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MU ORIGIN 2 - Android game with release date 07/07/2019 from the company FingerFun. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

It is better to download MU ORIGIN 2 to a computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Gift Activation Codes
  2. Sword Guide
  3. Guide to Providence
  4. Guide to the Magician
  5. Archer Guide
  6. Character upgrade guide
  7. Walkthrough
  8. Time Events Guide
  9. How to defeat world bosses
  10. Union Guide
  11. Overview of Important Game Features

MU ORIGIN 2: Gift Activation Codes

How to enter a gift activation code? To do this, go to the "Bonuses" menu (in the upper right corner near the minimap), then scroll the sections from the left to the bottom. Here is a section for entering a gift code. It is required to enter the code and confirm the operation.

Where can I get a gift code? Codes are distributed during the first download of the game worldwide, except for Russia. Why cheated Russian players is not clear. But in our country, codes are not distributed. The developers gave several codes to the players during the beta test of the game, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to use them after the official release.

Gift Codes (for our readers who live outside of Russia):

  1. 2019-01-18 - 30 packages of gold of 10,000 units, 200 pink diamonds, 50 books of the Emperor, 5 gems of Grace.
  2. 2019-38-20 - 20 packages of gold of 10,000 units, 300 pink diamonds, 40 Locke feathers, 10 Sparks of the Vulture.
  3. 2019-03-19 - 30 packages of gold of 10,000 units, 200 pink diamonds, 5 bags with heme embeddings.
  4. 2019-06-11 - 30 packages of gold of 10,000 units, 300 pink diamonds, 1 Gold Dragonling (class B purple), 20 scrolls of raid.
  5. 2019-05-24 - 20 packages of gold of 10,000 units, 100 pink diamonds, 3 orange chests with legendary equipment.

Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

MU ORIGIN 2: Sword Guide

Swordsman - a great melee fighter, can act as a defense of the whole team. Takes the first blows of opponents.Uses physical attacks. The main parameter is strength. It has good defense and many lives, but does little damage. The character is suitable for beginners. You can play solo.


  1. Earth Split - uses 2 violent attacks to quickly inflict average damage (the indicator increases with the level of leveling) of the target in the horizontal range.
  2. Spiral slash - rotates like a tornado, and deals damage to enemies around it. Deals damage to nearby targets + from the skill a small earthquake effect occurs (for a few moments the enemy loses orientation).
  3. Sudden strike - makes a raid on the enemy with a swift and accurate piercing strike, inflicting great damage to the enemy, as well as a short stunning effect.
  4. Collision - saves its strength and moves forward, causing average damage to enemies in its path.
  5. Wall of shields - awakens the power of the ancient Aegis and summons 3 magical Aegis to form a wall - a shield so that the damage received is reduced.
  6. Light of Life - releases its potential, hiding in a powerful body, and increases the maximum number of health points for a long time.
  7. Destructive strike - Deals a destructive blow to the opponents in front, inflicting huge damage to the front sector.
  8. Thunder and lightning - explodes the earth with a powerful blow of thunder, tearing surrounding enemies, causing huge damage over a large area.
  9. Swordsman technique (basic skill) - Inflicts a physical attack with the hand.

MU ORIGIN 2: Guide to Providence

The seer is a new character in the game. Uses the power of Spirits in his magic. Deals magic damage on an area and 1 target. Almost all spells can control the enemy. You can put on an attack or defense (although all equipment is tied to classes of heroes, and you cannot change it), but you can increase the parameters or select the necessary characteristics from the existing equipment. Suitable for experienced players. Works well in auto mode. This is a team fighter.


  1. Sacred Flame - turns the Holy Light into the Power of Flame that spreads around it and causes small damage to targets within the area.
  2. Nebula Fire - releases several magic chains with Holy Power, inflicting small damage to targets within the spell’s radius. Causes a slow effect.
  3. Power of Darkness - Summons the Soul of the Dark Eagle, inflicting medium damage and the effect of immobility to enemies in the area.
  4. Star Jump - moves forward, quickly jumps to the target area and at the same time deals damage to opponents in the area, accompanying the attack with a slowing effect.
  5. Fatal sigil - imposes the Death Mark of the Holy Spirit, receiving the effect of a powerful battle reinforcement with the restoration of health points (vampirism).
  6. Sanctuary Field - concentrates the Light around you with the Heart of Sorrow, receiving the effect of a shield for a long time.
  7. Dance of Fire - shoots forward with Sacred Fire, causing great damage to targets in the range of the spell.
  8. Earthen split - releases the Ghost of a black horse, causing a split of the earth from all sides under the pressure of Holy power and inflicting high damage to the enemy, accompanied by a slowdown effect.
  9. Sturm (basic skill) - concentrates the Holy Light to release a magical blow that deals damage to the enemy in front.Three stage attack.

MU ORIGIN 2: Guide to the Magician

Mage - has a very powerful attack on the area, but he has a small amount of health. This hero feels comfortable in solo and in team play. 3 magicians can go through almost all the main activities of the game. He has a balance between attack speed and strike force, but has less survival. Therefore, it is recommended to choose equipment with attack and defense parameters. Since the mage always hits the area, a novice can play it.


