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Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG is a new RPG from IGG.COM. Gather squads of legendary heroes of ancient Greek mythology and challenge the dark powers. Your main task is to clear the continents of the world map from all villains and take control of them. The format of the battles: PvE and PvP, there are also large-scale fights in the Colosseum as part of the guild. The game features high-quality graphics, addictive gameplay and a convenient character leveling system.


  1. Tier List
  2. Cheats (promotional codes)
  3. A Beginner’s Guide
  4. How to upgrade heroes?
  5. Character Equipment Guide
  6. Divinity Talent Leveling Guide
  7. Hero Summoning Features
  8. Combat Mechanics Guide
  9. Campaign Stages Walkthrough
  10. Guide to the battles in Hell of Hades
  11. Ascension Quests
  12. Pantheon Challenge Guide
  13. Arena Battles
  14. Guild Guide
  15. Secrets of the Astrolabe
  16. Journal, Quest and Achievement System
  17. Is It Worth Playing?

Mythic Heroes: Tier List

So that our readers can assemble excellent teams, we have prepared a Tier-list of the best heroes in the game, dividing them by type. Legend of the levels in the hero lists:

If you do not find the characters you currently have in our Tier-list, please refer to the daily popularity rating ("Heroes" - "Popularity" tab). There you can see what heroes other players are in various activities of the game.

Best fighters

1. Lucifer. Level - S, PvE - excellent, PvP - excellent, Bosses - excellent. Lucifer is the best fighting class character. He has excellent abilities that inflict huge damage on enemies, restore energy and stun opponents. Skills:

Get Lucifer in the "7-Day Entry" promotion for newcomers to the game. This offer guarantees that you will find the strongest fighter on your team!

2. Susanoo. Level - S, PvE - very good, PvP - very good, Bosses - excellent. Susanoo is another great fighter who is especially good at boss fights thanks to his damage and stun abilities. Skills:

3. Artemis. Level - A, PvE - good, PvP - good, Bosses - very good. Artemis is capable of inflicting a lot of damage on enemies, stunning them and reducing defense. Deals very well with bosses. Skills:

4. Medusa. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - good, Bosses - good. Medusa is good at basic attacks in the area. Can steal enemy energy and increase his attack speed. Skills:

The best magicians

1. Tamano no mae. Level - S, PvE - very good, PvP - excellent, Bosses - very good. Able to avoid damage due to her agility, while simultaneously causing a lot of damage to enemies. Skills:

2. Ganjiang and Mine. Level - S, PvE - excellent, PvP - excellent, Bosses - very good. These two heroes form an amazing tandem. They switch roles, deal area damage, and use their super powers twice. Upgrade their weapons, and this pair will become a very formidable combat unit. Skills:

3. Izanami. Level - A, PvE - very good, PvP - excellent, Bosses - very good. Able to reduce the damage it takes, subject to the collection of Wandering Ghosts. Her abilities are very dangerous for opponents. Skills:

4. Persephone. Level - A, PvE - very good, PvP - very good, Bosses - excellent. An excellent debuffer and support. It can reduce the enemy’s healing abilities and do good damage at the same time. Skills:

5. Cleopatra. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - very good, Bosses - good. Great damage dealer. Can poison enemies with long-lasting poison, reducing healing and dealing damage. Skills:

6. Zeus. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - good, Bosses - good. Good massive damage dealer. Can deal additional true damage in excess of its skills, protect allies with a shield that can absorb damage. Skills:

Best supports

1. Nuva. Level - S, PvE - excellent, PvP - excellent, Bosses - very good. A versatile support hero that can heal, deal damage, and provide many buffs. The best support in the game. Skills:

2. Idun. Level - S, PvE - very good, PvP - excellent, Bosses - good. An excellent support hero, able to quickly restore health and energy to allies, which allows them to use their skills more often. Skills:

3. Nagakaina. Level - A, PvE - very good, PvP - good, Bosses - good. With the help of her weapon, she is able to protect and remove debuffs. Heals allies in huge quantities thanks to his superpowers. Skills:

4. Dionysus. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - positive, Bosses - excellent. The best support for boss fights thanks to its debuffs. Can seriously weaken enemies while strengthening allies. Skills:

5. Joan of Arc. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - positive, Bosses - positive. Able to take control of enemies at the very beginning of the battle, which often leads to a quick victory for allies. Skills:

The best tanks

1. Athena. Level - S, PvE - excellent, PvP - very good, Bosses - good. Can protect the team, heal allies with his shield and give them buffs for further resistance. Skills:

2. Hades. Level - A, PvE - good, PvP - good, Bosses - positive. An excellent attacking tank that can withstand significant damage from enemies, while using vampirism and keeping them at bay. Skills:

3. Gaia. Level - A, PvE - good, PvP - good, Bosses - positive. A resilient tank that can take a lot of damage and gain more health when hit.

4. Hercules. Level - B, PvE - positive, PvP - good, Bosses - positive. His weapon allows him to reduce damage taken from enemies’ auto attacks. Uses taunt, can knock enemies back and deal good damage to them. Skills:

Mythic Heroes: Cheats (promotional codes)

How do I apply the code? To apply a gift code from the developers and receive gifts, click on the avatar in the upper left corner and click the "Code" button. Enter your gift code and don’t forget to click "Confirm".

