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Match Town Makeover WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

MATCH TOWN MAKEOVER is an Android game with a release date of May 13, 2020 from G5 Entertainment. Game genre: Puzzle. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Level Tips
  3. Booster Guide
  4. All About Lives
  5. How to overcome obstacles correctly?
  6. Beat the Story
  7. Building the City Right
  8. How to get all the rewards in the game?
  9. How To Use G5 Friends?
  10. A Guide for Donators
  11. Is It Worth Playing At All?

Match Town Makeover: A Beginner’s Guide

Match Town Makeover is a new puzzle game from G5 Games. The game "three in a row" is complemented by a captivating plot and interesting tasks that add variety to the standard gameplay.

You play as Mary Adams, a talented architect. She was abandoned by her husband, who lost all the family’s savings, and now she has to find a new job and a home to raise her son.

The main screen of the game is a city map with destroyed and already restored buildings. At the top of the screen, the number of available gold coins, lives and stars is displayed. On the left is a list of plot and bonus tasks, on the right are all promotional offers of the game. At the bottom of the screen are buttons for navigating to information about G5 Games and starting the puzzle. In the settings you can get information about the game, adjust the music, sound effects and vibration.

Puzzles. This game has one branch of levels, so they go one after another. After completing the task for the specified number of moves, you move on to the next one. To pass the current level, click in the lower right corner of the white arrow with the level number.

During the loading of the level, tips appear, pay attention to them.

Gameplay. It is necessary to collect three or more pieces in a row to destroy them and complete the task of the level. Swap two pieces and make a line. At the very beginning of the game, training is carried out.

Chips. New chips drop out from above in a random order. If the available combinations run out, the chips are automatically shuffled. On the playing field there are chips of 5 colors and shapes:

Possible combinations.

Three in a row. The usual combination. Removes three pieces of the same color from the field.

Four in a row. Receive the Fireworks booster. When activated, removes a row of chips in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Make 5 chips with a corner or the letter T. You get a Dynamite booster. When activated, removes 9 tokens around the perimeter twice.

Five in a row. Receive the Traffic Light booster. When activated, removes all tokens of this type from the playing field.

Tasks. To complete the puzzle, you need to complete a specific task, it is indicated in the top line. At some levels, several types of tasks can be combined, at all levels they are different. The higher the level, the more difficult the task.

Main tasks:

Boosters. When passing difficult levels, special items with special properties will always come in handy. You can use one of three boosters, or several at once by selecting them before starting the game. We will tell you more about boosters in a separate section of the article.

Moves. The number of moves per level is limited, the remaining moves are displayed in the upper left corner. If you lose, you can buy 5 additional moves for 900 gold coins and continue the game.

Buying additional moves is a profitable investment of gold coins. But you need to be sure that this purchase will help you pass the level

Foreign objects on the playing field. Obstacles prevent the player from moving chips, building the right combinations and completing tasks. Most often, to destroy them, you need to collect a combination of chips next to an obstacle, or use a booster. Useful items, such as generators, can also come across the field. The tactics of passing obstacles are described below.

Completion of the level. After completing the task for the specified number of moves, you get gold coins and a star to complete the storyline campaign. For one level, you are guaranteed to receive 30 coins and an additional 1 coin for each unused move. For example, a level must be completed in 30 moves, you fit into 13, respectively, you get 30 + 17 = 47 gold coins.

The fewer moves you spend to solve the puzzle, the more gold coins you get.

Losing. Not all levels can be completed the first time. If you lose, you can go through the level again by spending one of 5 lives, or buy additional moves for gold coins.

Match Town Makeover: Level Tips

1. Make combinations from bottom to top. New chips always fall from the top, so by making lines from the bottom, you get more available combinations throughout the field. However, if there are combinations that will help you complete the task, stack them from top to bottom.

2. Make special combinations. Try to make chips in a row of 4 or 5 pieces. Use the received boosters wisely to complete the task or upgrade the chips on the field. Combine boosters to enhance their action.

3. Use the purchased boosters wisely. Since the game is aimed at investing funds to buy help, you need to correctly distribute the rewards received. Use boosters only if you cannot complete the level for a long time, or at the very end, when several moves are not enough to achieve the goal.

4. Take your time. The time for passing the level is not limited, so assess the situation on the playing field and think over every move. Try to think over your actions a few steps ahead in order to put the chips in the right combination and complete the task.

5. Don’t forget about setting the level. The victory will be counted only after completing the task. All your actions should be aimed at removing obstacles to the task.

