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Translation of Android games and applications into English

Translation of mobile games and applications on Android until recently was an insurmountable obstacle for us, ordinary users. We just had to wait for the localization of the game. But now the Android emulator on the PC Blustax broke this obstacle. And we can play English, Korean, German and Japanese games with English translation right now. How to do this, we describe in detail in this article. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. BlueStacks presents real-time translation
  2. Just press Ctrl + Alt + L to translate
  3. Examples of using translation:
  4. Understand what is happening on the screen
  5. Change game settings
  6. Understand the story of the game

BlueStacks presents real-time translation

BlueStacks promised users to continually innovate to make their lives easier. This time, the service has implemented a unique opportunity to transfer games in real time. But first things first.

A well-known fact: in many Android games, English-speaking users cannot play due to language barriers. Games of Asian companies make up the lion’s share of game makers. Most of these games are not configured for Western markets (or their launch takes a huge amount of time). Thus, English users are deprived of amazing bestsellers in the game world only because they do not know Chinese, and developers are not in a hurry to translate products into other languages.

You can recall "PUBG Mobile" (or more recently, "LifeAfter"), when many users of the planet were deprived of the opportunity to explore these virtual worlds. The game Roblox Roblox translate into English is also a dream of many gamers.

Now gamers have two options:

  1. Play the Chinese version: but how to play if a person does not understand anything in the user interface?
  2. Wait for the developers to translate the game.

BlueStacks provides its users with the opportunity to play absolutely any game in their native language. In the new service mode, you can transfer games in real time. You just need to open the game in which you want to play, and translate the entire game screen into any language, not only in English and English.

Just press Ctrl + Alt + L to translate

Playing in a foreign language

translated game

BlueStacks uses the language settings selected during installation. Thus, if the service has English installed, the translation results will also be displayed in English. You can change this by choosing another language in "Settings Now."

To start the translation, you must use the following key combination: Ctrl + Alt + L.

How to translate the game

When a person does this, the game screen and all text on it will be translated into the user’s native language. The results will be visible on the overlay screen: BlueStacks will instantly complete the translation and display the results in a fixed additional window. To return to the game, just close the translation. The player can repeat this operation as many times as necessary, the service will continue to translate all the text on the screen.


It is worth remembering that the translation screen is displayed on the overlay. In other words, the game continues to run in the background - you may not need to use this feature during the battle.Even a delay of a few seconds can lead to defeat in an important battle.

Examples of using translation:

1. Understand what is happening on the screen

Many people love Asian games, but they show a lot of inscriptions on the screen! For example, the recently launched LifeAfter zombie game supports only Chinese, and one of the game screens looks like this:

Equipment 1

It is difficult to understand what is happening in the screenshot. You can continue to click on what has happened to understand what is happening on the screen. But this does not guarantee a complete understanding: the new pop-up windows will be in Chinese, which cannot be understood. From this, the player becomes even more confused - the button activates another function. Even if one succeeds in learning something through trial and error, there is still the risk of losing an easy battle by pressing the wrong button.

BlueStacks translation function can easily solve this problem. It is required to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + L, after which the translation in the native language will be displayed on the screen.

Equipment 2

2. Change game settings

This game is called Brown Dust and is very popular in Asia. Brown Dust has many settings: you can change the quality of graphics and set various other features that facilitate the game. But there is a problem: the game in Korean and the settings menu looks like this:

Settings 1

But after the transfer by the BlueStacks service, it becomes immediately clear what needs to be changed.

Settings 2

Now you can understand what is at stake in the settings menu. Here you can customize the game as you like the player. Keep in mind that you can set your own custom controls using the BlueStacks keymap tool.

3. Understand the story of the game

Dialogue 1

New quest, but the player has no idea what it is? Maybe the mission is to kill 10 rats or collect 20 flowers, who knows?

Dialogue 2

After the transfer of life is much easier. Now the player understands what is happening in the jungle.

The possibilities of using the BlueStacks translation function are unlimited: you can translate any game into English and any other language chosen by the user. The service removes language barriers and allows users to access all Android games. Now you do not have to wait for the release of "global" versions.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.