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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

MY HERO ACADEMIA: THE STRONGEST HERO is an Android game with release date 12/03/2020 from Sony Pictures Television. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Hero Leveling Guide
  4. Leveling and Using Support Equipment
  5. How do I get new heroes and support cards?
  6. Campaign Walkthrough (Peacekeeping Handbook)
  7. Getting Leveling Materials, Supply Battles
  8. Heroic Challenges and Night Ops Walkthrough
  9. Participation in Operation X (Operation X)
  10. Team Competition Guide (Co-op)
  11. Passing Agency Certification
  12. Arena Battle Guide
  13. Super Co-op Battle
  14. Guide for the development of the hostel, rules for completing quests
  15. Commission
  16. Hero Quests, City Prosperity Leveling
  17. Alliances in the game, training and exercises
  18. Top Player Bonuses
  19. Is It Worth Playing?

My Hero Academia: TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)

To successfully play My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, you need to get and level up heroes that will show themselves perfectly in PvE and PvP activities. Based on the game mode, the requirements for the fighters will vary. So, in PvP mode, the ability to quickly reduce the distance with the enemy, block attacks and stun (stun) the opponent for a while are very important. As for PvE activities, here you should pay attention to the characteristics of the hero in dealing with damage, in other words, choose the best damage dealers.

Tier List. Any hero of this game can be pumped to SS-rank, so they should be judged by their basic capabilities. For the convenience of our readers, we have prepared a Tier List, dividing it into categories, where:

CategoryPvP modePvE mode
SShota Aizawa, All Might, Fumikage Tokoyami.Endeavor, Eijiro Kirishima, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, All Might.
AEndeavor, Eijiro Kirishima, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki.Shota Aizawa, Denki Kaminari, Katsuki Bakugo, Mashirao Ojiro, Fumikage Tokoyami.
BDenki Kaminari, Katsuki Bakugo, Mashirao Ojiro, Ochaco Uraraka, Momo Yaoyorozu.Tenya Iida, Ochaco Uraraka, Momo Yaoyorozu.
CMinoru Mineta, Tsuyu Asui.Minoru Mineta, Tsuyu Asui.

My Hero Academia: A Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is based on the anime of the same name. You are invited to collect a team of heroes, pump it and send it to defend the city from villains. In addition to battles, you will take part in various quests: conduct investigations, answer quizzes, search for items, etc. The main game modes: single (Solo) and in teams (Co-Op). The game has a large number of PvE and PvP activities.

To avoid losing your game data, be sure to link your game account to Google Play or Facebook! You will be prompted to bind when you first enter the game.

The main game currencies. The game features 2 main currencies:

Stamina. Stamina is a necessary resource for completing important solo activities: campaigns, supply battles and heroic trials. The amount of your stamina and its current limit are always indicated at the top of the screen (the icon is a can of soda water). The higher your account level, the higher your free daily stamina limit. Stamina is replenished every day at 05:00 (PT). In addition to free stamina, you can get additional servings:

You can always buy stamina for hero coins, but try to spend premium currency sparingly and wisely.

Tips for Getting Started Correctly

1. Choose a new server. Starting the game on a new server will allow you to take high places in the ratings, make new friends faster and join the best alliance. Also, on the new server, it will be much easier for you to find a party for passing team tests! On live servers, you will lag behind other players in development, and, most likely, you will not be able to join a team to complete dungeons together.

Follow the news about the opening of new servers on the official game page on Facebook, as well as in the game itself. You can master the basic techniques of gameplay on any of the existing servers, and start the main game on a new server.

2. Start playing on your free days. After registering an account, newbie events will be available for you, which it is advisable to complete in full in order to receive excellent rewards. That is why we recommend allocating as much free time as possible for the first days of the game and completely immerse yourself in the gameplay. This will allow you to learn the game faster, unlock new modes, get ahead of other players and better pump your team. In the future, the online time can be reduced.

3. Follow the promotions and collect rewards. Take a close look at the activities on the main screen of the game and read our article to be aware of all the subtleties. Do not forget to take part in all newbie events, ongoing events, as well as pick up rewards for achievements, completing tasks, opening activities, daily logins, etc. In the first days of the game, you will receive a lot of rewards, the main thing is to pick them up on time and use them promptly.

Watch for red dots in front of various buttons and labels. The red dot notifies you of the opportunity to pick up the next prize or take part in the test.

4. Add friends. You will definitely run into a lack of stamina for completing solo activities and campaigns. To avoid spending hero coins, add as many new players as possible to your friends to exchange stamina from the first days of the game. Friends are an additional source of important resources, so they should work for you and bring maximum benefits.

Look for friends when visiting dorms, completing team challenges, in an alliance, and in chat.

Trainee Benefits is the main rookie event

A very important event that helps newcomers to achieve their first successes in the game and get a good start. The tasks of this event are divided into 8 days and divided into two blocks: gameplay and growth. Completing tasks, you get rewards for each, and also accumulate points. After accumulating 100, 300, 500 and 700 points, you pick up prize boxes with fragments of heroes (the more points, the more fragments will be in the boxes). Types of tasks:

1. First day:

Be sure to take advantage of the event’s daily specials for purchasing items with Hero Coins. So you will get important items for pumping with 80% benefit!

2. Second day:

3. Third day:

Do not forget to complete the tasks of the event on time and collect your rewards. The event icon is located on the left of the main screen, the event menu appears when you first log into the game every day. Remember that after 8 days the event ends. Uncollected awards are not restored.

4. Fourth day:

To instantly go to the execution of the desired task, click "Go to" opposite it.

5. Fifth day:

6. Sixth day:

7. Seventh day:

8. Eighth day:

Other events

1. Event for consumption of stamina - Full Blow operation. Just consume stamina by completing in-game activities. Depending on the amount of stamina spent, you get action points and rewards.

