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MOBILE LEGENDS: BANG BANG is a multiplayer multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile multiplayer game developed and published by Asian company Moonton on October 1, 2016. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Tips and secrets of the game
  2. TOP of the best heroes by roles
  3. Best tank heroes
  4. The best killer heroes
  5. Top Arrows Heroes
  6. TOP best characters

Mobile Legends: Tips and secrets of the game

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game. In other words, the player enters the game immediately in its main menu. Here you can buy heroes, emblems on them, make settings and enter game modes. Matches are played in teams of 5 players against 5. There are several modes in the game:

Custom mode - here players invite their friends to the team. The maximum number of players on one side is 5 people, maybe less (but only in this mode). Here you can develop your team skills and fight for a medal and overall respect for friends.

Players against the computer - the mode is relevant at the start of the game, where beginners can familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game, the actions of the heroes, the map. Learn to understand the battle situation. Basically, here you can learn to own a new hero.

An ordinary match - here two teams of players fight, with 5 heroes on each side. There is no one to blame for it, this is the next step in acquaintance with the game and skills of the characters. The map is slightly different from the others. As a result, the winning team will carry gold and medals to their banks.

Ranked game - here players gain a rating, earn medals, stars and new titles. Winners get stars, and losers take them. Thus, the players are moving up the rating. The higher the rank of the player, the better the rewards at the end of the season.

The mechanics of the game is very simple - one team must capture and hold the enemy base in 10 minutes.You can reach the base by three main paths - lines (upper, middle and lower). Protective towers are located on the roads (they are not just standing, but rather damaging the enemy). There are two objects for raising the level - a turtle and a lord. And two points of rebirth (one at each base) are fountains.

The game is replete with a variety of different characters, with a set of active and passive skills. For each battle, select 1 champion. In the course of the battle, you can buy different things that will strengthen the character and give a significant advantage to the player. Heroes, at the entrance to the regime have 1 level, which rises during the fight.

Mobile Legends: Game Description

When you first enter the game, a person is trained in the Arena. 5x5 combat mode. After the player is trained, he gets into the main menu. The next step is endless dynamic and colorful matches.

In the first stages of the game, you must select a character that suits the player. With which a person will be comfortable and convenient to run. With which the player will be needed by the team. These characters are expensive, save for the desired character will have a long time.

Can I play without buying a hero? When you first enter the game, a person gets 1 basic shooter, with whom he will run up to 1 victory in a match with people. Then get another hero. With these two characters, the journey begins in the world of Mobile Legends.

But the game appreciates its players, and offers daily tasks, for the successful implementation of which the gamer will receive the chest. From this chest, the player will periodically drop temporary champions, in which he will be able to play from 1 to 7 days. So you can try all the characters, and then choose the one you like.

In order to begin to understand the mechanics of the game, a beginner can enter the Stream tab from the main menu. Here you can see how top players play, learn to see the situation on the map, choose the right hero.


If the player does not want to be a rag on the battlefield, which is all sent to the fountain, you need to pay special attention to the emblems. They further enhance the basic characteristics of the character. There are two sets of emblems available from the start of the game:

  1. Physical - for heroes with physical damage (for example, arrows).
  2. Magical - for heroes with magical damage (for example, magicians).
The emblems are in the "Preparation" tab, where you should open the "Emblems" tab. It is better to wait with the leading characters, and pay special attention to the emblems. They really enhance the characteristics of the characters. It is better to play on 2 - 3 heroes, but charged with strong emblems, than to run around a crowd of characters, but without such powerful support.

Build is a list of things you need to buy for a hero during a match. Here you can go into the builds of pro-players, copy the one that suits the character and use it at any time. Players call builds - build. The acquisition of items occurs directly during the match. For the purchase does not necessarily return to the fountain. Each battle is individual, and items may require different.

Daily tasks

These quests are given in a standard list of activities that need to be done daily. For example, play as an arrow, kill 5 monsters in the forest. Also in the main menu, the player will appear every day important chests that should be opened daily. They are hidden in useful things for the characters that will make the characters more powerful.

The game gives players good fortune for daily entries and assignments. Therefore, if a player seriously intends to play a game, then he should pay attention to the game daily and complete tasks.

How often to win?

As in any other game, in Mobile Legends, it does not matter which hero a person plays for. It is much more important if he understands what he is doing, how he is doing it and why he is doing it.

Knowledge of heroes. For a successful game, it is important to know all the characters. Well, if the player will distinguish one character from another and know its basic skills. This knowledge is necessary for the player at several stages of the game.

Choosing a champion. Each time before the match, the player chooses a hero with whom he will go into battle.At this point, you should watch those heroes who are chosen by teammates. It is necessary to understand what strengths and weaknesses the squad will have. It is not to calculate how many shooters or tanks will beat. No, it’s about character skills. From this knowledge should depend on the choice of champion. For example, a player chooses a great mobile shooter, and the rest of the team is a slow turtle. In this case, it is better to choose an arrow with increased damage or a camp (the ability to immobilize the enemy for a few seconds).

Enemy. The knowledge of heroes is very important at the sight of the enemy. If a player knows what to expect from an opponent standing in front, he will not convulse to rely on his character’s skills (skills), but calmly build combat tactics. Here knowledge of the skills of heroes will be useful: can an opponent immobilize a player, break into a team, quietly approach from behind, cover the entire squad with a massive skill. Also, the player will know what to hit the opponent in the first place, whether it is worth spending a powerful ultimatous skill on him, or he only needs a couple of auto attacks to move him to the fountain. Seeing an unequal opponent, you can safely withdraw to the tower, and not to spend mana on it at all.

For knowledge of all the characters, it is necessary to play, watch and read guides, tips more often. It should be practiced more often. Over time, the novice will understand the heroes, learn how to properly manage their champions, do not fuss in the match. The most important thing is to learn to adequately assess the situation.


Hyper need to navigate the terrain. Many players do not want to take the card as an additional tool to win. And in vain! Knowing the map, the location of the towers, the walls, even the bushes, can decide the outcome of the battle, and sometimes the whole match. You should know each path in the forest of his team and the enemy. This is necessary in order to retreat in time. Or, on the contrary, at the right moment to jump out of the bush or fly over the wall (some heroes are capable of it).

If in some corner of the map a serious batch started, then the player needs to get to the battlefield as quickly as possible. If the hero wanders into the thicket, bumping into monsters and walls, he may not have time to help his team.

Or this: the player calmly demolishes the tower on one of the lines, and then notices that the enemy is stamping in his direction. Knowing what character is trying to get to the player, you can calculate the time of his journey (taking into account the landscape) and take his feet (if necessary) or adequately prepare for the battle.


