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Punishing Gray Raven WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

PUNISHING: GRAY RAVEN is a game for android with a release date of 07/14/2021 from KURO TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED. Game genre: Action. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Punishing: Gray Raven download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Tier List (Top Characters)
  2. Gift Code (promotional codes)
  3. Gray Raven: A Beginner’s Guide
  4. How to get new heroes and weapons?
  5. Hero Leveling Guide
  6. Weapon Upgrade Features
  7. Using and pumping memory chips
  8. Squad Formation and Combat Guide
  9. Story Campaign Walkthrough
  10. How to get a lot of resources?
  11. Memory Rescue Missions Walkthrough
  12. War Zone Fighting Guide
  13. Passing Phantom Pain Cage Challenges
  14. How to Participate in Interludes?
  15. Rules for adding friends, their meaning
  16. Completing Quests (Missions)
  17. Achievement System
  18. Gray Raven: Dorm Development Guide
  19. Is It Worth Playing?

Punishing Gray Raven: Tier List (Top Characters)

Classes of heroes. PGR characters are divided into primary classes - B, A and S, where:

What do you need to remember? At the beginning of the game, use A-class characters. You can easily get them in the basic call and pump them. After the 40th scrolling in the gacha, you are guaranteed to receive an S-class hero and, on the basis of him, you will be able to select the necessary fighter from the "S-class Selector" (this item comes to the mail at the beginning of the game). This approach is necessary to eliminate the appearance of duplicates among the heroes, the correct selection of the squad and a more efficient distribution of forces on the battlefield. Below we will look at the A-class characters that are recommended to be used before the first S-class hero is received, and then the S-class characters who are best selected in your party in the middle and late stages of the game.

Best Characters (A-Grade)

If you received one of the presented characters in the call, then you can confidently pump it and use it until you get S-class heroes.

Karenina - Blast. Currently the best A-class attacking character. Able to easily withstand any battles in the first and middle stages of the game, it will not let you down while you collect a team of S-class heroes. Combines physical and elemental damage in battles. Can switch attacking forms. Specifications:

Watanabe - Nightblade. An attacking melee character using double blades in battles. It shows itself very well in one-on-one battles due to its agility and ability to inflict high damage with blows from behind. Great for early to mid game play. Specifications:

Bianca - Zero. Ranged attacking character. Uses a bow in battles. Shows impressive damage in single-target attacks, in particular, in battles against bosses. Specifications:

Liv - Lux. One of the best support characters. Capable of inflicting damage with bolts of lightning. Very useful in a team, especially when combined with S-class heroes with similar abilities. Specifications:

Lucia - Dawn. A worthy attacking character, one of the best fighters of the world. Weapons are dual swords. Specifications:

Best Characters (S-Grade)

Alpha (Lucia - Crimson Abyss). The best damage dealer according to many players. Possesses explosive damage that does not leave enemies the slightest chance. Very strong in solo battles. Thanks to his skills, he can quickly switch the given attack mode. Specifications:

Currently, Lucia - the Crimson Abyss can only be obtained through special events (the "Special Event" banner in the R & D-Research menu).

Kamui - Tenebrion. Kamui belongs to the element of darkness and is one of the best tanks in the game. He is able to inflict huge damage with his sword, perfectly keeps up in the dark zones of the War Zone, successfully resists the bosses of the "Cell with Phantom Pain". Uses stun and passive skills. Specifications:

Karenina - Ember. The best fire damage dealer. Her ultimate deals massive damage when positioned correctly and is one of the highest damage ults in the game. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat, can attack in an area, alternates physical damage and damage with his own elements. Specifications:

Nanami - Pulse. Has a mixed type of damage - physical and elemental damage. Can reduce the enemy’s resistance level through the use of elemental forces. She shows herself very well in a team with S-Karenina. Specifications:

Liv - Luminance. Healer and buff, capable of good damage. Also reduces the damage of its allies. Heals from the amount of health and gives a shield from the amount of attack. Specifications:

Lee - Entropy. Deals physical damage, has a leader’s skill and good combinations of skills. They specialize in combo - they can easily deal high combo damage. Specifications:

Punishing Gray Raven: Gift Code (promotional codes)

Where to get and where to enter? Promotional codes are special gifts from developers that give you the opportunity to get more game resources. New promotional codes are periodically published in the official communities of the game, sometimes their action is limited to certain servers. To enter a promo code:

  1. Go to the account menu (icon in the upper left corner);
  2. Click on the "Enter Gift Code" field on the right side of the screen (see the bottom screenshot);
  3. Enter a valid code and click "Use". The provided rewards will automatically be credited to your account.

Remember to follow the upper and lower case rules when entering your promo code.

Examples of promo codes. Remember that any promotional code has an expiration date, after which it is considered irrelevant. Below we present examples of promotional codes:

Punishing: Gray Raven: A Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Your attention is presented to a new exciting action game. The game takes place in the distant future. Humanity has practically died out, the planet Earth has been invaded by the Desecrated - biorobots, absorbed by a biomechanical virus. The surviving people fled to the Babylonia space station to gather a military squad to free the Earth from invaders. It is called the Gray Crow Squad, and you are its leader. Now you are tasked with training the best cyborg soldiers to take them to the battlefield and bring victory to humanity!

Who are constructs and composites? Constructs are the majority of PGR playable characters. These are people turned into combat cyborgs and retaining their human consciousness. Composites are former constructs infected with a biomechanical virus. Composites cannot be used in conjunction with constructs. They are often represented by the antagonists of the game.

The basic structure of the game. Your task is to gather a team of heroes, pump them and advance through the stages of the story story. At the same time, you take part in other activities, fighting for resources, currency, improvement items and character shards. There are promotions and temporary events in the game. There is a system of achievements, daily and weekly tasks.

Choosing the right server. When you first enter the game, you will be prompted to select one of the servers: North America, Europe, or Asia-Pacific. The choice of the server will determine the predominant language of the players and their time zones. In the future, this will help you in game communication, finding friends and in the joint passage of group modes on server time. Servers and players:

By default, you are taken to a North American server. If this server does not suit you, do not forget to change it in time and choose the one closest to you by time zone. Transferring game data from one server to another is not possible!