  1. Build Souls - uses the black dragon’s soul control for a wider attack radius, and increases the attack range skill.
  2. Aurora - delivers a powerful blow to opponents, adds a slowing effect.
  3. Meteorite - drops a meteorite in front of itself, which inflicts huge damage over the area and imposes a stunning effect on opponents.
  4. Instant move - uses spatial magic, instantly moving forward, which creates small damage to nearby targets.
  5. The technique of enhancing magic - increases the level of attacks.
  6. Soul of Protection - creates a protective barrier for a long time.
  7. Blizzard - causes a blizzard, which causes average damage to targets in the area, accompanied by the effect of prolonged freezing.
  8. Tornado - creates a tornado in which enemies fall, taking heavy damage.
  9. Energy sphere (basic skill) - deals magic damage to opponents.

MU ORIGIN 2: Archer Guide


  1. Multishot - releases a large number of arrows at high speed, inflicting medium damage to targets in the front area.
  2. Ice arrow - concentrates the power of ice on the tip of the arrow, which causes great damage to the enemy within a certain radius, plus a small slowing effect.
  3. Paradise Arrow - Concentrates magic and shoots many arrows into the sky to receive the blessing of an angel, inflicting huge damage to opponents, with a short stunning effect.
  4. Slope - reincarnates to avoid being hit, and causes an explosion at the jump point, causing little damage and a short freezing effect.
  5. Spiritual happiness is a skill that allows an Archer to heal herself instantly.
  6. Goddess Strength - Increases attack and effect duration.
  7. Punching arrow - pierces the enemy, causing huge damage.
  8. Summon Pet - Summons Barry’s companion who fights on her side.
  9. Archery (basic skill) - Inflicts physical damage to enemies.

MU ORIGIN 2: Character upgrade guide

The main task of the player is to quickly and qualitatively raise the Battle Strength of the character. According to this indicator, the power of the hero is determined. In the game, all activities are tied to the BS of the hero. The higher it is, the more rewards a player receives. BS depends on many factors and characteristics of a warrior.There are many ways to raise a BS warrior.

All methods are concentrated in the main menu of the Character. It will appear as soon as the player clicks on the avatar in the upper left corner.

Character and stats

This menu has several useful tabs.

Properties Here are the main characteristics of the hero:

  1. Strength - affects the survivability of the warrior in battle (this is the basic parameter of the Swordsman).
  2. Intelligence - affects the level of pronunciation of spells, therefore, on the attack of a fighter (the basic parameter of the Mage and the Seer).
  3. Dexterity - the speed of the blow in the battle and the ability to dodge the blow (the main parameter of the Archers) depends on this characteristic.
  4. Power - gives an increase to the protection of the hero (looks good on all heroes).

There are additional, but no less important parameters:

  1. Anger - if a player is defeated in the status of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Play Killer is a killer of players, often in such games there are comrades who like to run around common locations and kill weaker players, they don’t get any benefit from it, they just revel in their bloated ego), there’s a chance loss of an unbound item from a backpack. The higher the Anger rate, the lower the chance of falling out.
  2. Maximum lives - the number of health points at the moment is increasing with a new level.
  3. Magical attack - the amount of magical damage done in the battle spells. Rises with a new level and increased Intelligence.
  4. Magic defense - the amount of damage that will not pass through the character from a magic attack. For example, 1000 damage flew over a fighter, if the magical defense index is 300 units, then the warrior will receive only 700 damage points.
  5. Physical defense - the amount of damage that will not pass through the hero from a physical attack.
  6. Physical attack - the amount of damage done to the enemy depends on the Power of the hero.
  7. Physics gain - proportionally increases physical attack.
  8. Increase in magic - increases magic attack.
  9. Life Bonus - proportionally increases the hero’s life limit.
  10. Maximum mana - the amount of mana needed to run the character’s abilities.
  11. Hit level - or accuracy. The higher the hit level, the more damage the warrior will inflict on the opponent. You can oppose evasion (bias) and vice versa.
  12. Grade Level - The ability of a character to dodge a blow. The higher the slope, the greater the chance of survival.
  13. Absorption of damage - the ability of a hero to absorb (that is, not allow to pass) a fixed value of all damage received by a fighter. For example, 1000 units passed through a warrior, he has the ability to absorb 30% of any incoming damage. Therefore, the hero gets only 700 units.
  14. Damage Increase - increases the value of all damage done (spells and normal attacks).
  15. Mana Bonus - Increases the maximum mana level of the hero.
  16. Life Recovery - the maximum number of health points that will be restored within 5 seconds.
  17. Mana Recovery - The maximum amount of mana that will be restored within 5 seconds.
  18. Breakdown of protection - during the attack, the hero ignores a certain amount of magic and physical attack.
  19. Reflection of damage - the hero’s ability in percentage terms to reflect the damage that he has released to the enemy. That is, if 1000 points of damage have passed through the champion, he will be able to reflect 30% (300 units) of damage that will pass to his opponent.
  20. A gain in physical or magical skill is an increase in a skill’s attack.
  21. Damage reduction - the ability of a character to reduce damage as a percentage.

