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Walkthrough MARVEL Future Fight: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT - Android game with release date 04/29/2015 from the South Korean company Netmarble. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better MARVEL Future Fight download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. TOP Best Characters
  3. Who else should you download?
  4. Pumping Heroes
  5. Guide to Terms
  6. Game Secrets
  7. Epic Adventures
  8. How to beat the absolute World bosses?

MARVEL Future Fight: Beginner’s Guide

MARVEL Future Fight - this is a game where the player needs to collect and swing heroes for passing certain stages of the game. All characters are taken from the Marvel universe. Here you can play for any superhero or villain from films, cartoons, comics and TV shows. The storyline of the game repeats some moments from the cinema of the universe, the connection between key events is clearly traced. For example, some updates related to the Battle of Infinity or First Avenger.

The game has about 200 heroes available. Some of them are frankly weak and are only going to create other strong characters.

Storyline campaign

The game begins with the appearance of Thor in Manhattan, where he is met by the Black Panther and the Black Thunder. Obviously, a massive invasion took place on Earth, and Thor enters the battle with numerous rivals.This is a kind of training, where they offer the player to get acquainted with the mechanics and movements in the game.

At the start of the game you get a team of Tony Stark - Iron Man, Steve Rogers - Captain America and Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow. Next, the player is invited to begin the passage of the story mission. To enter the Campaign you need to click on the "Login" button in the lower right corner.

After completing the stage, the player will be asked to choose a character who, after complete completion of training, will reach level 50 and receive 6 stars of skill. Training is conducted in the story campaign. It also tells the story of the gaming universe.

Passing the Campaign is not difficult. The main rule is not to fall under the rays, arrows and skills of opponents.There is a separation of heroes into types, according to which a certain advantage is given in battles. The dominant type hits the corresponding opponent harder. There are 4 types of heroes in total:

  1. High - speed - characters quickly move across the field, have good evasion from enemy attacks, and dominate the combat type of heroes.
  2. Combat - fighters of contact melee, have good defense, and dominate the shock type of heroes.
  3. Shock - heroes hit at a distance, have a lot of damage, dominate the speed type.
  4. Universal - has balanced characteristics, equally hits all characters and there is no dominant type over it.

For example, Tony Stark belongs to the shock type of characters, so he will hit Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) with an attack of 120%, but Bucky himself will deal 80% of the total damage to Tony. But both of them will hit the universal Thunder God Thor 100%.

On each warrior in the game there is an icon that shows the fighter’s belonging to a certain type.Therefore, when choosing a team and a combat hero, the system of advantages should be taken into account.


Battles in the game are colorful and dynamic. Heroes can move around the battlefield and evade enemy fire and skills. You can take 3 fighters to the battle team, who enter the field in turn. The first, by default, is the team leader. Then the player can change the characters depending on the situation.

Some heroes have leadership skills that give positive effects to all allies throughout the battle. When choosing a leader, this hero skill should be considered.

Also, many warriors have skills that in passive mode (that is, permanent and do not require activation of the player) give positive skills to the entire group in the battle. These abilities can increase the level of attack or defense, restore health to allies. Passive skills provide certain advantages, they must be taken into account, and a team should be selected based on these skills.

If the hero dies in the battle, some characters can resurrect him, some not. If there are no resurrecting characters, then the warrior cannot be raised. Heroes like the Phoenix themselves can resurrect themselves.

In each battle, it is necessary to monitor the appearing strips, circles and marks on the battlefield, since it is in this area that the enemy will attack. It can be a powerful projectile flight or a blast wave.You need to leave the selected areas as much as possible so as not to get hit, which can cost you your life.

Legendary battles

Legendary battles are divided into several stories taken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stories themselves are divided into chapters. A feature of this battle is the passage of chapters by certain characters.Some stories are divided into normal mode and extreme. After going through the story in normal mode, the extreme opens (it is more complicated and may contain a different number of chapters than normal mode). To pass the extreme mode, you must activate it for crystals.

In each chapter, to receive a reward, you must complete certain tasks.

In normal mode, tasks are easy. For the performance given gold, chests (from which you can get good things). For completing extreme sports, players receive cards, crystals, obelisks of Heaven and other very useful items.

Passage Stories:

  1. Thor. Ragnarok - according to experienced players, this story is the most interesting of all the proposed battles.Here are some good rewards. Contains 5 chapters.
  2. Black Panther - has 2 modes: game and extreme. In this story, buying extreme mode pays for itself. Contains 3 chapters in each mode. This extreme is advised to buy first.
  3. Avengers. Infinity War is not a very interesting adventure, it has 2 modes. Extreme does not give good rewards, only 1 mythical map and heavenly obelisk. You can leave the passage in extreme to the later stages of the game.Most tasks are connected with pumping a not very important hero (except Bucky), pass at the discretion.
  4. Man is an ant and a wasp. Avengers - there are 2 modes. Extreme costs 2500 crystals. Of course, you could not buy this mode, but here in chapter 2 you can earn a set of celestial obelisks to choose from. This is very cool, because you can choose the necessary TOP and rare set. But for this it is necessary to increase the suit of the Giant - Ultron Pim to the mythical.
  5. Captain Marvel.
  6. Spider-Man Away from home .
  7. Avengers: Final.