Participation in this event works well with completing quests in Trainee Benefits and allows you to progress in both events.

2. Event for the consumption of hero coins - Cumulative Consumption. Here you earn rewards by spending hero coins for game needs. The maximum amount of declared spending is 15k hero coins. The main rewards of the event are recruitment cards and materials for pumping support equipment.

3. Event for receiving fragments of Shota Aizawa - Hero Trial Assemble. Shota Aizawa is an S-rank hero, and you have the opportunity to get all of his fragments in the early days of the game! To do this, you need to participate in the event and complete tasks for pumping existing heroes. Each closed quest gives you 10 Aizawa Fragments. Types of tasks:

To get the main prize and successfully collect Aizawa, save up recruitment tickets, buy them with coins and spend actively during the event! Also, do not forget about farming the shards of the three basic heroes in supply battles - it is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade them to S and SS ranks.

My Hero Academia: Hero Leveling Guide

Improvement. To upgrade heroes go to the "Hero" menu and open the page of the desired character. Improvement - basic pumping, available from the beginning of the game. Click the "Upgrade" indicator on the right to start upgrading. Here you need to feed the heroes with different food. As you eat, the character’s level scale is filled. Food comes in different quality - the higher the quality, the faster you level up. All food is obtained in game activities.

Use the yellow "Upgrade" button to automatically fill the hero’s level bar up to the current rank increase.

Raising the rank. Every 10 levels of improvement, you need to increase the rank of the hero for further pumping. To increase your rank, use the various training items obtained in the campaign. Once your hero reaches the desired level, you will see a list of 3 items that you need to get.

"Available" on an item means that it is available to you. Click on it and then tap the "Get" button. You will see a list of campaign stages, where the item you need is located. Use the drones to Rush and replay the stage in one click. When all training items are collected, pay cash and use them. Then press the "Advance" button to increase the rank of the hero.

Upgrade the heroes of the main combat units evenly! This is very important for the successful completion of the campaign and participation in PvP activities. Please note that the cost of pumping increases as the level rises.

Conducting resonance. Thanks to resonance, you increase the quality of the hero and strengthen his stats. Any character in the game can be upgraded to SS quality. Resonance is achieved by collecting and applying Hero Fragments. By activating fragments, you "paint" a picture of a character with an image of an important moment in his biography. Each resonance has its own picture. To resonate, go to the hero page and click the "Resonance" stat on the right. New fragments "paint" parts of the picture and the character gets an increase in characteristics. When the picture becomes colored (when collecting 20 fragments), the hero will increase in quality.

Collect new Fragments when you recruit, in Daily Heroic Challenges, and in Newbie Promotions.

Skill leveling. To pump the skills of the hero, go to the "Skills" tab. All skills are divided into active and passive. The green arrow next to the skill icon indicates the possibility of pumping. Use the "Quick Upgrade" button to upgrade the skill to the maximum available level (depending on the level of the hero’s improvement). You pay cash for upgrading.

On the skill leveling page, click the "Mechanism Intro" button at the bottom to familiarize yourself with the strategy for using skills for this hero. This is a very useful feature, especially when preparing your character for arena battles!

Support Cards. Support cards are active and passive. All of them significantly increase the strength of the equipped fighter. Active heroes are called up in battle to provide close combat support. Heroes of passive cards assist through the use of special effects. In this case, the character cannot use his own active support card. All cards are available for hire. Upgrade support cards - use fast reinforcement cards for this, which contain experience for pumping. To upgrade a support card, tap on it and click "Upgrade".

You can always replace support cards, remove them and activate them on other heroes. Unnecessary cards must be disassembled in the "Fuse" menu. When dealing with two support cards, you receive one card of identical quality. Use this feature to unload your bag and complete the daily goal quest. Your collection of support cards is displayed in the "Collection" menu, and the recommended support cards for a specific hero are displayed in the "Rec." Menu. Please note - support cards are of different quality and stardom. We recommend equipping heroes with cards starting with purple. Low quality cards need to be disassembled.

Don’t forget to activate the new Support Cards in the collection after you receive them! To do this, go to the "Collection" menu and tap on the new card. The activated card gives an increase to your stats.

Talent pumping. Talents refer to the individual abilities of a specific hero and are unlocked as his quality increases. To improve talents go to the "Talent" tab and use the items - factors. Please note: each character requires its own factors, which differ in color. It is necessary to pump talents evenly, tk. as the level rises, the number of required factors increases. Factors can be obtained:

You have the opportunity to reset the current leveling of talents with the return of all used factors. The pumping reset is carried out for 140 hero coins.

Chips. Similar to support cards, chips give an increase to the hero’s stats. The hero can use 3 chips, which are obtained during the passage of night operations. Chips are of different quality and stardom - their pumping limit depends on this. To improve the chip, tap on it and click "Enhance". To pump the chips, you will need experience grants obtained in various activities.

Try to equip the heroes of the main combat units with the best chips. Track specials at the Overnight Operations Shop that sells 6-Star Chips.

Assists (support skills). The skills of your heroes can be further enhanced by support skills that belong to other characters. Each fighter can use the skills of support of strictly defined heroes - check them out on the "Assist" tab. The quality of the support skill corresponds to the original quality of the hero.

To activate the required skill, select the desired combination on the "Assist" tab and click "Activate". Remember that you can always change your support skill. Heroes can use support skills of certain types. The type of support skill corresponds to the type of his hero. The higher the rank of your hero, the more support skills you can activate (maximum - 3).

Support skills are not activated in team operations and during battles in the Super Tournament, but their bonuses to characteristics still apply.

Leveling up closeness with the hero. By pumping proximity, you unlock additional bonus stats of the hero, thanks to which his ATK, DEF and HP indicators increase, as well as other options open. To improve intimacy, "present" the character with items that you receive for completing assignments. As the level of intimacy increases, you open access to new phrases of the hero and can view important chronicles from his biography.

