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One-Punch Road to Hero Man WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ONE-PUNCH MAN: ROAD TO HERO (VANPUNCHMAN) - game for android with release date 06/29/2020 from OASIS GAMES LIMITED. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Codes
  2. TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)
  3. How to get a hero for a repost?
  4. Hero Guide
  5. Proper Leveling
  6. Beginner’s Start: Secrets and Promotions
  7. Hiring is the main way to get heroes
  8. How to Win Battles?
  9. Campaign Guide
  10. In-Game Patrol
  11. Extreme Challenge Walkthrough
  12. Secrets of the Path of Amplification
  13. Saitama Research Guide
  14. Complete Missions
  15. All About Tournaments
  16. Guild Guide
  17. Completing Quests and Achievements
  18. What Are Friends For? Friendship points
  19. Timed Game Events
  20. Leaderboard
  21. Inventory and Currency
  22. In-Game Item Shop
  23. Donate Features. VIP system
  24. Conclusion

One-Punch Man: Codes

To use the code, click on the account icon at the top left and click on the "Redemption code". In the window that appears, enter the code and click "OK". New codes periodically appear in the official game groups on social networks, often timed to coincide with holidays and important events. It is possible to draw codes for reposts, likes and comments. Below is a list of the actual codes:

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

One-Punch Man: TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)

To build a powerful team, it is important to know which heroes are the most successful in battles. For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled a Tier List, dividing the best heroes into three groups: those you are more likely to get at the beginning of the game, and the strongest characters that you want to have in the ranks in the later stages. Do not forget that the strength of the team largely depends on the correct leveling of the characters. Read the article to find out all the secrets!

SS Tier List: Strongest Heroes.

S Tier list: strong heroes. These characters can also be called the strongest, but, unlike SS heroes, they are easier to get in the early and middle stages of the game.

And Tyr-List: heroes of average strength. You can use them before getting heroes from S and SS Tier lists.

The remaining heroes, according to many TOP players, do not perform well in the game. Not recommended for leveling. They are best used as a consumable to enhance more capable characters.

One-Punch Man: How to get a hero for a repost?

Bang (Silver Fang) is an elite hero who can be obtained at the very beginning of the game for 2 reposts on the social network Facebook. To do this, 2 conditions must be met:

  1. Have a Facebook account;
  2. Hire an elite (purple) hero by gaining access to the repost feature.

Procedure. First you need to hire an elite character. The screenshot above shows you getting the desired hero. In the lower right corner, you see the Facebook icon. Click on it and post the news about getting a new character (in this case - Iaiana) on the page on the social network.

Do not forget to press the "Share" button, otherwise there is a great chance that the repost will not be counted.

After the repost, you will be returned to the recruiting screen. Repeat the repost one more time. After that, Bang will appear in your collection. Thus, taking into account the 7-day entry event and the possibility of getting a hero for a repost, you can collect three elite heroes at the beginning of the game.

Other ways to share. Even if you can’t recruit, you still have other repost opportunities.

One-Punch Man: Hero Guide

Types of heroes. Types are very important when forming a battle party, since they have deterrent properties in relation to each other - they can additionally inflict 25% damage to a subordinate type. The game features 5 types of heroes:

  1. Universal - adds extra. damage to all types.
  2. Technical - adds extra. damage to weapon type;
  3. Armory - Deals additional. damage to physical type;
  4. Physical - deals additional. damage to the mental type;
  5. Psychic - deals additional. damage to technical type.

Depending on the number of characters of the same type in the party, the whole team receives bonuses of properties. So, 5 characters of the same type give the team the maximum bonus - + 25% to the HP limit and + 25% to ATK.

Classification of heroes by features. Besides the basic distribution by type, all heroes are sorted according to their strengths in battle. This parameter allows you to select 3 groups of characters:

  1. Fearlessness - heroes with strong defensive abilities;
  2. Agility - heroes with strong attacking abilities;
  3. Tactics are heroes with strong offensive abilities.

Additionally, heroes have specializations that determine their role in a combat party. The type, features and specialization of the hero can be viewed on his personal page.

Consider all the characteristics of the heroes when forming the formation. The success of battles depends on this.

Rangigeroes. The higher the character’s rank, the stronger he is and the more skills he has, as well as the pumping limit. Ranks are:

Do not waste resources on pumping ordinary heroes - they will be useful to you as a consumable. In the first stages, swing rare heroes, gradually recruiting a team of heroes of higher ranks. To determine who needs to be pumped, check with the gallery - the higher the character is there, the higher his pumping threshold and power. Use the Tier Lists of the Wise Geek to collect the best team!

One-Punch Man: Proper Leveling

How should you download heroes? First of all, follow three basic rules:

  1. Don’t get hung up on one character. The pumping must be uniform. Getting a high-ranked hero does not mean that now you need to use all the game resources on him. Continue to pump the battle party and gradually promote the heroes. Consider the situation: sometimes a pumped hero of a lower rank will bring you more benefits than a hero of a high rank.
  2. Don’t pump the weak. Normal heroes are good for promotions and firing. Do not waste your funds on them, and if you did, reset their pumping.
  3. Don’t download the same ones. Keep in mind that it makes no sense to pump the same characters, since all heroes in a battle party must be different, repetitions are not allowed by the rules of the game.

