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Walkthrough Plants vs Zombies 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 FREE - Android game with release date 10/02/2013 from the company Electronic Arts.Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Plants vs Zombies 2 download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Review
  2. Plant Guide
  3. Review of Free Plants
  4. Zombie Guide
  5. Walkthrough of Ancient Egypt by Day
  6. Walkthrough Tips
  7. Arena Secrets

Plants vs Zombies 2: Game Review

The second part of "Plants" is very pleased with the players. This is not only a colorful diverse world, but also intricate puzzles. In the game, you need to open the plants, pump them in order to effectively fight for your house.In each round, you need to plant the necessary seedlings to withstand the horde of the walking dead.

The game is divided into paid and free activities. Today we will tell you only about the free content of the game, which includes:

  1. Adventures.
  2. Zen garden.
  3. Arena.

Adventures are divided into several stories:

  1. Ancient Egypt.
  2. Pirate seas.
  3. Wild West.
  4. Distant future.
  5. Dark ages.
  6. The beach is a big wave.
  7. Glacial caves.
  8. Neon mixed tour.
  9. Jurassic swamp.
  10. Present time.

You will automatically enter Egypt as soon as you complete your studies on your lawn. The remaining modes will be available after a certain stage of the adventure, but you can only open stories with a special key. The key is also mined in adventures.

Zen garden

The garden will be available after several days of traveling in Egypt. This is a separate greenhouse, the entrance to which will be located in the upper left corner of the screen. There is no need to kill anyone. The main task is to plant and grow seedlings. Potted plants can be found in adventures during battles.

Garden plantings are required to be watered. When they grow, they need to be collected. After collecting you will receive an additional bonus that can be used during the battle. During growth, seedlings give you coins.

The first few slots for landing are available immediately, the rest must be opened for diamonds. A cute bee lives in the greenhouse, which accelerates the time of planting growth. If you do not want to wait a few hours until a flower grows, then this process can be accelerated for diamonds.

The bonuses that you get for picking flowers should not be spent right away, it is better to leave them for dangerous moments.

Flowerpots. Through the Zen garden you can enter the endless mini-game "Flowerpots". The player’s task is to smash all the vases and destroy the opponents. Vases can contain plants or zombies. Gargantua is hidden in one of the vessels.

It is recommended to break the vases from the right edge. If there are zombies in them, then they will not have time to reach the left edge, and if there are seedlings, then they can immediately be installed on the field. It is also worth opening the vases one at a time so that you can deal with enemies one at a time.

Daily missions. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a log with glasses. If you click on it, tasks that should be performed daily will open. For completed missions you will receive prizes:

  1. Puzzles for pumping plants.
  2. Gold.
  3. Diamonds.
  4. Gloves for the arena.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Plant Guide

There are a lot of plants in the game. Some of them can be obtained during the passage of free adventures. Other plants can be purchased for diamonds (in-game currency) or for rare materials (which fall in the Arena). The most powerful representatives of the flora can be purchased for real money in the game store.

Each plant can level up. At the same time, its main parameters increase:

  1. Attack (damage) - the parameter indicates how much damage the defender can inflict on the enemy. Knowing the number of lives of this or that zombie, you can calculate how much time the enemy falls. This is important in some missions, especially in the Wild West adventure.
  2. Recharge - the time after which you can plant a flower again.
  3. Strength (Toughness) - depends on the indicator for how long a plant will last during an enemy attack. In other words, strength is armor.
  4. Freeze (Freeze) - the characteristic shows not only the presence of the ability to freeze the enemy, but also the duration of the effect.
  5. Rate of Fire (Firing Rate) - indicates how quickly the firing is conducted on the opponent.
  6. Duration - the distance of the shot.
  7. Explosions - this parameter shows how strong a seedling can produce an explosion.
  8. Stun (Stun) - the ability of a plant to disable the enemy for a short time. The higher this indicator, the longer the opponent will be stunned. A similar characteristic is Zombies Shrunk.
  9. Cost (Sun cost) is a constant indicator and does not depend on a level increase. It shows how much sunshine needs to be accumulated during the battle in order to put a seedling on the field.
  10. Arming Time - the period of time reloading the shooting of the plant itself.

Types of plants (Plant Food Power):

  1. Damage (attacking) - seedlings can cause damage to the enemy.
  2. Armor (protective) - these heroes are planted on the field to protect attacking plants and production seedlings (sunflowers).
  3. Duration (shooting at long distances) - characters of this type beat enemies at any distance.
  4. Cabbage Count (the number of shells per cabbage) - in general, all plants that have shells for attack (cabbage, corn, watermelon and others) belong to this type.
The type of plants determines the strategy for placing them on the field to protect the garden. If the seedlings are not standing right, then the zombies will be easier to go through the field. For example, attacking and industrial plants should always be protected by powerful heroes (nuts). Vegetables with a long range are closer to home (pea shooters), and seedlings with a small shot effect (dragon) are recommended to be placed immediately behind the defenders.

Plant action range:

  1. Multi - Lane - the hero hits at the same time on several lines.
  2. Multi - Hit - the character attacks enemies in several directions, but selects only nearby enemies.
  3. Front and Back - the plant beats in front and behind itself simultaneously. It copes with moles, zombies with dynamite (which fly to the beginning of the field and eat seedlings from the rear).
  4. 5 (4) Way - the hero conducts an attack on 4 or 5 lines along the entire length of the field.
  5. Full Board - an attack is carried out throughout the field.
  6. Touch - the plant attacks 1, while the attack is made only when the zombie touches the plant.
  7. Duplicate (duplicate) - these are bombs that are activated when the enemy attacks them.
Range of action is also important when defenders are placed on the field. The arrangement principle is similar to the distribution of plants by type.