Pump up closeness with the heroes of the main battle squad evenly. This way you will achieve uniform unlocking of their bonus stats, which is very important for battles in the campaign mode, where any of the fighters can fight the boss.

Additional ways to increase BR. In addition to the above methods, you can increase the strength of your battle squad by using the hero costumes that are sold in the Super Tournament store, as well as purchasing titles. Check out all the titles of the game in the player’s profile: they can be obtained for victories in activities, achievements in pumping and win in temporary promotions.

My Hero Academia: Leveling and Using Support Equipment

General. Support equipment additionally strengthens your combat squad and is used in battles. To get equipment, take part in team competitions. To get to the gear menu, press the "Gear" button on the main screen. Here you can upgrade equipment, modify it, disassemble and sell it.

Improvement. Upgrading a piece of equipment increases its base stats and stats at its star level. The upgrade level is tied to the equipment slot and remains unchanged even if the equipment is replaced with another one. The maximum limit for pumping equipment depends on the level of your account. To upgrade your equipment, click on the slot and click "Enhance". You will need improvement potions obtained in supply battles, campaigns, and other activities.

Combine lower quality medicines for better medicines. To do this, click on the potion labeled "Can fuse" and go to the crafting screen. Of the three medicines, one medicine of better quality can be created.

Rise and rebirth. Upgrading equipment increases its base stats. The boost level remains unchanged even when changing equipment. Each equipment can be upgraded up to 5 times when using Alloy. After the equipment is upgraded to 5 stars, it can be reborn. Reincarnated equipment increases its base characteristics and activates the corresponding rebirth affix. Equipment can be reborn no more than 3 times. With each rebirth, a new affix is ??activated.

Modification. The modification increases the characteristics of the equipment modification and its progress. When the enchant progress bar is full, the enchant rank increases. Reach a certain enchant rank to receive special equipment stats. The higher the star level of the equipment, the higher the rank limit of its modification. Modification drawings are used to carry out the modification.

You always have a chance to get a bonus and fill the modification progress bar with fewer blueprints.

Purchase and sale of equipment. Sell ??and buy equipment at the store ("Market"). To sell equipment, open the "Sell" tab and mark the equipment for sale. You get vouchers for the equipment sold. Use vouchers to make purchases ("Buy" tab). Here you can sort the offers by price and select the ones available to you based on the vouchers available.

Transfer of equipment stats. You can transfer stats from unused original equipment to equipped (target) equipment. You can only transfer one stat to choose from. The transferred stat will not be added to the stats of the equipped equipment - it will replace the selected stat. To transfer, mark the equipment marked as "Transfer", and in the window that appears, select the stats:

Confirm the procedure and pay the required amount in cash.

Check the stats of unused equipment for their transfer! It is not uncommon for a source gear with a lower BR to have better stats than a target gear. Your task is to make the transfer in time and increase the power of your weapon.

My Hero Academia: How do I get new heroes and support cards?

Hiring. The main way to get new heroes and support cards is by hiring from the "Recruit" menu. Here you see 3 tabs: basic hiring, special and limited. You can get both whole heroes and their fragments. Upon receipt of a duplicate hero, it is replaced with fragments. Support cards are always dropped in one piece.

Basic recruitment of heroes. This is where you get character fragments from Class 1-A of the original story. For every 10 recruitment attempts, you are guaranteed to drop a whole hero. Moreover:

For basic recruitment, regular recruitment tickets are used. 1-x and 10-x recruitment is provided, while bonus free recruitment attempts are not provided by the rules of the game.

Basic hiring of support cards. Get support cards of various stars in the base hire. 10 attempts guarantee you a 4-star card, 30 attempts a 5-star card, and 100 attempts a 6-star card! To be hired, you need R&D tickets, which are purchased at the store.

To replenish the stock of the necessary tickets, press the "+" at the top of the call screen and go to the store. Spend Hero Coins to purchase new tickets - this will not only get you the item you want, but also close the Daily Goals for spending Hero Coins.

Special and limited hire. These two types of hiring are limited in time and only available for a specified period. Here you have the opportunity to get featured heroes and their support cards for using recruitment attempts the required number of times. For example, in the above promotion, players have a chance to get the Endeavor hero for 100 limited recruitment attempts during the event. Be careful - special and limited recruitment uses different types of recruitment tickets.

Keep track of new recruitment events and, if possible, participate in them. According to our observations, this is where players have the highest chances of getting themselves new S-heroes and the best support cards.

My Hero Academia: Campaign Walkthrough (Peacekeeping Handbook)

Concept. Peacekeeping Handbook is the main game mode in which your heroes have to cleanse the city of villains and restore peace to society. 3 characters take part in the battles: each of them fights in a separate location. The fourth battle of any stage of the campaign always takes place with the boss. At the same time, one random hero also fights in it - the one that is closest to the boss’s location. Campaign battles consume stamina (20 units per battle). As a reward for the battle, you get experience for pumping your account, energy, cash and items for training heroes. The reward for the first playthrough is always double.

Equally pump all the heroes of the combat squad to successfully complete the bonus objectives of each battle and select a strong fighter for the final battle with the boss. Remember that any hero of your party can be chosen for the most difficult battle!

Campaign structure and "Peacemaker Rewards". Campaign battles are structured into chapters, each of which is broken down into stages. For completing any stage of the campaign, you automatically receive the Peacekeeper’s Reward (hero fragments and recruitment tickets). The most valuable reward is given with the complete passage of the chapter.

You can always check your progress towards earning Peacekeeping Rewards and see the full list of prizes by clicking the Peacekeeping Rewards icon on the left of the main screen.

