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MOBILE ROYALE MMORPG: Royal Strategy is a strategy game released on December 17, 2018 by the famous Chinese company IGG.COM. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Mobile Royale download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Valid Codes
  2. Overview Guide for Newbies
  3. Campaign Walkthrough
  4. Army Guide
  5. Heroes Guide
  6. Kingdom Guide
  7. Developer Tips

Mobile Royale: Valid Codes

Mobile Royale: where to enter codes? Codes can be entered on this page https://mobileroyale.igg.com/event/redeem_code/ Before you do this, however, you need to know your IGG ID by clicking the gear icon [Settings] in the lower right corner, then select [ Account] to find out your IGG ID.

The code itself can be obtained by participating in various activities on the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobileRoyaleGlobal/ Or by entering the codes listed below:

MRscfw32 - 100,000 gold.

MR7yt65r - 100 crystals.

MB3s478k - 5,000 trees, 5,000 meals.

Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, upload new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Mobile Royale: Overview Guide for Newbies

Game Description

Mobile Royale is a product of the Chinese company I Got Games. This is a role-playing multiplayer game, during which, it is necessary to develop your estate, fight with various opponents, conduct business negotiations, develop trade, create an army. The main difference of Mobile Royale from other similar games is the story company. It presents about 50 interesting quests. Each subsequent mission is more difficult than the previous one. The most epic part of the game is large-scale battles of armies, where hundreds of soldiers meet on the battlefield.

Fans of such strategies know that it is necessary to spend a lot of time in the castle, constantly improving and strengthening buildings, hiring and training units. But in Mobile Royale, this process has been greatly simplified by developers, here you can run any process from one menu. Buildings in the estate are not repeated, there is no need to occupy the entire screen of the same type buildings. All buildings are unique, they are located at any point on the original site.

Getting into the world of Wolandia, the player is trained, in passing receives 2 free heroes: the priest Saori and the paladin Brenor. Also, a gamer holds his first battle, which provides recommendations on the conduct of hostilities. Having improved the castle to level 3, the hero gets a dragon for free, which will not only protect the castle, but also participate in battles. The dragon needs to be developed (in the game, this process is called "power return"). Each lizard talent brings a positive manor bonus. For example, "blessing" - increases the capacity of the infirmary and reduces the cost of treatment.

When announcing the developers talk about 5 races and 10 clans. Indeed, it is present in the game. But to choose a race for which a person would like to play, there is no possibility. By default, "my lord" is a person who can hire members of other races to his army.

After a few minutes of the game, another hero is given - the bomber Badabum. At the start of the game, buildings are quickly built and improved. The main buildings do not need to be built, they are already on the map of the city. Buildings are opened as you progress through the tasks. Buildings that provide resources, you need to build yourself (farm, sawmill).

There are three cards in the game:

  1. World - this is a server map, here displays the possessions of other players, monsters, forts, guild hives.
  2. Story (Campania) - fall on it through the Stone displacements. Checkboxes on the map show what mission my lord is undergoing. Rather, not a mission, but a group of tasks united by one goal.
  3. Trade - on it, the player sees the location of the trade cities and the time to move the dirigible to them.


The game has many different resources that are required in different areas, resources are extracted in different places. Key resources in Mobile Royale:

Name Where to get Why do we need
Crystals Purchase for real money, tasks, Campaign, for joining a guild, promotions, guild gifts, linking an account, creating an account Accelerating the construction of buildings, to accelerate the process of studying sciences, to improve heroes, raising the VIP level
Gold Real Money Buying, Quests, Campaign, Monsters, Battles, Chests Construction, training, forging, merging, exploration
The power of tasks Tasks Increases the overall power of the city
Player experience Campaign, quests, monster hunts, battles Experience to raise the level
Energy (blue) Tasks, chests, recovers with time itself To participate in the Campaign
Heroes Medals Quests, chests, campaign, battle 10 pieces - to call the hero, to improve the hero
Food Mining in the city, in special places on the world map, chests, tasks, in the guild shop The energy of the army (but without food units will not die and do not scatter), construction, research
A rock Mining in the city, in special places on the world map, chests, tasks, in the guild shop Construction, research
Tree Mining in the city, in special places on the world map, chests, tasks, in the guild shop Construction, research
Energy (yellow) Tasks recovered over time For the possibility of fights with bosses on the world map
Elemental Fragments Campaign, monsters, bosses, battles, chests For new forms of dragon, raising levels
Boosters Chests, guild gifts, for the daily visit to the game, tasks, in the guild shop To accelerate the construction, study, training, forging
Elixirs Chests, tasks, bosses, promotions, awards To increase the experience of the player, heroes, to enhance the skills and talents of the characters
Runes Chests, Quests, Campaign, Bosses To improve heroes, discover talents
Guild Coins Assignments, awards, fees In the guild shop

How to get free crystals ?