If players eventually willy-nilly begin to navigate the terrain, then a small window with a map and points on it, many are very annoying. This is the wrong approach! Mini - card is a very useful thing in the game. Do not forget about it. On the contrary, you should constantly monitor it. If all attention is focused only on what is currently happening on the screen, then you can safely merge the game.

It is very important to know how the situation of the allies, where the opponents move. Maybe at the moment, when a player finishes the enemy’s tower, comrades need help - this can only be seen on the mine card. Or this: a battle was fought on the adjacent line, and then the enemy is heading towards the player’s location. In order for the hero not to be taken by surprise, you need to constantly look at the mini - map. This situation can also happen: the player cannot find an opponent on the mini - map. There have just been points, and now there are none. It is necessary to check the lord or the tortoise, surely they are there.

Line selection

Ideally, the role setting should be:

  1. On the top (top) of the line fights tank or fighter.
  2. On the middle line is the magician.
  3. On the bottom there is a shooter and a support warrior.
  4. In the forest can run a tank or a warrior.

Of course, this is not a panacea, just recommendations from experienced players. The best option at the start of the game is the following alignment of forces:

  1. 2 characters on the top line.
  2. 1 on the middle.
  3. 2 on the bottom line.

If suddenly a player noticed that two allies are stomping on the line to the hero already standing there, then you just need to switch to another line. Nothing will happen with dignity, the main thing is winning the match. A good player must understand that it is not scary, but on the contrary, it is good to stand under the tower alone.

First, if three enemy heroes go against the player, the player must know that this is not a problem. On the contrary, it is excellent. You just need to stand under the tower and collect creeps. Steamed with a tower, the player is excellent against three enemies. Secondly, if the opponents do not climb under the tower, then the defender strongly bypasses them in gold, because it is not evenly distributed in the game.

If a player alone holds the middle line and realizes that he cannot take out three opponents, then you just need to ask your allies for help. In fact, only 1 comrade will be needed.


Mobile Legends is a team game, each character has its own role in the game. Therefore, choosing a champion, you should not climb where it is not necessary, but clearly know what to do while playing for one or another character.

Shooter. Choosing this role, you should not be worn on the map, you should not go into enemy territory behind the monsters, you should not climb alone on the tower. Arrows are vital to follow the tank or run with the support character. If a frisky assassin flies out of hiding on an arrow, then long-range (ranged fighter) will quickly fly to the fountain. If the arrow is killed, the team will lose the advantage, losing significant damage. In team battles you should not shoot first. Opponents most likely have melee fighters who can break into the squadron and quickly get to the heroes of the second line. It should wait a bit when the enemies break through, and then start watering them from all the trunks.

Magee. If a player is running for a ranged mage, then all the tips written for shooters apply to him. The only difference is that you need to shoot at the characters according to the characters at the moment of the breakthrough, a little before the shooters. This is necessary if the hero has the ability to stop or slow down opponents. It is not necessary to climb into the thick of things, it is better to hold on to the powerful backs of melee warriors.

Fighters and murderers. These characters can run into the center of the fight, can carry with them to the fountain a couple of enemies. But it is not recommended to do this, because the detachment will be left without support. It is better to use your skills for split-push (breaking the enemy team into several small pieces). These heroes showed themselves perfectly in duels 1x1. If a player fighting for a warrior does not understand how to behave in a team battle, this may derail the whole battle. Killers are advised to play on 3 tactics:

  1. Provocation - to do everything possible so that the enemy attacked the team. In this case, the rivals can fight back the entire team.
  2. A moment of surprise - the enemies attacked the team and the battle began, the killer hiding in the bushes (or in another shelter) at that time. His main task - to break into the crowd at the moment when the enemy used all the attacking skills.
  3. Protection - if the character is very slow, then you should defend the weak health fighters. This is necessary, because there are killers of opponents who can suddenly break into the battle at the most inopportune moment.

Tanks. Without them, not do not one successful match. The task of the tanks - to cause an attack on opponents.It is very important! Tanks are designed to cover up the weak, but with great damage, heroes. People playing for tanks should always be on the alert, and at the right time close the shooters and magicians. It is necessary to fight in such a way as to come to the aid of thin characters at any moment. The tank is not only the instigator of the fight, but also a solid wall, behind which arrows and magicians can hide. No one opponent should pass by and offend your ranged fighters. If the battle did not go the way it was originally intended, then the tank should give the team time to move under the tower, even if it cost them their own lives. Heroes with high damage and without a tank from a safe distance will beat off the creeps, and take a favorable position. The right tanks are loved and appreciated.

Summing up all the above, we can conclude: a good player, this is the player who can navigate the terrain, correctly calculate the forces, correctly orient the team. All skills do not come immediately, so it is important to practice hyper, more often to play in each mode, if possible, to try to fight for each profession.


  1. 9 sets of emblems were created for different roles. At first, you have 2 sets available. The remaining 7 will be available as soon as your account reaches level 10. Each set of emblems strengthens you one way or another.
  2. Each set of emblems has its own level of emblems, starting with Ur. 1 (up to Lv. 60). Each level increase requires some resources and CB and enhances a number of characteristics.
  3. Each talent tree will be unlocked as soon as the corresponding set of emblems reaches level 15. You get 1 point of talent at the very beginning and further for every 5 levels. Thus, when the set reaches level 45, you will have 7 of them.
  4. The Tree of Talents of each set of emblems has 3 levels. The first 2 increase the basic characteristics, each talent can be strengthened to Lv. 3. The last stage gives stronger effects. Each talent in it can be strengthened to Lv.1. You can increase its level by spending 1 talent point.
  5. Rules unlock talent: The first stage has no restrictions. You can invest up to 3 talent points in it; The second stage will be unlocked as soon as 3 points of talents are invested in the first. It can also invest up to 3 points of talent. The third stage has no restrictions. Nevertheless, each talent in it has a single level and only 1 point of talent can be invested in it.
  6. Nested talent points can be dropped for free an unlimited number of times. The reset button is located close to the number of points. If several different talents are open, you can reallocate talent points by pressing the appropriate button to change talent in the third stage.
  7. For each set of emblems there are 2 pages of talents. The first page is available for all players, the second - only for star participants. On each page, your current build is saved. You can choose different sets of emblems and pages of talents during the selection of a hero.
  8. Explaining the special characteristics: 1) Hybrid Penetration: each point increases physical and magical penetration by 1; 2) Hybrid recovery: each point increases the recovery of health and mana by 1.