How do I get into the campaign? Campaign quests (Main Quests) are displayed in the main quest menu on the main screen on the right. In addition to stage battles, sometimes they provide for various dialogues between the heroes. To open a separate campaign menu, go to the game activities menu, select the "Solo" section and click on the "Peacekeeping Handbook" in it.

Stage bonus objectives and stardom. Every battle in the campaign has bonus objectives. Their types:

The number of completed bonus goals determines the stardom of the stage: you get 1 star for a victory, 2 stars for completing two bonus goals, and 3 stars for completing all bonus goals. Stages that have scored 3 stars can be replayed using drone and collect rewards in one click.

If you are unable to complete the fourth objective of the stage, try to power up the hero chosen for this battle. For example, temporarily equip him with the strongest support cards in your collection.

What if I can’t complete a stage with 3 stars? First of all, don’t be discouraged. Keep pumping your heroes, support cards and equipment. Don’t waste your stamina trying to go through a losing battle over and over again. Better spend it in supply battles and replenish your stocks of materials.

Check out the recommended BR battle party before joining the next battle in the campaign. If the declared BR is much higher than yours, then it is best not to waste stamina and continue to improve your heroes to the required parameters.

Use of drones. Collect rewards from completed stages in one click using Rush. A very handy feature, especially when you need to get new items to train your heroes. To use Rush, you need the drones that you get when you progress through the campaign. Keep in mind: Dash consumes stamina!

My Hero Academia: Getting Leveling Materials, Supply Battles

Supply battles. To additionally get the necessary materials for pumping heroes, go through the supply battles (Supply). There are four activities available to you here:

One battle in supply battles consumes 15 units. stamines. Any activity can be completed 20 times a day.

Spend your stamina wisely. Determine what kind of material for pumping you most need at the moment, and use stamina only in the necessary activity. Monitor your materials, get the most scarce supplies in battles. Most often these are Rapid Reinforcement Cards.

Stages and complexity. Each supply battle has stages of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the larger the rewards you receive. Stamina consumption does not depend on the complexity of the stage. To find out if your heroes are suitable for battle on a stage, select the one you need, click "Confirm" and see the recommended BR for passing. If your fighter’s BR is significantly inferior to the stated requirements, then it is better to abandon the battle and "go down" to a lower stage. If the recommended BR is not much higher than the hero’s strength, then you can successfully complete the battle.

Always fight at the highest difficulty level possible for you to get the most rewards and use your stamina most efficiently. To save time, check the box for five fights in a row.

How do I assign a fighter to play? At the initial stages of difficulty, one hero takes part in the battles. In the future, 3 heroes will fight in battles. To assign a fighter, select a stage, click "Confirm" and tap on the slot with the hero. A window with your characters will open for you, where you can approve the desired fighter to complete the battle. For your convenience, you will be given the BR values ??of the heroes - compare them with the recommended BR of the stage and approve the strongest fighters for battle.

My Hero Academia: Heroic Challenges and Night Ops Walkthrough

Hero Trials. Hero Trials - Daily solo activity to get Hero Fragments. Here you are guaranteed to receive 2 fragments of the heroes presented for each battle won. On your first playthrough, you collect 6 fragments. You can take part in each battle 2 times a day (attempts can be reset at 05:00 PT). Additional attempts are not provided. In battles, you consume stamina (25 units per battle). If lost, the attempt will not be counted. As new battles are unlocked, the difficulty of the passage increases.

Completing Hero Trials is your top priority in the early days of the game. Be sure to participate in this activity as many times as possible and collect as many fragments of Midoriya, Kaminari and Kirishima as possible. This way you will be able to spend more resonances of heroes, as well as get progress in important events for newbies.

Available Hero Trials activities. Initially, you have access to battles to obtain fragments of the first hero - Izuku Midoriya. As you progress through the chapters of the campaign, activities will open up for you to receive fragments of other fighters from class 1-A of the original story of My Hero Academia:

Try to progress the campaign mode as far as possible to get the opportunity to get new fragments of heroes in Hero Trials for free.

Night trials. Complete Night Ops, complete missions to clear territories from villains and get chips for pumping heroes as rewards. The activity opens at the 6th chapter of the campaign (after passing the 1st stage) and includes 2 modes: Chemical Crisis and Operation Dawn. The second mode is activity of increased difficulty, but with a higher probability of winning rare chips. Pass it wisely, judiciously assessing your strength. The cost of completing the battle is 25 units. stamines.

Night Ops is the best and most effective way to get good chips for your heroes. Get involved in activities every day. To save time, check the box "Pass the test 5 times" so that the hero will automatically enter the next battle.

Night Challenge Shop. For completing Operation Dawn, you get three types of badges: iron, silver and gold. Exchange badges at the Night Test Shop for chips of various stars. You can purchase 4, 5 and 6 star chips here. The very best are only sold for gold badges.

My Hero Academia: Participation in Operation X (Operation X)

Concept. In Operations X, you have to explore a map of locations, find and arrest villains, complete quests and other tasks. Activity is divided into chapters - each of them has its own goals and villains. All your heroes take part in the operation, while you yourself choose the right fighter to go through the battles.

Carefully study the location map and designations on it. Your path to the final villain must be fast and as efficient as possible. Be sure to clear the locations where the chests with rewards are located. It is advisable to collect all the chests - the most valuable of them contain rare prizes, including unique furniture for the dormitory. To see the explanation of the symbols on the map, click "?" at the top of the map.

Energy for battle. Any hero has three energies to complete battles in Operations X. When all the energy has been spent, the fighter will not be able to participate in the battles of the current chapter. That is why you need to distribute the forces of the team so that your strongest hero takes part in the most difficult battles with the final villain.

Before any battle, you see the data on the recommended BR - focus on them to determine the difficulty of the battle. Your fighter will be able to win even if the recommended BR is slightly higher.

