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Million Lords WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

MILLION LORDS is an Android game with release date 09/11/2019 from MILLION VICTORIES. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How To Control An Army?
  2. Everything about how to pump a lord
  3. Ranking Tips
  4. How to Complete Quests?
  5. Should I Join a Clan?
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. How to set up a profile?
  8. A Guide for Donators
  9. Is It Worth Playing?

Million Lords: How To Control An Army?

Map. The main screen displays a map with all the cities and the names of the users to whom they belong. Here you can get information about the level of the opponent and the size of his kingdom.

Cities. On the map, you can find several types of cities. Neutral, which can be attacked without fear of large losses, enemy cities owned by other users, kingdom capitals and abandoned cities.

If the user has not entered the game for 5 days, then his city is grayed out, and you can easily capture such a city. As soon as the user logs into the game, the gray color disappears.

Troops. Soldiers are created automatically in every conquered city. Their number is influenced by the level of the city, the skills learned, the objects used and the conquered temples.

The capital cannot be conquered, so move your troops to other cities.

Ways to get troops:

Intelligence service. To defeat the enemy, you need to study it well, for this, conduct reconnaissance and collect information about the defense of the city. Find out who is the ruler of the city and how many soldiers are protecting him. Full information can be obtained from the report.

Scout enemy cities more often to catch weakness and attack with ease.

Attack. Choose the city that you plan to capture, then choose your city from which the army will be nominated. Determine how many soldiers will go on the attack and start the campaign.

Send the maximum number of troops into battle. The more you dominate the battle, the less soldiers you will lose.

Targeting tips:

Quick Actions:

City walls. To capture the enemy city, your soldiers need to overcome the fortifications. The higher the level of the city, the more powerful the city walls are and the more difficult it will be for you to capture it. The success of the defense of your cities also depends on the level of the city walls.

Experience bonus. When capturing a city, you can get extra points for overcoming the city wall. If the city was captured by another lord less than 4 hours ago, then you will not be able to receive such a bonus.

Wait until the city walls are restored to get more points for capturing the city.

Defense. View the attack details to better prepare for the city’s defense. You will be shown the estimated number of attacking troops and the city on which the attack is planned. If another lord starts attacking you, you can announce a gathering of troops in the city, or invest in raising the level of the city and strengthening the city walls.

Do not leave cities defenseless so that the neighbors do not have time to take over you.

Reports. Click on the scroll icon in the lower right corner of the main screen to go to the list of reports. Here you can get all the information about the conducted attacks, reconnaissance and defense of cities. You can also heal injured soldiers after the last battle for sapphires.

Detailed report. Here you can get information about how many soldiers participated in the battle on each side, what skills and bonuses were applied by the players. At the end, you can see the calculation of the experience gained.

Study the battle reports in order to correctly calculate the number of troops for offensive and defense.

The Commander is an advisor who will grant you unlimited regrouping and massive reconnaissance, increase the regrouping radius and disable the level limit. You can hire an advisor for 800 sapphires for 30 days.

Hire a commander if you plan to play actively for a month so as not to waste sapphires.

Million Lords: Everything about how to pump a lord

The lord is the leader of your kingdom, capital and conquered cities. In fact, you yourself are a lord, so you can choose a name, an avatar and a banner. Improve your game level and skills to conquer more territories.


Skills. Learning each skill allows you to improve the characteristics of attack, defense, production of resources and soldiers. All skills are learned gradually, increasing the level of an open skill allows you to learn new ones.

The following skills are available for learning:

Skill points. You get one skill point after each level up. With the help of them, you can discover a new skill and pump it over. It is necessary to pump skills evenly so that the kingdom develops harmoniously.

Reset points. You can redistribute skill points again by spending 50 sapphires. All spent points are returned, and you can learn and pump other skills. For each subsequent reset in the season, the price will increase.

Don’t waste sapphires lightly. Use reset skills only if you decide to use another more successful tactic of the game.


Inventory. The lord’s equipment allows you to increase the characteristics of attack, defense, production of resources and soldiers. On the left, cells for placing objects are displayed, on the right, a list of all available elements for use. You can apply one of 6 types of equipment to the lord:

Leveling items. Having received one item several times, you can improve it. If you do not have enough copies of the item, you can use heavenly dust to improve. Celestial Dust can be obtained by disenchanting unnecessary items.

Types of items:

Combinations. To automatically equip the lord with the best items, click Equip All. You can also make various combinations of equipment. These actions are necessary to increase the characteristics of the kingdom depending on the task at hand, for example, attacking or defending a city.

While you are online and not attacking cities, increase the production of gold and troops. When you exit the game, increase the defenses of your cities.

Armsmaster is an advisor who will automatically change your items depending on the situation. During an attack, he will use an attack build, during a defense - a defensive build, when sending troops - a speed build, if inactive - a production build.

This advisor can be hired for 1000 sapphires for 30 days. Also, the Weapon Master can be obtained as a reward for completing tasks in the Event for improving cities 100, 200 and 500 times.

