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Magnum Quest WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Magnum Quest is an Idle RPG game created by Tuyoo Games. The game focuses on the main points of 2 genres: getting free rewards from the chest for offline mode, collecting and pumping heroes for adventures. All actions and activities in the game are aimed at obtaining materials to enhance your heroes. The game has not only many activities, but also a large number of characters, from which you can make up unique teams.

Better Magnum Quest download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Gift Activation Codes (Promo Codes)
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Tier List of Best Heroes
  4. Best Campaign and Dungeon Lineups
  5. Character Guide
  6. Tips on How to Get Beryl
  7. Equipment Guide
  8. Challenge Tips
  9. Guide and Tips for the Test of the Clearharbour
  10. Guild Bosses Walkthrough

Magnum Quest: Gift Activation Codes (Promo Codes)

Where to enter the promo code? In order to enter the activation code, you need to go to the player’s profile (the transition button is the avatar in the upper left corner of the main game screen). In the "Player Settings" tab there is an "Activation Code" button. After clicking on the button, a window with a dialog line will appear on the screen, where you must enter the code symbols.

Promotional codes have a validity period, after which they expire. If you see an error on the screen, it means that the time to use the gift code has expired. Check back frequently as we periodically update the activation codes for Magnum Quest.

Activation codes:

  1. Herovoice - 1 million gold, 4 bags of hero experience, 10 coupons for summoning silver warriors.
  2. Mqharvest - 300 beryl, beryllium chest, gold chest, silver chest, 10 coupons for summoning silver warriors.
  3. Mq123 - heroine Sur, 100,000 gold, 300 beryl, 60 soul cubes (fragments) of a silver warrior.
  4. Mq999 - 10 coupons for summoning silver warriors.
  5. Magiclist - 1 million gold, 4 bags of beryl, 10 coupons for summoning Silver Warriors.
  6. Ilovefather - 100 Friendly Summoning Points, 300 Beryl, 500,000 Gold, 120 Silver Hero Soul Cubes.
  7. Mq61 - 610,000 gold, 61 golden hero soul cubes, 361 silver hero soul cubes.
  8. Ilovemom - 100 Friendly Summoning Points, 300 Beryl, 500,000 Gold, 120 Silver Hero Soul Cubes.
  9. Woodsburrow - 300 beryl, 300,000 gold, 60 golden hero soul cubes.
  10. Easteregg - 300 Beryl, 600,000 Gold, 10 Blacksmith Gold Medals, 60 Gold Hero Soul Cubes.
  11. Foolfriend - 100 Friendly Summoning Points, 500 Silver Smiths Medals, 120 Silver Hero Soul Cubes.
  12. Clover - 300 beryl, 200,000 gold, 120 Silver Hero Soul Cubes.

Magnum Quest: A Beginner’s Guide

The main task of the player is to collect various heroes, a complete list of which is available in the "Portraits" section. The basis of the game here, of course, is the characters, how you pump them, dress them, and what teams you collect from them.

Servers. If you go to the player’s profile (the button in the upper left corner), you will see that you have a certain server. If you started playing, played for a couple of weeks, and you see that legendary heroes are not falling very well for you. Or the heroes that you have are not very good, you can change the server and start playing on it from scratch.

You can, being in one account, have several accounts on different servers. The higher the number in the designation of the server, the younger the accounts on it. If you have just started playing, then, of course, it will be difficult for you to pump on old servers, because many players on it have moved far ahead. And it will be hard for you to fight with them in competitions, in the Arena and in other activities.

If you want to achieve high results in the game, then create an account for yourself on the newly created server. Thus, without bringing real money into the game, you can take high positions in the ranking and become a TOP player.

Account level. The player level is located in the upper left corner. He talks about your overall leveling. But it doesn’t really affect anything. To advance through the game and gain access to new features, you need to complete the Campaign. If some content is not currently open in you, then you can see a lock on it and a hint about at what stage of the passage of the Company you can open this activity.

Complete the Campaign to the highest possible level, since your successful progression in the game depends on it.


The placement of the heroes is very important for the battle, since the success of your battle will depend on it. In total, you can take 5 characters into battle: 2 defenders in the first row, and 3 champions with a high attack rate in the second row. For the first line, you should choose the most tenacious heroes (tanks) or those characters who have a teleport, and in case of danger, they can move to the 3rd row. Basically, these characters can only fight in close combat. It is recommended to put warriors on the 2nd line, who strike at a distance, and will be able to hit any enemy in the battle without leaving their place.

In addition to placing along the lines, it is very important to correctly place the heroes in certain places, since their attack speed increases with the number of the place. For example, in the first slot, the champion will move first, in the second slot, the second, and so on. If you enter the battle and nothing worked out for you, try swapping the heroes in places, and enter the battle again.

Fractional bonus

Build descriptionBonus effect
When 3 warriors of 1 race participate in the battle, all allies receive a certain bonus+ 10% attack, + 10% health
3 champions of 1 faction and 2 warriors of another faction+ 15% attack, + 15% health
4 characters of 1 faction+ 15% attack, + 30% health
5 heroes of 1 race+ 25% attack, + 25% health

In this game, random factors are of great importance. For example, triggering a critical or double hit. It happens that if you enter a battle and your team was quickly put down by enemy characters, it makes sense to enter the same battle again and try to fight again. There is a chance that this time your team will be lucky for critical hits, but your opponent will not.