Examples of gift codes. Any gift code has an expiration date and will expire over time. Look for new codes on the official game page . Examples of actual codes:

Mythic Heroes: A Beginner’s Guide

Account binding, server. During installation, you are automatically taken to the newest server, while the age of its opening will not in any way affect the progress of the campaign, but will affect the position in the ratings, including in the Arena. It may also be difficult to join the top guilds of the server. We recommend starting the game on a new server on the day and even at the hour of its opening. Watch for new servers on the official pages, as well as in the game itself. To do this, click on your avatar in the upper left corner and click the "Servers" button. Here you will see all the existing servers in the game and will be able to select the newest one. Be careful: on the new server, you will start the game from the beginning.

Be sure to link your account to Google Play, Facebook or IGG page. So you can save game progress, protect it from loss in case of technical failures and transfer it to another device.

Account level. With the accumulation of knowledge, the level of your account rises. It determines the activity of the player, so most of the top guilds have introductory level requirements. Knowledge for leveling up can be obtained through the passage of the chapters of the campaign and in the Astrolabe.

It is recommended to devote the maximum free time to the game in the first days and go through as many of the initial stages of the campaign as possible in order to pump the account level and open most of the game modes. An active start is the key to a long and successful game.

The structure of the game. The activities of the game are concentrated on the tabs of the bottom menu:

Game currencies. There are 2 types of currencies available for you, their number is always indicated at the top of the screen:

Take a look at the leaderboard and collect diamonds for the first time server players complete the campaign stages and Ada Hades. Thanks to these rewards, you will be able to significantly replenish your diamond reserves in the early stages of the game.

Your bag. A bag is a place for storing game equipment. The slots in the bag have no limit, the contents are divided into tabs:

During the game you will receive fragments of various chests, runes and artifacts. They are all stored in the bag. When you accumulate 100 fragments of named items, you can open a chest with a reward or collect a whole equipment. Also combine fragments of heroes from a bag and get whole characters out of them.

Track the appearance of the "Reward" items in the bag. These can include experience points, stardust, or gold. Do not forget to activate these items in time to replenish your stocks of resources.

Quests in Mythic Square. Send your heroes to these tasks, receiving rewards for their completion (pumping resources and fragments of heroes). Types of tasks:

The daily limit of the available quests in the Mythic Square is limited. Do not forget to complete them in time to accumulate coins and get the final access to the Legends of the Gods.

Your friends. You can chat with friends, and also take their heroes to complete difficult stages of PvE battles and exchange friendship points. For 40 friendship points, you are entitled to a chest with resources. You can send 30 friendship points per day and get 20 points. The limit of friends is 30 people. Check in-game chats to find new friends. There are even special emoticons for those who are looking for new friends - with the inscription "Add me".

Your Friends List should be made up of active players who log into the game every day and send you Friendship Points! In this case, you will have a stable constant flow of resource chests, which will be very useful in pumping heroes.

Events for beginners. The game is generous with gifts, especially for beginners. Here you should pay attention to the following events:

Keep track of the expiration dates of the promotions. Hurry up to pick up all the awards.

Mythic Heroes: How to upgrade heroes?

Level up and sync. Pump the level of your heroes with gold and experience points. Upon reaching certain level thresholds, apply stardust to increase the pumping limit, as well as open or improve the character’s skills. Get all the materials you need (gold, experience points, and stardust) in battles, as well as in ascension missions, in the Astrolabe, and in the market.

By pumping over the first five heroes, you synchronize the level of all the heroes in your collection with the level of the fifth hero of the first five. In other words, by pumping the first five, you simultaneously improve all your characters until they reach ur. 300 (maximum level in the game). In the future, to open additional 5 levels of synchronization, the hero must have a Heavenly I rank or higher.

Your top five should have the strongest heroes that make up the main battle squad. It is recommended to use only UR and SSR heroes for this purpose. Pump your characters in the same way in order to evenly distribute pumping resources and get equal combat returns from each hero on the battlefield.

Strengthening and ascension of the hero. Thanks to the strengthening of the character, you increase his overall strength and indicators of health, attack and defense. Use tokens of characters of a similar faction to enhance (can be obtained by summoning repeating heroes in the Sanctuary of the Summoners). The boost level is indicated at the top of the character icon. The maximum amplification limit is 10.

Ascension increases the maximum possible level of the hero, and also gives increases to his main parameters. Unlike the enhancement, you only need tokens of this character to perform ascension. Resetting an Ascended Hero returns all Ascension Resources.

Reset the buff and ascension of unused SR characters to get tokens back and spend them on leveling the top five heroes.

Reset. You can always discard all the hero’s pumping for diamonds and get back the spent materials. To do this, click the "Reset" button in the upper left corner of its page and select the reset option:

The reset option has no limit and gives you a guarantee of protection against pumping errors. You can always completely change your priorities in improving your character and spend resources on another hero, making him the character of the first five.

