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Pixel Gun 3D WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

PIXEL GUN 3D: BATTLE ROYALE is a game for android with release date 21.02. 2014 from Pixel Gun 3D. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Campaign Walkthrough
  2. Pixel World Walkthrough
  3. Block World Walkthrough
  4. Crossed Worlds Walkthrough
  5. Virtual World Walkthrough
  6. Maps
  7. Best Weapon
  8. Skins
  9. Mod Combinations
  10. How to Reset Progress?

Pixel Gun 3D: Campaign Walkthrough

Pixel Gun 3D, formerly Pixlgun 3D, is the first Pixel Gun game published on mobile devices. It is a pixel-based shooter with a variety of modes, including a single player campaign and online multiplayer matches.

The campaign is a single player mode in Pixel Gun 3D. The main character is a novice, a farmer who wakes up during a zombie apocalypse and seeks to find the source of the incident.

Rewards from campaign levels (not counting the last levels) will not be issued if the player has not earned for the 3 stars level. In the Campaign, you can earn hidden coins and hidden gems offline. This mode works without an Internet connection.

The campaign is divided into 4 Worlds, each World has several chapters with different monsters and bosses. Each chapter has a unique card.

Rules for passing:

  1. You need to complete the levels with 3 stars, otherwise you will not receive a reward.
  2. 1 star is given for the speed of killing monsters.
  3. 2 stars are given for full health. Therefore, you need to wear armor, and beware of injuries.
  4. 3 stars are given for killing all monsters in the level.
  5. At each stage there is a strong boss with whom you need to fight.

Jumping (jet jump) tactics - it will help you in any battle, and come in handy for any fighter. She will help you get to inaccessible places, hide from damage. But this tactic requires good preparation, training and knowledge of weapons. Heavy weapons will help you in jumping.

To perform a jump, you need to shoot yourself at your feet with a weapon that supports jet jumping. First you need to jump, then turn in the right direction or shoot at the enemy.

But it should be remembered that while performing the jump, you can harm yourself.

Pixel Gun 3D: Pixel World Walkthrough

Pixel World is the first world in the Campaign. It contains 9 chapters. The world looks like a floating, grassy island with two waterfalls, mud and rocks at the bottom.



  1. Headless Wounded Zombie - You can stop these monsters with melee weapons to save ammo.
  2. Wounded Zombie - When you are fighting large groups of zombies, they should be knocked together and then used with firearms or cluster bomb weapons. For example, the Ghost Lantern or the Christmas Ultimatum. You can use weapons with area damage.
  3. The Two-Headed Zombie Policeman is the boss, he will run at you and try to hit by raising his hands up and touching you. The boss becomes significantly faster when you encounter him in survival mode, while his damage increases. The policeman is very slow and takes time to get around all the obstacles.

Hidden Gems:

Passage tactics. Do not get too close to the zombies so that they do not see you. You must kill monsters very quickly to earn a star. It is recommended to use pets as additional strength. You need to watch out for the green arrow that appears as soon as 5 enemies remain in order to kill enemies faster. The monsters are very weak at this level, so you can choose not powerful weapons.

Better to restore ammo by leaving the level, and then you need to return. But before you finish the stage, it is better not to leave, as you will waste time. Better to use armor for passing. If you have a decent amount of armor, then you don’t have to worry about damage. You can still get 3 stars, since the ammunition will be damaged, not you.

This strategy must be used at all levels of this World, since the behavior of the monsters is almost the same. This World is the starting World, so there are no hidden traps.



  1. Slime - It is recommended to kill while jumping to prevent it from hitting you. It is advised to use weapons that deal area damage or melee weapons to conserve ammo.
  2. Runner - You can easily dodge him. If you approach it correctly to strike, damage can be avoided. To destroy the Outlaw, you can use the jumping weapon.
  3. Skeleton - it can be easily killed with a sword without getting damaged.
  4. Spider - Crawls towards the player and attacks with its fangs and front legs when it approaches.
  5. Ghost - it is better to attack Spiders from afar one by one. You should take a melee weapon with a high attack speed into battle, and which adds movement speed to the hero.
  6. Modified Castle Ghost - boss. He walks slowly towards the player, stretching out his arms, rotating his body to deal damage. Will periodically ignore damage. At this time, he copies the appearance of the hero. It is recommended to use ranged weapons to deal damage to the boss at a distance. Better aim the Ghost in the head.
Do not shoot them when they become invisible (at this moment, the Ghosts look like white spots), as they are invulnerable at this moment. Instead, it’s best to find another enemy until the Ghost becomes normal again.

Hidden Gems:

City map


  1. Bird - it flies up to the hero’s head to attack the player, while remaining invisible. You should look at the sky more often to avoid unpleasant contact. This is a melee enemy that bites the player. 1 shot is enough to destroy the Bird. Better to use scoped weapons to accurately aim at the monster. When Birds are flying in a flock, it is better to hit from the barrel with massive damage.
  2. Urban Crawler Mover - Like all crawlers, it crawls towards the player, getting stuck on most obstacles. You can jump on it, despite the fact that it can injure you.
  3. Pursuer - crawls towards the player, avoiding all obstacles in its path. The enemy is very aggressive, so you shouldn’t get close to him. It is recommended to attack the Pursuer with an automatic main or sniper weapon.
  4. Zombie Head - he jumps towards, and rushes at the player, causing minor damage. You should carefully monitor the ground, as the enemy may appear unexpectedly. It is recommended to destroy the enemy with weapons with massive damage. For example, with a flamethrower.
  5. Poison Payer - his poison has the effect of breaking walls. Keep your distance from this enemy. Use weapons with area damage. Jumping tactics can be used to avoid injury.

Two-Headed Special Forces Zombie is a level boss. He acts exactly like Police Two Headed. This boss deals a lot of damage, so be careful.

It is recommended to use your pet to distract the boss. If you have a jetpack, you can climb onto a street lamp and shoot the boss from above to easily kill him without taking damage.

Hidden Gems:



  1. Red Slime - he, approaching the player, begins to bite or hit his head, causing little damage.
  2. Devilish Stalker - it is best for him to aim at the head to do maximum damage or kill the Stalker. It is better for beginners not to engage in hand-to-hand combat with him. If you are forced to fight the Stalker in close combat, then after 1 hit, you should retreat from him so that the monster does not injure you.
  3. Infected Doctor - it is recommended to shoot at him from afar, and not let him near you.
  4. Infected Patient - Very similar to the Wounded Zombie.
  5. Poisonous Nurse - She will limp towards the player, and when he gets close enough to you, she will stop and start spitting out poisonous projectiles. The tactics of fighting him are the same as with the Poison Spitter.
  6. Dr. Chainsaw is the boss. He slowly limps towards you until he is close enough to attack. He attacks by swinging his weapon, and can also attack a pet if it is within reach.
Since the boss is very slow, you should move to the end of the long corridor, and continue to hit him with shots in the head from a sniper rifle.

Hidden Gems:



  1. The Infected Defender is a slow enemy, it is best to kill him from a distance.
  2. Poisonous Soldier - Will spit poison out of his mouth in an arc. In co-op survival mode, his venom spits out straight ahead like the Payer.