Guilds. As soon as guilds become available to you, we recommend that you immediately choose the most suitable one for yourself (namely, an active alliance), since you will have bosses that you can beat, and from which you can pick up a good reward. Bosses tend to update over a certain period of time. As soon as the boss becomes available, the guild must jointly fill a certain amount of damage to the monster in order to get 3 chests. After that, each member of the alliance will be able to take all the chests for themselves.

There are 2 types of bosses in the guild. The first one is updated at a specific time. The second will be available if the head of the clan opens it. For the battle with the second type of boss "Puppet Corps" you get a certain amount of hate points. After getting 550 points, a new boss is unlocked.


This is a game mode that unfolds the storyline. To complete the stages, you need to make a team of 5 heroes. The further you progress through the story, the more difficult the stages become, the stronger the opponents. The opening of various game modes depends on the passage of the Campaign.

Hints. When you go through the Campaign, and are at a dead end, you can see what lineup the other players went through the stage. To do this, you need to tap on the pink flag on the map, after which the leaderboard will open. Opposite each player there is a button, by clicking on which, you will see the composition of the team with which you can pass the level. Also shown are the levels of the heroes and the formation of the team (which is important). The locations are shown from top to bottom. If you take the same characters and mix them up, you may no longer expect to win. This is a very big help in the passage, as you will understand how to complete the stage. Unfortunately, this hint is only available at key stages of the passage. But this is enough to comfortably pass the Campaign.


Regular shop. Here you need to buy beryl every day. When pumping heroes, there are certain levels at which the heroes have additional opportunities in skills. It is important that at the time of the warrior’s transition through such levels, you have the right amount of beryl in stock. It is very difficult and expensive to get it, so you need to buy and save it every day so that when the heroes reach the turning point you have beryl and you can raise them higher without delay.

When you buy beryl for gold at a 75% discount, you can update the store’s assortment and buy it again at a bargain price. You can update the store endlessly for dragon scales, but after 3 times the update is very expensive, and it is not profitable to update further.

Resignation. When you get bronze heroes, you need to disassemble them, for which you will receive retirement coins, which can be exchanged for soul cubes in the store in the "Retirement" section. 60 silver dice - and you get a silver hero, and 60 gold dice - a gold hero.

In the "Test" shop, you can buy your first legendary heroes for test coins, which will be useful for you in pumping. Therefore, we recommend acquiring beryl or golden heroes in all possible ways.

In the Guilds section , you can buy yourself some good items of equipment. But the range will depend on your level of development. When you first start playing, you have 1 - 2-star items available, and a 3-star wardrobe can be purchased here.

The difference between the stardom of items of equipment is very noticeable. Over time, equipment for 4 and 5 stars will appear in the shop. But for this it is necessary that all guild members are active, kill bosses, then you will have a good increase in guild points, for which you can buy good things.

If your guild does not participate in boss battles, and is generally not very active, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to change it to a more productive union, as your progress in the game will depend on this.

In the Leaders section, you can exchange Arena points (dragon hearts) for good items. But experienced players recommend accumulating a certain number of hearts, and redeeming 2 heroes: Kathos and Sur, since they are very cool in the game. But if you got them from other places, then it is better to turn on logic, and purchase those items or heroes that are most needed in the game at the moment.

Magnum Quest: Tier List of Best Heroes

Since the heroes in the game are initially divided into very good, good and useless, when choosing the main team, you can focus on these indicators (we will talk about them below). But not everything is so simple, because up to level 200, Gold and Legend differ little from each other. When compiling our Tier List, we based on the opinions of experienced players, on the team lineups of the best players on several servers from different continents.


We can safely say that this is the best character in the game, which is suitable for most activities, and he is also good at PvP. Many successful units are built on its basis. Thanks to his invulnerability and survivability, Ares surpassed all other tanks (1st row defenders). He perfectly stands in the team along with Fuller, who pulls opponents under the massive attack of Ares. And thanks to Iona, the warrior will receive additional strength, which will prolong his presence on the battlefield.


  1. Whirlwind strike - a massive attack on the entire enemy team, gains immunity to negative effects that opponents can impose. At level 26, the hero’s immunity to magic damage opens, and at level 201, Ares can impose a "leech" on enemies, which converts 40% of damage into health points for Ares.
  2. Swing attack - hits opponents in front of him, causing increased damage, while causing bleeding that lasts 4 seconds. At key levels, Ares gains increased attack, the ability to reduce the defense of opponents, and increased damage from bleeding.
  3. Bloodlust - if an attack passes over the hero, his speed increases and a bonus to attack is given. As the levels increase, speed and attack increase.
  4. Endless rage - if the hero gets the "death avoid" effect, which for a while gives Ares immunity to any incoming damage and negative effects. This skill is triggered once per battle. At key levels, the immunity time increases by a few seconds.


She is an amazingly versatile heroine who equally reflects 3 strengths: support, healing, and high damage. At the same time, if she heals allies, then the same ability deals damage to opponents, can give part of her attack to a member of her team. Most importantly, Sur can use his skills without being stardom.


  1. Dragon awakening - the heroine awakens, which increases her attack by 50%. At the same time, Sur gains immunity to the negative effects that opponents impose on her. At the end of the energy, the heroine takes on her normal form. Until her energy runs out, the damage dealt by the ally Asgard is increased. At key levels, Sur’s attack increases, and energy costs decrease.
  2. Scorched Earth is a skill designed to work in a pair of Sur and Asgard. Initially, Asgard sets fire to rivals, causing burns, while opponents are on fire, nearby members of the team of allies are healed. Healing depends on the heroine’s attack power. With increasing levels of the skill, the power of attack and fire increases, as well as the percentage of healing.
  3. Power of the past - increases the attack power of Sur for a certain time.
  4. Indefatigable Wings - Sur gains the "Solid Skin" effect, which absorbs up to 40% of incoming damage. If the heroine is in an awakened state, then the strength of her attack increases. With the pumping of Sur, the attack power increases and the amount of energy consumed for the ability decreases.


