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myVEGAS Slots WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

MYVEGAS SLOTS is an Android game with a release date of 09/27/2013 from PLAYSTUDIOS INC. Game genre: Casino simulator. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. All About Player Profile & Level
  3. How to Get Chips?
  4. Tips on How to Beat the Casino and Basic Game Tricks
  5. Is it worth taking part in the events?
  6. Slot Guide
  7. Is It Worth Playing?

myVEGAS Slots: A Beginner’s Guide

ATTENTION! You cannot win real money or prizes. The game is created for entertainment purposes only as a simulation of a casino game.

myVEGAS Slots is one of the popular casino simulators of the fabulous Las Vegas. You will be deeply immersed in the world of gambling. The main point of playing at a casino is to earn as much money as possible by betting.

The main activity is betting on slot machines. The game is not Russified, all information is in English, however, at the beginning of the game, training is provided and it is quite easy to understand where to go and which buttons to press.

Rate. A bet in the game can be made as simple as possible. It is possible to decrease or increase the rate using the "+" and "-" buttons. The maximum bet can be set with the Max Bet button. The higher your game level, the larger the bets you can place.

Launch. The rotation of the roulette starts after pressing the "Spin" button. Each spin increases the percentage of passing the level and getting the next one. The won chips are credited to the account automatically.

Autostart. The game provides the ability to automatically start the slot machine with a set rate, so as not to constantly press the Spin button. To activate, you need to hold down the Spin button for a few seconds, to disable it, press Spin again. To stop spinning, you must also press the Spin button.

By turning on automatic mode, you can leave the phone and go about your business. The machine will continue to run and earn chips for you.

Winning. The amount of chips that you will receive as a result of a successful launch of the slot depends on the size of the bet. In case of winning combinations and winning streaks, the bet will be increased by the corresponding multiplier.

Interface. On the main screen, you can scroll through all the open slot machines and select the one you are interested in. At the top of the screen, an indicator of the game level, VIP-status, the number of gold and ordinary chips is displayed, a button to go to the store.

At the bottom there are buttons to navigate to the standings, slot machines with high stakes, receiving gifts for gold chips, the list of favorites, slot machines with jackpots. In the lower left corner there is an indicator of receiving a bonus for time, in the lower right there is a button for going to mail.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the settings menu via the Settings button. Customize music and sound effects, choose English, Chinese or Spanish. Here you can read the basic rules and get help from the developers.

Notification. Be sure to turn on notifications in the settings menu so you don’t miss out on important events. The game will inform you when you receive a message or the waiting time for receiving a reward is over.

Social networks. Through the official game community on Facebook, you can find receive information about all the news and game events. Also, the game developers often hold contests and give out impressive amounts of free chips.

myVEGAS Slots: All About Player Profile & Level

Account. Log in to the game via Facebook or the game center to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.

Data from multiple accounts cannot be combined into one.

Player level. Each bet made on the slot machine increases your experience in proportion to the amount wagered. The more you play, the faster your level will rise.

Level Up Rewards:

Loyalty program. In order to get VIP status and get more advantages in the game, you need to be an active player. Status points are earned by purchasing chips, receiving event rewards, and launching slot machines.

VIP status:

When reviewing your VIP level upgrade progress, pay attention to the time countdown during which you need to earn the required number of points to maintain your current VIP status. If you cannot collect the required number of points, then your balance will be reset and a new period will begin.

Benefits of VIP status:

myVEGAS Slots: How to Get Chips?

Types of game currency :

Receiving. To stay in the game longer, you must always have a supply of chips. To do this, the game provides the opportunity to purchase and receive chips for free.

Daily reward. By entering the game every day, the user has the opportunity to receive a good reward in the amount of several thousand chips. The higher the player’s level, the greater his daily encouragement.

Time bonuses. Every two hours the player gets the opportunity to collect bonus chips. Their size also depends on the player’s level. For example, at level 21, the player receives 360 thousand chips in 2 hours.

Facebook. Log in to the game via Facebook to sync your balance and receive gift chips. Open the messages to collect a reward of 500,000 chips.

