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Princess Connect Re Dive WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

PRINCESS CONNECT! RE: DIVE is an Android game with a release date of 01/18/2021 from Crunchyroll Games, LLC. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Top Heroes (Tier List)
  2. Character Leveling Guide
  3. A Guide to Using and Improving Equipment
  4. Main Character Features
  5. Secrets of Getting New Heroes (Gacha)
  6. Team Building and Combat Guide
  7. Walkthrough of the main story campaign
  8. Dungeons Walkthrough
  9. Features of the Grotto battles
  10. Battle Arena Guide
  11. Princess Arena Battles Guide
  12. Stories Guide
  13. Completing Missions
  14. Guildhouse Guide
  15. Clan Features
  16. Clan Battle Guide
  17. Conclusion

Princess Connect: Top Heroes (Tier List)

In our Tier List, the characters are divided into three levels:

  1. S level. The best, but hard-to-find characters. They perform well in any activity;
  2. A-level. Very good characters. With them you can go through most stages of the campaign, win arenas and perform well in clan battles;
  3. B-level. Nice characters. They will be indispensable in the early stages of the game. They are easy enough to get and pump.
LevelCharacter names
S-levelS. Saren, Neneka, Labyrista, Christina, Muimi, P. Kokkoro, NY.Kyaru, Saren (6 stars), Rei (6 stars), Yukari (6 stars).
A-levelP.Yui, Kasumi, Hatsune (6 stars), Maho (6 stars), Akino (6 stars), Anne, Luna, V.Shizuru, NY.Yui, NY.Kokkoro, Tamaki (6 stars), Yui (6 stars) ), Hiyori (6 stars), Lima (6 stars).
B-levelP. Pecorine, S. Kyaru, Shizuru (6 stars), Makoto, Rino (6 stars), Io (6 stars), Djeeta, X. Chika, S. Makoto, H. Kyouka, H. Mimi, O. Ninon, TS.Aoi, Uzuki, MG.Kasumi, Yuni, R. Mahiru, S. Tamaki, NY.Hiyori, S. Suzuna, H. Tsumugi, Ayane (6 stars), Yuki, Miyako, Kokkoro (6 stars), Pecorine ( 6 stars), Kyaru (6 stars), Kurumi, S. Kaori.

Princess Connect: Character Leveling Guide

Level Up. As the level of the character increases, his strength increases. To pump the level you need the experience of the hero. Do not confuse the experience of the hero and the experience of the player for leveling up the account - these are different concepts. Characters gain hero experience as they progress through quests. In addition, increase the hero’s experience using experience potions:

  1. Click "Character" in the bottom menu;
  2. Select the character you want to upgrade;
  3. Tap the "Level Up" tab;
  4. Click "Use" to the right of the experience potion. The hero’s experience will increase by an amount depending on the type of potion.
The cost of leveling a character is constantly increasing. In this regard, we recommend pumping your heroes evenly, so that all party fighters are approximately equal in strength. With this approach, it will be much easier for you to win three stars.

Skills pumping. Improve the skills of your characters using mana. To access this option, you need to complete chapter 2-2 of the campaign on normal difficulty. For improvement:

  1. Click "Character" in the bottom menu and select the character whose skill you want to pump;
  2. Tap the "Skills" tab;
  3. Click "Enhance" to the right of the skill you want to improve. Mana will be used up and the skill level will increase.

Heroes have several skills that become available as the rank increases. For a complete list of possible character skills, click "Skills". The maximum skill level cannot exceed the character level!

Ascension. By ascension, the hero’s stardom increases, which increases all his characteristics. When the hero’s stardom reaches 3 stars and above, he will also receive special alternative images of his appearance. The maximum hero can have 5 stars. Use Memory shards and mana to ascend. Your steps:

To find out where to get the necessary materials for ascension, click "How to Obtain". You will be presented with a list of activities and shops where it is possible to purchase pieces of memory for the required heroes. Each hero uses individual pieces of memory.

Optimization Use the optimization option to level up your character, improve his skills and equip the right equipment in one click. Optimization consumes resources that would be used for these types of pumping (experience potions to increase the level, mana to improve skills and equipment). In this option, you cannot increase the rank of the character, improve his equipment and increase the stardom. For optimization:

  1. Select the character you want to improve;
  2. Click "Optimize";
  3. Tap Ok. The level and skills of the character increase, any available equipment is equipped. If there are no optimizations available, pressing the "Optimize" button will display the recommended quests for obtaining the missing resources.

Princess Connect: A Guide to Using and Improving Equipment

Equipment. To equip with equipment go to "Character" and select the desired hero. The character has 6 equipment slots, each of which can only be filled with a specific item. If a character has not reached the level required for an item of equipment, it will be unusable. To equip your character, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Equipment" tab of the desired hero;
  2. Click on the equipment slot you want to fill;
  3. Click "Equip" to fill the slot and permanently boost your character’s stats. Items of equipment that are worn cannot be removed.
When equipping multiple pieces of equipment, press "Equip All". All available equipment will be automatically placed in the required slots.

Rank Up. Fill all 6 equipment slots and press "Rank Up" to use the equipped equipment and increase the character’s rank. Raising the rank does not increase the characteristics of the hero, but opens up more powerful skills and EX skills for use in battle. After the increase, the collection of equipment items begins anew - each rank has its own set.

To quickly find equipment to rank up, click on the empty missing item slots and then click "How to Obtain". You will see a list of chapters of the campaign, where you can get this ammunition. Replay the necessary chapters using skip tickets, and fill the empty slots with the necessary.