Leveling up in the Museum. The museum is a collecting place for UR and SSR heroes. Get new characters of different elements and activate their exhibitions. For this you will be awarded 10 exhibition points. Collect enough exhibition points, increase your exhibition progress level and get an increase in the attributes of heroes. To view the attributes, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the scale of the received points.

When a hero reaches Legendary I, Mythic I, Heavenly I, and Infinite I ascension levels, show points increase to 15, 20, 25, and 30, respectively.

Mythic Heroes: Character Equipment Guide

Concept. The equipment includes 1 artifact and 3 runes. The correct use of equipment is of great importance for increasing the strength of the hero and the manifestation of the full spectrum of his abilities. Equipment types:

Artifacts and runes are divided according to quality levels, where level 1 (lowest) is green elements, and level 8 (highest) is luminous blue modified elements. Any artifact has its own skill. Each rune has its own direction and can only be placed in the corresponding slot. Collecting runes of one element activates the resonance of the elements and greatly increases the characteristics of the character.

To use the right gear and maximize your character’s power with it, be sure to use the individual guide for each hero! (button at the top of the character screen). Here you can find recommendations for the artifacts and runes that will give the greatest increase to the hero’s strength, as well as recommendations for using the necessary allies and talents of Divinity.

Where can I get ready-made equipment? Pick up a lot of equipment for victories in the stages of Hell Hades, while the higher the passable stage, the more valuable items you can drop. In battles and in the Astrolabe, you will receive fragments of artifacts and runes, which can later be converted into complete equipment. There is also a chance of getting equipment from the hero’s chests. Synthesize equipment of level 5 or higher in the alchemy laboratory (unlocked after stage 9-4 of the campaign). Another good source of equipment is shopping in the market.

Do not forget to periodically check the offers of the market and buy the necessary equipment there for use or synthesis in the alchemy laboratory. In the early stages of the game, the market can become the main way to obtain yellow level 4 gear.

Use of equipment. Go to the hero’s screen and press the "Equipment" button. For manual selection, click on the slot and select the desired item from the list. Remember to insert runes of one element into the slots. For automatic selection, click the "Wear quickly" button and select the preferred artifact and runes icon. Keep in mind that when using the automatic method, the hero receives equipment that is not used by other heroes. If you select equipment manually, you can exchange artifacts and runes between different characters (see screenshot).

Watch out for the exclamation mark on the "Equipment" button. He speaks of the appearance of better quality runes of the element used. Click the "Wear All" button to apply a better rune. Check the possibility of replacing the runes after the battles in Hell of Hades.

Equipment crafting. Alchemy Lab is a place for creating equipment of level 5 and higher. To get artifacts and runes of a higher level, combine 3 of the same type of equipment of the previous level. For example, to get a level 5 rune of darkness, you need to combine three level 4 runes of darkness, and they must all be in the same direction!

If all conditions are met, you will see an exclamation mark on the equipment slot. Click on the slot, click the "Create" button to go to the laboratory and complete the improvement. Newly created equipment automatically replaces previously used equipment in the slot. Higher level equipment blueprints are unlocked as the campaign progresses.

Artifacts and runes that are used on other heroes cannot be crafted! To pump the necessary equipment using the specified elements, remove them from the character slots.

Disassembly of equipment in the alchemy laboratory. After stage 9-4 of the campaign, an alchemy laboratory will open for you. Disassemble unnecessary runes and artifacts in it, receiving in return fragments of the corresponding type of equipment. After collecting 100 fragments, you can create random level 4 equipment in your bag.

Use the auto-dismantle option to dismantle level 1-3 runes and artifacts automatically. You can also apply quick dismantling and set your own parameters for dismantling equipment.

Mythic Heroes: Divinity Talent Leveling Guide

Concept. The discovery of the talents of divinity refers to the way heroes are pumped. Each UR and SSR character has 1 primary and 2 secondary divinities, which are unlocked and pumped when using special resources. The use of the talents of divinity significantly increases the power of the character and expands the spectrum of his abilities.

Check out the recommended divinity talents for use in the individual hero guide.

Raising the level of divinity. The level of divinity is increased with the help of gems of divinity (get them in the battles of the Pantheon, in the market and in the Astrolabe). Select a specific hero, go to his Divinity menu and click the Raise Level button to spend gems, fill the Divinity Level Up Rim and get Divinity Points. When you accumulate the required number of points, you will see an exclamation mark on the primary divinity icon. It means that you have gained access to unlocking talents.

Leveling divinity talents requires a lot of rare resources. First of all, discover the talents of divinity from the main five heroes that you most often use in battles.

Talent tree. Tap the Primal Divinity icon to view the Talent Tree of the Three Divinity Branches. There are many icons of your hero’s talents, which are unlocked with the help of a special resource - faith. Choose the talent you wish to receive and use faith to activate it. After activation, the talent icon will turn colored, and you will be able to receive the following talents in the chain (with a sufficient amount of Faith and Divinity Points). The talents of all three branches open in turn, as the level of divinity increases and the previous talent is activated.

