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Mega Heroes WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

MEGA HEROES is a game for android with release date 09/15/2020 from 4399en game company. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Guide for Beginners
  3. Tips for Getting Started Right
  4. How to create a new hero?
  5. All Hero Stats
  6. Hero Leveling Secrets
  7. Equipment Leveling Guide
  8. Goddess Development Tips
  9. All the ways to quickly get the resources you need
  10. A Guide for Donators
  11. How to Destroy Bosses?
  12. Story Campaign Tips
  13. How to fight in the Arena?
  14. Instance Tips
  15. How to get to the TOP of the tournament table?
  16. Should I Join a Guild?
  17. How to Participate in the Nation War?
  18. Pros of Marrying a Hero
  19. Is It Worth Playing?

Mega Heroes: Gift Codes

Benefit. Using gift codes is a great way to get additional resources and upgrade your hero faster. The codes are limited in duration, so try to use all codes to get the most benefit.

Where to find? Gift codes appear every month and are timed to some event, for example, the birthday of the game. To track the appearance of codes, you need to periodically visit the official game page on social networks https://www.facebook.com/MegaHeroesMobile/ .

Where to enter? Go to the Bonus tab on the main game screen and go to the Exchange Gift section. Enter the gift code in the special window and click Redeem. If done correctly, the gifts will be credited to the account and sent to the bag.

Gift codes:

Gift codes are quickly becoming obsolete, but our team is trying to add new codes for you so that you receive more gifts. Remember to check the WiseGeek website for the latest information.

Mega Heroes: A Guide for Beginners

Gameplay. You have to choose a hero and, controlling him, start a journey across the game world. Pump over the skills and abilities of the hero, get equipment and become the best warrior.

Enjoy PC gaming using an emulator like BlueStacks.

Control. At the bottom of the screen on the left is a joystick that you can control the character with. In battle mode, buttons for applying techniques will appear on the right side of the screen, which you can activate manually, or use an autoboy.

Do not disable automatic combat mode, as the hero’s actions in this mode will be more effective than with manual control.

In the game settings, you can set the automatic movement of the hero on horseback. In the event that you are not participating in the battle, the hero will automatically mount astride the pet 3 seconds after inactivity.

Resurrection. You can respawn three times a day after being defeated. Subsequent revivals will require you to spend in-game currency. You can also activate the automatic counterattack of the enemy after resurrection in the settings in advance.

Disable the Auto Reborn function in the game settings, so that when a paid resurrection occurs, the game asks for your consent, and does not automatically spend currency.

Server time. The passage of some game tasks is time-related. However, keep in mind that in the game everything is tied to the server time, and not the time of your time zone. The server time is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to change the game settings. You can adjust the volume of music and sounds, define which sounds will play and which will not.

Graphics. To adapt the game to your gaming device, use the graphics quality settings. If your phone is not powerful enough, and in order to save battery power, set the graphics quality to Basic and display the minimum number of other players.

Authorization. To save your game progress, at the beginning of the game you need to register with Facebook or a game center account. You will be able to play on multiple devices and restore the game in case of loss or purchase of a new gadget.

Interface. In the upper left corner, the main characteristics of your hero are displayed, in the lower part of the screen there is a green indicator of game experience and a new level. The main activities menu is opened using the arrow in the upper right corner. Yellow icons represent temporary events and promotions tabs.

Open the events calendar to view the schedule of all temporary activities.

Locations. The name of the location you are in is displayed in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you will open a map of the area. Choose any point in the location and tap on the screen to make your hero go to that point.

Available locations:

Friends. This tab contains a list of all chats with friends and other users. You can send gifts to friends and receive them in the mail section. If a player does not communicate with you correctly, add him to the blacklist.

To collect all the gifts in the mail at once, click on the 1-Key Claim button.

Help. On the main screen of the game, a message may pop up asking for help from other players. Be sure to agree to receive a reward in the form of special tokens and exchange them in the store. The player will receive a virtual copy of your hero, which will help him in the battle with the boss.

Mega Heroes: Tips for Getting Started Right

Choose a new server. It is best to start the game on a newly opened server, since in this case, at the initial stage, all users will be on an equal footing. If there is no new server yet, study the activities of the game and the basics of pumping the hero. And after switching to a new server, start an active game.

Go through the story campaign. It is the passage of the storyline tasks that allows you to quickly and evenly pump the hero, as well as open all the additional possibilities for strengthening him. Try to defeat all the bosses for which you have enough power, then pump the hero additionally and return to the storyline tasks again.

Upgrade your character. Since the battles are automatic, spend this time visiting the hero leveling tabs. First of all, you need to pump the hero himself, then his equipment, and after his pets and accessories.