These characteristics have minimum and maximum indicators. Also, on the Properties tab, there is the "Fetus" function. Fruits forever increase the basic parameters of the hero. They can be obtained by synthesis (we will talk about this in the "Synthesis" section), in the Treasury and in "Trade". There are 4 types of fruits that increase 4 basic characteristics.

It is necessary to collect as often as possible (whenever possible), and there are fruits, so the player will increase the main indicators and Combat strength.

Backpack. The backpack contains all the collected resources and items of the hero. There is very little space in the inventory, it will be constantly lacking at the start, so you need to periodically clean the contents. If a player comes across a good thing that belongs to a character of another class, it should not be sold for gold (although there is such an option, they give it very little), but put the item on the inside of the game auction. You can do this by clicking on a thing, then go to the "Transfer" item (as it was already transferred), then put the cost and click on "ok." Thus, the thing will leave the backpack and make a profit.

Horcrux. In this menu, you can recycle unnecessary equipment. Moreover, this increases the Combat Strength of the hero. Horcrux is a small flying assistant. When fully pumped, it causes significant harm to the opponent.Horcrux is increased in level and power due to the remelting of equipment. The higher the power of the crucifix, the greater the Combat Strength of the hero.

Transfer. At a certain level of a warrior, a "translation" can be made. In other words, a significant increase in the basic characteristics of a fighter. Raising can be done using the Magic Book, which are mined:

  1. Dange.
  2. Land of testing.
  3. World boss.
  4. Demon hunt.
  5. Neighborhood.

In the same activities, special crystals are also mined, which at high levels are necessary for the "translation".Each hero class has its own stones:

  1. Mage - Soul of the prophet.
  2. Swordsman - Sword of torment.
  3. The Seer - The Stone of Saint.
  4. Archer - Tears of the Spirit.


Skills in the game open in turn at certain levels. Skills or combat spells improve for gold. With each new level, the cost of the spell increases.

It is recommended to increase skills evenly so that everyone does good damage.

Each class has 8 skills that are activated in battle. The player can independently use the skills in the battle, or set the "auto battle" mode, then the character will activate abilities as the rollback occurs. "Auto battle" is best set in dungeons or other activities. It’s easier and faster to complete the game.

The skill level cannot exceed the hero level. If a player wants to increase spell hit power, the champion must be raised.

Each skill opens an Ultima at a certain level. This is a special basic skill enhancing ability. Skills can have 2 ultims. By clicking on each ultima, you can see what conditions are required to activate it. For example, complete a specific mission.


This menu has 4 tabs, each of which increases the Combat Strength of the equipment.

If a player amplifies a low-quality item in any way, and then receives a higher-quality item, the entire gain is transferred to the new item. Sometimes for the transfer you need to pay a certain amount of pink diamonds (game currency).

Gain. Here, using special resources, you can increase the level of equipment, while increasing the basic characteristics of the subject. To enhance the necessary:

  1. Gem Maya - contains the power of Ancient Maya, it is necessary to improve equipment and to synthesize fruits. You can get it at the Diamond Shop, at the Union Shop, at the Treasury, at the Bloody Castle or buy at Trade.
  2. Soul Gem - can be used to increase equipment to level 7. Gets in the Union Store, in the Treasury, in the Land of Trials, in the Bloody Castle, on the World boss, in the Neighborhoods (community cards).
  3. Gem of Blessing - this stone is needed to increase each level of equipment. It is obtained in the Union Store, in the Treasury, in the Land of Trials, in the Bloody Castle, on the World boss and in the Neighborhoods.
  4. Gem of Grace - used for a 100% chance to improve ammunition. If this heme is not used, then the chance of improvement decreases with each new level. The stone is mined in the disappeared city, in the Temple and bought in the "Trade".

Equipment is recommended to improve evenly. This is necessary so that the hero can not only attack, but also use the additional features that appear at certain levels of the subject. For example, protection, parry, health points.

The attachment. Each item of equipment has 6 slots into which stones can be inserted. There are 4 types of stones in the game:

  1. Ruby - boosts attack.
  2. Emerald - increases the percentage of slope.
  3. Topaz - increases health points.
  4. Sapphire - enhances protection.

Stones can be raised by synthesizing inferior stones.

Broadcast. Transfer can be made automatically from the backpack, or can be done in this section. At the same time, all the improvements that were made on the old item are transferred.

Additions. Here you can further strengthen the equipment. Each level of amplification has its own chance, so the item may not amplify. The basic parameters of things are being strengthened. Strengthening occurs with the help of stone - the gem of Life. You can get it at the Diamond Shop, at the Pink Diamond Shop, at the Union Shop, in Dange, in the Treasury.

In the same section, from a certain level of the hero, you can strengthen the equipment of the horse.Improvement occurs in the same way as improving the equipment of the hero.