If you do not have enough Divinity points, use Inherited Divinity - a special resource that can be obtained in the market and in special events of the game.

Skills customization. Divinity talents can only be used when installed. To customize talents, click the "Change" button in the divinity menu. Each hero can use up to 3 talents from each branch. To insert a talent into a slot for use, you need Divine Energy Nodes. Their number can be increased by obtaining new talents of divinity. Initially, you have 2 nodes at your disposal. You will receive new nodes when pumping divinity to levels 7 and 13 and opening the corresponding talents.

Mythic Heroes: Hero Summoning Features

Types of call. Summoning is not only a way of replenishing your collection of heroes, but also a source of obtaining tokens necessary for pumping the shock characters of the first combat five. To summon heroes, go to the Sanctuary of the Summoners. There are 3 types of summons:

In the absence of the required currency, you can conduct regular and limited calls for diamonds. Also, each type of call provides an option x10 - making 10 calls at a time (calling factions - only when using 10 scrolls).

When you pay for a call with x10 diamonds, you will receive a 10% discount in the usual form of a call - it will be 300 diamonds.

The chances of getting heroes. For any type of call, the following general chances of getting heroes are provided:

Getting duplicate heroes. The call does not exclude the possibility of getting duplicate heroes. If you receive a duplicate R-hero, then he is automatically dismissed, and you are given a tribute badge. Use these icons to trade at the Tribute Shop (Marketplace - Tribute Tab). When you receive duplicate SR, SSR and UR heroes, you are given tokens of the corresponding heroes. Tokens are used to ascend and power up characters.

Features of limited call. In the limited summon lobby, you can see three sections with heroes. To select the desired hero, click the arrow icon in the third section. As you make the call, the probability of getting the selected hero will increase until it is played (up to 100%). At the same time, the chance to summon the desired SSR hero from all possible SSR heroes is 50%.

The number on each section is the number of times left to increase the chances of winning that hero. Zero means there is no more chance.

Features of summoning factions. The summoning of factions automatically switches daily between factions in the order: Light - Darkness - Guardians - Nature - Light. You can manually activate the call of the heroes of the desired faction by paying diamonds. To do this, click the arrow icon above the word "Go" in the lobby. When manually selected, the automatic changeover system will not be affected.

Receiving summoning points and progress rewards. For each call of any variety, you get 1 call point and fill the progress bar of accumulating points. For accumulating 25, 50 and 75 points, you get gift chests with gold, experience points and stardust. For 100 points of summoning, you are given an SSR hero, while you yourself choose your preferred character from the four proposed options! Watch the progress of filling the scale in the upper part of the lobby for any kind of summoning, pick up intermediate awards and the main prize in time.

Do not accumulate summon scrolls, use them in a timely manner in order to quickly fill the progress bar of accumulating points and more often receive rewards (including the main prize).

Mythic Heroes: Combat Mechanics Guide

Information about enemies. To join the battle, go to the menu of the desired activity and click the "Fight" button. This will take you to the battle preparation screen. 5 heroes from each side take part in the battles. You can see the icons of opponents in the activity lobby, and the opponents themselves and their formation - on the preparation screen. You have access to information about the level of enemies, the level of their enhancement, their faction and the activation of the aura of the factions.

At the top of the preparation screen, the total combat power of your heroes in comparison with enemies is indicated. You will need all this data to create a worthy resistance squad. Attempts to complete battles are not limited (with the exception of a number of activities, for example, arenas). This means that you can lead your squad into battle as many times as you want, choosing the right combinations of heroes.

Use sorting on the preparation screen. This will help you unmistakably send heroes of the required types and factions into battle. To sort the heroes, click the round arrow button above the field with your characters’ icons.

Tactical advantage. The tactical advantage of heroes depends on their factions and gives an attack bonus of 25% when attacking an enemy hero of a vulnerable faction. The benefits are as follows:

The tactical advantage is shown schematically in the screenshot above. UR heroes belong to 2 factions, so their tactical advantages apply to everyone, and the additional effect of the damage dealt can be summed up. Please note: any tactical advantage does not affect bosses!

All your heroes must be well pumped, have equipment and runes. Otherwise, even with the correct placement of heroes with a tactical advantage over the opponent, you will not achieve success due to the low combat power of your squad.

Faction aura. Place 2 or more characters from the same faction on the battlefield to activate the help of the main faction in the form of an increase in ATK and DEF of the heroes. If you have a second group of characters belonging to the same faction, assistance to the auxiliary faction is also activated in the form of an increase in the final damage. These bonuses are cumulative.

Number of heroes on the battlefieldHelp of the main faction (increase in ATK and DEF)Supporting faction help (increase in final damage)
Check the activation of the aura of your factions and enemies by pressing the round buttons with petals on the battle preparation screen. Using the aura will help you win battles faster.

Conducting battles. During the battle, the heroes use their abilities automatically, without your participation. As the battle progresses, the characters accumulate energy (yellow scale) and spend health (green scale). At the same time, heroes can replenish health with the help of healers and their skills. When the hero’s yellow energy bar is full, he uses his super ability. The battle lasts 1 minute. and 30 sec. If you cannot defeat the enemies in the allotted time, then you will lose. The following options are available in battle:

It is recommended to use the "Auto" option to fully automate the battle and timely use the heroes of their superpowers.