The last three stories are interesting, have 2 difficulty modes, in which you can get a character’s leveling card for 6 stars, celestial obelisks and return some of the crystals. But you can complete these missions in the later stages of the game.

MARVEL Future Fight: TOP Best Characters


The hero can be put on 2 branches - in defense and attack. In an attack, special attention should be paid to attack speed, critical strike chance and critical damage, ignoring defense. In defense - ignoring protection, restoring and accelerating recharge.

Skills :

  1. Weapon X (passive) - gives the hero any protection, increases the chance of a critical strike and critical damage.
  2. Wild Claw (Active) - Increases Physical Damage.
  3. Adamantium attack (active) - increases physical damage.
  4. Omega Gun (Active) - Increases physical damage.
  5. Regenerative Healing Factor (Passive) - Restores Logan’s health if the health bar drops below 99%.
  6. Berserker strike (active) - ignores enemy dodging, breaks through the effects: Barrier, Shield, immunity to any damage (10 seconds). + increases physical damage.
  7. Fighting spirit (leadership) - reduces the control time of the crowd among the allies, that is, reduces the time of the negative effects of the enemies imposed on the allies. For example, normal freezing works for 5 seconds, and with Logan it will work 30% less time, that is, 3.5 seconds.

Many believe that Wolverine no longer occupies the TOP characters, that the characters appeared much better.But thanks to his incredible regeneration, he can be on the battlefield for a very long time and cause significant harm to opponents. Works great in PvP and PvE modes.

Dr. Strange

Mr. Doctor is one of the first characters in the game, but still has not lost its relevance. When pumping it, you should pay attention to 4 aspects: attack speed, critical strike chance, critical damage, ignoring protection.


  1. Master of magical arts (passive) - when attacking an enemy, the Doctor freezes the enemy for 4 seconds and increases his own speed.
  2. Raggadorra’s rings (active) - stuns enemies for 2 seconds, puts a shackle on them, extinguishes energy damage.
  3. Denaka Demons (active) - removes all power from the target, increases its energy damage. In this case, the Archmage is treated.
  4. Eye Agamotto (active) - increases energy damage.
  5. Divine vehicle (passive) - with 100% probability breaks the enemy’s barrier.
  6. Master of magical arts (active) - increases his energy damage and at the same time stuns his opponent for 2 seconds.
  7. Archmage (active) - increases any attack, any speed and critical strike chance by 7 seconds. Gains 100% immunity to any damage for 7 seconds. Reduces the cooldown of their skills to 1 second, + increases energy damage.
  8. Foundation of the Universe (leadership) - increases allies’ energy attack and ignore evasion.

Having finished Stevin to 6 stars, the player will understand how cool this character is. It has a sea of ??control over enemies, massive attacking skills do tremendous damage. At the same time, you get Mr. Doctor absolutely free, just starting his epic adventure. Good in all activities of the game, except for those stories where enemies have immunity to energy damage (for example, Proxima). The only negative is to pump it for a long time.

Captain America

When pumping, it should be remembered that Steve Rogers is important in attack speed, critical chance, critical damage, ignoring defense, dodging, and reload speed.


  1. Strong beliefs (passive) - gives super armor and any protection, increases damage.
  2. Piercing spirit (active) - deals 20% of the damage to the enemy with bleeding. Steve gains 100% immunity to any damage. Increases physical damage.
  3. Cruel offensive (passive) - deals damage from bleeding, increases Steve’s physical damage.
  4. Glove strike (active) - reduces defense goals, increases self defense and physical damage.
  5. Heroism (passive) - removes all weaknesses.
  6. Captain’s fist (active) - deals damage from bleeding, increases physical damage to oneself.
  7. Rage of the hero (active) - increases penetration of armor and any defense. Increases physical attack.
  8. Master fighter (leadership) - increases the health of allies.

An excellent hero, easily passes the Story Campaign, the Tower of shadows and other activities, showed himself well in PvP.


First of all, the chance of a critical strike, critical damage, ignoring protection should be developed.


  1. Perpetual anomaly (passive) - removes all amplifications from the target, Thanos gains invulnerability for 2 seconds.
  2. Impact of titanium (active) - removes all amplifications from the enemy, imposes a constraint on the target for 1 second, increases self energy and physical damage.
  3. Beam of the Titan (active) - increases the energy damage from a physical attack.
  4. Space bomb (active) - penetrates the Barrier, super armor, shield, immunity to any damage, increases its physical damage.
  5. Crazy Titan (passive) - gets a 100% chance of immunity to any damage, restores his health.
  6. Meteor Call (active) - Deals 30% burn damage in 1 second (works 5 seconds), increases fire damage.
  7. Death Portal (active) - breaks through the Barrier, super armor, shield, immunity to any damage, increases self energy damage.
  8. Reflection of a madman (leadership) - increases allies - villains any attack, breaking through any defense, crowd control time.