  1. You will be rewarded with crystals when you first join the guild.
  2. In time-limited events you can get a lot of crystals and prizes.
  3. Visit the Mobile Royale fan page, event forums for the chance to get crystals and prizes.
  4. During sales events you will be able to get extra crystals when you buy them.
  5. Link your account to get crystals.
  6. Players have the ability to receive crystals in guild gifts.

What is a "monores"?

This strategy, in which a person allocates one of the resources (for example, gold), and focuses on improving the qualities that affect the extraction of the selected resource. Other resources are extracted in the usual way, or when exchanged with guild members. Before you begin this tactic, you should look at the guild, who are already engaged in this. If this resource is a lot to exchange, then there is no point in starting monores.

If the player began to use this tactic, then you should wear a leader in equipment, which gives a bonus to the extraction of the selected resource. You should also more often attack settlements on the world map. From level 5 of friendship, resources can be shared with allies.

Algorithm of sharing resources:

  1. Should agree with the player on the exchange.
  2. Start the production of the resource in the right quantity. It is necessary to exchange only the amount of the item, how many will be able to transfer the selected units.
  3. You need to go to Factoryia in the "Help" section.
  4. Select a friend to exchange and make the amount of the product.
If the player is constantly engaged in exchanging resources with other players, then it is recommended to improve the construction of the production at the same time with the Castle.

Load capacity is a property that determines the amount of resources a unit can transfer in one trip. If a player successfully attacked the opponent’s castle, he can pick up a number of items. In order to see how much good can be transferred is shown under the list of heroes.

Resource collection recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to choose villages that are close to the city, so the detachment will quickly get to the place, and it is easier to return it when attacked.
  2. Heroes can be not sent for extraction, resources can be transported by any detachment. The only thing with the character you can send more people.
  3. It is worth sending horseback units for the loot; they move faster around the world map.
  4. In the "place soldiers" tab, you can distribute troops in several different places.
  5. It should send more airships to exchange goods and trade.
If a detachment that went for resources was attacked, it is necessary to use the "recall detachment" item. The item can be purchased at the guild shop. By applying this function, the player’s army will avoid attacks and instantly into the city.

What to do when there are not enough resources?

Prey from the dots. At the beginning of the game, the player will have enough resources. But the higher the level of the city becomes, the more resources will be needed for its construction. To obtain additional resources, it is necessary to explore the sciences to the maximum: payload, speed of collection and speed of movement. Then you need to start mining on the world map. To do this, the game has special points. It should be remembered that during the collection of the army player can attack. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the detachment sent to the collection.

Monsters . Attacking monsters that are placed on the world map also brings a decent amount of resources.Therefore it is necessary to attack monsters more often. There is one nuance in the game - the player will not be able to completely destroy the monster, he will simply take away a part of his life. When attacking a monster, the player will receive a reward. You can attack a monster several times in a row.

Player level

The level of the player is directly affected by the level of the player, the level of VIP status and the power of the city. In order to see the level of the player, you must click on the icon (face with the image of the first issued hero) in the upper left corner of the display. The player’s level is determined by his rating, the choice of the opponent in the Arena, the level of monster selection (if the level is low, the player will be given a warning). This level affects the highest possible level of characters, the opening of skills in the Academy.

What affects the level of the player:

  1. The power of the city - with each new level of buildings increases the power of the city, which affects the level of the account.
  2. Heroes - with each call of a new character, the player’s power and level increases. Also, getting the level, the hero brings the player additional experience points.
  3. Army - to increase experience points, the player needs not only to mobilize recruits, but also to constantly increase the level of troops through training.
  4. Dragon - when opening new forms of dragon increases the level of protection of the city. Consequently, the power of the city and the player increases.

How to quickly get player experience points? At the start of the game, the advancement of the levels of buildings, heroes and the player occurs quickly. Over time, this process will slow down. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate construction accelerators from the start of the game in order to quickly increase the level of the settlement. It is necessary to constantly increase the endurance of the army, to collect combat bonuses that increase might. It is necessary to go through the company more often (you can go through one story several times). Increase the level of diplomacy (it will help to call for help in the attack, increases the power of the city).

VIP - these are additional points that affect the ability to simultaneously build several buildings (which, with a new level, give experience points to the player), the passage of the Campaign quest, and the amount of resources received. At the start of the game, the VIP status is increased by tokens that are issued for completing tasks. In the future, you can raise the status only at the expense of the guild.

How to get VIP-points? VIP points can be earned for daily logins. The more days in a row you enter the game, the more VIP points you will receive. You can also touch the [Get Points] button in the VIP shopping interface, and then purchase and use the desired number of items to increase your VIP level (the best way). Another way to get VIP-points is to complete tasks and take part in events.

How to raise your status to VIP? There are 20 VIP-levels in total. Increase the number of your VIP-points to the required level at the next level in order to raise it.

What will give me the status of a VIP-player? VIP-players get many additional benefits (for example, increased construction speed, resource collection bonuses, movement speed bonuses, the possibility of receiving all the guild gifts, automatic battle in campaigns, unlimited use of energy stones, unlimited attempts in elite campaigns, ATK bonuses, PROT and experience ), which allows VIP players to gain levels and power faster. Tap the [VIP] button next to your profile image to enter the VIP interface, and find in the drop-down menus all the special benefits for each VIP level.