Leveling up the hero. To level up your character, you need cash and character experience. You can raise heroes automatically to the proposed level or manually - one position higher at a time. The higher the level, the more resources you need to level up.

The levels of the characters in the battle group should be approximately the same. When you improve only a specific hero (s), you allow a gap in the battle party, where weak and unpowered fighters will remain.

Leveling up the skills of heroes. Heroes have 3 skills:

  1. Usual. It is launched in each round in order depending on the position in the formation. At startup, the character adds 30 Rage to himself. Most targets hit with a normal skill add 10 Fury.
  2. Active. When the rage accumulates to 100, you can spend all the rage and launch an active skill.
  3. Harassment. In each round, you can start the pursuit skill 1 time. Each pursuit status can only run the pursuit skill of 1 character.

The number of skills depends on the character’s rank. All skills have levels. The higher the skill level, the more characteristics the skill has in battle. Unlocking skill levels is carried out as the level of the hero himself increases.

By pumping the character level, you automatically pump the character’s skill level.

Promotion of heroes. Promotion is increasing the rank of a character through the use of other heroes. Promotion increases the level limit and raises it. Each type of promotion has its own requirements for the rank and the number of required characters:

After the advancement, the spent characters will disappear, all the equipment they put on, as well as cash, character experience and power crystals spent on their development, will be returned to the player’s inventory. The game provides auto-advancement - for automatic advancement of many identical heroes at a time. To avoid accidentally dropping the desired character, block it from consumption.

Don’t forget to promote the characters. Remember that there is a limited hero slot limit. Free cells in time for higher ranked heroes.

Resetting the character. The reset function allows you to correct errors in leveling, for example, when you accidentally pumped the same heroes or a hero that you no longer need. When reset, the character returns to the first level. All his equipment, as well as experience, cash and power crystals spent on pumping will be returned. The reset is carried out for diamonds.

Firing a character. You can only fire a character of normal rank. In this case, you will return all the resources spent on its development (cash, character experience and crystals of power). An important difference between firing and dropping is the ability to get character coins here. When you accumulate the required amount of coins, you can exchange them for fragments in the character store.

Use auto-termination to save time. So the selected characters will be dismissed automatically upon receipt, without occupying slots in the general collection of heroes.

Rollback of characters. Rollback can only be done with mythical heroes. If you have 2 or more identical characters of epic rank or higher, then you can roll back heroes of lower quality. After the rollback, you will get back the characters spent on the development of the mythical character: heroes of the same name of elite + rank and heroes of the same type of rare rank.

Equipment upgrade

The hero is equipped with 4 pieces of equipment. Depending on the characteristics in battle (fearlessness, agility, tactics), the character is equipped with strictly defined equipment, which enhances his power. The quality of the equipment affects its usefulness. The higher the quality, the greater the stellar potential of the equipment.

To pump the stardom of the equipment, use other equipment or essence. As you select items for processing, the gain scale is filled. When it is full, you will need to pay cash - as a result, the item being pumped will receive a star. The number of recyclable items depends on their quality and stardom: the better it is, the faster the gain scale will fill.

Pump your equipment evenly so that the heroes do not have weak ammunition. Don’t skimp on consumables, waste low quality gear on recycling - so it will do much more good!

You can take off, put on or replace the equipment, i.e. take it off one character and put it on another. Some equipment is of a type similar to hero types. If the type of the hero and the equipment coincide, then it additionally gives a bonus of the type: it increases its properties by 30%. Note that not all equipment has a type.

It is best to wear equipment of the type. Choose such equipment for the type of hero. The type bonus gives a tangible increase in power and increases the character’s strength at times.

Leveling through Battle Spirit

Fighting Spirit is a great opportunity to quickly download heroes. To begin with, an Elite Vanguard is formed from your 5 characters with the highest level. Initially, up to 5 characters can be invested in the slots on the left: all of them will be promoted to the lowest level of a character from the Elite Vanguard. The level limitation based on rank remains. To open an additional slot, pay combat emblems (can be obtained from the patrol) or diamonds. The more slots you open, the more resources you will need.

When a character is in the Battle Spirit slot, he cannot be promoted - first he must be removed from the Battle Spirit. After the character is removed, the slot will be recharged for 24 hours, and only then it will be possible to place another character in it. If a character leaves the slot due to promotion or firing, the slot will not recharge. If a hero in a slot becomes an Elite Vanguard himself, he also leaves the slot, and the slot will not recharge either.

Leveling up in Fighting Spirit is very important for the formation of a fighting party, taking into account the type bonus and deterrence effects! Place the necessary heroes in slots for their instant pumping.

When the levels of all 5 members of the Elite Vanguard reach level 240, a higher level limit can be unlocked. After unlocking the level cap, the level of Martial Spirit will no longer depend on other characters. In addition, starting from level 240, the actual level of the Elite Vanguard will be level 1, and the Elite Vanguard will directly receive the effect of increasing the level of Fighting Spirit.