Special abilities:

  1. Bust Speed - This skill refers to the Grave Buster plant, which eats tombstones if the hero is planted on the grave.This ability is relevant in the first adventure of Ancient Egypt. Since the graves impede the attack of seedlings on the enemy. If there are gravestones, attacking plants beat them, not zombies.
  2. Knockback ( knockback ) - the ability of the defender to push the enemy away from himself a few cells back.
  3. Zombies Smashed (smashing zombies) - for example, there is an eggplant (Squash), which can crush the target, while the seedling itself dies along with the enemy.
  4. Zombies Zapped - Electric shock, making zombies insane. In this case, damage is inflicted on the enemy.
  5. Chill (cool) - plants that, when attacking, hit with shells with freezing. These charges can freeze the enemy.
  6. Stun (stun) - The skill allows you to stun an opponent (corn).
  7. Warming Radius (heating radius) - the ability is relevant for plants that burn enemies. This ability allows you to do this in a certain radius for several cells.
  8. Lead Pushes - repel a leading opponent. It works if 2 zombies come to the cell at the same time. The plant chooses the one who stepped on the cell first.
  9. Chew Speed - This is the ability of predatory flowers that are eaten by zombies. Speed ??increases with each level.
  10. Spike Damage (damage by spikes) - cacti have a skill, which use their spikes instead of weapons.
  11. Weaken Zombie (zombie area) - a seedling causes damage to the area.

Not every plant has special capabilities. This is an additional parameter that can be pumped with each level. It is also worth considering when choosing seedlings. Usually, auxiliary plants (bombs, mines, and others) have special opportunities. Such defenders are taken in case of acute danger, when ordinary soldiers can no longer cope with a large influx of zombies.

Attacking plants have another constant indicator. This Area is an area of ??application that is divided into Tile (tile), Single (single target), Lane (line) and 3x3 (3 lines). This indicator determines the arrangement of seedlings at the start of the battle.

All indicators are interconnected. They are designed to help you choose the right defenders for the battle against zombies. Some of them can be taken on one mission, others on another. Some plants may become irrelevant over time. For example, cabbage. It costs from 100 suns, corn costs the same. But at the same time, corn also stuns opponents, making it possible to put another plant, or wait for the bomb to roll back. Damage is the same for both vegetables. Therefore, many choose corn.

How to pump plants?

During the passage of the Campaign, after the battle with the mini-boss, you can get elements of seedlings. Also, these elements can be bought for game currency or real money. Some parts of the seedlings fall out of the prize pool of the Arena. After the necessary number of fragments has been collected, it is necessary to transfer the plant to a new level.

If after collecting the required number of elements the player does not transfer the seedling to a new level, then he will not improve the defender’s performance. Dead weight puzzles will be in stock.

To translate, go to the Almanac (a book in the upper left corner), select the desired plant (if it has all the parts assembled), and click on the button with the price for improvements. If you have not collected all the parts, then on this button will be the inscription "Find More" (to find more).

Plants vs Zombies 2: Review of Free Plants

Almanac. This book is a guide to zombies, of course, it is in English. Therefore, it is difficult for some players to read what plants and zombies represent, what they can do and what is the potential for the development of a particular seedling.

The Almanac contains descriptions of the main characteristics of the game’s heroes, their parameters, the cost of landing and special features. Of course, you can test the abilities of the characters in battle, but for this you will have to "restart the mission" several times, and this takes some time. In order that you can quickly navigate, we translated the behavior of plants for you, and also wrote how they act at the time of Strengthening.

Home location

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Peashooter (Pea shooter).It has medium damage, shoots peas at all cells of its line.The machine gun mode is activated for a few seconds.
Sunflower.At a time gives 50 units of suns.Immediately produces a few suns.
Wall - nut (Walnut - wall).Protective plant.Steel armor appears, which increases the strength of the nut by 3 times.
Potato mine (Potato mine).For some time it grows to the required size and explodes when an enemy attacks it.Two random mines appear on two random cells.

Adventure Ancient Egypt

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Cabbage - pult (Cabbage).It shoots ears of cabbage along the entire length of the line. Deals medium damage.Throws ears of all enemies on any line.
Bloomerang (chamomile - boomerang).It shoots boomerangs along the entire length of the line. Moreover, the damage is inflicted on all opponents who follow each other. Returning, the boomerang also deals damage to all opponents.It shoots boomerangs, like a machine gun.
Iceburg Lettuce (Ice Salad).It is activated when the enemy touches it. The first zombie that enters the cell freezes for several seconds and does not move. After freezing, the salad disappears.Freezes all enemies on the field.
Grave Buster (Grave Eater).Eats 1 gravestone on which it was installed.For the Devourer, Amplification is not provided.
Repeater (Repeater).At the same time shoots 2 peas along the entire length of the field. It affects only the first opponent.The machine gun mode is activated.
Twin Sunflower.Gives 2 sun.Immediately produces a few suns.