6. Don’t be afraid to lose. Each time the chips fall out in a random order, so if you lose, don’t be discouraged. Try again and you might get a good layout. Use all lives and enter the game when they are restored.

7. Concentration is needed. Puzzles require attention and assessment of the situation on the playing field. If you are tired or in a hurry, you may simply not see successful combinations, make a wrong move and lose the level.

8. Register with Facebook. Through the official group, you can find people who are interested in the game and add them as friends. Then you will be able to receive additional lives from active users and not wait for them to recover.

9. Register with G5 Games. By adding G5 Games players to your friends, you get the additional opportunity to receive more free lives every day and to communicate with other users.

Match Town Makeover: Booster Guide

Boosters. The special properties of each of the boosters can be useful to solve the difficulties encountered during the passage of the puzzle. Pair a booster with tokens of the same color to activate it. In order to show you how boosters work, at the beginning of some rounds you will be offered to use them for free.

Getting boosters. Initially, you have at your disposal three units of each of the main boosters (fireworks, dynamite, traffic light). Additional boosters become available during the course of the game (hammer, bulldozer, rocket).

You can get new boosters as a reward for completing story missions. They can also be bought for gold coins or received when buying a promotional set for money.

Types of boosters

Fireworks. Using a booster, you get 3 rockets on random cells of the field. Each rocket removes a row of chips in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Dynamite. Using a booster, you get 3 dynamite on random cells of the field. Each explosive removes 9 perimeter tokens twice.

Traffic light. Using a booster, you get 1 traffic light on a random cell of the field. By connecting it with a piece, you will remove all pieces of this type from the playing field.

A hammer. The use of a booster destroys any one object on the playing field. No turn is expended when used.

Bulldozer. The use of a booster allows you to remove one selected row of objects from the field. No turn is expended when used.

Rocket. The use of a booster removes one selected column of objects from the field. No turn is expended when used.

The game is constantly evolving, and the developers will introduce new obstacles and game mechanics in future updates.

Combining two adjacent boosters increases their range:

Use a combination of traffic lights and other boosters - this is the most beneficial combination.

Match Town Makeover: All About Lives

General information. There are 5 lives in total in the game, they are needed to complete the levels. Life is wasted only if you lose, you lose 1 unit. If you leave the game without moving a single piece, then life is not lost. They are refilled one at a time every 30 minutes.

Endless life. In the course of the game, you can get an "endless life" bonus as a reward. Instead of the number of lives, the indicator begins to display the duration of the bonus.

This bonus is not cumulative and takes effect immediately after it is received. After the end of the bonus, lives again begin to be spent. If the bonus is no longer valid during the passage of the level and the task remains unfulfilled, then you lose one life.

If you get infinite life, use it and play it continuously.

Getting lives from friends. Extra life can be obtained from friends on Facebook or G5 Games. Life can also be given in return. You can find out about the received gifts in the corresponding section of G5 Games.

Match Town Makeover: How to overcome obstacles correctly?

Obstacles on the playing field prevent the player from moving pieces, building the right combinations and completing tasks. Most often, to destroy them, you need to collect a combination of chips next to an obstacle, or use a booster. Also useful objects may appear on the field.

Leaves. To remove the leaves, you need to make combinations on top of them. Leaves can be multilevel, in this case, the combination above them must be made several times.

Boxes. To remove the boxes, you need to make combinations next to them. The boxes can be fortified, in which case the combination next to them must be made up to four times.

Ice. Does not allow the chip to be moved, it can fall down. To destroy the ice, you need to make a combination with a frozen chip. Ice can be double, in order to free a chip, you need to collect a combination with it several times.

Hot dogs. Make combinations under the subject. After he drops to the very bottom on the cell with an arrow, the item will be counted.

Newspaper. To collect newspapers, you need to make combinations next to them. The newspaper can be packed 2,3 or 4 times, in this case the combination next to it must be made several times.

Portals. They connect different parts of the field. Chips that hit the portal appear on the other side of the field. Portals cannot be destroyed.

Curbs. Interfere with the movement of chips. Curbs can be destroyed using the Fireworks or Dynamite boosters.

Generators. The chips indicated on the generator pour out of it. During the passage of the puzzle, you can get several additional boosters. Generators cannot be destroyed.

Ribbons. Blocks the chips, because of which they become immobile, do not move or fall down. To free a chip, you need to make a combination with it or use a booster.

Match Town Makeover: Beat the Story

You play as Mary Adams, a talented architect. She was abandoned by her husband, who lost all the family’s savings, and now she has to find a new job and a home to raise her son.