Upgrading equipment (Refine). Upgrade equipment to increase the characteristics that it gives to the hero. Use mana, refinement crystals, or other equipment to do this. To access equipment upgrades, you need to complete Chapter 3-5 of the main story campaign on Normal difficulty. For improvement:

  1. Click on the character whose equipment you want to improve;
  2. Click on the equipment you want to upgrade;
  3. Click "Refine" and select the desired materials.
Upgrade your gear using jewels. When using Jewels, the characteristics of the equipment are improved to the maximum, without consuming any additional resources.

Recommended equipment upgrade. Use this option to quickly level up your equipment, consuming pumping materials and mana. At the same time, the equipment is automatically upgraded to the maximum level. If you don’t have enough pumping materials or mana to reach the maximum level, your equipment will be upgraded to the level for which you have enough resources (sharpening stones, sharpening bars and cleansing crystals). If there is not enough mana for pumping, a button will appear for you to go to the exchange of mana.

Equipment crafting. Using mana, craft equipment from materials such as blueprints and fragments. Specific materials depend on the equipment being created. To create, follow these steps:

  1. Select the hero for which you want to create equipment;
  2. Click on the slot of the equipment you want to craft;
  3. Tap "How to Obtain";
  4. Click on the "Craft" list to go to crafting and using the required materials.

Gear optimization. When applying optimization, a specific hero will be equipped with the necessary equipment. Also in optimization, you get recommendations for completing quests in which it is possible to get the necessary ammunition.

Donation of equipment. Request the equipment you need from your clan members. To make a donation request:

  1. Select the character for which you want to get equipment;
  2. Touch the required piece of equipment;
  3. Click "How to Obtain" and then - "Request";
  4. Click OK to send your clan chat request.

Once you have made a request, you cannot send the next request within 8 hours.

Princess Connect: Main Character Features

Characters are needed for battles on your behalf in quests, in the arena, other activities, events, etc. You get new characters by pulling them out of a premium gacha or by collecting a certain amount of shards of memory. The number of shards of memory required depends on the specific character.

Character information. Select the desired character in the lower menu "Character" and click on its icon. Here you can view detailed information about the characteristics, rank and personal profile of the hero:

Sorting heroes. To view all the heroes in the game, click "Character" in the bottom menu. By clicking on a specific hero, you can view information about him. Characters can be sorted into various categories. To do this, click "Level" and select the category by which you want to sort. Click OK to save your changes and display the new order. Heroes can be sorted by: level, strength, HP, amount of physical attack, amount of magic attack, physical defense, magic defense, rank, stars, alphabet and level of communication.

Sorting is a great helper for the selection of the necessary units for the requirements of activity. For example, for modes where the damage done is important, you can quickly form a party based on sorting by the amount of attack.

Characteristics. The strength of each hero is determined by the following characteristics:

Changing the appearance of heroes. For a hero with 3 stars and above, it is possible to change the avatar and appearance during the battle. Also available is a change in the pose that the character takes after winning a battle. To change your character’s appearance, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the character whose appearance you want to change.
  2. Click the "Appearance" icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the appearance settings you want to change.
To change the appearance of other players ’characters to the one of their choice, go to Settings and on the "System" tab change the setting "Mirror the appearance of other players’ characters" to "Yes". The characters of other players will now display with the appearance settings selected by those players.

Princess Connect: Secrets of Getting New Heroes (Gacha)

Types of gacha. The main way to get new heroes in the game is gacha (pulling random characters from chests). In addition to heroes, the gacha makes it possible to obtain valuable materials for pumping and equipment. The following types of slack are available:

Plain gacha. Use a regular slack wax free of charge 2 times a day. Here you pull 10 different prizes from chests, including shards of memory, equipment and materials for pumping. The usual gacha is available:

Premium gacha. This gacha can be used by paying Jewels or matching tickets. As a reward, you get characters with 1 star or higher. When using the "Draw 10" option, every tenth reward is guaranteed to give you a 2-star hero or higher. Drop Chances:

Chances of getting the "Draw 10" option on the 10th attempt:

When you get a 1-star hero in premium, do not rush to spend Jewels and wait a while (from 10 to 15 minutes), and then try again. It is possible that you are in a "losing streak" and next time you will have a high chance of pulling a better hero. This tactic is very useful in gacha games and helps to draw good heroes.

The Jump Start gacha. Available for a limited time (7 days after the start of the game), and only for premium jewels. Here you are guaranteed to get a 3-star character when using the "Draw 10" option.

Convert to divine amulets. Characters obtained in premium and The Jump Start gachas that you already have in your squad are automatically converted to divine amulets and added to your total amulets score. Divine amulets exceeding the maximum number are sent to the gift box (it can be found on the main screen, the "Presents" icon). The number of divine amulets received for one character depends on the rarity of that character:

All divine amulets can be exchanged for character memory shards in the divine amulets store.

Using exchange points. Each time you play gacha, you get 1 exchange point. After accumulating 300 points, exchange them for one of the heroes in the current exchange lineup (Exchange Lineup tab). If you exchange points for a character that you already have in stock, you will receive divine amulets corresponding to his rarity. You can save trade points and exchange them for characters only during their validity period! At the end of it, your stock of exchange points will be zeroed, and the points themselves will be automatically exchanged for skip tickets.

When your character’s total exchange points reach 300 or more, you will not be able to use any gacha other than the usual gacha until you exchange these points for a character or divine amulets. Use your trade points on time!

Princess Connect: Team Building and Combat Guide

The basics of battles. You need to form a fighting party of heroes who will fight enemies in activity. Depending on the mode, the fighters will have to go through several waves of opponents. When the HP (green bar) of all enemies decreases to 0 within the time limit indicated in the upper right corner of the screen, the battle is won. If the HP of all members of your group drops to 0, or the time limit reaches 00.00, the battle is considered lost. At the end of a victorious battle, you are awarded stars. To complete a 3-star battle, you need all your fighters to remain alive.