After winning

1. After each match, we will evaluate each player on points, in accordance with their performance during the battle. According to the points awarded, the winners and losers will be ranked accordingly, and this score will determine which medals will be given for the match.

2. Players of the winning team, at best, can win in the order of evaluation: "MVP match", gold medal, gold medal, gold medal, gold medal; Players of the losing team, at best, can win in the order of evaluation: "MVP Teams", gold, silver, bronze medal. However, if players who are judged (and in theory) must receive a certain medal, but their assessment does not meet the minimum requirements, it will automatically be lowered. In particular, for the winners, the player can be lowered by 1 rank of the medal. For example, if a player, judging by the assessment, should receive a gold medal, but he lacks a gold medal in scoring points, then he is awarded a silver medal.Players of the losing team can be lowered without restrictions if they do not reach the minimum points for the rating, which means that the player’s indicators and points will be checked to meet our minimum requirements for each medal, and this will determine what type of medals the user can receive.

3. For winners, the best player of the match can be determined by the rank, which means that as long as you finish the match with the best player of the winning team, regardless of the points received, you will receive the award of the best player of the match. For the losing team, the best player of the team will be assigned only to those who have the most points, however, they also have to meet our minimum requirements for the gold medal, otherwise they will not get the MVP.

4. Based on our rating system, at best, the winning team will be awarded 1 MVP of the Match, 4 gold medals; in the worst case, the team will be awarded 1 MVP Match, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze medals. For a team of losers, in the best case, 1 MVP Team can be awarded, 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 1 bronze; in the worst case, the team can win 5 bronze medals.

5. Different awarded medals will be transferred to different chests for medals: MVP Match equals 10 points of medals, gold medal 7 points silver medal 5 points, bronze medal 3 points. The MVP value of the Team (the losing team) will be equivalent to a gold medal, therefore 7 points.

6. The number of "MVP Match" and "MVP Teams" awarded will be summarized in the Battle Information section for each player.

How the Local Leader Works :

  1. All data that determines the ranking in the Local Leader Table is taken from all players located in the same area as you. The location of all players is determined on the basis of Geolocation in Real Time. Therefore, you need to enable the Geolocation Services to activate the definition function.
  2. According to the Administration Level of your current location, the Leaderboards are divided into Lower Division, Middle Division, and Higher Division. (Administration levels may vary by country / region, so there may be less than 3 divisions in the Leaderboards).
  3. After each week, each player receives Hero Points at 05:00 on Mondays (server time). The number of Hero Points determines if a player can enter the Local Leader Table. If he can, the player will receive an honorary title, which will expire in 7 days. Players can enter their titles in their profile.

The top 10 are the top 10 players in the top division. Based on real-time Hero Points statistics, the list is updated every month. Players who are on the list receive a Higher Title, which expires after 1 month. The list of Top 10 is reset at the end of each month. When a new month begins, players must participate in new matches if they want to re-enter the Top 10 list.

How to increase Hero Points ? Hero Points are primarily based on the performance of each hero you receive.Each hero starts with the same Hero Points by default. However, you lose some of your hero’s points from a lost battle.

How the hero’s score decreases : Every new week, if a player could not use a certain hero in the rating mode, this hero’s score will decrease. However, if a player plays in one Rating Match this week, Hero Glasses will return to normal. After the end of each season, Hero Points will drop to a certain level. You will need to participate in more ranked matches to increase Hero points.

About the Administrative Division : The map used to search for all players is provided by third-party suppliers. It is used only as a reference.

Mobile Legends: TOP of the best heroes by roles

Mobile Legends: Best tank heroes


One of the first characters in Mobile Legends. But despite his age, Tigril remains a popular champion among many game lovers.

Passive skill - with each attack increases resistance to physical and magical attacks of opponents.

1 skill inflicts significant damage at the start of the match, in addition to this, it slows down all the opponents that it has hit. Very useful skill for team battles.

2 skill allows you to quickly reduce the distance to the enemy. At the same time causing him damage. If the ability to use the second time, the hero throws the opponent up. This ability can ruin an ultimatum skill (ulta) to any hero. If Tigril didn’t have the "Flash", then you can use it first (to reduce the distance to the target), and with the second skill to throw the enemies in the direction of their rangers so that they can shoot the enemy.

Ultimate ability allows the tank to stick a huge sword into the ground, thereby attracting opponents within the range of the skill to itself. At this time, the character spends stunning for 1.5 seconds of enemies.

Minuses. Tank is a great team player with a lot of control over the enemy. But he is very predictable, his actions are easy to predict. From this it becomes not as dangerous as it may seem at first glance.


Passive skill will give this champion per unit of acquired mana 1.5 health units. If the character’s mana suddenly ends, he will use his XP to use his skills. This hero is for quick battles, because he will never have enough mana and health either. But this skill can help out at any time.

1 skill - stuns rivals for 1 second and deals damage. This skill works only if the tank is pointing at the enemy. It is good that the character can quickly approach the enemy.

2 skill is great for team combat. It works like this: around the hero appears a halo of defeat. All enemies trapped in this area take damage, slow down and decrease attack speed. At the same time, with each subsequent second, these effects increase. Skill is very useful for mass brawl.

Ulta allows the entire team to move along the track created by the hero with incredible speed. Another plus skill - slowing down the enemy on this very track. Chilos will receive healing at the expense of opponents and immunity to slowdowns.

The minus of the character is in his inordinate consumption of mana. You have to constantly return to the base, because XP is not infinite.


At the moment, a very popular character.

1 skill gives the Minotaur amazing maneuverability and allows you to reduce the distance in order to cause damage to it, slow down the opponent over a certain area.

2 skill - a classic vampire, allowing to restore the health of the character and his comrades who are in close proximity to the bull. If the Minotaur is in Fury, then recovery will occur from an auto attack, which is very helpful in a mass battle.

Ulta - Minotaur makes 3 hard hits on the ground. With these blows, the health of the enemy disappears, because with blows, slowing down, damage, stunning, and net damage are activated.

The minuses of the hero are very similar to the minuses of Tigril. Predictability champion gives opponents time to maneuver. Also, the Minotaur needs to constantly maintain Rage. Only in this state will he put strong rivals and help the team as much as possible. But, as soon as Rage diminishes, all skills are minimized.


A unique character car - transformer. His skills do not depend on mana or ulta. He simply does not have mana.Very mobile hero and a great versatile fighter.

Passive ability gives Johnson a shield at the moment when his health level drops to 30%. The size of the shield is very large.