To improve her affairs, Mary goes to her parents in West Haven Bay, but finds out that things are also bad there - a strong storm passed, which destroyed almost the entire city. Father has lost his boat and cannot continue to fish.

Mary meets with the mayor of the city and offers her services as an architect to rebuild the city. She is assigned a probationary period and after successfully completing all the tasks, the mayor offers Mary the position of city architect.

Mayor Clifton aims to attract tourists to the city to make money. But Mary convinces her that all funds should initially be directed to help local residents, rebuild houses and businesses.

Things are going well, Mary is gradually restoring the city and helping its inhabitants. But the troubles don’t end there. The mayor reports that the county has cut the city’s budget, and she does not have the funds to pay Mary’s salary.

While cleaning the beach, Quentin found a piece of the stern of an ancient ship and delves into the history of the city’s founding by the colonists. Mary’s father learns that their city was founded much earlier than neighboring East Haven and begins research.

West Haven Bay can become a national treasure and receive additional funding for improvement and attraction of tourists. Mary with other characters in the game begins to rebuild the city and reveal the secrets of its foundation.

The main characters of the game

Mary . The main character and a talented architect. She is a positive and hardworking girl. I am ready to do anything for the sake of my son and parents.

Quentin . Mary’s father is fishing for sale. In a storm, his boat sank, and the insurance company refused to compensate for the damage, so he found a new hobby and began studying the history of West Haven Bay.

Mike . Mary’s son who loves his parents very much. At the beginning of the game, the boy is in a children’s camp. He constantly talks to his mother on the phone, gets the news and wants to come to West Haven Bay.

Mayor Clifton . Former math teacher Mary, now her strict boss. An ambitious woman who does not forget about the interests of the city’s residents.

Thomas . Assistant Mayor Clifton and Mary’s main rival. Before the return of the main character to the city, the position of junior architect was to go to Thomas. But he was left with nothing, and now makes it difficult for everyone to restore the city.

Sam . Mary’s classmate and local restaurant owner. A good-natured guy who has been in love with Mary since childhood, but she sees in him only a friend. Perhaps he will be able to win her heart.

Match Town Makeover: Building the City Right

A separate area of the game is the restoration of West Haven Bay after the storm and attraction of tourists to the city. After solving the puzzle, you will receive one gold star as a reward, which will be useful to you when completing tasks from the heroes of the game.

After completing each task, the city begins to slowly transform. When building or renovating individual objects, you can choose the design of the building or object.

If you hold down a click on a building, the design menu opens. But not all objects in the game can be decorated. For example, the buildings of the store, fish market, and restaurant Marlin cannot be changed.

You can choose one of the three options you like. Initially, the choice of design is free, but if you decide to change it, you will have to spend gold coins. The cost of the change is 250 coins.

All tasks are displayed on the main screen on the left in the form of photographs. When a new task appears, a corresponding banner pops up, which will disappear after reviewing the updated list of tasks.

During one game day, you complete tasks according to the list. The cost of solving the problem varies from 1 to 3 stars. The more difficult the task, the higher its cost. For example, to talk to one of the heroes you need to spend only 1 star, and to hold an event 3 stars.

Some tasks take time, for example, building a new house in front of the post office takes 5 minutes and costs 2 stars. You can skip the waiting time for the work to be done by paying gold coins, the cost depends on the amount of time remaining. Until such a task is completed, you will not receive a new one.

Do not accumulate stars, complete story missions so that it is interesting for you to keep playing.

Match Town Makeover: How to get all the rewards in the game?

Daily reward. Log in to the game for 5 days in a row to collect pieces of the talisman of luck and receive gifts. For 5 days you get one Dynamite, Traffic Light and Hammer booster, two Fireworks boosters and one talisman part.

Talisman of Good Luck. Consists of 5 parts, to collect it you need to enter the game 25 days in a row. The talisman lasts for 10 hours, increases maximum health to 6 and reduces the cooldown of one life to 20 minutes.

Log in to the game every day to receive additional boosters.

Instagram. Follow G5 on Instagram to stay tuned for new game updates. For a subscription, you will be presented with 300 gold coins.

Facebook. Like G5 Games on Facebook for new game releases, updates and discounts. For a like, you will receive 300 gold coins.

Facebook community. Like the game on Facebook and help build the West Haven Bay community. For a like, you will be presented with 300 gold coins.

Letters to friends. Tell your friends about the game, send a message to your friend’s e-mail and get bonus 300 gold coins.

