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PewDiePie’s Pixelings WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PEWDIEPIE’S PIXELINGS is a game for android with release date 11/14/2019 from Outerminds Inc. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Hero Guide (Tier List)
  3. All About Spells
  4. Story Campaign Walkthrough Tips
  5. How to Fight in the Arena?
  6. How to Complete the Challenge?
  7. Should You Join a Guild?
  8. All About Chests
  9. How to complete quests?
  10. A Guide for Donators
  11. Is It Worth Playing?

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: A Beginner’s Guide


PewDiePie - One of the most influential people in BroTown has called on you to help him put on an unforgettable show. However, the spell turned out to be too powerful and attracted angry talkative barrels.

Barrels report that they have taken over the city and PewDiePie no longer belongs there. But the hero lives with thoughts of an extraordinary show that he wants to show in the city and asks you and his friends to help him in the fight against barrels.

You and your team set off on a journey across the world of BroTown to destroy all the barrels. Along the way, you will meet new characters, and the dialogues will begin to reveal the story of PewDiePie and the staging of his legendary show.

Combat system

Team building. On the main screen, select 5 Pixels that will take part in the battle and form a team. Open additional tabs to form multiple teams for different combat modes and not waste time re-forming the team.

Bench. The formed team goes to the bench, select Pixels and transfer them to one of three positions on the battlefield. In the same way, replace Pixels from the battlefield with spare ones if they run out of health.

Enemy attack. Pixels will automatically attack the enemy after filling the yellow bar below the health bar. Special skills Pixels are applied after a set number of actions on the battlefield.

Returning a Pixel to the bench will reset his action bar, so for optimal play, try to do this right after the attack is made.

Spells. Choose 2 spells from the available ones before the start of the battle and use the opportunity to inflict additional damage on the enemy or heal your Pixels. The spell casting meter is filled automatically during the battle.


Energy. Use this resource to complete the story campaign. The maximum amount of available energy increases as the game level rises. It takes time to restore it, additional units of energy can be obtained for watching a commercial or bucks.

When you increase the game level, energy is automatically replenished to the maximum value.

Coins. Use this currency to upgrade Pixels and buy additional character elements. You can get coins for winning a battle, completing tasks, as a daily reward, or by opening a chest.

Click on the Coin Boost button, watch the commercial and activate the doubling of the received coins. The booster lasts 30 minutes and allows you to easily earn coins. The bonus also applies to additional rewards in story missions.

Bucks. Use premium currency to open additional chest slots, team bookmarks, buy chests, coins and rare Pixels. You can get bucks from a chest or as a reward for reaching a new level and completing a task.

Go to the Store and in the promotions section, check out the list of offers for getting free bucks. Download the indicated games and complete tasks in them to get a reward.

Relics. Use the special currency to make purchases in the Challenge store. Earn relics as you travel through waves and floors to buy food for the Pixels.

Profile settings

Interface. In the center of the main screen, formed teams for battles and selected spells are displayed. In a circle there are buttons for switching to Pixels, spells, locations, collection, mail and tasks. At the top there is an indicator of the game level and the amount of available resources, and at the bottom there are cells for opening chests, buttons for going to battles, guilds and the store.

Check your inbox daily for extra rewards.

Account. Click on the avatar to get information about the current game level and the number of points you need to earn to move on to the next. The level depends on the availability of gaming activities, the amount of energy and the maximum level of pumping pixels. You can change the name and avatar if you want.

Settings. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings menu. Choose your language, adjust music, sounds and customize notifications. Here you can read the official information about the game and ask a question.

Visit the official pages of the game on social networks to keep abreast of all the promotions and innovations.

Synchronization. Log in via Facebook or the game center to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Hero Guide (Tier List)

Pixel - creatures with which you will fight and complete missions. Pixel’s life story can be found on his information card. Here you can change its appearance by clicking on the Skins button.

Characteristics. Hold the Pixel card to open it and study the basic information. Press the Max button to find out what characteristics the Pixel will have at the maximum level. Each creature has a certain set of characteristics:

The strongest are the mythical Pixels. Save up more coins to buy such characters in the store and upgrade them.

Attack type. The type of attack determines the choice by the Pixel of the enemy to strike and the range of his attack. In the game, Pixels are distinguished by the following types of attacks:

Class. The indicators of the main characteristics depend on the class. The following classes of Pixels are distinguished in the game:

How to upgrade? Raise the level and rank of your Pixels to increase their characteristics and prepare them to fight a powerful enemy. The game level determines the maximum possible level of Pixel pumping.

Level. Win battles to gain experience points to level up the Pixel. If the fighter has the maximum level, then after the battle, the points earned are distributed equally among the other team members. For extra points, feed Pixels with food received as a reward or purchased with relics.