After unlocking the level limit, the player can spend resources to strengthen the Martial Spirit. By increasing the level of the Battle Spirit, the level of all characters in the slots also increases. After unlocking the level limit, only characters who have reached the mythical rank can break through to level 240, the rest of the characters can only reach the maximum level allowed by their rank.

One-Punch Man: Beginner’s Start: Secrets and Promotions

Server change. New game servers appear weekly. Changing the server is always a chance to start the game over and avoid mistakes. If you understand that you have done something wrong and now it significantly slows down your progress, or you cannot compete with strong server players, "move" will help you.

The faster you upgrade to the newest server, the better. Track his appearance. It is very important to go exactly on the day the server is created, and best of all - in its first hours!

Game time. The key to success in gaming is an active start. After downloading the application, try to devote as much free time as possible to the game in order to quickly understand the technique of combat, start collecting resources, pumping and passing the opened activities.

The best time to start the game is on Monday, after 08:00 Moscow time, i.e. after the next reset of the progress of daily and weekly tasks. If you start playing late in the evening or at night, you will not be able to start completing weekly tasks during the game day, which will affect your competition with other newcomers to the server.

Do not forget to check your mail - developers often spoil players with generous gifts, incl. diamonds. Gifts can be given for updating the version of the game, as compensation for waiting for the end of those. works, etc.

Beginner quests

By completing the 5-day newbie tasks for pumping heroes and completing activities, you can get additional rewards. The event lasts 8 days, tasks open gradually, as activities are unlocked. Below we will consider the limits of the requirements for completing tasks for a beginner. Keep in mind that you receive rewards for each step.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Complete the tasks of the days as it suits you. You will take the rewards in any case, even if you complete the tasks out of order.

7 day gift

For daily entry into the game for 7 days, you collect prizes. The countdown until the receipt of a specific award is tracked individually. In the 7-day admission promotion, you can get two elite characters: on the 2nd day - Genos, on the 7th - Supersonic Sonic. Also on the 3rd day, you receive 10 recruitment cards, and on the 6th day, 10 recruitment tokens.

Come in every day and form a strong party from the very beginning of the game!

One-Punch Man: Hiring is the main way to get heroes

Hiring is very important, because this is where you can quickly get new characters to the collection. Hiring in the City opens.

Types of hiring. There are 3 hiring options:

  1. Super rental. Hire for Hire Tokens and Diamonds. You can get any characters. Pull Chances: Normal characters - 51%, Rare characters - 44.4%, Elite characters - 4.6%.
  2. Hiring depending on the type of characters. You can hire characters of a certain type. This hiring lasts for some time and changes to another, but you can forcibly change the type of hired characters for diamonds. The chances of pulling out are identical to those of regular hiring.
  3. Hiring for friendship points. Hiring characters for friendship points received from friends. Pull Chances: Normal characters - 50%, Rare characters - 48%, Elite characters - 2%.
Hiring x10 is more profitable in terms of spending resources than single hiring. In fact, when you hire x10, you get one character for free.

Hiring progress. Depending on the number of hired heroes and their rank, the recruitment progress bar is filled. When it is full, you will receive a selected character type card. With it, you can unlock an elite character of the type you need at your choice!

Be prepared for the fact that recruited elite characters will not always be strong and have 4 skills. Quite often you will come across characters with 3 skills, but elite rank. There is a lot of randomness everywhere.

Desired characters. You can place 5 characters of each type in the wishlist, for a total of 20 characters. In fact, this means that this is how you show your preference for who you would like to hire. When recruiting elite characters, there is a high chance of getting one of the characters presented as desired. At the same time, the overall chance of getting an elite character does not change. Generic characters cannot be added to the wishlist. Each time a new character is added, it will be added to the desired selection list and marked as "New".

Keep in mind that clearing slots in the wishlist will not in any way increase the chances of getting other characters from the wishlist.

One-Punch Man: How to Win Battles?

Be sure to follow the following combat technique rules. Their use significantly increases the chances of a successful battle, and in the middle and late stages of the game is the determining criterion for victory.

1. Containment type. There is a deterrent effect between the types: an additional 25% damage is done to the restrained character, but his damage is not reduced. For example: characters of psychic type inflict characters of technical type + 25% damage. The type containment is shown schematically in the screenshot below:

2. Combinations. A reasonable formation must take into account both attack and survival, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the ability of the heroes to interact with each other. Different combinations of heroes can provide you with unexpected results. For example, the Master in Mike is able to provide additional. protection to the character in the back row, Gelganshp can provide an ATK bonus to a character in the same row, the Child Emperor can heal allies, and Genos gives allies buffs.

If you want to create the best combination, you need to add a character to the formation that balances attack and survival. Get to know the traits of each character to create a rational structure and defeat powerful enemies.

3. Type bonuses. Several characters of the same type can activate the type bonus. The more characters of the same type in the team, the higher the bonus value.