Another one in our TOP. This is a great fighter who will stand up well in any squad. He owns massive damage. When using Harry’s skills, allies increase their attack power and acceleration. At the same time, it imposes a negative effect on opponents, weakening acceleration. He can stand in a fight for a long time, since the damage he inflicts on enemies is transferred to health points and heals Harry.


  1. War Commander - gets an increased attack power, hits the closest rivals, and also gives allies a positive effect that increases the attack power. As the level increases, the attack bonus will be received by the entire team of allies.
  2. Blow under the breath - increases damage, and knocks down the enemy. As Harry’s levels increase, attack power and critical damage increase.
  3. Healing Noise - Reduces the acceleration of enemies and deals increased damage. In this case, the hero replenishes his health. Damage and healing increase at key levels.
  4. Infernal team - based on the number of squad members who are still alive, the character’s attack power increases, and the incoming damage is reduced by 10%. With the pumping of Harry, the bonuses increase.


The hero has a specific appearance, but at the same time it perfectly hits 1 target. Thanks to its poisons, opponents receive gradual damage, and ability 3 imposes vulnerability on the enemy for several seconds, which increases the damage to the opponent from the entire squad. The hero can often be seen in TOP groups on bosses.


  1. Deadly whirlpool - hits the enemy with the lowest health indicator 3 times, imposes a "leech" on the enemy, when the leech is on the opponent, Gila increases her health points. Gila is granted immunity to debuff. As the levels increase, the attack power increases. If an opponent dies from a leech, the enemy’s attack power is distributed among the members of Gila’s team.
  2. Chaos dance - gains immunity to negative influences, pushes the front row of rivals, while causing increased damage to rivals. With the pumping of the character, the attack power increases.
  3. Rottongue - in the selected area, enemies will be poisoned with poison, reducing the speed of targets. Whoever gets poisoned will gradually take damage. At level 151, the ability reduces the target’s defense by 15%. And at level 251, the duration of the action of the poison is extended.
  4. Eruption of poison - when Gila deals damage with an auto attack or with the "Dance of Chaos" skill, then such enemies remain branded. When 8 marks hang on the enemy, an explosion will occur. For each brand, 12% of the target’s health points will be deducted. With pumping, the area of ??action of the marks increases, and the possible number of them for activating the explosion decreases.


This is a favorite hero of players who like to go to different bosses, as she reduces the defense of enemies and increases the energy of the members of her squad. If you put it correctly, then the necessary heroes will receive energy. It is best to place her next to Sur, who has constant energy problems. Zinnia can cover the 2nd row of the team from damage.


  1. Royal ceremony - gives energy to nearby members of your squad, while the skill is working, has immunity against negative effects. With pumping, energy recovery increases.
  2. Trinkets - deals damage to a random enemy, and weakens his defense. At key levels, the attack power increases and the effect of the ability is prolonged.
  3. Royal gift - strengthens a friend with a maximum attack rate. With the increase in levels, it will be possible to strengthen 2 squadmates, and the attack power of Tsinia increases.
  4. Royal blessing - with 1 attack of opponents, the 2nd row of Cynia’s team repels the first attacks by the enemy, while they will be under the effect of "solid skin" for several seconds, which reduces incoming damage by 30%. With the pumping, the duration of the blessing increases, and the incoming damage decreases to 40%.


A hero who is revealed at later levels, so you need to wait a little until she reaches her maximum potential. Keeps well in a team with Phil. With pumping, it will increase the attack speed of its team members. Has the ability to turn the enemy into a poultry. The ability to remove shields made Emilia indispensable on the Damnior boss.


  1. Hurricane strike - causes 2 tornadoes, which inflict increased damage, pushing enemies away. The storms begin their movement from the first row of the opponent, moving further to the 2nd row. At level 101, a 3 storm appears, which destroys the 2nd row of opponents. With pumping, Emilia’s attack power increases.
  2. Cyclone blade - deals damage to 1 random opponent, while the blade flies to the selected target, deals damage to opponents. As the levels increase, the attack power increases. At level 126, Emilia throws 2 blades that drop opponents to the ground.
  3. Goose trick - the heroine turns the selected target into a goose, inflicting increased damage on it. After pumping, during the changed form, the opponent’s defense decreases. At level 251, the ability reduces the attack of the transformed enemy for a few seconds.
  4. Wind enchantment - the ability increases the speed of the character. At key levels, the skill has the ability to increase the speed of allies.


A universal hero, which, if necessary, can be placed in any row. Has one of the most powerful mass attacks, can stop opponents for a few seconds. But the hero fully reveals his potential after gaining level 201, as an addition to the ability appears, which gives Darla vampirism.


  1. Dirty dump - within a few seconds Darla inflicts massive attacks on the enemy’s camp. After the completion of the shelling, 50% of the released damage is returned to the heroine in the form of health points. At key levels, the skill increases the attack and return of health points, and at level 201, the ability makes it possible to impose a "leech" on the selected target, which drains the life of the enemy for several seconds, restoring Darla’s health.
  2. Skeletal armor - summons the dead for a few seconds, and takes cover behind them, as if behind a shield. Skeletons give + 25% to basic defense. With increasing levels, the skill slows down opponents, increases the percentage and protection time.
  3. Finger of Death - the heroine attacks a random opponent, while stunning him for several seconds. With pumping, the effect and damage increase, over time the ability gains a massive effect.
  4. Immortal undead - for each destroyed enemy, the character receives a 5% attack and defense bonus. With increasing levels, the bonus increases to 10%.