Open Goddess. The goddesses are your companions and the main assistants in the fight against bosses, so complete tasks, unlock more Goddess and increase their level. The more powerful your companion, the more abilities and opportunities it has to attack the enemy.

Check in the game more often. An active game is a guarantee of fast leveling of the hero and getting into the TOP players. The more often you are online and complete tasks, the more resources you can earn, and therefore the faster you pump the hero.

Study the game. There are a lot of tips and explanations in the game. Whenever new activity appears, be sure to take the time to translate the info tab. This will help you avoid mistakes and allocate all resources efficiently.

Active start. By starting to play Mega Heroes, free your day from other things. It is the first days of the game that require the players to be the most active and highly online. If you spend a lot of time on the initial leveling of a new character, you can take a worthy place in the game rating and overtake many donators.

Mega Heroes: How to create a new hero?

The number of heroes. Each server allows the user to create 4 playable characters. However, first we advise you to focus on one hero and study the activity of the game, and only after that create other heroes on new servers and conquer the rating tables.

The choice of the image. The appearance of the character largely depends on the group of heroes you choose. These are either heroes after time travel (sword icon) or heroes before time travel (wheel icon). You can also choose the gender of the character.

The character class does not affect the combat characteristics, but only creates the appearance of the hero.

Choice of colors. On the right side of the screen, there are three sliders with which you can change the color of the hero’s hair, costume and accessories. Create a unique character whose appearance will delight your eye throughout the game.

Choosing an avatar. There are several options for your future avatar under the color settings. There are four portraits for male and female characters. It is the selected avatar that other users will see during the game.

The name of the hero. Use a random selection of a name or come up with an original nickname yourself. To change the name, click on the appropriate field, the keyboard will pop up, then enter the nickname in English letters and click OK.

You can change the name during the game, for this go to the character characteristics section and pay 100 B-bars.

Alteration. You cannot change the appearance of the hero or change the color scheme during the game. If you don’t like something, you will have to create a new playable character. Therefore, it is responsible to approach the creation of the hero at the beginning of the game.

Mega Heroes: All Hero Stats

Power is the main indicator of the hero, you will gain it after destroying bosses, pumping equipment, companions and performing other actions. It is this indicator that plays a key role for you in boss battles and arena battles.

Level. By participating in all the activities of the game, pumping the hero and his companions, you will receive experience points. After accumulating a certain number of points, the hero’s level will be increased and a new activity will be opened. The maximum level at the moment is 800.

For reaching each new level in the Bonus tab, in the Lv rewards section, you can receive a special reward.

elevenOpening the State tab.
17The opportunity to get the first Goddess.
thirtyThe hero receives the first wings.
fiftyThe opening of the Ghostlands location.
60The hero receives the first artifact.
70The ability to upgrade your equipment.
90The hero receives the first Divine weapon.
120Discovery of the Constellations.
140The hero receives the first pet.
155The hero gets the first mount.
170The hero receives the first shadow.
180New opportunities to improve equipment.
190The ability to upgrade Goddess.
200Ability to add gems to your equipment.
210Opening the Nobility and Bestiary tabs.
260The ability to create a set of equipment.
300The hero receives the first Leviathan.
320The hero receives the first Totem.
400The ability to upgrade pets.
420The ability to upgrade a vehicle.
460The ability to get Heavenly Jade to improve equipment.
550Ability to upgrade gems.
580The hero receives the first ship.

Characteristics. For complete information about your hero, click on the avatar icon to go to the corresponding section. Indicators of basic and unique characteristics depend on the level of your character and his equipment.

Basic characteristicsUnique characteristics
Attack. A life. Breakthrough. Damage. Hit. Evasion. Critical hit. Strength.Hit rate. Evasion speed. Critical Hit Chance. Resistance speed. Direct hit ratio. Resistance coefficient. Blocking speed. Pursuit speed.

Mega Heroes: Hero Leveling Secrets

Hero leveling is a key task for those users who want to get into the TOP players. There are many activities in Mega Heroes that will allow you to increase the hero’s power and improve his characteristics.

Intensify. This button appears on the main screen when you have enough resources to pump the hero. Use the hint of the game and immediately pump over all the available elements.


To get a cool title and show all users what you are capable of, you should go in search of it. Each title received during the game brings the hero additional points to the indicators of basic characteristics.

Title categories:

How do I get the title? To activate the title, you need to get a special item. Select the title you want and click on the icon for the required item, then the Get button to find out where to get it. For example, to activate the Wise Ruler title, you need to participate in the Grand Strategy.


As you progress through the game and gain new levels, your character will be able to discover new skills. The more skills you unlock, the easier it will be for you to make the right combination and defeat stronger opponents.