Universal characters can act as any character type and provide a Bonus in combination with them.

Keep in mind that you cannot line up two identical characters!

4. Provocation. Taunt forces enemies to channel most of their skills towards the provocateur character. By changing the target of the enemy attack, you can effectively protect the allied attackers in the back row. For example: the passive skill of the Master in the Mike - when the HP of an ally in the 2nd or 3rd row, except for the Master in Mike, drops below 70%, or if he dies, the Master in Mike gets a Taunt.

5. Buffs. A buff is an effect that is usually applied to allies. For example, Increase ATK, Increase DEF, Continue. treatment, etc. The ATK increase buff increases the ally’s attack property for a certain number of rounds, at which time your side’s attack will be more effective.

6. Debuffs. A debuff is an effect that is usually applied to an opponent. For example, Decrease in ATK, Decrease in DEF, Continue. URN, etc. Decreasing the DEFENSION reduces the property of the enemy’s defense by a certain number of rounds, at which time the attack of your side will be more effective.

7. Control. Stun prevents the character from launching most of the skills, making him vulnerable to attacks. Stun is the most common crowd control effect in the game. Stunned targets cannot trigger normal and active skills during the stun effect. Thus, you can restrain the enemy and, having weak forces, defeat the strong.

8. Positions in defense. Different characters have different methods of attack. Select positions in the formation rationally to dodge enemy attacks. A common skill of some characters can attack a whole row. By adjusting the position of the characters in the formation, you can allow characters with a low HP value to dodge enemy attacks. For example: Homo-Homo Zek’s normal skill attacks the opposite vertical row of the enemy, therefore, by moving Sonic to a row where there is no Super-Cast Darkblaze, you can prevent getting a direct attack from the Homo-Homo Zek.

9. Attacking positions. Choose your positions in the formation rationally in order to use the character’s attack at full power. Except for a few characters, the normal skill hits the opposite enemy, but the purpose of the active skills is much different.

By adjusting the position of the characters in the formation, you can allow the active skills of the characters to attack even more enemies. For example: the active skill of Genos attacks all enemies in the row of the target of the attack, therefore, placing Genos in front of the enemy row with the largest number of enemies, you can unleash the maximum potential of the active skill of Genos.

The best combination for placement is the number 5 on the dice: first row - two tank fighters taking damage, second row - one fighter, third row - attacking fighters and healers.

10. Positions with the ultimate. The way some characters attack is rather peculiar. Only by studying them will you be able to choose the right attack and defense. For example, Sonic and Stinger are able to directly hit the target in the back row, the Ult of the Steel Bat can attack the whole vertical row of the enemy. While some characters’ normal skills can attack a vertical row of enemies, they also allow the target to launch active skills faster.

Your goal is to learn how to counter the attack of the enemy’s back row and prevent the enemy from destroying all of your characters at the same time.

How do you learn to fight? Training of beginners is introduced into the game, which helps to master the technique of combat. Each workout includes a puzzle task for choosing the desired action. If you solve the puzzle correctly, you will receive 50 diamonds as a reward.

One-Punch Man: Campaign Guide

Plot. The game is based on the anime One Punch-Man, which tells the story of the adventures of the strongest hero Saitama, defeating all enemies with one blow. Despite this, you cannot play Saitama himself - he is presented only as an NPC. The main character of the game is a cyborg named Genos, a loyal student of Saitama. It is on his behalf that you will run the campaign.

The game is divided into 24 chapters, corresponding to the main events of the story. All chapters are divided into locations. As you progress through the locations, you get to know the plot through dialogues and animated inserts. All open videos are available in the Plot on the map.

How to start a battle? By pressing the Attack button on the main screen, a window opens with information on the enemies of the current location and the rewards for completing it. Here you can also see the list of server players who have already passed this location, their formation and battle statistics. The battle can be replayed if desired.

Take note of your colleagues’ experience. Use their examples of hero combinations and moves. In difficult locations, this is one of the main keys to victory.

Next, you move on to the formation of the scale. Do not forget about type bonuses and other criteria for a successful battle. Watch the total strength of your team. In the story campaign, the number of attempts to complete the location is not limited - you can play until you win.

Keep in mind that the power of the characters’ blows is random. Don’t be afraid to overplay and try new tactics to win.

Battle. Battles, incl. the use of super blows, take place in automatic mode. If you are using manual mode, then do not forget to click on the characters’ icons as the yellow scales of super hits are filled.

It is recommended to use auto mode at the beginning and middle stages of the game. For old-timers, the manual mode will be more interesting, with the independent use of heroes’ super attacks.

One-Punch Man: In-Game Patrol

Patrol is Saitama’s automatic battles on the main screen of the game. Saitama always runs forward, defeats all the villains on the way with one hit and receives awards, the main ones of which are cash, player experience and character experience. All collected awards are picked up by Genos in his backpack. Patrol rewards are your passive income and the ability to quickly download player experience. The amount of cash received, player experience and character experience per minute depends on the distance traveled through the campaign locations.

The maximum patrol time is 12 hours! Do not forget to empty Genos’s backpack at least 2-3 times a day to collect rewards and prevent them from burning.

