of the soul - for a few seconds puts a shield above itself.


  1. "Protection of Lufia" - against the physical squad.
  2. "Sapphire Scepter" - against the magic squad.

Recommended command:

Magic squad Physical squad
Blaine Coco
Alma Zoe
Merlin Mira
Sebastian Wreck



  1. The Rite of Dawn is an attacking skill that deals very significant damage to the enemy. If you send it to 1 line of rivals, then the beam will touch its tanks, which will inflict a positive skill.
  2. Solar flare - deals damage to 1 opponent.
  3. Dancing rays - Aurora heals his team.
  4. Blessing the sun - increases the allies attack, damage, vampirism.

Recommended command:

  1. Harry.
  2. Jacob.
  3. Spar.
  4. Saizo.



  1. Frost breath - Aurai attacks the enemy, healing itself.
  2. Recovery - heals his team, increases the speed of attack.
  3. Thick fog - blinds the opposing team for a few seconds, while reducing the damage of the enemy.
  4. Frosty speed - increases your attack speed.

Recommended command:

  1. Jacob.
  2. Saizo.
  3. Muse.
  4. Murphy.



  1. Shield of the Spirit - increases magical damage and vampirism 1 ally, who has the greatest magical power.
  2. Magic strike - deals massive magic damage to the opposing team.
  3. Summon Elves - calls on 3 creatures that increase vampirism in the Marilyn team.
  4. The patron of the Forest - increases the magical power in the team.

Recommended command:

  1. Terreza.
  2. Alma.
  3. Medea.
  4. Aurai.



  1. "Ice cry" - enhances the main characteristics of the hero.
  2. "Knight’s Spirit" - increases the speed of attack.


  1. Liberation - increases the speed of attack (more suitable for a physical unit).
  2. Whirlpool of Acheron - damage for 2 opponents, done at a great distance.
  3. Ricochet - deals damage to 2 opponents.
  4. Hide - reduces the armor of rivals.

Recommended commands:

Jacob Jacob Spartacus
Saizo Sebastian Monk
Ruby Ruby Rambo
Sebastian Mira Mira


Equipment :

  1. "Spirit Urn" - increases the speed of healing.
  2. "Ice cry" - improves the basic characteristics of the character.


  1. Absolute Guardian - Charles becomes almost not vulnerable, while restoring his XP during the duration of the ability. Increases armor and allies magic resistance.
  2. Gunstorm - deals massive damage to enemies.
  3. Attack from the back - deals increased damage to 1 selected enemy (teleports to him).
  4. Mortal blow - increases the chance of critical damage and vampirism.

Recommended command:

  1. Coco.
  2. Zoya.
  3. Mira.
  4. Wreck.



  1. "Spirit Urn" - increases the power of healing.
  2. "Robert’s hand" adds energy and speeds up the recovery of energy for skills.


  1. Resurrection - 1 time per battle can raise an ally.
  2. Time Machine - increases the attack speed of the entire squad.
  3. Galaxy Explosion - deals massive magical damage to enemies.
  4. Accelerator - accelerates energy recovery.

Recommended command:

  1. Jacob.
  2. Muse.
  3. Blaine.
  4. Gerber.



  1. "Master’s staff", "Strange stick" - increases the power of magic.
  2. "Trident" - increases attack speed.


  1. Shadow chains - inflicts great damage on one of the weakest enemy.
  2. Shadow destruction - causes massive damage, stunning rivals.
  3. Gibling bite - calls a creature that deals damage to enemies, while it itself causes great damage to 1 opponent, blocking it.
  4. Strengthening magic - increases the hero’s auto-attack.

Recommended command:

  1. Jacob.
  2. Alma.
  3. Blaine.
  4. Sebastian.



  1. "Robert’s glove" - enhances the main characteristics of the champion.
  2. "Master’s staff", "Strange stick" - increases the power of magic.


  1. Rock Storm - causes increased mass damage, imposes Silence on opponents.
  2. Bloody rock - uses vampirism on 1 opponent.
  3. Rock - whirlwind - makes an attack on 3 opponents, throwing them up.
  4. Rock n Roll - reduces the resistance to magic from rivals.

Recommended commands:

Jacob Jacob
Baggins Merlin
Alma Blaine
Sebastian Sebastian



  1. "Cursed heart" - slows down the speed of the attack of the enemy.
  2. "Magic hardening" - increases armor and magic resistance.