Account linking. The second important point to start the game is to ensure the safety of game data. The game prompts you to link your account to Facebook or Google Play. You can bind both from the game settings and on the primary login screen ("Bind" button).

If there is no binding, the system will automatically generate a guest account, unless a third-party account was used to log in. Please note - guest recording stores data only on your device and does not allow transferring game progress.

The main game currencies. The game features several game currencies. Indicators of major currencies are displayed on the main screen. These include:

Collect black cards and use them to buy Basic Construct R&D Ticket. So you will get new heroes in the gacha, accumulate a drop guarantee indicator and be able to take possession of an S-class character.

How do I upgrade my account? Your account level is referred to as the "Commander level". It rises as you participate in the activities of the game (in particular, with the passage of missions in the story campaign), as well as when using the item "Squad Experience", which is given as a reward for completing daily tasks.

Unlocking game modes. The opening of new game modes occurs as you progress through the chapters of the story campaign (see table):

ModesCampaign chapter to unlock (normal mode)Short description
Rookie mission1-6Activity reward event.
Daily Login Rewards1-9Online prizes.
Daily tasks1-10Prizes for daily activity.
Summon Heroes (Research)1-12Obtaining new heroes and weapons.
Shop2-3Purchase of gaming goods.
Celica School2-4Study of gameplay elements.
Memory Rescue Missions2-11Receiving memory chips.
Interludes3-8Getting shards of heroes.
Weekly quests2-1 (hidden stage)Prizes for weekly activity.
Hostel4-2The system for pumping an indicator of proximity with heroes.
Guilds4-5Community of players for cooperative play.
War zone4-8Rating cooperative challenge.
Phantom Pain Cage Mode5-7 (account level 35)Ranked boss battles of the game.
Collections6-12Collection of collections, new pumping options.

For more activities throughout the day, use the daily free serum kits. It can be obtained by going to the "Top-Up" panel, the "Daily Supply Pack" tab.

Character naming system. Please note that some of the heroes in the game have the same name, but different versions. For example, the character Nanami is presented in two versions: Storm and Pulse. These are absolutely different heroes that can be used in one squad. Understanding this system is very important for choosing the right fighters and assessing their potential. It is recommended that you study the list of all the heroes of the game in advance in order to navigate the PGR character system.

Top tips for beginners

1. Take your time to choose an S-class hero from the selector. At the very beginning of the game, you will receive a letter with an "S-class Selector" to your mail, allowing you to choose one of the proposed S-class heroes for free. Our advice: take your time and postpone the selection until you get your first S-hero on the basic gacha banner! The fact is that if the hero from the selector and the hero obtained from the gach match, your team will end up with only one S-class character instead of two. In addition, the heroes of the game are combined with each other, so it is most effective to first get an S-class fighter, and then, based on the results, select the desired S-hero from the selector to form an excellent fighting squad.

Check out our Tier List of the Best Heroes to determine your preferred S-Class hero, as well as find out which characters to put in the squad in the early stages of the game.

2. Save resources and do not waste extra. Focus on the fact that in the future you will get better characters, equipment and memory chips. That is why you should not spend all the resources you receive on pumping primary components. For example, it is better to upgrade 5-star memory chips to a maximum of level 70 with the priority of getting 6-star chips.

Remember that the more resources you have, the faster you can improve strong characters, high-quality equipment and chips.

3. Select active start. To start successfully mastering PGR, we recommend focusing on the game in the early days and giving it as much free time as possible. This is necessary for three reasons:

Study the features of the gameplay and practice the fighting techniques of the received characters, conducting tests in the Celica School (opens after completing mission 2-4 of the campaign). Here you can conduct training, celebrate the strengths of the fighters and learn their skills in practice. To go to Celica’s School, click on the Battle panel and select the Challenge - Celica’s Class tab.

4. Do daily and weekly assignments. This is very important, because with the help of daily and weekly tasks, you get squad experience for pumping the level of the Comandante (account), and also provide yourself with an additional influx of black cards.

A special reminder for newbies - try to completely complete the Newbie Mission and complete all the proposed tasks to receive premium rewards. Most of the tasks involve the usual development of the game and pumping, so they do not have to be completed separately.

Rookie mission walkthrough

The Beginner’s Mission is a special event, available only at the beginning of the game and lasting 7 days. For each day, you are given a list of tasks related to the passage of the game. For completing any task, you receive rewards, including progress units needed to accumulate the overall progress of the event and collect the main prizes. For every 20 points of progress you accumulate, you will receive 5-star memory chips, for 140 units - 5-star weapons, and for 160 units - a special Nanami: storm uniform.

To go to the newbie mission, click on the "Novice Missing" panel on the main screen. To collect rewards, click the "Claim" button, to proceed to the execution - the "Advance" button. In order not to forget to pick up all due rewards, watch the blue dots opposite the tabs of the days of the event. The completed task disappears from the list. Let’s consider all the tasks of a beginner in more detail.

First day:

Second day:

Third day:

Fourth day:

The fifth day:

Sixth day:

Seventh day:

Punishing Gray Raven: How to get new heroes and weapons?

Features of gacha. PGR has a gacha component, namely the ability to "knock out" heroes by scrolling. Actually, this method of obtaining new characters is the main one in the game. In the same way, you get high-quality weapons, while the gacha for characters and weapons is on different banners. The opportunity to get heroes and weapons opens after the first chapter of the campaign. In PGR, the gacha is called "R & D-Research" - you will see its panel on the main screen after unlocking. There are 3 types of banners: basic, promotional and special promotions.

For each banner of gacha, including for periodically passing special promotions, you need its own currency - construct tickets. Any currency can be obtained by exchanging black cards in a 1: 1 ratio.

Loss guarantors. Any gacha banner provides a "fallout guarantee". This means that after completing the specified number of attempts, you are guaranteed to receive an A or S-class hero or the chosen weapon. At the same time, you always have a chance to get the desired item before the required number of attempts expires. If you succeed, the current number of scrolling attempts is reset and starts over.