Buffs. After winning a battle, you get the opportunity to choose one of three buffs that will be used in battles later. The buffs offered come in several qualities, from blue to orange. All available buffs are stored in the bag. For a complete list of buffs, click the "Information" button and open the "Buff" section.

It is best to choose the highest quality buffs aimed at increasing damage and restoring HP.

Reward chests. For clearing the territory from the villains, you get rewards in the chests. Be careful: chests must be picked up manually. To do this, you need to go to the object and press the button that appears on the screen with the image of a hand. If you do not do this, you will not receive your reward. There are different types of chests. The standard blue chests usually contain hero recruitment tickets and leveling materials, while the most prestigious, orange ones, you may come across unique dorm furniture.

You can always familiarize yourself with the contents of the chests in the current chapter of Operation X by clicking on the preview of any of them in the activity lobby.

My Hero Academia: Team Competition Guide (Co-op)

Team competition, the choice of the hero. In these activities, you will face the most powerful and difficult enemies. To successfully complete such battles, they must be played in teams of three allies (Co-op). One hero from each player participates in the party. To select the required fighter for team competitions, go to the heroes section, open the page of the desired character and click the "Deploy" button - after that the selected fighter will fight under your name. You can change it at any time, before the start of the activity.

In team competitions, your strongest hero should always take part. Strive to win the MVP title in battle for the best rewards. To do this, additionally strengthen your fighter while participating in team competitions - select the best support cards and chips for him.

How to assemble a team? You can submit a request to an existing team or create your own by sending invitations to other players on the list. To do this, tap on an empty participant slot in the activity lobby, and in the list that opens, click the "Invite" button opposite the players’ nicknames. Be careful with your squad selection - always focus on BR players and Recommended Quirks (Rec.Quirk). Remember that the higher the level of activity, the more difficult it will be for you to pass it, which means that weak heroes will not be able to inflict proper damage, will not survive the battle and will lose it.

We recommend that you take place team competitions during the peak of activity on the server, when most of the players are online. This gives you more choice when looking for suitable members for your team.

Types of team competitions. The following types of team competitions are available in the game:

Activities differ in the received rewards and the specifics of access to the passage. Their rules for selecting teams are identical.

Joint operations. Joint operations are available throughout the day. Activity is divided into many chapters, each of which has BR recommendation requirements and is unlocked as the required account level is reached. For victories in battles, you receive rewards - equipment, materials for pumping support cards, chips, etc. You have 1 reward attempt per day. If the battle is unsuccessful, the attempt is not expended.

Upon reaching the required thresholds for the passage of joint operations, receive additional rewards from the "Quests" tab. These include Hero Coins, Cash, and Support Card Upgrade Materials.

Emergencies. The daily event "Emergencies" is activated once a day if you complete daily quests and spend stamina. When the event starts, you will see the corresponding notification on the screen. After that, go to the activity lobby and select a team to participate in the battle. You can also help other players go through the "Emergencies" event.

To activate this event, do not forget to complete hero quests and consume stamina in solo trials. When completing "Emergencies" you have a chance to get good support equipment. Compulsory participation is recommended once a day.

My Hero Academia: Passing Agency Certification

Concept. Agency assessment is one of the cooperative game modes where you have to clear the floors of villains and bosses in a team of three players. Currently, certification is carried out in three locations:

Each location provides separate floors and separate achievement ratings for the best clearings. Battles are divided into seasons and rounds. The faster you pass the location at the end of the current round, the more rewards you get. Among them are support equipment and materials for pumping it. Passing the certification consumes hero stamina (replenished daily at 05.00).

Visit the passage ratings section more often to see the results of the certification of other teams and pick up the "first achievement" rewards - hero coins and cash. To receive rewards, click on the gift box at the top of the ranking.

The terms of participation. To pass the certification, you need to assemble a team of players and request "agency permission". This can be done by clicking the "Agent permit" button in the activity lobby. Be careful: the permission to qualify players is reset at the beginning of each round and requires a second request. Attestation results are calculated on Thursdays and Sundays. Ranked rewards are sent to the players with the best scores for each round.

The higher the activity floor, the higher the rewards you can get. Try to fight on the highest floors available to you in order to receive high-quality support equipment!

Objectives of certification. By going through the activity, you achieve the certification goals. The goals are broken down into 3 sections: Daily Goals, Round Goals, and Performance Achievements. All of them provide for the performance of certain actions and the passage of the required floors. For completing the next goal, you receive rewards: equipment (including orange) and materials for pumping it. Receive your rewards on time. To do this, watch for the exclamation mark on the "Target Quest" button in the activity lobby.

Agency permission. The higher the permitted level and the permitted attestation floor, the more difficult the stage is activated. The level allowed depends on the level of your account. The allowed floor resets to 1 at the start of each new round. Use permission to activate the attestation stage. Complete the test to increase the minimum resolution limit. Failure results in revocation of the permit. Agency permission and account level dependency:

Account levelPermitted levelPermitted floor
Above 60601-21
Remember to check the current villain buffs on the different floors by clicking the "Assessment Affixes" button in the activity lobby. All buffs are volatile and change every week! Depending on the current buff, put up heroes with the necessary quirks for battle.

Receiving awards. After completing the stage, you see 5 hidden cards - each of them contains your rewards. You turn over 3 cards for free. To flip over the remaining 2, use the "tickets of luck" obtained in daily activities, including when completing all daily hero quests (random extra prize).

We recommend that you open all 5 cards and do not accumulate "tickets of luck". On the high floors of Qualification, you always have a chance to get legendary equipment. This opportunity should not be neglected.