Events in Mobile Royale

Single events. Every day in the game starts bonus time for players. At this time it is necessary to build as many buildings as possible, improve them, engage in trade, hunt and enter into diplomatic deals. In the event there is a scale of action. The more points the player has filled the scale, the higher the reward is given to him.

Hell event. The so-called allotted time for the execution of guild orders. Events are identical to single. The scale level is filled in accordance with its own improvements and the help of the guild, in which the player is. In guild events there is a rating of the best players. Once in the first lines of the rating, the player receives pleasant bonuses to the main award.

How good to go through the event? You should collect as many things as you can to help friendly clans.Diplomacy should be addressed in the first minutes of the event. Before the event, helping clans is not recommended. If a player has a few thousand things needed by clans, then there is a chance to get on the first lines of the rating.

It is recommended to accumulate crystals to speed up the necessary processes, for which rating is also charged in the events. It is also advised to attack monsters and go through Campaign stories more often during the event period. If you correctly perform all the actions, you can get good buns. They will help increase the level of the player and the overall power of the city.

Guilds in Mobile Royale

It is recommended to join the guild in the first few hours of the game. The advantages of being in the guild:

  1. Assistance in improving the buildings in the settlement.
  2. Accelerating the study of science at the Academy.
  3. Guild quests for which the player will receive prizes.
  4. Shop guild, which sells interesting and necessary things.
  5. Assistance in attacking the enemy on the city player.
  6. Helping to speed up the co-guilds, the player receives additional bonuses and guild coins (they can be spent in the store).
  7. Trade.
  8. Joint attack on monsters, attack on other players.
  9. Getting VIP points.

Getting into the first stages of the game in the active fraction is very profitable. At the start, the help of the guilds greatly speeds up construction and research. In the future, you can change the guild to a more powerful one (from 400,000 power). For participation in it, players receive good rewards.

How to get faction rewards:

  1. You should buy guild kits for crystals.
  2. Victory in guild events.
  3. Destroy monsters on the world map.

The hive is a co-location of the cities of the guild members. Being in a hive, players get the opportunity to actively trade and exchange (in terms of game mechanics, the required distance between the trading settlements is no more than 400 km). If a guild member is attacked, then support can be provided instantly. But, if a powerful player attacked the hive, it will burn everyone (especially those who are absent). It often happens that there are a couple of people in the guild who love to argue with high-level players, and then they will burn the whole hive.

Guild gathering is an event reminiscent of faction wars in other games when clan members gather. So are the battles for the Fort, attacks on the Castles.

How to create a guild? At the bottom of the interface of your city there is a button [Guild]. Tap the [Guild] button to open the guild window, and select [create guild]. Specify your guild name, label, language, and symbol, and then touch the [Create Guild] button to complete the creation.

Why is it important to join a guild? When you join the guild for the first time, you will be rewarded with crystals, and you can also use many objects inside the Floating Fortress to establish clan trade, make handicraft goods and prepare troops.

Why do we need a military airship? You can hide units inside the Military Airship, use it to participate in large-scale battles, start an assault, move to a location near the ship, and save on the cost of moving. You can also join the allied army of the guild to take part in large-scale battles in special locations. The larger your group, the less dangerous enemies seem!


Needed to consolidate friendly relations with the clans in the game. Friendship begins after the passage of the chapters of Campania. A representative comes to the player in the city and offers to engage in trade or exchange.Once in the window of diplomacy, relations with the clan reach level 5, the player can count on the support of friends in the battles. In order for diplomacy to improve, it is necessary to study the relevant sciences in the Academy (the branch of diplomacy is separate). It is necessary to raise the level of the embassy.

Trade. In order to exchange items with other clans, you must have these items. Often players do not have them.Therefore, it is necessary to develop trade. To do this, it is recommended to explore the appropriate talents and airship (will move faster). With the help of a dirigible player can interact with other trading cities. They are shown on the trading card and are standard. You can also exchange with other players.

Mobile Royale: Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign Description

Map. Campaign is an important part of the game that distinguishes Mobile Royale from similar strategies.Campaign available first game. The difficulty level increases with new missions. The map of Campania can be accessed via the Move Stone, which is located in the player’s city. Getting on the map, the player can see several flags connected by a dotted line. Each flag indicates a separate chapter (several missions, united by a story line).On the left side of the screen there are icons of completed and current chapters.

Functional. To log in and see what has been done and what remains to be done, click on the history icon. After this, the Campaign chapter window will open. The window is divided into two parts:

  1. On the left - the name of the heads of Campania.
  2. On the right - awards for passing, a description of the clan with which the history of the chapter is connected.

Missions To complete the next mission, click on the flag on the Campaign map. A chapter window will appear, where missions are listed on the right, and a reward for passing on the left. Through this menu, you can enter the "Battle" and see how much energy (blue) to spend on the quest.