Wings not only decorate the appearance of the hero, but also enhance his basic parameters. The higher the rank of the wings, the stronger the warrior becomes. The wings have a rank that goes up beyond the Sparks of the neck.You can get them at the Diamond Shops, Pink Diamonds, the Union, in the Dungeons, in the Tower of Demons.Also, the wings have stardom, which rises behind the Feathers of Locke. Feathers are obtained in the same places as the Spark of the neck.

With increasing rank and star rating, wings change their appearance. With each level they become more beautiful and more beautiful.

During certain events, the appearance of the wings can be obtained. By clicking on the "Wardrobe" button, you can put on new wings. Such wings do not completely change the basic ones, they just temporarily change the appearance of the feathers. The wings of the look are given for a short time add a few bonuses to the basic parameters of the character.


The spirit is the hero’s pet, which goes with him into battle and accompanies everywhere. Spirits can be obtained in the Treasury of Spirits and in the Dungeon of Spirits. You can use 4 Spirits at the same time. In this case, 1 animal will be the main, and the rest will increase its parameters.

Spirits have their own properties and their talents, which increase for the Crystals of the Spirit. These crystals can be obtained from boxes of perfume dungeons, or for processing Spirits.

Spirits can be increased, at certain levels the rank of the pet is increased. You can also increase the stardom of the Spirit. With increasing stardom, the coefficients of the main characteristics of the pet increase. Having opened the 5th star, the player activates the 2nd skill of the assistant. Stars open behind the Stone of Spirit and the Stone of the Demon. These stones can be obtained in the Treasury, in the "Trade" and after processing.

For greater effectiveness of Spirits, they must be selected according to Chains. These kits are displayed in the Perfume Chain. To enter the Chain, click on the Spirit in the backpack, go to the "Recycle" command, 4 tabs will open, one of which is "Chain".

There is also a function "Recycling", in which you can spray unnecessary Spirits on material to increase the level of pets.

There are a lot of perfumes, it is necessary to choose pets with the highest quality. Their basic parameters are several times higher than that of ordinary Spirits.


A horse is a character’s mount. The game has 3 horses, which open at certain levels of the animal. But a lot of looks. The faces make the appearance of the animal unique; they also add a little parameters. The ability to own a horse appears after level 100. The animal increases the speed of movement on the map and the Combat Strength of the hero.

The horse can be pumped, levels and ranks are increased for it. Levels increase for:

  1. Base Mana Herb - Purchased at Union Store.
  2. Radiant mana grass - obtained in events or when a certain result is achieved in the game.
  3. Great Mana Grass - given in Achievements.
  4. High mana grass - can be obtained in the Temple in the Treasury of the Gods (the event appears periodically).

On animals, you can wear a harness, which the hero will find in adventures or in gifts for events. Harness can be improved, as well as character equipment. Harness increases the basic characteristics of the mount, and those, in turn, increase the combat strength of the hero.


In the game in the first stages it is almost impossible to get this relic. Glive boosts the strength of 1 character stat.Glyphs are mined in the Lost Tower, which is open Monday through Friday at 21:00 Moscow time. In total, 8 glyphs can be used simultaneously.

Glyphs can be disassembled and level up. Each character class has its own relics.


Here there is a merging of various materials to increase the Combat Strength, to obtain passing tickets to some activities. First you need to select the items that the player wants to receive (they are located on the right side of the window). The recipe for synthesis is shown in the center of the window. If there are enough materials, then an operation can be performed. If there are not enough ingredients, then you need to find the required resources.

If the player does not know where to find this or that material, you should click on the slot with it and complete information about the item and the places where it is recommended to get it will appear. By clicking on the place of extraction, the hero automatically goes to the menu of the store, Treasury or Events (if they fall from the dungeon).

After collecting all the ingredients, you need to click on the "Synthesis" button. If there are enough components for several items, then you can select "Synthesize All." Regardless of the success or failure of the completed action, resources will be used. If the synthesis comes from materials tied to a warrior, then the manufactured item will also be tied to the character. Tied items do not drop out of the backpack if the hero was killed by another player.

You can synthesize:

  1. Items - passes to some activities. For example, a pass to the Demon Square or a cloak is invisible to the Bloody Castle.
  2. Gems - there are several stages of synthesis. You can synthesize stones of level 10 from 1 level stones. The higher the level of gems, the more bonuses he will give equipment.
  3. Fruits - here, from the found fruits, the creation heme and the Mayan heme, certain fruits are synthesized to increase the level of the hero’s basic parameters. Gems can be obtained in the Diamond Shop, in the Pink Diamond Shop, in the Treasury, in dungeons.
  4. Improve equipment - here it is required to put 3 identical objects in cells and using the Emperor’s books to synthesize improved equipment. The item will receive the properties of the main thing (it will be in the "main" slot), the parameters of auxiliary items will be poured into the main one.
  5. Glyph improvement - here you can improve the orange in quality and higher glyph. Improved glyph will receive the properties of the main and 1 additional characteristic. Auxiliary glyphs do not transfer their abilities.
  6. Archangel - The gifts of the Archangel can also be synthesized. Here, the same rules apply as for improving glyphs.