An ambiguous character, since it is very dependent on the companions selected for him in the group. Its main usefulness, in addition to high attack, is the creation of an aura, which increases the speed of energy recovery. This allows warriors within the aura to walk faster. He can often be seen in the leader teams on the Damtiore boss, as he helps to quickly remove the shield. To fully reveal the effect of the aura, Phil needs to increase his stardom.


  1. Squall storm - deals significant damage to 1 row of enemies and knocks them back. As the level rises, the attack power increases.
  2. Keeper of the Wind - auto attacks increase the speed points of the hero. The bonus can be stacked up to 10 times. Pumping gives an increase in speed points.
  3. Rapid fire - attacks the opponent three times. During an attack, the enemy cannot recover energy. At key levels, Phil’s attack power increases, and at level 251, the effect of removing protection from the selected enemy appears.
  4. Vanity - at the start of the battle, increases the speed of allies for a few seconds. With pumping, the speed points that Phil gives to allies increase and it becomes possible to restore energy within the aura.

The list of heroes who showed themselves best in some adventures and on bosses - we decided to choose from all the heroes of the game several such characters that will be especially useful in some activities.

Hero (faction)Adventures in which it is recommended to take this heroWhere else does this hero show himself well?
Ekra (Creapost)Arena, boss BillCampaign, Quests, Dungeons, Trials, Main Boss, Gila, Monroe, Darla, Shetrol, Ash
Arthur (Fortress)Dungeons, Main Boss, Gila, Derla, FafnirCampaign, Quests, Arena, Test, Bill, Monroe, Shetrol, Damtior, Ash
Feng (Fortress)Main boss, Gila, Monroe, Derla, Shetrol, Fafnir, Damtior, AshCampaign, Quests, Trials, Arena, Underground
Issy (Savages)BillEverywhere except Gil, Monroe, Derl, Damtior and Ash
Sian (Forest)Arena, DemtiorDungeons, Shetrol, Ash
Kathos (Abyss)ArenaCampaign, Quests, Challenges, Main Boss
Aurik (Fortress)ArenaCampaign, Quests, Dungeons, Trials, Main Boss, Monroe, Shetrol
Jonah (Forest)Quests, Arena, DamtiorCampaign, Dungeons, Trials, Fafnir

The best tanks

Hero name (faction)Description
Rikers (Wilderness)He can stand against opponents with a high rate of skills for applying negative effects. Owns a stun, and imposes it with 3 abilities. He showed himself excellently in the Arena and bosses. Shows full potential after level 276
Alden (Shadow)Has a freeze, which is activated by the main skill of the hero. Can resurrect dead comrades-in-arms, at level 251 can raise opponents, and after receiving fatal damage, it fully restores its health points
Julien (Shadow)After death, it takes on the ghost mode, while having 50% of its maximum health. While the hero is in the form of a ghost, he is immune to physical damage, but receives more wounds from magic. Good on many adventures, but poor on bosses

Best high damage heroes

Hero name (faction)Description
FengThis is the best character for passing bosses, while having a high survivability. After level 201, it completely transforms, as it receives a powerful shield. Feng has great burst damage that knocks buffs off enemies. Useless up to level 201, but then fully justifies the resources spent on pumping it
ScreenPossesses unique battle mechanics (healing, vampirism, reflection of attacks, prohibition on healing opponents). Has huge massive damage and damage to 1 enemy. But, despite the many advantages, the heroine depends on stardom and random coincidence (for some abilities to work, several conditions must be met)
IssyThis is one of the new characters. To inflict maximum damage on enemies, she needs her opponents to huddle together, as she hits the selected target and touches nearby enemies. Can deal damage over time. Mostly used in Campaign and Challenges

Magnum Quest: Best Campaign and Dungeon Lineups

The passage of almost all activities does not require deep strategic knowledge from the player. You can often use the AutoBattle function. But it is very important to harmoniously select the composition of the team and place the champions correctly. Below, more as an example, we will present and analyze several group compositions that will lead you to victories in the Campaign and some other adventures.

1 team

Analysis of the choice of composition:

  1. The heroes, whom we put on the 1st row, perfectly interact with each other. Fuller’s skill "Fatal Attraction" makes it possible to pull fragile opponents of 2 lines to the first. At the same time, he reduces their resistance and weakens rivals. Next, Ares’ ability "Whirlwind Strike" is activated, which inflicts massive massive damage on opponents.
  2. Iona with his "Shield of the Jungle" closes 2 companions who have the minimum number of health points. In this case, the heroine can stop 4 attacks of opponents. Basically, the healer comes to the aid of the warriors Ares and Fuller (since they always get a lot). Her protection often saves the guys.
  3. Gaia is a silver hero, but at the start of the game she is very powerful. While it is relevant, it is worth pumping it as much as possible (especially since all the resources will return later). Here her "leech" is important to us, which gradually wounds the enemy.
  4. Aeluin is an interesting hero (but we did not put him in the TOP for some shortcomings), who is able to instantly restore a lot of health points from allies, and his "Enchantment" cloudes the mind of 1 opponent, who temporarily starts attacking his teammates.

2 team

Analysis of the choice of composition:

  1. Osyshe possesses subtle skills in controlling opponents. He puts opponents to sleep with the Tide Chorus skill. During sleep, opponents do not offer resistance (that is, they do not attack or use their abilities). The heroine can place a grid around 1 target, which prevents its regeneration.
  2. The interaction of Phil and Fuller has a beneficial effect on the outcome of the battle. There are times when "Fatal Attraction" does not work, but Phil’s "Vanity" is activated at the start of the battle, after which Fuller’s skill will move opponents to the side of his team.