  1. Mirage - calls on 2 clones that immobilize the enemy and cause damage to it. clones enhance champion vampirism.
  2. Claw blow - deals increased mass damage.
  3. Dragon Scales - increases the hero’s resistance to magic.
  4. Dragon Blood is ordinary vampirism.

Recommended command:

Jacob can be put on a tank in almost any squad, especially he is good in a team with physical damage. Especially well works together with arrows.



  1. "Last battle" - when the hero’s health drops below 30%, the damage increases significantly.
  2. "Concentrated fire" - after each skill used, increases the hero’s auto-attack.
  3. "Destroyer of armor" - reduces the armor of the enemy.


  1. Accurate shot - causing enormous damage to 1 weak enemy.
  2. Armor-piercing projectile - inflicts huge damage on 1 weak enemy, while the target starts to burn, receiving gradual damage.
  3. Deadly damage - increases the chance of a critical attack, increases the base damage, while the ability of the World is immune to Silence.
  4. Headshot - increases the chance of a critical attack.

Recommended command:

  1. Caesar.
  2. Grildrock.
  3. Coco.
  4. Murphy.



  1. Karmic fire - causes tremendous damage to 1 enemy. Damage is increased for each killed Allied summoned minion.
  2. Fire rage - deals increased mass damage to the enemy.
  3. The path of the Lotus - discards the nearest enemies. If the enemy has penetrated into the ranks of the team, the ability can teleport the scout back.
  4. Killing karma - when the caused minions die, the base loss of Lotus and the percentage of its health increase.

Recommended command:

  1. Ramses.
  2. Alma.
  3. Merlin.
  4. Uther.



  1. "Cursed heart" - slows down the speed of the attack of the enemy.
  2. "Robert’s hand" adds energy and speeds up the recovery of energy for skills.


  1. Air injection - increases 1 ally armor, gives immunity to massive magic attacks. With a good deal, Hana will receive the same injection.
  2. The poison of hornets - inflicts increased damage on 1 enemy, reducing his armor.
  3. Fractional shot - increases the damage of 1 ally.
  4. Needle erosion - autoattacks reduce the armor of rivals.

Recommended commands:

Charles Charles Jacob
Saizo Coco (Awakened) Coco (Awakened)
Sebastian Mira Pearl
Mira Zoe (Awakened) Mira

Magic Rush Heroes: The best combinations of heroes

Magical mega - team


  1. Charles - covers the squadron, can penetrate into the camp of the enemy (DZ - Monster with additional health).
  2. Merlin - causes minions, imposes positive skills (DZ - Unicorn with improved abilities).
  3. Lotus - Merlin minions strengthen Lotus abilities, which makes her attack stronger (DZ - Phoenix, which gives increased damage).
  4. Sebastian - speeds up the squad at the start of the battle, giving him an advantage (DZ - Agares, which gives control over the enemy).
  5. Teresa - has an increased attack, also has control over the enemy, which enhances the skill of Merlin (DZ - Phoenix).

This is a very balanced squad, the characters successfully complement each other.

Cons - there is no soul of the Beast of Scorpion, which gives immunity to certain types of control.

Legendary team


  1. Xerxes - reduces massive magical damage to the enemy, and distracts him (DZ - Dragon).
  2. Lilith - deals increased damage, uses vampirism (DZ - Nightmare)
  3. Ariel - gives support to the squad: shield, energy, vampirism (DZ - Scorpio)
  4. Vortex - has increased mass damage, imposes stunning on enemies (DZ - Phoenix).
  5. Ekinox - can make clones of enemies that fight on the side of the hero (DZ - Agares).

The detachment is selected to control the enemy, excellent endurance, is best for the Arena.

Cons - there is no immunity and healers.

Physical mega - team


  1. Uther - has a huge reserve of armor (DZ - Tiamat).
  2. Murphy - restores the health of team members, increases physical damage to allies (DZ - Agares).
  3. Hani - enhances the team physical attack, controls the enemy (DZ - Scorpio).
  4. Mira is a magnificent shooter, she chooses the weakest enemies in the battle (DZ - Hydra).
  5. Pearl - beats 2 rows of enemies, increases the physical attack of the detachment (DZ - Hydra).