1 skill slows down enemies. Johnson throws his wrench for a decent distance, then the scope of the skill appears.All enemies trapped in this area are stunned. While flying, the key will inflict magical damage on the enemy. The hero can throw a key in pursuit of a runaway opponent, you can throw the key in any direction, the actions will depend on the situation.

2 skill - gives additional damage, slowing down enemies. You can also beat auto attacks and throw the key at the enemy. The damage is higher than normal strikes.

Ulta gives Johnson the opportunity to transform into a car, put 1 ally in the cockpit and rush all over the map, anywhere. Bumping into this form of the enemy, Johnson inflicts stupor and damage on him. After an accident, a small crater is formed for some time, after passing through which, the enemy will receive a slowdown and damage.

Johnson can quickly come to the rescue at any point on the map, putting the enemy in a stupor with his appearance, then releasing 1 skill (what extends the camp). Then it is recommended to use 2 skill that will slow the enemy (if he is still alive). He will not let anyone go, throwing a huge key into the trail. If the hero chose Alice as his partner, then the enemies may never leave the towers. In short, this tank does not even have minuses.


This tank hate all arrows. This character can break into the thick of the battle. In the common people of the hero called Gatot.

The passive skill of this champion converts lost health into physical protection (up to 250 units). Also, thanks to this skill, Gatot will restore his health if he attacks the enemy with a large health reserve.

1 skill allows the champion to strike in front of him, thereby causing significant damage to the enemy and slowing it down. If the opponents remain in the affected area, they will receive gradual damage and slowdown until they leave the area of impact. This skill Gatot produces at a distance, and as long as opponents sneak up to the tank, they will be shot by rangers.

2 skill hero makes a huge leap forward, which allows him to jump over obstacles. At this point, he attracts attention to his rivals. They cannot use their skills and move. They will only beat with auto attacks and only Gathoth. True tank! Gatot will not stand like a block of wood, but give a tangible resistance to opponents.

Ulta. Gatot jumps a long distance, and at the landing site forms a crater with a good radius of destruction.However, he first pushes opponents in different directions, and then shifts enemies into the center of the crater.This proud warrior can easily frustrate opponents’ plans, causing a fire on himself.

Mobile Legends: The best killer heroes


This character is a true killer, all his actions and skills are aimed at the destruction of enemies.

This champion does not have the ultimate skill in its usual sense. It does not deal damage after pressing a button. This skill makes reloading all abilities, and allows the character to jump a long distance.

1 skill allows Gossen to quickly shorten the distance to the enemy or to carry off the legs. After clicking on the skill, Gossen throws the blade in the indicated direction. If, with the defeat of any goal to reuse the skill, the hero is transferred to the rear of the enemy.

2 skill allows the hero to throw out 5 knives, each of which inflicts perceptible damage. Damage is caused both during the flight and during the return. The enemy, through which one of the blades has walked, gets a slowdown.

Passive skill. After each 3 skill uses, the auto-attack restores the champion’s health, and does additional damage to the opponent.

Cons . Not many people love this character, because his abilities need to be revealed gradually. The player must be extraordinary and be able to use the situation. It is required to make the right decisions with lightning speed.


Very impressive character, which you can talk for a long time. Thanks to his skill, this half-hobo is capable of terrorizing the enemy.

1 skill - makes it possible to jump out of nowhere and suddenly cause significant damage, taking away half the health. Striking blows at the enemy, Helkart imposes the Silence effect on them. If this skill is used after the Ulta, then the opponent can also be slowed down.

2 skill the animal shoots blades that pierce opponents through, causing multiple injuries at once. For maximum damage, Helcard needs to accumulate 4 blades. This is done by auto attacks, you can even on forest monsters. When attacking an enemy, you must have already 4 blades with you, then the damage will be huge.

Passive skill will become the enemy if he attacks the hero from a far distance. Skill works fine when Helcard tries to get close to the enemy.

Ulta - imposes a massive full of glare on opponents.

The disadvantage of this champion is that a very adequate person should play on this hero. Here you need to correctly assess the situation, navigate in the skills of the enemy, know the map, and not just poke on skills. It is worth remembering that if a character broke into the crowd with his 1 skill, he would not be able to retreat.

It is worth noting that the players running for the killers, choose their targets magicians and shooters. Therefore, to such heroes more often, during a team battle, look around and keep your killer or tank close at hand.

Mobile Legends: Top Arrows Heroes


This is a very worthy shooter, who has an interesting mechanics of the game, a huge damage. A distinctive feature of the hero is the huge tiger on which she moves around the map. This is not only a mobile character, but also very fast.

Using.1 skill Iritel reduces the protection of the enemy, and it allows friends to do more damage. 2 skill girl slows down enemies in a certain radius. Ultimate skill allows you to increase the damage of the hero, and gives you the opportunity to strike a small amount of time on a specific area. In this case, Iritel can shoot on the go. Playing for the hero, you should always be behind the back of the tank. Even better, the tank will have control over the rivals.

Tactics: the character uses slowdown, then the tank breaks into the enemy. The shooter uses 1 skill, then - ulta. The main thing is not to let rivals close to the character. Thanks to the speed of the girl, you can easily maneuver.

Minuses. Iritel has no diverting ability (jumps and jerks), so if her opponents surround her, she will have a bad time. The hero has never been a combat character, but it is very interesting to play on it.


The passive skill of the hero makes him a very dangerous opponent. His weakness is a small attack range, the shot’s distance makes it possible to hit only melee fighters. But he does not need more. The fact is that passivke hits opponents who stand behind the backs of the main goals. In other words, Moskov hits the tank, inflicting damage on it, but also affects the shooters who stand behind the tanks. Therefore, in a team battle, you can safely beat the first line of opponents, and the ability to take care of the second line. With the same success, you can not hit the enemy, but shoot his creeps.

Using.Moskov first prepares his opponent with auto attacks - 1 skill reduces the distance to the target, and is transferred for the enemy’s back at the expense of 2 skills. This skill will also become an opponent. If the camp did not work, and the enemy tries to leave, Moscov includes his ultimate skill. He throws a spear that can fly through the entire map, defeating all rivals along the way. This skill is well suited to finish off a victim or to help allies on neighboring lines.

Minuses. At the start of the match, Moscow is very weak. This character is revealed at a late stage of the game. A small attack range is also considered a minus character. Yes, and 2 skill must be used correctly.


This shooter is created for patient players, because it does not have jumps, jerks and spears through the entire map. At the start of the match, the player must take a free place on the line, slowly kill monsters and creeps, not respond to provoking the enemy to fight. By completing this by the end of the match, a modest girl turn into a slaughter shooter with endless damage. The main thing is to have a tank in the team, otherwise it will not work.Playing at Hanabi is simple in theory and difficult to practice.