Adventure pirate sea

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Kernel - pult (Kernel or Corn).It shoots oil cores along the entire length of the line.There is a chance to stun the enemy.It shoots across the field, there is a high probability of stunning targets.
Snapdragon (Dragon Plant).It fires 2 cells forward in 3 lines when the enemy approaches. Fire removes the effect of freezing.It turns into a dragon, which burns out a field of 3x3 cells, after which each cell will burn for a few more seconds.
Spikeweed (Spines).Spines are set on the left side of the field. Zombies walk on them and get injured.All opponents are drawn to the thorn and stand on the cage for several seconds, while taking damage.
Spring Bean (Spring Bean).When the enemy approaches, the pod coarsens. After the enemy steps on the bean, it repels it by several cells. After which the vegetable falls asleep, and they can safely eat it.Repels opponents a little further. But you should not spend Strengthening on beans.
Coconut Cannon (Coconut Cannon).A powerful weapon that hits any distance along its line.The gun must be activated manually. Deals massive damage.The projectile moves the zombies to the starting line, then explodes, causing significant damage in a radius of 3x3 cells.
Threepeater.Shoots peas in 3 lines.The machine gun mode is activated.
Spikerock (Stone Thorn).It has high armor. Can survive the onset of Gargantua.Breaks barrels, skis, piano.All opponents are drawn to the thorn and stand on the cage for several seconds, while taking damage.
Cherry Bomb (Cherry Bomb).Explodes instantly after installation on the field. Deals massive massive damage.Amplification for Cherry is not provided.

Adventure Wild West

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Split Pea.Deals average damage in two directions at once - forward and backward.The machine gun mode is activated.
Chili Bean (Chili Beans).Activated while zombies are approaching. Kills the first zombie and paralyzes the remaining enemies who entered the cell simultaneously with the first zombie.At the same time, 3 more Beans appear on any free cells.
Pea Pod (Cod Pea).It is installed on the cell and deals damage in 1 line. You can install the same pods on it 4 more times. Then the peas will shoot 5 peas.The machine gun mode is activated.
Lightning Reed (Lightning).Releases an electric wave at an adversary on any line.The charge catches all the enemies on the field. The first opponents can die right away.
Melon - pult (Melon - remote), but for us it is Watermelon.It shoots watermelons in its line, causing significant damage to the target.Shoots watermelons at all enemies on the field.
Tall - nut.Protective plant, has increased strength.Steel armor appears, which increases the strength of the nut by 3 times.
Winter Melon (Winter Melon).It shoots frosty watermelons in its line, causing significant damage, and freezes the enemy for several seconds.Shoots watermelons at all enemies on the field.

Adventure Far Future

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Laser BeanIt shoots lasers along its line, the laser ignores the protection of opponents.Launches a powerful salvo that burns all enemies on the line.
Blover (Clover).Blows away all zombies that move through the air.Amplification mode is not provided.
Citron (Citrus).Before a volley he thinks for a long time, shoots tangerines, ignores the defense of the enemy (car).It shoots with large tangerine, which explodes and inflicts significant damage in a radius of 3x3 cells.
EM Peach (Electromagnetic Peach).It is activated after installation. Paralyzes the movement of cars. After the explosion disappears.Amplification mode is not provided.
Infi nut.Protective plant with the ability to repair damaged areas on the body.After death, creates a protective field for neighboring plants.
Magnifying Grass.It is activated manually. It inflicts serious damage to the enemy on its line; when activated, it consumes 50 suns.Deals massive damage.
Tile Turnip (Pepo - Tile).It colors the tiles under the allies, thereby strengthening the plants.Amplification mode is not provided.

Adventure Dark Ages

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Sun - shroom.Produces suns. First, 15 units each, when 50 units grow.Gives several suns at once.
Puff - shroom (Puffing mushroom).Deals medium damage over a short distance (3 cells) along its line.Blows enemies back a few cells.
Fume - shroom (Smoke Mushroom).Deals 4 damage average damage forward on its line.Blows enemies back a few cells.
Sun - bean (Solar Bean).When the enemy eats beans, then after he is killed, several suns will fall out of him.Makes sunny all rivals on the field.
Magnet - shroom (Magnetic mushroom).It attracts all metal objects from enemies, these things disappear over time, and the magnet can work again.After magnetizing the item, it throws it back to the opponent, causing damage.

Adventure Big Wave Beach

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Lily Pad (Lily Leaf).It is located on the water, and land plants are established on it.After planting, the leaf is copied to 4 adjacent cells, provided that they are free.
Tangle Kelp (Algae Ball).Put on water. Draws under water 1 zombie, who first approached the Algae.Can simultaneously drown several floating enemies.
Bowling Bulb.A plant with balls is planted on the cage, which, when the enemy appears, breaks off the branches and rolls onto the enemy. Over time, young balls grow.A huge ball falls, which blows away all simple enemies and causes significant damage to zombies with protection.
GuacodilePut on water and in the garden. When the enemy approaches the toothy, he eats up the enemy and rushes along his line, devouring everyone.There are several smaller guacodillers, which are carried along their lines.
Banana Launcher (Launcher for Bananas).The path of the banana flight is chosen by the player.Has a long recharge time. Only bet on bosses. Deals huge damage to 1 enemy.Shoots several random enemies.

Adventure Ice Caves

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Hot PotatoThawing frozen seedlings. It is installed only on its allies.Amplification mode is not provided.
Pepper - pult (pepper catapult).Releases peppers that deal damage. When landing, it upsets the allies.Attacks the enemy throughout the field.
Chard Guard (Mangold Guard).He lets the zombies come to him and pushes them back a few cells.After losing all the leaves of the plant, you should plant a new one on top of the circled.Repels several opponents to the starting line.
Stunion (Bow).Paralyzes the enemy if he eats the bow.Paralyzes the enemy in a radius of 3x3 cells.
Rotobaga (Brukva).Hanging over the field, shoots simultaneously in several directions.Landed on water and on land.The machine gun mode is activated.