The most pleasant thing is free heroes. They perfectly complement each other, have support and control. Stand up well against physical units. Can resist many magic squads.

Cons - Uther does not work well against magic, in the case of a battle against the magicians it is better to put Charles.

Top Arena Troops

Heroes are taken from the TOP list of different servers.

For this team, Baggins should be awakened
Gerber Blaine Baggins Alma Sebastian
Pulan costs 4 or more stars, Baggins should be awakened.
Pulan Blaine Baggins Alma Sebastian
Characters should be pumped to the maximum of the star.
Jacob Blaine Baggins Sebastian Mira
A team with a lot of damage
Gerber Jacob Medea Mira Pandar
Physical teams are good only for Arena
Spartacus Rembo Sebastian Ruby Mira
Spartacus Gerber Murphy Mira Ruby
Detachment of support
Jacob Blaine Coco Murphy Ruby
Excellent magic squads
Gerber Merlin Blaine Alma Medea
Gerber Muse Blaine Alma Sebastian
Gerber Blaine Russell Karna Sebastian
Selecting a squad for the battle, you should build on the abilities of the heroes, on the enemy team and on the necessary task.

Magic Rush Heroes: A Guide for Beginners

This is a very interesting game in the style of a strategic RPG. The plot captures from the first minutes and does not let go for many weeks, and sometimes even years. Servers are often created, so there is a chance to start the game from scratch and become a leader on a new server. The most important thing about Magic Rush: Heroes is resource management. There are not so many of them in the game, they are replenished daily or mined on missions. Resources are needed to equip the Academy and to advance the power of the heroes. The main resource is crystals.

The essence of the game - collecting characters. The player needs to collect the most good squad of heroes who are lucky to get it. Heroes are physical (with physical attack) and magic (with magic attack). At the start of the game, it is necessary to determine from which heroes the player will assemble the leading team. When a player starts to play, he is given several free heroes. Also, the beginner is given several chances to open the chests in the "Fountain of Desires" (this is a building where you can open various chests for gold or crystals).

Secrets to collect a team of heroes

Every day at the start of the game will be issued free attempts to knock a character in the Fountain of Desires.Initially, it is necessary to assemble a detachment for the battle in the Arena, where crystals are given for rating (this is a big plus to the development of characters). Therefore, it is important to quickly get to the Arena, and take some place.

How to identify good heroes for the Arena? It is recommended at the start to view the top list of the Arena.Shown here are the leading players of the server and their teams. Having reached level 10, you can view the leading players on other servers. It is better to be interested in old servers that were created several years ago.After reviewing the TOPs, the player can navigate and make his squad from the first stages of the game.

Heroes in the game are different: there are absolutely useless characters that are not worth pumping, especially to awaken them. They will fit in the first stages, then they will not be needed. But at the start, players can get free and great heroes with whom you can go through the whole game:

  1. Uther is a tank.
  2. Aurai is a support that comes in handy in Campania. They are a good healer and adds to the squad positive effects on the attack.

The specifics of the characters. It is important to understand that 1 character is good in the Arena, but completely unsuitable for passing Campaign or mini-games. For each activity (combat location) has its top characters. For example, there is a hero Jolie who steers in the Tower (she has massive skill and control over the enemy - slowing down), but she is weak in the Arena or other events. In rare cases, it can be put in the team (you should watch against whom the player comes out to fight).

How to create a team of heroes? To do this, you need to try to keep a balance of skills in the squad, collect heroes who interact perfectly with each other and complement each other. For example, there is a character Sebastian, who imposes an acceleration on the allies.

At the start, you should choose to fight heroes with the maximum number of stars. Sometimes there are characters with 3 stars, they are much stronger than champions with 1 or 2 stars.

What is a hero’s CD? CD is a soul stone. They are necessary to improve the character, namely, to increase the number of stars of the hero. Stars add a significant improvement to the champion’s starting parameters. They can be mined in different places, but more often they are recommended to be bought in a shop, mined on a sea voyage and in a treasure mine.

Hero Awakening

Immediately it is worth noting that not every hero can be awakened. To wake up, you must meet several conditions:

  1. Golden pumping hero runami . Alert about the mission of awakening comes upon reaching a character level purple +4. But the task opens only after the hero turns gold.
  2. Collecting the essence of the hero - for the awakening you need 60 parts of the essence.
  3. The Golden Fleece is a multicomponent Fleece, is made long and has a complicated recipe.
  4. Violet runes - the amount will depend on the hero the player is going to awaken.