Invite friends to the game. Click the "add friends" button and send the invitation. After three friends join the Match Town Makeover, you will receive 300 gold coins.

Receiving news. Sign up for the G5 Games newsletter and receive 300 gold coins as a reward.

Updating the game. Update the application and upon entering the game you will receive a gift in the form of 300 gold coins.

Complete additional tasks to receive gold coins for free.

Completing assignments. For achieving certain progress in the game, you get boosters and extra lives. The progress bar indicates for what percentage of completion and what gift you will receive. You get the main reward for one hundred percent completion, the intermediate reward can be received for 32%, 50% or 61%.

Match Town Makeover: How To Use G5 Friends?

Advertising. In the application, you can get information not only about this game, but also about all the developments and novelties of the G5 Games company. In the advertising section you can watch the most popular games from other users and choose something new and interesting for yourself.

Profile. If you are new to the G5 Games games, then you will have to specify the information about your nickname, gender, date of birth and e-mail. For completing the game profile, you will receive a gift in the form of gold coins.

News feed. This section is divided into your feed and the feed of friends. Here you can get information about all the actions and achievements of the players. At the same time, the feed displays information not only on the Match Town Makeover game, but also on other games of G5 Games.

Friends. The most essential thing in the game to get extra lives. This tab displays a list of your friends in the game. By clicking on a friend, you can send him life as a gift.

It also displays a list of people to whom you sent invitations, but they have not yet accepted them, and the players who sent you an invitation. Accept the invitation and the user is taken to your friends list.

Invitations. You have a list of randomly selected Match Town Makeover players that you can invite as friends. Select everyone, add them as friends, and the players are sent a corresponding request.

After 24 hours, the random list of players will be updated and you can make friends with several more users. For 150 gold coins, you can update the list or get a new one without waiting for the expiration of the day.

In the advanced search, you set filters, and by paying 150 coins you get a list of the players you need. For example, you want to invite only Russian-speaking people or girls from Moscow as friends.

If you know the nickname of your friend who plays Match Town Makeover, then you can find it in the search bar and add it as a friend for free.

By activating your Facebook account and allowing the game to access your contact list, you can invite your friends to the game. However, G5 Friends will not send invitations without your permission.

Create a dedicated Facebook gaming account.

Presents. This section displays all the gifts that your friends in games G5 Games send you. The Requests column displays a list of your friends’ requests for assistance in the game.

Rating. In the "more" tab, you can go to a chat with players or see a list of the best in the world, in the country, in the city. The rating is based on the number of levels passed and stars earned.

Connect your G5 Games account to save progress and sync across multiple devices.

Match Town Makeover: A Guide for Donators

Gold coins are the main currency of the game. They are used to help you complete levels and increase the number of moves. The player’s initial balance is 500 coins. Additional coins can be obtained by completing tasks, or by purchasing from the bank.

Bank. By clicking on the "plus" on the coin scale, you enter the bank. Here you can buy 2000, 5500, 12000, 26000, 75000 or 160,000 gold coins. The higher the bid price, the more profitable the purchase will be.

Also, the bank may present a promotional set of goods, which includes not only coins, but also boosters. For example, the Starter Pack includes one Fireworks, Dynamite, Traffic Light, and Hammer pack each, as well as 1,500 gold coins.

Chests. When this special offer appears, you get the opportunity to receive a gift when buying coins, which makes the purchase even more profitable. Three types of chests:

Construction grant. When this special offer appears, all purchases that you make in the bank are automatically doubled. For example, instead of paid 12,000 gold coins, you will receive 24,000.

Discounts. Discounts for a certain type of product periodically appear in the game. The amount of the discount is indicated in the upper left corner on a red sticker. Some discounts go up to 90%.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers. Promotions are constantly changing, so you can always choose the option that suits you.

With a little effort and patience, the Match Town Makeover game can be completed without donation. The developers set realistic goals that can be completed in a given number of moves. Follow the advice of the Wise Geek, and you can avoid investing in the game.

Match Town Makeover: Is It Worth Playing At All?

Match Town Makeover is an enjoyable game for spending time on the road or relaxing after a working day. Colorful portrayal of the city, pleasant musical accompaniment and a fascinating plot. The game is perfect for puzzle lovers and fans of G5 Games.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that might turn you off:

Disable background movement in level settings to save battery power.

As you can see, there are much fewer minuses than pluses. Therefore, we recommend that you install Match Town Makeover on your gaming device, and decide for yourself whether this game is right for you or not.

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.