Battle of Campania

Start. Having entered the battle, the player can view information about the enemy (the icon on the left in the center of the screen):

In the center of the bottom of the screen are the icons of the player’s heroes, which can be taken into battle. If there are more than 4 characters, you can choose the participating characters. Here you can see what troops are fighting. It should be noted whether to fight the army dragon. There is a support call icon (you must have support runes for this).

Scramble Battles take place in real time. Fights take place in 2 - 3 rounds. The battle passes automatically.Participation of the player is practically not required. Except for the use of active skills (when the skill is ready, the bezel of the icon with the character’s face will overflow). Dragon player can use at any time, at its discretion, but only 1 time. When using a dragon, remember that from the middle of Chapter 2, a boss will appear at the end of the battle. Therefore, the lizard should be reserved until the appearance of the boss. At the end of a successful battle, the player receives rewards. Victory will be counted if at least 1 player character remains alive.

Repeated passage. After completing the chapter, the player can re-run the story. Now it will become more difficult, but the rewards will be better. For the passage of missions on 3 stars, it is required to leave alive all the participating characters. After the second passage of the chapter, you can do the stripping, and get bonuses.

Mobile Royale: Army Guide

In the game, heroes for battle can take units. Each hero is attached to a certain kind of troops. In the battle, you can take 4 heroes who lead their troops. But you can choose the participating characters immediately before the battle. If more than 2 units of the same type take part in the fight (for example, 3 groups of shooters), then the army receives an additional positive bonus.

Types of troops:

  1. Infantry - it can be taken against the shooters.
  2. Arrows are good against cavalry.
  3. Cavalry - opposed to the infantry.

These criteria must be considered when a player passes a Campaign or attacks other players.

The number of units can be increased by increasing the level of the castle. At level 3, 5, 12, 19 and 25. With each new level of the castle increases the number of hired soldiers. If the heroes are more powerful in color, then the soldiers have another division:

  1. The militia are the first units in the game, with dimly expressed abilities. By training them, stellar skills increase.
  2. Recruits - can be hired after studying the science of "Recruits".
  3. Guardsmen - after the science "Guardsmen".
  4. Veterans - after science "Veterans".

Characteristics of the troops:

Army power. The power of the army is affected by the total power of the city. To increase the level of troops, you need to train units in the training camp. In the barracks hired troops. Once the army reaches the maximum possible number of soldiers, it will not be possible to hire new soldiers in the barracks. In the first stages of the game, you should hire several thousand units, in the future you should raise their rank. In essence, the militias are disbanded and recruits are hired. In the same scenario, the player will hire guards and veterans. If the player has a lot of troops, there will not be enough food for construction and research. Therefore, it is better to study military science and improve the quality of the army, and not to increase its quantity.

The floating fortress in the guild gives you the opportunity to hire soldiers for other resources, you can immediately raise the level of the troops. By ordering units together, players reduce the time they hire soldiers. At high levels, it is more profitable to order recruits in the guild than in the player’s barracks. Since the cost of hiring in a floating fortress is lower than in the barracks.

Army support in battle

During the passage of the Campaign, starting with the third chapter (when the first fleece will be built in the player’s city), there will be an opportunity to call in a support squad. It includes soldiers of friendly clans. You can change the clan at the start of the battle. Building the runes (they open after the passage of the heads of Campania), the player calls the allies to the battle. First will come Kingsberg cavalry. It does not have outstanding performance, so it quickly falls. Although with an increase in the level of runes, the parameters of support units increase, but the cavalry will remain weak.

Over time, the infantry of the runes of the Sun-Blade Clan Tower will open. This clan to join the player after passing 2 chapters, but you can open the rune after re-passing the story. Infantry can attack enemy shooters, who always fit behind the army. When calling for support, send a squad for shooters.

How effective is the Campaign?

If in the first two chapters there are no special problems with the passage, it will become much more difficult in the future. Re-passing will also be difficult. Therefore, the troops should be properly distributed. By the end of the second story, the player must improve the heroes of Brenor and Saori to the green class, put a few things on the Leader, raise the 4 main characters to levels 13-15. With this composition, you can go to battle with the boss (he will be held in the last battle of chapter 2). To fight with the boss you need to leave the dragon. The army at the time of the fight with the monster is almost gone.

Leading heroes. At the start of the game you should choose 4 characters for leveling. It must be a leader. It is recommended to put Brenon as the main character. Although he is the starting hero, he falls first in the first stories of Campania, but he has the quality of a commander, which does not allow the army to scatter. He has excellent commander skills, gives soldiers support. This is a melee hero. The second hero should put the priestess Saori, she will heal the characters, she has a good attack from a distance. These two characters will get the green class first. Lorelii’s Pathfinder and Og’mar, the leader of the beastmen, will complement the four leading characters. The leader is a close combat fighter, and the ranger is a ranged combat. This squad takes all kinds of troops into battle, giving them support.