Synthesis gives a significant increase in the Combat Strength of a character, therefore it is recommended to collect ingredients for synthesizing and use this function of the game as often as possible.

MU ORIGIN 2: Walkthrough

At the start, the player is invited to undergo a little training. But for some reason it takes place in automatic mode, the gamer only has to click on the transition buttons between the dialogue. Thus, running from one character to another, the hero will immediately raise 15 - 20 levels.

During the passage of various activities, you must select one or another game mode (they are selected near the player’s avatar in the upper left corner):

  1. World - Do not damage other players. It should always be included, being in common locations and completing basic missions.
  2. Team - you can injure all players except team members. Better to use in dungeons, where the team is opposed to another unit. For example, the Bloody Way.
  3. Union - the hero will cause damage to everyone except the participants in his union. This mode is turned on by many players when they go to the World Boss.
  4. All - you can deal damage to all players without exception.
  5. Good and evil - you can injure players with a red and gray nickname.
  6. Old enemy - any player can be placed in the "Old Enemies", this mode is located in the "Friends" window. In this mode, the hero will attack only enemies from this list.
  7. Union of enemies - attacks only players from an enemy union.

Main tasks

All tasks are displayed on the left side of the screen. They are distributed on:

  1. The main ones are the tasks of the storyline of the game. The main task is to become a great warrior. With the implementation of certain missions, new locations are opened.
  2. Daily - these are quests that are given every day. They go parallel to the main tasks of the game.
  3. Additional - these are related missions.
  4. Quests of the Union - 20 guild quests are given daily, which are performed in the location of the Union.
  5. Resource gathering - 200 units of cobalt should be collected every day.

All these missions must be completed daily as much as possible. Over time, pumping heroes will become difficult, so you must complete all the tasks. For passing the adventure, the hero receives the most experience. The stories are not complicated, you can put daily missions and collecting resources for auto-execution, and at this time go about your business. Also during the battle, you can set the automatic mode. Then the hero will fight and collect resources.

Unnecessary resources or equipment of another class can be put in the "Trade" (click on the "Order" button and set the price of the item). You can make equipment for a crucifix or sell it for gold (but they give little gold for things and resources).

If the player is unable to complete the daily missions, then the next day he will be asked to redeem experience and rewards for unfulfilled quests for gold or pink diamonds. Everything should be redeemed for pink diamonds, since they provide 100% of experience, resources and equipment for them. For gold, you can buy only 75% of the components.

Team dungeon

These dungeons are worth a minimum of two. But if you are magicians, then you can try to pass the story of 2 heroes.

Relic Spirits - a place where you can get material for the improvement of Spirits, as well as the spirits themselves. Here in the center of the map is a beautiful Ghost Tree, which is attacked by monsters in three corridors, trying to break a tree. The task of the players is to protect the Tree and prevent the demons from destroying it.

Passing tactics: players should be distributed along the corridors, waiting for their demons. As soon as the boss appears (he can be reborn in any sector), all heroes should be sent to him. There will be some waves. As a result: either the players save the tree or the monsters dump it, then everyone flies out of the dungeon. For each wave, characters receive bonuses. After the end of the adventure, everyone also receives a reward.

If one of the players does not withstand the onslaught of monsters, you must come to his aid and prevent the Ghost Tree from falling.

Klim Temple is a place where you can get experience and chests with resources and game currency. The temple can be held in several modes:

  1. Plain.
  2. Are common.
  3. Complicated.
  4. Abyss.
  5. Hellish.
  6. Apocalypse.
  7. Nightmare.
  8. Destruction.

There are no special tactics for passing, you can pass in automatic mode. The choice of difficulty level depends on the level of the hero. Passing modes open at a certain level of the character. The main task is to destroy 2 bosses in a certain time.

These team dungeons are open all the time.

Daily dungeon

These stories need to be taken daily. You can put in automatic mode passage. As the champion level increases, the difficulty of passing increases. You can enter them through the "Events" button (they are displayed in the right half of the window) or through "Dange" - "Daily Dungeon". There are several types of adventures:

  1. The cave of greed is one of the places of gold mining. It takes place in several stages: first you need to destroy ordinary monsters, then defeat the boss. After the destruction of the enemy, a certain amount of gold is added. 1 pass is available per day.
  2. Experience Dungeon is one of the places where a player can gain experience. After level 200 it will be very difficult to level up your character. The dungeon is easy, you can go to auto mode. Available to run 2 times a day.
  3. Test land - takes place once a day. Experience is gained here, various items are mined. Travel time is 30 minutes.You need to find a group of monsters, put the character in the "auto battle" and do your own thing. It should be procured by banks that restore mana and life. There’s no need to run around the location.