Each banner has its own dropout guarantees. Loss guarantees for A and S class characters (weapons) are considered separately and do not depend on each other. Read the banner scrolling conditions carefully.

Base banners. These are the main banners that you will refer to most often. Contains 3 sections:

At the initial stages of the game, before assembling a team of S-class characters, it is recommended to focus on the worse Member Recruit banner and put black cards there. Your main priority is getting new heroes to form a strong team and increasing the guarantor of the drop of the first S-class hero.

Event banners. These banners host time-limited events and special events. On the 10th attempt to reroll in each event, you are guaranteed to get an A-class character, and on the 60th attempt - an S-class hero. Sections:

Since there is a 70% guarantee of getting a featured hero in the Special event, you will have a 30% guarantee of getting another S-character on your 30th attempt. Attempt counters are carried between banners of the same type. At the end of the event, the current counters are transferred to the next banner.

It is recommended that you focus on the "Event" banners after getting your first S-class heroes on the base banner. The "Event" banner is the best opportunity to form a balanced team of actual characters in the middle and late stages of the game.

"Special Event" banners. Here are new and rotating banners with a guaranteed chance to get an S-character after 80-100 attempts (floating guarantee). Attention: the time of the events is limited. Sections:

If you are not a donator and do not intend to replenish your game account by buying black cards, participation in the "Special Event" banner promotions is not recommended, since it is here that the lowest guarantee of getting the necessary heroes is set.

Punishing Gray Raven: Hero Leveling Guide

Leveling up. The indicators of his main characteristics depend on the level of the hero: health, attack, defense and critical strike. Experience is required to level up. Heroes gain some experience in battles, but the main way to increase it is construct experience capsules. They are obtained in the campaign, resource mission "Special Training", other activities, and are also given as a reward for completing tasks and achievements.

To carry out the pumping, select the desired character, press "Train" and go to the menu for its improvement. Next click on the "Level Up" tab and apply the required number of capsules. Confirm their absorption by pressing the "Level Up" button. Please note that experience capsules are of different quality - the higher it is, the more experience 1 capsule can give. The hero level cannot exceed your commandante level!

After each increase in the level of the commander, be sure to pump the levels of your heroes to the current maximum limit. This will help develop them evenly and eliminate the presence of weak fighters in the party.

Awakening. Upon awakening, the hero gets a new appearance and clothing, which also improves his characteristics. There are 3 stages of awakening, and each of them has its own requirements for the hero:

Promotion. Promotion increases the hero’s rank, depends on the progress of the campaign and the leveling of the hero. Do not confuse promotion and awakening - they are different ways of strengthening. To make a promotion, go to the "Promote" tab, click the "Rank Up" button and pay the required number of nuts. Each advance gives the hero a new rank, and also increases his main characteristics. The possibility of another promotion is indicated by a blue dot on the "Promote" tab. If you pump your heroes evenly, then their promotion will take place at the same time.

Some of the tasks of the Novice Mission relate to the receipt of characters of certain ranks. Thus, the sooner you complete their promotion, the sooner you will receive your rewards.

Evolution. Evolution is an increase in the class of a hero. Any character in the game can be upgraded to the SSS class, which will significantly enhance its characteristics and provide new opportunities for using skills. Evolution is carried out on the "Evolve" tab and requires the use of the required number of character shards. They can be obtained from the Gacha, Phantom Pain Cage shop and Interludes. The evolution process itself has an original design - you need to "activate" the resulting fragments in special slots (see screenshot). Each activated shard gives the hero an increase in parameters. As all slots are activated, the hero’s class rises (B - A - S - SS - SSS - SSS +).

Collecting fragments of a character for evolution is a complex and lengthy process. Decide on your best fighters and focus on collecting shards of only those heroes. First of all, this concerns the offers of the Cells with Phantom Pain store, special gacha-promotions and events for donators.

Skill leveling. The skills of the heroes’ spheres, their passive and active abilities are pumped through the "Skills" tab. They all improve separately by using skill points and nuts. Leveling the skills of the spheres and active abilities has requirements for the character level. The discovery of new passive abilities and their pumping occurs as the class of the fighter increases. To get skill points, complete the stages of the "Combat Exercises" resource mission.

To explore the skills of a particular character, use the tutorial on his "Skills" tab. Here you can view versions of Orb Skills, and even get training on how to use them.

Punishing Gray Raven: Weapon Upgrade Features

Types of weapons, stardom. Each PGR character can only use the weapon designated for him. For example, Karenina has a cannon, and Watanabe has double blades. This means that you will not be able to use high-quality weapons if you do not have a suitable hero, and vice versa - a strong character will be forced to use low-ranking weapons until you get a better one for him. All weapons are classified by star rating, which is indicated by color:

The better the stardom, the higher the basic characteristics of the weapon and the possibilities for its improvement. It is recommended to pump weapons, starting from 4 stars and above. In the early stages, take part in the 7-day entry promotion and receive 5-star weapons. Also use the Focus Research gacha banner, where there is a choice of weapons that you can use to raise the drop rate.

Leveling up. The weapon level is increased by absorbing another weapon. Click the "Train" button and go to the "Enhance" tab to perform the enhancement. On the right side of the screen, mark the weapon that will be used as a pumping material. Then click the "Enhance" button. The higher the stardom of the absorbed weapon, the greater the increase in the level of the target weapon it will give. If in the future you decide to disassemble the pumped weapon, 70% of the materials spent on improving it will be returned to you.

Never use 5 and 6-star weapons to upgrade! To avoid unnecessary waste of high quality weapons, mark them with the buttoned padlock on the weapon panel (block).

Overclocking. The weapon has a maximum level, upon reaching which you will not be able to continue pumping. To increase the upgrade limit, you need to overclock your weapon ("Overclock" tab). Overclocking requires the use of certain resources and is carried out for nuts. To get resources for overclocking, go through the "Military equipment" resource mission. Overclocking increases the attack and critical hit rates of the weapon.