Build an army. The construction depends on the type of enemy troops. You can choose before the battle, which units to go to the enemy. Sometimes it is better to take one infantry, or one cavalry. It happens that you have to choose all 3 types of troops. It should carefully look who goes the enemy. This also applies to battles outside Campania. It is better to send intelligence to the enemy, and then plan the tactics of the battle. For the passage of Campania it is better to take 2 melee fighters and two ranged fighters. Raising the level of the Watchtower and the Castle, you can build the units yourself. All battles in the game are the same. The only difference is that sometimes you have to fight against other players.

Mobile Royale: Heroes Guide

The role of heroes in the game

The game has a total of 19 different heroes. You can open them by collecting 10 medals of the Hero. You can call them as you progress through the game. The first player will appear Brenor and Saori. These are the most effective characters in the game. They are the first to reach the golden class. They have increased support not only for their types of troops, but for the whole army as a whole.

Heroes influence the power of the army and the power of the city as a whole. Each character has its own unique skills that affect the speed of construction, research, resource extraction. Each of the characters supports one of the types of troops. You can see what type of army a character is assigned to, in the "Hero" menu. One of the heroes must choose the leader of the troops.

Hero Abilities

Each hero has 2 active skills that can be used in battles. One of them is an increase in attack, the other is support for the army. The remaining abilities of the characters are passive, that is, they influence the development of the city, the army, the battle constantly. Skills are opened with an increase in the level of the character. The first passive skill is available at level 1, the second at 15, the third at 35, and the fourth at 50.

Heroes have a set of shapes that can be opened gradually, using shards of characters. Especially changing the appearance of the characteristics is not affected. While changing the face, though, additional bonuses are given, but they are not straightforward, because some parameters are improved (for example, health points), while others are reduced (for example, the power of the hero). Before changing character appearance, it is necessary to analyze the new characteristics. The only thing that new looks give is an additional passive skill.


As mentioned earlier, the leader can be put any available character. When changing the Leader, change the influence of the hero on the city. It depends on the passive skills that the character has. Equipment can be made for the Leader in the Forge. The effects of each item affect the city or army. Things can be increased in rank, and stones can be inserted into them (to enhance performance).

The leader leads the player’s army to battle, to help allies, or participates in the defense of the city. If the Leader is set up as an Army Commander (this can be done at the Training Ground), then all the effects will work more efficiently than separately. You can assign a leader as commander of an alliance army (if a player goes on the offensive against another player and calls for help from the guild members).

Commander. Provides alliance armies (attacks) or defense armies (when a player calls for help in a siege) with research, Leader talents, blessings of forts and an altar. When a player starts collecting an army, he becomes an army commander. If the commander puts the hero with the commander’s parameter, then this effect works (that is, all talents and skills affect the entire army). The effects of the character are activated in battle, where the player acts as commander or participant. You can assign a commander on the training ground tab "Defenders", then "Army".

Leader’s Talents

Immediately it should be noted that talents with the change of the Leader do not change. Initially, 2 talent development branches are available:

  1. Economic.
  2. Military.

The economic branch is advised to download first. It is possible to explore not only the various acceleration of production. The most important sciences in this thread are "Acceleration of construction" (1 and 2 ranks), "Acceleration of research (1 and 2 ranks)," Art of Commerce. " open the necessary military skills.Acceleration of trade allows you to exchange rare materials for the manufacture of items for the Leader.

In the military line at the start, you need to open everything on level 1 gradually. By studying this thread, the player improves the initial characteristics of all ranks of the troops.

How to improve the hero?

Increase level (with the help of increased experience):

  1. Use the Elixir of Experience (given for the assignment of the city, to buy, from the chests).
  2. Battles in Campania, on the hunt, when mining resources, at the Arena, when attacking the cities of other players.

Increase rank (rank affects the ability to level the hero, gain skills, the ability to use the runes). It is necessary to collect medals of the Hero. To get the green rank, you need to collect 20 white medals, for blue - green medals and so on. The rank affects the increase in the characteristics of the hero (damage, protection) and the increase in the effects of the hero’s skills (for example, on the white class of the Hero, the active skill deals 105% damage, on green - 110%).

Runes.Each character has a tab with runes. In total, you can put 5 runes, but they can be improved and modified. Runes increase the basic parameters of the characters. The higher the rank of the hero, the more runes you can insert. Runes can be obtained for completing quests, from chests, for hunting monsters. The runes have their ranks, which are divided by color. It should put the runes on the main parameters of the characters.

Mobile Royale: Kingdom Guide

For starters, it should be noted that there are several kingdoms on the world map. They are created periodically. The first 75 days on the new empire can not attack the players of other states, move to a new kingdom is also impossible. Inside the Kingdom you can move. To migrate to another server, you must have a special "Move" scroll. You can move for free only in the first 7 days of the game.

The player at the first entry into the game appears in a random place on one of the servers. He is given a city with several buildings that need to be opened and improved. The remaining buildings are built gradually on the site in front of the city wall.