Skill types:

Role-playing skills. These skills are the main and most frequently used skills of the hero. There are 4 categories of skills with three levels of development. Accordingly, the higher the skill level, the greater its effectiveness.

Application procedure. In the Skill section, you will need to determine the order of actions and skills that the hero will use during the battle. For example, in the section of role-playing skills, you need to select 4 skills that will be used in battle, and in the divine section - 3.

Study the properties of skills carefully in order to make the most powerful combinations for maximum damage.


As you progress through the game, you will earn special items that will allow you to get a new rank and change your status among other players. Changing the character’s status also allows you to increase his basic characteristics.

Spheres. There are 10 cells for the location of the spheres, which open automatically after a specified time. To get the orbs, you need to complete story missions. To fill the cell, click the Activate button, after which you will receive additional power points.

How do I rank up? After receiving all 10 orbs, click on the Ascend button to move to the next level. You can find out about the benefits of the next rank by examining the table below. Green numbers indicate how much the hero’s characteristics will increase after increasing the rank.

After activating all the spheres, you need to re-fill all the cells.


Passing story missions and traveling with the character will give you resources to activate the stars and open new constellations. Activating star slots is an additional opportunity to improve the characteristics of your hero.

Anima. To activate each star in the constellation, you need to spend a special resource - anima. The cost of opening a star slot is indicated on the right side of the screen. You can get anima as a reward for completing tasks and quests.

Not every activation can be successful. Therefore, sometimes it will take more anima to open the full constellation.

How to open a constellation? After activating all the stars that make up the current constellation, click on the Ascend button. You can learn about the benefits of opening a constellation and moving to the next level by studying the information provided to the right of the constellation.

Spirit. To open the constellation, you will need a special resource - the sphere of the soul. The main source of their receipt is the exchange of jade for soul spheres. However, the number of orbs that can be exchanged weekly is limited.


Completing tasks allows you to increase the character’s characteristics and unlock new game activities. You will be able to unlock new bosses and learn additional skills of the hero.

Quests. Each Class Transfer includes 3 quests, the completion of which will depend on the successful completion of tasks. Completing the quest earns one transfer star, experience points and additional stats.

Tasks. Each quest includes 4 different tasks. Familiarize yourself with the objectives and proceed to the passage. After completing all the Class Transfer tasks, you will move on to the next class and receive new tasks.

Hints for their implementation are spelled out in blue under the assignment.

Examples of tasks:


Title. Each player has a specific title of nobility. Depending on it, the character receives additional points to the basic characteristics.

Graduation of titles. As you get achievements in the course of the story campaign, you can get a title of a higher rank. The resulting title will be displayed in the hero’s name and will be visible to all users. The game provides 4 types of titles:

Resources. To obtain a higher noble title, you need special resources in the form of gold, pink and rainbow sand. All resources can be obtained by completing story missions in different game locations.

To get a hint about the location of a resource, click on its icon, and then on the Get button. After that, a list of all sources of this resource will be displayed.


Pets. We included pets, vehicles and sea monsters in this category. You can find all the necessary information about them in the Pet, Mount, Kun sections in the Soulmasters tab.

Pumping. The development of pets is due to special elements that can be obtained by completing various tasks. Each new level of the pet will increase its characteristics and accordingly increase the power of the hero.

Pet is the most active type of pet, which can also attack the enemy during the battle. Additionally, you can equip him with various items to increase his characteristics.

When pumping, the appearance of the pet changes, but you can choose any one without worrying about a decrease in the hero’s power.

Forms. Go to the Shape 2 tab to open a new pet shape using 5 color elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. After receiving one of the items, you unlock a new pet form. Upgrading Pet will increase your critical strike and blocking stats, while upgrading Mount will increase your damage metrics.

Mega Heroes: Equipment Leveling Guide

Equipment. To strengthen your hero and increase his basic characteristics, you must use high-level equipment. There are 6 types of equipment and 4 types of accessories available to equip the hero. Each of the items has its own class and level, which you can increase during pumping.

A bag

A bag. To get all the information about the equipment available and the possibility of its improvement, go to the Pack tab. On the left side of the screen, your hero will be located and it will be indicated what equipment and accessories he is wearing, on the left side - all collected items.

The items in the bag are divided into 4 categories:

Stash. The number of slots in the bag is limited, so if it is full, you will not be able to receive new items. Some of the things that you currently do not need, for example, higher-level accessories, can be stowed away to free up slots in the bag for a while.

To open additional slots in the bag, you need to increase the VIP level.

The change. Go to the Alter section to connect the collected elements and get a new item for pumping equipment. Select the items on the right and connect them together. With the Fast Serge button, all available elements can be connected in one go.