The infected truck driver is the boss. It will slowly approach the player and then start throwing tires at you, dealing relatively high damage. The boss is able to climb the bridge cables. After you defeat the monster, he will lie down and disappear. And after death, he will drop an army rifle, the main weapon that you can pick up to complete the level and move on to the next.

It is recommended to shoot the boss in the head to do more damage. You can use jumping tactics to take a seat on the roof of cars and other vehicles.

Hidden Gems:



  1. Police Zombie - Behaves just like a Wounded Zombie.
  2. Prisoner Zombie - he will hobble towards you, getting into dead ends and lingering on almost all obstacles.
  3. Prisoner Crawler - It is best to destroy him with heavy weapons.
  4. Red Spider - by itself he is not dangerous, but if he is in a group, then it is difficult to deal with him. Better to use a shotgun.

The tortured prisoner is the boss. He lunges at the player and hits him with his right hand with an electric shock, which he takes from an electric chair on his head. You can fight him using wall-breaking weapons and shooting him through the fence. You can use a good main weapon or melee weapon.

You can also use the invisibility gadget, but don’t move. It is not recommended to take the heavy machine gun after you kill the boss. It’s worth waiting for the body to disappear, as attempting to grab the weapon will result in the dead boss giving you an electrical shock from exposed wires.

Hidden Gems:

Slender Forest


  1. Bear - behaves exactly like a zombie. He will bump into obstacles, which makes him easy to lure into a trap, or shoot from a distance. Better to use firearms. These monsters can easily blend in with the background in Scary Pizzeria (game mode), so watch out for moving objects.
  2. Slender Devil - crawls towards the player, bypassing or climbing over any obstacles. It is recommended to fight with him from a distance.
  3. Slender Zombie - runs to the player quickly enough. He has good maneuverability. When trying to avoid damage, you should not go to the roof of the trailer, as the monster may somehow hit you through the roof.

The slender man is the boss. Can walk next to the player, dealing high damage with claws. It has six tentacles that curve in your direction. The person has the ability to teleport, which allows him to effectively attack the player from behind. When teleporting, the screen shows a flash similar to a TV glitch with a glint of light.

You can fight a Slender man without taking damage, for this you should go into the forest to the trees, and climb to the top of one of them. The boss will teleport to other trees, but will not be able to reach you or teleport to the tree you are standing on. The boss has the ability to attack through walls. Parts of its tentacles and claws will pass through the wall.

Never use a melee weapon, as the Slender Man attacks very quickly, with almost no delay, unlike other bosses. It is recommended to use any ranged weapon instead.

First you need to take a single grenade, and then join the battle with a rapid-fire weapon that has high damage. For example, Prototype S or Antichampion rifle. If you don’t have a single grenade, it is advised to walk in circles using a sniper or automatic primary grenade. Headshots are a must when interacting with this boss. If possible, use a PSG (pulling suction cup) to get away.

Hidden Gems:

You should actively walk and track down monsters in the forest. But don’t get too close to them. For this, it is recommended to use a main weapon with good damage. Weapon recommendation: Automatic Peacekeeper, Hellraiser, or Special Forces Rifle (for lower levels).

It is required to kill monsters until there are 1 or 2 of them, and then remove the equipment from your pet. If you don’t, then he will kill the zombies for you and the Slender Man will appear too early. Have them follow you to the spawn point next to the police car. Then you need to jump on the car or trees. From the top of the tree, you need to kill the remaining monsters that followed you. Then the boss will appear.

Area 52


  1. Orange Slime - He slowly moves towards the player, trying to touch him. At the last second, he briefly increases his speed, closing the gap between the hero.
  2. Alien - runs at the player, shortening the distance very quickly. He raises his arms as he attacks. Some aliens are armed with blasters. An armed alien will walk much slower than an unarmed one. Keep your distance from them.

The alien professor is the boss. He flies around the space station looking for the player when he appears. As soon as he sees you, he becomes hostile and fires his gun. It is easy to destroy it. In Zone 52 mode, the boss will walk towards the player, firing a rapid-fire weapon while remaining stationary. He is helped by the other 2 aliens with weapons in their hands.

Destroying the boss in the Space Station (Campaign). The UFO entrances are large enough for you to crawl through, and the boss cannot do this. It is worth standing on a plate at the end of the space station, and finishing off all the other aliens. And when the boss appears, he will get stuck in the passage. So it is easy to destroy it with a sniper rifle. You need to aim at his head to deal additional damage. You should not let the boss close to you.

If you are low on health, use a weapon or gadget with a gravitational force attribute, such as an eraser or a singular grenade, to make this boss stay in one place.

Likewise, the boss can be slowed down by using weapons (proton freezer), or gadgets (gummy candy). You should not try to use the heights of the map to your advantage, as the enemy can quickly rise and overtake you.

Destruction of the boss in Area 52 (Skirmish). The bosses have a rapid-fire rifle. He is helped by 2 distant aliens. The monster remains completely motionless during shooting, so you should use this circumstance to your advantage. It is recommended to take weapons of mass destruction to attack the boss through the wall. For example, a luxurious punch.

Hidden Gems:


Pyramidal Minion Head (normal monster) - This monster will run at you, constantly keeping his hands at his sides. When he gets close enough, lean towards you, dealing damage. If you have experience, you can gather a large group of Heads and then destroy them with a single shot from a heavy weapon. You can climb a tree or other obstacle where they cannot attack you. It is recommended to use a weapon with a shield attribute (such as a cunning wolf) to render their attacks useless.

Rider - The boss will crawl towards the player, while the zombie will shoot from a long distance. This boss can shoot quite quickly and accurately. You can engage in combat from afar to increase your chances of dodging bullets. This boss is unique in that it uses a weapon very similar to the hunger bow, allowing it to have a high rate of fire. Hide behind solid cover (rocks) and shoot from behind cover. Heavy weapons with high damage will also be useful.

Hidden Gems:

Compared to the previous 8 levels, the School is much more difficult. You must have a good primary weapon. It is imperative to look back, as monsters can sneak up from behind. Also, you need to be very careful in the bridge room with hanging skeletons, as you can accidentally fall.

Pixel Gun 3D: Block World Walkthrough

The world of blocks is the second World and contains 6 levels. This is the world where fantasy turned into reality, which is based on the Minecraft universe.



  1. Blue Zombie - Acts exactly the same as the Wounded Zombie.
  2. Pea Shooter is a poisonous plant that fires poisonous green projectiles. Peas have the effect of breaking walls. The monster moves towards you, and when it gets close enough, it starts to attack. You need to aim at the head of the monster, and use a heavy weapon. You can also try to dodge it by jumping.

Angry Chicken Man is the boss. He runs and climbs over any obstacles to get to the player. To defeat this boss, you can use any weapon that suits you. Beginners can try to engage him in hand-to-hand combat. Better to hit him from a distance with a high-performance sniper rifle. You can jump or use a jetpack to climb over it. Then, when he is under you, use a powerful weapon.

Hidden Gems:

You should destroy monsters with weapons of mass destruction. You need to carefully move around the map, use natural shelters. Gadgets such as the Christmas tree tower are recommended.