Adventure Lost City

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Red Stinger.Has increased damage. He doesn’t like when opponents approach him, therefore he closes with petals. But if it is set out of the reach of the enemy, it will fire 2 shells at a time.It affects all enemies in a row at the same time.
AKEE (Aki).Launches a projectile that hits all enemies in a row and deals damage to them.It strikes opponents on all lines.
Endurian (Endurian).Protective seedling, can attack the opponent with spikes.Wears studded armor.
Stallia (Dahlia).When touching the enemy, it affects all zombies in the area of ??3x3 cells, after which it dies.Slows down all enemies in sight.
Gold Leaf (Gold Leaf).When placed, it turns an ordinary cage into gold, after which it disappears.Any plant that will be planted in this place brings sunshine.Amplification mode is not provided.

Adventure Neon Mix Tour

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Phat Beet (Beetroot).Deals massive damage.Deals huge damage in the same range.
Celery Stalker (Celery Scout).Inflicts powerful blows from the rear when the enemy passes over it. But it can die from the enemies following it.Deals huge damage to an area.
Thyme Warp (Warping Thyme).Carries when you install all the enemies on the starting line. After application disappears.Amplification mode is not provided.
Garlic (Garlic).If the zombie tries garlic, then he will not like it, from this the enemy moves to another row in random order. Garlic can survive several bites.All opponents in a row randomly move to other ranks.
Spore - shroom (Sporogrib).It shoots spores at the enemy. If an opponent dies, then a clone of the mushroom appears in its place.Amplification mode is not provided.
Intensive CarrotResurrects dead seedlings.Amplification mode is not provided.

Adventure Jurassic Swamp

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
Primal Peashooter (Primal Shooter).Shoots stone peas. There is a chance to push the opponent back.The machine gun mode is activated.
Primal Wall - nut.Protective seedling, has a very high strength.Turns to stone.
Perfume - shroom (Perfume mushroom).The smell spreads throughout the map, causing the animals of the enemy to attack zombies.Amplification mode is not provided.
Primal Sunflower (Primeval Sunflower).Gives in one sun more units of energy. Recharge takes longer than a simple sunflower.Immediately produces a few suns.
Primal Potato mine (Primeval Potato Mine).An explosion is activated when an enemy attacks it, damage is applied over an area of ??3x3 cells.Gives 3 mines in random cells.

Adventure Present

Hero nameHis usual behaviorWork of plants at Reinforcement
MoonflowerStrengthens plants in a radius of 3x3 cells. The bonus only works on seedlings from this adventure.Strengthens several platforms.
Nightshade (nightshade).Has a long cooldown, attacks enemies on its line. If you install it next to the flower from this adventure, it will recharge faster.The machine gun mode is activated.
Shadow - shroom.Inflicts gradual damage on the enemy, knocking him back. In this case, the flower itself disappears.Amplification mode is not provided.
Dusk Lobber (Shadow Catapult).Shoots 3 charges in 3 rows.The machine gun mode is activated.
Grimrose (Gloomy Rose).Scatters the fog at the bottom of the cells. When he reaches the enemy, the enemy falls into the hole and dies.Creates massive black clusters.

There are other plants, but you need to pay real money for them. Of course, each of them has its own advantages (which we wrote about above). Whether or not to buy them is your desire. By the way, the whole game can be played on free seedlings. Paid heroes can help you complete levels faster.

Each plant requires an individual approach. The effectiveness of the seedlings depends on the place of planting. If you plant a vegetable that has low strength, but strikes far to the forefront, it will quickly die and will not cause damage to opponents. Also, protective herbs will not be useful if they are placed on the starting line of the enemies (they will quickly be eaten without proper cover)

Plants vs Zombies 2: Zombie Guide

As well as plants, zombies have their own parameters by which you can find out their level of threat.All opponents are described in the Almanac. The walking dead have 2 main parameters:

  1. Toughness - this parameter determines how long opponents will resist your attacks. From the indicator, it depends on whether the zombie reaches the plants, or dies along the way.
  2. Speed - the characteristic shows how fast the zombies get to your defenders. If the enemy has a low speed, but high strength, then he will be able to reach your line of defense. Conversely, if the speed is high, then you will not have time to kill the enemy, and he will be able to have time to break a nut or attacking plant.

Strength is divided into several indicators:

  1. Average - average strength. Zombies that are not protected by anything.
  2. Protected - protected, strength slightly higher than average. Zombies in cones, hats.
  3. Hardened - hardened, the parameter refers to zombies in buckets, armor.
  4. Machined - crafted armor. Zombies are protected by pans, protective armor.
  5. Gread is great armor, it’s zombies - football players and similar personalities.
  6. Solid - solid. This is the armor of zombies with pianos, barrels, cars and various shelters, and sarcophagi (in Egypt).
  7. Dense is tight. The indicator of various gargantua.
  8. Undying - Immortal, boss armor at the end of each adventure.

The second indicator of speed has less gradations:

  1. Basic (basic) - ordinary leisurely opponents (apparently well-fed).
  2. Hungry (hungry) - run faster than the main, very hungry.
  3. Stiff (hard) - runs well, pushing allies off the road (for example, a football player).
  4. Speedy is an easy and fast, very agile opponent. The indicator refers to the zombies who shoot a gun, for example.
  5. Creeper (creeper) - refers to a zombie with a piano and the like.

According to these indicators, you can distribute the tactics of defense against attacking opponents. Knowing how the opponents behave and what they are capable of, one can distribute the arrangement of plants.

Zombie review

To make it easier for you to confront the enemy, we have collected for you information about the behavior of zombies and how to counter them.