Level. For each increase in the level, you will find a small reward in the form of 100 thousand chips. In order to raise the level faster, you need to make big bets as often as possible.

Help. If you lose all the chips, then the game will give you 15 thousand chips in order to start the game over. The number of requests for help is unlimited. Click on the Spin button, read the offer for buying chips, close it and get a gift.

When you first find yourself in such a situation, the help will be much more significant. You will be able to choose one of three suitcases with a large amount of chips.

Score. You can make purchases through the Buy button on the main screen while playing the slot machines. Buying chips allows you to play longer and get access to higher tier slot machines faster.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers.

Purchase bonus. With every fifth purchase in the store, you get the opportunity to increase the number of purchased chips. The spin of the bonus wheel allows you to multiply the number of chips by 20 times. The minimum magnification is 5 times.

Enrollment of a purchase. After the purchase, the chips will be automatically credited to your gaming account. If there is no enrollment, update the application, or contact support.

Promotions. Every day you will receive great deals on the purchase of chips. The promotions available may differ for each player. Study the information about the available offers on the main screen of the game and choose the one that suits you best.

Greeting. This offer will be available to you in the first few days of the game. For a small amount, you can get almost 6 million chips, 80 VIP-status points and automatically upgrade your level to 14 to gain access to more slot machines.

Presents. To receive gifts, go to the Inbox tab and click on the corresponding button to receive a gift from developers or friends. You can also send gifts to your friends via mail.

To receive and send gifts you need to activate your account via Facebook.

myVEGAS Slots: Tips on How to Beat the Casino and Basic Game Tricks

1. What is the correct bet? Getting a big win depends on several factors: the size of the bet, the number of times the slot machine starts, and most importantly, luck. To recoup a bet of 10 thousand, you need to make about 100 launches with such a rate. In this case, you are guaranteed an average win.

2. How to choose a machine? All combinations of symbols fall out randomly and it is very rare when a large win is followed by the same or even more. Therefore, in order to save the winnings and its successful investment, you should immediately change the slot machine.

3. When should I stop playing? For every casino player, an important skill is the timely termination of bets. The casino includes the element of luck and it is impossible to know exactly when you are lucky. Therefore, if you notice that none of the bets have been played for a long time, end the game and come back later.

4. Knowledge is power. In order not to play blindly on machines, you should study the rules of the game, the size of payments and winning combinations. This knowledge will help you calculate the order and size of the necessary bets to get a big win.

5. Stock up on chips. There are many ways to get free chips in the game. If you prefer to make high bets, but at some point everyone lost, use our advice and accumulate the necessary amount in a few days to continue the game.

myVEGAS Slots: Is it worth taking part in the events?

myStrip is an in-game event, during which you can travel across Las Vegas and earn additional rewards. The event takes place over six weeks, or several months.

Locations. Scroll through the lobby to explore all of the Las Vegas open casinos. Visit locations and receive assignments from locals and tourists. Completing assignments is always limited by time.


Visit the casino daily to complete all tasks and earn as many rewards as possible.

Tasks. Each character gives you three specific tasks that must be completed sequentially one after the other. After completing all three tasks, you can pick up the required reward.

Spotlight is an additional in-game event within the current season. Each event has its own rules and ways of receiving rewards. To learn more about the rules of the event, use the information sheet in the lobby.

myVEGAS Slots: Slot Guide

Rules. To learn the rules of each machine, click on the question icon next to the rate indicator. Here you can get information about winning combinations and conditions for receiving the jackpot.

Before starting the game on the new machine, you need to download the data to your phone.

High roller. A special game room where you can place the highest bets and get the highest possible winnings. To access the high-stakes slot machines, you need to obtain level 3 VIP status.

Favorites. In order not to waste time looking for your favorite game among the many titles on the main screen, add your favorite to your favorites list. A gray heart appears next to each downloaded game, clicking on which, you will color it pink, and the game will automatically go to the Favorites list.

Don’t worry if your favorite game disappears from the menu. Game machines are constantly being developed and refined, so sometimes they can disappear from the lobby during testing.

Winnings are of the following types:

The size of the jackpot that you can win depends on the size of your bet.