Battle statistics. After the end of any battle, you can view the statistics of the participating heroes by clicking the "Characteristics" button on the summary screen. Here you will see the data:

Similar statistics are available at the command of the enemy. Use it to identify weak members of the squad and quickly replace them with more persistent ones. You can even watch the replay of the last battle to better analyze its results.

When analyzing statistics, be guided by the types of heroes. So, supports should always have high healing rates, fighters and mages should have damage indicators, and tanks should have received damage indicators. If heroes of different types give low indicators in their profiles, they should be definitely replaced or pumped more strongly.

Mythic Heroes: Campaign Stages Walkthrough

Concept and structure. Campaign is the first and main activity of the game. The passage of the campaign is divided into chapters, each of which is associated with the legends of ancient Greek mythology. The chapters themselves include many stages where you will fight opponents. The last enemy of any chapter is the "master" of the continent, the boss. The campaign stage can only be completed once. You get rewards for victories. The unlocking of other activities of the game depends on the passage of the stages of the campaign. The progress of the passage of the current chapter and the total number of its stages are displayed in the lobby.

Press the "World Map" button in the lobby of the current chapter of the campaign to move to the general map, see the description of all available continents and see your progress in unlocking world zones.

Awards. For victories in campaign battles, you receive gold, hero experience, knowledge to increase the player’s level and stardust to improve the strength of heroes beyond the established limits. The size of the rewards increases as you progress through new stages.

Earn 10 Summon Scrolls for completing each chapter of the campaign. Be sure to collect your prize on time by clicking the Campaign Alert button in the current chapter lobby or in the Kingdom sidebar.

Elite campaign. After completing stage 8-4 of the campaign, the "Elite" mode will open for you - more difficult stages of the campaign, for victories in which you will receive more rewards. Among them: gold, experience, stardust, gems of divinity and faith. A feature of the elite mode is the need to conduct several battles at each stage, while different teams of heroes must participate in them.

Here you will have to think through the numerous formations for each battle and decide which characters are best to use. To successfully complete the stage of the elite campaign, all your units must win. You can fight in any order. If the battle is lost, the victory record is saved. If you decide to exit the game, the current progress of the stage will be reset.

To defeat enemies in the stages of the elite campaign, call the heroes of your friends for help. Be careful: you can only use help once at a time. Only ask for support in the toughest battles.

Quickly progressing through campaign stages Important tips for readers. Use these tips for a victorious, fast, and enjoyable journey across continents:

Mythic Heroes: Guide to the battles in Hell of Hades

Concept. Fight in the Hell of Hades and get runes and artifacts for your heroes. Victories will give you new equipment, and the further you go, the more chances you have of getting high quality materials. To find yourself in the Hell of Hades, go to the "Campaign" tab and select the appropriate activity.

Set the "Auto-Attack" parameter to go through the zones of Hell Hades faster and get more rewards.

Awards for victories. In addition to gear, Hell Hades is a good source of resupply for stardust, diamonds, and selected rune fragments. Also, for completing certain stages within the same zone, you will receive rare rewards - scrolls of limited summons, lari with stardust, etc.

Try to always go through Hell Hades to the last stage available to you. Further, after completing the next pumping of the combat strength, try to go through new stages. Such tactics will allow you to get more rare artifacts and runes for additional strengthening of the heroes.

Environment skills. Hell Aida is divided into zones, which open in turn, after completing the stages of the previous zone. Each zone has its own negative environmental skill. When you fight, you see the environment skill icon on the battle screen (under the timer and the sequence number of the stage of the current zone) (see screenshot). If the skill acts on time, you can watch the timer count down. If the skill is constant within the zone, the corresponding icon will simply be displayed on the screen. Click on it to review the characteristics of the skill again.

For each zone of Hell Hades, characters of certain types will be important. For example, for the first zone you need excellent fighters and magicians, and in the second you need strong supports.

Mythic Heroes: Ascension Quests

Concept. Ascension Quests are boss battles, the rewards for which depend on the amount of damage dealt. Here you get a huge amount of gold, experience points and stardust. You need to take part in these battles every day in order to take away as many rewards as possible. This is an excellent source of replenishment of the most important resources for pumping heroes.

Types of tasks, features. There are 3 types of ascension missions:

Two dungeons (gold and experience points) are open for you daily. Ifrit’s Lair is open on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The challenge in each dungeon can be completed 2 times (including robbery).

Form the right teams to complete the Ascension Missions! Do not ignore the recommendations for heroes with the desired specifics of damage. Prepare your squads for each type of mission, while picking up the most pumped characters. Equip your heroes with the best artifacts and runes. Use the popularity rating to see what combat units other players are doing in this activity.

Specificity of fights. Your squad is fighting a boss that cannot be defeated, but can be damaged. During the battle, damage is indicated by a scale at the top of the screen. Each time the scale reaches its peak, the number of your prize chests is added. The more often you fill the damage scale, the more damage you will need to deal to fill the scale next time. After the end of the battle, the total number of chests is calculated and a reward is issued.