Merging. Go to the Fusion section to create more useful items from unnecessary equipment. For example, you can combine several 2-star accessories and get an accessory with 3 stars already. Fusion equipment can be of any type, it doesn’t matter where you get a new item, for example, boots can be obtained from three gloves.

You can get it:

Smelter. Go to the Melt section to recycle unnecessary equipment items into power points. The game automatically determines which items you can no longer use in other activities, and it is them that melts them into power points.


Forge - is an additional opportunity to pump the hero’s equipment to a new level. Go to the Forge tab, to take actions to improve items, you need to spend silver coins, which you can earn in the course of completing story missions.

After your total equipment reaches a certain value, you can additionally pump the character’s characteristics in the Resonance State tab.

Improvement. Go to the Refine section to increase the characteristics of your equipment by using special stones. Improvement happens randomly, so if you want to keep one of the indicators unchanged, you will have to spend ingots.

Promotion. Go to the Promote section to upgrade the accessory class from 6 to 17 using special promotion stones. Thus, you can only pump red equipment.

Star level. Each piece of equipment has a certain number of stars, which determines the level of the item and its characteristics. You can level up from 2 to 5 stars in the Rising star section with the help of star stones.

Gems. Each piece of equipment can be enhanced with special gems. You can add up to 6 stones to an item, however, additional slots open as you increase your game or VIP level.

Stone level. You can increase the properties of a gem using stones of a lower level. Click on the inserted stone to see if you have enough resources to level up and what characteristics will be increased. After the total used stones reach a certain value, you can additionally pump the characteristics of the character in the Resonance State tab.

Upgrade gems evenly in order to pump the hero and his equipment more efficiently.

Sets. Equipment can be assembled into one of three sets for additional stat points. To form a set, you must put on equipment of 2, 4 or 6 elements, only in this case you will receive a bonus.

Types of sets. There are only three types of sets that are assembled from equipment of different levels. Gold equipment 3 stars and higher can be collected in the Phantom set, red equipment 3 stars and higher can be collected in the Divine set, red equipment 5 stars and higher can be collected in the Transcendental set.

Additional attributes

Attributes. This category includes wings, divine weapons, artifacts, and the shadow of a hero. You can find all the necessary information about them in the Shape tab.

Pumping. Raising the level of attributes occurs due to special elements that can be obtained by performing various tasks. Each new level of the attribute will increase its characteristics and accordingly increase the power of the hero.

Forms. Go to the Shape 2 tab to open a new attribute shape using 7 special elements and activating 11 stars. Each star unlocks a new shape and increases the characteristics of the attribute:

Mega Heroes: Goddess Development Tips

Goddess is your most important companion, who helps in destroying bosses and enemies. Goddess brings a bonus and increases the characteristics of the game character, and also has its own abilities to hit enemies.

How to get a? You can get a new companion by collecting a plot puzzle. To collect the entire collection of Goddess, you must complete the passage of the entire storyline company. However, the developers are constantly working on new activities to make it interesting for advanced players to play Mega Heroes as well.

Escort. Choose a Goddess who will travel with you and click the Battle Shape button. You can choose any character, since the image does not affect the characteristics, the bonus of the best Goddess discovered will always be applied.

Development. Each Goddess has 5 stages of development, during which there is also an increase in the main level. In the Train section, you can level up Goddess and increase its characteristics with the help of special stones.

Be sure to pay attention to pumping Goddess, since the higher his level, the stronger the hero.

History. Go to the Story section to read the story about each Goddess. The story opens as a new stage of development is reached. For opening one of the parts of the story, you can receive a reward in the form of B-ingots.

Equipment. Go to the Equip section to add equipment to the slots that open as you level up. Use the 1-Key Equip button to equip the best gear of all categories with one click.

You can purchase a complete look for Goddess in the Fashop section.

Flower mirror. You can get new equipment using a kind of wheel of fortune. To start the game, you need special tickets that can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks.

Chance to get equipment:

Favor. Go to the Interaction section to give your Goddess a gift and receive his favor. As soon as the pink scale is filled, you will move to a new level of relationship and receive a gift that can be redeemed in the Guild store.

The level of favor cannot be higher than the level of Goddess, so do not forget to pump it and level it up.

Mega Heroes: All the ways to quickly get the resources you need

Login reward. For 30 days, you have the opportunity to receive daily rewards in the form of resources and items just for entering the game. Some of the rewards will be doubled if you have VIP level 4 or higher. At the end of the month, the reward process will start over.

Newbie bonuses. A great way to get free resources is by logging in to the game every day. Log into the game for nine days in a row, open the Login Gift tab and get a good reward.