A great character, takes out all the activity, it is better to put the villains in a team, but he alone can easily cope with everything. Only the Phoenix or the Scarlet Witch can be set against him.


Attention should be paid to attack speed, critical strike chance, critical damage, ignoring defense.


  1. Phoenix Fire (passive) - Gains immunity to fire damage, increases itself the damage from skills and bonus damage.
  2. Firebird (active) - Increases fire damage from an energy blow.
  3. Embrace of the Phoenix (active) - freezes enemies for 2 seconds, increases their energy damage.
  4. Shackles of Fate (active) - reduces resistance and any protection to opponents, gives the allies immunity to any damage and increases protection. The genie beats true damage, restores his health and increases the damage from an energy attack.
  5. The power of the Phoenix (passive) - in the event of its death, resurrects itself with 100% health.
  6. The descent of the Phoenix (active) - imposes a shackle on the enemies for 1 second, increases fire damage to itself.
  7. Awakening of the Phoenix (passive) - increases any attack, attack speed and critical strike chance. Breaks through the Barrier, super armor, shield, immunity to any damage, increases self energy damage.
  8. Mental shield (leadership) - removes all weaknesses from allies.

One of the first heroes, but remains an incredibly strong warrior, a lot of damage, control, assistance to allies.Perfectly goes through all the modes.


The god of thunder needs a critical strike chance, critical damage itself, attack speed, ignoring defense.

Despite the fact that all skills are almost the same, the God of Thunder deals tremendous lightning damage.Moreover, he is very well protected, goes through all the activities where huge damage is needed.

MARVEL Future Fight: Who else should you download?

In principle, the game has a lot of good characters that are worth downloading.

The Scarlet Witch is a very cool character, has huge damage, reduces any defense, has mental control over the enemy. Wanda herself is immune to any damage. It can penetrate almost any protective skills.

Mercury - has huge damage, is very mobile on the field, it constantly goes into invisibility, breaks through defense, takes out all activities, is very quick.

Winter Soldier - Bucky deals a tremendous amount of damage, has a large amount of penetration, control over the enemy. How this character was built from scratch to an attacking hunter can be admired. Barnes can go invisible with 4 skills. He tracks down his victim and takes out from almost any corner of the battlefield. Very cool character, suitable for any game modes.

Nova is one of the new characters, but has already shown himself from an excellent perspective. At least take his 2 skill, which deals exceptional damage, easily deals with Wolverine. Has a lot of neglect, immunity and control.Has exclusive abilities.

Spider-Man is a nimble and nimble fighter. In the new suit, he is magnificent on the battlefield. It can go into invisibility, has a large amount of damage. Cope with almost any opponent. He constantly coils the enemy with cobwebs or stuns him. It has constant crowd control.

Iron Man is one of the first heroes a player will receive. Very strong and powerful, constantly attacking the enemy, it is difficult to catch. Deals physical and energy damage. Has the ability to paralyze an opponent, calls his army of robots.

The blue miracle is a new very tenacious character. Reduces damage taken by 70%. It can fool the enemy’s head for a long time, it’s hard to kill it. Suitable for many activities.

Apocalypse is a very complex character with specific skills, heals a lot, lives long, has mental control, stunning, invokes illusions. Beats the enemy with a lot of energy damage. In addition, in his stock of abilities there is a lot of damage immunity.

Cable - has huge damage, control over the enemy. Has invulnerability. Will help in many activities. All his skills are aimed at increasing energy damage, has many penetrations (barrier, shield, invulnerability). Has a leadership ability - gives an ally ignore immunity.

Black Panther - he is better than many fighters in the game. It has a lot of dodge, protection, damage. May go into invisibility. The best way to use the Panther is to maximize its damage and reload speed. He has one of the best damage indicators in the game.

Ebony Mo - he is loved for having mental control, and control in general. He, like the Scarlet Witch, can do a lot of dirty tricks to the enemy. Has a large amount of damage, increases energy attack to allies. Great villain, causing ghosts. Works great together with Thanos.

Corvus Gleeve is a very tenacious character, has a lot of control and invulnerability, will help in many activities.Works great in the Avengers: Battle of Infinity costume. Deals a lot of damage.

Hulk - but the same as in comics and films: a lot of strength, power, invulnerability, immunity and restoration of health. But he is a very straightforward hero, has no hidden talents, has little control and mobility. But his colossal attack and vitality make him indispensable in the story campaign and in other game modes where high survival is needed.

Loki - God of deception deserves the attention of every gamer. Calls clones, goes into invisibility, is very unpredictable in battle, he has a lot of control. Great for beginners. Has a lot of damage + huge damage from tenacious clones.

There are many more heroes in the game who deserve attention. These are Deadpool, Rocket, Ghost Rider, Sharon Rogers, Moon Sleep, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and many others.

Whatever character you choose, the main thing is to put the right objects on it, choose a suitable suit, understand the mechanics of the character’s game, because it’s a lot to decide from controlling the hero on the battlefield. Do not go past unfamiliar warriors, they are also very skilled.