Since the bosses of ascension missions do not inflict serious damage, it is recommended to put only damage dealers in the squad, without using supports and tanks. This approach will give you great performance in battles.

Robbery. Should you use it? Plunder allows you to complete the challenge without fighting and receive the maximum reward equal to what you earned earlier. Looting can be done for each type of Ascension Mission. In this case, the execution of the robbery is counted as an attempt to pass. It is strongly discouraged to carry out the robbery at the first daily completion of tasks, since you are constantly improving your heroes, which means you make them stronger. Empowered heroes will always do more damage and win more rewards.

It is best to carry out the robbery on the second attempt to complete the test and only if you are sure that your battle team is assembled correctly, and at the moment the game is the best for completing a specific type of task. In all other cases, it is best to correct the composition of the squad and conduct the battle again.

Mythic Heroes: Pantheon Challenge Guide

Introduction. The Pantheon is a test for gaining points of courage and wisdom, as well as a source of valuable materials of divinity. The Pantheon opens every two days. All your heroes take part in the tests, while the health of the heroes after battles is not automatically restored! Here you get relics, blessings and mithril coins, which have an effect only within the Pantheon and are needed to receive various bonuses. At the end of the test, all progress and the number of items earned are reset to zero. We will talk about how to correctly complete the tasks of the Pantheon below.

Choice of profession. Having opened the Pantheon, you begin your journey, collecting mithril coins and meeting various tasks - combat and non-combat. In the first case, you need to go through the Trial of the Gods and win, in the second - choose the proposed bonuses or answer questions to replenish wisdom and courage. Your first non-combat test in the Pantheon is choosing a profession. Depending on the type of activity you choose, you will have access to some of the special features of the Pantheon.

Put your best heroes in the Pantheon squad - a shock combat team. Try to close all Trials of the Gods with them and prevent the death of individual characters.

Battles (Trials of the Gods). Battles in the Pantheon do not differ from other activities of the game, with the exception of bonuses received by your heroes. After a victorious battle, you are offered 3 relics to choose from. Each of them adds an advantage that can be used in passing further tests of the Pantheon. The more battles you fight, the more valuable the offered relics (from special to elite) will be. You can choose only one of them.

It is best to choose relics related to increasing the attack and HP of your characters, ideally a group of characters (for example, front or back line). Also very useful are relics that remove enemy characters from the battlefield and reduce enemy attack.

Predictions. In divination, you receive three cards and turn them over at random. A bonus is hidden under each card. You can choose a card the first time for free, and you flip the other two for mithril coins: the second card for 50 coins, the third for 100 coins. The bonuses received in the prediction take effect instantly.

Spend mithril coins and flip all cards. The predictions come across great bonuses, including those that revive all dead heroes and replenish HP to the maximum!

Temple of blessing. Once in the Temple of Blessing, you can receive blessings from various gods, including strengthening the defense, attack, and crit chance. blow, etc. These blessings will have a positive effect during subsequent battles.

Choose blessings from the same god to increase the level of the blessing and enhance its effect.

Amplifying blessings and buying relics (Treasures of the Gods). Once in the Treasures of the Gods, you can pump the effects of the blessings received in the Temple of Blessing, or purchase additional relics. The Treasury’s currency is Mithril Coins. Act according to the situation, depending on the composition of the combat unit and the quality of the blessings received. For example, if you have a lot of magic heroes in your squad, choose bonuses that will maximize the strength of the characters of this particular type.

After the journey ends, all Mithril Coins will be lost. Remember this and do not skimp on purchases and pumping important bonuses.

Wisdom and courage. Questions of the Pantheon. On your way, you will encounter questions from the Pantheon. By answering them, you will receive an increase in wisdom or courage. These two indicators are crucial in the battles with the boss of the Pantheon - Kronos.

Sometimes you will come across questions for which you can get an increase in both indicators. Even if the answer to a question seems to you to be ethically wrong, choose the one that gives you the wisdom or courage you need.

Focus on the prevailing types of heroes in your combat squad and focus on the growth of that indicator that can increase their damage.

Gifts of the three goddesses. A meeting with three goddesses gives gifts - restoring part of the energy, part of the heroes’ HP, or healing a fallen hero. You can only choose one gift. Here we recommend that you act according to the situation:

End: battle with Kronos. At the last stage of the Pantheon, Kronos is waiting for you. Fights with him are similar to the passage of ascension tasks - the more damage you inflict on the boss, the more final rewards you will receive. Among them are materials for pumping divinity and Pantheon badges for buying goods on the market.

Remember that damage to Kronos is largely dependent on the accumulated wisdom and courage that can be used by characters of different types.

Mythic Heroes: Arena Battles

Concept. Arena Battles - PvP game content. Here you challenge other players and defend against enemy attacks by deploying a defense team. Currently, the game provides 2 types of Arenas. Let’s talk in more detail about the first and main type of this activity - the Gladiator Arena.