Main building in the city. Improving the castle, the player opens up new opportunities for buildings, commerce, army, research. As the level increases, the amount of guild assistance increases. In the Castle, you can change the tactics of communication with the clans, see information about them, see the data on the support troops, receive gifts from friendly clans. The "City" menu shows all buildings that extract resources and the number of mines.

The main levels.

Level What opens
2 Moving stone
3 Chapel, + 1 squad to the army
four Magical sanctuary
five Pier airships, + 1 squad to the army
6 Arena
7 Factory
eight Asylum
9 Battle hall
ten Advisor appears, you can engage in diplomacy
eleven Jail
12 + 1 squad to the army
13 Airship Depot
sixteen Altar
18 The maximum unit production in the Barracks opens
nineteen + 1 squad to the army
25 + 1 squad to the army

To improve the lock, click on it, 4 circles appear, you need to select "Improvement". Here you can see what is needed to move to a new level, speed up construction, instantly complete construction for crystals.

Improving all buildings in the city, the player increases the overall power. First of all, it is necessary to pump important buildings, and the rest, as the opportunity arises.


The academy is an important building. Here the player will be pumping a variety of sciences that will enhance many of the characteristics of possessions, the army, the player himself. With each new level of the Academy, new sciences are opening. The Academy has several branches that open as the settlement grows.

Branches of the Academy:

  1. Economic (available at the start of the game) - here we study the sciences affecting storage capacity, resource extraction, construction speed, and payload.
  2. Military science (available at the start of the game) - affects the improvement of units (attack, defense, health points), while studying certain sciences, new ranks of troops are opened.
  3. Man - affects the improvement of training soldiers and support.
  4. Dwarf - research focused on construction, deposits, trade, guild.
  5. Elf - here we study the science associated with the guardians and treatment.
  6. Beastman - here the player will discover new opportunities for travel, battles, curses.

In the study of science, you must first pump the economic and military branches to level 1, then select the most necessary for the player. For example, the speed of movement of the detachment, payload, increase attack and so on. Each player (depending on what the person wants to achieve in the game) chooses for himself those abilities that suit him.

In order to increase the speed of research (in the later stages of the game), it is necessary to put the Leader in armor, which increases the speed of research.

Clock tower

When you open the tower, the dragon will fly to the player, who will guard the city, will support the fight.Improving the Chapel gives a bonus to attacking the army, provided that the Leader will accompany the units in the battle. Also, the new abilities of the Dragon (obtained gradually) make it possible to increase the protection and health of the troops. After the Chapel will receive level 5, the player will have the opportunity to attack the settlements, which are located on the world map. At high levels, you can increase the power of the Chapel with the help of the advisor’s awards. These awards enhance certain economic and military skills.

The Dragon. This is a lizard that will be a loyal assistant to the player throughout the game. Like other characters, it needs to be improved. Improvements are called dragon form. Each form gives its combat skills (which the lizard uses in battle, they must be manually switched before the battle), and passive skills that affect the city’s economy (speed up construction, study, gathering, and more). You can raise the level of the dragon’s form with the aid of elemental shards. For each form its own splinter.

Magical sanctuary

This building helps to quickly restore Endurance (yellow energy), which allows you to hunt monsters. Also, with an increase in the level of the sanctuary, the player increases the number of attempts to attack the monster, increases the maximum amount of player endurance. With the increase in the level of the sanctuary, a new level of monsters, which can be attacked.

Runes clans. Here you can open special runes to enhance the basic characteristics of clan support squads.Improving the runes, the player increases the parameters of support. With the opening of the runes, it becomes possible to call on new friendly clans to fight for help. Here you can see how much support will be enhanced.

Runes monsters. They give effect when attacking one of the monsters, increasing the characteristics of the monsters attacking the monster with each attack. There are only three runes to destroy monsters in the game:

  1. Hunting altar - for hunting monsters like Demons (Ifrit).
  2. Frozen Egg - For Insect Hunting (Ice Spider).
  3. Dragon energy - for hunting other types of monsters.

Support. In this menu of the sanctuary, information is displayed for all the support troops that the player has.

Military buildings

The barracks. In the barracks is training recruits. In other words, the player is gaining an army here. With each new level of the building capacity increases. Also, as the level of construction increases, the percentage of the hero’s attack increases, in the case of a siege of a city. Here you can also increase the level (stardom) of the characteristics of the troops, disband the troops. Training takes place according to the types of open ranks (militia, veteran).

Training ground This territory of the city does not need to be improved. Periodically, the site gives several units of training weapons necessary for trade and diplomacy with the clans. The site has two menus:

  1. Information about the army - here you can simply see the basic data on the units, the number of units, the strength of the army.
  2. Defenders - here you can choose to build an army in the attack on the city, put up heroes who, together with the Leader, will be on the walls during the siege.

Battle Hall. The structure allows you to convene members of the guild in the alliance or join the friendly army.The level of the hall determines the size of the squad that will fight for the alliance. In the tab "Placement of the army", you can put troops on the attack or defense, join the already existing army, withdraw from the alliance.