Million Lords: Ranking Tips

Leaderboard. The rankings of all players in the league you have entered are displayed here. The earned kingdom points, prestige points and the number of clan points are taken into account. In each tab you can see the top 3 players and clans.

The goal is to climb to the top of the leaderboard each season for the most valuable rewards. Improve your skills, produce more soldiers and gold in order to conquer all the lands of Trezemy.

Season. The competition between the players lasts for three months. During this time, you develop your cities and capture enemy ones in order to earn more kingdom points. As soon as the season is over, your game level will be reset and you will start the game over. Only mined resources, items and chests are saved. Resetting to zero equalizes the chances of all players to take a top place on the leaderboard.

Analyze your game throughout the season to refine your strategy in a new one and earn more kingdom points.

League. Each has its own season rules. The best players of the season will be able to start the next one in a new league and receive more substantial rewards. There are three leagues in the game:

Game level. The higher your level, the more game functions are available to you. When you reach a new level, you get gold, reinforcements for the main city and one skill point, which will help you in the further development of the kingdom.

Kingdom points. Experience points determine your strength and place on the leaderboard. You can get them in battles. The more cities you conquer and pump, the more kingdom points you will earn.

Points calculation:

Improving cities. Level up all cities evenly to increase defense performance and improve the performance of gold and soldiers. To increase the level you need gold, the transition to each new level will be more expensive than the previous one.

Event. Over the course of several days, you can take advantage of special offers to purchase resources and complete a number of tasks to improve cities. There are 7 tasks to improve the city:

Completing event quests is a good opportunity to earn a lot of gold. Capture low-tier cities so they have growth potential for little money.

Prestige points. They are awarded to players based on their ranking on the leaderboard. You can get them after the end of the season, they will affect your place in the prestige table.

Million Lords: How to Complete Quests?

Tasks. Each day you can complete a number of tasks, earn achievements and receive the reward in the form of sapphires. Every day you can get 50 sapphires for improving cities and conquering them. Achievements, on the other hand, have several levels and their implementation is not limited in time.

Do not forget to collect rewards for completing tasks in order to accumulate more sapphires to buy chests.

List. To go to the list of tasks, click on the corresponding button at the top of the main screen. Here you can familiarize yourself with the assignment, the required reward, the status of completion and receive valuable advice.

You can get the following tasks:

Million Lords: Should I Join a Clan?

Clan. Become a member of a clan and use the help of your comrades in defending your cities and attacking enemy ones. Clans differ in the number of kingdom points, members, and location.

Joining a clan. Go to the first Clans tab at the bottom of the main screen and choose one of the proposed ones to become a member. If you know the name of the clan you would like to join, you can find it through the search bar. You may also receive invitations to join from other users.

You can leave the Clan at any time. Strive to get into the top Clans in order to receive help and protection from active members.

Creation of a clan. You can create a clan and invite your friends to it. To do this, you need to reach level 10 and spend 10 thousand gold coins. Choose an emblem, come up with a clan name and start looking for allies.

Temples. On the map, you can find special buildings - temples, the capture of which will bring a certain bonus to your clan members. Information about all captured temples and the general bonus for clan members can be obtained from the information card.

Temples can be well defended, so be sure to do some scouting before attacking.

Templars. Hire these creatures to increase bonuses from your clan’s temples. Each templar is responsible for a certain bonus that will apply to all members of the clan. To hire a Templar, you need to contribute 1000 Sapphires or 100 Celestial Dust.

Chat. Click on the Message button to start chatting with clan members. The chat also displays messages about the main events that take place in the clan, for example, a player’s exit or joining a clan. Here you can also go to the world chat.

Clan tasks. Conquer 100 cities in the kingdom together with clan members and get troops according to the kingdom points. The clan task appears every weekend and must be completed within the allotted time.

Million Lords: A Beginner’s Guide

Beginning of the game. You are greeted by Almaty, the previous king of Trezema, who will teach you the basics of the game. You become the ruler of the main city, which is located on a floating island and cannot be attacked by other contenders for the throne.

The goal of the game is to conquer as many cities on the map as possible during the season and raise them to the maximum level in order to earn kingdom points. They will determine your strength and place in the leaderboard.

Interface. The main screen displays a map of the world with all the cities and the names of the users to which they belong. In the upper right corner there is an indicator of the game level, the amount of available resources and the earned kingdom points. The current game task is displayed at the top.

At the bottom there are buttons for navigating to a clan, a list of cities, an advisor, and battle reports. in the upper right corner you can go to the game settings, getting free sapphires, the store and promotional offers.

Kingdom. Click on the avatar to get basic information about the number of subordinate cities, gold performance and army. The more cities you capture and increase their level, the more troops and gold you will receive every hour.

It is important to expand the kingdom in order to improve performance and earn extra kingdom points.

List of cities. All the cities you conquered are listed here, their level, the number of troops and the button to go to the location on the map. Click on any city and information icon to view the city’s defense, defense, and production metrics.