Gathering the team. The battle involves 5 heroes. Each of them has its own combat position: front, middle and back. You cannot change the position at your own discretion - it is determined automatically based on the preferred location of a particular hero. To assemble a battle group, click on the icons of the necessary fighters on the preparation for battle screen, thereby placing them in the slots of the party participants.

If you want to change the composition of the battle group, first remove the characters you want to replace from the slots, and then assign the desired heroes in their place. Then press "Begin Battle" and start the battle. The current team will be saved by default, and, if there are no changes in the roster, will be used in subsequent battles.

To complete a three-star battle, be sure to take healers to the party who will help other fighters restore HP during battles.

Saving detachments. Save pre-assembled units for future use in activities. Please note that such units cannot contain support characters. In total, you can form up to 50 squads. To save, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Characters" in the bottom menu;
  2. Click "My parties"
  3. Click "Edit".
  4. Select the characters you want to collect and click "Save".
You can also save your current squad to the results screen after each battle.

Using saved units. To use a previously saved squad, follow these steps:

  1. Select an activity and go to the group gathering screen;
  2. In the upper right corner, click "My Parties";
  3. Select the group you want to use from the list and click "Use Party" to replace the currently selected members with the members of the saved group.

Union Bursts activation. Each character has a special skill - Union Burst. Unlike normal skills, you can choose when to activate it during combat. A prerequisite for the use of Union Burst is the accumulation of TR. You see blue TP bars next to the icons of each party character. TP increases as the hero attacks, damages enemies and uses skills. When TP reaches maximum, an "OK" indicator is displayed on his character icon. Click on the character icon when this happens to activate the Union Burst. When you turn on the auto mode ("Auto" button), each character will use his Union Burst automatically as soon as his TP reaches the maximum value.

Only one character can activate their Union Burst, simultaneous activations are not allowed. If there are multiple characters’ Union Burst available, they are applied one by one.

Activation of common skills. Characters automatically use their skills during combat. All skills are unlocked as the character’s rank increases. Each skill can be upgraded to a higher level, thereby improving its effects.

EX skill activation. EX skills are activated automatically at the start of the battle. They do not have visible animations like normal skills or Union Bursts. All EX skills are unlocked when the character’s rank increases. Like other skills, they can be upgraded to a higher level by improving their effects.

Physical and magical damage. The damage that characters inflict and receive during combat is of two main types: physical and magical. On a critical hit, damage taken is doubled.

Status effects. Some common skills and Union Burst can apply special effects to characters in battle. The duration of each effect depends on the specific skill and its current level. Types of effects:

Special effects. These include:

Shields. There are two types of shields in the game, each of which prevents a certain type of damage up to the value of its durability.

If both shields are applied at the same time for the same type of damage, the absorption shield will take priority. If a physical zero shield and a physical / magic shield are applied at the same time, the durability of the physical / magic shield will take priority.

Zones. Zones are located at the location of the battle and are capable of damaging, healing, or giving status effects to characters within their reach. Damage zones and healing zones apply once per second. Zones of stat increase and zones of stat reduction are in effect while the character is within the range of the zone. The effect disappears as soon as the character leaves the range of the zone.

Speed settings. Control the speed of the battle with the "Speed" button displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When enabled, the combat speed is doubled. To maintain the selected speed for subsequent battles, go to Settings and click on the "Battle" tab. In the Battle Auto & Speed section, select the Transfer option.

Princess Connect: Walkthrough of the main story campaign

Key Features. Passing the campaign, you open the story stories of your heroines, get access to the activities of the game and new options for pumping. To enter the campaign, click "Quest" on the bottom menu of the main screen, and then "Main Quest". You will see a map of the current chapter of the campaign and the stages of the battles. The result of passing any chapter is a boss battle. Campaign mode fights consume stamina (stamina), which regenerates over time. For victories in campaign battles, you get player experience, hero experience, mana, communication points, equipment, and other useful items.

Quests (difficulty: normal). You initially complete the campaign quests on Normal difficulty. Here you pick up rewards for the first playthrough, get equipment and mana, and gradually unlock new pumping and activity options, incl. Campaign battles on increased difficulty. Also, as you progress through the campaign in normal difficulty mode, new story episodes are unlocked, which can be viewed in the "Story" menu.

To start battles, you need to select "Main Quest" in the quest menu. Next, you will automatically be taken to the last completed stage on the map, by clicking on which you can form a team and join the battle. Remember to consume stamina in battles. If you don’t have enough stamina, you won’t be able to start the quest.

We recommend that you go through the stages of the campaign on normal difficulty as far as possible, because unlocking other important activities depends on it, your abilities in pumping and getting new equipment to raise the ranks of heroes. First, spend your stamina on cleaning up new stages, and then on replaying the stages, as a result of which you received less than three stars.

Quests (difficulty: high). Quests on high difficulty do not affect the unlocking of activities and the opening of new story stories, however, for completing them, you can receive not only equipment and mana, but also shards of character memory. To unlock them, play chapter 2-8 on normal difficulty. Going forward, you will need to keep completing the campaign quests on normal difficulty in order to unlock new quests on high difficulty.

The number of attempts to complete quests on high difficulty is limited and depends on the specific stage. All attempts are reset daily at 13:00 UTC. To check how many attempts you have left, go to the quest map and click on the stage that you would like to go through. His remaining attempts to complete will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If there are no attempts, you will not be able to fight at this stage.

Spend jewels to restore quest attempts. To do this, click on the stage you want to go through and click "Start". You will be asked to pay the Jewels for the passage. Click "Ok" and continue playing. Please note that there are limits on the number of daily retries.

