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MERCS OF BOOM is a turn-based 3D online strategy in a post apocalyptic world from Game Insight. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to download Mercs of Boom on PC
  2. Hyde good squad
  3. The best armor, weapons, gadgets and consumables
  4. Optimal battle tactics
  5. PvP Activity Tips
  6. Base development
  7. How to farm?
  8. Armory and sneaks
  9. Store / warehouse
  10. Research and Insulator
  11. Tactics of the game on the global map
  12. How to choose friends in the game?
  13. Syndicate useless or not?
  14. Ratings in Mercs of Boom and farm morbium
  15. Tasks (plot, additional, temporary)
  16. The main disadvantages of the game

How to download Mercs of Boom (X-mercs) on PC

On the PC, the game can be installed in several ways:

  1. Install Android Emulator via the link at the beginning of this article.
  2. Install the gameroom app from Facebook and install the game in it https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/download/
  3. If you have Windows 10, then through the official Microsoft website you can also download and install Mercs of Boom - https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/p/mercs-of-boom/9plf54l4d9fc

If you play X-mercs on several devices, you can save progress if you are logged in via Facebook or via "GI Play".

The official site of the game Mercs of Boom - http://x-mercs.com/ The site has a very good library where you can learn a lot about enemies, weapons, gadgets, armor, buildings of the base, etc.

Of particular interest is the section of questions and answers - http://x-mercs.com/about/faq There all the technical difficulties that are encountered in the game are dismantled.

Hyde good squad Mercs of Boom

The main question that a newcomer gets up in the game is "which fighters are better and how to swing them." In our game experience and the experience of other TOP players, we can say that the most effective squad is as follows:

  1. Heavy infantryman , with a branch "defender". Its function is to explore the area and take a blow on himself to protect the rest of the team. The choice of the "defender" branch allows you to keep the punch well and keep enemies away from the snipers. From gadgets it is better to wear shields and dischargers.
  2. Four snipers with a pumped branch "Shooter". This is the main striking force of the team. The branch of the "shooter" allows you to pierce well-armored targets. Although at the beginning of the game, this choice seems inappropriate, as there are few armored targets. But in the future, this skill is very useful. With snipers it is better to use the gadget "Electronic Sight", which improves accuracy.
  3. It is better not to use scouts as they have weaker armor compared to heavy infantry and the weakest damage in the game.
  4. Mercenaries are also not recommended to use. Despite the fact that they are strong - they are given for a while. It is better to spend this money and experience on your fighters.
  5. Friends. If you desperately need a strong fighter - WiseGeek.ru recommends using friends. We will discuss this below.

The death in the game is not final. If your fighter finally died on the battlefield - he gets into the cryochamber.There you can resurrect it using a cyber module, or for free after some time - the choice is yours. Cybermodule gives fighters new skills. However, now when they die they will have to spend the cyber module, otherwise the open skills will be reset.

Skills in the game open as you increase the experience of your fighters. Experience is earned in battle. The more enemies you shoot or kill, the more experience this fighter will earn.

Therefore, WiseGeek.ru advises you - in battle, let the fighter who you need to pump more often shoots. And it is better to pump fighters evenly.

Skills are active and passive . Active can be used in battle only after a certain number of moves, while passive ones always act or they enhance your active skill. You can read the description of the skill by clicking on it, even if it is not open.

The developmental branch (right or left) is selected when a fighter reaches rank 6. Each type of fighter has its own, but it is better to develop those branches that we recommended above. If you want to change the distribution of skills, then you need to reset them ha loans by clicking the " reallocate " button. The more advanced your fighter is, the more expensive the redistribution will be.

You can train fighters using "team experience" and credits. Team experience is also earned in battles.

It is sometimes necessary to treat fighters after a battle in which they received serious injuries. The treatment spends certain resources.

An additional slot in the unit is very necessary. In total, you can take a maximum of 5 of your fighters into battle. The last 5 slot opens for 90,000 credits. It is expensive, but worth it.