Individual adventures

The game implements many ways of leveling the hero, including you can go to the "Events" menu and select one of the proposed options in the left side of the window:

  1. Demon Hunting - every 10 minutes elite monsters appear on world maps, after defeating evil spirits, you can get valuable rewards. You can get a reward from monsters 20 times a day.
  2. Treasure map - if you complete all daily tasks, you can get treasure maps. By clicking on the cards, the hero automatically runs around the locations and collects relics. Values ??are good, you can collect (different gems and improvement stones).
  3. Seeing off the soul - you can invite a member of the union to the event. Seeing off can be carried out an infinite number of times (for example, to help the Allies complete the quest). When a player is called up, an invitation appears that is worth accepting.
  4. Demon Tower - has several floors. Floors are held in turn. You can pass in automatic mode. In order to move to the next floor, you must completely clear the previous one. If the player cannot find the monster, you need to wait a bit, he will run up to the character. The tower has a rating by which individual titles are given.

Dungeons and the Demon Tower can be daily raided. This requires collecting raid tickets (in various activities and for completing daily tasks) or paying for the raid with pink diamonds.

MU ORIGIN 2: Time Events Guide

In the "Events" menu on the right side of the window, all temporary events are located. Some of them should be taken several times a day.

Bloody castle

It takes place several times a day, but you can get a reward for it only 3 times. You can get a bag with gamma for investing in equipment. Opens every 30 minutes, the number of participants in the event is not limited.

This is a team adventure in which you need to kill a certain number of monsters, then knock out the castle gates, destroy the guards and smash the Crystal coffin. At first glance, everything is simple. But it is this story that often causes quarrels between the players. It takes place directly with the participation of the player. You can simply click on the tasks on the left side of the screen.

After the player has destroyed the required number of guards, you do not need to run immediately and smash the coffin. Here the monsters are distributed according to the level of participating players, therefore, experience is gaining faster. It takes 10 minutes to complete the story, so players at high levels try to return to the bridge and beat on the monsters, and then 1 - 2 minutes before the end of time, smash the coffin.

There are no restrictions on the level, so often beginners enter the dungeon, who try to pass it faster. To avoid contention, it is recommended that you agree at the entrance when to deliver the tombstone.

You must pay for the entrance to the Castle, for this you need the "Invisibility Cloak". It is synthesized in the menu "Synthesis of objects" from ingredients that can be obtained almost everywhere.

Demon Square

You can go through it as many times as you like, it appears every 30 minutes. The number of participants is not limited. Entrance is given 90 minutes, after which the test begins. For passing all participants receive chests of gold, resources and equipment. Participation requires a Pass to the Demon Square. It can be obtained after synthesis from resources that are mined in various activities.

You can pass the area in automatic mode. The bottom line is that the players are in the center of the site, and monsters are attacking them in waves, elite demons and bosses periodically appear. Only 7 waves. It is required to destroy all the representatives of evil.

Bloody Way (RK)

This is a dungeon where you need to destroy the boss. 2 teams are participating. It is recommended to set the "Team" battle mode, as the opponents will try to destroy not only the boss, because it is necessary to kill 27 times the players from the opposing team. The reward is given by the amount of damage done to the monster and enemies. The gargoyle will resist.

It is necessary to beat the Gargoyle, and not other players. To do this, in the task on the left side, click on its name. If the player notices that the character ran after a team of rivals, then he must be returned to the boss.

You can go out onto the Path alone, then the player will be given bots (system characters) to the team, who will fight on his side. You can assemble a team and go against other players. Opponents are automatically selected as soon as a group is found.

The reward for passing is given prestige (needed to increase the sigil) and gold. Opens daily at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 hours. The event lasts 1 hour, during which you can pass the test several times. Teams are composed of 5 participants. There are 2 entrances per day.

Angel Tests

Players of the entire server at a certain time can participate in the event and challenge the boss. The rewards you receive depend on the amount of damage dealt by the boss. After the event, the TOP 10 players who caused more damage will receive additional prizes by mail. Those who inflicted the first and last blows to the boss will receive special prizes. After the end of the event, a lucky player will be raffled in the lottery, who will also receive an additional prize. Mostly, participants in the event receive gold.

There is no special tactics for passing. Players just fight with the boss. Of course, one player cannot kill him, but it is necessary to inflict the maximum possible amount of damage. The test opens once a day.

Disappeared city

After the event is available, players have 5 minutes to enter. After the control time, you will not be able to get to the disappeared city. Heroes above level 180 can participate in the event. Each character has only 1 attempt; after the fall, the player drops out of the event.

The city has 8 entrances, you must select 1 of the doors. You can play with friends or allies to increase survival. It is very important to find an active, well-developed union. Then it will be possible to pass many events easily and get the best equipment and relics.

The city has a regime of RK (when players can attack each other). Selecting 1 of the rooms, it will be impossible to change it. If the player has not decided, then the system will direct him, after the preparation time has elapsed.

In the disappeared city 4 tiers. At each tier, a boss appears at a certain time. Winners can go to the next level. The award is distributed among the unions and sent to the Union auction, the head will then distribute items to members.

Here you can get the gem of Grace. If a player runs in solo or has a weak guild, it is impossible to win this challenge.