Please note: the quantity and quality of the required resources will increase with each overclocking, and it will be possible to get them only at the high stages of "Military equipment" (to unlock them, complete the campaign missions on time).

Resonant weapon skills. 5 and 6-star weapons have multiple resonance slots, giving the hero unique resonance skills. For 5-star weapons, they can be applied to any fighter, and for 6-star weapons, they can only be applied to a specific fighter and cannot be transferred to another. These skills take effect when the character is equipped with the required weapon. Resonating with a pre-existing Resonance skill will overwrite the original one. To establish resonance, go to the "Resonance" tab and click on the slot. Resonance requires the absorption of similar weapons of the same stardom.

Punishing Gray Raven: Using and pumping memory chips

What are memory chips? Memory chips can be called an analogue of equipment. According to the plot of the game, these inventions are vessels for storing the memories of deceased historical figures. When you equip a character with memory chips, he receives additional increases to various characteristics and is significantly enhanced. Memory chips vary in stardom. Basic chips have 1-2 stars, and the best ones have 5-6 stars. The stardom of the chips affects the quantity and quality of their stats, as well as the pumping limit.

It is highly recommended to use and upgrade only 5 and 6-star memory chips without wasting resources on upgrading lower-star chips. At the start of the game, you will be able to take part in a number of newbie promotions (including the 14-day entry event), where you can easily get the best memory chips for your main party!

How do I get memory chips? You have a variety of ways to get the memory chips you want. These include:

Equipped with memory chips. Any character has 6 slots for memory chips. These slots are located on the hero’s personal screen. Each chip is numbered from 1 to 6 and can only be installed in the slot corresponding to its serial number:

Equipping the hero with the same memory chips, you collect sets that give additional bonus characteristics when used (increase in ATK, DEF, etc.). The first bonus you get for equipping the hero with two identical chips, and the second for equipping with four chips. To apply the chip:

  1. Go to the "Members" heroes menu and select a character;
  2. Click on any empty memory chip slot ("Equipped Memory" field);
  3. Click on the desired chip on the left side of the page that opens and confirm the installation by clicking the "Equip" button.

Be sure to collect sets of two and four of the same memory chips to get the maximum bonuses from their use. Follow the recommendations for equipping heroes with the necessary memory chips. To do this, click "Details" in the hero window, and then - "Recommended Equipment".

Bleeding memory chips

To start pumping, click on the desired memory chip in the equipment window and press "Train" - this will take you to its upgrade menu.

1. Level up. To increase the level of the chip, open the "Enhance" tab. Leveling up is carried out by absorbing other chips or the "Memory Enhancer" item. Mark the consumables you want by keeping track of the fill level on the target chip. Then confirm the improvement by clicking the "Enhance" button. Raising the chip level consumes nuts.

It is recommended to use manual selection of pumping resources (without pressing the "Select All" button) in order to avoid accidental absorption of valuable 5 and 6-star memory chips. Use only low-level chips in pumping! To protect 5 and 6-star chips from being absorbed, lock them in time (put a closed lock on the chip panel).

2. Overclocking chips. When the chip reaches maximum pumping, you will need to overclock it and increase the limit of the allowable level of improvement. To do this, go to the "Overclock" tab and check if you have the necessary overclocking resources. If there are not enough items, click on their icons, and then on the plus sign. You will see which resource battles need to be completed to resupply.

Overclocking consumes nuts and has requirements for the commander’s level. The number of overclocks performed is determined by the number of notches on the chip and their color. The more often you overclock, the more nuts and resources you will need (while the latter will increase in quality). In addition to the maximum level, overclocking increases the main parameters of the chip.

Carry out uniform pumping of memory chips for all characters of the main battle party, without priority for specific fighters. Remember that upgrading chips gives a significant boost to the hero’s BR and increases the strength of the team. Your characters should be on an equal footing in order to distribute the combat load as effectively as possible on the battlefield.

3. Resonance of chips. Resonance is only possible with 5 and 6 star chips. Thanks to this option, the chip gets an additional skill (6-star) or 2 additional stats (5-star). Resonance consumes a similar chip in the amount of 1 piece. To perform resonance, go to the "Resonance" tab, click on an empty slot and place a material in it. Then click "Resonate". Please note that the skills and stats obtained as a result of the resonance are random - you cannot choose them.

First of all, it is recommended to focus on collecting sets of memory chips to get the maximum number of bonus characteristics for each equipped hero. Only when you have collected all the kits should you deal with the resonance of the chips. This approach leads to a more efficient use of them.

Punishing Gray Raven: Squad Formation and Combat Guide

Formation of a combat detachment. A standard combat squad has three heroes, one of whom will be the leader. The leader is in the middle of the formation and by default is the first to enter the battle - you will see his animation before the start of the battle. To select the required team, click on a fighter in the current formation or on an empty slot. You will be presented with a list of all your heroes. Select a character and click the "Add to team" button - the selected hero will be in the squad or replace the place of the previous hero.

Be careful: you can only form a squad before the start of the battle; later on, any adjustments are excluded. You can also use pre-prepared unit templates. To do this, click the "Team Preset" button on the preparation screen and select the preferred squad from the previously formed ones. This method reduces the time it takes to create a party for different game modes, for example, for completing campaign missions, Phantom Pain Cage stages and War Zone.

Use the tips in the game to find the perfect combat partners for your heroes. Select the character you are interested in, click "Details" on his information screen and then the "Recommended Partner" button on the right. You will see the recommended packs for this fighter used by most PGR players.

Roles of heroes, classification according to the method of fighting. There are three types of PGR fighters:

In your arsenal, you must definitely have a pumped up support character who can be used to complete the most difficult battles. According to many players, Liv’s character Luminance is best suited for this role.

HP scale. Your main task in any battle is to reset the HP of all opponents in the location. You can see the HP scale of the current enemy at the top of the screen. Your HP scale is located on the panel in the upper left corner. When a fighter’s health drops to a critical level, the screen starts flashing red. We recommend not to allow such situations to arise, especially in the campaign mode - monitor the health of the fighters, alternating them.