Theory: the hero hides behind the back of the tank, after the start of the battle the champion deals damage to the nearest enemy. Using 1 skill, from the target at which the fire is fired, rockets are launched into the other opponents standing nearby. Consequently, Hanabi beats the tank, and the whole team of opponents falls. Also, the girl herself can provoke a team battle, using the ulta. Due to her Hanabi immobilizes the enemy, which hit, and then move on to other opponents. It is possible this way: the team broke into the detachment of opponents, Hanabi caused damage. Everything, all rivals on the fountain!

Practice: very rarely everything is fine for playing Hanabi. There are no tanks, if there is, then armless. It may be that the opposing team is too mobile. Maybe the enemy has a breakthrough, shortening the distance with the shooter, and Hanabi has no jerks to move away. But if the team gets a decent one, then playing Hanabi is a pleasure.


An interesting young fighter, similar to the fabulous Aladdin. His manual monkey Dextor runs after him everywhere. Not only runs, but also inflicts on the enemy (which is killed by the owner) not bad damage. Monkey damage 30% of Cloud damage. Therefore, build Cloud is going to attack and attack speed. Cloud is a very mobile and brisk hero.

1 skill - Cloud at a certain distance takes away from several opponents the speed of movement and the speed of attack. The selected percentage of the hero keeps himself, becoming even faster.

2 skill gives Cloud the opportunity to fight under the tower of opponents. He leaves a hologram of Dextor, which will cause damage to the tower or the enemy. There is a trick: you can put a hologram near the native tower in the bushes. If the battle went not according to the scenario of the shooter, then pressing 2 skill again, you can instantly exchange places with the hologram, and quickly take your feet off the battlefield. If the rivals approach the hologram, then after 3 seconds, Cloud will return with an activated ulta.

Ulta. Everything is simple, increased damage around him. And shoot and Cloud and Dextor. Other skills can be applied during the ulta. The action of the items applies to both the hero and his little friend. Damage to a monkey is considered a separate damage, so the privileges are not divided, but are distributed equally.

Minuses. Very weak damage at the start of the game. And his ulta, because Cloud is still a shooter, he doesn’t have much health, and the desire to fly into the crowd of the enemy and water from 4 barrels for all opponents is very high. But the health of this does not allow. It is better to pick up 2 - 3 heroes from the flank of the battle than to lie down in a crowd.

Mobile Legends: TOP best characters

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Hanzo

Passive skill. Hanzo has no mana and energy, he is restored by blood. Therefore, all his skills are aimed at her completion. If creeps die near Hanzo, he gets 2 drops of blood from each. And if he kills a hero, he gets 10 drops.Blood itself is used to activate the ultimate ability.

1 skill. Hanzo, after delivering 5 hits, gets the chance to devour a creep or a forest monster. Absorption gives 10 drops of blood, and Henzo gets all the bonuses from the kill.

2 skill. Hanzo sticks a sword into the ground, which does little damage at once and gradual damage in the area of destruction. From this skill, the hero is fueled by blood. Ulta. Hanzo releases the demon, which is equivalent to the parameters of the hero. In fact, it is a copy of it, but with additional skills. When using a skill, the movement speed is increased by 20%. If a demon is killed, it simply returns to Hanzo, stunning and slowing him down. If the player presses the remote again, the demon will return to the hero’s body. If the time to use the skill is out, the body will fly to the demon.


Emblem - shooter, with the skill to accelerate. Or take the emblem on the forest with a gain of 1 branch.

Ability - "Retribution".


  1. Level 2 Forest Ax - slows down the enemy.
  2. Boots fast walkers - accelerate the movement.
  3. Crimson Ghost - increases the speed of auto attack.
  4. Storm belt - the hero imposes a slowdown on the opponent, and on the hero a little health and armor.
  5. Speaking with the wind - the speed of movement.
  6. The ring of corrosion - slowing down the enemy from auto attack.
  7. Berserker rage - increases the chance of a critical strike by 60%, gives additional damage.


At the start of the match, you must start with stripping the forest. With proper pumping, by the middle of the match, Hanzo becomes almost immortal. Calmly leaves the tower under the demon. First, blood is typed, then you need to find a secluded place for the body, activate the ulta. It is necessary to closely monitor the connecting thread between the body of the hero and the demon, if the thread turns red, then the body faces trouble.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Alucard

Passive skill "Pursuit". When attacking on a single target, the damage is slightly higher than when attacking a 2 target. After using the skill and clicking on the standard attack, Alakurd makes a dash to the target and causes increased damage.

1 skill "Destroying the Earth" - Alakird makes a jump, deals damage and slows down the target a little. Skill lets you jump over obstacles.

2 skill "Circular strike" - the usual skill, causing massive damage in a circle. Used for passive skill and initiating battle. It is necessary to apply before the ulta.

Ulta "Splitting Wave" - does not increase damage, but increases vampirism. In addition, the vampire from other skills also works better.


Emblem - the choice between the forest and the killer.

Ability to choose:

  1. "Retribution"
  2. "Flash"
  3. "Weakening"


  1. Hunter knife - can be developed to Machete Raptor.
  2. Endless battle - vampirism, plus net damage after applying skills 70% of the attack from the hand (without the use of skills).
  3. Warrior boots - protection against physical attacks.
  4. Berserker Rage - Crete.
  5. Haas claws - vampirism with a low percentage of health.
  6. The wings of the queen of the apocalypse - an increase of 15% to the attack, 770 units to XP, when health below 40% increases magical and physical defense, and physical vampirism by 15%.
  7. The blade of despair - increases the attack on the maximum.
  8. Deadly blade - against the same vampires.
  9. Hunter strike - increases attack speed.
  10. Golden meteorite - gives a shield in battle.

Tactics. It is not recommended to take the hero in the qualification. It should learn to play. Although the management of Alakurd is simple, it does require a habit. He constantly requires support of a tank that will take control of the enemy, or a character who gives control. Alakurd will only deal massive damage with skills.Opponents should not be allowed to punch health to a minimum. It is better to fight in the forest, but do not delay the fight.

Mobile Legends: Guide to Selena

Selena’s skills depend on her form.