The Lost Tower

The event opens every Monday and Friday at 21:00. Here you can get maps for collecting treasures, gold and a chest with legendary equipment. Each player is given 1 attempt per day. 3 minutes are given for preparation, after which the gates of the tower are closed.

Each player appears on the 1st tier. Here he needs to find the secret key to go to the next stage. Treasures periodically appear on the event map, opening which you can get good rewards. There is also a chance in the chests to find the secret key.

The Tower has a regime of RK. If a player is killed, all collected keys are poured from him, which other players can pick up. It is better to set the mode "team" or "union" (depending on who, the player enters the adventure).

You can enter the Lost Tower in solo or with a team. If the player, a very well-trained mage or swordsman, then you can try to go alone. But it’s best to put together a strong team to repel other players.

Crimson Fortress (RK)

A fortress is a kind of Arena where players fight among themselves. With each defeated player, the hero receives 5 points. The more points a player collects, the better the reward he will receive. When 1 player remains on the battlefield, the event will be completed. The winner will receive a temporary unique title and excellent equipment.For participation, players receive prestige.

The event opens every Friday at 21:00. The battle mode works here - against everyone.

Before the event, you need to be well prepared, purchased by the healing banks, strengthen the parameters with special potions (it is recommended to leave them for such events). At the beginning of the battle, it is recommended to kill weak opponents and hide from the strong. They can be identified by beautiful large wings.

There are other events that periodically appear in the game. These events (or events) are aimed at the quick pumping of heroes. Some events are held regularly, and allow you to prepare for them. For example, collect some tickets or relics. Each event can be viewed in the "Events" menu, some of which are displayed on the main screen of the game. They are usually located on the right side under the minimap.

MU ORIGIN 2: How to defeat world bosses

World bosses appear on various maps. There are 2 boss spawn points on each map. They can be seen on the map of the region. To do this, click on the minimap and go to the desired region. Then again go to the map and click on the coordinates that show the bosses.

The name of the boss.LocationHero level
King of the dead.Land of Heroes.30 - 150.
Queen of flowers.Forest of the Sages.40 - 160.
Queen of ice.Frozen Valley.80 - 200.
Rune spider.Day80 - 200.
Sea hydra.Atlantis.120 - 240.
Jaican.Desert of death.160 - 280.
Evil Dragon.Dark forest.200 - 320.
Phoenix of darkness.Heavenly city.240 - 360.
Damned devil.Cantour.Level 280 - Master I Level 1
Agomort.The swamp of death.Level 320 - Master I Level 41
Rainbow dragon.MissionLevel 360 - Master I Level 81
Frosty Mega Spider.City of cold.Master I level 1 - Master II level 21.
The ghostly captain.Quiet swamp.Master II level 1 - Master II level 100.
The bee is the queen.Kalutan.Master III level 1 - Master III level 100.
Morgand.Durbantal.Master IV Level 1 - Master IV Level IV.
Crystal Barlog.NilesMaster V level 1 - Master VI.

Having selected the necessary boss on the right side of the window, you need to click on the "Go" button. After which the player will be at the desired location. On bosses you can assemble your team. It is best to take a swordsman with him, as he can withstand the boss’s blow, although some bosses deal damage to the area.Archers feel the best because they have a high percentage of dodge and some of the damage does not go through them.

To defeat the World boss and collect interesting buns from him, you must be in one of the most powerful guilds. Since strong players stand around the boss and prevent anyone from approaching the monster. But sometimes, you can participate in the event, if adequate players gather near the Boss.

Sometimes several unions come together and beat the World Boss together. In general, it is believed that the World Boss event is solitary, but the realities of life are such that if the player is not in a cool alliance, you will not be able to kill the boss. The hardest hit for players is the protection of World bosses. Therefore, if the player’s character is not a swordsman, it’s better to hit from far away.

It is recommended that you go to World bosses of your level to receive the appropriate rewards.

MU ORIGIN 2: Union Guide

It is very important to be in a strong alliance with active players. The union provides many advantages:

  1. Seeing off the soul - daily it is necessary to conduct the seeing off 2 times, if the union has no active members, then the soul will not be held, and the player will not receive experience for the ritual.
  2. Participation in events - a good guild jointly goes through many activities, go to World bosses and team dungeons together (no need to shout into a general chat).
  3. Obtaining an additional skill - in each well-pumped union, 4 skills are opened at a certain level. They must be pumped in order to receive the "Union Contribution" (the game currency for exchange for items in the store). The skill becomes attached to the heroes and when changing the union remains with him.
  4. Communication .
  5. Help in pumping .
  6. Victory in temporary competitions .
  7. The opening of additional allied activities .

Bonfire Union. An interesting event that is available to any members of the union daily at 20:00. An event takes place in the guild location. An unlimited number of players can gather around the fire. Every 5 seconds, the bonfire of the players increases, which increases according to the level of the hero. By clicking on the "drink" button you can increase the experience gained by a certain percentage. Each player can drink 5 times. Also, after the event, players receive the Union Contribution.