The infirmary. It treats soldiers against attacks on the city and fighting on the world map with other players. As the level of the hospital increases, the number of units that can be cured at a time increases. The additional bonus of Lazaret is an increase in health points during a siege on the city.

The fortress wall. The structure protects the settlement from attacks. With each new level, the speed of training soldiers in the Barracks increases. An additional bonus is an increase in the hero’s defense percentage during a city siege.

Storage. This structure protects the goodness of my lord during attacks on the city. With each new level its capacity increases. Also, the vault periodically gives a bonus in the form of gold. An additional building bonus - at level 25, the player can unlock gold protection.

Watch tower. This building will warn the player of an attack on the enemy’s city. As the armies on the world map move for a long time, the player will have the opportunity to prepare for an attack. With each new level of the tower, the sentinel will bring more detailed reports about the enemy army to my lord than in the first stages. Also at player level 25, the player will receive a bonus - reducing the enemy’s attack by 10%.

Asylum. Here you can hide the Leader and the rest of the troops at the time of the attack. Detachments located in the Asylum will not be affected by the attack on the city. You can hide from 1 to 12 hours. In the Refuge you can place not only the Leader, but also part of the troops.

Forge The structure where the Leader’s equipment is manufactured and improved. When the building reaches level 17 and 25, 2 slots for decorations will be opened in turn, which will increase the characteristics of the Leader.When building is improved, the forging speed increases. In the Forge in the tab "Select" you can pick up armor for the necessary needs of the player. For example, to accelerate the training of warriors, or to protect the city and more. Here you can combine materials, stones and runes to improve the parameters. There are several levels of items:

  1. White - ordinary.
  2. Green - special.
  3. Blue - rare.
  4. Purple - epic.
  5. Golden - legendary.

At each level, the subject increases the effect of bonuses or adds new characteristics.

Economic buildings

Farm. With the help of the structure, the player receives and stores food. With each new level increases the amount of production and storage of food. But, food should not be collected on the building itself, but in the area of Kamena, where the fields are located.

Quarry. The structure allows you to mine and store stone.

Sawmill. With its help, you can mine wood, which should be collected in the fields of the Farm in the forest.

Estate. The building produces and stores gold. After its construction, the Vault begins to give gold to the player.With the increase in the level of the structure, improvements to the resource-producing buildings and new buildings become available.

Airship Pier

This building allows you to use flying ships to trade with other clans. New levels of Pier increase the speed of trade and the number of merchants. Trading can be started through the menu Airship.

Treasury. The building serves as a bank. That is, the player makes a contribution in the form of crystals for a certain time, then the player receives his money with interest. The structure begins to work and generate income only after the player first deposits real money into the game. Actually, if a player does not want to contribute his own funds, then the building will simply stand. It needs to be improved in case of acute need (for example, another building does not improve without a certain level).

Diplomatic buildings

Factoring The building allows resources to be used by the player’s co-defendants. Improving the structure, the player reduces the tax on assistance, increases the amount of assistance and the daily limit on the amount of assistance. In order to help the guild members, go to the "Help" menu and select from the list any player from the guild.

Airship. Turning to the menu, the player will see a trading card, with the trading cities of the clans located on it.Each transaction increases the level of trust between the player and the clans. To trade, you must select any city and click on the flag of the selected locality. After that, a window appears from the city. Here you need to select the desired product and send the airship on the way by clicking on the "Trade" button. The button shows the time of the transaction. To the right of the button, the player can see what resources are required for the journey.

In the lower left corner on the map there is an icon with 3 helmets. By clicking on it, you can help the spoils to accelerate trade. Acceleration occurs with the help of bonus accelerators player.

Mobile Royale: Developer Tips

How to raise your power? To increase your power, you can train soldiers, build and upgrade buildings, explore technologies. When you improve buildings, you become aware of the amount of power that you received for improvement.

How to protect yourself? Use [Shield] to prevent attacks on your city (if your units are outside the city, they will not be protected). If your army has been attacked to gather resources, you can withdraw it. Use normal or random movement to quickly escape from dangerous locations (if you are attacked during the movement, the enemy will instantly move to your city). Join the guild to move under the protection of its members. Build a hospital in the city to reduce casualties among the troops.

How to attack monsters? Go to the world map and use [Endurance] to arrange squads and heroes to hunt monsters.

How to improve the building? When the arrow on the building, pointing up, turns green, it means that it can be improved. Touch the building so that the [Enhance] button appears below it. Click the button to improve the building.

How to extract resources? Find resources on the kingdom map, tap them and select [Collect] to send your troops to gather them; your army will need some time to complete the process. When your army has finished collecting, it will go with them back to your city. The greater the maximum carrying capacity of the army, the more resources it can bring back.

What are the runes? Runes are required to make heroes even more powerful. They provide various bonuses that will give you great advantages in combat.

Wars forts. In every kingdom there are wars between the clans. Players take part in the guilds and must join the army of the alliance to attack the fort of each clan. As soon as the clan’s fort is captured, it will provide a powerful bonus.