MARVEL Future Fight: Pumping Heroes

Pumping heroes, a very important game process. If a gamer wants to easily go through different stages of the game, win battles and receive the best rewards, it is worth thinking about the correct and harmonious development.


At first glance, everything is simple. First of all, you need to look at what effects are on active and passive skills. At this stage, the player determines whether the warrior does physical or energy damage.

Then, you should determine for what needs a fighter is more suitable: for PvP or PvE. For example, if the hero has a lot of stunning, breaks, invulnerability, most likely the character will be useful in PvP modes. If the hero has a large cut of defense, a built-in ability to reduce the skills of defending the enemy, accumulating damage, then the warrior will do in many PvE activities.


Obelisks are one way to make your warrior stronger.

After you have decided where you will use the character, you should choose him an obelisk (special equipment).At the start of the game, this is quite simple: you need to understand whether it will be an assembly for PvP or PvE.

In addition to choosing the direction of the warrior’s activities, the obelisks are divided into 2 types:

  1. Sets of Heaven - they have all the parameters fixed, only the values ??of these parameters change when you pump them.
  2. 6 star simple obelisks - they have only 1 constant parameter, the rest are random. But from such obelisks you can also make a great option for the hero.

The question often arises: is immunity penetration defense (IPD) so necessary in the obelisk? Yes, this indicator is very important. Another thing is that giving it is worth the situation. With the exception of 2 to 3 characters in the game, he will not be superfluous to all other warriors. There are characters who have super armor. Allegedly there is a super armor, the IPZ is not needed, but there are heroes and obelisks that allow you to break through the super armor. In this case, the IPZ saves. IPZ is needed so that you do not interrupt spellcasting.

Before you put an obelisk to the hero, you need to look at his skills and parameters. You should evaluate the situation, and see what characteristics the champion lacks. It is also important to compare parameters and abilities.

It happens that a hero imposes a critical strike chance of + 30% with an active or passive skill. Whereas the maximum effective ceiling is a 75% chance of a critical hit. That is, it does not make sense to have a critical attack chance of more than 40% in indicators, it is better to spend these numbers on other parameters.

There are heroes who strike by elemental damage: lightning, mental damage, fire, cold, and others. Such heroes need an obelisk for their specialized damage. Due to him, they will do more damage to enemies.

Classification of Sky Obelisks:

  1. Heavenly Energy Set (red) - Suitable for PvE modes. It should be given to almost all the characters with whom you beat bosses and go to the battle of unions.
  2. Heavenly Destruction Set (Raspberry) - Suitable for any mode. This is a universal obelisk. It is necessary for those warriors who do not have a super armor or very few e-frames (the decoding of the term is given below). It is recommended to give the most TOP to their fighters.
  3. Heavenly Power Set (yellow) - for PvP. It is worth giving TOP heroes. For example, Thanos, Nova, Doctor Strange, Phoenix, Mercury.
  4. Set of Heavenly Rage (purple) - it is good for those champions that you go to bosses (World bosses, extreme alliance battles and raids on the Giant boss).
  5. Heavenly Regeneration Set (light green) - it takes the character’s survival to a new level. For example, Thanos with such an obelisk becomes unkillable with such an obelisk. Equipment for PvP modes. Set only to those heroes who rule in PvP.
  6. Set of overcoming Heavenly (blue) - universal, but not the most common for PvP. Suitable for those who do not particularly need immunity penetration protection. That is, it does not have a passive super armor. For example, Panther, Obsidian, Creature.
  7. Heavenly Cleansing Set (green) - increases health, regeneration, and provides protection against strokes. Dressed mainly on heroes of the "combat" type to make them even more enduring. The obelisk can be used for captures.
  8. Celestial Patience Set (golden) - has evasion and any attack, is well suited for PvP modes. This obelisk (if you get it) is advised to give only to those heroes who are not entirely relevant to you.


After you have selected an obelisk for the character, you should again pay attention to the parameters and collect the missing indicators with nonra stones (IZO-8). Most often, you should use 3 main sets of stones of the attacking type. The rest of the sets are specific and narrowly targeted. At the start, you can get by with these 3 sets. Yes, at later stages they will help a lot.

Eye of the Falcon

ParameterBonus metric
Any attack.+ 8.5%.
Chance of a critical hit.+ 8.5%.
Critical damage.+ 8.5%.
Evasion.+ 8.1%.
Recharge time.+ 8.1%
Probability of activation.12% when attacking an enemy.
Boost any attack.+ 40% for 20 seconds.
Recharge time.54 seconds.

Strength of the Angry Hulk

ParameterBonus metric
Any attack.+ 8.5%.
Attack speed.+ 7.7%.
Any protection.+ 8.5%.
Chance of a critical hit.+ 8.5%.
Ignoring protection.+ 8.1%
Probability of activation.12% when attacking an enemy.
Boost any attack.+ 40% for 20 seconds.
Recharge time.54 seconds.