Hero skills, use of spheres. The skills of any character (regardless of the element) are divided into three components, which are indicated by a red, blue and yellow sphere. Also, the character has a basic skill, with the use of which he starts the battle (number 1 in the screenshot). When using the basic skill, the skills of the spheres appear above the buttons (number 2). By clicking on the skills of the spheres, the corresponding skill will be applied. Three skills of the same sphere can be combined into one to use the most powerful version of this skill.

Evasion. You need to dodge enemy attacks. Use the dodge button for this (number 3 in the screenshot). Evasion requires endurance, while its consumption depends on the method of fighting: melee fighters spend 250 units. stamina per evasion, and ranged units - 800 pts. Restores 100 health every second. endurance.

You need to think over your strategy correctly in order to avoid wasting stamina and save it for the most difficult situations, when a serious HP loss will depend on dodging. Also, do not forget that the ability to enter the matrix mode depends on the correct evasion.

Using the skills of an assistant (QTE). Each member of the party, including the leader, is indicated by a specific color of the sphere: blue, red and yellow. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the colors of your fighters and remember them in advance (the colors are indicated behind the backs of the heroes on the preparation screen). This division is necessary to activate the skills of the assistant (QTE) on the battlefield.

Belonging to color does not in any way affect the strength of the character himself and the range of skills he uses. When a fighter uses the most powerful version of the sphere skill (connects three skills of one sphere), the icon of the party character of the corresponding color starts blinking on the screen on the right (see screenshot). Click on it to temporarily "call" this fighter into battle to use his QTE skill.

This mechanic is very effective when properly distributing the load on the fighters. So, you can timely "call" into battle the healer Liv - Luminance to use the QTE skill of healing allies. Other characters should be included in the party only to activate the assistant’s skills.

Switching fighters in battle. You can at any time click on the icon of another party character and bring him to the battlefield, replacing the previous fighter. Unlike using the QTE skill, in this case the new hero will fully continue the battle and will use the full range of his sphere skills, as well as passive abilities. The tactic of alternating fighters is very useful in difficult battles, when it is unlikely that it will be possible to defeat the enemy with the forces of one hero.

By changing characters, you share the damage received, and when using a healer, you can restore HP in a timely manner, which will allow you to hold out longer and clear the entire location. Also keep in mind that the replaced character has a rollback in time, during which you will not be able to return him back to the battle. Your task is to correctly alternate the heroes on the battlefield and not to weaken the onslaught on the enemy in order to incapacitate him as quickly as possible.

Matrix mode. Activation of the matrix mode depends on the timely evasion (just before the enemy attack). In this case, you get an increase to your EX Dodge. EX Dodge will start Matrix Mode every 15 seconds. In the matrix, the flow of time around your character slows down, all spheres begin to glow and flash (see screenshot). If at this moment you activate any skill of the sphere, you will receive an effect equal to the use of the most powerful version of this skill!

The Matrix Mode will help you defeat enemies with ease due to the presence of three components: the benefits of slowing the movement of opponents, using the maximum skills of the orbs and the ability to activate the QTE-skills of allies using only one, not three orbs! Learn to properly use the dodge option to enter Matrix Mode as often as possible.

Application of the Ultima (Superior Mastery). When you fight, you fill the blue energy bar below your HP. After the scale is completely filled, you get the opportunity to activate the character’s ultimate - his unique ability, the so-called "super-hit". You will see an ultima button appear next to the dodge button (see screenshot). Ultima gives huge damage to opponents and can easily turn the tide of battle when used correctly. In addition, at the moment of applying the ultimate, your hero becomes invulnerable to enemies and does not receive any damage!

It is recommended to save the use of the ultimate for the most difficult moments of the battle. You should not use the ultimate if you have the opportunity to enter matrix mode or use the QTE skills of allies to advantage. Use all your benefits evenly and alternate them wisely. This is the key to your victories in RGR battles.

Correct use of passive skills. The hero’s passive skills are activated automatically when certain conditions for using the skills of the orbs are met. Do not neglect passive abilities, as these are quite powerful skills that will fit very favorably into combat and make your task of clearing easier. For example, to activate the passive skill of the heroine Lucia - Crimson Abyss, you need to combine three skills of the same sphere after using the most powerful version of the blue sphere skill. The character will enter the "Will of the Blade" mode, releasing waves of damage that will deal 340% of physical damage and give super-armor to the hero for the duration of their action.

Punishing Gray Raven: Story Campaign Walkthrough

Structure. The PGR storyline campaign is divided into chapters, which in turn include a number of missions (common and hidden). Each mission is battles with several waves of enemies. Sometimes you will face bosses or complete various tasks (find keys, interview witnesses, etc.). Missions necessarily include dialogues between characters and develop the plot. The unlocking of other modes and game features depends on the passage of campaign missions.

Do not skip the plot dialogues between the characters and read them to the end. This way you will be able to understand much better the essence of the game, the motivation of the characters and fully enjoy the atmosphere of the gloomy world of PGR.

How do I go to a campaign? To go to the campaign battles, click the "Battle" panel on the main screen (the specified percentage shows the progress of the current chapter). By default, you will be presented with campaign screens. Select the screen labeled "New Chapter", go to the map, click on the mission and prepare your team. To switch to the campaign from other battle modes, click on the "Story" tab and select "Main".

Common and hidden missions. You begin the campaign with the normal N (Normal) missions. In the second chapter, you will gain access to Hidden missions. Both types of story missions are mandatory and open up access to new game features. Specifically, the weekly quests are only unlocked after completing the hidden mission 2-1. Likewise, you will not be able to open a new chapter of the story without completely completing the hidden missions of the previous chapter.

Preparing for battle. Click on the mission screen and check out the list of first playthrough rewards, the recommended BR squad and the required amount of serum for the battle. Your serum will only be used up if you complete the mission. Click "Battle Preparations" to go to the squad building screen. If your BR is less than the recommended BR, you will receive a corresponding warning.

Try to complete the mission, even if the recommended BR is higher than yours. If you lose, you will not lose the serum, but you will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the combat tactics of enemies and think over a battle plan in the location for the future.