  1. Mummy - slowly approaches and follows the player. Attacks at close range like a zombie.
  2. Mummy Stalker - You should stay away from this monster, as it uses its attacks from close range. It is better to kill a company of mummies with weapons with area damage.
  3. Mummy Bird - has the same behavior as the Bird.
  4. Desert Crawler - Acts like a normal crawler.
  5. Desert Crawler Head - This monster jumps towards the player, trying to touch his feet. You need to shoot them from afar with automatic weapons. Better to keep them out for close combat.
  6. Mega Mummy is an aggressive monster that shoots a fireball emanating from a wand at medium range.

Pharaoh Golem is the boss. He will walk up to the player and hit him with his right fist. He can also climb any terrain available, even the Great Sphinx. After death, it disintegrates into many parts, falls and disappears. After his death, he drops a flamethrower, which must be picked up to go to the next level.

Against the Golem, you need to use accessories with an armor bonus against the boss, as it does a decent amount of damage. You need to aim for the boss’s chest at the place with a small red hitbox, this is the only way to seriously injure him.

Hidden Gems - The coin and gem is in a hidden room behind a black wall that you can walk through from your respawn point.

We recommend using the strategy that we described in the Farm level.

Sky Islands

There is a multiplayer map of the same name that can be found in Team Battles and Deathmatch (in Skirmish).


  1. Flying Pig - the behavior is the same as the Bird from the Farm.
  2. Parallel Runner is a very fast opponent, takes the fastest route to get to the hero, and attacks from close range. You need to be vigilant and stay away from these monsters. Better to shoot in the head with a sniper rifle.
  3. Skeleton Runner - similar to Skeleton, but more agile.
  4. White Bird - the behavior is the same as the Farm Bird.

Zombie Flying Pig Boss - he will fly in a straight line at eye level. When fighting this boss, you need to use a powerful weapon or a weapon with a slowdown, as the boss is very fast.

Hidden Gems:

We recommend using the strategy that we described in the Farm level.

Winter Island


  1. Snowman is a winter version of a regular zombie from level 1.
  2. Two-Headed Snowman is the winter version of the Two-Headed Cop Zombie.
  3. Ice Slime - strongly resembles Green Slime in behavior.
  4. Yeti is very similar to an ordinary zombie.
  5. Ice Mage - Similar to the Pursuer.

Snowman Mage is a boss, despite its name, he does not attack you with magic projectiles of any kind. However, he will make contact with you, dealing damage. He has average maneuvering skills, so he will linger on various obstacles from time to time. This is not a difficult boss. He can be defeated in the same way as any boss from World 1.

Hidden Gems:

You can land on any hill on the map, and then you should kill enemies from a great distance. You do not need to stand still, otherwise you will be killed. Groups of enemies can be hit with heavy weapons, but you don’t need to get close to enemies.

Hell Castle


Demon Walker - looks like a normal zombie.

Magma Slime - differs from the green slug in its high movement speed.

Demon Runner is a fast creature, an accelerated version of a regular zombie.

Demon Ghost - you need to fight him like a ghost.

Wizard - Similar to the Pea Shooter.

The damn mage is the boss, he flies up to meet the player, and then shoots explosive fireballs. The Mage has 4 sorcerers who can be killed before the fight with the Mage. Better to use homing weapons to save ammo. If you do get destroyed, you might want to consider using a Barrier Rifle as it is extremely effective at destroying projectiles if you aim correctly.

You should constantly move and not stand still, while shooting back. An antihero rifle or a fighter can come in handy for this. Jumping tactics can also help.

Hidden Gems:

The first strategy method is to run around the map, killing enemies before they kill you. It is necessary to avoid magicians who shoot at you from a long distance. The second, easier way is to rocket jump to the top of the castle, kill most of the enemies, and then go down to take out the last opponents.

the end


  1. Parallel Zombie - Similar to a regular zombie.
  2. Parallel Monster is a large and slow monster, bumping into obstacles, the tactics of fighting him are similar to battles with ordinary zombies.
  3. Double Headed Parallel Zombie - Similar to the Double Headed Zombie.
  4. Parallel Bird - looks like a regular Bird.
  5. Parallel Tracked Mover - Acts like a normal zombie.
  6. Parallel Pea Shooter - Similar to the Pea Shooter .
  7. The dragon is the boss. The fight with him is like the boss from Hell Castle.

Hidden Gems:

Care must be taken to avoid falling off the map. You just need to run, shooting at enemies, and it is advisable to kill the shooters first. You can use pole jumping and finish off enemies from above.

Pixel Gun 3D: Crossed Worlds Walkthrough

There is a hero, a girl and a Dragon in the World. When the player completes the last level of this world, he will receive a free pistol as a reward, as well as 15 diamonds.



  1. Spiders (when fighting the boss).
  2. The Bat is like the Factory Bird.
  3. End - when you are near him, he will slowly charge his branches (arms) to attack. End has a low attack speed, you should use this. We must try not to get too close to him. It is required to destroy him before he can hit you if you are using a melee weapon. You can run away from End, and shoot him from a distance or burn him.
  4. Infected Swamp Knight - Has decent maneuvering skills. If the player gets his attention, he will run towards him, choosing the shortest route. Over time, it picks up high speed.

Boss Spider - will crawl to the player, climbing over any obstacle in its path. When he gets close enough, he will rise slightly, pounce on the player and deal damage to him. When he attacks, weaker spiders will attack along with the boss. Any type of weapon you feel comfortable with can be used. Better to pick up a massive damage cannon. You should not stand still, you should constantly move, staying away from the boss. Although the Spider summons smaller spiders, you can ignore them completely and just save your ammo for the boss. It is recommended to hit the Spider from long distances.

Hidden Gems:

This level is somewhat easier compared to others. Watch out for the infected swamp nights, which sometimes look like part of the map. First of all, you need to destroy the shooters, who are a big hindrance.



  1. The Ghost of the Castle - looks like a regular Ghost.
  2. Armored Devil Stalker is a common, but more tenacious Devil Stalker.
  3. Cannibal Knight - he approaches the player and swings an ax. But it moves slowly, it should be used.

Boss Wizard - he will slowly approach you and, being at a fairly close distance, attack with a magic wand that shoots purple balls. It is guarded by two large knights in white armor. If the boss is killed first, the knights will die automatically. The Mage’s projectiles have a flight time, so you can easily fire them if you are far enough away with snipers with scoped weapons. When you have to use melee weapons, you need to move around the boss in a circle like a pattern, combining back and forth movements.

Hidden Gems :

You need to kill the ghosts of the castle and the skeletons of the mages to prevent their attack. Then you should gather the remaining enemies together, and use weapons against them to inflict damage in the zone (or a grenade). You can try to take the demon stone to get to the place where the monsters cannot reach you.

Space station


  1. Red Space Alien - will move towards you if you get very close. They attack by shooting from their unknown alien rifles.
  2. Green Space Alien - attacked with a saber of dark power.
  3. Blue Space Alien - attack using alien cannons. All aliens need to be hit from afar, and do not stand still. Care should be taken not to be exposed to laser beams.
  4. Robot Drone - silently flies up to the player and shoots without reloading. The Robot’s Machine Gun has a high attack speed. He can be countered with accurate weapons, while you need to quickly navigate and shoot.