Attempts to participate. Every day you can take part in 5 free challenges in the Arena. For additional attempts at battles, use a special item - invitations to the Arena (maximum 50 invitations are allowed). Invitations can be obtained from the Astrolabe, from the seekers’ chests, in the market, or bought directly from the Arena lobby.

Be sure to take part in free trials in the Arena and spend invitations to the Arena in time in order to fight more times and rise higher in the ranking.

Setting up a defense team. The first thing you need to do in the Arena is to deploy a defense team. To do this, go to the lobby and click the "Protection" button. This squad should include the most powerful heroes from your collection. Do not forget to regularly check the composition of the squad and update it in case of getting and pumping more capable characters. A weak defense squad is a godsend for the enemy. Don’t let the Arena points take away from you and go down the rating.

Click on "Records" to view your battle log and statistics on the addition (decrease) of Arena points. Click on the diagram and see the details of the battle in detail. If desired, the battle can be replayed (data is available for the last 10 battles).

Rating system, seasons. For victories in battles, you earn Arena points. If you lose, your score decreases. On the basis of the points received, the ranks and the seasonal rating of the Arena players are formed, on the place in which the rating awards depend. One season in the Arena lasts 2 weeks. After each season, high-level rewards will be available to players with a large number of Arena points. All points are reset at the end of the next season.

To receive rating rewards, you need to participate in the competition at least once.

Conducting battles, selecting opponents. To join the battle, click the "Challenge" button in the Arena lobby. You will be taken to the matchmaking screen, where the data is indicated:

It is best to choose opponents whose squad power is less than your squad’s power (or slightly more). However, be careful: some players go for cunning, deliberately underestimating the power of their defense squad, but putting one very strong hero in it. That is why it is important to study the pumping of the members of the enemy squad and the applied building bonuses. Before pressing the "Fight" button, you can always refuse to fight.

The squad with which you challenge the teams of other players must be formed separately from the defense squad!

Awards. For battles in the Arena, you receive currency - Arena badges (not to be confused with Arena points). You will need badges in the Arena market to exchange them for various items - fragments of heroes, summon scrolls, gears of time and other pumping resources. You can get to the Arena market from the lobby or from the Kingdom page.

Collect rank rewards as you rank in Arena Challenges. To do this, click the "Reward" button in the upper left corner of the lobby and select the "Rank" tab. Here you will also receive rating rewards at the end of the season (the "Rating" tab).

Mythic Heroes: Guild Guide

Why join a guild? Being in a guild gives you the opportunity to participate in more activities, receive more rewards and have more ways to increase your power. You can create your own guild or join an existing one - to do this, open the "Guild" page in the Kingdom and select the desired community from the list. In this case, it is worth focusing on the level of the guild and the number of its members. Language also matters - if guild members speak the same language as you, you can chat, make new friends and exchange game tips.

You shouldn’t sit in weak and inactive guilds. In such communities, Colosseum competitions are not held and the research center is poorly developed. In the event of a slowdown in activity in your guild, look for a more developed community for yourself. To do this, study the rating of guilds (Lobby - "Manage" button - "Search for guilds" button), view announcements in the chat and check which guilds are the best players on the server.

Guild currencies. For passing guild tests, you get 3 types of currencies:

Donate diamonds to the fountain of desires to replenish your guild currencies daily. You can make 5 wishes per day, and the first attempt is always free.

Altar of Fortune. The Guild Altar of Fortune opens every Sunday, from 00.00 server time. During the period of activity, guild members can use coins of luck and receive rewards in the altar. Among them: diamonds, guild badges, gears of time, fragments of heroes and inherited divinity for pumping divinity. To win the main prize, the item icons must match with the results in the pool. Attention: if guild members are more active, the reward for the treasure will be higher!

Luck coins can be obtained for the accumulation of guild activity: every 400 units. activities give one coin of luck. Additional Coins of Luck can be awarded if guild activity exceeds 400. To view the results of winning Coins of Luck, including the guild members who took the first, second and third places for accumulation, click the bottom "Last Week Results" button.

Do not miss participating in guild activities in order to earn more coins of luck and play the game in the altar. Here you can get prestigious prizes, in particular, shards of UR-heroes!

Blade spirit. Blade Spirit - Guild Boss Battles. Dealing damage to the boss, you improve your performance and pick up chests with rewards based on the results of the battle. The number of chests depends on the total amount of damage done. After losing a certain amount of health, the boss gains 1 level of enhancement. You can pass tests with the Spirit of the Blade 2 times a day, while Plunder is possible (receiving rewards based on the results of the last battle without a battle). For battles with the Spirit of the Blade, you are given guild currencies, as well as experience, equipment, diamond chests and gold. It is possible to drop random luck rewards.

Conduct tests with the Spirit of the Blade at the end of the game day, when your heroes are maximally pumped based on the results of the resources received earlier. Using this tactic, you will be able to deal more damage to the boss and get more chests with rewards.

Epic battles in the Colosseum. Battles in the Colosseum are held 2 times a week, each of them lasts 2 days: from Wednesday to Thursday and from Saturday to Sunday. 30 guild members with the strongest defense units are allowed to participate. To form your squad, click the "Join" button in the Colosseum and select "Edit formation". Also, don’t forget to check the "Join Epic Brawl" box.