ParameterBonus metric
Any attack.+ 8.5%.
Any protection.+ 8.5%.
Chance of a critical hit.+ 8.5%.
Critical damage+ 8.1%.
Ignore protection+ 8.1%
Probability of activation.12% when attacking an enemy.
Boost any attack.+ 40% for 20 seconds.
Recharge time.54 seconds.

It is necessary to analyze what parameters the hero lacks after putting up the obelisk, and based on your cards - comics. If reload is lame, it is better to put the Falcon Eye. If critical damage and critical strike chance are needed, then Reboot is selected. If you need attack speed - the power of the Hulk.

When you insert stones, you should remember about stones with an attack. On the soldiers should be set stones of the appropriate type of damage or any attack. For example, Chaos stones give any attack and health.


In Asgard, in the homeland of Thor and Odin, there is a miracle - the material of the URU. The main property of this resource is the absorption of magic. URU absorbs magical energy like a sponge and becomes much stronger under its influence. Mölnir Thor, the tip of the spear of Odin and the sword of Heimdall are made of it.

Material specifications are affected by enchantment. The game has 2 types of URA:

  1. Crude.
  2. Enchanted - URU with a special property.

The first thing that needs to be done is to strengthen the cells in order to increase the rate for those URAs that you will put. Such reinforcement is possible at level 20 equipment.

You should put 2 URU on the attack of the type that the hero uses. For example, a unit is struck by lightning from an energy attack. In this case, you should put 2 URU on the energy attack.

Next, you need to look at the characteristics, and indicate what exactly the hero lacks, then it is worth putting the URA with the missing parameters. Character properties should be watched after each step.

The main thing to keep in mind is KAP - the maximum value of parameters above which the percentage is no longer taken into account. KAP of the main characteristics you must remember and bring each warrior to him:

  1. Attack Speed - 130%.
  2. Critical Damage - 200%.
  3. The critical strike chance is 75%.
  4. Ignoring protection - 50%.
  5. Reboot - 50%.

Do not exceed these values, because you can raise equally important parameters.

Comic cards

Maps - increase the basic characteristics of your heroes. Important parameters that you need to pay attention to are the modes in which the character participates.

Any attack.Health.
RechargeAttack speed.
Ignoring protection.Any protection.

These values ??may overlap. For example, Thanos. Assume that he has physical protection - 24,000 units. This is a lot. If you take any hero with physical damage, for example, Mercury, he can have 22,000 units of attack. That is, Mercury has less attack than Thanos’s defense. Thus, in PvP it will be difficult to defeat Thanos. It should be borne in mind that part of the work will be undertaken by ignoring protection. Because the blow will pass through 50% of Thanos defense. If Mercury has too low an attack, then no ignoring will help here. Therefore, ignore and attack should be raised first. This is all because any protection for PvP is very important, it is part of the success.

Additional indicators of the main characteristics:

  1. Critical damage.
  2. Chance of critical damage.
  3. Evasion.

The following properties on maps should be avoided:

  1. All kinds of resistance.
  2. Green bonuses - they are not particularly needed, it is better to get something else.
  3. Movement speed - this is useful for certain heroes. For example, the Storm has huge damage, but moves slowly, so it can not escape the effects of skills (balls, meteorites), which often dies. But for other characters this is not important, they lack their speed.

You can collect a good set of cards already from the faults. These are 5 cards that you can get after breaking once 1 time:

  1. Groot - here you can get critical damage and ignore protection.
  2. Star-Lord - ignoring defense and critical strike chance.
  3. Loki - any attack and cooldown.
  4. Bishop - any attack and evasion.
  5. Nebula - ignoring protection and maximum health.
On free maps, it’s very difficult to get the "any attack" parameter, so you should try to get this kit.

MARVEL Future Fight: Guide to Terms

Shot - increase damage by a certain percentage from 100 to 200. Shot has an exact amount of time and a specific cooldown. In the classical sense, obelisks have a shot. But the game has costumes and characters that have a built-in shot (for example, a black thunder suit or a passive Wasp ability). A shot has a probability of triggering, which is 10%. Instead of interest, a certain triggering condition may appear.

First of all, you should understand that if there is a shot on your warrior, then during the battle in the upper left corner there will be an armor icon. It will say "Special Equipment Skill". To activate this skill, the hero will need to deliver a combined blow (it is described in the menu of each character separately). The probability of a shot will depend on this strike.

Relatively speaking, if a fighter has a shot probability of 10%, then the champion must deliver 10 combined strokes for 100% activation. When a shot is activated, the equipment icon is highlighted in green. Basically needed to complete the absolute World bosses, story missions and the battle of unions (to maximize points).

Penetration of defense - this skill that cancels the skills of the enemy. But in fact, the operation of breaking through the defense cancels all the actions of the enemy. For example, moving a hero from point A to point B is not considered an ability use. It is simply moving a character in space. And it can be undone by punching protection.

Super armor (ignoring penetration of defense) - the character is immune to basic attacks and penetration of defense. Hero’s tricks cannot be canceled, but the warrior will take damage. Unfortunately, super armor does not work in some cases or conditions. For example, if you are fighting a double battle against Mercury. He does not care about your IPZ, even though you will have 10 pieces. This guy has the skill "breaking through super armor, immunity to any damage, invulnerability".