The Alien Professor is the boss. He will fly around the space station in search of the player. When he sees you, he will become hostile, and will start shooting from his gun. However, it is relatively easy to get trapped in exits and entrances. The tactics are similar to the Area 52 boss fight.

Hidden gems -

The easiest way to complete the level is to run to the UFO, stand there, and shoot at the enemies that come to you. If necessary, you can go inside and finish off the last monsters.



  1. Shooting Soldier - Shoots a player using a secret forces rifle. You need to stay out of sight of these enemies, use a weapon (for example, an antihero rifle or any other weapon with a 10x zoom) to shoot at them from a long distance and through barriers.
  2. Rocket Soldier - Will try to aim and detonate missiles. You shouldn’t attack these enemies head-on because their missiles can do a lot of damage. Not to mention, with the support of other soldiers, they can kill you very quickly. You need to stay on top of the building with a helicopter on top, and destroy their enemies at a distance.

War Mech - The boss slowly moves towards the player and then fires two hand cannons. The military mech can get stuck, you can jump inside it, and not be damaged, and then kill it with melee weapons. The boss moves along a given trajectory around the map. In the battle with him, you need to use a sniper weapon.

Jumping can be used - this is a very effective strategy when dealing with War Mech. You just need to jump from building to building. The boss knows how to maneuver and jump high, so you need to closely monitor him.

Hidden Gems:

You need to watch out for enemies who manage to climb the skyscraper. The most efficient way to complete this level is by jumping or flying a helicopter. You need to kill enemies before they go upstairs.

You can use the main weapon with a scoped sight, it usually takes 1 - 3 headshots from the main weapon to kill them. It is important to watch out for the rocket soldiers who start shooting at you from below.

Pixel Gun 3D: Virtual World Walkthrough

The World is repelled by the events of the previous World. When the player completes the World, he will receive a cube hat as a reward. This is the most difficult World to complete.



Cyber Phoenix - similar to a regular Bird, but has higher intelligence and damage.

Spider Mine - Spiders run up to you and emit a small beep before exploding. But this is not enough to kill the player, so they come in packs, usually 2 - 3 spiders. While the explosion is counting down, spiders can injure the player. But shooting them will cause them to explode. They don’t need to be close to the player to start the detonation countdown. They can do this as soon as they are near the generator. This will deal significant damage to installations, but the Cyber Phoenix swarm often does most of the damage.

Boss Drones - Activates his flamethrower when you approach him, he will burn the energy gates when spawned. The boss is just a guardian combined with the middle part of the engineering exoskeleton. The flamethrower in his attack can damage you through walls.

Hidden Gems:

The player must protect three generators from a horde of enemies. If the generators run out of health, the player will lose. It should be noted that the player will not start the level with his ammunition. Instead, a sysadmin, flash drive and 0xdeadc0de will be provided. You need to make sure that you protect the first generator after the raid, and then you should go to the top. It is required to go from generator to generator.

It is required to pick up all the ammunition that is scattered on the map, since the level quickly runs out of cartridges. All monsters are easy to defeat using only the system administrator. Try to use the sysadmin as your primary weapon, and only switch to the flash drive when you run out of ammo.

After the enemies are attacked, they will move away from the generator and attack you. This can be useful for keeping enemies away from installations.

Cube 2

Dice Champion 2 - The boss carries the magical version of the Breaker. You need to aim for his head to deal more damage. You should attack his minions first. It is recommended to avoid his shots, as the health taken from you will be transferred to him. This boss will start moving very quickly, but you can be faster than him if you jump and run every time. In any case, it is not recommended to stay in one place.

Hidden Gems:

This is a huge map, so you need to use the range to your advantage and run away whenever you’re low on health or ammo. You should try to collect some ammo in the early moments of the game, and disable any ranged units, as they are the most difficult to deal with.

The sysadmin is the best weapon capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so it’s best to use it as your primary.


CAK E - boss, shoots projectiles similar to anti-gravity blaster. He walks on four legs. It would be best if you used ricochet pads and portals to confuse the CAK E and avoid his shots. Rocket Jumping helps a lot and allows you to get away from the boss’s projectiles.

Hidden Gems:

Due to the tight space and the number of hazards, you need to be very careful when driving. Avoid touching any lasers. Once cornered, you need to find a portal to flank the Horde.

You need to get to the middle platform in the center of the map, since the enemies will not be able to reach you there and shoot at you.

Jumping box


  1. Hippopotamus.
  2. Alligator.
  3. Yellow Pea Shooter.
  4. Tiger.

Hidden Gems - There is a diamond in one of the dead ends in a laser maze.

All lasers should be avoided. Jumps should be used to reach higher platforms. You need to be careful when moving and jumping, as it is very easy to get damaged from hazards or fall out of the map. Look up if necessary, as this can help you avoid spikes or lasers.

It is necessary to try to memorize the course of the floating islands in order to know what lies ahead at each section. You need to eliminate every enemy blocking the path or on the platforms, as they can interfere with your jumps. Weapons such as antivirus and disconnector can help you quickly take out enemies. If you are having difficulty completing one section of the course, set a checkpoint next to that section.

If you are low on health, it is recommended to run to the checkpoint, activate it and kill yourself in order to regain your health. Rocket jumping is disabled at this level. It is advised to use the excellent attack speed of the flash drive to quickly move around the map while dealing with monsters.



  1. Rifle Administrator.
  2. Flash Drive Administrator.
  3. Stream Administrator.

The administrator is the boss. After appearing, he will follow the player and try to kill you. This boss is long-range, he will shoot with the automatic Peacekeeper he owns. The administrator cannot shoot through walls. The boss knows how to teleport to the player. It is impossible to dodge the Administrator’s shots, nothing will help you to avoid them like high mobility. He has a short reload time between firing, so you need to use this as an advantage (shoot him or hide). In addition, the boss will spawn Cyber Phoenixes. After killing the boss, all phoenixes will die instantly.

The sysadmin is ideal for dealing a lot of damage to the boss, as it deals the highest damage per second of all other weapons. But it should be noted that you must hit to the head to satisfy the cannon’s potential.

You need to hide behind walls to avoid injury. The boss’s accuracy is great and it is impossible to dodge, but he shoots only when the player is in his field of vision. The administrator remains stationary when firing a weapon, it is advised to use this by moving to another position.

The Administrator minigun has a short cooldown after firing, this is the moment when you can deal the most damage to the boss. You need to look out of cover to successfully lure him into a trap. The indicator arrow will show its location. It is required to keep track of where he teleports and moves.

Although the Administrator is very strong, he is very slow. Jumping tactics will help a lot here. But this will not protect you from Cyber Phoenixes. Hiding in one place is useless, as the Administrator can easily teleport to your position and find you.

Hidden Gems:

Be careful when bypassing the map, as sysadmins can sneak up behind you. You need to monitor your surroundings while hiding from enemies. It is recommended to be attentive to the rifle administrators, as their shot accuracy is very high, so you cannot dodge their bullets.

You can hide where the diamond is and shoot enemies one by one with the breaker. If enemies land on the platform, they can fire at you.