Activity bonuses. Within 30 days, you need to complete tasks and fill the activity bar in order to get more rewards. A worthy reward awaits you for reaching each level of Token Lev. The maximum level is 80, for reaching it you will receive an exclusive pet.

Gold Token. You can increase the size of the reward by purchasing a gold token, which unlocks additional bonuses. It is best to invest in buying a token at the end of the month, when you can estimate the ratio of the price of the token to the amount of purchased resources.

Rank. From the main screen of the game, you can go to the Leaderboard, where the rankings of the players on your server and the server-wide rankings in many categories are located. In addition, here you can receive gifts in the form of B-bars for the achievements of other users.

Visit the Rank section at least once a day to collect all the accrued bonuses before they disappear.

Adventures. At the bottom of the screen, you can find a bag of gold, by clicking on which you will open the command location, where you travel together with other players and destroy enemies. The team must be recruited at the very beginning of the game in order to receive additional bonuses daily.

Everything happens automatically, so you just need to go to this section after the specified time to collect rewards. After the expiration of the allotted time, the additional reward will not be credited.

VIP levelReward accumulation time

Daily tasks. Open the Daily tab and check out the tasks for which you can get activity points, soul power, B-bars, equipment and resources. After completing all the tasks, you can collect 300 activity points and earn 7 different rewards. The reward is awarded for earning 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 activity points.

Examples of tasks:

Daily goals. On the main screen, on the left side of the screen, the current goal is displayed, for the achievement of which you will receive goal points. Having collected the required number of points, you will be awarded an additional reward.

Mega Heroes: A Guide for Donators

Shopping in the store

Shop. You can purchase additional materials and items in the store using ingots and B-ingots. All offers are divided into several categories for the convenience of shopping:

Exchange. In addition to purchasing materials for ingots, you can exchange special tokens for the necessary materials. Tokens can be obtained as a reward for completing quests or when collecting daily bonuses.

Types of tokens:

How to buy profitably? Do not spend in-game currency immediately after it appears. Play Mega Heroes for at least a week, study the activities and basic mechanisms for pumping heroes. Understand what kind of resources you need and start saving up currency to buy them.

Exchange ingots and special tokens only when necessary.

Shopping safety. Activate the Security Lock function in the game settings to block purchases without confirmation. After that, you will need to enter a special security code to confirm purchases and exchange resources.

VIP status

VIP. Obtaining a special status allows you to profitably purchase sets of resources for ingots. Also, for each new VIP level, you will unlock an exclusive title and increase the characteristics of your hero. To move to a new level, you will need 10 VIP points.

VIP levelBonuses
one+50 attack points and +1000 health points.
2+100 attack points and +2000 health points.
3+150 attack points and +3000 health points.
four+200 attack points and +4000 health points.
five+300 attack points and +6000 health points.
6+400 attack points and +8000 health points.
7+600 attack points and +12000 health points.
eight+800 attack points and +16000 health points.
nine+1000 attack points and +20000 health points.
10+1500 attack points and +30000 health points.
eleven+2000 attack points and +40,000 health points.
12+3000 attack points and +60000 health points.
13+4000 attack points and +80,000 health points.
fourteen+5000 attack points and +100000 health points.
fifteen+6000 attack points and +120000 health points.

VIP points. For each replenishment of 100 bars, you will receive 1 VIP XP. After you receive your first VIP status, you will receive 5 VIP XP every day for each entry into the game.

The first VIP level can be obtained completely free of charge. If you play actively, a special offer for obtaining a special status may be displayed on the main screen


Bargaining. All users can sell items at the auction, which will be raffled between all servers. The item is received by the player who offers the highest value for it.

The item put up for auction must be exclusive and in demand among other players. Only in this case you will be able to sell it and help out a good amount.

Ingots. All purchases are made for bullion, you pay the set price and wait to see if someone interrupts it. If another player offers more bars for an item, then the amount you paid will be returned to your account, and you can again compete for the purchase of this item.

Trade fee. Please be aware that there is a trade fee at the auction that is collected from you after the item is sold. To reduce the trade fee, you need to increase your VIP status.

Time. The item is on the auction for a certain time, during which users can submit their offers for its purchase. When submitting the first order to buy, the auction time is reduced to 1 hour, and then gradually decreases with each new bid.

Outbid players at the very last moment so that others do not have time to bet more than you.

Promotional offers

Weekly Card. Every week, you get access to several exclusive offers for buying special cards with bullion. The properties of one card are aimed at simplifying the passage of the story campaign, the properties of the other at a significant increase in the characteristics of the character. The action of the card is not permanent and is limited by time.