An additional slot for a gadget costs only 5000 for 1 fighter. Also, WiseGeek.ru advises to open it as soon as possible, but only if you have something to add to it.

Uniform is better to wear the best (oddly enough). It is put on in the squad menu as well. If you still have weapons, armor and gadgets after you replace them with new ones - do not sell them, but rather put them on the fighters you send on expeditions for resources. So you increase your chances of their prey.

The best armor, weapons, gadgets and consumables in Mercs of Boom

To get any new outfit - you need to first examine it, and then produce in the armory. And in the conditions of lack of necessary resources, this can be difficult.

The description and characterization of the uniform is available by pressing the subject’s INFO button. Also there you can compare these characteristics with the available things.

All uniforms are divided according to the method of production into several types:

  1. PvP is made easily with a minimum of resource costs, has improved performance compared to PvE uniforms.However, the production requires "Morbi", which is mined only in battles against other players (PvP). But in order to produce them you need to investigate them, first opening the PvE analog. We will write more about this in the "research" section of this article. PvP consumables are not made, but are bought in a store / warehouse for morbium when a certain PvP rank is reached.
  2. PvE - Production requires a lot of conventional resources, engineers and scientists. They do not have such impressive characteristics as PvP clothing.

All uniforms are divided according to the directions of use into several types:

1. The main characteristics of a weapon are damage, distance and expenditure of action points. Weapons are 5 types:

2. Armor has the only characteristic - the degree of protection. Armor is 4 types:

3. Gadgets increase the aphids other characteristics of a fighter or give him certain properties. The gadget are of the following types:

4. Weapon modules are worn on the weapon and spent when fired. They are very useful in combat. Cost inexpensive, so we recommend to produce as much as possible. According to the action are:

5. Consumables very much. Enumerate them all does not make sense. The most popular are:

6. Chips - They can be embedded in a weapon or armor. Accordingly, the effect will be different, you can read about it in the description of the chip. You can get them after PvP battles or from Weasels. The chips have levels MK-1, MK-2, MK-3 and MK-4. Chip levels can be improved by spending other similar chips. However, it is impossible to remove the chips.

WiseGeek.ru advises to insert different chips. Since they will be easier to improve. There are no perfect chips, each of them is good in its own way.

Optimal battle tactics

I will not retell all the basics of battle. You can find out about them by starting to play Mercs of Boom.Experienced players and our site "Wise Geek" recommend the following tactics and techniques:

  1. Tank (heavy infantryman) is the first to explore the area.
  2. Snipers go at a distance of 1-2 moves from the tank. Therefore, the tank is better to go for 1 turn.
  3. The end of the turn must end with cover. This is especially true for the tank.
  4. As soon as the tank sees the enemies, snipers shoot at him. If there are a lot of enemies left after this - the tank uses the "firing point" skill or goes into defense.
  5. If, after the shots of snipers, the enemies remain a little - the tank finishes the remnants.
  6. If the tank went far away from the snipers. That, seeing the enemies - skip back. During the pursuit, enemies cannot attack you. And reducing the distance to the enemy will increase the accuracy of snipers.
  7. Snipers must move far away from each other. Since there are situations that enemies suddenly appear next to the snipers. And if they are all in one heap, then their accuracy at the enemy will be minimal.
  8. Enemies usually appear in batches (groups). After the next battle with a group of enemies, you need not to rush forward, but to stop, and, if necessary, reload the weapon, restore skills, heal, restore shields, or reanimate a colleague. In short, be fully prepared for the next fight.
  9. It is wise to use first-aid kits, disposable shields and resuscitators. If there is not much left to the end of the mission, then it is inappropriate to use these consumables. On the basis of the fighters heal and restore the shields for free.
  10. If your hero is dead - use a resuscitator, or in the allotted time, complete the mission. Resuscitation at the base will cost more.
  11. From the battle you can escape. For this it is enough to hold out for 1 move. During the flight, all trophies obtained (including captured enemies) and experience are saved.
  12. If there are additional tasks for the container in the mission, and you opened it and escaped from the mission, then next time there will be no such task.
  13. If the enemies are much stronger than you - use grenades and weapon modules. It is cheaper than first-aid kits and reanimators.
  14. All consumables can be bought directly in the battle for loans.