My Hero Academia: Arena Battle Guide

Concept, features. Arena Challenges is a PvP mode in which you have to fight the heroes of other players. Autoboy is not used in the arena, all heroes use "Absolute energy of skills", which is depleted as it is used. Level, skills, support cards and other elements of pumping fighters are not taken into account in battles in the arena - here it is important to be able to properly control your character and use his abilities. All opponents for battles are selected at random. To take part, go to the arena lobby, select a mode and click "Match".

Arena battles are challenging challenges. Before participating in these battles, it is recommended that you study the abilities of your fighters in advance and select the best of them using our Tier List.

Winning rules. For defeating the opposing team, you get points. If you fail, your points are deducted. Based on the points received, players are assigned to leagues. You get rewards every time you move to a new league. All awards and attempts are reset at the start of a new arena season.

Keep your distance in battles. Do not allow your fighter to be in the opponent’s field of action and be blocked. The key to winning arena battles is constant control of the hero and the ability to use his skills.

Arena modes. There are three modes in the arena:

Arena quests. As you master the arena, complete the arena quests and get rewards: hero coins and experience. The daily quest includes the task to take part in a match or The Point Battle. For its completion you will receive 10k cash. Weekly quests also include:

Get rewards for arena quests on time. Rewards do not have a cumulative effect, uncollected prizes burn out after a specified period.

My Hero Academia: Super Co-op Battle

Concept. In the Super Tournament, you fight in the auto-battle mode with teams of other players. 3 heroes from each side take part in the battle. As you win, you receive rewards - battle cards, hero coins and cash. All Super Tournament players are divided into qualifying leagues. When you rank top in your qualifying league, you are eligible for a qualifying match. If you win it, then move to the next league. 5 battle attempts are available per day. Additional attempts can be purchased with Hero Coins.

Super Tournament battles are considered daily activity goals. Try to participate in battles every day to advance in the ranking, improve your skills and earn more rewards.

Formation building. There are 2 types of basic formations for battles in the Super Tournament:

With a defensive formation, your fighters will be focused on containing the enemy and avoiding damage. In an attacking formation, the heroes, on the contrary, will try to inflict maximum damage and "break through" the enemy’s formation. You can always change the formation by clicking the "Formation" button in the lobby.

The total BR of your combat squad in the Super Tournament depends on the selected formation. Always focus on this indicator, and choose a formation in which the BR party will be higher.

Recommended teams, helper heroes. Use the heroes-assistants to assist in the battles of the Super Tournament. Below, we present the recommended teams of fighters with the selection of the necessary support heroes. According to the observations of many players, these teams are more likely to win competitions and allow them to advance faster in qualifying leagues:

If you manage to get all the heroes of one of the proposed groups, form a formation with their participation as soon as possible and send them to the battles of the Super Tournament. Do not forget to evenly pump the fighters of the same squad so that they are equal in strength.

AFK income and in-store purchases. Being in a qualifying league contributes to the accumulation of battle cards - the currency of the Super Tournament. The higher your league, the more battle cards you receive per hour through passive income. Battle cards are needed for purchases in the Supertournament store: items for pumping the talents of heroes and costumes are sold here.

We recommend saving up battle cards and buying costumes for heroes, since the Super Tournament store is the only way to purchase them. Costumes contribute to an additional increase in the stat indicators of heroes.

Battle log and quests. Click "Record" to view the data on your victories and defeats in the Super Tournament. Also, do not forget to complete the Super Tournament quests: they represent various achievements in this activity. By fulfilling the requirements, you will receive hero coins as a reward.

My Hero Academia: Guide for the development of the hostel, rules for completing quests

Why do you need a hostel? The Dorm is where your heroes live and rest after completing their daily errands. Here they fill the mood necessary for their passage. If the hero does not live in a dormitory and does not use the objects of his interior, he will be in a bad mood, and he will not be able to carry out assignments and receive awards. It is worth noting that as a reward for completing assignments, you receive packs with items for pumping the proximity of heroes. Proximity is needed to unlock new bonus stats and level up the hero. Thus, the pumping of heroes directly depends on the state of your hostel.

The dorm is a very important part of the gameplay that needs to be developed. In addition to replenishing the mood of the heroes, the hostel is a resource base for receiving stamina, and in the future - energy, cash and gift boxes.

Unlocking new rooms. The dorm has 6 rooms, with the first room being initially open, and the subsequent ones being unlocked subject to two conditions:

We recommend that you unlock new rooms gradually - as you get new heroes. If at the beginning of the game you have 3-5 heroes available, then they will not need 6 dorm rooms at all. During this period, it is best to spend currency on the purchase of accessories and increase the comfort indicator in already open rooms.

Accommodation of heroes in rooms. Go to the dorm by clicking "Dorm" on the side-left menu of the main activity screen. Here you will see the facade of your hostel. Click the "Member" button, and slots with room residents will open in front of you. Each room can accommodate 4 heroes. You can edit the list of tenants in your own way, swap them and move them to other rooms. Just select a room, tap on any slot and tick the heroes you want to place here.

Place the heroes evenly in the rooms, strive to ensure that an equal number of characters live in each room. This will make it easier for you to fulfill their desires and fill the room with furniture.

How to replenish the mood of the heroes? When the hero is in the dorm, his mood is gradually restored. When the hero first enters the dorm, his initial mood will be full by default. The higher the comfort indicator in the room, the faster the hero in it will restore his mood. Improve your room’s comfort by arranging furniture and furniture sets. Comfort metrics and mood recovery rate:

Comfort indicatorMood recovery in an hour

The hero’s mood is spoiled when he runs errands. During the process of completing the assignment, the characters cannot restore their mood - this is possible only after completing the quest and returning to the hostel.

Send the heroes back to the rooms on time. Increase the comfort of the rooms and make sure that heroes in a good mood are sent on assignments in a timely manner.

Completing daily quests in the hostel. Every day you have 4 quests available in the hostel. Their completion takes no more than 2 minutes, but for these tasks you get currency to buy furniture, which is very important. Types of tasks.