The fact that the hero is ready for awakening is signaled by an icon in the lower right corner of the character icon.Click on it to go to the wakeup menu. The menu can be accessed from the main screen by clicking on the "Missions" tab. At the very top will be a string with the awakening of the hero. Through the menu, you can directly go to wake up. The mission looks like a very long collection of the necessary ingredients.

The essence of the hero is extracted from the elite levels of Campania. Each character will have their own chapter, where the essence is collected. You need to go to the desired level, do the sweep. With ordinary things, parts of the entity will fall out.

How to awaken a character? By collecting all the necessary components, you can awaken the champion. To do this, go to the wake-up menu, click on the "Synthesis" button, then "Equipment". Before completion, it will be necessary to complete an additional task (for example, to pass the level of Campaign). After completing the quest, you must click the "Finish" button. After that, the awakening itself will occur.

The awakening of any hero takes a very long time. Fragments fall rarely. It must be remembered that there are still other ingredients for the operation that need to be prepared in advance.

What gives revival? First of all, it gives a big plus to the main characteristics of the character. Another player will get a big plus in the form of a new additional skill. Each character will have their own skill, which acts on a certain group of champions, giving them a significant boost. This must be considered when collecting detachment.

Magic Rush Heroes: City Guide

The player has his own city in which it will be necessary to open buildings. Buildings open as player levels increase. Buildings can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Social buildings - where you can improve the parameters of the characters, which give significant improvements to the champions.
  2. Resource buildings - here the player will mine various game resources (food, gold, steel, and more).
  3. Mini-games - here the player will go through missions for which he can get a lot of various necessary things, the essence of the hero, the heroes themselves.
  4. Defensive structures - with their help, you can watch the enemy and protect the castle from attack.
  5. Guild buildings - here you can create and manage an alliance, participate in the life of the clan.
  6. Battle buildings - here the player goes into battle with the troops of other players. The game has several types of arenas, each brings their own points that can be exchanged for items.

Buildings in the game are added gradually, a lot of new mini-games. This is done so that the "old" players do not lose interest in the toy.

Market - updated every 5 hours. Here you can buy a lot of useful things. Sometimes there is the "essence of the shadow" (a special substance necessary to improve the weapon).

Fountain of desires - this building opens first. If a player brings real money into the game, here you can open chests for gold or crystals. But if a person does not make real, then he has the opportunity to open 2 free chests.Runes, heroes or the essence of the soul fall out of the chests.

Events - here the player shows the current events, promotions. Here you can buy a VIP set with good prizes.Here are given daily tasks, shows the process of participation in them, given the rewards for completed events. A similar building of the Mission , which is also located separately, the player receives tasks here.


This building is designed to manage the guild, here you can help members of the alliance, to develop together, to conduct seizures, to walk on monsters on the world map. The Alliance has its own store where you can buy rare items. Going into the building of the Alliance, you can communicate with the players, jointly improve the construction points. For them, you can improve the parameters of the clan. A player spends his resources on building in order to gain construction points for himself and the alliance. When the sum of points reaches a maximum (in the Alliance in the Building tab there is a scale with time), the clan will increase its level. For points building clan buys special skills of the Alliance.

War of the Alliance - if a player is in the guild, then he needs to take part in certain events, which are called Wars of the Alliance. This is a team competition or battle for the throne. A team company is a joint campaign against bosses. Each player exposes one squad, which deals a certain amount of damage to the monster. For hitting accrued experience points. If the player has received the most experience points, he has the opportunity to order rare runes for leveling characters.

Mega - portal - a special tab in the Alliance, with the help of the portal, you can move to any part of the world map. Alliance Technology - There are a number of technologies that the guild is studying to promote. Each technology greatly helps in the conduct of battles, captures, in the extraction of resources.


The Academy has 5 altars, which give a certain amount of resources:

  1. The king is food.
  2. The fighter is steel.
  3. Magician - crystals.
  4. Shooter - silver.
  5. Helper - medicinal herbs.

Each altar needs to be improved so that it brings more resources. The level of the altar of the King can not exceed the level of the player. And the level of technology and other altars can not be higher than the level of the King.Also, each altar enhances the characteristics of the account.