Zombie nameBehaviorDestruction method
Common, with flag, Ra - zombieThey move slowly. Stealing the suns.You can kill a simple pea gun.
With a cone on his head, in a pirate cocked hat, in a clownish cap, in a dress or wig.They move slowly, but have enhanced armor, if there is 1 mount, they can go through the entire field.You can put 2 peas, or 1 nut. Protection and paralyzing plants will stop the enemy.
With a bucket on his head, with armorAlthough they walk quietly, good weapons are required to destroy them.You should put on the line a powerful weapon, protected by a nut. You can put the Pod, Double pea shooter. If there is a magnet, then it will remove the bucket and the enemy will be easy to destroy.
Zombies with camels.The enemy is covered by a tombstone, so it is difficult to kill. At the same time there are several enemies.You can put a few strong defenders, or activate Reinforcement at the pea shot. You can also put thorns.
Zombies with fire.Armor is like zombies with cones, but if the torchbearers get to your landings, they can set them on fire.You can freeze, thereby disarm the enemy, kill 2 pea arrows.
Pharaoh.While such enemies in armor go slowly, after the destruction of protection - they run fast.You can activate the Strengthening mode of the pea shot, put a powerful nut.
All Gargantua.Very powerful opponents, it’s not easy to kill them. Some throw a small partner almost to the edge of your position. With one blow destroys your plants.You can put a coconut cannon, or strengthen pea guns. Burn well under peppers. If they walk along stone spines for a long time, they injure themselves.
Zombies on balls, with birds, with rockets.They move quickly, but do little damage. Ignore protection.You should knock them down or blow them off the field. Then they are easily reached by pea arrows. You can stop the corn.
Zombies with barrels, with pianos, on the throne.They roll a barrel in front of them that crushes your flowers.Put thorns to break the barrel, then it’s easy to kill zombies. Also, the barrel burns well and explodes.
Little zombies, hens, ferrets.Very fast, but easy to kill.A simple pea shot is enough.
Guns.They stand still at the start of the attack, shoot small zombies.Almost all plants can get to the gun, but it is difficult to kill them. A coconut gun should be used.
Zombies - birds, zombies on bunnies.Your seedlings fly and steal. Very fast, but not tenacious.Can be killed in flight, frozen or paralyzed by corn.
Prospector.An insidious guy, at one point jumps to your rear.It is easy to kill, it is worth putting a double-sided pea gun.
Zombies on bulls and cars.They have great armor. At some point, the riders jump into the center of your landings.Here you need mines, bombs or an activated machine gun mode.
Soccer players, zombies in cones, with shields.Very fast and powerful, can quickly eat ordinary nut. It’s hard to kill them.You can apply amplification, magnet, coconut gun, cherry bomb works well.
Floating zombies.They have different speed and level of armor.Easily destroyed by algae, bombs.
Zombies on the surf.Very fast, but easy to kill.You can stop with a simple leaf of lily.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Walkthrough of Ancient Egypt by Day

In the free content of the game there are several adventures that are divided into chapters - days. Every day a new interesting task is given for passing. Also, in each story there are mini-games that are recommended to take place in order to get more game currency and cards for plant improvement.

At the start of the game, you will be offered training in our time, then you will be transferred to Ancient Egypt, where the main development of the game will begin.

1 day. First of all, 2-3 sunflowers are planted so that pea-shoots can be planted. Sunflowers are best planted in the first left row. Zombies at this level are ordinary, they walk very slowly and do not show special aggression.

Pea-shooters must be placed on the lines on which opponents appear. This is necessary in order to have time to accumulate suns for installing seedlings in other rows. The rule is relevant for all levels.

2 day. This stage is also not particularly difficult. It goes the same way as the first day. Only here will you be presented with the opportunity to strengthen plants for a few seconds.

Reinforcement works on 1 plant, in order to be able to increase the seedling potential, it is necessary to collect periodically falling leaves. The leaves are folded at the bottom of the screen. 1 leaf - 1 Reinforcement. At the start, you can accumulate 3 leaves, then it will be possible to add another 1 slot.

After you destroy all the enemies, get a new sprout - Kapustopultu.

3 day. There will be a new obstacle for your defenders - the grave. They prevent shells from passing from your plants to the opponent. Enemies can come close to your plantations intact. In this case, it is better to use the Boomerangs. They shoot across the field, regardless of the number of tombstones and zombies. Plates can be broken pea-shooter.

4 day. The new game mode is "Conveyor". On the left side there will be a conveyor belt on which plants travel in a chaotic manner. It is necessary to plant them on the field. The arrangement of seedlings in this case occurs according to the same rules as in the normal game mode.

At this level, the player is introduced to new forces that can be used in the game:

  1. Snow avalanche - for a certain time it is necessary to distinguish as many opponents on the field as possible.Snowballs will fly over the selected enemies, which will cause significant damage and freeze opponents.
  2. Desert Throw - here in a few seconds you can push some zombies back. You should take one (or group) of the enemy and move him closer to the starting line.
  3. Lightning bolt - also given a few seconds to highlight enemies. The longer you hold your finger (mouse) on a specific enemy, the higher the discharge of electric current it will receive. Thus, you can destroy several rivals that come very close to your beds.
It is worth remembering that each force requires a certain amount of gold. Sometimes it’s impractical to use the Force, so as not to waste all the money. Better to use the "Restart" and restart the mission.

5 day. Here it will be necessary to destroy all opponents with additional forces. This round is free to use the Force.

6 day. Here new enemies appear who are hiding behind shields. The round takes place as usual, only camels are destroyed with the help of the Amplifier on the mount.