Selena Elf Skills Witch’s Witch Skills
Passive skill "Symbiosis" - this skill runs a combination on both forms.
When inflicting damage on the enemy, Selena puts a mark on him, you can put up to 2 pieces to 1 opponent When a Witch deals damage from her hand or increased damage of 1 skill, the enemy with the tag receives increased damage.
Ulta "Reincarnation"
Selena goes into Witch form and gets accelerated by 30% and 25% damage in a battle. Witch skills become available. It goes into a standard look and gets a short acceleration of 30% and the skills of the elf.
This combination of passivka ends.
1 skill. "The trap of emptiness" - puts traps that do not have a statute of limitations. Work throughout the match. Enemy, stepped on a trap will be slowed down by 1 second by 70%. After the explosion, take damage that slows him down again. As well as damage will be received by opponents standing next to the victim.With the help of traps, you can monitor opponents at a distance of 5 buildings. "Eater Void" - gives an increase in damage when attacking from the hand.The witch makes a small jump while chasing the enemy. Also, the girl gets a shield equal to damage. The skill destroys the mark put by the elf, causing individual damage.
2 skill "Spear of the Void" - the girl starts a very far spirit of the void. In addition to damage and marks, the ability has several features. If the spear hits the stop, it stuns the enemy for 1 second, at the maximum distance - by 4.5 seconds, and the damage doubles. Shooting through a trap, the spear clings to it, and getting into the enemy activates the trap. When hit puts 3 tags. "Garrotte". The witch makes a leap forward, causing damage to all enemies in its path. If the Witch hits an opponent with a tag, the skill rollback is reset. You can overcome obstacles.


The emblem is a killer with the skill for gold or the strengthening of a single attack. You can take the emblem of the magician with recharge and vampirism, then add rage.

Ability - to choose:

  1. "Numbness" - for combination and withdrawal.
  2. "Cleansing" - against control.
  3. "Sprint" - running speed.


  1. Ax for wood.
  2. Boots fast walkers.
  3. Lightning Rod - Damage.
  4. Distress Spit - for combination.
  5. Guard relic - increase damage.
  6. Concentrated energy is healing.
  7. Bloody wings - damage.


Killing a target - set a trap; a spear is fired at it. Then Selena runs for the weapon, activating the ulta on the move.On the move beats 1 Witch skill. If you hit, then the enemy will be 2 labels and an activated trap under their feet.Running up, Selena shoots from the hand - an attack with 2 skill, a mine works (hangs 3 marks). Then again attack from hand, jerk 2 skill. In the end, Selena leaves on ulta.

Mobile Legends: Hyde to Lyunoks

Passive dream twist passive skill . A girl can choose two sides: dark and light. The dark side burns pink above the hero, the light yellow. The skill gives 20% magical and physical defense (light side). On the dark side - plus 15% to break through. To switch between the parties do not necessarily hit the enemy, you can just into the air. 1 skill "Star pulse" - inclines to the light side. Lunox deals damage to all enemies in the area, except for the damage received healing, which increases if it hits on the heroes. 2 skill "Attack of Chaos" - bows to the dark side. The girl shoots a projectile at the enemy, which not only inflicts standard damage, but also removes 5.5% of the enemy’s maximum health. Imposes a slowdown. Ulta "Chaos and Order" - in fact, these are 2 ults, because they are not connected by recharging. If the ulta is activated at the light side, the heroine turns into an invulnerable clot, and can safely move. At this time, it causes gradual damage to surrounding rivals. Can attack with hands.Damage to her and impose a skill on her at this time can not. If you activate the ulta with the dark side, Lunox jumps in the chosen direction and does a little damage around.


You can collect as you like. The emblem - the magician on the speed of run, a vampire, 2 perk "Magic." Ability - any, you can select "Flash". Build:

  1. Daemon shoes - extra mana.
  2. Spit of disaster - enhances the attack.
  3. Security relic.
  4. An unexpected wound - to increase damage.
  5. The wand of the snow queen is an increase in speed of movement, plus an increase in self-healing.
  6. Bloody wings - damage.


There is no particular fiction. A line is chosen, creeps with 1 skill are cleaned, and the enemy gets 2 and 3 skills.For a single goal activates 1 skill - 2 attacks from the hand - 2 skill - ulta - finish.

Mass scramble - 1 skill is used, ulta by necessity. The enemy achieves 2 skill.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Harita

The hero is declared a magician, but play is better than a killer.

Passive skill. The hero when approaching the enemy, receives less than a percentage of the stun. This is not a complete immunity, only a slight weakening.

1 skill "Time Destruction" - the hero projects his copy and attacks the wave in the direction of the enemy, the copy does the same. Waves cause damage in their path, and an explosion occurs in the center, which causes critical damage.

1 skill "Time Blow" - Harit makes the jump. If an enemy is nearby, puts a shield on himself. After the jump, the damage from the base attack increases, the enemy slows down by 70%.

Ulta "The Power of Time" - the hero calls a stick with a crescent moon that immobilizes the enemy, after which it ends, a slowdown is imposed.


Emblem - you can take a magician with arson or 3 perk. You can take the killer or the shooter with 2 perk (for a comfortable position).

Ability - "Purification" or "Sprint".

Build (tactics determines the assembly):

  1. Boots fast walkers.
  2. Spit of disaster - for mana regeneration, + damage.
  3. The wand of the snow queen.
  4. Holy Crystal - Damage.
  5. Oracle.
  6. Necklace of Imprisonment - Enemies will not be healed until Harith hits them.


Hero is better not to go to the forest. If the opponent is 1 and far from the towers, then it must be weakened with 1 skill, jump with 2 skill, then attack from hand, then ulta. Then quickly move around the enemy, attacking from the arm, then 1 skill.

Manage Harit needs to learn. It should be remembered that before jumping you must turn to face the enemy.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Leslie

Passive skill "Deadly shot" - recovers for 1 shot 5 units of energy that goes to the remaining skills. If the girl does not take damage within 5 seconds, then the next auto attack will have an increased radius, and also she will get a chance of critical damage.

1 skill "Master of Disguise" - Leslie leaves for 3 seconds in conditional invisibility (runs like a transparent cloud).At the same time, it gets an acceleration of running by 30% and an increase in the next shot. If Leslie inflicts or takes damage, she will emerge from stealth. Auto attack does not hit Leslie in stealth mode. If a girl shoots and does not hit the enemy, she does not leave the regime.

2 skill "Tactical grenade" - Leslie throws a grenade almost at close range, discarding rivals, rebounds not far herself. Thus, it is possible to overcome small obstacles. If the skill is used during the ulta - the girl instead of the rebound, releases all the bullets from the clip.

Ulta "Sniper shot" - the girl gets up on her knee and fired 4 shots from a rifle. The strength of the shot depends on the balance of the enemy’s health. The shots are not very powerful, but the radius is quite large. A bullet can be blocked by another opponent or monster. Each projectile recovers 1 energy.