  1. Web scanner.
  2. Spider Mine.
  3. Guard.
  4. Defender.

The die is a villainous entity. Boss. The cube has four faces:

The die also spawns a spider mine (enemy) and an enemy guard. When he uses a flamethrower, he should not attack the Cubic, just run away. When he uses a red face, you should never hide behind blocks, because if he gets close to you, he can kill you with 2 shots.

It is recommended to use a system administrator or antivirus to give it high damage. Before fighting with him, you need to make sure that there is always 1 enemy left.

Hidden Gems:

You need to move in order not to get into the portals. We recommend using big data to get rid of web crawlers. Defeating the Die (character) is very easy. Stay away from it and just empty the sysadmin into it. It’s very big, so you won’t miss.

Pixel Gun 3D: Maps

Maps are the content of the game that gives you the ability to explore and attack everything around you. Most of them can be found in Map Select by clicking the Battle button. Without maps, it would be impossible to play modes and mini-games, as well as use weapons. Maps are of different sizes and designs. Some may be based on another game, or simply made up. Other maps may contain hills or secret locations.

Team fight

2 teams are involved - red and blue, which oppose each other. The goal of each squad is to kill as many opponents as possible in a certain time.

Alien planet:

  1. Do not dwell on lasers for too long as your health deteriorates.
  2. You should jump from the ground, as this will lead to death and punishment.
  3. Keep in mind that when you jump, you will jump twice as high as you normally would.
  4. The purple flowers on this map are used as springboards, so you can use them to speed up your jump.
  5. Use ranged weapons because this is a big map. However, in some cases, you can use melee weapons.
  6. It is advised to stand under a stone UFO to restore low health.

Life of ants - there is a lit stove, where its fire will quickly damage the player. There is a wardrobe above the counter, team 2 appears. On the other side of the kitchen, you can see the shelving cabinet where the 1st squad spawn point is located.

  1. You should not touch the floor of the card, because this is guaranteed to lead to death and punishment. And you can’t go into the fire either.
  2. It is recommended to use mucous substances to move to higher places.
  3. Here you need snipers to shoot opponents from a long distance.
  4. Homing missile weapons work well against players jumping around the map.
  5. When you play, always have a jetpack to reach high areas.
  6. You should use grenades, as opponents usually gather in a heap in one place.
Keep in mind that there are many places where players can fall to the floor, resulting in your death as well as a self-destruct penalty.

Water Park - Each team spawns near a yellow water slide that leads to the middle of the map. The blue team appears on the deck of the pirate ship, and the red team appears on the observation deck next to the lighthouse.

  1. Due to the small size of the map, short- and medium-range weapons benefit significantly.
  2. Jumping into the main pool due to the crocodile should be avoided.
  3. You can camp at the ends of the slide to shoot unsuspecting enemies sliding down.
  4. It is advised to use the floating island as an observation post for shooting with heavy or sniper weapons.
  5. Hiding behind hard objects is recommended if you want to reduce the chances of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your hideouts for the best results.

Arabian Dust - The map has two courtyards facing each other. There is an underground passage to get to the other side. However, players can also go through the main building to get there.

  1. You should go inside the temple to get on the side of the other team.
  2. Better to use stabbing weapons on the main road.
  3. It is recommended to raid the other team’s spawn zone with an explosive weapon.
  4. It’s also a good idea to use cyclic weapons to hit enemies on the other side of the map.

Atlantis - There are doors between each area that open when you approach them.

  1. This card is melee friendly (except for corridors), so use melee weapons in most cases.
  2. There is a corridor on each side, and players don’t often go to the other end of the map using them. Basically, they walk in the main corridors, so you can use the side passages to move to the spawn zone of the other team.
  3. The raised area with ladders and railings is one of the best options for campers, so you can kill them with a powerful sniper.
  4. It is very easy to shoot the player when he is climbing the stairs.

Candy Land - A red team appears on the banks of a river made from a strawberry milkshake. While the blue team appears near a canopy made of cake.

  1. This map is very open, which means that long-range weapons like sniper rifles will benefit.
  2. Capturing high positions is important to gain an advantage over the enemy.
  3. Crossing the river should be avoided as it leaves you with no cover.
  4. Most high platforms, such as the top of the cake, cannot be climbed.
  5. If possible, you should hide, for example, behind cookies and jelly.
The sides of the cards, behind the cake and the cave system, can be useful for a capture point or ambush for unsuspecting opponents. If you want to get from one side to the other, you need to go around the edges of the map, so you are less likely to find enemies.

Mat - the card is a huge chessboard. Various game pieces are visible in the distance. If the player is in the path of movement, the figure will push him to the side. It is worth using figures to distract the enemy.

  1. Don’t be fooled. Weapons on the map do nothing, they exist only for aesthetic purposes. Chess pieces do not kill the player either.
  2. You can fight the player outside of the chess playing area so that the pieces don’t get in your way.
  3. Weapons should be used to break down walls in case someone is hiding between chess sets.
  4. The primary weapon is useful if you are fighting outside of the checkerboard.
  5. You can use a jetpack or any other flying device to hover around the map and shoot people below you.

Classic Pool - There are changing rooms on both sides of the pool, one red and one blue.

  1. The best weapons to use are close ones. Weapons with the wall shatter attribute are also very effective.
  2. Good weapons are the shotgun, laser bouncer, and any area damage weapon.
  3. An effective strategy is to simply walk in a large circle, covering every room except the central pool.
  4. In the corridors, you can use cannons to destroy walls, ricochet and explosive weapons.
  5. If you have a good ranged weapon, then Rocket Jumping to the roof is a good idea.

D-Day - This card takes place on June 6 during the invasion of Omaha Beach. The blue team appears on the transport boats that have landed, the red team appears in the German bunkers.

  1. Large guns and tanks cannot be used, so don’t count on them.
  2. It is recommended to take sniper rifles against the other team because this is a long range card.
  3. You need to watch the planes, as they shoot projectiles that can hurt you.
  4. Do not step on mines, water or fire, as this will lead to loss of health or even death.
  5. It is possible to ambush players who are sniping from one of the bunkers by placing a tower on the way to the base.
  6. When shooting from the bunker, do not stand still, as you can become an easy target for the other team.
  7. The Laser Bouncer is the best weapon for trenching. If you are skilled enough at this, it can be used to fight players using a jetpack.
If you get caught inside a bunker, the Demoman is your best bet. Place the sticky mine on the inside of the entrance when someone runs in. If you think that the enemy can shoot the explosive cans, you need to run. It is advised to try using your main weapon to get out.

Gadget Factory - This map is a complete reconstruction of the Toy Factory map.

The Garden of Eden is a very large floating map that is also very detailed and colorful.

  1. You should use ranged weapons and kill enemies from above, for example, from the top of a large tree.
  2. If you don’t have a jetpack or rocket, you should climb the clouds using a beanstalk next to the Pantheon with a unicorn on top.
  3. You can put turrets and throw nuclear grenades at the spawn point of the enemy team.
  4. When it comes to pets, the Arnold 3000 is worth a try because it is a long-range animal.

Knife Party - If you step out onto the dirt path that surrounds the entire map, you can see ammo packs above the lava. Sometimes a dragon arrives, but it cannot be attacked.