7 day. A new mini-game "Memory" opens, in which you should click on the zombie shields and remember the characters drawn. Opening 2 such hieroglyphs, you destroy the entire column of camels.

8 day. For the first time, the battle will take place with a powerful monster - Gargantua. The game takes place in the "Conveyor" mode. When the mini-boss appears, it is recommended to activate the machine gun mode of the pea gun. Up to this point, it is not recommended to use Amplification.

9 day. Here enemies with torches will come to your garden. Torches are extinguished by a snowy salad that lands under the feet of opponents.

10 day. There will be harmful builders of graves who build up protective slabs on the field. They are destroyed first. The rest should be dealt with with the help of boomerangs and mountain shooters.

11 day. For passage, you must fulfill 2 conditions: it is not to put plants on spores (the first 2 rows on the left) and you should use only the seedlings given to you by the system. At the start of the round, it is advised to kill the enemy with mines.

12 day. A pharaoh with a sarcophagus will come out here. You can use Strengthen on it or line up several attacking vegetables in a row.

13 day. There is a repeat of 11 days. Endless mode opens in a mini-game.

14 day. There will be more zombies than before. Therefore, it is better to put in the center a row with nuts, followed by a row of Bong Chow, then attacking vegetables and sunflowers.

15 day. The task will be given - to keep 3 sunflowers in the center. Here sunflowers are sure to close with a combat salad and nuts. When the pharaohs appear, you should immediately use Reinforcement on a pea shoot or salad.

16 day. The "Memory" mode, but here you need to work with your hands and brain very quickly.

17 day. The task is to restrict planting. Required to plant no more than 14 pieces of defenders. The number of flowers planted will be reflected in the upper left corner of the display near the suns. Here it is advised to plant 3 sunflowers, put nuts on the 3rd row. But you can choose fighting heroes: this is a pea shooter and a salad.Without Strengthening, it will be difficult to complete a level.

18 day. The task is to plant seedlings, the total cost of which will not exceed 2,000 suns. Here put a row of nuts and a row of salad. The remaining suns will go to replace the fallen defenders. You can take the gain.

19 day. Task - the number of seedlings should not exceed 12 pieces. The two left rows are occupied by disputes, it is impossible to place flora on them. Here, all plants that appear on the field are considered (counting a frosty salad).

If you want to freeze the enemy, and there are already 12 flowers on the beds, it is recommended to dig out 1 sunflower before freezing. Thus, you will meet the conditions.

20 day. The problem and its solution repeat level 15.

21 day. Here you will be given an already prepared composition of plants. First, a double sunflower is activated, then 1 row of cabbage and 1 row of corn are gradually planted. As soon as you collect the required number of suns, you should place a watermelon - melon on the field. By this time, a crowd of zombies will go. Strengthening is required on a watermelon.

Each catapult in the game at Strengthening throws vegetables over the entire field, and not just its line. This should be used when placing plants on the field.

22 day. Task - the number of seedlings should not exceed 15 pieces. 2 left rows are occupied by disputes. The day repeats the 11th stage, only here it is recommended to use the Gain. Better take the corn.

23 day. The "Memory" mode is already familiar to you.

24 day. The mode "Put plants for a certain amount of suns." The tactics of passage repeats 18 day.

25 day. The battle with the boss. The "Conveyor" mode is given here, plants should be placed opposite the boss.Periodically, he will run around the field and crush your beds. Freezing and mines do not affect the boss. Use Strength on a pea shot and a watermelon more often when the boss is standing in front of your weapon. The life bar of each boss is at the top of the screen.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Walkthrough Tips

You will get acquainted with the main modes in the game during the passage of the history of Ancient Egypt. But each new adventure will give new challenges. We will not now touch on the passage of the day, and highlight only the most interesting points.

The main modes:

  1. Conveyor - on the left side of the field, a conveyor belt will move with certain plants that appear in random order.Putting them on the field is necessary depending on the characteristics of the seedlings (we wrote about them above). Sometimes some plants are better left for later (they won’t go anywhere from the tape). But you can use them in dangerous moments.
  2. Memory - in Egypt and other adventures it will be necessary to collect 2 or more identical symbols. At the same time, enemies that are of the same kind as carriers are destroyed.
  3. A certain number of colors is one of some tasks that you must complete to complete a level. The limit on plants is indicated before the start of the chapter.
  4. Spend a certain amount of suns - such a task is often found. It limits the amount of landings. If there is such a quest at the stage, you should choose only the most necessary plants (with good attack and defense).
  5. Protect flowers - difficult levels in which you can not let the enemy go through pink flowers. Basically, these plants are located nearby in the center of the field. To protect them, you need to put a number of nuts (for 2 cells from the flowers), and place the dragons behind the nuts. Dragons hit on 3 lines, but if they are put in each cell, the damage is added up.
  6. Combination of plants - in this mode, you are given several specific seedlings with which you need to defeat the enemy. Well come across very unfavorable compositions sometimes. In order to win, you should put as many attacking plants as possible and close them.
  7. Kill N zombies in a certain time - in this mode, it takes a few seconds to kill N number of enemies. Drop it not complicated. It is better to take the most killer plants.
  8. To collect the required number of suns - here you should plant as many sunflowers as possible, but do not forget about the defense. Sometimes this condition is paired with another task.
At difficult levels, Gain should be used more often. Since the saved slots are not transferred to the next stage.

Pirate seas

A feature of the level is the battle on the pirate ship. Here very often zombies will fly on ropes through broken boards. Also, some zombies will carry gulls, others shoot from cannons. At the level there is a captain with a parrot. A parrot is a harmful bird. She flies to a random plant and steals it. Moreover, a small sunflower and a huge coconut gun can drag a parrot.