Invulnerability is a cool ability. It can be interpreted as invincibility. This term describes the state when a character is immune to basic attacks, penetrating defense, damage and weakening.

Iframe - the game does not have an exact wording of this term. This is a temporary state of the character when using his skills, when he is invulnerable and cannot be captured by the enemy as a target. It is very easy to determine when your unit is on an iframe. When used, a circle icon with a red cross appears above your hero.This icon notifies the player that the character is invulnerable. Unfortunately, in the description of the abilities themselves it is not written whether the hero has an iframe or not. This must be determined by the gamer himself when examining skills.

Biometrics - information about the physical characteristics of the character, combat features and more.Biometrics allow you to call a hero or understand his rank.

IZO-8 is a strange substance that appeared on Earth after a series of unusual events. The substance is needed to increase the parameters of the hero.

Norn stones are magical stones. They are used to enhance the skill of the hero, which makes him even stronger.

A passive team skill is an effect that all members of a group possess, even if a certain character is not selected as a leader. That is, the hero has a skill that increases the strength of the team and is not a leader. For example, this applies to skills with the phrase: "Applies to all allies."

MARVEL Future Fight: Game Secrets

How to raise the character level?

  1. Experience tokens - you can get them in different adventures (in the Daily missions, choosing the experience tokens as an award, make them in the Laboratory from special material), and then raise the experience for the heroes. You should select a hero, go to the leveling tab and select experience chips. By clicking on the "Use" button and the experience increases to the maximum possible.
Daily multiplier of experience - bought in the Union store, if you like to play alone, then you should go to the Union for reasons of buying necessary and rare items. Multipliers of experience make it possible to increase the experience gained by any means several times.
  1. Special missions - you should go into them, and pass tasks not using tickets, but pass on autobahn. It will take you a certain amount of time, but here you can improve your experience quite well. You should take 1 strong pumped hero and two heroes whom you want to level up. One character will take out the battle, and the rest will gain experience.
  2. Lab missions are a very inexpensive way. You should enter the mission and send the character for several hours in adventure. This does not take much time for the player: they sent, and after a few hours they completed the mission and got a pumped fighter. This is convenient if you just discovered a new warrior.
  3. Story missions - you just have to choose missions at the initial stages in order to pass them faster. Here the same system works as in Special missions. But for the passage you need energy and tickets. Missions are held in auto-battle mode.

Where to look for collections?

Epic missions have special collections. The collection consists of certain items that are suitable for a particular story. After the player has collected all the ingredients of the collection, he receives a reward. Sometimes very good rewards come across, for example, mega - a ticket for pumping a hero up to 6 stars. These items are looted in Epic Missions.

But not many people know in which missions to get collection items. We decided to tell readers where to find collections with the most useful rewards.

Dr. Strange. Here in the collections the most useful, especially for a beginner, biometrics Clea 25 pieces. You can get 3 types of ingredients in 3 missions:

  1. The road to the monastery.
  2. Dark coming.
  3. Growing darkness.

But passing is not a very fast process, which requires a lot of energy.

X-Men. Here the most useful - mega - 6 star ticket:

  1. Friends and enemies.
  2. Phoenix is ??rising.
  3. Blowing Scum.

There are also biometrics of mutants - X gene 50 pieces:

  1. Friends and enemies.
  2. Blowing Scum.
  3. The storm is coming.

Deadpool Ear biometrics 25 pieces:

  1. Chrome comrade.
  2. Darn! This guy?
  3. The fall of dominoes.

For a ticket for a costume you need:

  1. Chrome comrade.
  2. Darn! This guy?
  3. PsiBlok.

Fantastic Four. Biometrics winning 25 pieces:

  1. Evil and green.
  2. In the shadow of the Duma.
  3. Time to beat the face.

Antimatter (useful for beginners):

  1. Warrior from Latvia.
  2. Hothead.
  3. Evil and green.

Where to get crystals without investing real money?

  1. Daily missions - Daily missions should be completed. You can get 25 crystals per day. If you close all tasks daily, then the scale will be filled in the left part of the window, for a certain percentage of completion players will be given a reward, and 100% will receive 30 crystals. You can earn 205 crystals this week.
  2. Clash of doubles - here you need to play every day and try hard to earn as many crystals as possible. The number of crystals received per week depends on your rank in the battle. Beginners, of course, will not receive many rewards, but about 100 crystals can be obtained this way in a week.
  3. Facebook friends - for adding a certain number of friends, players can also get crystals. To do this, you need a Facebook account. In this case, the page must be attached to the game. After that, you need to find the official game group on the network. Next, under fresh posts, see active people, and add them all as friends. And when they start accepting your applications, then you will have completed the tasks "Forum" in the "Achievements" tab. Here you can add friends in the game itself and get some more additional crystals for it.
  4. Achievement by characters of a certain level - in Achievements in the tab "Hero", certain levels of heroes are given, upon reaching which the player can get a fixed number of crystals.
  5. Login rewards are the easiest way for which you don’t need to do anything, just log into the game daily and collect free buns.