The importance of endurance. If your current stamina is less than the stamina that would have been consumed by completing a quest, you cannot complete that quest. For example, completing the 1-1 quest on hard difficulty requires 16 stamina. If your current stamina is 15/100, this quest cannot be completed, since the available stamina is less than 16. The required amount of stamina is displayed on the quest details screen and is consumed after winning the battle. If you lose or exit the fight, you will also waste stamina.

The stardom of the quest. At the end of the battle, you get stars for the completed quest. Maximum 3 stars are awarded if none of your fighters died in battle. When completing the quest for 3 stars, you are entitled to additional rewards. You can get them only once. Also, a 3-star passage opens up the possibility of clearing this stage using skip tickets.

Cleaning with skip tickets. Use your pass tickets to replay the 3-star campaign quests without a fight. As in regular battles, you collect the rewards for the battle. Use multiple tickets at the same time to complete the quest multiple times and pick up the number of rewards you need. When completing quests with pass tickets, stamina is consumed.

You will not be able to use pass tickets if your current stamina is less than the stamina that would have been consumed by completing it. For example, completing quest 1-1 on normal difficulty requires 6 stamina. If your current stamina is 5/100, you cannot use your ticket to complete this quest as it is less than 6.

Pass tickets are very useful for quickly re-passing the stages, where you can get the necessary equipment to increase the ranks of heroes.

Bonus for tickets.When using pass tickets, you get experience potions instead of character experience. These items give the same amount of character experience as what would be obtained by completing the quest in normal mode. You will also receive gifts that give the same number of communication points as you would have received by completing the quest in normal mode.

There is a storage limit for unused pass tickets - 100,000 pieces. If you have 99,999 pass tickets and receive 1 new ticket, it will be sent to the gift box.

What to do with surplus experience and communication points? If, during the campaign, a character reaches his current maximum level or the limit of the level of communication, he can receive experience (communication points) only 1 less than the experience (communication points) required for the next level. Any additional experience (communication points) gained by this character is reset. For example, if the current maximum character level is 80, and the next level requires 6000 experience, and if a given level 80 hero who already has 5990 experience earns 10 more experience, his 5990 experience increases to 5999 experience, and the excess experience - 1 - cleared.

Princess Connect: Dungeons Walkthrough

Features. During the passage of Dungeons, HP and TR characters are transferred between battles. To get into the Dungeons, click "Quest" in the bottom menu and select "Dungeons". Keep in mind that this activity becomes available only after completing stages 2-12 of the story campaign on normal difficulty. No stamina is consumed in Dungeons.

Dungeon types. There are three different Dungeons available, each with a different difficulty level:

The specific conditions for the passage of battles, the restoration of HP and TR, as well as the number of floors that need to be cleared, depend on the type of difficulty of the Dungeon. Characters below level 10 and support characters who are 31 or more levels above your player level cannot be sent to Dungeons.

Attempts and exits from the Dungeons. You have 1 attempt to enter the Dungeon per day. Attempts are reset daily at 13:00 UTC. To exit the Dungeon, press "Return" in the lower right corner of the screen, and then confirm your action by pressing "Ok". After exiting, you start the next playthrough from the very beginning. Any rewards received in the Dungeon before the release are not lost. If you defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon, you will automatically exit.

Opponents in the Dungeons. The enemies you face in Dungeons fall into the following categories:

You can view information about enemies only until the next battle.

Indicators NR and TR. Inside the Dungeon, the character’s HP and TP are maintained between battles. This applies to both your own characters and the enemies you face. If a character’s HP decreases to 0, this character cannot fight until the end of the Dungeon passage. Exiting the Dungeon resets the HP and TP of all characters.

It is very important to take heroes with healing abilities to the Dungeons. With the help of them, you will be able to maintain the combat effectiveness of your fighters for as long as possible.

Support characters. Include the characters of your clanmates in the squad for the passage of the Dungeon! These heroes will be called support characters. 1 support character can be used during one attempt. Their mana is spent as follows:

The strength and characteristics of the support character, as well as the mana consumed, are determined at the start of the battle. Any support character changes made after this point (leveling up, skill upgrades, etc.) will not be reflected. To add a support character to your party, follow these steps:

  1. During a dungeon attempt, press the next enemy;
  2. Tap "Start";
  3. Tap the "Support" tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Click on the support character you want to use. It will be added to your current group.

HP and TP Recovery Bonus. Every time you win a battle, your characters’ HP and TP are restored by the set amount. This recovery does not apply to characters outside the current group, or characters whose health has been reduced to 0. The amount of HP and TP recovered is determined by the set recovery rate of each Dungeon and the HP / TP recovery statistics of individual characters. HP and TR of opponents are not restored, even if they won the battle.

Awards. For battles in the Dungeons, you get equipment and Dungeon Coins. For the first victory of a monster boss, you are also rewarded with a special item that increases endurance. Dungeon Coins are used for exchange in the Dungeon Shop. You can store up to 999,999,999 Dungeon Coins.

Princess Connect: Features of the Grotto battles

Views. The grotto opens after completing stage 2-5 of the campaign on a normal level of difficulty and contains 2 types of activities: experience quests and mana quests. In these battles, you do not gain player experience points or bonuses, and also do not waste stamina. Types of quests:

Attempts. Quests in the Grotto can only be completed a certain number of times per day. At the same time, experience quests and mana quests have a separate limit on attempts. All attempts are dropped daily at 13:00 UTC. To check how many attempts you have left, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Quest" in the bottom menu;
  2. Click "Grotto" and select the type of quest you want to check the attempts to complete;
  3. The remaining attempts for this type of quest will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If there are no attempts left, you will not be able to complete this type of quest.

How to do it? To complete quests in the Grotto:

  1. Click "Quest" in the bottom menu;
  2. Click "Grotto" and select the type of quest you want to complete;
  3. Click "Start" to start the quest.