Seagulls. In principle, passing an adventure is not difficult. The main thing is to fulfill the conditions. If the conditions are not met, then you will lose. Carnival of the Gulls is often found here. This mode is relevant only on the ship. Zombies will wear gulls in a circle, they should be shot from a coconut gun. The more birds you kill, the more money you get. If a lot of damage is done in a few seconds, it will add up in combination and increase your income. Do not be afraid not to be in time, the seagulls will spin, holding pirates, but will not leave the field.

Holey deck. Also, the adventure is distinguished by the presence of holes in the deck of the ship. If you have reached such a level, then the main striking force should be concentrated on whole lines. Because through them zombies with barrels will break through, and the main crowd of the enemy. On the edge of the deck, it is recommended to put a spring bean at the start. He will repel enemies at sea. But since the beans sleep after the blow, closer to the middle of the round will not be relevant. Then it is advised to put nuts on the edges, and behind them in each dragon cell. Dragons will burn ropes and the main damage to opponents. To destroy the guns - it is recommended at the end to activate the machine gun mode on a pea shotgun or strengthen the corn.

2 beans in the middle of the field. The most difficult level in an adventure with pirates. Here the main influx of enemies will be exactly on 2 whole lines, on which the grass sits. It follows the edges of the beans (1 cell forward in front of the hole) along the dragon, so 2 lines will close. Then plant 2 dragons for beans. And in front of beans, put nuts, which periodically need to be Strengthened. To put the most killer plants should be on the line with the beans. The edges must also be protected. They can be planted with sunflowers and 1 pea shoot in the far left row.While monsters eat seeds, peas destroy enemies. Spring beans will not help here - it is better not to take it. Corn works well with Strengthening; it stuns enemies. Under the legs of a zombie with barrels, it is advised to put thorns.

Wild West

Feature of the adventure - the presence of rails and railcar on them. On the trolley you can put the most powerful weapon and move it along the lines as needed. On the rails themselves, landing is impossible.

Jumpers. Zombies with dynamite first appear here. First, he slowly moves in the general crowd, and after the explosion flies to your rear and eats plants. Since there is nothing to beat him at the beginning of the story, he can gobble up all the landings on the line, and you will remain unprotected.

When a zombie moves to the beginning of your ranks, you should wait until it gnaws 1 plant, and plant an attacking seedling in its place. So you can protect the remaining seedlings.

There will be sneaky zombies who hide steel doors from ovens under the poncho. Punching them is very difficult.But pepper will help here, which will poison the cunning. Spines and freezing can help out.

Hen. There is such a character. A seller of chickens who, perishing, releases a crowd of fast home birds. Then one chickens can ruin a well-thought-out round. Dragons and sheets of lightning help against her. The main thing is not to let the chicken run to the edge of the site.

Piano. Another danger is the slowly but surely creeping piano. Yes, he moves archi slowly, but it’s also very difficult to kill him. Spines are very useful here. Bull riders can come running. Bulls are afraid of mines and fire.They are also stopped by nuts.

Distant future

The peculiarity of the adventure is that cells will be placed on the field that allow you to simultaneously use Plant Reinforcement. For example, you have double pea shooters (or corn) on your designated area (green X). At the moment when you are going to strengthen 1 pea gun, then all the others also activate the machine gun mode (or throw the entire field with oil). This works with all plants.

Zombies with ultramodern shields appear here, which the Laser Beans and the Dragon can resist (but it works close by). There are also levels where sunflowers cannot be planted, and purple suns fall from the sky. There is danger here - you cannot collect them in flight then they will explode and damage your landings. Collect them only when they fall on the field.

All flying opponents should be shot down with clover. The main plants for planting: double sunflowers, watermelons and nuts.

Dark ages

Features of the adventure - the action takes place at night, during which some plants sleep and do not work.For example, sunflowers do not produce suns; instead, they should plant sun mushrooms. In history there will be a lot of tombstones that can appear on any free cell.

In this adventure it will be important to use clovers and magnetic mushrooms. By the end of the story, night fog will come up onto the map. Nothing is visible through it, so mushrooms will have to be planted "to the touch."Tombstones can also hide in fog. The fog is blown away by clover, but eventually reappears.

In this adventure, the enemy comes across additional bonuses: magic potions, if the enemy uses the drug, then turn into a big monster. Pink potion - for growth and increase in strength, orange - for speed of running.

Little mushrooms. At one of the levels (12 nights), it is necessary to preserve a series of small mushrooms, which gradually dry out if not used. Therefore, when the mushrooms begin to whiten, it is recommended to use amplification on them. Mushrooms signal their last seconds of life by blinking. Only Strengthening can save the fungus from death.

Big Water Beach

Features of the adventure - water appears in it with which you can interact, put different seedlings on lily leaves. New aquatic plants and new floating zombies appear. In this case, the wave periodically rolls onto land.

The player in this story meets new heroes - opponents. These are mermaids that appear at high tide in the sand. Mermaids are very tenacious, so several protective seedlings should be planted against them.

The mechanics of adventure are interesting. There are several levels where a wave floods all the sand on the beach. In such cases, you must first put ordinary earthly plants, then, when the wave comes up, plant lilies under them.

Bulbs. At stage 8, you will be given the chance to try the premium Bowling Bulb plant. He does not sit down like an ordinary plant. It should be installed on the desired line (where there are many enemies), after which it will roll, knocking down opponents. At the end of the line, the ball will rebound and knock down a few more opponents.