If you decide to make money in the game, then the most profitable monthly purchase will be the acquisition of Tony Stark’s Cache. It costs 259 rubles. For it, you will receive 75 crystals daily for a month and 200 crystals one-time per purchase. You will also be given VIP1 status with which you will receive more gold in a team game.

Where to mine norn stones?

Norn stones are mined separately for each type of hero:

  1. The power stone of the norn is a fighting character.
  2. The Norn’s omnipotence stone is for generalists.
  3. Norn Radiance Stone - for high-speed heroes.
  4. Norn Energy Stone - for shock fighters.

This information is especially useful for beginners. At the start of the game of stones, the norn will be very scarce.

  1. Story missions are the most basic way to mine norn stones. Here you can get as many as you like, but if you have a lot of energy. You can even open any stage at the start and get items.
  2. Daily missions - there are 3 units, one of which allows you to get norn stones. Here you should open the latest mission (preferably). The color of the stones changes daily. 2 times a day you can pull stones from these stories.
  3. Invasion of the World Boss - absolutely any boss should be passed here, after which the player drops a chest from which you can get norn stones.
  4. Laboratory - here you can buy stones in the store, which sometimes appear here. You can buy them for gold or for mission tokens in the Laboratory itself. Also in production they can be made. But for the production of stones, other types of norn stones are required. If, for example, you need universal stones, and you have a mass of norn speed stones, then you can make it.
  5. Siege of the villain and the battle of doppelgangers - here the player receives tokens that can be exchanged for norn stones in the token store.
  6. The kingdom of shadows - here, for passing floors, you are given a choice of norn stones, while you can select the missing resources.
  7. Events - periodically in the game there are temporary promotions in which you want to complete tasks. In some quests, rewards are sets of various resources for heroes. But events do not always happen, so you should seize the moment. Most stocks appear after game updates.

Where to get the gold?

Gold is a very necessary currency that is spent on pumping characters, and sometimes it is very lacking.

  1. Team game - there is a degree of reward and cell rewards. The degree depends on how many level 40 warriors a player has and at least 4 stars. The more such heroes, the higher the reward, and, accordingly, the gold. The cells that open at the end of battles, 100% drop prizes. If you do not have a VIP status, then the cell will be 1. Gold falls in the first 2 slots, so if possible you should buy VIP1.
  2. The invasion of the World boss - here you have to go through the boss with other players, and the container falls to you. Depending on the color, it may be most valuable. The worst is white, a lot of gold will not fall from it. But with luck, 500,000 gold will fall from a good box.
  3. Daily missions - if you select the second tab, you can get a lot of gold. There are 2 attempts to complete, from which you can get 500,000 gold. You can also get gold from Special missions, from the Siege of the villain.
  4. The battle of unions - for the passage of the normal regime, 300,000 gold falls.
  5. The Kingdom of Shadows and Capture of the Union - for passing floors and for a place in the ranking in the union, gold is given.

Where to get obelisks?

  1. Special missions - a heavenly blue obelisk falls here. Here you should choose "Inhumans" or "Opponents of the spider." In these stories, you can choose any adventure and go using hidden tickets (you can buy in the union store).
  2. Story missions - if you just go through the Story Campaign, nothing will fall out. But if you have gain points above 100 (you can buy them for crystals or buy in the union store), then there is a chance in the last missions of the chapters to get obelisks. Here, green obelisks fall (not very good).
  3. Legendary battles - here in some missions you can get obelisks. For example, in the Torah for a Hella costume you will receive a red celestial obelisk, and for a Hulk costume you will be given a normal green celestial obelisk. In extreme Black Panther, a green celestial obelisk for a Shuri costume and a red celestial obelisk for a Killmonger costume. The battle of infinity for Bucky’s costume is a green celestial obelisk. In Man - the ant and the wasp - you can choose to take any celestial obelisk for the Ultron Pim costume.
  4. Laboratory - there is a small chance that you can get a celestial obelisk in a store, the scale is filled for purchases and at 100% a reward is given.
  5. Special equipment chest - when opened by the crystals. But this is not a profitable investment of crystals, because objects fall randomly.

MARVEL Future Fight: Epic Adventures

Epic adventures are divided into 4 stories. Each story involves learning about the life of a key character in the Marvel universe. The player receives this character and pumps it through quests and missions. Also, in each adventure, you can collect several collections for which they will separately give awards.

What are good Epic adventures?

  1. You can get free TOP heroes.
  2. You can get good characters for free.
  3. Several biometrics for leveling existing characters.
  4. Get extra prizes for completing some of the achievements in the stories.

Doctor Strange’s epic quest

For the most part, this is a simple quest that can be dealt with at the start of the game. Mr. Doctor himself is a very cool character, one of the TOPs that will help the player in any mode.

Pros of passing: you can get the Elder and Satan, which are also useful in the arsenal of each agent.

Cons: the collection is not interesting, there are no exclusives here.

It is worth going through the story first of all, because it is simple, will introduce newcomers to the technical and mechanical features of battles, the relationships of heroes (who do not know). Quests take place in turn. After completing the story, you will receive a 6 star Stephen Strange.