The consequences of a 3-star stripping. A battle in which none of your heroes died is rated 3 stars. When you complete the quest in the grotto for 3 stars, you receive an additional reward (it is issued only once - upon the first victory). In the future, use your pass tickets to instantly clear all Grotto quests completed with 3 stars. To complete the quest multiple times, you can use multiple tickets at the same time. In this case, only the results of each battle will be displayed to you.

When using pass tickets, you will receive equivalent items (potions) instead of character experience, which provide the same amount of character experience that would be gained during the normal passage of the quest.

Princess Connect: Battle Arena Guide

The Battle Arena is a place to test the strength of your squad against the teams of other players. To take part in the activity, click "Quest" in the bottom menu and then go to the Battle Arena. Battles in the Battle Arena do not bring player experience points, hero experience, and communication points. This is where you fight for ranking positions and earning ranked rewards. The Battle Arena opens after completing Campaign Stage 4-6 on Normal difficulty. 5 attempts to participate are available per day.

Ratings and awards. Victories in the battle in the Arena will increase your position in the ranking. Depending on your place in the ranking, you get arena coins and jewels. The higher your rating, the better the rewards. If your chosen opponent wins or loses to another player immediately before or during the battle, his rating at the time of victory may differ from that which was displayed in the list of opponents. In these cases, the most recent rating will apply. If your opponent’s new rank is lower than your own, your rank will not change even if you win.

Defense team. Your defense team is a group of heroes who will take part in the battles of the Battle Arena and take on the challenges of other players. Moreover, if the opponents lose, you get a reward for the victory of your defense team. If your team wins, your position in the ranking drops. To form a defense team:

  1. Click "Quest" in the bottom menu;
  2. Tap "Battle Arena";
  3. Click "Edit Defense";
  4. Tap the characters you want to include in the defense team;
  5. Click "Complete" to complete the configuration of the protection group.
Keep your defense team up to date. Be sure to change its composition as you have new pumped heroes. Remember that the defending team does not automatically update when you change squads for other activities.

How to fight? To start the battle in the Arena, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Quest" in the bottom menu;
  2. Tap "Battle Arena";
  3. Touch the opponent and assemble a team;
  4. Click "Begin Battle" to start the battle.

Auto mode is always active in the Battle Arena. Characters will use all of their skills, including Union Bursts, automatically. After the battle, there is a recovery period that lasts 5 minutes. You can reset the cooldown by spending jewels, however, it is best to just wait.

Defense reward. When your defense team wins the battle, the rewards are sent to the gift box. You can get up to 5 rewards in one day. This limit is reset daily at 13:00 UTC.

There is a deadline for receiving a defense reward, so be careful! Collect your rewards on time.

Getting arena coins. You get arena coins over time, which depends on the rank you occupy. For example, if your temporary reward appears as "36 per hour" on the main Battle Arena screen, you will earn 1 arena coin every 100 seconds, for a total of 36 coins per hour. To receive rewards accumulated over time, click "Receive" on the left side of the Battle Arena menu screen. Arena Coins are used to purchase items from the Arena Store. You can store up to 999,999,999 arena coins!

Daily rewards. Daily rewards are sent to your gift box once a day based on your ranking, at 23:00 UTC. Rewards are distributed after the full calculation of the results. If you haven’t received your rewards, wait a bit and then check the gift box. There is a deadline for receiving daily rewards, so be careful.

Ranks in the Battle Arena and awards. In addition to your current rating, 2 types of ranks are also fixed in the Battle Arena:

When you reach a new best rank, you will receive a reward for the best rank and / or the best rank of all time, depending on which top ranks have been updated. The awards are distributed as follows:

When the standard reward for the best rank is reached, the contents of the reward are sent to the gift box. Rewards are awarded for each individual rank at 3999 and above, and for every 100 ranks at 4000 and below. When an all-time best rank reward is achieved, its contents are sent to the gift box instead of the best rank reward. Rewards will be awarded for each individual rank at level 7999 or higher, and for every 100 ranks at level 8000 and below.

Princess Connect: Princess Arena Battles Guide

The Princess Arena opens after completing Campaign Stage 8-15 on Normal difficulty. Unlike the standard Battle Arena, you and the enemy gather here 3 full squads of fighters who fight each other in turn. Completing battles in the Princess Arena does not give you player experience points, character experience or communication points. You have 5 battle attempts daily (reset at 13:00 UTC every day).

Ratings and awards. Victories in the Princess Arena increase your rating, and defeats decrease it. Depending on the rating, you get coins of the Princess Arena and Jewels. If your chosen opponent wins or loses to another player immediately before or during the battle, his rating at the time of victory may differ from that which was displayed in the list of opponents. In these cases, the most recent rating will apply. If your opponent’s new rank is lower than your own, your rank will not change even if you win.

Formation of detachments of protection. Your defense squads are teams that appear when other players try to fight you in the Princess Arena. If they lose, you get a reward for winning your defense units. If you lose, your position in the ranking drops. To create defense units:

  1. Click "Edit Defense". Tap the characters you want to include in the first group;
  2. Click "Party 2". Tap the characters you want to include in your second group.
  3. Click "Party 3". Tap the characters you want to add to your third group;
  4. Click "Complete" to complete the configuration of all defense units.

How to fight? Follow these steps:

  1. Click "Quest" in the bottom menu and select "Princess Arena";
  2. Touch the opponent and gather your defense teams in turn;
  3. Click "Begin Battle" to start the battle.

Autoboy is always used in the Princess Arena. All skills are applied automatically.

Recharge. After you fight an enemy in the Princess Arena, you will have a 5 minute cooldown. Only after it ends will you be able to start a new battle. You can also reset the cooldown by spending jewels.