Fast patrol. You can use fast patrol - instantly pick up 2-hour patrol rewards (with current rates per minute). You have 2 chances for a fast patrol per day. The first time it is available for free, the second - for 50 diamonds.

Quick Patrol is one of the daily quests. Always take a free chance. Investing diamonds in a fast patrol is unprofitable in terms of resources. It is best to channel premium currency towards recruiting heroes.

One-Punch Man: Extreme Challenge Walkthrough

Most of the gaming activities are in the City. One of them is an extreme challenge tower battle.

What it is? Extreme Challenge is a multi-story tower battle. Enemies await your team on each floor. Having defeated all rivals on one floor, you can get a reward for passing and go up to the next floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies. The number of attempts to pass is not limited.

If you are unable to defeat enemies, try adjusting the formation or positions of the heroes.

Before the fight. By clicking on the camera, you can preview the rewards for completing the floor, as well as see the statistics of the passage by other players - what heroes they played, how they applied their skills, etc. The battle can be replayed.

We recommend that you review the records of the passage of other players, take note of the characters they use and the requirements for power.

Rating. The Extreme Challenge rating distributes all participating players by the number of floors climbed.

One-Punch Man: Secrets of the Path of Amplification

A reinforcement path is a road divided into slots. You choose one of the slots, entering either a bonus or a battle. After selecting a slot, all other slots in the same row are destroyed. You can only select adjacent slots. There are 3 floors in the Path of Strengthening. The last stage of any floor is the boss fight. By winning battles along the Empowerment Path, you can earn supplies for your team and S tokens for the Empowerment Path shop. The progress of the passage is updated every 48 hours.

Designation of objects on slots:

When choosing a slot, always use the recruitment opportunity to pick more strong heroes for your team. Choose the characters that are needed to trigger the type bonus and a profitable combination.

Features. When passing the Path of Strengthening, the heroes’ health scales are not restored, the filled skill application scales are not reset. Enemies are not healed either and retain their skill bar positions. In case of defeat, the repeated battle will begin from the place where you left off, while you will have to walk with replaced heroes. The position of the scales of all heroes in the Strengthening Path can be viewed by clicking on "Characters". The icons of the fallen heroes will be darkened.

If at the stage you have one undefeated enemy left, you can recruit a new team of heroes and defeat him in the next battle.

Supplies. When you win, you are given the opportunity to choose supplies - one of three bonus effects for fighters. Keep in mind that supplies come in different qualities and can affect all characters or characters of a certain type. Carefully read the description of the characteristics of supplies, think over which of the options will be most useful to the team.

It is best to choose supplies of protection, shield, healing that affect all characters. If the health of the heroes does not need additional. support, choose supplies aimed at strengthening the blows. Effects should be as close as possible to the current needs of your squad.

Resurrection. Deceased characters can be resurrected using the resurrection potion. Purchased for diamonds.

One-Punch Man: Saitama Research Guide

Research is a great way to get materials for leveling heroes. Here you need to kill enemies and look for special chests with prizes. Research is divided into 10 locations:

  1. Ruins of the city;
  2. Secret Forest;
  3. City walk;
  4. Strange forest;
  5. Uninvited guest;
  6. Abandoned warehouse;
  7. Shoot down the airship;
  8. City base;
  9. Energy Forest;
  10. Break free.

After fully exploring one location and winning victories, you move on to the next - with stronger enemies and better rewards.

Only 1 location can be explored at a time. You can research the same location several times, but you won’t find the chests you have already received.

Features. By analogy with the Strengthening Path, your team does not recover health after a battle, but you can use special bonuses to heal and resurrect dead characters. Running up to the phone booth, you can hire additional heroes to the team. The main task of Saitama’s exploration is to choose the right path and remove all obstacles in order to get close to the chests with prizes.

Supplies. After a successful battle, you are given a choice of one of three supplies for your team. Supplies are of different quality, and their effect applies either to all heroes, or to heroes of a certain type.

Always take a look at the situation and choose the supplies your team needs the most so that they are most effective. Remember to read the description of the stats of the supplies.

One-Punch Man: Complete Missions

For completing missions, you are given rewards, the size of which depends on the stardom of the mission. Mission types and requirements:

Each mission has its own requirements for performers - according to their rank and type. In this regard, it is advisable to have different characters in the collection in order to complete as many missions as possible.

The character sent on a mission can continue to be used in other activities, with the exception of other missions. One character can only take part in one mission at a time!

Mission update. The list of missions available for solo missions is reset once a day, but it can be forcedly updated for 50 diamonds. Team missions are added one every day. The list of team missions is updated once a week.

Mission level. Depending on the number of completed solo and team missions, the level of missions rises. As the level rises, the quality of missions increases, and characters of higher ranks begin to be allowed to complete. Accordingly, the higher the rank of the performer character, the higher the reward can be earned.

Mission stardom. Stardom determines the duration of the mission. So, missions with one star last an hour, with two - two hours, etc. Missions can have six stars in total. The more stars, the better the reward you receive.