Purchase bonus. When you make your first purchase in the game, you will receive additional rewards from the developers. In addition, you will receive an increased bonus for making a purchase on the second and third day. You can view the awards by going to the First tab at the top of the screen.

If you decide to take advantage of this promotion, study all offers for donators and choose the most profitable combination of purchases within three days.

Hunting. If you are a gambler, you can take part in the bounty hunt. To do this, you need special gold keys and bars to start the roulette wheel. You can exchange the won points for the necessary resources.

Mega Heroes: How to Destroy Bosses?

Bosses are the main enemies of Mega Heroes, a source of equipment and resources. You can access battles through the Boss tab, here battles are divided into several types:

Ghost Land. The bosses in each location are distributed over 9 floors, which determine the level and difficulty of the boss. In order to challenge the boss, you must have sufficient soul power depending on the level of the boss, and you also need to reach a certain level of Class Transfer.

The power of the soul. A unit of soul power is restored every 6 minutes, and their limit increases in parallel with the game level. After reaching the limit, the restoration is suspended. Soul power is considered spent only if the boss is defeated.

The battle. After selecting the boss, press the Go now button and the game will enter the automatic boss fight mode. In the Kill Records section, you can view the list of players who defeated the boss during the day.

Reward. After defeating the boss, you will receive new items of equipment. It is best to engage in battle with bosses of your level, or stronger, since if you win, you will receive better equipment.

If you are fighting a boss with a group of players, then the player who caused the most damage will receive the highest reward for destroying it. Try to be more active in such battles, or fight the boss alone to win the best equipment.

In the Drop Record section, you can study what items have dropped out to other users, and calculate the probability of getting the item you need.

Soul. In this mode, there is no gradation of bosses, you summon the enemy and fight one on one. You can summon the boss 3 times daily, unused chances are canceled at the end of the day.

Hell. In this mode, there is no gradation of bosses, you can only challenge at a certain time. Every day you have 3 attempts to fight the boss and earn a reward.

Reward. To receive a prize, you need to be in the Top 15 players. The rating is calculated depending on the damage that the player was able to inflict on the boss in the allotted time. An additional reward is awarded to the player who took 1st place.

Follow. Use this feature to get notified when a boss appears and go in search of him. The boss always appears in the center of the location, it is best to fight him early in the morning, when there are fewer players online.

Use all your attempts to get the maximum number of rewards for destroying bosses.

Newerworld. Bosses in this mode are distributed over 6 floors, which determine the level and difficulty of the boss. The location opens every day from 8 to 24 hours and from 0 to 2 hours, bosses appear at certain time windows.

Rating. The higher the level of the boss, the more rating points you will receive for the victory. Leaderboard rewards are distributed after a certain time, for example, for a game with 16 servers - every 2 days, for 32 servers - every 4 days, 64 servers - every 7 days.

Reward. After defeating the boss, you can get new equipment, its level can be determined in advance before the start of the battle. It is best to request equipment of the same rank as your character in order to immediately use it.

Mega Heroes: Story Campaign Tips

Plot. The story of the game is divided into several chapters, which you will go through gradually one after another. As you defeat bosses, you will learn the story of the main characters from the chapter information card. The plot also develops in dialogues between characters when traveling across locations.

All texts are written in English, so you will need knowledge of the language or the use of a translator for a deeper immersion in the plot of the game.

Puzzle. To move on to the next story chapter, you need to collect 10 puzzle pieces. You get a new piece of the puzzle for each defeated boss as part of the story campaign.

Progress. The progress of the passage of chapters is displayed on a yellow indicator on the main screen of the game. Each piece of the puzzle earned progresses you in the passage of the storyline by 10%.

If you are having difficulties with the destruction of the story boss, focus on pumping the hero and increasing his characteristics.

How to destroy the boss? Study the information about the power of the boss and try to pump the characteristics of the hero and get the necessary power. When ready, click on the Challenge button and join the battle. Your goal is to reset the boss health indicator in 1 minute.

Sometimes it is possible to defeat a boss who is stronger than the game character. Therefore, if you do not have enough power to catch up with the power of the boss, take a chance anyway and join the battle with him.

Reward. As a reward, you will receive additional resources, the amount of the reward is indicated on the right side of the screen in the Challenge Reward column. After completing the story chapter, you will also be able to unlock a new combat skill.

Quests. On the main screen of the game, under the progress indicator, there are story quests, the passage of which will bring you additional experience points and rewards. Also, for each completed task, you will receive goal points. After accumulating the required amount of goal points, you can pick up an additional reward.

Examples of tasks:

Most of the tasks are related to the passage of the story company, so they will be completed automatically. If you cannot complete the task and do not understand what the problem is, be sure to translate the terms of the quest.