Compositions based on universal fractions

Divine Effect:

The deity can fight for any faction. Each Deity on the team speeds up the energy recovery of allies by 3%.

Void Effects:

1 representative of the Abyss faction reduces the energy recovery of opponents by 3%, which slows down the activation of their abilities.

Magnum Quest: Character Guide

At the time of this writing, heroes are divided into 3 basic types in the game:

Fractions. There are 6 factions in the game:

Heroes are united by place of birth, appearance and cultural values. These associations are called factions. If you choose warriors of 1 faction in a squad for a fight, then they will have an additional positive effect. Also, the game has special missions in which only warriors of a certain faction can take part.

How do I get heroes?

Call. The main place for receiving warriors is the "Summon" function. Here you can summon characters for special summon tickets (silver heroes or gold heroes). Tickets are given for completing missions, completing key stages of the Campaign, for a temporary event. Here you can get a hero of a certain faction from those offered, as well as exchange a certain amount of friendship points.

Soul Cubes - fall much more often than summon coupons. To get 1 random silver hero you need 60 silver cubes, gold can be obtained by collecting 90 cubes. If you go to the bag, you can see the accumulated cubes. If you have collected the required amount of resource, then just click on the "Summon" button, after which a warrior will appear.

Character Fragments - Fragments can be obtained in almost every activity, but Silver Champions drop with a high chance, unlike Legendaries, which have a very low chance of being obtained. Having typed the required number of fragments, you just need to connect them in the bag.

Hidden Summoning Bonuses. Few of the newbies know that Summons have statistics on call attempts. After completing a certain number of actions, you can get a legendary champion with a probability of 100%.

Call nameThe condition for obtaining a golden hero
NormalThe first call guarantees a legendary warrior
You are guaranteed a Golden Hero the first time you summon 10 Champions at the same time
After 1 summon of 10 characters in 1 attempt, every 30 summons guarantees a golden fighter
FriendlyNo bonuses
FractionalEvery 30 summons guarantee a gold fighter
DraconicEvery 60 summons, give a selected warrior

How to level up heroes?

To increase the level of a character, you need to go to the "Heroes" menu. A gallery of the characters you have will appear here. Select one of them, after which a menu of your chosen warrior will open. Here, on the right side of the screen, the stats of the champion are shown. At the very bottom is the "Increase Level" button. If you have enough gold and scrolls "hero experience", then you can pump the character.

Fighters are promoted only for the hero’s experience, which can be obtained from the Auto Award chest, for completing various missions, for successfully completing the stages of the Campaign. Unlike other role-playing games, it is not necessary to run the hero through stories in order to pump him. You can simply go through all the activities with some heroes, in order to then strengthen those who reveal their potential at higher levels.

Key levels are levels for the transition of a character to a higher stage of development. At these levels, the abilities of warriors are increased and supplemented, thereby transforming them. Beryl is needed to guide a champion through these levels. It is difficult to get it, it is given in small quantities, so it is very important that the game has the "Squad" option, thanks to which you can download only 5 main characters - squad leaders.

Detachment. The main difference from similar games is that only five main warriors need to be pumped here. It will be displayed at the top of the Heroes menu. The level icons for these champions will be shown in blue, and for the rest of them in blue. This option becomes available at a certain level when the "Squad" section opens.

On the left in the section, your leaders will be displayed, which are automatically selected. That is, at the time of the opening of the function, you will have already pumped several warriors, and the characters with the highest levels will become the favorites of the game. On the right side of the window there is space for the rest of the heroes. Places for warriors, whom you want to instantly raise the level to your leaders, open gradually. These places can be purchased with in-game currency.

All heroes in the squad will receive a level equal to the minimum level of one of the leaders. For example, you have 4 main warriors pumped up to level 200, and the fifth has only 193 level. All characters assigned to the squad will have level 193. As the level of the leaders rises, the level of the rest of the champions in the squad decreases.

To add a hero to a squad, you need to click on an empty available slot. Then a window will appear with a list of all open warriors, from which you can choose any character you want. This fighter is added to the squad and automatically becomes level 193 (as in the example).

Key levels of legendary heroes

LevelAbility that will be increased at this level

For silver heroes, skill development follows a similar pattern, but the process stops at level 176. Therefore, after completing half of the game (226+ account level), these characters become irrelevant, since they cannot compete with the legends.

Try to find replacements for Silver heroes by the time you reach level 226 to keep up with other players and win in the Arena and other adventures.

What should you do if you have already started to randomly level up all the heroes, and did not know about it? Then you must go to the "Heroes" section from the main screen of the game, then on the left side of the window you need to click on the "Reset" button. After completing these steps, you will unlock the function of resetting the level for heroes. Here you will be shown all the heroes in which you put scrolls (with the help of which the level of warriors is increased), you can select those that you do not need. After resetting the level to the hero for 10 scales, you will get back all the resources spent on him.

If during the game you got a good hero, and you want to add him to the squad, then you go to the section, remove any warrior from the cell (if they are all busy) and add a new one.

The stardom of heroes

After playing around a bit, you’ve probably already noticed that heroes have a certain number of stars. The more stars a hero has, the better he is. To increase stardom, you need in the "Heroes" menu in the "Ascension" section, select the faction to which the character being pumped belongs. Since for pumping a warrior, you need champions from his own faction. If you get duplicates of the same fighter, this is very good, since with the help of these copies you will increase the stars for the characters.