Feed the Pixels their favorite food to gain extra experience points and level up faster.

Rank. Open chests and buy Pixel items in the store to increase its rank. After you collect the required number of elements, spend coins and increase the characteristics of the Pixel.

Upgrade all Pixels to use their abilities in various activities of the game.

Whom to choose? On the shaping menu, the Pixels command is ranked from strongest to weakest. Be sure to include one tank and several Support Pixels in your team to increase your chance of winning.

Pixels BroTownRarityClass
Arena PixelsRarityClass

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: All About Spells

Spells are additional actions you take during a battle to change the course of a battle. Each spell has its own characteristics and cost.

Mana is a special resource that you will spend on casting a spell. The amount of mana is displayed in the lower right corner of the battle screen. Mana is generated during the battle, its maximum value is 10.

Use spells more often so that mana can constantly accumulate. Thus, you will apply more spells and win the battle faster with fewer losses.

How do I get spells? Go through the story campaign and complete tasks to learn new spells. Sometimes you can get a new spell by opening a chest.

Application. Select the necessary spells before starting the battle on the main screen or assign them to one of the formed teams in the tabs. During the battle, you can use only 2 spells at a time. If you have enough mana, click on the spell and drag it onto the Pixel you want to apply it to.

Energy charge. Use the spell to fill the Pixel’s energy gauge and speed up the timing of his attack. The cost of the spell is 3 mana.

Fiery blow. Use the spell to damage the enemy Pixel and finish him off before he strikes. The cost of the spell is 3 mana.

Gain. Use a spell to increase your Pixel’s damage done by 25%. We advise you to cast the spell on the strongest Pixel on the battlefield. The cost of the spell is 3 mana.

Lightning. Use a spell to deal additional damage to one of the enemy Pixels. The target is chosen randomly. The cost of the spell is 4 mana.

Healing. Use the spell to heal your Pixel and add health points to him. We advise you to cast the spell on dying Pixels so that they survive and you earn 3 stars per battle. The cost of the spell is 4 mana.

Bubble shield. Use a spell to protect Pixel from one enemy attack. We advise you to cast the spell on Pixels with low health. The cost of the spell is 5 mana.

Exhaustion. Use the spell to zero the enemy’s energy meter 2 times. We advise you to cast the spell on the most powerful enemies in order to reduce the damage done to Pixels. The cost of the spell is 5 mana.

Poisonous sting. Use a spell to deal additional damage and poison the enemy. A poisoned character will take 20% damage each turn until the attack starts. The cost of the spell is 5 mana.

A scorching explosion. Use the spell to unleash a powerful blow at the enemy and inflict maximum damage on him. The cost of the spell is 5 mana.

Stun. Use the spell to stun the enemy, for some time he will not be able to attack your Pixels. The cost of the spell is 5 mana.

Rejuvenation. Use the spell to restore Pixel’s maximum health. We advise you to cast the spell on dying Pixels so that they survive and you earn 3 stars per battle. The cost of the spell is 6 mana.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Story Campaign Walkthrough Tips

Campaign. Travel the game worlds with Pixels, defeat enemies to reveal the entire plot and learn the history of the heroes. During the passage of missions, dialogues will appear between the characters, if you do not speak a foreign language, use the translator to find out what the characters are talking about.

Subject battles. The level can have 3 levels of difficulty. Before starting the battle, familiarize yourself with the composition of the enemy squad and form the most suitable team according to the characteristics and abilities of the Pixels.

Complete easy levels several times to earn the maximum number of rewards.

Stars. For winning a battle, you will be awarded from 1 to 3 stars. All characters must be alive to earn the maximum number of stars. Earn the maximum number of stars to unlock the next world and continue the campaign.

If you failed to complete the 3-star mission the first time, come back later with a stronger team.

Energy. Each battle spends 1 unit of energy. complete levels for 3 stars to open an express passage, which costs 3 units of energy. In this case, you will instantly receive a reward for the battle.

If you have little free time, use instant battles to spend all your energy and exit the game.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: How to Fight in the Arena?

Arena. Challenge other players to find out which of you is better. Fight as often as possible to complete seasonal quests and get more rewards.

Battles. Battles take place online, the enemy will be randomly selected for you. You will not spend energy units to participate in the battle, so you can participate an unlimited number of times. Choose one of two types of battle:

Ranked battles - the enemy will match your level.

Out-of-rank battles - any player can become an enemy, the levels of your Pixels are automatically equal.

Glory points. Win battles to get glory points and increase your rating among players. Each victory also brings coins. If you are defeated, you will lose Fame Points.

You will lose Fame Points at the start of each day if your rating is Tier 7 or higher.