Mission objectives and overall progress. The missions of the story chapters have three objectives. If you succeed in completing them, you receive three progress points. Progress points are counted towards the overall progress of the chapter objectives and entitle you to receive additional rewards for completing the campaign chapter. The objectives of the mission include:

Remember that you will complete the mission even if you cannot complete all the objectives. Advance the story as far as possible to unlock other game modes. In the future, you can always return to past campaign missions and replay them with more pumped fighters in order to close all objectives and get maximum rewards.

The best way to complete mission objectives the first time is to keep an eye on the HP of the fighters on the battlefield and correctly rotate them, preventing the death of heroes. This tactic will help you distribute the strength of the team, balance the load on the characters and keep them alive.

Awards and features. In the campaign mode, the possibility of using an auto battle is excluded. For the first playthrough, you get nuts, construct experience of various quality, memory chips and black cards. Completed missions can be repeated, getting nuts, construct experience and resources for pumping equipment for them.

Don’t forget to collect additional rewards for completing chapters of the campaign! To do this, go to the chapter map and click on the crate in the lower left corner.

Autocleaning. Use the auto-cleanup feature to replay campaign battles. To do this, select the desired mission and click the "Auto Clear" button. Self-cleaning consumes serum and takes place without your participation. The auto-clear time is calculated based on the total strength of your active squad and the complexity of the mission. Upon completion, you receive from 50 to 80% of the drop (rewards). Access to auto-cleanup opens regardless of the achievement of all mission objectives.

Autocleaning is one of the few ways to level up the Comandante in AFK mode. Keep track of the amount of whey and do not overuse it. Remember to press the "Claim Reward" button on the completed mission screen to collect your auto-cleanup rewards.

Punishing Gray Raven: How to get a lot of resources?

Resources: quality and use. All your resources are stored in the bag (Items) and are used in pumping. Resources come in a variety of qualities, from green to orange. Accordingly, the higher the quality of the resource, the more benefit it can bring you. In the later stages of leveling, you may need certain high quality resources. To find out where to get the required resource, click the "Get Materials" button in the pumping menu. You can also click on the resource icon itself and familiarize yourself with its name and purpose.

Resource battles and their meaning. As the game progresses, you will need a lot of materials. Obtaining them as part of the story campaign will not be enough, so you are offered the passage of resource missions - activities where you can easily get the materials you need and quickly use them in pumping. To access resource missions, select the "Battle" panel on the main screen and then the bottom "Resources" tab. Here you are presented with 6 types of resource missions. Each of them is divided into 4 stages of difficulty (they will be unlocked as you progress through the missions of the story campaign). The number of daily playthroughs of resource battles is not limited. The activity is open all day.

Completing one resource battle consumes 15 units. serum. For economical use of serum, decide which resources you are most lacking in pumping, and go through only those resource battles in which they can be obtained.

Types of resource battles. There are the following varieties:

Resource battles "Special training" and "Combat exercises" will be useful for you at any stage of the game, since the materials obtained in them are almost always necessary for pumping. Pass the "abundance of nuts" only when necessary. It is recommended to actively pass other resource battles, starting from the second stage of difficulty, in order to get materials of higher quality in the process.

Difficulty stages. Each resource battle has 4 stages of difficulty, which are unlocked after completing certain campaign missions. The higher the difficulty of the stage, the better the drop will be.

Always fight resource battles on the last difficulty stage available to you. So you can get more resources by spending a minimum of serum to complete the battle.

Punishing Gray Raven: Memory Rescue Missions Walkthrough

Concept. Memory Rescue missions are difficult challenges and are unlocked after completing stages 2-11 of the campaign. Here you have a unique opportunity to get a 6-star memory chip for completely clearing all floors of the current mission, as well as 5-star chips for clearing each floor. The activity has recommendations for the level of the commandant and the BR of the detachment. Accompanied by plot dialogues.

Specificity. Go to Battle - Challenge - Memory Rescue to view the conditions and rewards for completing it. On the left side of the screen, you see the current rank of the mission and the main prize - a character from a 6-star memory card. His image is divided into 5 fragments. Each completed mission floor "colors" one of the fragments. When the picture is collected, you can get this chip. One mission involves clearing five floors.

In total, there are two missions to save Memory. After completing all missions (clearing ten floors), you will receive two rare chips and you will be able to create a set of memory chips.

Battles and awards. Before the start of the battle, you are asked to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the memory chip, which you will receive for the first passage of the location. Clicking "Begin Mission" will take you to the squad preparation screen. Serum is not consumed in Memory Rescue missions. The battle itself is limited to two minutes - be careful! It is recommended to correctly rotate the characters in the party and use the support hero to replenish the HP of other fighters. After completing a location, you are given a basic cleanup reward and a first playthrough reward (black cards, 5-star memory chip, random 2-4-star memory chip).

First playthrough rewards must be collected separately! To do this, click "Claim" on the panel of the passed floor.

Punishing Gray Raven: War Zone Fighting Guide

Concept. The War Zone is a constant seasonal activity where you fight opponents for rating points. There are five regions: Fire, Darkness, Lightning, Ice and Physical. During the season, two of the five regions become randomly available. You need to gather your squad and complete 3 missions in each open region. The battles in the War Zone are unlimited and do not consume serum.

This mode is cooperative - here you fight together with other players (only 3 players in a team). The overall result of a team will influence its place on the leaderboard. To get into the activity, go to the Battle - Challenge and select the appropriate panel (unlocked after completing mission 4-8 of the campaign).

Phases. Battles in the War Zone take place every three weeks and have 3 phases:

For the most effective battles in the War Zone, we recommend that you team up with players in advance whose fighting style suits you for joint play. If you get into a random team, there is a high probability that you will not be able to quickly play and will lose points due to the disunity of the fighting.