Mega Heroes: How to fight in the Arena?

Arena is a special location for fighting other users in PvP mode. You can fight 10 battles daily, the number of battles increases as your VIP status rises.

Choosing an opponent. On the right side of the screen, there is a list of users with whom you are invited to join the battle. If the opponent’s power indicator is colored green, then he is weaker than you, if in red - stronger. In the event that you did not find a suitable opponent in the proposed list, click the Another Batch button to update the list.

Engage in battles with players who are a little weaker than you.

Battle. After the enemy is selected, press the Challenge button and wait for the arena to load. The battle takes place in automatic mode, so as not to watch what is happening, you can press the Skip button and go directly to the results of the battle. The Record section stores information about all battles fought.

Find time every day to carry out all the battles in the arena in order to pump the hero faster.

Rating. If you win, you increase your rank and place in the table by one. If you can be overcome by a weaker opponent, then your rank will decrease. Every day you will receive a reward depending on your place in the rating, for this click the Claim button.

Do not be afraid to lose, in any case you can get experience and additional resources.

Martial Altar is a special battle mode in the Arena, which is available for players with level 130 and above. After the start of the event, qualifying matches begin, according to the results of which the 16 best players advance to the playoffs and fight for elimination. The winner is the player who, within the allotted time, defeats the enemy, or inflicts more damage on him. If you exit the fight, you will be considered defeated.

Fashion Show - competition between players in the best visualization of the hero and his companions. To participate, click the I want to button to send an application for participation in the competition. Tournaments are held on the 1st, 11th and 21st of the month.

Vote. Every day you can vote 10 times, choosing the character that you like the most in a pair. After voting, you can get a reward if you guess which of the two characters has more votes. You will also receive a reward if the character later rises in the rankings.

Mega Heroes: Instance Tips

Instance - special locations for fighting monsters. You can only take part in the battle 2 times a day. Additional attempts can be purchased for 50 bars, their number depends on the current VIP status.

Locations. To open a location, you need to reach a certain level, which is indicated next to the name. The game provides 5 locations, which differ from each other in the award given:

Levels. Each location has several levels, the passage of which is carried out one after the other. The maximum number of stars for passing the level is 3, to get them, you need to destroy a certain number of enemies in the minimum time. The level assignment is displayed on the left side of the screen, the timer is also located there.

At the beginning of the battle, go to the center of the location in order to immediately destroy all enemies and not waste time moving around the location and looking for monsters.

Reward. The size of the reward depends on how many stars you complete the passage of the level. As a reward, you can get pet items, experience points, and more. For example, at the levels of the Void of Chaos, you will receive experience points.

The realm of karma. Every day you can carry out 3 battles with monsters of 4 difficulty levels. The list of battles offered can be periodically updated to choose the appropriate difficulty level. When passing levels in this location, you can invite other players to increase your overall power and pass a more difficult boss.

While the battle is underway, you can visit other tabs, besides Bosses and Arena, to collect rewards and pump the hero.

Mega Heroes: How to get to the TOP of the tournament table?

Rating. The competition takes place between players from several servers at once. You can see your current place in the table in the Overall Rank tab. The history of your success in seasons will be displayed in the Last Rank tab.

Reputation. To earn reputation points and climb up the standings, you need to complete special tasks that are located on the right side of the screen. For each completed task, you will receive the specified number of reputation points.

Tasks. All tasks are divided into three categories, depending on whether you can complete it yourself, or you need the participation of a team of players. Examples of tasks:

To quickly jump to the desired location for the task, click on the Go To button.

Reward. As a reward, you can get sand, which will be useful to you to increase the title of nobility and get additional indicators for the hero. The size of the reward depends on the place in the standings, for example, for 1 place you can get 600 gold, 400 pink and 200 rainbow sand, and without being in the top you will receive only a little gold sand.

Summarizing. In a competition of 4 servers, the results are summed up every 5 days. After 8 servers participate in the competition, the results of the season will be summed up every 1, 8, 15 and 22 days.

Daily reward. In the upper right corner there is an icon with the Daily Box signature, by clicking on it you can get free resources. The size of the gift will depend on your current place in the standings.

Don’t forget to check out the Daily Box for more resources.

Mega Heroes: Should I Join a Guild?

Guild is a union of players on one server, created to gain access to additional activities of Mega Heroes, to receive help and resources. The main characteristic of a guild is its combat power, which is made up of the power of all its active members.

If one of the guild members has not entered the game for 3 hours, his power indicators are not taken into account when forming the guild rating.