One-Punch Man: All About Tournaments

What is a tournament? In a tournament, you field your defense team and challenge other players’ teams. When you win, you get tournament points. The number of points earned determines the size of your rewards - diamonds. Every day you have 2 free attempts to participate. Starting with the third, you will have to spend calling coupons.

Keep your defense team up to date. Do not forget to change it and put up newly opened and pumped characters. Otherwise, you will be constantly attacked and won.

Search for opponents. You are offered 4 opponents. If they don’t fit, you can update the list - it’s free. We recommend that you look through the levels of enemy characters without fail. If most of them are weak, but one is very strong, then this is no doubt a trick for beginners. Do not get fooled by her, otherwise you will lose.

Choose the right heroes based on the composition of the opposing team. Use the type containment effect. Keep in mind that the less power of the opposing team does not guarantee you victory in the battle.

Methodology for distributing awards . For winning the battle, you are given tournament points, and for losing they are taken away. The number of points gained / taken away depends on the strength of your opponent. Based on the tournament points earned, the tournament rating is formed, and the higher you are in it, the more valuable rewards you get.

Fight in the tournament as often as possible. Don’t accumulate challenge coupons, spend them. Remember that your rating and awards grow with the number of victories won.

There are daily and seasonal rewards. They are all sent to the mail, so be sure to check it. One season of the tournament lasts 2 weeks, after which all points are reset for the new season. After the start of a new season, you must enter at least one tournament in order to receive initial points and get into the ranking of the new season.

One-Punch Man: Guild Guide

The best guild is a community of active players united by the goal of successfully moving forward in the game. While in the guild, you have new opportunities for pumping, getting high-quality loot and additional resources.

Don’t linger in inactive guilds with passive players - you won’t be able to progress there. Feel free to leave and join stronger communities. Do not be fooled by the position of elders in weak guilds: it is better to be a rank-and-file member in a top guild than a "big shot" in a hopeless guild.

Guild change. If you want to change guild and join another, click "Find Guild" in the menu of the old guild. You will see a list of recommended communities with information about their level, number of activities, limit and number of participants. Keep in mind that the limit depends on the level of guild pumping: the higher it is, the more players can join the community.

A guild leader cannot leave his own guild until he delegates authority to another member.

Should you create your own guild? Practice shows that the creation of a new guild is effective only on a new server - when the ratings of the best guilds are just being formed, and strong players are thinking about where to join. Remember that guild management is time-consuming - you will have to cleanse the guild of inactive players, recruit new members in the chat, try to bring the guild to the TOP and keep strong players in it.

As a chapter, you want to have significant success in the game so that other participants look up to you, so get ready to play a lot and productively. The leader at the end of the guild rating by power and player level looks strange. For some players, this may be a reason to leave your guild.

If the guild leader does not enter the game for more than 5 days, his post is transferred to the member with the highest activity value

Guild activity. For every 1 point of activity of guild members, 1 point of guild activity is given. For the activity of the guild, you can open the dungeon of the boss of the guild.

Guild boss

The guild boss fight is the main guild activity. For participating in this event, you can receive equipment, cash, diamonds and guild currency - a personal contribution of the guild. A boss named Pluto appears in the guild every day. Each member of the guild can challenge him 2 times a day for free. In addition to Pluto, one more boss can be opened in the guild - the Ancient King, but for this the leader or elder must spend the guild activity.

After the end of the event, all participating guild members will receive additional rewards by mail. Their size depends on the damage dealt to the boss. In the event records, you can see the aggregate damage rating, as well as the statistics of the battles of other guild members.

Take pumped heroes into the battle against the boss, causing the maximum possible damage on one target! The size of your awards and your place in the rating depend on their number and capabilities. Try to match characters to trigger the type bonus.

Boss battle. In the battle, it is allowed to use the manual mode, independently launching the skills of the heroes. Keep in mind that every time the boss loses a certain HP value, he gains a tier of boost. The battle goes on for 5 rounds. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the boss damage scale and a chest. As the damage scale is reset, you accumulate reward chests, from standard to more valuable. Depending on the amount of damage, you will eventually open all the chests with rewards.

One-Punch Man: Completing Quests and Achievements

Daily tasks. By completing daily tasks, you will increase the experience of the tasks, which is reflected in the experience bar at the top. Upon reaching the required experience thresholds, reward chests open for you, including recruitment tokens and Quest Master experience. The more experience you get from tasks, the more valuable the prizes will be. Tasks are updated daily, at 08.00 Moscow time. Daily quests include:

  1. Challenge dungeon 1 p.;
  2. Upgrade equipment 1 rub .;
  3. Give Friendship Points 5 rubles;
  4. Hire characters 1 p .;
  5. Receive patrol rewards 2 rubles;
  6. Perform a quick patrol for 1 p.;
  7. Accept mission 1 p .;
  8. Upgrade the card 1 p .;
  9. Challenge a Tournament 1 rub;
  10. Challenge an Extreme Challenge 1 p.;
  11. Participate in a guild dungeon 1 rub.
For quick execution, click "Go" in front of a specific task - so you will immediately be transferred to the desired activity.