In the adventure, it will be necessary to plant a lot of industrial plants, and use Reinforcement on them. Such measures will be necessary to plant plants faster or to collect the necessary amount of suns.

Glacier caves

Features of the adventure - plants that are frozen do not stop opponents, they just pass by, not paying attention to the ice bushes. Also, freezing effects do not work on enemies. They do not paralyze zombies, but only slightly slow their movement. Here you will be helped by hot potatoes that sits on flowers and quickly thaw them. The trouble is reinforced by an ice vortex, which will periodically appear, and freeze seedlings.

Double sunflowers and fiery plants (dragon, for example) are very useful in history. The former are needed to buy expensive powerful plants, the latter to burn the enemy.

The adventure is not difficult to complete. A log with ferrets appears on one of the levels. After the log dies, ferrets very quickly run to you. They can be contrasted with a dragon or a flower - lightning.

The Lost City

Features of the adventure - many opponents will appear. There are also coins on the cells, if you plant a plant on them, you can get additional suns. Zombies with shovels will come, who dig seedlings and throw it through themselves. Zombies - girls with umbrellas will also come. With an umbrella, they protect themselves from various catapult shells. Therefore, you need to beat them with conventional weapons.

Zombie builders will appear in the middle of the story. If they get to the golden cage, then they will camp on it. Opponents will be selected from the tent. Therefore, builders must be destroyed first.

Often golden cells will appear, so you need to plant something on them. At level 20, there will be a lot of such cells on the field. You should take free small mushrooms and occupy their cells so that builders do not set up camp.

Traps. The adventure will periodically come across levels with traps. Reds are the fire that burns everything on the line. Brown is a huge stone that blows 2 rows of plants. To get rid of them, it is recommended to plant free mushrooms on such rows and activate traps.

Neon Mixed Tour, Jurassic Swamp

Adventure features are not complicated stories that are not particularly different from the rest (for example, Egypt). A new zombie will appear - a dancer. At first he moves slowly, but when the music plays, he begins to dance and releases 4 dance partners.

A new zombie with a tape recorder will also appear. After he turns on the music, your seedlings will stop attacking. This usually happens when the enemy approaches the center of the field, so you should destroy it before you turn on the music.

Dinosaurs will appear on the Swamp. And the plants themselves will look stone. Dinosaurs will run along the line and ignore the plants. With their tail, they scatter zombies in other rows.

For a comfortable passage, after the appearance of yellow dinosaurs, one should take seedlings that hit simultaneously in several rows (for example, a dragon or a triple pea shoot). Mountain shooters who shoot in 2 directions are also useful. Thus, you protect plantings from pterodactyls.


Features of the adventure - the player is again transferred to his front lawn. Here everything is as before, the same plants, the same zombies. But sometimes opponents from other adventures appear.

A new three-in-a-row game mode appears here. According to the rules, it is necessary to collect three identical seedlings or more. After collecting, a new plant appears in random order. Rivals go as usual. To win, you need to collect 100 flowers.

This adventure will be the most difficult for you, so you often have to use Reinforcement and thyme. Protection from the Future will also come in handy.

How to get bosses from the present? The last few days, several bosses will appear in random order. To defeat them, you need to take certain seedlings.

1 boss

Who may appearWhat plants are needed
The boss from ancient Egypt.Take: corn, beans, dragon, triple pea shooter and thorns.
The boss from the seas.We take: a double-sided pea shot, a powerful nut (or a nut from the Future), an electromagnetic flower, chili beans and various pea shooters.
Wild West Boss.Take: nuts (better from the Future), laser beans and citrus.

2 boss

The dark boss.Take: bulbs - bowling, guacadil, banana.
The boss from the future.Take: small mushrooms, ordinary and magnetic mushrooms, cells with power.
Water Boss.Take: lily leaf, chard - guard, bulb, turnip, violet.

3 boss

Ice boss.Take: aki, stingers, roses, hot potatoes and studded nuts.
The Lost Boss.Take: sporogrib, beets, celery and garlic.
Neon Boss.We take: a cactus, stone pea-shooters and mines with bombs.
Swamp boss.We take a set of plants from the Dark Ages.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Arena Secrets

Arena is a player versus player game mode. This mode opens after receiving a map of space - time from Ancient Egypt in 1 day and receiving at least six plants.

To start the match, the player must use the Glove, which can be bought in the store for diamonds. In addition to playing for stones, you can get a free try every 4 hours. Also, if you click the "Free Play" button, you can see the advertisement. For watching the video you will get another free battle in the Arena. There are 4 views per day.

When a suitable opponent is selected for you, you can choose 1 out of 5 seedlings. The first cell is reserved for the plant of the week. At the start, you need to put plants for a certain amount of money. And after that, click on the game.

It is recommended to plant plants after the start of the battle, although the usual arrangement mode with reloading time works here, but the seedlings exposed during the battle shoot for the first time in the Amplification mode.

The battle at the Arena takes 3 minutes. Zombies in this mode are slightly stronger than in adventures, they also eat your plants faster. The faster the player kills the zombies, the more health the seedlings will have. Points are awarded for killing an enemy, eating a tombstone, shot down by Gargantua.

Errors may be penalized. Errors are:

  1. If the zombies eat a protective plant.
  2. If they eat a sunflower.
  3. If the mower is activated.

Victory counts towards the player who will have the most points in the battle. For the victory you will receive good rewards. With each new victory, rewards improve. With the advent of new gaming days, achievements are reset, and you need to earn prizes again.

Conclusion: the game is very interesting and exciting. A lot of interesting and vibrant content, a lot of puzzles that are interesting to solve.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.