Bookmarks. You can bookmark any of your cities. After saving the city, you can go to it at any time and share its location in the chat with your clan. The list of saved cities can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the city list panel.

Parameters. Click on the avatar and go to the options tab to get information about all active skills and bonuses in your kingdom. The indicators of the parameters of attack, defense, productivity of gold and troops depend on the skills learned, the items used and the conquered temples.

Storage. Click on the avatar and go to the storage tab to see a list of all the items and chests you have in stock. Here you can find an item for renaming the lord, increasing the speed of the troops and a new beginning.

A new beginning. You have the opportunity to change the location of the capital of the kingdom. Please note that the location is randomly selected and can be located either close or far from your current location.

The move cannot be undone, so consider carefully whether to do so.

Gold is a game currency that is needed to upgrade cities. You can get gold by increasing the game level, from the production of cities or by using special skills.

Sapphires are in -game currency, which is necessary for buying chests, recruiting advisors, resetting skill points and using quick actions. You can get sapphires for completing tasks, watching commercials, or buying them in the store.

Every hour you can watch a commercial for which you can get 10 free sapphires. Watch ads as often as possible to quickly accumulate sapphires for buying chests.

Daily reward. Log in to the game for 14 days in a row to get a lot of free resources. In 14 days you can get 300 sapphires, 30 units of celestial dust, 6 accelerations, 2 rare items, one ordinary chest and one box each.

Million Lords: How to set up a profile?

Profile. Click on the avatar to go to the lord details section. You can change your name, customize your appearance and create a banner under which other users will see you.

Avatar. You need to choose the gender and who you will represent people, lions, tigers or leopards. Change the shape of the face, mouth and eyes, choose a hairstyle, armor and background color. The resulting image will be reflected in the battle reports.

Banner. You need to choose the pattern and color palette of the foreground and background of the banner. The created banner will be cut off on the map, indicating the ownership of the capital and all captured cities.

City. You can change the appearance of the conquered cities, which will be displayed on the map. The view will also change as the city level rises. Look at the proposed options and choose the desired design. You will have to spend sapphires on the new design.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings menu. Customize music, notifications, graphics and language. Here you can contact the developers and read the terms of service.

Notification. Be sure to turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on important events. The game will inform you when the movement of troops ends, when the attack starts on you, or when you will be able to receive a daily reward.

Account. Log in to the game via Facebook or the game center to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.

Invitation. If you received an invitation from a friend and then entered the game, enter a special code to receive an additional reward of 200 sapphires. You can enter the code within 3 hours. After that, you can invite your friends and receive new rewards.

Social networks. Through the official groups of the game, you can find active users and create a powerful clan. You will also receive information about all game events and can find gift codes.

Million Lords: A Guide for Donators

Score. To buy chests, recruit advisors, reset skill points and use quick actions, you will have to spend sapphires. If there is a shortage of them, you can buy sapphires in the Store for real money. To make purchases, click on the basket icon in the upper right corner of the screen, or on the plus icon next to the sapphire quantity indicator.

Pay attention to promotional offers, they are the most profitable.

Chests. Every 5 levels you get a free chest with 5 random items. Chests and boxes with better items can be bought at the store. To open the resulting chest, you just need to click on it.

The chests will contain items to fit into weapon, shield and belt slots. The boxes will contain items for placing them in the cells of a bracelet, ring, pendant.

Item drop probability:

Chest typeContentGuaranteed
Common Chest for 150 Sapphires5 items1 rare item
5 regular chests for 675 sapphires25 items1 epic and 5 rare items
Powerful Chest for 1250 Sapphires50 items2 epic and 10 rare items
5 Powerful Chests for 6000 Sapphires250 items2 mythical, 10 epic and 50 rare items
10 Powerful Chests for 11500 Sapphires500 items1 legendary, 4 mythical, 20 epic and 100 rare items
Common box for 150 sapphires5 items1 rare item
5 ordinary boxes for 675 sapphires25 items1 epic and 5 rare items
Mighty Box for 1250 Sapphires50 items2 epic and 10 rare items
5 Mighty Caskets for 6000 Sapphires250 items2 mythical, 10 epic and 50 rare items
10 Mighty Caskets for 11500 Sapphires500 items1 legendary, 4 mythical, 20 epic and 100 rare items

Welcome package. After launching the game, you can purchase a promotional set with an 85% discount within 24 hours. The package includes 3 regular chests and boxes, 2 rare items and 150 sapphires. Such a set will help you immediately start the game as a worthy opponent.

Code activation. If you receive or find a gift code, then by activating it, you can receive a free reward. Go to the store, click on the tab in the lower right corner, enter the code and click Submit.

Million Lords: Is It Worth Playing?

Million Lords is a simple strategy in which you can develop your kingdom and gradually conquer the world. Good rendering and equal opportunities for capturing cities for all users make the game attractive for fans of strategy games.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons of the game that can turn you off:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.