Technology Academy. Under the icons of the altars are 3 technologies that increase the characteristics of the player’s strength:

  1. A life.
  2. Physical attack.
  3. Armor.
  4. Magical attack.
  5. Magical protection.

Level 40 opens level 2 of these skills. Then level 3 opens. As soon as the player has received medium technologies, it is recommended to start pumping them, after the discovery of higher technologies, to proceed to their pumping.The higher the level of technology, the greater the bonus from them to the player. Parameters should be pumped evenly, not chasing 1 type of improvement.

It should be remembered that the Academy is the main continuous source of income for the player.This building should be pumped as far as possible, for the crystals to open the construction queue.

Hero’s code

The building is located in the Temple of Heroes (where there are several buildings). Here you can enhance the characteristics of the characters intended for awakening. Improvements are held in groups of heroes. The maximum group members can add 4 attributes. Each group has its own attributes.

Improvements are ranked:

  1. Green.
  2. Blue.
  3. Violet.
  4. Orange.

The more improvements a player makes here, the more skills are revealed, the more characteristics are raised.

Dragon temple

Here, improve the characteristics of the hero through prayer. Purple heroes and above can pray. Prayers are different:

  1. Plain Prayer - Increases 1 skill.
  2. Improved prayer - boosts multiple skills.
  3. Special prayer - is given free of charge every day, gives an increased number of points of characteristics.

For prayers, you can get special glasses that can be exchanged in the store for prayer books, which also give prayers (these prayers have a wider range) without wasting crystals. Prayers are exchanged only during events.

How to accumulate prayers? Many players ask this question. But daily free attempts to pray cannot be saved, they are disposable. If she does not use it for a day, then when zeroing, the prayer disappears. But you can pray for crystals. You can pray for a currency as long as there are enough resources. If you pray through "auto-prayer," you can get some free prayers that you can save. But if you pray "in manual mode" (with the auto-attack turned off), then you will need to spend the free prayers immediately. Therefore, those who want to accumulate prayers need to turn on automatic prayer. On the next day, the player will again receive a free prayer, which must be used (it will be deducted from the total).


This is the place where players challenge each other. For the Arena, a certain team of heroes is assembled, which can not only attack the enemy, but also defend. In the game, at almost every combat site, opponents fulfill their roles, which are given randomly in preparation for the fight:

  1. Attacking squad - a player within one and a half minutes must destroy the enemy team, putting up strong fighting heroes against him.
  2. The defending squad - for a minute and a half of battle, the player must repel the opponent’s attack, ideally - defeat him.

A player gets 5 free attempts a day. Here is your server rating. The higher the rating, the more resources the player receives. By clicking on the "Rules" button you can see the rating and rewards for it. For the battle, you can get arena points that will affect the rating. They can be exchanged in the Arena store for certain items.

If a player is hit heavily below the level, the player will not get anything, he will not receive a rating, he will simply spend an attempt. Fights are held in automatic mode, so it is important to choose the right characters.

Arena Fight

Group Arena, here you should put three packs, plus for each pack choose 1 additional character. If 1 hero from a pack is killed, then an additional champion takes his place. When choosing an opponent, the total strength of 6 characters is considered. Attacks occur randomly.

There is a rating here. Participation takes players from multiple servers. The higher the place in the player’s rating list, the more useful prizes he will receive (mostly stones). Awards can be merchandised in the "Military Store". The battle takes place in automatic mode.

You should attack opponents as late as possible, not in the morning. It is recommended to wait until the opponents spend free attempts, this will give an advantage (they will not be able to lower the player in the ranking then). And so the gamer will rise in the ranking itself, the results are considered before zeroing.

Ladder tournament is an arena where players fight for the title and get victory points. The higher the rank, the better the reward at the end of the season. The rivals here are selected by the game, but the player can place the heroes independently before the battle. The higher the rating, the more points the player has. Before the battle, he can remove 1 or several enemy characters (as far as points are enough).

Ancient Ruins is a Campania-like mini-game. Here, too, there are various chapters for which fragments of talent are given. Talents themselves are pumped and improved in the construction of "Talents", where their fragments can be collected additional talents. Only those heroes who have the "Talent of the Captain" who have a purple and higher level are pumped through. For the full flow of talent, you should collect a whole constellation of fragments.