The epic battle takes place in a 30 by 30 format. Each player can invade the other side up to 3 times a day, gaining victory points each time. The guild with the most Victory Points wins at the end of the Epic Skirmish. During the Epic skirmish, all levels of heroes are synchronized to ur. 300. Heroes’ equipment bonuses and attributes are ignored, but divinity talents and iconic weapons will continue to work.

Victory points are made up of Destruction Points and Destruction Points. Defeat points depend on the damage dealt, and destruction points can be obtained after defeating an enemy defense squad.

Guild Research Center. In the research center of the guild, 2 branches of technologies are presented:

Use charged omnichannels to upgrade technologies. The highest level of any technology cannot exceed the level of prior technology. The limit for improving technologies is determined by the level of the guild. Accordingly, the higher the activity in the guild, the more successfully you will be able to pass guild tests using the bonuses of the research center technologies.

It is recommended to evenly pump the technologies of the research center, having previously agreed with the guildmates the order of improvement. By collectively investing omnikni in priority technologies, you can quickly pump them to the current level limit.

Mythic Heroes: Secrets of the Astrolabe

Concept. Astrolabe is an activity that meets you every time you enter the game. Thanks to the Astrolabe, you can significantly replenish your stocks of resources, currencies and even equipment, and also upgrade your attributes.

Astrolabe Rules. The Astrolabe page contains the dial. Its outer rim contains the reward slots. The clock face of the Astrolabe gradually rotates, and the rewards indicated by the arrow are added to a heap of treasures. In addition to accumulating the usual rewards, when the arrow stops on a slot, it lights up. When all the slots on the outer rim of the dial light up, the arrow switches to the rotation of the inner rim with more valuable prizes.

Only a certain number of rewards can be stored in the Astrolabe’s treasure pile. Check back in the game more often to avoid overflowing your storage and get as many prizes as possible.

Truth cube. Collect fragments of the cube of truth to get its talents and bonuses (increases in health, attack, defense, accuracy and evasion of heroes). When the talent of the cube is unlocked, the connectors are activated and become available for opening. When one side of the cube is fully unlocked, the cube will flip to the other side, and you can open it further and increase its level. When all 6 sides of the cube are filled, the next cube will open.

Switch between the sides of the cube and between the cubes to view the open talent bonuses.

Acceleration of the Astrolabe. To avoid waiting for the dial to scroll, use the time gears. These items speed up the movement of the Astrolabe, and you can collect many rewards as a result. Gears of time can be obtained for completing achievements and tasks from the "Journal" tab, as well as in the Astrolabe itself. To apply gears, click the icon with their image to the right of the dial and set the required number of rotations (it is recommended to use all).

When speeding up the Astrolabe, remember to click on the gears icon again. Doing so will instantly complete all scrolls of the watch face and claim the rewards in one click.

Astrolabe Skills. There are 4 skill slots on the outer rim of the Astrolabe. When these slots are activated by an arrow, their icon fills with energy. The effect of the skill will be applied when the icon is filled with energy. Skill types:

Mythic Heroes: Journal, Quest and Achievement System

Concept. Go to the Journal tab to complete the daily and weekly quests and receive good gifts for them. Refer to your achievements and collect diamonds for your game progress. Quest rewards and achievements often become a useful aid in summoning and leveling characters.

The opportunity to receive an award is indicated by an exclamation mark on the "Journal" tab. Collect your gifts on time!

Daily tasks. This is a set of tasks for passing the main activities of the game. Each completed task gives you pieces of the puzzle, from which the picture presented on the page is assembled and colored. When collecting a sufficient number of puzzles, objects appear in the picture - chests, pots, scrolls, etc. Click on these items and take gifts. Prizes include SR shards, stardust, experience points, and regular summon scrolls. Types of daily tasks:

Progress is updated daily, prizes not received are not restored.

Weekly tasks. The system of weekly tasks is similar to the system of daily tasks. Here you get tasks for a week, gradually collecting the puzzle and "decorating" parts of the picture with valuable rewards, including scrolls of the usual call and fragments of the cube. Types of weekly tasks:

Achievement system. The achievements of the game are divided into 5 sections:

For completing achievements, get diamonds, experience points, stardust, cube fragments, rune fragments, shards of heroes, as well as VIP points, time gears, Arena invitations, arena badges (in some Adventure achievements), Pantheon badges, Faith and gems of divinity (in the achievements of the Pantheon).

For collecting achievements, you accumulate achievement points and fill the progress bar. As the scale is full, take the main prize - a chest with 5 scrolls of faction call!

Mythic Heroes: Is It Worth Playing?

Mythic Heroes is ideal for relaxation, does not require a lot of time to complete daily tasks, has a convenient and intuitive gameplay, as well as new game solutions that will undoubtedly delight fans of the genre. We played Mythic Heroes without using donated investments, checked the game balance and studied most of the activities, so we can talk about the positive aspects of this game by our example. Undoubted advantages:


Article author: Nadezhda D.