The emblem is taken on the killer (here crit, damage, breakthrough). Then you can take the arrow.

Ability (optional): Retribution or Flash.


  1. Sword Narez - damage.
  2. The scarlet phantom is a critical damage chance.
  3. Boots fast walkers.
  4. Berserker Rage - damage, crit.
  5. Angry roar - against the towers and tanks.
  6. The blade of despair - damage.
  7. The shield of Athena is a shield for invisibility.
  8. Golden meteor.

Tactics. She always needs a tank that will hide the fragile Leslie behind her back. If she runs away from the enemy and goes into stealth mode, the opponent automatically switches to the tank. For the forest: 1 skill - Revenge - 1 skill. You can not go alone, if the opponents are not visible on the map. Do not touch the bushes. All attacks from a distance. In the settings you need to put the mode "super control".

Mobile Legends: Guide to Natalia

Passive skill "Assassin Instinct" - gives the girl invisibility. It is enough to stand in the bushes for a couple of seconds and it is no longer visible. At the same time, Natalia’s speed increases. Invisibility lasts only 5 seconds, but this time is enough to move between the bushes and receive a new dose of invisibility. If the enemy gets on the health of the girl, then invisibility disappears. Also, every blow that hits the back of the enemy will certainly cause critical damage.

1 skill "Strike by claws" is a good jump, thanks to which you can jump to the enemy and carry your legs. If during the skill Natalya strikes the enemy, then she has the opportunity to repeat the jump.

2 skill "smoke bomb" - the girl takes a smoke grenade, slowing down the enemy by 65%, increases the attack speed by 30%. Has a dodge from the attacks of rivals while in the smoke.

Ulta "Cold-Blood Strangulation" - causes enormous damage to the enemy and slows down the opponent by 65%.Ulta works farther than the attack from the hand. Plus the addition of passive when you hit in the back (+ 15%).


Emblem - a forest or a murderer.

Abilities: Retribution or Inspiration.


  1. The hunter’s knife is for the forest.
  2. Berserk rage.
  3. Boots fast walkers.
  4. Magic dagger - healing and magical protection.
  5. Crimson Ghost - 100% attack acceleration.
  6. Haas claws - healing.
  7. Blade of despair.
  8. The talking light is running and the chance to crit.
  9. Deadly blade - healing, speed, damage.

Tactics. If the team of Natalia feels calm in the battle without her, you should clear the lines, demolish the tower, if you have time, you can also drop the 2 tower. In the battle with the heroes under the towers, Natalya is not strong, does not fight at the base (no bushes). Well it turns out to send to the fountain of lonely mages. It should be observed that no one comes to the aid of the victim. Then: approach from the back + blow from the arm + "Curtain" + blow from the arm + another blow. If the enemy escapes - jerk and blow, then retreat (if you remain alive).

Mobile Legends: Guide to Miyu

Passive skill - each auto attack gives acceleration to shooting by 8%, with a duration of 4 seconds. Rises first.

1 skill "Split Arrow" - increases the damage on the main goal, and deals some of the damage to nearby enemies.Used in the demolition of the tower and creeps at the same time. Good use in hand-to-hand combat.

2 skill "Rain of Arrows" that do damage. When arrows are wounded 4 times, the enemy is frozen. Excellent effect in the mass brawl. If the tank runs on Miyu, you should shoot Rain under your feet, so she will get time to leave. 1 on 1 against the arrow to beat the skill is not worth it.

Ulta "Hiding Killer" - like the "Cleansing", but without stunning. Removes slowdown. Mia leaves stealth mode for 1.5 seconds, accelerates auto attack by 65%, increases movement speed by 65%. Good at chasing, withdrawing.


Emblem - shooter with 3 perk on slowing down.

Ability - "Flash".


  1. Knife on the wood.
  2. Boots fast walkers.
  3. Crimson ghost.
  4. Berserker’s rage.
  5. Claws Haas.
  6. Angry roar or deathblade.
  7. Blade of despair.

Tactics.The mission of a typical shooter, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You should take the tank controller with you to the top (top) line. 1 skill is used at every opportunity. Mia needs to kill creeps.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Karina

The passive skill "combo strike" - every 3 attacks inflicted on the target, gives additional and net damage in the amount of 10% of the enemy’s health points lost.

1 skill "Elusive" - Karina for 3 seconds gets an increase in run speed by 35% and invulnerability to autoattacks. The next auto attack will slow down your opponent and inflict magical critical damage.

2 skill "Dance of Death" - deals magical damage around itself. Hit can while moving, without stopping. Runs - 1 skill - 2 skill - attack from the arm.

Ulta "Flight of the Shadow" - the hero jumps to the enemy, causing heavy damage. If Karina kills the enemy, the skill is instantly recharged. Well you can kill the enemy.


Emblem - killer with 1 perk or mage with 2 perk.

Abilities: "Flash" or "Sprint".


  1. Magic boots - reduces the time of the rollback (recharge) skills.
  2. Spit of disaster.
  3. Concentrated energy.
  4. Sacred crystal.
  5. Wand of lightning.
  6. Bloody wings.

Tactics.Forest - the usual combination: 1 skill is activated on the run - hit by 2 skill - hit from hand - ulta - attack from hand - 2 skill - hit from hand - 1 skill. 1 on 1 Karina is very strong. She’s easy to manage. In a mass brawl, you need to wait until the attack while the enemies use control. The goal should be selected by the icon, choosing the most weak.

Mobile Legends: Hyde at Kerry

Passive skill "Fire Mark" - Kerry auto attacks mark the opponent, after 5 blows the mark detonates and inflicts net damage as a percentage of the opponent’s maximum health.

1 skill "Rotating Fire" - Kerry shoots a charge that holds for some time in place. The projectile inflicts damage on the departure, also hurts the enemies closest to the target, slowing down their movement by 80%, imposes a mark. But the damage from the hand above.

2 skill "Phantom step" - the heroine makes a small jump, at the same time throwing a star at the enemy, which causes damage. During the ulta 2 stars are thrown.

Ulta "Agile Fire" - Kerry enters the machine gun mode, throws 2 stars per shot, increases the speed of movement, while losing speed of shooting by 20% and 50% damage.


Emblem - you can choose to your taste. You can take the arrow with 3 perk on slowing down.

Abilities - "Flash" (you can take any).

Build for single combat:

  1. Any thing for the forest.
  2. Demon’s shoes are for mana.
  3. Endless fight.
  4. Ax bloodthirsty - + 10% attack, healing and a little damage.
  5. Storm belt.
  6. Then you can collect for damage or protection.