Types of machines. The game features more than 50 different slot machines, the game mechanism of which is somewhat similar, and in some respects radically different. By reading the information below, you can get an idea of several types of myVEGAS Slots slot machines.

Luxor Link

Feature of the game. The opportunity to get the jackpot opens only after activating Electro Link, or after several jackpot symbols appear on the screen. Thus, for one winning spin, you can get several jackpots of the set size and additional chips.

Electro Link. To activate on the machine, 6 electric balls must fall out, each of which has its own price value. After that, you get the opportunity to open additional balls on empty slots with the help of free spins and increase your winnings.

Each new electric ball must fall out in 3 spins. If there are no twists left, or all slots are filled, the Electro Link function will end. After that, you will receive the total amount, which is the sum of the price value of each ball.

Free launch. After the three slots on the screen are filled with the Bonus picture, the function of free spins of the slot machine is activated. Each activation brings 10 free spins, during which you can also activate Electro Link.

Piggy McBillions

Piggy shake. To activate the machine, a symbol with a pig in a golden frame must appear. There is a longer spin of the lines on the machine, after stopping you can get the prize of the corresponding column indicated on the roulette wheel above. This card is also a wild symbol.

The strength of the pig. The strength indicator has three levels, each level reached activates a shake. The higher the rate, the higher the strength indicator and the number of simultaneous shakes will be.

Matching shakes can result in the loss of additional roulette prizes.

Roulette. The movement of prizes occurs from right to left after each start of the machine. As a reward, you can get a fixed amount of chips, jackpot, carrots or coins.

Carrot. Receiving a carrot as a prize during the Pig Shake allows you to increase the size of this symbol on the playing field and thereby increase the number of prizes received. 1 carrot will increase the symbol to 2x2, 2 carrots to 3x3. Subsequent carrots increase in size by one unit.

Free launch. Receiving coins as a prize during Pig Shake allows you to buy cards with free spins of the slot machine. There are 4 types of cards in total:

7’s Forever

Diamonds. Depending on your bet, three diamond symbols with a multiplier may appear on the playing field. The game provides 5 types of bonus diamonds, falling out of identical ones guarantees a jackpot.

Mini-games. Falling out three or more diamonds of any color will activate the transition to the mini-game. The playing field has 3 reels, only the combination on the center line brings victory. Each symbol will bring one free launch.

Winning. All factors add up and multiply the value of the center line. The maximum win in a mini-game depends on the diamonds that activate it:

Free launch. The appearance of the Free Spins symbol combination guarantees you getting free spins. So 3 symbols will bring you 10 starts, 4 - 20 starts, 5 - 50 starts. Diamond and regular jackpots are available during free spins.

Gong dynasty

Wild dragon. To activate, a fireball symbol must appear on the machine, a numerical value and the direction of expansion of the ball will appear on it. If all slots are full, or if the extensions run out, activation will stop. Each ball transforms into a Wild symbol and you will get the best winning combinations possible.

Roulette. Falling out of three or more medallion symbols will activate the spin of the roulette wheel. Each symbol will be worth one spin. The prize is determined by the section of the roulette that the pointer lands on when the spin stops.

Free launch. This slot machine provides three types of free spins, which differ from each other by the winning multiplier. After three green, blue or red medallions fall on the playing field, the corresponding 8 free spins of the machine are activated.

Powers of the Nile

Urns. This slot machine provides 5 types of divine urns of three categories - ordinary, rare and ultra. The higher your rate, the more chances of getting a more powerful urn on the playing field.

Rare urns double the winnings, ultra - 5 times.

Effects. A combination of urns of the same type activates a special effect:

Jackpot. Collect a combination of one type of urns of all categories to get the Pharaoh’s treasure. Collect a combination of 5 urns of different types of the same category to get a special jackpot. Use the highest bid to activate the combination.

myVEGAS Slots: Is It Worth Playing?

myVEGAS Slots is a colorful and addicting online casino simulator. Even if you have never been into gambling, you can easily master the basic rules and feel the joy of getting a big win.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that may turn you off:

Article author: Maria M.