Sea trip

This is the arena where battles with other players take place. Battles take place in stages. The difficulty is that the selected heroes must live through all stages of the campaign. If the character was injured in the battle, then with the same wounds goes into the next stage. Also, you can not resurrect the hero or choose another in his place.

There are two types of hiking:

  1. Normal - you need to defeat 10 medium opponents.
  2. Elite - you need to defeat 7 strong opponents.

Points are given for passing, which can be exchanged in the "Hobby". If a day does not go through the stage, the free attempt is burned.


This is the place where the player performs the main missions. Going forward in Campania, a gamer raises the level of heroes, gets the necessary rewards. There are three kinds of chapters:

Ordinary - for the battle it is necessary to observe the conditions of the chapter, to pick up the heroes for the battle. Missions are performed under certain conditions. For example, a player cannot use tanks in combat.Certain good rewards are given for the battle. After passing the chapter on 3 stars, in the future, you can simply do her sweep. In other words, the battle itself will not, just the player will receive rewards. But with the passage of the chapters and the sweep will be spent food. At this stage, you must give 6 units of food.

Elite - here the player will take 12 units of food. For the passage, you can get a "hero card". Also, before each fight, the player set conditions. For example, he can not take the hero of support. After receiving 3 stars, you can do a sweep. Here rivals are stronger than in a normal company.

Fight - battle costs 12 units of food. Here you need to kill a certain number of monsters to win. At this stage, the heroes are put on pedestals, and they serve as defensive towers. The goal is to prevent the crowd of monsters from passing from point A to point B.

Stages Campaigns open upon reaching a certain player level.

Training field

Here the player can collect 3 types of resources:

  1. "Growth workout" - the player gets gold or experience. You can go through the stages, then do the sweep.
  2. "Growth runes" - here you need to complete 3 quests for which the player will receive the runes.

The principle of passing both stages, as in Campania. On the passage of food spent. Stages are opened upon reaching a certain player level.

Crystal dungeon - has several hundred floors, on each floor there is a squad of monsters.The lower the player goes down the levels, the more powerful the opponent. To pass to the next stage, you need to defeat rivals. Periodically, floors are added to the Underground. The principle of combat is similar to the battle in Campania. Resources for the passage are not spent.

The military guard is a mini-game very similar to the Crystal Dungeon, floors are also traversed, it turns out a reward that is exchanged at a local store.

Beast Soul Guard

Here you can improve the heroes by completing certain tasks. For quests given part of the soul of the Beast. The full set can be attached to the hero, thereby increasing his combat power. On one champion you can hang 4 components (it will be a complete set) of one Beast. In general, there are several Beasts that improve certain characters skills. By bringing together 4 parts, the hero will get a good bonus to abilities. Each component can be improved on the Beast Tournament (very much like the Ladder Tournament).

Places where you can get parts of the Beast:

  1. Tournament of the Beast - you can get parts of the Beast, you will have to fight with other players.
  2. Subterra - the location opens on certain days of the week, here you need to destroy 4 bosses out of 7.
  3. War of kingdoms - battles take place in the Arena between servers. For participation in the battle and victory are given awards that can be exchanged in the store.

Omut’s Treasury

This is a mini-game that allows the player to extract rare resources and game currency. The location is a dungeon, a shovel is issued, with which it is necessary to dig the ground and hammer blocks. It is necessary to dig aisles in any direction, often there are jugs with a substance that improves the parameters of the army, if the hero has died in the battle, he can be revived. Often there are gold, silver and wooden chests in which you can find parts of heroes, stones for their improvement.

The action of a spade with time ends. But after a few hours they appear again. To open the chests need keys. Often monsters come across in the dungeon with which you must fight (you can get around, but usually good things fall from monsters). In the Treasury there is an Omut shop, where you can exchange points for resources or necessary items received for digging.

City wall

This is not just a solid military structure that protects the city from guests who have not been asked for, but also performs other functions. There are several tabs in the City Wall window:

  1. Story - here is formed the defense of the player’s heroes, they will protect the walls during the attack.
  2. Repair - here the player can repair the wall. If the strength scale of the wall is 0, the castle will move to another location on the world map.
  3. Transfer - you can move the city yourself (or select the automatic selection of a place) to any point on the world map. You can change the server (transported with the city). Immunity gives the player protection against attacks for a specific time.
  4. Source - here you can cure the wounded. The medicine is generated in the Academy by the Assistant.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.