In order for the hero to receive his first star, you need to combine 2 takes. For 2 stars, you need to give the character to be promoted 2 of any hero from his faction. For 3 stars, you already need to have 2 copies of a warrior with 2 stars, and so on. There is a hint in the game so that you are not mistaken with the choice of heroes that are needed to increase the current stardom (they are highlighted at the moment of elevation). A warrior can be raised to a maximum of 5 stars.

Why is stardom needed? In the game, the maximum level of the hero is limited by his stardom, in order to increase the limit, it is necessary to give the character 1 more star. It often happens that you have resources to increase the level of a hero, but you do not have duplicates, because you misused them before. At such moments, all your pumping stops until you receive the required copy.

Star map

More recently, a new update was released, in which the developers introduced a new mechanic for pumping characters’ abilities. In other words, it is a system of step-by-step champion development. In order to start increasing the level of a skill, it is required to complete the improvement of the previous skill as much as possible.

In order to get to the Star Map section, you need to have a gold character with 4 stars. The function itself is available from the menu of the selected warrior. To increase the champion’s stats, you need to activate the card. As the map fills up, you will come across key stations (nodes), your task is to select the required parameter. After selecting, 2 branches out of 3 disappear. When the station starts working, then you can buy an additional skill.

Amplification types:

  1. Pumping basic parameters (attack, health, defense, speed, and more).
  2. Pumping abilities (reduces the cost of using skills, increases some bonuses).

If you have not successfully built a constellation on the map, then at any time you can reset all indicators. To do this, you can use this option for 200 dragon scales.

Each character has its own Star Card, which is based on the basic stats of the champion. Also, the faction and type of warrior affect the formation of constellations. That is, different fighters will have different cards. To get a special currency for pumping a card (blessing of the light), you must more often complete tasks in the League of Hunters. Also, a blessing can be purchased in the shop for dragon scales.

Since all the resources for pumping the Star Map are very long and difficult to obtain, use the available opportunities wisely. It is best to first pump the map to your leading heroes (you can make a choice based on our recommendations).

Magnum Quest: Tips on How to Get Beryl

As we said above, beryl is an important resource for pumping characters, which is difficult to get in the game in large quantities. But at the start it is quite possible to do it. The "Squad" option allows you to significantly save this material. But with an increase in the level of warriors, you will sorely miss him. Therefore, it is important to constantly take the resource, where possible from the first moment of the game.

Hero stories. After you get a new champion, you will be given the opportunity to get 50 units of beryl for reading his story. When you receive a copy, you will no longer be able to get beryl. Although there are many heroes in the game, there are not enough of them to earn precious material in this way.

Auto Reward is a chest located on the main screen of the game. We wrote about him above. But sometimes, when you collect a reward in a few hours, you will receive a certain amount of beryl.

Missions. On the lower taskbar of the main game screen, there is a "Mission" menu, which is divided into several tabs:

Tests. We’ll talk about the Trials themselves below, but you should know that after completing bosses at levels 7 and 14 and the final boss, you will receive a certain amount of beryl. You will also receive beryl for a fight with a monster at level 19.

Starting event. Each newcomer receives a starting game event that lasts 7 days. You just need to log into the game every day and pick up rewards for entering. But if you miss, for some reason, 1 - 2 days, that’s okay! You will still collect all the prizes, including beryl.

Magnum Quest: Equipment Guide

There are a lot of items in the game that can be used to enhance the main characteristics of the characters. The main ones are:

Characteristics of items that increase the basic parameters of warriors

Item groupHero typeIndicators
WeaponForceAttack / Defense
HelmetHealth points / attack
BibHealth points / protection
BootsHealth points
HelmetAttack / defense / health points
BibHealth points / protection
BootsAttack / health points
HelmetAttack / defense / health points
BibHealth points / protection
BootsAttack / health points

The game has an automatic function that allows you to dress the hero with one click. The "Equip Equipment" button is located in the section of each character. But the game makes it so-so. Therefore, you will have to click on the slot for the equipment with your hands, after which a list of available items will open, from which you can choose the most suitable one.

You can take off and put on the equipment absolutely free of charge, so it is recommended to experiment. If the item is worn on another hero, then the icon of the champion is shown in the upper left corner, on whom the equipment is located.

It is very important to collect a certain set for each hero. That is, items collected under one name. A certain amount of collected items increases several basic characteristics of the hero.

Strength kits (so that you can navigate and plan the collection of kits, we have prepared several tables for you, from which you can see how to pick up items more efficiently)

Number of items includedIncreased characteristics
Fury (ax)
2 subjectsAccuracy +30 units
3 subjectsReduces incoming damage by 15%
4 subjects+ 20% critical damage
Guardian (sun)
2 subjects+ 2% to restore health points per second
3 subjectsReduces incoming damage by 13%
4 subjects+ 20% Critical Damage Resistance
Courage (fist)
2 subjects+ 6% attack
3 subjects+ 20% defense
4 subjects+ 15% health

Dexterity kits

Number of items includedIncreased characteristics
Silent assassin (shuriken)
2 subjects+ 12% Critical Strike Chance
3 subjects+ 25% critical damage
4 subjects+ 12% hit damage
Swift Hippogryph (Spear)
2 subjects+25 Evasion
3 subjectsAccuracy +40 units
4 subjects+ 12% hit damage
Soaring Hippogryph (wing)
2 subjects+ 8% health
3 subjects+ 10% defense
4 subjects+ 12% attack

Intelligence kits

Number of items includedIncreased characteristics
Destruction (book)
2 subjectsAccuracy +25 units
3 subjects+ 12% Critical Strike Chance
4 subjects+12 units to speed
Holy prayer (staff)
2 subjectsReduces magic damage by 13%
3 subjectsSpeed ??+10 units
4 subjects+ 20% Critical Damage Resistance
Sorcerer (brain)
2 subjects+ 5% defense
3 subjects+ 12% health
4 subjects+ 10% attack

Where can I get equipment for heroes?