Union quiz. 4 minutes after the start of the fire, a quiz opens. For the correct answers, experience is given. In each question there are 4 possible answers, you should choose one of them. Within 25 seconds, you can change your answer. Players will also receive Union Contribution.

If the player has chosen a union, but he is not developing, it is necessary to get out of it and pick up a new union. Do not wait for a miracle. If the participants do not live together, then players will not receive anything good from such an alliance. It is better to choose a high-level union.

For participation in the life of the Union a certain amount of "Contributions of the Union" is given. For this game currency, you can increase the level of skills that are located in the union menu, and also in the Union shop you can purchase the necessary items. To increase the level of the union, sacrifices should be made for which you can get a good amount of the "Union Contribution" and improve the union’s skills for it.

MU ORIGIN 2: Overview of Important Game Features


You can enter the settings through the hero’s menu, which is located in the upper left corner. This will open not only the character gain, but also some additional features. For example, settings. In the settings 2 tabs:

  1. Settings - here you can lower the graphics (if the game slows down), turn off the sound, also here chat settings are configured. The main function in the settings is a character change. On one server, you can create 4 champions and navigate between them through the settings menu.
  2. Pumping - here the automatic battle mode is configured so that the hero can independently choose which potions he will use. If you have VIP3, you can check the box next to buying a blue potion when it ends automatically. But VIP rises only for making real money in the game.


There are several types of stores in the game. You can enter the available outlets through the "Shop" menu, which is located in the upper right corner near the minimap. There are several shops, and each of them gives the necessary items to improve the character:

  1. Diamond shop - here you can buy dragon coins, gems, experience enhancement cards (increase experience gain by several times by 1 and 2 hours). It sells resources to improve the wings, as well as healing potions. Diamonds are a game currency that is bought for real money.
  2. Shop for pink diamonds - here for pink diamonds (a rare game currency, mined in dungeons and for performing certain tasks) you can purchase resources to strengthen the character, various gems and recovery potions.
  3. Shop of gold - here you can buy cans with a potion to restore health points and mana. If the player has VIP3, then mana potions can be acquired automatically as soon as it ends.
  4. Union shop - here the assortment is sold for "Union Contribution". Various gems and materials are also sold to enhance the character’s combat power.
  5. Hero’s bench - here for Arena points you can purchase Ultims for the character’s skills and various potions that increase the parameters of the hero in the battle for a while.
  6. Limited purchase - here for real money packages with resources for the champion are bought.
  7. Top up - here you can buy sets of diamonds for real money.


This is an important tool for the player. There are several types of cards:

  1. Map of the region - clicking on the minimap in the upper right corner opens a map of the location where the character is currently running. Here you can see the location of the monsters (and their name) and World bosses.You can navigate the map automatically by clicking on the desired location. The hero immediately drops everything and runs to the indicated point. It is convenient if you need to win on the instructions of certain demons, and the player does not know where they stand. By clicking on the "Loot Overview" button, you can see what items and resources are mined in the current region. On the right side, you can select an object: NPC - characters with whom you can interact with the plot, monsters and portals that transfer the character to other locations.
  2. The world map is the second tab that shows the whole world of the game. Open regions are highlighted in white, inaccessible areas are highlighted in red. By clicking on the name of the desired location, you can automatically move to it. For each movement from the player, gold is taken.
  3. The world of the abyss - these locations open at high levels.Travel rules are similar to the world map. Here you can meet players from other servers during certain events.

Each location has its own type of use:

  1. Normal - on these cards, killing other players, the value of anger increases, there is a chance of falling out of items from the killed character.
  2. Arena map - on these maps for killing, anger does not increase, and objects do not fall.
  3. Map of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the significance of malice does not increase, but objects can fall out.
  4. Safe - you cannot kill other players, only monsters.

Player interaction

The game is made in such a way that without the help of other players it is almost impossible to pass some locations or develop. Therefore, the developers came up with a kind of menu with which you can not only communicate with other gamers, but also perform other actions. You can perform actions directly by clicking on the character of the player who is next to the player’s hero or through the selection of an avatar in the chat or in the friendship menu.

Interaction Functions:

  1. Equipment - you can see what the player’s hero is wearing.
  2. Private - you can only talk with this player.
  3. Team invitation - you can invite a player to the team who is far away or on another map (done via chat).
  4. Invite to the Union .
  5. Request trading - if players wanted to exchange items directly between themselves, then this menu should be selected. Then the items will not fall into the general Trading, but will be transferred (sold) to an individual player.
  6. Add to friends - relevant if the player is far away.
  7. Copy the name - you can thus open a private chat with another player.
  8. Block - do not receive a message from the selected gamer.
  9. Give flowers - give thanks for something.
  10. Complain - the complaint will go to the server administrators.
  11. To make an offer is a transition to a private channel for intimate communication.

You can interact with players through the "Friends" menu (located at the bottom in the center of the map next to the chat). But there is less action. You can see what friends are online and where they are running at the moment. You can invite friends to a team for a joint pumping or for passing activities.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.