PvP Activity Tips

Fighting against other players (PvP) differ from fighting against monsters (PvE) only by the characteristics of enemies. You do not fight with the player himself, but with the computer that controls the enemy fighters.

For the battle you get chips and Morbi. For several victories in a row a day you will receive good rewards, which can be seen on the main map.

After winning, your PvP level rises and new opportunities open up in research, production and purchases of consumables.

Enemies are selected based on your level. However, they can be exchanged for loans on a global map. Once a day it can be done for free. Therefore, some players deliberately keep themselves at low levels, shaking only their PvP level.

Your base can also be attacked. At the same time defend it as your fighters will be running a computer. Therefore, you always need to have a sufficient amount of consumables.

On the tactics of combat, you can give one piece of advice. Go forward a bit from where you appeared. Take a good defense and wait for the enemies - they must come. The rest of the tips are the same as in the ordinary battles described above.

At the middle levels, a special room opens ("Security Center") on the second floor of the base where the dude sits and gives several training tasks. There is nothing special in this office. All purchases that can be made in it are available in other places.

Base development

Your base is located underground. There you can build and improve various facilities. There will be a large deficit of free space, which can be cleared for loans when it reaches the desired level, or for "raw Advinite." Buildings are of the following types:

RCA is a powerful power plant for the construction of which requires a scarce "crude Advinite." However, it is very powerful and takes up little space.

A conventional power plant does not produce much energy. But because of its shape, it can be pushed into such cracks in which other buildings do not fit. It is recommended to have a few pieces.

Assembly point - here you can send free fighters to hike for resources. The chance of getting the required resource depends on the level of the fighter, his outfit, the duration of the expedition, the number of fighters in the expedition detachment. The higher your overall level in the game, the lower the chances of finding resources - it’s terrible! Extraction of new resources opens as you progress through the main plot. The building can not be improved.

Warehouse - stores your resources and dead monsters. It is not recommended to build a lot of warehouses, as they take up space and consume energy. You need to build them only when you have to accumulate a lot of resources for research or production.

The shadow exchange is an important source of credit in the game.

Armory - affects the number of engineers you can hire. Production of new weapons and armor is often unavailable due to the fact that you can not hire the necessary number of engineers.

Barracks - increases the limit of your fighters. Extra fighters are useful in expeditions.

Supercomputer - needed for the construction of new scientific compartments. It does not improve. For the construction required on-board computer.

Where to get on-board computer in the Mercs of Boom? The on-board computer is obtained during the execution of the story and other missions.

Insulator - it contains captured enemies. No improvement. Building a lot of insulators is only necessary when you really need it.

Scientific Compartment - affects the number of scientists you can hire. New research is often unavailable due to the fact that you can not hire the necessary number of scientists.

The control center is the main building in the game. Not tolerated. All other buildings cannot be improved above the level of the main building. This building brings loans every hour. The Higher your overall level, the more this building brings credits, +50 credits per hour for each new level.

Infirmary - here are treated fighters. It is transferred. No improvement. It is given initially.

The hangar is a huge building containing your flying vehicle. Not tolerated.

Advice from WiseGeek.ru: do not build buildings if you do not need them, better improve existing ones. Free space is a scarce thing.

How to farm in Mercs of Boom?

It is better to build shadow exchanges and assembly points near the control center. So you can quickly send expeditions and take credits. This is especially true when you play at work and the Boss can burn your monitor)))

At night, it is better to launch long expeditions and long trades. If the expedition fails, then you can get loans instead of resources, but not always.

As soon as the isolator becomes available to you according to the plot - build it, produce scanners and catch local wildlife. Of particular value is the walker, as it turns out crude Advinit, necessary for the expansion of the base and the construction of powerful power plants.