Introduction. Open the Guild List and study the list of all guilds on the server to choose the best one with the most active players and apply to join. You can also use the quick request function and immediately send a request to join the top 20 guilds.

Creature. You can create your own guild only after reaching VIP-2. You also need to spend 10 ingots and send invitations to players to join your union.

Create your own guild immediately after opening a new server. In this case, you will get a real chance to take the first line in the guild ranking.


Guild Master. This player has most of the powers, he can appoint and determine the status of guild members, accept and reject applications, change guild data. If the Guild Master has not entered the game within 24 hours, a timer starts counting down, after which the powers are transferred to another player with the most power.

After creating your guild, you need to be an active player so that power does not pass into the hands of another guild member.

Demon hunt. The list of demons is updated once a day, you can additionally update the lists 3 times. To fight a demon, you must have a certain power, victory will bring you special points that will determine your rating among the members of the guild.

Complexity. Each demon has its own difficulty level, the higher the demon’s level, the more points you will earn if you win. You can ask a guild member or any player online for help.

Difficulty levels:

Guild shop. The resulting points can be spent in the guild store to buy Goddess equipment. You can update the store offers 3 times, an additional update option appears every 6 hours.

Spend points to buy equipment of a higher level.

Exchange. You can get extra points by donating unnecessary items to the guild. Select unwanted items from the list and click the Redeem button to purchase better equipment in the future.

The rune room. Players can receive a random set of alchemical elements as a reward for daily activity. The resulting elements can be collected in the experience rune once a day. You can ask for help from friends or guild members, to obtain items, or help them.

Mega Heroes: How to Participate in the Nation War?

Country. Every month there is a competition between servers, you, together with the players of your server, complete tasks, seize territories and increase the rank of the country. Nation War starts every Tue, Thu and Sat at 21:00 (server time), within half an hour you can apply to participate.

Interface. The fortress located in the lower center of the map is the base of your country. A green indicator above the fortresses indicates the amount of HP of the boss defending the fortress. If a ring of several colors is located around the fortress, then several countries are fighting for this fortress. Gray fortresses represent neutral territories that you can easily fight for.

Map update. After 8 servers join the game, the map and country locations are reset. After connecting 16 servers, the map and location of the countries are reset on the first day of each month, or after the end of the event.

Capturing the fortress. Defeat the boss defending the fortress and the country that manages to inflict more damage will gain control of the fortress. After every minute during which your country was able to hold a fortress, the rank of the country rises.

If you leave the map during a battle or stop being active for 25 seconds, your damage done will not be counted in the rating.

Rating. Damaging the boss or defeating an opposing player will earn you capture points, which will determine your country’s place in the ranking. The higher the rating at the end of the event, the more rewards you will receive. Additional points can be earned while defending controlled fortresses.

If a country has earned too many capture points in a short period of time, then players will receive the Tired Soldier effect, which will reduce the damage done to defending bosses.

Treasure map. Players need to complete quests and earn resources that will be required to purchase cities in the Territory tab. After buying a city, you have to fight bosses. If you capture a city that has treasures, then a reward on the treasure map in the Treasury tab will become available to you.

Examples of quests:

Reward. At the end of the event, players receive rewards in accordance with the place of the country in the ranking and the contribution made to the points. If you collect the highest number of points among the players of the country, then you will additionally receive a special guild set containing equipment and resources.

Mega Heroes: Pros of Marrying a Hero

Marriage. All activities related to the marriage of your hero can be found in the Love tab. Marriage is an additional opportunity to obtain resources and increase the hero’s power.

Wedding. Finding a partner and getting married will be one of the plot tasks, so you definitely cannot ignore the wedding of the heroes. In order to have a wedding, players must fulfill a number of conditions:

Love glasses. After you get married, intimacy with your partner will bring you 1 love point, due to which you will increase the level of your couple. To move towards intimacy, give your partner flowers or make a wish.

Love chest. Buy a chest for your partner that will bring gifts in the form of 99 V-ingots and a random item for 7 days. If you have a good relationship with your partner, you can agree on the exchange of chests so that the donation will benefit both.

In the event of a divorce, all love points and unused chests will remain with your character.

Desires. Choose the resource you want, and if your partner makes the same wish, then you will receive a reward - your wish will be fulfilled twice. Agree with your partner in advance to receive good bonuses every day.

Children. The kids tab will be unlocked when your love level with your partner is high enough. Using hearts, you can pump your child and thereby increase the power of your hero.

Mega Heroes: Is It Worth Playing?

Mega Heroes is an excellent role-playing game that fans of this genre will definitely appreciate. The uniqueness is given by an interesting game plot and a well-thought-out system for pumping the game character. Be sure to install Mega Heroes and go on an exciting journey.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.