Getting coins of the Princess Arena. You constantly earn Princess Arena coins, the size of which depends on your place in the ranking. For example, if your temporary reward is displayed as "36 per hour," you will earn 1 coin every 100 seconds, for a total of 36 per hour. To receive rewards accumulated over time, click "Receive" on the left side of the screen. Princess Arena Coins are used to buy items in the Arena store. You can store up to 999,999,999 Princess Arena coins.

Daily rewards. Daily rewards for participating in the battles of the Princess Arena are sent to the gift box once a day, at 13:00 UTC. Their size depends on your position in the ranking. If you haven’t received your reward, wait a bit and then check the gift box again. There is a deadline for receiving daily rewards, so be careful.

Rank rewards. There are 2 types of ranking in the Princess Arena:

Princess Connect: Stories Guide

Stories are a very important part of the game, because this is where the storylines of each of your heroines develop. In addition, you get jewels for watching stories. For convenience, all stories are grouped in a separate Story menu, classified and divided into parts.

Voice settings. Before the start of each scene, you can choose whether to play voices. If you choose to play voices, the voice data will be downloaded before the episode starts.

Please be aware that voice data additionally increases the size of the game and also requires loading times.

Main Stories. Here you have to learn the plot, which takes place on the continent of Astrea. New episodes of the story are unlocked as you progress through the main campaign on normal difficulty. You can choose to watch any episode. The episodes marked with a lock are not yet unlocked by you. Click on a closed episode to find out which campaign quest you need to complete to unlock. If you don’t want to hear voices, click "Voices OFF". If you want to hear voices, click "Voices ON". Once all the necessary data has been downloaded, playback of the story scene starts.

Character Stories. These stories tell about the life of each of the heroines that you have in your possession. To unlock new stories, increase the level of connection with the corresponding character. Episodes with a lock icon in the upper left are not unlocked. Clicking on a locked episode will display the unlocking conditions.

Viewing some of the character stories will unlock a stat boost that empowers that character in battle. Check the stat boosts for all unlocked episodes, as well as for the next episode that is still locked. To do this, select the desired character in the Character Stories menu and click "Stat Boost Bonus". Click on the storyline you want to check. You will be shown stat bonuses for that episode.

Guild Stories. These plots involve characters belonging to a specific guild. To unlock, increase the levels of communication of the members of the guild. For example, for episode 2 of the Twinkle Wish guild story, the unlock condition is to have an overall bond level of 6 or higher. If the three heroines are at bond level 2, their total bond level will be 6, so Episode 2 is unlocked. It is also unlocked if one of the heroines has a level of communication 6. Episodes with a lock icon in the upper left corner are not unlocked. Clicking on a locked episode will display the unlocking conditions.

To find out which guilds the characters belong to, go to the Guild section of the Story menu, tap the guild you want to check, and click "Guild Members".

Extra Stories. These stories are unlocked when certain conditions are met, for example, unlocking guilds or dungeons. Click on the story with the lock icon to view the specific requirements for unlocking. Watching some of the stories will earn you rewards, including Jewels and character stat bonuses.

Princess Connect: Completing Missions

Mission types and rewards. Click "Mission" on the home screen to proceed to completing missions. All missions are divided into daily and regular. You get rewards for completing missions. If the mission is completed, a "Receive" button will be displayed, by clicking on which the rewards will be sent either to your inventory or to the gift box. If the mission has not yet been completed, the "Challenge" button will be lit for you. If the mission is not currently possible, the Challenge button will be dimmed.

The reward will not be received until you go through the menu and click the "Receive" button opposite the completed mission! Don’t forget to collect your rewards, especially for the daily missions. Otherwise, the missions will be updated and the rewards will be burned. It is not possible to recover lost awards.

Daily missions. These missions are completed once a day. Their status is reset every day at 13:00 UTC. Mission types:

Regular missions. These missions are introduced into the game as you unlock new activities and pumping opportunities. Unlike daily missions, they can only be completed once and are not reset. Examples of common missions:

Princess Connect: Guildhouse Guide

The Guild House is the residence of your heroes (not to be confused with the player community). Here you can freely update the layout, place exclusive items and your characters. To unlock the Guild House, you need to complete stage 2-1 of the campaign on Normal difficulty.

Rupies. Rupees is a currency that is only used in the Guild House to buy furniture or level it up. Get rupees as a reward for quests or selling furniture. The storage limit for rupees is 999,999,999.

Furniture. Furniture in the Guild House includes all the items that can be placed inside: walls, floors, and furnishings. Certain pieces of furniture create special effects when placed, such as generating useful resources such as XP potion and stamina. Furniture is bought for rupees, while you can choose one of the options for its use:

When you defeat the boss of each Dungeon for the first time, you will receive a special piece of furniture that increases your stamina.

How to check the effects of installed furniture? The effects of a piece of furniture remain active while it is in the Guild House, regardless of location or floor. To check the effects of the installed furniture, click on the "Furniture Effects" menu.

Purchase and storage of furniture. To purchase storage furniture, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Guildhouse" in the bottom menu;
  2. Click "Menu" in the upper right corner of the screen and select a furniture shop;
  3. Click "Buy & Store" on the furniture you want to buy. If you want to buy more than one item, click + or "Max" to select the quantity you want;
  4. Click "Buy" to buy furniture.

Purchase and installation of furniture. To purchase furniture and immediately install it in the Guild House, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Guildhouse" in the bottom menu;
  2. Click "Menu" in the upper right corner of the screen and select a furniture shop;
  3. Click "Buy & Set" on the furniture you want to buy and move the furniture to the place where you want to place it;
  4. Click Buy & Set again and then Buy to buy the furniture and place it right away. You can purchase no more than one piece of furniture at a time.