Don’t forget to complete the daily quests after the heroes return from errands! It is at this time that the characters wish to use the furniture that is in their rooms.

Achievements (quest phases). As you master the dorm, increase the comfort in the rooms and purchase new furniture, you will complete achievements and receive additional currency to buy furniture. See the progress of completing achievements and daily quests in the "Quest Target" window (the "Quest" button on the left of the screen).

Purchase of furniture. Where can I get currency to buy? There are three ways to obtain currency for buying furniture:

To buy furniture, go to the Shop. Here you are presented with pieces of furniture, for convenience, grouped into sections. You can pick up certain items - tables, beds, chairs. Also available is a section with ornaments for parts of the room - floor, windows, walls. In the product card, you see the cost, how much comfort this furniture gives (icon with a leaf) and the stardom of the furniture. The higher the stardom, the more comfort you can get by placing furniture in the room.

Pay special attention to the "Sets" section of the store. By purchasing all the items in the same set and placing them in the same room, you will receive a large increase in your comfort indicator.

Placement of furniture in rooms. After buying furniture in a store, it needs to be placed in the room. To do this, click the "Edit" button in the hostel. You will see a general view of your room, similar to the one shown in the screenshot. Select an item from the list on the left side of the screen and the furniture will be in the middle of the room. Use the green mesh markings to give the furniture a better position and click "Ok" to confirm it. You can remove furniture and move it to another room, unfold, swap, arrange according to a conceived scheme, in a word, fully show your talent as a designer!

After placing the furniture, do not forget to click the "Save and Edit" button to save the changes! Otherwise, the new furniture arrangement will not be used and you will have to do it first.

Follow list. The "Follow list" menu displays your friends and random players who visit your dorm to complete the daily quest. You can use this list to clean specific players’ rooms. Just hit "Visit" and you will be taken to their hostel where you can complete the first task of the daily quests.

My Hero Academia: Commission

Orders (Commission). Entrust your heroes with tasks for a certain time. After completing them, you will receive rewards - currency for buying furniture in the hostel and packs with items for pumping intimacy. To start executing orders, open the activities menu and click the "Commission" button on the left sidebar. You will see a list of available orders. Select the one you need, assign the necessary heroes for it (the "Quick Deploy" button) and confirm the start of the task.

Do not forget to complete assignments on time, replenish the mood of the heroes in the hostel and send them back on assignments. Heroes with a full mood limit should always be busy doing errands so that you can collect more rewards.

Rules for the execution of orders. Only heroes that you have available can complete tasks. At the same time, for each assignment, characters are needed that meet the requirements for class, level and purpose. If you do not have the required heroes, the quest cannot be started. Completing assignments affects the characters’ mood - it decreases by 100 units. To restore the lost mood, send the heroes back to the hostel and give them time to rest.

Quests are updated daily at 05:00 (PT), and Quest rewards that were not claimed the day before may be claimed the next day. It will not affect the daily update.

List of available orders. As your city prosperity rises, so does your list of available errands and their quality. Accordingly, the higher the quality and number of assignments, the more rewards you will receive for completing them.

My Hero Academia: Hero Quests, City Prosperity Leveling

What are Hero Quests? Heroic Quests is a daily set of tasks that your lead character performs. Quests can include searching for items, participating in investigations, quizzes, battles with villains, regular dialogues with NPS, etc. To go to the execution of heroic quests, click on the map on the main screen, select the "Daily Quests" section, tap on the quest and click "Go to". Stamina is not consumed in hero quests.

Use Rush Tickets to complete hero quests in one click! This is the fastest way to complete them. Earn Rush Tickets for daily markers and daily goals.

Awards. Completing Hero Quests will earn you cash, experience, training taiyaki, and an increase in your city prosperity. For completing all heroic quests, you receive bonus rewards, including an extra prize, where valuable rare gifts can drop out.

Don’t confuse the Daily Hero Quests with the Daily Activity Objectives - they are not related in any way and give different rewards.

What are Side Quests? The second type of quests on the map are side quests. Similar to the hero quests, here you will also face a variety of tasks: from participating in quizzes to fulfilling the given battle conditions (for example, to have time to stop and neutralize a moving villain). Completing side quests will earn you cash, experience, and an increase in your city prosperity. New Side Quests appear as your daily activity and the passage of the chapters of the campaign. Unlike hero quests, they cannot be completed in one click using Rush Tickets.

Complete all available side-quests as quickly as possible for new tasks to appear. This will provide a quick boost to your Urban Prosperity score and level up your account by gaining experience.

How to pump urban prosperity and why is it needed? The level of urban prosperity determines the ability to unlock new dorm rooms, open more errands and side-quests. Plus, for every increase in Urban Prosperity, you collect rewards such as Hiring Tickets, Support Cards, and Rare Dorm Furniture! To increase the level of urban prosperity, complete as many heroes and side-quests as possible - with each closed quest you increase the current value of the prosperity scale. When it is completely filled, prosperity increases in level.

My Hero Academia: Alliances in the game, training and exercises

Joining an alliance. The Alliance is a community of players united for joint development and gaining gaming advantages. Joining an alliance and actively participating in its events brings many bonuses and at the same time helps to improve the alliance itself. To join an alliance, open the activities menu and click the "Alliance" button on the left sidebar. Here you will see a list of all server alliances.

Join the highest level alliances, always check the number of community members - it is best to be in popular alliances with many players. It is in such communities that the highest indicators of activity, which means the best development prospects. Alliances are closed and open. You can get into open alliances immediately after submitting an application, and into closed alliances - only after its approval by the community leadership. As a rule, the server’s TOP alliances are closed communities.

Strive to get into the best server alliance. To do this, carefully read the entry requirements, follow them and submit your applications. Do not sit in inactive alliances - such communities will not help you in any way in pumping and getting more rewards.