  1. Equip a pet (e.g. Tyrannosaurus, Fairy Beast, or Turkey) to get extra kills.
  2. You need to stay away from the lava that is inside and outside the castle.
  3. The map allows for melee weapons, contrary to the fact that it assumes the presence of an ammo pack (actually a decorative part of the map).
  4. Use area damage melee weapons to make the kill much easier for you.
  5. A fireball, electrosphere, healing staff, or storm hammer should be used to increase your chances of winning.
  6. The combat yo-yo can pierce targets and travel a fairly decent distance forward.
If you spawn in the maze area, try to avoid blindly running into the throne room. The enemy will be waiting there, and the coordinated groups can easily kill the lone invaders. If you are spawning into the Throne Room, you need to try not to crowd with your teammates.

Night Palace - The map is symmetrical, where each side consists of the same houses.

  1. It is very important to kill the player who took your flag and return it, otherwise you will not be able to score.
  2. Use a jetpack and fly up until you reach your base. Also, with its help, you can easily capture the flag and return back to your side.
  3. It is recommended to use a wall-shattering weapon, which will make it easier to destroy targets at long distances.
  4. Several energy shields and turrets should be placed to defend your base from suspicious enemies.

Atomic city :

  1. It is recommended to pick up a first aid kit and armor before the explosion countdown begins.
  2. Better to use ranged weapons as this is a large open map.
  3. Sometimes people like to hide and camp on the second floor of houses, you can throw frag grenades on the second floor to get rid of such players.
  4. After the nuclear bomb falls, it is advised to use the Pandora’s box gadget in order to have a chance to kill the entire enemy team before they regain health.

Olympus - in the spawn room of each team there is a Greek god breathing fire for the red team, and the wind for the blue team. It is better to use melee weapons in the corridors of the temple, you can also ambush opponents here. The floating island should be used as an observation post.

Paradise Resort - Outside the hotel there is a dock where the player can jump onto the yacht parked in the dock and into the shack behind it. Tactics for Team Fight and Mortal Game:

  1. With the help of jumping or a jetpack, you can get on a balloon and shoot enemies with a sniper rifle.
  2. It is recommended to go to the "secret place", which is under water, and then, using a long-range weapon, quickly remove all opponents.
If you wish, you can take a weapon to destroy walls (for example, a railgun), and destroy opponents from a long distance using windows.

Capture Point:

  1. You should use the portal in order to capture the point or confuse your opponents.
  2. You can take advantage of the blizzard on the enemy while he is trying to capture the point.
  3. A single grenade should be used to prevent enemies from capturing the target point for a few seconds.
  4. Heavy weapons can take down several enemies while they capture a point.

Parkour City - The map has several high vantage points, making it ideal for sniper shooting. Players who fall on the lower platforms of the skyscraper die. A similar map - "Parkour - Symi 3019".

  1. This is a large map that you can use with long shooters.
  2. You can place turrets at the spawn point of opponents.
  3. An average skyscraper is considered an excellent place for a sniper.

Pirates - The red team spawns on the pirate ship and the blue team on the imperial merchant ship. A dug hole on the island is the only place where items (armor, ammunition, etc.) are located.

  1. You should be wary of water, as you may die.
  2. Better to choose a melee weapon with area damage.
  3. If you are fighting inside one of the ships, you can take a heavy weapon.

Sniper Hills is a huge open map that is good for using snipers.

  1. When shooting, one should not stand still, but constantly move.
  2. Better to opt for sniper rifles that can kill a fully armored enemy with a headshot. It is better to take weapons equipped with modules.
  3. It is recommended to take a pet (for example, Arnold 3000) with high damage.
  4. While reloading, you are more vulnerable, so you should reload your weapon in cover.
If you don’t have ammo, you can look in a tiny shed or in the back of the house. If you can’t find one, don’t waste time waiting for ammo, just jump into the water. Then you will respawn with full ammunition.

Toy Factory:

  1. If opponents are gathered on the balcony next to the spawn room, then they can be easily removed with a sniper. You can also wait for opponents at the spawn point with a turret or nuclear grenade.
  2. Corridors leading to the opposite side of the map are dangerous, so you need to be careful when moving along them. In the corridors, you can stumble upon map traps and die, earning a fine.

Walking Fortresses - 2 large and 2 small robotic walkers roam the snowy desert. Inside each of the walkers there are seats, jumps and small empty seats.

  1. You can use the jump pads to get to the fortress. Capture the Flag is a good and quick way to capture the banner.
  2. You should be wary of the edges of the map, as you can fall out and break.
  3. If the opponents are hiding in the fortress, then you can destroy them with grenades and heavy weapons.
A good way to prevent the enemy team from capturing the flag is to put sticky candy on the flag so that opponents will slow down and become an easy target.

Warehouse Assault is the most popular map among players. There is a large warehouse on the map in the main beachhead.

  1. Ranged weapons (such as Hellraiser or Elf’s Revenge) will do. But there are closed places where it is better to switch to melee weapons (like Dark Matter).
  2. 0xbadc0de - Good for shortening long distances.
  3. There are no hidden traps on the map, so you can focus on destroying opponents.

Skirmish (Desmatch)

The player enters the map together with other players. This regime is often referred to as "Itself" or "One against all". That is, you will not have a support team, and everyone around is enemies. Places are calculated based on the number of murders committed. Rewards are awarded based on your place.

Aircraft carrier:

  1. You should not try to go outside the plane, as in thin air, you will quickly die.
  2. Better to use the main weapon.
  3. You should hide between solid objects if you want to reduce the chance of being hit by snipers.

The Colosseum is an effective strategy for this map - just walk in a large circle, covering the entire map except for the center. The King of the Hill is a hill surrounded by water that must not be dropped. It is recommended to circle all over the map, destroying opponents with any weapon you are used to. If someone has noticed your trajectory of movement, you should change the path. It is recommended to take mobile guns with a lot of ammo.

Mafia Cottage - It is advised to use the Magic Wand on enemies standing on the balconies or roof of the house. Basically, the battle takes place in the mansion, so it is better to use melee weapons. You can take a cannon with the attribute of wall destruction.

New Camelot - the action takes place on the top of a mountain fortress, where there are two small castles. The color of the locks corresponds to the color of the teams that appear in them.

You can use different weapons, since the map has both open and closed spaces. In enclosed spaces, it is recommended to use a shotgun (e.g. Ghost Lantern). On the bottom of the map, it’s good to set traps for your opponents.

Do not overuse weapons with massive damage in a confined space, as they can cause damage to you.

Christmas night town - the map is very similar to the snow-covered Paradise Resort. All the secrets we have described for the Resort can be used on this map.

North Pole - heavy weapons with a medium range can be used on the map. Since this is a small map, it is best to use a weapon or gadget with a gravitational force attribute to pull enemies to one spot and then use a cluster bomb to get a lot of kills. Better to find a hill, and shoot opponents from it. Jumping tactics work well here.

You can deploy an energy shield at the entrance of one of the tunnels, and then use a weapon with the attribute of breaking through walls. And to counter this strategy, you should bypass the cunning flanker and remove him with a weapon that can destroy him with 1 headshot. Alternatively, you should use a fragmentation or nuclear grenade.