Storage of furniture and placement of stored furniture. The Guild House Warehouse contains all of your furniture that is not currently on the floors. You can always sell this furniture or use it in the Guild House. To place furniture from a warehouse, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Storage" and open the warehouse;
  2. Click "Place" next to the furniture you want to use;
  3. Move the furniture to the place where you want to put it. Please note that you cannot stack furniture on top of other furniture;
  4. Click "Place" to place the furniture.

Separate walls and floors can be installed on each available floor of the Guild House. The selected background is common to all floors. For walls, floors and backgrounds, one piece of furniture can be installed on multiple floors at the same time. For furniture other than walls, floors and backgrounds, each individual piece can only be placed on one floor. The second floor of the Guild House opens after completing stage 7-1 of the campaign on normal difficulty.

Click the "View" button in the upper right corner of the Guild House screen to enter a special mode for editing complex layouts. In view mode, all furniture outside the selected display area will be hidden.

Transfer of furniture to the warehouse. To move the currently installed furniture to the warehouse, go to your Guild House and touch the desired furniture. Then press "Store" and "Ok". To move all furniture to the warehouse, click "Store All" and select which categories of furniture you want to place in the warehouse (floor furniture, wall furniture and / or enchanted furniture). Click "OK" to save all furniture of the selected type on the current floor.

Walls, floors, and backgrounds will take up space in your warehouse even if they are currently in the Guild House. For example, if the only pieces of furniture you have are one wall, floor, and background, and all three are placed in the Guild House, your Guild and Warehouse will contain 3/100 placed items each.

If you want to sell walls, floors, or backgrounds, put them in the warehouse first.

Sale of furniture. To sell unwanted pieces of furniture, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Storage" and open the warehouse;
  2. Click "Sell" next to the furniture you want to sell. If you want to sell more than one item, click + or "Max" to select the quantity you want to sell;
  3. Click "Sell" to sell the furniture.
Except in very rare cases, enchanted furniture cannot be sold.

Moving furniture. To move furniture to a different location, simply touch it, drag it to the desired location and press "Place".

Furniture cannot be stacked on top of other furniture. If you close the game immediately after moving a piece of furniture, your changes may not be saved.

Expansion of the warehouse. The maximum storage capacity is 300 pieces of furniture. If your warehouse is completely full, expand its limit for jewels:

Like. Visit the Guild Houses of other players and like them. 1 like gives 5 rupees to both the sender and the recipient. You can add up to 10 likes daily. This limit is reset at 13:00 UTC. Click on the "Like" icon to check the players you liked with and see a list of your clan members. You can view up to 20 likes from the last week. Likes older than one week are removed.

Raising the level of furniture. Some pieces of furniture enchanted with special effects can be pumped for rupees. The condition for this is the achievement of the required player level. To upgrade an enchanted piece of furniture, click on it and press "Lvl Up". The pumping process takes a certain time, and as soon as it expires, the level of furniture will automatically increase.

Placing characters in the Guild House. Place the characters you have hired in your Guild House. Up to five characters can be on each floor, while the same character cannot be placed on two floors at the same time. To place characters, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Guild House menu and click "Place Character";
  2. In the window that opens, click on the heroes that you want to place in your House. Note that you cannot place characters with the same name;
  3. Tap "Save". Characters assigned to each floor will appear on that floor.

Giving gifts to characters. Give gifts to characters in the Guild House and increase their communication points. The number of points received depends on the gift. Gifts can be earned by earning entry bonuses, using pass tickets, and more. To give gifts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Guild House menu and click "Gifts";
  2. Click "Give" on the gift you want to give, and then mark the character - the recipient of the gift;
  3. Click "Give" to give this character a present.
In the Guild House, you can give gifts even to those characters whose level of communication is already maximum. In this case, only the consumption of the gift will be the effect of the gift.

Using layouts. You can save up to five Guild layouts for future use. Each saved layout can be named and applied at any time. To save the layout, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Guild House menu and click "My Sets";
  2. Click "Save Current Setup" and "OK" to save the current layout.

To place the previously saved layout, click "Apply This Setup" - "Place" - "Ok". Furniture that has been sold, placed on a different floor, or otherwise not in your warehouse will be removed when the saved layout is placed.

Princess Connect: Clan Features

Clans are a community of players in Princess Connect, united by the goal of joint development in the game. By joining a strong clan, it will be much easier for you to swing, receive more rewards, unlock new activities and participate in events. The ability to join a clan or create your own is unlocked after completing stage 3-1 of the campaign on normal difficulty.

Creation and joining a clan. To form a new clan, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Clan" on the main screen and select "Create Clan";
  2. Enter the clan name from 2 to 10 characters and the clan description up to 60 characters;
  3. Select the type of clan: open, closed or private. Any players can get into an open clan (Open to All) after submitting an application, a closed one (By Approval) - only after the approval of the application, and a private (Invitation Only) - only by invitation;
  4. Set the clan play style: casual, casual, hard, or beginner.
  5. Click "Ok" and "Create" to finish creating the clan. The player who formed the clan becomes its leader.

To join an existing clan, select the community you want to join and click "Join". If the clan is open, you will automatically become a member, and if the clan is closed, you will have to wait for the approval of the application.

Always choose highly active clans to join. Change the clan and move to a stronger one when the number of members online decreases. Only in a strong clan will you always receive likes, support characters when completing Dungeons, and donated equipment. Remember that any "high positions" in a weak clan will not help you in the game in any way.

Powers of the clan leader and his deputies. The clan leader can do the following:

From the powers listed above, deputy leaders can approve membership applications and invite other players to join the clan.

Support settings.Clan members display their heroes as support characters. Other clan members can use them when passing Dungeons. To place your heroes, click on the "Support Settings" clan menu and select the required fighters (they must be level 10 or higher). When other clan members form a party to fight in the Dungeon, they will be able to use your heroes.