Weekly tasks. These tasks are completed within a week. By analogy with weekly, they add indicators of the quest experience scale to receive rewards in chests. Updated every week at 08.00 on Monday. Weekly tasks include:

  1. Promote characters 2 p .;
  2. Hire characters 20 rubles;
  3. Accept a team mission 5 p .;
  4. Buy 1 p. In the store.
  5. Buy 5 rubles in a shop;
  6. Buy 1 rub in the Guild store;
  7. Defeat the 1st floor boss of the Strengthening Path 3 r.
  8. Defeat the boss of the 3rd floor of the Enhancement Path 1 rub;
  9. Win tournaments 15 r.

What is a Quest Wizard? The Quest Wizard opens on the 8th day after character creation. The Quest Master event lasts every 50 days. The more Quest Master XP you get during the event, the more rewards you can activate. Experience can be obtained by picking up rewards from daily and weekly tasks.

After resetting the Quest Wizard, all available but not yet claimed rewards will be mailed. 3 days before the reset of the Quest Master, players can buy experience with diamonds in order to receive unreceived rewards. By unlocking the Super Master of Quests, you can get VIP x 1630 Experience.

For donators, the purchase of a Mission Master Pass is available with the ability to pick up increased rewards in the event.

Game achievements. Achievements provide for receiving rewards for passing the next threshold in various activities of the game. Each time you receive a prize, the size of the achievement continues to accumulate until it reaches the next prize mark. The higher the achievement score, the larger the prize. Achievements include:

  1. Passage of locations;
  2. Collection of characters;
  3. Getting points in the Tournament;
  4. Tournament wins;
  5. Passage of chapters;
  6. Passing floors of Extreme Challenges;
  7. Collecting patrol cash;
  8. Increasing the level of the character;
  9. Passing the floors of the Path of reinforcement;
  10. Increasing the level of Fighting Spirit;
  11. Getting slots for the characters of the Fighting Spirit;
  12. Increasing the level of the player;
  13. Joining a guild;
  14. Getting an elite character;
  15. Account linking;
  16. Joining the developer group on Facebook;
  17. Registration on the developer’s website.

One-Punch Man: What Are Friends For? Friendship points

You can add 30 friends. Friends in the game perform an important function - they give Friendship Points. You also give Points to your friends, while you can give Points to 30 friends every day, but receive in return only from 20 friends. Friendship points are used to gain new characters through Friendly Recruitment.

It is very important to have active friends in order to receive Friendship Points every day. Check your list. If you see that a player does not appear on the network for several days, feel free to delete him, make room for new friends interested in the game.

How do I add friends? To add new friends, click the "Add" button. You will be presented with a list of players on your server who have free places in the friends list. When sending an application, pay attention to the offline time of a potential friend. It is best to add those players who are online or absent less than an hour ago.

Choose players who are at the same level and higher. A low level of a player often indicates his inactivity. Such a person is unlikely to send Friendship Points every day.

How do I remove friends? Click on the player’s avatar. Next, you will see a window with a brief profile information and a "Delete" button.

One-Punch Man: Timed Game Events

Game events are limited in time and change from one to another. Here you need to fulfill some conditions in order to receive rewards - pump heroes, collect the necessary heroes, take part in activities, etc. Let’s consider one of the examples of events - "Gathering Heroes".

Collecting heroes. After collecting a certain number of elite characters during the event, you can achieve the goal of the task. All elite characters and higher received in the game will be counted towards the progress of the event. Depending on the rank of the characters received, the amount of added progress for each character will differ.

The advancement of a Rare + character to Elite also counts towards progress, but the advancement of characters of a higher rank does not count. After the rollback and destruction of the character, progress is reduced.

One-Punch Man: Leaderboard

The leaderboard is split into separate ratings showing the best players on the server across several game activities. The name of the player who has achieved the highest results in the rating is included in his name.

Types of ratings. There are three of them:

  1. Location progress rating. It is compiled on the basis of the passed locations of the main story campaign.
  2. Extreme test rating. It is compiled according to the passed floors of the test tower.
  3. Character type ratings (armed, psychic, technological, physical). Based on the rank of the current characters of different types. The higher the character’s rank, the higher his points in this rating. The same characters are not counted in the rating several times - preference is given to the hero with the highest rank.

Each ranking has progress thresholds. When the first player on the server reaches these thresholds, all other players can receive a reward of 50 diamonds.

Do not forget to check the leaderboard often and check the possibility of getting diamonds. Try to get into the ratings yourself and become the first in the list. Use the advice of the Wise Geek for a successful game!

One-Punch Man: Inventory and Currency

Inventory. The inventory contains equipment, items needed for pumping and passing activities, as well as fragments of heroes. After collecting 60 fragments, you can recruit 1 hero of the corresponding rank from the inventory tab. The slots in the inventory do not have a limit; you do not need to buy additional slots.

A red dot on the inventory tabs notifies you of the possibility of actions, for example, recruiting heroes from fragments.