Alliance level and experience. As events take place inside the alliance, the experience of the alliance increases. Upon reaching the current maximum experience, the leader of the alliance must manually increase the level of the alliance. The higher the level of the alliance, the more alliance events available to its members. The level also affects the limit on the number of members and deputy leaders of the alliance.

Alliance donations. Donations from alliance members increase the overall progress of daily donations, give experience, points and alliance credits. Be sure to donate to earn Alliance Points for in-store purchases. When daily progress reaches 40, 80 and 120, all members of the alliance receive additional group rewards. Joining a new alliance will not remove any group rewards that the player has already received. Donation progress and rewards are updated daily at 05:00. Types of donations:

DonationThe number of points and credits of the allianceExperience gained
x5000 cash100fifty
x20 hero coins100fifty
x50 hero coins15075
Making donations to the alliance is one of the daily goals for getting activity. Don’t forget to donate and grow your alliance.

Alliance store. Buy goods in the alliance store for pumping heroes, support weapons and dormitories. The store currency is alliance points that you receive for donations. Keep in mind that there is a purchase limit for each product! The assortment of the store’s offers is updated once a week.

We recommend accumulating points and purchasing rare items for pumping in the alliance store, for example, high-rank amplifiers for support equipment or unique pets for the dormitory. Thus, you will spend the earned currency as efficiently as possible and will be able to get items that are difficult to get in activities, especially in the initial and middle stages of the game.

Alliance training. To start training an alliance, the leader needs to pay alliance credits. During training, all participants can challenge the Almighty. Trainings are held once a day, the limit is reset daily at 05.00. You have free and paid attempts that are bought with alliance points. If you leave the activity without ending it, your call attempt will not be counted. You can only participate in one alliance training per day.

Unspent Challenge attempts do not carry over to your next workout, so be sure to use them when you can.

Training rewards. You get 2 types of rewards:

Based on the personal damage indicators, the rating of the players participating in the training is calculated. You do not receive any rewards for the rating - it serves only to reflect the statistics of the strongest fighters.

Alliance teachings. To participate in the exercise, the leader of the alliance must apply for registration. This can be done on Thursdays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 05:00 to 19:00 (PT time). Match selection takes place from 19.00 to 19.05. At this time, the participating members of the alliance must be on the battlefield. Don’t forget to enter there, otherwise you won’t be able to fight in the match! The battle itself takes place from 7:15 pm to 7:50 pm. Defeat your opponents and earn points. Based on the points earned, the summary rating of alliances is calculated and rewards are issued - alliance points, packs with elements for pumping, hero coins, recruitment tickets, etc.

Always check the reliability of your Internet connection while participating in major alliance events. If the connection is lost, your battle will not be counted, and you will not receive points for the battle.

My Hero Academia: Top Player Bonuses

What are bonuses? Where can I find them? Bonuses give you the opportunity to take additional rewards for being active in the game. These are various incentive prizes with resources and game currency that must be collected manually. Open the main screen of the game and click on the top rightmost icon (see screenshot). This will take you to the bonus menu, where you can complete tasks for daily and weekly goals, check your hero rating and the progress of unlocking game activities.

All bonus rewards, as well as tasks for receiving prizes, are updated. Take part in activities on time, prizes that have not been received cannot be recovered.

Recommended gameplay. Use the recommended gameplay to create your ideal activity plan. All the most important things are collected here: from completing assignments to participating in the Super Tournament. Recommendations are divided into two tabs: daily and weekly.

This section does not provide for the mandatory implementation of all activities from the list! Use your stamina as efficiently as possible, complete only the most important tasks.

Daily goals. Daily Objectives are a list of activities for the completion of which you receive daily activity points and open chests with additional prizes (containing hero coins, cash, and hire tickets). Complete list of daily goals:

Remember: you open all prize chests for earning 50 activity points. To do this, it is not at all necessary to complete all tasks from the list above.

We recommend making for yourself an optimal list of mandatory game tasks for the day. For example, you can combine stamina waste quests and supply battles, campaigns, and heroic challenges to resupply and advance in the game.

The best tactic for meeting your daily goals. For quick and easy daily goals, we recommend:

Weekly goals. Similar to your daily goals, here are the tasks you need to complete during the week. The list is constantly updated. Completing weekly goals will earn you Hero Coins, Cash, Vouchers, and more.

Level goals. As you level up, you unlock new "Level Objectives" - tasks related to obtaining, pumping heroes and performing activities. Complete goals and get rewards. Having closed all the goals of the previous level, you get to the next one.

Heroic rating. Heroic rating is tied to the Hero Challenge mode. You can enter this activity only from this tab (do not confuse it with training heroes on the character pages!). As soon as you get a new hero, you unlock his challenge mode and by default get three stars for his heroic rating. More stars can be obtained for this hero passing the battle with the given conditions, increasing his level and pumping BR. By getting stars, you take rewards from the "Hero Rating" bonuses tab, and also pump up the stats for all heroes!

Your progress in getting stars depends only on your progress in improving your heroes and overall activity in the game.

Login directory. The entry guide is your "memo" for opening all the activities of the game. Each section of the handbook is dedicated to a specific mode and includes several tasks. As a rule, they are all associated with the initial development of an activity and are quickly completed. For completed tasks you get rewards - hero coins and cash.

Entry Guide Rewards are a great way to multiply your Hero Coin supply in the early days of the game!

My Hero Academia: Is It Worth Playing?

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an exciting action game with many different activities that can interest and immerse players in the world of heroic deeds for a long time. For fans of the anime My Hero Academia, the game has become a separate gift, because it is a new opportunity to meet their favorite heroes! Even if you learned about My Hero Academia for the first time, it is definitely worth playing the game of the same name. Here are the pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Nadezhda D.