You will have 3 allies to fight the hordes of evil spirits. At the same time, players do not take damage from another player’s weapon (if such is not specified). Points are awarded for the level and power of killed monsters. If you die from the clutches of monsters or die from an explosion, then a certain number of points will be deducted from your piggy bank.


  1. Deadly arena.
  2. Scary pizzeria.
  3. Terrible resort.
  4. Utopia.
These are small maps on which it is better to use weapons with a medium range. For example, a Christmas tree.

To deal additional damage to the enemy, it is better to aim at his weak points (for example, in the head). You can use a flare gun for this.

You must always keep an eye on your ammunition. For example, there is a small shop in the revolver. Therefore, it is required to collect more often the ammunition that is on the maps.

Capture the Flag

The main task of the players is to capture and hold the banner of the opposing team for some time. In the mode of several cards, for some (repeated in other activities) we wrote recommendations above.

Imperial Palace - The map is very symmetrical, where each side consists of the same houses with team spawn points, and has many details.

Capture the Flag:

  1. It is very important to kill the player who caught your flag and return it, otherwise you will not be able to score.
  2. You can use the jetpack to fly up and move to your base.
  3. 0xbadc0de is great for capturing flags easily and getting back to your base.
  4. Weapons to shatter walls will make it easier to destroy targets at long distances, especially if there are many objects and structures blocking your scope.
  5. A good source of base and flag protection is by placing multiple energy shields and turrets.
  6. Take the homing missile weapon to knock users off the jetpack. The shorter the distance, the more difficult it will be for the jetpack user to dodge the projectiles.

Capture point:

  1. You can place a turret at the spawn point of the opposing team or near the capture point.
  2. It is recommended to use a blizzard on the opponent while he is trying to capture the point, slowing them down, making it easier for them to finish off.
  3. A single grenade can be thrown to prevent players from capturing the target point for several seconds.
  4. Use heavy weapons to kill multiple enemies while they are capturing points.
  5. Installing energy shields will help protect your team members.
AoE weapons make it easier to deal with enemies trying to get to your point. Especially if the weapon has a large explosion or damage radius.

Inside the code - it is very difficult to aim on this map (unless the player is using Stinger / Stinger 3000), since objects (bullets) touching the floor bounce upwards. There are many floating platforms scattered around that you can stand on. Each team has three large spawn platforms located at either end of the map. Here the gravity is 25% less than on conventional maps.

Capture point

The main task of the player is to capture a certain highlighted point and hold it for several seconds. We wrote about some of the strategies above (on repeating maps). For a successful capture, you should know all the objects on the map. You can use the advice we gave earlier.

Mine - you can use a portal to capture a point or confuse your opponents. You can place a turret at the spawn point of the opposing team or near the capture point. Using a weapon with x-ray ability can help you see point B if you are not in the mine itself, or it can help you see other points if you are in point B or in the mine.

Deadly game

As soon as a team of 3 or 5 people is recruited, the fight begins. The mode is played by 2 opposing teams. After everyone has joined, the countdown begins, at which time all players are on the podium. On the podium, the player can jump and look around, but he is prohibited from moving and striking. When the countdown reaches 0, everyone can move freely.

When a player is killed, they have the option to watch the game from another player’s perspective using spectator mode, or to leave the match. The main goal is to remain the last survivor. It is recommended to smash chests to find weapons.


  1. Afternoon battlefield.
  2. Foggy swamp.
  3. A parallel world.
  4. Deadly complex.
  5. Complex of portals.
  6. Stadium.


Know where the respawn points are and try to find them first. This is especially important if you decide to run without opening the starting chest. But do not shoot the chests with firearms, this action reduces the amount of ammo and attracts enemies.

Portal complex is a good survival map because players can easily lose you due to teleportation. Death Complex is also a good card because it consists of various traps like laser traps. Because of this, players can easily die, and there will be fewer opponents.

It is recommended to turn off the music during the match, as loud music will prevent you from hearing faint sounds.


The duel is similar to the Skirmish, only here 2 players fight against each other. The aim of the game is to get the most kills in 2 minutes. The player with the most kills is the winner, but if both opponents have the same number of kills, the person with the most points wins.


  1. Night pool.
  2. Space arena.
  3. Ghost town.
  4. Ice Palace.


Team strike

Just like in a 3v3 brawl, 2 teams of 3 players must face off in a battle. However, as in the duel, you will have to wait until all 6 players appear on the server. The match consists of 7 rounds, in each round the player has only 1 life. If you get killed, you will watch other players for the rest of the round. Once one team kills all the players on the opposing team, they win the round. The team with at least 4 victories wins.


  1. An object.
  2. Cargo ship.
  3. Railway depot.
  4. Aztec temple.
  5. Stage "Phobos 2".


A team of 4 players must find the keys to unlock the next area, eventually leading to the main objective of the mode. Gamers have to withstand waves of monsters that will hunt down the team. To unlock a new area, the team must defeat a boss who will then drop a key. At the same time, the squad has a time limit in which they must meet, otherwise they will lose the match.


  1. Dead city.
  2. Magic Valley.

Tactics. Due to the great emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in Game Mode, players must work together to complete the challenge. If you have 3 friends (since random allies cannot usually be trusted due to the uncertainty of the game, weapons and modules), then it is better to play with them. In this case, you should divide your team into 4 roles:

The use of automatic weapons is recommended for the destruction of strong monsters. Slowing targets and random weapon effects are also good for weakening such objects.

Pixel Gun 3D: Best Weapon

Primary weapon

The machines are suitable for any distance. However, in order to conduct combat tactics with them, you need to constantly recharge when you are not attacked by enemies. The submachine guns work effectively from cover and under cover. But you must constantly monitor the situation, as enemies can come close to you and shoot you from special weapons.

Shotguns fire shot, and don’t work at long range at all. Minigans have a spin (a few seconds of delay before firing). They are just as effective as slot machines, but the promotion will greatly hinder you. Due to the delay, miniguns are helpless and practically useless when you need to instantly eliminate an opponent.

Weapon nameDescription
Predator - shotgunHas very good damage, decent rate of fire, good power and slow mobility
AK-48 - automaticFully automatic assault rifle with 4x scope for long range use. However, this weapon has little recoil and can be used at any range.
Army rifleGreat for completing the Campaign. It has good damage, high rate of fire, decent power and average weight. It is one of the most powerful weapons in deadly games
Automatic PeacekeeperHas high damage, high rate of fire, high power and low mobility
ExcaliburIt can be used both offensively and as a defensive weapon due to its high damage per second and its energy shield attribute. When you have Excalibur selected, incoming damage will be reduced
HellraiserDeals colossal damage, has a high rate of fire, decent power and medium mobility. It has full auto and 4x zoom. The most powerful epic class weapon


They are divided into 4 types, but the most powerful are laser pistols, they can pierce walls, but at the same time they have a ricochet.

Weapon nameDescription
PixelgangA good starting gun.
Laser cycleLaser pistol with good damage. Has a medium rate of fire, good power and slow mobility. Kills in 2 headshots and 3 body shots
Sharp Ring of the AmazonsHas good damage, decent rate of fire, high power, and decent mobility. This is a laser pistol
Starting gunHas decent damage, decent firepower, low power, and good mobility. Perfect for Campaign
ReaperIt is capable of firing several shots simultaneously, but it takes a long time to reload. But this is a powerful weapon with colossal damage

Melee weapon

These are weapons that are mainly classified as swords, axes, chainsaws, knives. This is the only weapon that has no power.