You can catch aliens without going through the mission. Catching a stranger - escape from the battlefield. Aliens bring one of the following awards:





Reptiyd - Sergeant






Armory and sneaks

In the armory made various items of clothing and consumables. In order to be able to produce new things, it is necessary to conduct an appropriate study, or to reach an appropriate level.

Weasels give you good rewards every day. If you enter the game every day, you will receive good gifts. Skipping a few days will not lose progress on rewards and you do not need to start everything from day 1. Weasel will be available to you after receiving the corresponding task in the storyline.

Making money on the sale of manufactured items will not work because the cost of sale is lower than the cost of their manufacture.

If you have a lot of resources and they start to disappear, make consumables or things from them. Warehouse of items and consumables unlimited.

The limit of engineers depends on the number and level of buildings built on your base.

Store / warehouse

It keeps everything that you have. Here you can buy everything you need for loans or morbium. However, you will not be able to sell anything here. You can sell weapons, armor and gadgets only in the squad interface.

Quest items, dead enemies are displayed here, but you cannot buy them. It is also impossible to buy things that you have not reached.

You should know that when you increase your level, the price for many things, especially for resources, also increases.

Research and Insulator

Investigations in the game are primarily necessary to open up the possibility of producing new weapons, armor, gadgets or consumables. And also to improve the existing equipment or to obtain additional buffs (for example, strengthening the shield or increasing damage to the enemy). Some scientific studies do not give anything, but simply allow you to move further along the branch of research.

All studies are divided into several categories: weapons, medicine, defense and more. For research you will need:

  1. Subject subjects - they are not needed for all research; to get them you need to move further along the subject line.Subject tasks are marked with a yellow exclamation mark on the global map.
  2. Resources - these can be materials, or the remains of enemies. New enemies appear during the passage of certain plot tasks.
  3. Credits or morbium - research for loans is highlighted in green, research for morbium is highlighted in blue.
  4. Time - the more difficult the study, the more time is needed. But from the experience of other mobile games, WiseGeek.ru can say that research in this game is very fast.
  5. Scientists - sometimes this becomes a serious obstacle, since new accounting can be hired by building or improving scientific compartments.

An isolator is a room where live enemies are located, which were captured on a mission with the help of scanners. Experiments on them are conducted in the scientific compartment. After conducting the experiments, you will receive the resources that are described in the "How to farm in mercs of boom" section of this article.

It should be noted that the possibility of building an insulator, manufacturing a stunner and conducting experiments on living enemies is available after passing the corresponding plot task. Initially, the scanner allows you to capture only animals (spiked, raptor, walker, etc.), but after studying the "capture of newcomers" you can catch all the aliens alive.

Tactics of the game on the global map

Here you see a map of the earth broken into zones. Zones have a different color:

As your level increases, new territories will become available to you. You can see the requirements for opening a territory simply by clicking on it.

For the successful completion of the mission in the territory you will receive resources. Each passage of the mission increases the exploration of the area by 4%. The better the territory is explored, the more types of resources you will receive (not to be confused with the quantity):

0-24% - you will receive 1 resource.

25-49% - you will receive 2 resources.

50-100% - you will receive 3 resources.

All missions take place in the following locations: jungle, metropolis, ruins, desert, bases, roofs, gravitational platforms, trains, camps. The type of location can be identified on its mission card before it starts. Type affects not only the scenery and surroundings of the battle, but also indirectly on the type of enemies. In the jungle, ruins and deserts you will most likely meet animals. In megacities, bases, roofs and trains you will have to fight with the military or aliens.

On the mission card, you can see the complexity, which is indicated in the form of skulls on the upper right.However, the complexity depends on your general level and all the possibilities (research, production and construction) that it allows you to carry out. Therefore, if you take untrained fighters with initial equipment into battle, even simple missions can become impassable for you.