Build on speed and damage:

  1. Any thing for the forest.
  2. Boots fast walkers.
  3. Boots rush.
  4. Golden staff.
  5. Demon Hunter’s Sword.
  6. Spit corrosion.

This build requires the help of a tank, because it is completely aimed at maximum attack. Used to destroy tanks, but the killers should beware.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Kimmy

Passive skill "Chemist’s Instinct" - the hero can move anywhere without stopping shooting. Avtopotsel here does not work.

1 skill "Transformation of energy" - the girl transforms her weapon into a machine gun, which shoots more slowly, further. The skill deals magic damage. Projectiles fired explode on impact or at maximum distance.

2 skill "Chemical cleaning" - Kimmi bounces back and leaves behind a chemical puddle. Liquid inflicts damage to opponents and imposes a slowdown by 60%. You can overcome small obstacles.

Ulta "Maximum Charge" - now the hero shoots from a tank barrel. The shell flies at a decent distance. Action as in 1 skill. In the magic assembly deals more damage.


Emblem - if you download a physical attack and defense, you should take the arrow with 2 perks to accelerate at the beginning of the auto attack. You can take a mage with 2 perks to increase damage.

Ability - "Shield", but any will do.

Build on the arrow (for the forest):

  1. Knife 2 levels.
  2. Boots rush.
  3. Blade of despair.
  4. Berserk rage.
  5. Crimson ghost.
  6. The wings of the queen of the apocalypse.

Build is designed for auto attack.

Build to enhance skills:

  1. Boots of the caster.
  2. Paradise feather - attack.
  3. The wand of the snow queen.
  4. Sacred crystal.
  5. Breastplate of brute force - healing.

This build will require finger dexterity. The zone of destruction from weapons increases.

Tactics. Practice is required to play the character. It is not necessary to take it to the rank mode immediately. It is necessary to keep a distance when chasing. In team battle: 1 skill - attack from the hand - ulta. With a magical assembly, Kimmy is a dangerous opponent in mass brawls. In the physical assembly, Kimmy quickly cleans the forest, picks up one lord and can demolish the towers. Watch out for killers.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Aldous

Passive skill "Transformation" - damage from each 3 auto attacks turns into a hero’s shield.

1 skill "soul theft" - the hero gets a boost for the next blow from the hand, which will be applied from a greater distance. Used to finish off the enemy.

2 skill "Explosion" - Aldous imposes a shield for 2 seconds, becomes invulnerable to auto-attacks. Takes 50% less damage. Skill boosts running. At this point, is susceptible to control. When the shield dies away, it deals additional damage and stuns enemies in the blast area.

Ulta "Pursuit of Fate" - after activating the hero and his team can see the locations of all enemies on the map.You should hold down the skill button and select an opponent. After that, the hero will move to the enemy. As it arrives, the character deals damage and casts a stun for 1 second.


The emblem is "common physical emblems" with the perk "open fire" (increases physical strength after damage by skill). You can take the arrow with an increase in the chance of crit with the perk "master of weapons" (increases the damage from objects).

Build (there will be a lot of damage, but little protection - you need a tank is necessary):

  1. Any item for the forest.
  2. Berserk rage.
  3. Boots fast walkers.
  4. Endless fight.
  5. Second Berserker Rage (you need at least 50% crit chance).
  6. Breastplate of brute force - armor, damage, health, run speed.
  7. Blade of despair.

There is no special tactics, you need to run carefully.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Fanny

Passive skill "Superiority of air" - damage depends on the speed of flight. Increases up to 30%. Getting on the enemy, the girl puts a mark on him.

1 skill "Strike a Tornado" - allows Fanny to rotate during the flight and inflict injuries to enemies. Ulta girl inflicts huge damage on enemies and allows you to kill the enemy.

2 skill "Steel cable" - makes it the most mobile in the game. Fanny releases the hummocks, which cling to the walls, and attract the girl to him. With these ropes a character can cross the entire map in a few seconds. In flight, Fanny is immune to slowdowns and mills. At the same time, Fanny herself can fight with automatic attacks (in flight), but she is no longer using active skills.

Ulta "Cut the throat" - Fanny at a great distance rushes to the enemy, causes him a significant injury with one blow. If the enemy poppy - damage increased by 20%.


The emblem is a killer with perk "arbitrariness of fate" (+ 30% damage on 1 enemy). You can take a fighter with a perk "crippling blow" level 40 (slow).

Abilities - Revenge (for the forest) or Purification.


  1. Ax or Machete 2 levels.
  2. Ax bloodthirsty.
  3. Shield Athens.
  4. Pink golden Kisen - shield, damage.
  5. The coming of the demon is protection.
  6. Angry roar.
  7. "Blade of despair.
  8. If a lot of rangers - Steel heart (attack range).
  9. If a lot of magicians - Divine inspiration.

Fanny is a killer dressed in a tank.

Tactic: Defeating a fanny, must retreat to regain energy. First you need to learn how to play with robots. She cleans the forest herself (from the hand); she cleans the lines from the hand. Skills are recommended to leave to move and fight.

Mobile Legends: Hyde on Hayabusa

Passive skill - if damage is inflicted on an enemy with a skill, then a shadow mark is placed on it. Each tag increases damage by 4%. You can put 4 tags on 1 opponent (percentages are added together).

1 skill "Shurikens - boomerangs" - the hero throws shurikens in three directions, which, returning, also cause a little damage. At the same time, a bit of enticing and health is regenerated. Also, if hit, slows down the enemy.

2 skill "Shadows" - the hero makes a jump and spreads 4 shadows in different directions. Shadows cause damage and slow down rivals. You can move (teleport) between the shadows.

Ulta - just causes increased damage, works vampirism.


The emblem is a killer with the bounty hunter perk.

Abilities - "Retribution".


  1. Machete Predator 2 form.
  2. Magic Boots - reduce skill recharge (CD).
  3. Ax bloodthirsty.
  4. Blade of despair.
  5. Endless fight.
  6. Golden meteor.
  7. The blade of the seven seas - strengthens the ulta and reduces the armor of the enemy.

The basis of the build is the ax blade and battle (mostly on your own).

Tactics - to cast a shadow under the tower - ulta - it’s good if 1 shadow of Hayabus hits the enemy. The main thing is not to fall under the action of the tower or stones. Must kill monsters constantly. Shadows should be set so that 1 is in a pack of creeps, 2 in a monster. Jumping to the creeps - ulta - jumping to the monster.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.