More about regions. Players independently choose which of the two available regions they will go to. Each region is characterized by the overwhelming influence of a certain element - constructs and composites placed there will inflict 30% more damage with the elemental abilities of the dominant element. Types of regions:

In the War Zone, the damage bonus does not apply to characters that do not deal the appropriate type of damage! For example, Karenina - Ember will deal 30% more fire damage in the Cycle of Fire region, while Kamui - Tenebrion will not receive any bonus there. Choose your battle party correctly, in accordance with the element of the region.

Battle areas. Each region includes three stages to complete:

Using War Zone Influence. War Zone Influence - Event currency used to purchase memory chips from the War Shop. At the end of the next season, you will receive a certain amount of this currency based on your individually earned points (group points do not count!). 5 and 6 star memory chips can be purchased from the military store.

Councils for team building. According to the observations of many top players, physical and fire heroes show themselves most effectively in the War Zone. They have the highest vitality and the ability to get high test scores in all regions, regardless of their lack of kinship with the dominant elements. The following combat units are recommended for sending to the War Zone:

Instead of Karenina: Explosion, it is allowed to use Liv: Eclipse, but keep in mind - if your Liv is not upgraded to SSS-class, her participation will not bring much efficiency.

Punishing Gray Raven: Passing Phantom Pain Cage Challenges

Concept. Phantom Pain Cage (Pain Cage) is a game mode where you fight boss-level opponents that you meet in various missions of the story campaign. Each available enemy has five difficulty levels: test, elite, knight, chaos and hell. For defeating bosses, you receive rating points, the amount of which depends on the time the battle ends and the HP indicators of your team members. You can save the current battle result or abandon it in order to replay it and gain more points. To enter the mode, go to Battle - Challenge - Pain Cage (unlocked after completing mission 5-7 of the campaign). There are 3 attempts to participate per day.

For testing Cells with Phantom Pain, you would receive weekly quest rewards - 400 black cards! Their number is fixed and does not depend on your rating points.

Features of the tests. In the Phantom Pain Cage, any character has five weekly engagement attempts. After using them, the hero becomes unusable and can be re-included in battles only from the next week. The number of attempts to use a certain hero will not decrease if you refuse the results of the battle (the "Save Cancel" button). Players below level 54 will be able to fight two bosses per week, while players above level 54 will have access to three.

Some bosses cannot be accessed if your Comandante level is below 80 (for example, in this case, you will never meet Rosetta). Players with 1 million points will receive a special badge and access to the Ultimate mode, in which you can meet additional bosses. At the start of each week, these players will be given a choice between Normal and Max modes.

The passage of this activity of the game is a good source of obtaining black cards and fragments of characters. Recommended for mandatory weekly execution with a competent waste of attempts to participate.

An effective waste of attempts. Since the participation of characters in this event is limited, it is recommended to use the following mechanism for spending attempts:

Collect weekly rewards for your ranking points. To do this, click "Next Rank Rewards" in the activity lobby. Here you get nuts, construct experience, materials for pumping skills, overclocking equipment and memory chips.

Ranking awards. Based on the rating points gained, a consolidated rating of participants in the activity is formed. Depending on the location, players receive rewards: nuts and a special currency - "Scars of Phantom Pain":

A placeAmount of currency

Shop. Using the "Scars of Phantom Pain", shop in the activity store (the "Shop" button). Here you can purchase shards of characters to further improve their class. You can only buy shards of heroes you discovered! Price:

S-character shards have a total purchase limit of 30 pieces. As soon as you buy all 30 shards, the item will be sold out and will disappear from the store’s assortment.

Punishing Gray Raven: How to Participate in Interludes?

Meaning. Interludes pursue 2 important goals - they help to get fragments of heroes for their further pumping, and also make it possible to find out more facts about your favorite characters, see stories of turning points in their lives, dialogues from childhood, etc. Interludes unlock after completing chapter 3-8 of the campaign. In the future, unlocking occurs as the level of the Commander increases.

Available heroes. Interludes of the following characters are currently available for passing:

Passing challenges. Interludes have 2 cycles: challenges and stories. Passing challenges is participation in battles with obtaining fragments of the target hero, experience of constructs and nuts. Challenges are divided into stages. Each stage can be completed 2 times a day, the purchase of additional attempts is not possible. The counting of attempts is carried out within one interlude and does not depend on others.

Completing interludes consumes a lot of serum (30 units per battle). For economical use of stamina, it is recommended first of all to take part in challenges, where shards of heroes from your main battle party are given. By getting them, you will be able to pump the class faster.

View stories. Do not forget to watch the plot videos from the life of the target interlude character. To do this, go to the "Story" tab and select the episode open for viewing. All of them are divided into chapters, can be viewed repeatedly and unlocked as you progress through the challenges. Ultimately, after unlocking all the challenges, you will have access to the full story of the hero!

Punishing Gray Raven: Rules for adding friends, their meaning

Why do we need friends? Friends in PGR are not only the opportunity to communicate and jointly go through cooperative modes, but also a great chance to get help in campaign missions and in restocking supplies of nuts. Friends list limit is 50 people. We will tell you how to use this option most effectively below.

Adding to friends. Your friends list is displayed in the "Friends" menu (left panel on the home screen). To add new people, go to the "Go add" section. The players on your server who are online at the moment will be randomly displayed here. You can see their level, and by clicking on the avatar, you can get acquainted with information on the composition of their combat units and support character. The second indicator is of the greatest importance to you, since it is the support character who will "help" your heroes in completing the campaign missions. Accordingly, if the support of a potential friend is a weak and not pumped fighter, then you should not add such a player as a friend. To send a request for friendship, click the "Send Request" button opposite the player’s nickname.

In addition to the characteristics of the support character, be guided by the level of the friend’s account and the number of constructs opened by him (Construct Army). Since you need active and strong friends, these numbers should be high.

Clearing the list of friends. The friends list displays the time of the last online players. After reaching the quantitative limit of friends, it is recommended to periodically "clean" your list and remove people who did not appear on the network from it:

Such measures are necessary to replenish their list with new active players who are constantly improving their heroes. To delete a friend, click on the red button with the image of the basket, then mark the desired players and click the "Delete" button in the lower right corner.