For participating in Dungeon battles, your fighters receive mana. Its size depends on the duration of being in battles. When you recall your character, you receive all the mana rewards they have collected. To end support, click "End Support" on the character you want to withdraw. Please note that you will not be able to complete the character support period within the first 30 minutes after it starts.

Assistance in obtaining equipment. Ask your comrades for help if, in the process of pumping, you will miss this or that piece of equipment. To do this, click on an empty equipment slot, click "How to Obtain", and then - "Request". Your request will be sent to the clan chat. If other clan members have sent their requests, you can also donate the ammunition you own by seeing the request in the clan chat. To receive donated equipment, click "Request" in the clan menu.

You can make a single request every 8 hours. After 8 hours have passed from the moment of sending, the request is automatically terminated. Your request will also end if the amount of donations from other members reaches the limit. The next request can only be made 8 hours after the previous request.

The equipment that clan members give you will be stored for 30 days after the start of the request. If you do not pick up the donated ammunition within 30 days, it will be deleted.

Likes. Exchange likes with your clan members to receive rewards. A clan member who has sent a like gets stamina. A clan member who receives a like gets mana. Each clan member can be sent one like per day. This limit is reset daily at 13:00 UTC. To like a clanmate, click "Member Info" in the clan menu, select the desired member and like his name.

Publication of the battle log. Publish the details of the results of your battles in the clan chat in the form of a battle log. Clan members will be able to see which squad you used and how your battle went. They can also save your battle group from the battle log into their own groups. To publish the battle log:

  1. Click "Chat" in the upper right corner of the battle results screen;
  2. To publish a message along with the combat log, enter a message in the confirmation dialog. The combat log can also be published without a message.
  3. Click "Post" to publish the battle log and the message you entered in the clan chat.

In a clan battle, you can also post a battle log in the clan chat by opening any personal log and selecting "Post to Chat". When you publish a battle log, information about your victory (defeat), the composition of your squad (the changed appearance of the characters is not displayed), the composition of the enemy squad, a damage report and a button for copying the squad are displayed.

Leaving the clan. You can leave your clan at any time. After leaving you will have a 24-hour "penalty" period during which you will not be able to join another clan or create your own. If the clan wants to leave the leader, he must first appoint a new leader, or completely dissolve the clan. To leave a clan, click "Member Info", and then - "Leave" and "OK".

If the clan leader does not log into the game for two consecutive weeks, the member who first clicks "Clan" on the main screen will automatically become the new leader.

Clan invitations. If you are not a member of a clan, you can receive invitations from other players to join their clans. To view detailed information about the clans that have sent you invitations, tap the "Invite List" tab in the clan menu. If you do not want to receive invitations to join clans, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the clan menu and tap the "Invite List" tab;
  2. Click "Change Settings" and check "Don’t Accept".
  3. When finished, click "OK" to prevent other clans from sending you invitations.

Invite players who are not currently a member of the clan to join yours. You cannot send invitations if your clan has reached the maximum number of members (30 people).

Princess Connect: Clan Battle Guide

Features. Clan battles are quests in which you fight together with members of your clan against various monsters. Depending on the results of the battle, you take places in the ratings and receive rewards. For victories in clan battles, you will not receive player experience points, character experience points or bonuses. Activity is unlocked after completing stage 3-1 of the campaign on Normal difficulty.

How do I get involved? To take part in a clan battle, you need to be a member of the clan and collect clan points (CP). CP is accumulated during the passage of campaign stages and is awarded based on the amount of stamina spent. Each individual stamina point spent gives 1 CP. In case of losing the battle, CP is not credited.

After a certain amount of CP has been collected, you will receive one attempt at a clan battle. Each clan member can earn up to three attempts in 24 hours. This 24-hour period ends every day at 13:00 UTC. All collected CPs and attempts are discarded at this time.

The course of the battle. You start the battle with the first monster. Once he is defeated, you move on to the next one. After all five monsters have been defeated, the second stage begins, starting with the first monster. The remaining health of each monster and all other progress is divided among all members of the same clan.

Collision and Test Run modes. When starting a clan battle attempt, you can choose one of the modes:

If another clan member defeats the current monster during your encounter battle, your battle will be canceled, and the attempt spent will be restored. There will be no restrictions on the use of characters.

Results. At the end of a battle in Encounter mode, you will be awarded points based on the outcome of the battle. Their size is calculated by multiplying the damage you dealt in battle by the points multiplier assigned to that monster. You can view the scoring multiplier for each monster in the info window. To view the total number of points that you have collected personally, click the "i" button in the upper left corner of the main screen of the clan battle.

The score rating is updated every 30 minutes. After the end of the clan battle, before the announcement of the final ratings, there comes a period when the points are calculated. During this time, you cannot view the current ratings. The opening time of the rating is announced in the game news.

Types of awards. For participating in clan battles, you get:

To check the details of the reward, touch each monster in the Clan Clash screen and see detailed information, including the rewards that can be obtained for defeating it. You can only receive rewards for clan battles of the current or previous month.

Consequences of the end of the battle. After the clan battle is over, you can still go to the clan battle screen, but you will not be able to fight monsters. If you still have rewards for victory, get them in the clan battles menu. Once completed, you cannot assign new support characters for the clan battle, but you can still recall the support characters assigned to you and receive their rewards.

Global ranking. Clans are judged by the total number of points scored by all of their members in a clan battle. This does not count the results of the Test Run. The global rating is formed after the end of the clan battle. Based on it, rating rewards are awarded, which are sent to the players’ gift boxes.

Princess Connect: Conclusion

Princess Connect! Re: Dive invites players to gather a squad of brave princesses and go to fight evil. Here you can try your luck and hire the best warriors in the gacha, fight evil monsters and squads of other players, and arrange the dwellings of your princesses! The game is equipped with many plot scenes, including in the form of dialogues between the player and the heroines. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Nadezhda D.