What is the genre of Mobile Royale? Mobile Royale is a strategy game. You play as a lord, ruler of your city.Follow these steps to increase your daily gain: build buildings, summon heroes, train soldiers, explore technologies, extract resources, join a guild, and so on.

What clans exist in Mobile Royale ?

1. Kingsberg : Most people, they are welcomed in other clans and have the best cavalry. Symbols: horses, horse harness, spears.

2. Anthropolis : consists only of humans and is hostile to all other races, they are magnificent in defense.Symbols: lions, griffins, sword and shield. The blades of the sun: have a very advanced magic and lead for its internal conflicts, prefer to exist in harmony with nature. Symbols: sun, deer.

3. Flame Hammer : a clan of stubborn dwarves who have succeeded in all kinds of crafts; they have strict rules relating to the choice of their ruler. Symbols: hammers, anvils, battle axes.

4. Mechanograd : a clan that left its underground caves and rejected old prejudices for the sake of smelting materials and technical studies; they also invented free trade airplanes with other clans and the foundations of a developed trade organization. Symbols: picks, wrenches, beer mugs, gears, bearded faces.

5. Bloody stronghold : a powerful clan of ancient beastmen, cruel and wild, drinking the blood of fallen warriors in the hope of gaining their strength and fortitude. Symbols: fangs, ax, animal skins, wooden shields.

6. Night spears : a clan of beastmen, well known for their cunning, consisting of goblins and various small predators specializing in poisons and long-range attacks. Symbols: fangs, animal skins, spears, wooden shields.

7. Phantoms : spellcasters who seek out the magic of the rebels from the dead to acquire immortality, their actions are mysterious and not similar to others, and they, in turn, do not communicate with other clans.Symbols: corpses, wandering lights, snakes, broken objects (torn flags, shattered bones).

How do I change the name of the leader? There are two ways to change your name:

1. Tap the [Bag] button on the game interface and select [Crystal Store]. Buy [Name Change] in the [Special] section. After purchasing the item will appear here: [Bag]. Use the "Use" button on this item and then you can change the name. Then tap the "OK" button to end the name change.

2. Tap your profile image in the game interface, and then click the button under your name. If the name change is inside the bag, you can change it right now. If not, you can spend 150 crystals to buy and use shifts.

Note: the name of your leader and the name of the castle are the same.

How can a beginner use a move? Newly created characters will receive a "Move Novice", which can be used to move to your city from a different location of one or another kingdom. Touch the [Browse Kingdom] button in the lower left corner outside the city to access the kingdom map. If you want to enter another kingdom, touch the "World Map" button to select the one you are interested in. In any kingdom, touch [empty location] to [Move] your city to this site. [Novice transfer] can only be used before the lock reaches level 5 and only for 7 days after creating an account in Mobile Royale.

How can I find out about other kingdoms and teleport to them? Tap the [Browse Kingdom] button in the lower left corner outside the city to access the kingdom map, and then tap the [World Map] button to go there. Select the kingdom you are interested in, then tap it to view it. To move to another kingdom, you will need [Move Novice] or [Move Shards]. Touch [empty location] to [Move] your city to this site. * [Novice transfer] can only be used before the lock reaches level 5 and only for 7 days after creating an account in Mobile Royale.

How can I increase the amount of resources collected? Train higher-level units in the barracks and send them to gather resources to increase the maximum load carried by your army. Each class of the squad has a different capacity.

How to get the experience of the hero? Hero experience can be earned by:

How to get talent points? Increase leader level to get talent points. Talent points can be used to improve military and economic talents.

How to get player experience? Player experience can be earned by:

How can I increase the number of armies I have? When your castle receives levels: 3, 5,12,19 and 25, you are given another army cell.

How to bookmark locations? Tap the button in the lower left corner of the game interface to see a map of the kingdom, and then select a location. Touch the save button in the pop-up window to save the location. Tap the red bookmark button on the right side of the kingdom map to search for saved bookmarks.

What are the rules for free construction ?

  1. When a VIP player has the remaining construction or research time smaller than his free time limit, he can instantly complete the construction or research.
  2. Free time can be used an unlimited number of times.
  3. Raise your VIP level to increase your free time.

Why do you need a merchant ship? You can send a trade ship to any clans on the world map to start trading with them.

Why do you need a merchant ship? The clan ship will arrive in your city to start trading with you.

What is a fee? Players come together to attack enemies. The player announcing the collection chooses a period of time during which guild members can get together. When the time period has expired, the Alliance’s army that has gathered in the end begins its attack on the enemy. For the announcement of the collection you need to have the building "Battle Hall". The size of the fee depends on the level of the "Battle Hall" announcing. Only those who announce the collection can dissolve the alliance army. Armies participating in the assembly cannot be recalled until completion.

How do reinforcements work? If the embassy has already been built, and the enemy has begun to attack your castle, then the guild members will be able to send you their troops to assist in the defense. The number of units for protection that you can count on depends on the level of the embassy.

Do teams consume food? The troops consume food, but if it is not enough, they will not starve or die.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.