First of all, remove friends whose support heroes are weak and poorly pumped. It is recommended to get rid of players with S-supports as a last resort, only when the combat capabilities of these characters no longer meet your requirements for completing missions.

Sending nuts. Receive daily servings of nuts from your friends and send them nuts in return. You can get 10 packs per day. To send nuts to all your friends, click the "Mass Deliver" button in your friends list. To get nuts from a friend, click on the dialogue icon, and then on the icon with the pack.

Be careful - the nuts you have not received will burn out and will not be carried over to the next in-game day! Collect the nut packs on time, periodically checking your friends list for new gifts. The number of nuts received is reset to zero every day, at 07:00 UTC.

Support character. Support are the heroes of your friends who will come to your aid in campaign battles. Any character of the player’s choice can be assigned as a support. To receive help from supports, you need to set the "Support - On" parameter on the battle preparation screen. During the battle, you will be supported by a support friend, who is closer to the campaign mission that you are going through at the moment. To do this, you do not need to send any additional requests - the support will join the battle automatically when the HP of your heroes drops to a certain parameter.

Do not forget to assign your support to support your friends in return. To do this, go to the account menu, click on the "Support Character" icon and select the desired construct. It is recommended to assign only pumped characters to the role of supports - this will increase your chances of friendship with the strongest players on the server, who always check the characteristics of the support before adding a new player as a friend.

Punishing Gray Raven: Completing Quests (Missions)

Concept. Quests (Missions) are a cycle of repeated quests related to the activity in the game. To view the entire list of missions, click on the "Mission" panel on the main screen. Missions are daily, weekly and special (Bounty Missions). A complete list of all available missions opens as you progress through the campaign and increase the level of the commandant. Completing missions is a great chance to receive additional resources as a reward, which will always be needed in pumping.

Daily missions ("Daily" tab). As the name suggests, these missions are available to complete every day. Progress is updated at 07.00 (UTC). For completing them, you get experience of the commandant, materials for pumping, memory chips and nuts. In addition, completing daily missions gives you activity points, for which you take away activity rewards - skill points and black cards. Types of daily missions:

As you can see, daily missions include a number of simple actions and do not require special passage - these are the usual tasks that you do in the game.

Be sure to complete all daily missions to collect activity rewards and replenish your supply of black cards.

Weekly missions ("Weekly" tab). The most prestigious missions for which you get nuts and black cards. If you are not a donator, then it is the weekly missions that will be your main source of replenishment of the main currency of the game along with the campaign missions. Views:

It is in your best interest to unlock these game modes as soon as possible so that you can progress to their weekly completion and continuous restocking of black cards.

Bounty Missions. These are weekly quests that can be completed up to three times. The goal of any task is to defeat the presented enemy. To find him, your squad will be sent on a random campaign mission. After passing it, you will find yourself in a "hidden area" where your opponent will be waiting for you. To select Bounty Missions, go to the appropriate tab on the Mission panel, click Select Mission to fill the slot and select one of the three missions presented.

Bounty Missions have three classes: B, A and S. The higher the class of the mission, the higher its difficulty and the size of the rewards. Among them: Comandante experience, nuts, gacha tickets, memory chips and construct experience. The list of tasks can be updated - this can be done up to 7 times. Please note that the upgrade limit applies to all three Bounty Missions slots. Accordingly, if you update the tasks in the first slot five times, then in the second you can update only 2 times.

It is recommended to complete only S-class missions, intelligently alternating attempts to update the list, so that you can get the necessary missions in each of the three Bounty Missions slots.

Progress and Event Quests. Unlike the tasks discussed, these missions can be completed only once - as you master the game and level up your account. Tabs:

Pick up your rewards in time to use the received resources for pumping. You will learn about the opportunity to get a prize by the blue dot that appears on the "Mission" panel when you complete any task in one of the tabs.

Punishing Gray Raven: Achievement System

Concept. Achievements - an unlimited time system of tasks, for completing which you receive additional rewards, which is especially useful in development in the early stages of the game. To go to the achievements menu, go to your profile (panel in the upper left corner) and select the "Achievement" tab. For convenience, the achievements are broken down into several categories. Click "Claim" to collect your reward. To proceed to the execution of the task, press "Advance".

First of all, complete tasks of events limited by time. Many of them duplicate achievement tasks, respectively, you get more rewards for the same actions.

Achievements "Battle". This group of achievements is related to your success in the battles of various game modes. These include:

Collect Achievements. Associated with obtaining heroes and weapons. These achievements include:

Achievements "Enhance". They concern the pumping of heroes and equipment. These achievements include:

Achievements "Special". Collected here are the remaining achievements related to other important aspects of the game. These include:

Punishing: Gray Raven: Dorm Development Guide

What is a hostel? The dorm is where your heroes live and rest. The opportunity to settle characters in the hostel opens after completing the mission 4-2 of the campaign. The hostel consists of rooms, which are bought for the currency "Residence Permit". Each room can be decorated with different decor, which will increase its comfort score. Comfort helps residents replenish the stamina they use up when doing housework.

Hostel currencies. The hostel uses 3 currencies:

Making and changing decor. In the Craft Decor dorm menu, you can create any decor for the rooms of your choice. Pay decor coins to give the decor more comfort characteristics. You can also change the installed decor by adding additional effects to it, for example, increasing the recovery rate of heroes’ stamina, recovery rate of comfort, etc.

Completing missions in the hostel. Dorm missions fall into two categories: daily missions and story missions. Daily missions are repeated and reset every day, while story missions are completed once. Daily missions include:

For missions, you receive gifts to increase affection with the hero. Improving affection is one of the ways to level up a character. Always complete your daily dorm quests - it only takes a few minutes of your playing time.

Punishing Gray Raven: Is It Worth Playing?

Punishing Gray Raven represents a detailed universe, with its own laws of the world and special species of living creatures that inhabit it. The game features a completely new combat system and original gameplay solutions that can diversify the routine process of pumping and getting new characters. Wandering through the gloomy streets of the ruined city, you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the apocalypse, and constant dialogues and plot twists make you a full participant in the events. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Nadezhda D.