Rating. The more Fame Points you earn, the higher your rating will be. The content of the reward that you receive at the end of the season depends on it. There are 6 rating levels in total.

LevelGlory pointsReward
Tier 10Chest, 80 experience points, 75 coins, elements of Gato, Maya, Edgar, Berg. At the end of the season, 60 energy, 50 bucks, 5000 coins, 1 regular egg.
Tier 2210Chest, 105 experience points, 80 coins, Iggy, Tuski elements. At the end of the season, 60 energy, 60 bucks, 6000 coins, 1 unusual egg.
Tier 3525Chest, 135 experience points, 90 coins, elements of Sophia, Guppy, Hank. For the end of the season, 70 energy, 70 bucks, 8000 coins, 1 rare egg.
Tier 4945Chest, 165 experience points, 100 coins, Sven, Oumi, Swordy elements. At the end of the season, 75 energy, 80 bucks, 10,000 coins, 1 rare egg.
Tier 51470Chest, 195 experience points, 125 coins, Felix, Roxy elements. At the end of the season, 80 energy, 90 bucks, 12,500 coins, 1 rare and 1 mythical egg.
Tier 62100Chest, 225 experience points, 150 coins, Naza, Anana elements. At the end of the season, 80 energy, 100 bucks, 12,500 coins, 1 rare and 1 mythical egg.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: How to Complete the Challenge?

Tests. Collect all the Pixels and try to go as far as possible. The peculiarity of battles is that Pixels’ health is not restored between battles. You are waiting for 20 floors with 3 waves on each, and the passage time is limited.

Battle mode. The battles take place non-stop until your last Pixel dies. Watch the battle carefully in order to use spells in time and change the positions of the Pixels.

Monitor the health of your Pixels. The more of them can attack, the more likely the wave will pass.

Team building. All open Pixels will take part in the battle, their number is not limited. The more creatures you unlock, the more likely all waves of the event will pass.

Reward. Go as far as possible to earn more relics. You can spend this currency in a special store to buy food for pumping Pixels. after passing each wave, a reward awaits you, and you will also receive 15 relics for passing the entire floor:

  1. 1 wave - 5 relics, 2 wave - 11 relics, 3 wave - 18 relics.
  2. Wave 1 - 25 Relics, Wave 2 - 33 Relics, Wave 3 - 41 Relics.
  3. Wave 1 - 49 Relics, Wave 2 - 57 Relics, Wave 3 - 65 Relics.
  4. 1 wave - 74 relics, 2 wave - 83 relics, 3 wave - 91 relics.
  5. Wave 1 - 100 Relics, Wave 2 - 109 Relics, Wave 3 - 119 Relics.
  6. Wave 1 - 128 Relics, Wave 2 - 137 Relics, Wave 3 - 147 Relics.
  7. Wave 1 - 156 Relics, Wave 2 - 166 Relics, Wave 3 - 176 Relics.
  8. 1 wave - 186 relics, 2 wave - 196 relics, 3 wave - 206 relics.
  9. 1 wave - 216 relics, 2 wave - 226 relics, 3 wave - 236 relics.
  10. 1 wave - 246 relics, 2 wave - 256 relics, 3 wave - 267 relics.
  11. Wave 1 - 277 Relics, Wave 2 - 288 Relics, Wave 3 - 298 Relics.
  12. Wave 1 - 309 Relics, Wave 2 - 319 Relics, Wave 3 - 330 Relics.
  13. Wave 1 - 341 Relics, Wave 2 - 352 Relics, Wave 3 - 363 Relics.
  14. Wave 1 - 373 Relics, Wave 2 - 384 Relics, Wave 3 - 395 Relics.
  15. Wave 1 - 406 Relics, Wave 2 - 418 Relics, Wave 3 - 429 Relics.
  16. Wave 1 - 440 Relics, Wave 2 - 451 Relics, Wave 3 - 462 Relics.
  17. Wave 1 - 473 Relics, Wave 2 - 485 Relics, Wave 3 - 496 Relics.
  18. 1 wave - 508 relics, 2 wave - 519 relics, 3 wave - 530 relics.
  19. Wave 1 - 542 Relics, Wave 2 - 554 Relics, Wave 3 - 565 Relics.
  20. Wave 1 - 577 Relics, Wave 2 - 588 Relics, Wave 3 - 600 Relics.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Should You Join a Guild?

Guild. Join a guild and take advantage of its benefits. Get the opportunity to chat with other players and get guild chests. Guilds vary in level, crowns earned, and number of members.

Joining a guild. Create your own community or go to the Guild tab and select one of the suggested guilds to become a member. The guild list is updated every minute, so take the time to choose the one that suits you.

You can leave the Guild at any time. Strive to get into the top Guilds with active members in order to get good chests.