The difficulty of missions grows with your level. Therefore, where you shred enemies like cabbage, after raising the level you will constantly resurrect the fallen soldiers. Total difficulty levels 5:

  1. Very easy - weak enemies, killed with 1 shot.
  2. Easy - weak enemies, not always killed with 1 shot.
  3. Medium - serious enemies, but you can pass.
  4. It is difficult - serious enemies, for the passage you need a lot of first-aid kits and resuscitators.
  5. It is very difficult - it is better not to go there)))

There is an option for reconnaissance of the terrain for Morbi, but WiseGeek.ru recommends not to spend it in this way. Although you and get more information about the enemies, but often it is useless.

Below on the global map appear 3 prizes for achieving a certain amount of PvP victories. These prizes are updated every 24 hours. Also, you can see your opponent in PvP and change it if it does not suit you. You can change it for loans and the higher your level, the more expensive it is.

After losing a mission, a "recommendations" tab will appear in the mission card where the game will advise you to buy certain gadgets and consumables. As a rule, this information is useless.

Useful is the information on the card with the mission objectives and description of the mission. Here you can find out with which enemies you have to fight, whether there will be especially strong enemies on the map and the presence of additional tasks that give different resources and currency.

How to choose friends in the game?

Friends are great help on missions or expeditions. Every 8 hours you can call up to 3 friends in a mission or expedition. Thus, in a mission you may have not 5, but 6 fighters, since Only 1 friend can be called in one mission.Calling a friend on an expedition seriously raises your chances of success. Help is especially noticeable when you are at low levels of development, and use the help of top players.

The stronger the friend, the greater the benefits. Finding strong friends is very simple, WiseGeek.ru recommends using a player rating or a syndicate rating for this. It is necessary to pay attention not to the place of the player in the rating, but to his level. The higher it is, the better. Using the search for friends, you will find only players close to you in terms of level, which is not very good.

In total, WiseGeek.ru recommends having more than 32 friends. Then you can use them 3 times in 8 hours. It’s easy to send a friend request - just press the blue button with a plus sign on the player’s card under his avatar. And when he accepts your invitation, you will have a new friend. Top players are often online and you can recruit 32 friends this way per day.

Syndicate useless or not?

In our gaming experience, we can say that syndicates benefit only when they win from 1st to 10th place in the ranking of syndicates and earn morbium. Of course, syndicates can serve other purposes:

  1. Your leadership qualities develop when you create your syndicate. But now to create a good syndicate with strong players is quite troublesome.
  2. Communication in the syndicate, although it does take place, is rather sluggish.
  3. Your authority in the eyes of other players increases when you are in the TOP recognizable syndicate.

Syndicates are open and closed. In the open you can easily enter immediately. In closed syndicates, your application for membership must be approved by the leader. However, to join a syndicate, you must meet its requirements in both level and rank (PvP).

It is not so difficult to create your syndicate, for this you need to have a certain amount of currency and choose the emblem and name of the syndicate. However, when creating your syndicate, you need to either invite players there, or raise its rating, so that the players themselves come.

WiseGeek.ru does not create its own syndicate, but focuses on its level and rank in order to quickly join the TOP syndicates.

Ratings in Mercs of Boom and farm morbium

Ratings are of 2 types: player rating and syndicate rating. Global ratings are of the greatest interest, since for them every Friday after 6:00 pm you can receive a certain amount of morbium depending on the place occupied.

If your syndicate took from 1 to 10 place, then each member will receive not the entire prize pool, but only 1/10 of it, even if there were not 10 players in the syndicate, but only 8 players.

The size of the personal award (morbium) in different ratings is presented in the table below.

A place Player Ratings Syndicate rating
one 400 500
2 300 300
3 200 100
4-10 100 50
Thus, the game simulates you not to fight the aliens, but to destroy each other, so that the aliens would be easier to seize the land)))

Tasks (plot, additional, temporary)

Tasks can be found on the left on any base screen in the panel on the left, or on the global map in the form of a circle.

Tasks come in 3 types:

WiseGeek.ru recommends not rushing through the plot of the game, and sometimes stopping to rebuild the base, conduct all the available research and produce the best weapons, armor, gadgets, etc.

The main disadvantages of the game

Of the minuses should be noted:

But still the game was interesting. Especially it will appeal to fans of the series X-com, UFO

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.