Auto Rewards - Every day you can open a chest with Auto Rewards several times a day (up to 4 times). The first time it is done for free, then for dragon scales. The more times you open, the more expensive the cost will be next time. The chest collects prizes that your characters have received for a certain time. The higher the level of the heroes and the further the Campaign is completed, the better the prizes you will receive.

We do not recommend leaving rewards longer than the prescribed time, which is displayed at the top of the window when collecting a chest for free (for example, 21 hours). You will not receive rewards for the time you exceed the limit.

From the chest you will receive:

Open the chest every day before all actions in the game, so you level up the heroes, and, possibly, dress them in better equipment than what they are currently wearing.

Shop. The second option, where to get equipment, is to buy it in a shop. What exactly should be bought in the store, and how best to distribute currencies, we talked above. From time to time you can find good equipment in the shop, which very rarely drops out in the game. But, as a rule, such items are very expensive.

Do not buy equipment with scales early in the game, as you will quickly grow from them, and the scales are difficult to obtain, and they will come in handy for other things.

Bosses of the Campaign. In the Campaign, at a certain stage, bosses are unlocked in the "Challenge" section. There are 3 bosses that give equipment for a certain type of hero (intelligence, strength and dexterity), 4 boss will give you a random item after a successful battle.

Each boss has several levels of passage. When you pass monsters for 3 stars (you need to fulfill the conditions set), you can get equipment from the current stage for an auto battle, which opens after a successful destruction of the boss. The higher the level of the boss, the higher the chance of getting an item of equipment. You can get a total of 6 attempts to attack each boss level per day. The last stage will give you a 5-star gear.

Magnum Quest: Challenge Tips

The test is one of the activities in which you need to destroy 21 squad of rivals in order to get the main chest with rewards. At levels 7 and 14, elite monsters await you. In order to open the main Trial chest, you must successfully complete the key stages of the adventure: 7, 14 and 21. In order for you to understand the progress of the passage at the bottom of the window, a special scale is shown on which, after passing the main levels, stones light up.

Level 19 is also far from easy, since you will have only 1 minute to destroy the elite monster Pike perch. In total, you have 48 hours to complete the activity (2 days after the moment of entering). If you did not have time to complete the activity, all your completed stages will be reset to zero anyway.

Why take the Challenge? For successfully completing intermediate levels, you will receive Challenge tokens, for which you can purchase a TOP character in the Shop. If you constantly fight in the adventure, then in 1 month you can save up not only for the hero, but also for materials and copies to increase him.

The challenge has a high chance of getting rare items, including parts of equipment sets.

Test Elements. In the activity, you will come across different objects with which you can interact:

  1. Trade tent (or bonfire) - here you can choose 1 of the presented mercenaries (additional character). When you pass the 7th level of the adventure, then by the fire you can make a choice either in favor of raising the level of one of your warriors, or take a mercenary with you. We recommend choosing a worthy mercenary if you do not have enough units to receive the faction bonus.
  2. Sacred goblet - if you touch an object, then all your characters will receive healing, but not completely, but only 50%. But even this is enough to successfully complete the adventure.
  3. Statue - here you will randomly receive 1 of 3 items with a positive effect: red increases attack power, blue increases armor, green speeds up the team’s regeneration time in a battle. Items are not given for all stages, but only for a certain number of uses.
  4. Anvil - here you can choose one of your items that the characters have so that the blacksmith can pump it: if you select a bronze item (for example, equipment), it will become silver, and silver, respectively, gold.
  5. Angel - you have the opportunity, when interacting with him, to raise 1 of the dead soldiers. In case you have all alive, then you will be given a random bonus to the characteristics.
  6. Shop - the merchant will offer you to purchase a rare game object at an attractive cost.

What are the best relics to choose?

The game has several adventures, including Trials, when after each successfully completed level, I suggest you choose one property that will help you pass the activity (increase defense, attack, give additional skills, and so on). But it should be remembered that the received relics work only in this mode, if you finished the passage, or did not have time, then all the bonuses received also disappear. For example, if you increase your attack in a Challenge, it will remain the same in other adventures. After 48 hours, the relic expires.

Tips for completing the Challenges:

The best relics of the game

Artifact nameDescription
Explosion of rageIncreases critical damage. It is considered the most powerful artifact. Take if you have high critical hit champions on your team
Eagle eyesIncreases the chance to inflict critical damage on opponents. Works well with the Rage Burst item
Headpiece of AgilitySince speed is considered an important parameter for warriors, the element will always come in handy, especially since it increases it by 24%
Totem of WarIncreases attack power by 25%
Vanguard clawIncreases attack power by 30%
Slaughter crownIf the selected champion has health points above 95%, then the attack power increases for characters in line 2
Girdle of FateIf the selected warrior has health points above 80%, then his attack power increases by 35%
Support FuryIncreases the chance of a critical strike by 20%, and warriors in line 2 receive an attack bonus (20%)

Good artifacts , but they should be taken in the 2nd line or if necessary.