Weapon nameDescription
ElectrosphereHas high damage, in addition, it hits the area, has a slow attack speed and low mobility. It has the target slow attribute
Healing StaffAttacks enemies at close range and heals teammates with area damage
Power fistsDeals decent damage, has good attack speed and low mobility. Have the target slow attribute
Combat Yo-YoHas a longer reach than most melee weapons, can pass through objects and enemies

Special weapon

Generally classified as flamethrowers, thrust and slash weapons, and sci-fi weapons. Special weapons are usually more complex in design than other weapons.

To understand the mechanics of this type of cannon, you must try it out in practice and understand how it works on enemies in different situations.
Weapon nameDescription
FlamethrowerA very deadly weapon, it has the attribute of fire. At the start of the game - not replaceable
Ice DragonIt has high damage, very fast rate of fire, good capacity and medium mobility. Useful for taking out enemies who often try to use the jetpack
DestroyerHas a high attack speed per second, high mobility, and a large ammunition load. This is a laser weapon
Poseidon’s tridentDeals very high damage, moderate rate of fire, high power and medium mobility. Grants bonus armor, deals area damage
Laser bouncerInactive, but very strong. This is a laser weapon

Sniper weapon

Indispensable at long distances, as they have the best aim and best headshot damage. They have practically no bullet spread. However, it is difficult to use them without a sight.

Weapon nameDescription
AntivirusHas high damage, attributes - X-ray vision, ricochet, laser weapon. Has a high rate of fire
Black holeBlocks the use of gadgets, has area damage
Flag KeeperHas a 10x scope, has a high rate of fire, mobility and high performance
Prototype and Final PrototypeLaser weapon, pierces through obstacles and enemies, has arrow burst
One shotCan kill an enemy with 1 shot, very powerful rifle
Third EyeKills enemies with 1 headshot, has X-ray vision, gives a bonus to armor

Heavy weapon

Effective against slow and pedestrian targets, but of little use against flying objects. Jumping tactics are suitable for this class.

Weapon nameDescription
G00dc0deThis is a laser weapon, has good damage and use in jumping, has a ricochet and a high attack speed
Christmas ultimatum "Christmas tree"A rocket, upon contact with an object, explodes into several parts, each of which explodes. Can be used for jet jumping. At maximum efficiency, it is capable of hitting the most armored opponents with one shot.
Solar flarePossesses a plasma rocket, hits the area, you can perform jet jumps. If a projectile flies past or approaches an enemy, the laser beam locks onto nearby enemies, damaging them
SlayerHas a high rate of fire, a cyclic shot, hits the area
JudgeA very slow weapon, but it has an attribute - missile control. It hits the square. These are homing weapons
EraserThe most powerful weapon in the game. Gives an armor bonus. He has a charge of power. He creates a black hole into which all enemies fall. Singularity does not affect allies

Pixel Gun 3D: Skins

Skins are textures of clothing and appearance for the player’s hero. We present the most useful packs that can be purchased in-game with in-game currency.

Cyber - Pilgrim:

Cyber - Santa:

Exo pilot:

Halloween skin:

Skins can be created independently in the game editor, made in the "Craft" mode in the "Arsenal", obtained in temporary events, or obtained from various chests. Most skins have no practical use, they just serve as decoration. But some models have additional effects.

Pixel Gun 3D: Mod Combinations

Weapon modules will indispensably help you when you are in a difficult situation. If the modules are correctly combined, you will receive additional abilities: active and passive.

To get a model, you need to open a clan chest, and this requires winning battles. To always be a winner, you must have modules inserted into your equipment, which, in turn, can be obtained from chests. Such a kind of vicious circle, but it works and brings visible benefits.

Types of modules:

  1. Elemental damage - increases the power of the weapon, adding damage to it with various elements. This type of modules is effective in "Raids" mode.
  2. Modules of resistance to elements - allow you to block the received elemental damage, which can be inflicted by other players and monsters in the "Raids" mode.
  3. Modifiers of properties - with the help of these modules, you can improve various properties of weapons and armor. Modifiers will help you achieve maximum success in battles.

Special abilities - active or passive skills can be obtained by collecting the right combination of modules. The strength of the ability depends on the level of the module and elemental damage.

Correct module combinations

Primary weapon

Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
Turbo ChargeReduces weapon spread and fires without wasting ammoPrimary kinetic module + Rifle stock + Upgraded magazine
Lucky Shot (Passive)Gives a chance to restore ammo for headshotsPrimary Magic Module + Unload
Penetrating shellsIncreases damage, projectiles pierce through the targetPrimary Energy Module + Upgraded Magazine


Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
FortuneEach shot deals kinetic damageReserve Kinetic Module + Lucky Bullet + Bandolier
Happy accident (passive)Has a chance to restore health after a kinetic strikeReserve Magic Module + Lucky Bullet
Chain lightningLaunches a slow-moving rocket that deals chain damage to multiple targets on impactReserve energy module + Drum magazine + Bandolier

Close weapon

Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
VampirismRecovers a percentage of health from damage dealtMelee Kinetic Module + Sharpener + Alloy
Bloodlust (passive)After defeating an enemy, increases movement speedMelee Magic Module + Alloy
Energy shieldTemporarily protects against ranged attacks. Grants protection against any weapon except the melee categoryMelee Energy Module + Alloy + Astral Blade

Special weapon

Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
Explosive Ammo (Passive)Makes the ejected clip explode. Damage occurs in the areaSpecial kinetic module + Battery
ShockDeals damage in an area around youSpecial magic module + Battery + Voodoo doll
MinefieldLaunches sticky mines around you (can be used with a shotgun)Special energy module + Battery + Oiler

Sniper weapon

Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
Steel arms (passive)Completely removes scatter when shootingSniper Kinetic Module + Grip
OracleGives X-ray vision for a certain timeSniper magic module + Muzzle brake + Lenses
DisguiseTemporarily makes the player invisible while he is not movingSniper Energy Module + Lenses + Grip

Heavy weapon

Combination nameDescriptionModules required for combination
Last word (passive)Generates an explosion at the site of your deathHeavy Kinetic Module + Shrapnel + Jet Fuel
Stone skinTemporarily protects against explosionsHeavy magic module + Shrapnel + Bag
Homing missileLaunches a rocket that automatically follows an opponentHeavy Energy Module + Shrapnel + Jet Fuel

Pixel Gun 3D: How to Reset Progress?

In order to reset the entire game and start over, you need to uninstall the application and then install it again on your mobile device. But if you are using the iOS operating system, then your process will automatically recover after reinstalling the application.

Resetting the game on iOS:

  1. You must log in before deleting a game in iCloud.
  2. Uncheck the box for automatic backup, opposite Pixel Gun 3D.
  3. After that, you need to uninstall the game, and then install it again.

Restore progress on Android:

  1. After a fresh installation, you need to go to the Game Settings (gear icon).
  2. Next, you need to click on the restore purchases icon.
  3. After that, you will be returned to the progress.

Article author: Evgeniya G.