Game currencies. There are 2 main game currencies in the game:

  1. Cash is a universal currency. Used to upgrade characters and equipment. To get it, complete the patrol and daily tasks.
  2. Diamonds are a premium currency. Used to hire heroes and buy advanced items. Complete Daily Quests, Extreme Challenges, and Tournament Battles to earn them. Also, diamonds can be purchased for donation.

One-Punch Man: In-Game Item Shop

Sections. The in-game store opens in the City and has 4 tabs for different types of currencies:

  1. Shop;
  2. Character shop;
  3. Buff shop;
  4. Guild shop.

Shop. In the shop, goods are bought for diamonds and cash. The assortment is updated once a day. You can purchase equipment and fragments of heroes.

The further you advance in the story campaign, the more rare items you can purchase in the shop. Check the assortment more often and exchange resources for goods. Don’t wait for the required equipment to be won in activity

Character shop. Here you can buy heroes and fragments for character coins - a special currency that you get when you fire heroes. The assortment is reset once a month, but it can be forcedly updated for 1000 diamonds.

By firing heroes you don’t need, you save up currency, and you can exchange it in the character store for fragments of elite heroes!

Buff shop. In the power-up shop, you can exchange characters for the S tokens received in the Power-up Path. The assortment is reset once a month, possibly a forced update for diamonds. Here are heroes of rare and elite ranks, some products have a discount.

Guild shop. In the guild shop, equipment is sold for a special currency - the guild’s personal contribution. The further along the plot you go, the more cool things can appear here. To get a personal contribution from the guild, fight the boss of the guild. The assortment of the store is updated once a day.

A red dot on the offer icon means that this product is needed. Click on the product and see which of the heroes needs a new outfit.

One-Punch Man: Donate Features. VIP system

To donate to the game, click "Deposit" on the main screen. There are several sections here, as well as a VIP-level growth scale, where you can familiarize yourself with your privileges and get extra. prizes.

Monthly card. The monthly card allows you to replenish your diamond account daily. There are 2 types:

  1. Regular. You get: 300 diamonds upon purchase, 100 diamonds daily for a month, for a total of 3300 diamonds.
  2. Super. You get: 980 diamonds upon purchase, 400 diamonds daily for a month, for a total of 12,980 diamonds.
In our opinion, buying a monthly card is the most profitable purchase of diamonds in the game. Here you will pay 10 times less than when purchasing a package, and get many times more.

Purchase a Quest Wizard Pass. Gives you the opportunity to collect all bonus rewards for increasing the experience of the Master of tasks, including diamonds and fragments of elite heroes. The offer is most suitable for active players, since the accumulation of experience Masters of tasks provide for a daily game.

Fund. Your investment in the future. For donating and completing locations, you get a 30-day return of diamonds in the total amount of 45,000. The Fund gives the most diamonds in comparison with other offers, but requires an active purposeful game for the result.

Temporary gifts . Temporary Gifts are limited-time promotions for the sale of game packs with huge discounts. Keep in mind that you can only buy the discount set once. Additional promotions are held for newcomers to the game.

Temporary gifts allow you to purchase rare items with great money savings.

Presents. Gifts are classified into gifts of the day, week, and month. Accordingly, the renewal of the assortment of tabs takes place during these time periods. Here you can buy sets with diamonds, fragments of elite characters, challenge cards, etc. You can buy only 1 of the presented sets at a time.

When selling temporary packs and gifts, you can get free bonuses for viewing offers. Don’t forget to check the Deposit tab and claim your prizes.

Packages of diamonds. The usual purchase of a set of diamonds. For the first purchase of each set, you get 200% benefit - you take away diamonds equal to the number of purchased ones for free. It is best to start purchasing from the first set onwards. This will give you max. bonus for the first purchase.

VIP levels. The VIP system is provided for donators. For every purchase you get VIP points, thereby increasing your VIP level. The higher the level, the more gaming privileges you will have in the game. There are 15 VIP levels in total. Upon reaching each of them, you can receive additional incentive rewards, incl. rare heroes, cards, fragments, etc.

Keep in mind that for the first replenishment you will receive not only VIP points, but also a very generous reward for your first purchase - an elite character, a weapon and a set of clothes.

One-Punch Man: Conclusion

The game One-Punch Man: Road to Hero will appeal to fans of this anime, as well as players who love RPG games with collecting and pumping heroes. There are no 3D graphics that slow down the operation of the device and drain the battery. The game loads quickly, has a convenient and intuitive interface.

The pluses include pleasant, unobtrusive animation, beautiful plot inserts, excellent musical accompaniment, original voice acting and a careful attitude of the developers towards the players. So, during the waiting time for technical work on the server, you will definitely receive prizes. Agree, it’s very nice.

The game does not take a lot of time and does not require continuous participation to be in the lead. The key to success here is the correct leveling strategy and successful completion of activities. Use the advice of the Wise Geek to stay on top of all the intricacies of One-Punch Man: Roar to Hero and show the best results!

The author of the article: Nadezhda D. , Yaroslav I.