Chat. Click on the dedicated message box to share information with Guild members or to discuss an issue. The chat also displays messages about the main events that take place in the guild, for example, the player’s exit or entry into the guild.

Duel. Invite Guild members for a friendly battle. You will not receive a reward and points for opening a chest for a victory won. Duel requests will remain active until you leave the game.

Guild Chest. Fight in the arena, defeat enemies to earn points and help your team to open a chest with a reward within the allotted time. The event is available to Guild members every Monday and Thursday.

To unlock the chest, you need to earn the specified number of points and fill it. Earn even more points to level up the chest and improve its contents. The maximum level of the chest is 10, as a reward you will receive 25,000 coins, 125 bucks, 4 eggs.

You can only get a Guild Chest if you earn at least one point for the team during the event.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: All About Chests

Chests. Win battles to earn a chest, currency and Pixel items. The contents of the chest depend on its size and your luck in opening it.

ChestChance of getting coinsChance of getting eggs
Small50% - 150 coins. 33.3% - 300 coins. 16.7% - 450 coins.82.2% - an egg with ordinary elements. 16.4% - an egg with unusual elements. 1.1% is an egg with rare elements. 0.3% - an egg with mythical elements.
Middle50% - 250 coins. 33.3% - 500 coins. 16.7% - 750 coins.77.7% - an egg with ordinary elements. 19.4% - an egg with unusual elements. 2.2% - an egg with rare elements. 0.7% - an egg with mythical elements.
Large50% - 450 coins. 33.3% - 900 coins. 16.7% - 1350 coins.39.6% - an egg with ordinary elements. 39.6% - an egg with unusual elements. 15.8% - an egg with rare elements. 5% - an egg with mythical elements.
Giant50% - 600 coins. 33.3% - 1200 coins. 16.7% - 1800 coins.19.6% - an egg with ordinary elements. 39.1% - an egg with unusual elements. 35.1% - an egg with rare elements. 6.2% - an egg with mythical elements.

Inventory. Here you can store earned chests during battles. The maximum number of slots is 9. The first 3 slots are initially open, the next 3 open as the game level rises. Then invest your bucks in opening 3 more additional cells.

Try to open all the chests. If all available inventory slots are occupied, you will lose the new earned chest.

Opening. Move the chest to the opening slot to start the timer. A total of 3 slots are available, which open as the game level rises.

After opening all slots, place 3 chests to open. Time can be quickened by watching a commercial or paying bucks. Set up medium and large chests at night to save time.

Opening time:

Turn on notifications or set an alarm so as not to miss the opening time of the chest.

Purchase. Buy chests in the store for bucks, as this is a profitable investment of premium currency. Purchased chests open instantly and do not need to be placed in the opening slots.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: How to complete quests?

Complete as many tasks as possible daily to get experience points, energy and game currency. Fight in the Arena and go through the story campaign to complete tasks.

Daily quests. Every day you can complete several tasks and receive experience points and coins as a reward. Tasks are related to the passage of the levels of the story campaign, battles in the Arena and the use of spells.

Watch commercials to unlock additional daily quests and earn even more XP and Coins.

Seasonal quests. Complete tasks throughout the month to get more experience points, energy, coins and bucks. All tasks are related to participation in arena battles and the destruction of enemy Pixels during the battle.

Achievements. In addition to completing quests during the main game actions, you can receive additional rewards. There are a total of 29 achievements in the game, you can get rewards for the following actions:

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: A Guide for Donators

Score. Click on the Market button to go to the store menu. There are 5 tabs with various suggestions for purchasing missing bucks, coins, Pixel items and chests.

Featured Deals. In this section, you can familiarize yourself with the tasks for getting free bucks, as well as purchase lucrative sets. Promotions are constantly changing, so you can always choose the option that suits you.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers and sets.

Pixels. Save or buy bucks to open chests and get rare and mythical Pixel items. Regular and Uncommon Pixel elements can be purchased with coins. The better the hero, the more expensive his cost.

Log in every 4 hours to open one free chest.

A gift for a beginner. Log into the game for 7 days and earn coins, bucks, chests and Pixel items. If you forget to pick up your reward upon entering, then click on the promotion icon on the right side of the main screen.

VIP status. You can try this feature for free for three days. By paying real money, you will get a Vip status for a month and get the following bonuses:

Be sure to cancel your game subscription before the end of the free period, otherwise your monthly fee will be deducted from your account.

PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Is It Worth Playing?

PewDiePie’s Pixelings is a simple yet addicting strategy game in which you have to save Pixelland from the villains here. A game reminiscent of the story of Pokemon, will appeal to both children and adults.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons of the game that can turn you off:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.