Epic quest X-Men

It has an exclusive mode from which the player receives Magneto for free. This is a very helpful guy who works great on his day (villains day). Players also get the Phoenix, which is a TOP hero.

It’s easy to collect Gene Gray in an adventure: you need to buy Magneto for 660 crystals, complete the quest, and transfer three mutants from the recipe to the new T2 level. Do not be afraid, they can also be obtained for free.Exclusive bonuses - feathers, fragments and 2 best heroes.

The mutants themselves, which the player will receive for passing good, but nothing more. TOP is Wolverine, which you will pump in an adventure up to 6 stars. For the collection you can get a mega - ticket for 6 stars.

This epic adventure can take place in parallel with another story.

Epic quest Squad X

Here, a player for 660 crystals receives Psylocke (in itself, good and worth the money spent, she is one of the best female heroes of the shock type). It is possible to get a shredder. These heroes will be given for exclusive.

Strife is a shock villain. At first glance, an impressive competitor for Magneto. But the characters are not interchangeable. Magneto, due to the fact that he has T3, can score more points in the battle of unions. Shredder is good at PvP. To get this character you need to spend a lot of time or deposit a certain amount of money on the Colossus.

Deadpool is the main character of the quest. It has a T3 (this is very cool), and he is one of the best speed heroes in the game at the moment. Useful in all modes. However, the assembly of the hero must be approached correctly.

Collection - there is a ticket to improve the costumes for the rank of "mythical".

The adventure is worth taking, but not the very first. Some tasks will be difficult for beginners to complete. It is better to start it when there are several 6 star heroes.

Epic quest Fantastic Four

Doom - to open it you will need the largest possible number of souls. But the difficulties of their recruitment remain the same. 1 hero of their recipe is donated (that is, you need to buy it for real money), there is a winner won with grief in half. The rest are available in free ways.

Doom is a universal villain who is valuable in this game. And Strype and Phoenix on his background are a little behind. It is good in all modes.

Creature and Torch - stand out from the rest of the competitors, which can be obtained in other Epic adventures.They are both cool heroes and at the same time free. For 660 crystals, you can buy an Invisible Woman, who has gathered a lot of praise. Her skills are quite interesting.

The exclusive gives the opportunity to mine IZO-8.

Fantastic Reed - the hero of the plot. Has a T3. With the right leveling it can become a good fighting hero.

The collection here is not interesting.

If you concentrate well, you can close any quest in 1 month.

MARVEL Future Fight: How to beat the absolute World bosses?

The question is often asked: how to assemble a team against bosses? Only such an assembly works here: damage and support.

Each boss at each stage has complicating aspects, they are written in the hero selection window. Also, each of its own model of behavior. Each of the bosses at some point begins to freak out. The cure for this is one thing - to remember where is the bzik.

The strength of your heroes is affected by the level of the raid, which, in turn, depends on the level of the character.

Proxima - vulnerable to physical attacks. It is not so difficult to calculate that for passing Proxima they are well suited: Cap, Bucky, Deadpool, Wolverine, Hulk, Mercury and others.

Helpers can take those who increase physical damage. And those who increase damage to villains. For example, Goliath with an increase in physical attack.

At each battle, you should pay attention to the color indicators on the battlefield. They mean that an arrow or meteorite will fly soon.

Kull Obsidian - effective energy damage. Suitable for the mission: Strange, Cable, Scarlet Witch and others. Assistants should be heroes who strike with an energy attack that increases damage to villains. Obsidian, one of the most hardy bosses, but he is not very difficult.

Corvus Glave is weak against high-speed characters. But you can beat any heroes. Of all the bosses, it has the highest evasion. In the fight against him, you can resort to leadership ability to ignore evasion: Cable, Robbie Reyes (Phantom racer). Additional heroes will also help, ignoring evasion (Kate, widow). We should not forget that the heroes have their own ignoring of evasion in the parameters or in the obelisks.

Ebony Goiter - subject to elemental damage (mental or lightning). Here fit: Scarlet witch, Thor, Iron hammer. Support can be heroes who increase damage to villains or elemental damage.

Thanos - the easiest way to get through is T3 characters: Scarlet Witch, Cable, Winter Soldier. Against Thanos, the main thing is to move correctly. Having lived through only the skills to defeat him fail. Having played against Thanos several times, you will understand the mechanics, and further this will not cause any particular problems.

Thanos often leaves out of reach, and crazy actions begin on his part: arrows all over the field. Now the main thing is to get up in the right place. Then Proxima and Corvus come out, it’s easy to deal with them, you have to dodge and run away.

When fireballs begin, invulnerability should be pressed, the main thing is to be in time. If you do not have time, then the damage will remove 50% or more health. Thanos deals very great damage to skills. You should constantly dodge.

Conclusion: the game is very interesting and exciting. Many activities are similar, pass easily. The main problems for players arise when choosing and pumping heroes. You should choose characters and increase their abilities wisely. Only in this case, the game will be exciting.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.