Artifact nameDescription
Glowing arrow+ 20% Accuracy and + 15% Critical Strike Chance
Hammer of the black dragonIncreases attack by 30% after successfully completed 10 battles
Dagger of the Territory+ 20% attack power and + 15% critical chance
Helm of AgilityReduces incoming damage by 30%

The best abilities of heroes for passing the Trials:

  1. Permafrost - Freezes opponents for 10 seconds.
  2. Soul Crusher - destroys opponents with a health indicator below 15%.
  3. Superdominance - restores energy to the warrior who is in the first slot of the team for 5 seconds.
  4. Thunder Crown - Stuns random enemies every 6 seconds.
  5. Mind control - reduces the health points of opponents by 20% at the start of the battle.
  6. Sacred Light - Reduces incoming damage by 10%.
  7. Put out the light - at the start of the battle (the first 15 seconds), opponents cannot accept positive effects.

Magnum Quest: Guide and Tips for the Test of the Clearharbour

This test periodically appears in the activity of the Test, and it passes to increase your rating on the server. Even if you do not depend on the places in the leaderboard, and play for your pleasure, still try to pass it as much as possible, since in it you will receive good rewards, and will take a big step in development.

Rules for passing:

  1. When you first enter the adventure after the start of the event, the system will determine your level of development. Based on the analysis, all monsters will be equal in strength to you. If you ride during the event, then the monsters will not increase their power until the action ends.
  2. Ancestral Spirits will give you additional stat bonuses. In the test, you will be given special points for each killed enemy, which should be used to increase the Spirits of the Ancestors. The maximum Spirits can get 10 levels.
  3. As you progress through the story, you can reset the progress of its passage. After resetting, all of your upgrades made during the adventure will disappear.
  4. In the adventure, you have the opportunity to jump several levels forward, and at the end of the transition in bulk to receive all the rewards.
  5. The leaderboard is updated daily, which shows the best results of the event on the server.

Passage chips:

Walkthrough Tips:

  1. At the start, experienced players recommend turning on the automatic battle mode.
  2. If you have 1 opponent left on the field, then you can turn off the automatic skirmish. This will give the opportunity to restore energy to members of your squad.
  3. At the beginning of the next step, start the auto mode again and turn it off at the end. So you will always have 100% energy when moving to the next stage, which will make it possible to activate skills from the first seconds.
  4. It is recommended to always choose artifacts to increase attack power, speed or energy. By increasing these parameters, you have a chance to complete the stage faster.

Heroes advised to take to the Harbor:

The best tanks to complete:

  1. Ares - huge attack power, high vitality, immunity to control effects.
  2. Harry - has high damage and survivability. Thanks to his unique abilities, he can pass the entire Test.
  3. Alden is a tough tank that is not easy to drop.

Magnum Quest: Guild Bosses Walkthrough

Passing guild bosses is very important for the development of your heroes, since for it you will receive guild points, for which you can buy valuable items in the shop in the corresponding section. In addition, you get (if you have an active alliance) 3 chests with good content.

Since you will only have 1 opponent, it is best to select the composition of the squad based on this knowledge. That is, choose those heroes that have a high attack power in 1 target, as well as warriors with control effects (slowing down, weakening, bleeding, and so on).

Description of bosses:

Frosty Peak boss passage rules. This boss is available for battle every day. In order to pick up 3 chests with rewards, clan members need to collect a total of 240 hate points (they are calculated by the strength of the damage inflicted on the monster). Based on the minimum composition of an active alliance, then 24 gamers can score only 10 points.

It is worth noting that if you entered the game late and your guildmates have accumulated the required number of points to get all the treasures, then do not worry. First, just fight the boss and open the reward due to you.

Legion of dolls. In order for the leaders of the clan to be able to open access to the dolls, it is required to collect 15,000 activity points. If your guild has level 5 and is active enough, then you can open access once every 3 days. The event itself (time to defeat the monsters) lasts 48 hours.

In order for you to receive rewards and close the doll, each guild member should have 6 fights with one boss. You can use more attempts by purchasing them with dragon scales.

The best units for passing guild bosses

Above, we have given examples of heroes who have performed well in guild boss battles. But one should not only mindlessly put the warriors in the command, but also pick them up among themselves. If you are at a loss in choosing, then use the hint that the game gives you (we wrote about it in the "Guide for beginners" section "Guild").

Effects of one faction - the team is built on the representatives of the Fortress, as well as on the positive effects that the members of the group give to each other:

  1. Harry - increases the attack power and speed of allies.
  2. Feng - removes positive effects from the boss, has great vitality. Main damage.
  3. Screen - high damage to 1 target, treatment ban. Main damage.
  4. Zinia - gives energy to nearby allies, makes the enemy vulnerable, increases damage to the warrior with the highest attack power.
  5. Sur - increases the attack power of allies, has a healing effect. Main damage.

If you do not have Ekra, then you can replace it with Aurik or Derla (but with it you will lose your factional advantage).

Wilderness - the team is based on representatives of the Wilderness faction (or Savages):

  1. Harry is a tank, survivability.
  2. Naomi - healing + buffs for the team.
  3. Hista is the main damage.
  4. Sur - healing + positive effects for the team, high damage.
  5. Ares - tank, survivability.

Only TOPs - the squad includes the warriors with the highest attack level in the game, but there are no healers in it, which makes it vulnerable:

  1. Ares.
  2. Gila.
  3. Screen.
  4. Feng.
  5. Aurik.

Everything around Arthur is practically a copy of the previous team, but Arthur entered it, who, with his presence, increased her survivability:

  1. Ares.
  2. Arthur.
  3. Screen.
  4. Feng.
  5. Aurik.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.