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Walkthrough Ragnarok M: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RAGNAROK M: ETERNAL LOVE or RAGNAROK M ETERNAL LOVE - Android game with release date 10/15/2019 from the company Gravity Interactive. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Ragnarok M (Mobile) download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Game Overview
  2. Which is better to play?
  3. Classes and Professions
  4. Hyde Archer Guide
  5. Guide to Assassin
  6. Leveling Guide
  7. Builds on Knight, Priest, Crusader and Mage
  8. Pets
  9. Guilds
  10. Cooking

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Game Overview

In the early 2000s, Gravity launched its legendary Ragnarok online. Over time, of course, the game is out of date, the servers are desolate. It was a matter of time before the franchise was restarted? They tried to launch it several times on a PC, but it didn’t lead to anything good, and now it has moved to mobile platforms. And she moved quite successfully.

Any Ragnarok online fan will happily recognize familiar places and familiar graphics. But at the same time, the graphics took a significant step forward. Cute old characters are now replaced with full-fledged 3D models, the whole environment has increased its digital detail, but the gameplay has remained about the same as in the first version of the game.

The game puts players in the fantasy world of Midgard, which on the one hand is based on Scandinavian mythology, and on the other is filled with extremely anime style. Yes, the player who previously played Ragnarok online will not show anything new and surprising. Here is the same world and slightly changed locations.

The game has more than 10 game classes, which makes the gameplay very diverse. And the rest is a fresh look at mobile online games. There is an open world where you can safely move around, doing your own thing. There is a quest system similar to modern PC games: you take tasks, then they are completed. At the same time, playing Ragnarok Mobile, you will feel involved. These are not some other mobile games where the system independently plays the game for you, because the participation of the player himself is minimized.

The pumping itself has not changed either: you travel the world, kill monsters, complete quests, gain experience by gaining a certain amount, which you get a new level and several points for distribution according to the characteristics of the character. As before, the manufacture of items remained, there is a complex system of interaction with pets. In general, in addition to the main pumping system, there is always something to keep yourself busy.

The game has features that are present only in mobile games, for example, there is no way to transfer items from one character to another if they are on different accounts. Accordingly, all trading comes down to an auction with automatic dynamic prices.

The game will need to give a lot of time, mainly to pump a character (walk and kill monsters, complete quests).However, even when you get to the maximum level, pumping for you will not end. Because the hero can change the class, and swing again. This allows you to switch between ticket offices on the fly. Over time, your character can pump all the classes in the game.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Which is better to play?

Anyone can choose a class to their liking. Moreover, such analogues on mobile devices are no more. You are given complete freedom over your Persian. There will be absolutely no identical Wizards or Swordsmen in the game.

The choice of class depends on your preference. But the easiest professions to master are the Swordsman, Archer and Mage. If this is your first time playing such games, then you should choose one of these classes. And if you have already tried yourself in such adventures, then you can choose who you want. You can read more about each class below and find out who you will like.

When choosing a class, you should definitely pay attention to the gender of the hero. This greatly affects the gameplay. Girls move faster and cast spells, guys hit a little harder. The world in the game is very large, and over time it will grow. This is hinted at by pictures of cities on the closed part of the map. Each location has a flag. In a guild war, when a clan holds a castle, the symbol of the clan that occupied the fortress will be displayed on the flag.

You appear in the game Novice: no class, no profession, no currency. You can swing alone, and in a group. The maximum group consists of 5 people. But you can read about leveling your character below. We wrote about this process in sufficient detail so that you can quickly and effectively raise the level of the hero.

Characteristics of Heroes

Depending on the class, you should distribute experience points that are given at each new level. Also, items, pets, equipment and more add indicators to the characteristics.

  1. Strength - Increases physical damage and survival.
  2. Agility - Increases dodge and attack speed. Needed for melee heroes and Archers. The percentage of hit in the enemy depends on it, and in a chance to reduce the damage received by the hero.
  3. Vitality (energy) - increases the number of health points and the protection of the hero.
  4. Intelligence - Important for Priests and Mages. Their magical attack depends on this indicator.
  5. Dexterity (agility) - increases distance physical damage (a good indicator for Archers), accuracy and increases attack speed.
  6. Luck (Luck) - Increases critical attack speed and dodge speed.

The main experience that is given to increase the level is responsible for obtaining the points of characteristics.But the skill level affects the receipt of talent points. With each new level, ability points are given. They also need to be distributed evenly. As a result, you can get 120 skill points.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Classes and Professions

At the start there are 6 classes, with further pumping, you can choose 1 of 2 offered professions. At the very start, you get just a character without a class and download it. At level 10 you are given a choice of 1 of 6 classes.

Class Swordsman. This class is designed for close combat, everything needs to be invested in health and defense. Since he is on the first line, they hit him first. Often these warriors are called tanks, because they are tenacious and difficult to penetrate. The task of the Swordsman is not to let the whole group lie down. The Swordsman has 2 branches of development:

1 branch2 branch
Paladin.Lord Knight.
Royal Guardsman.Runic Knight.

Class Mage. This class is not very survivable, but has great damage in area, can hit all enemies on the field at the same time. It hits bosses and monsters well. A very popular class in the game. His task in the squad is to kill all opponents as quickly as possible.

1 branch2 branch
Supreme wizard.Professor.

Class Archer. This is a ranged fighter. Has high damage on 1 target. Good against bosses and in PvP. He also has a good dodge that helps him survive the battles.

1 branch2 branch
Hunter.Bard - Dancer.
Sniper.Sorcerer - Gypsy.
Ranger.Minstrel - Wanderer.

Class Merchant. The class is ambiguous and little loved by players. Since the cost of different potions can be high. They usually fight on the first line. In the future, the blacksmith has an increased chance of success making items (weapons, equipment). An alchemist in a battle throws potions made by him.

1 branch2 branch
Creator.Master blacksmith.

Class Thief. Melee fighter, but unlike the Swordsman, he does not have high health. He has high evasion and damage on 1 target.

1 branch2 branch
Stalker.Assassin Cross.
Shadow hunter.Guillotine Cross

Class novice. This is a support class. It imposes positive effects on the team, which give more attack, defense.Can heal and resurrect allies. Also has good control over opponents, imposing negative effects on them. Always in demand in the squad.

1 branch2 branch
Priest (Priest).Monk.
High priest.Champion.

How to quickly get your first profession?

Some spend on the process of pumping the Beginner for some time (from an hour or more). But there is a way that will save you a lot of time, because you can pump it to level 10 in 3-5 minutes.

At the start, the player appears in the city of Prontera. After the appearance, you should first take the reward for daily entry. As a reward, among other things, the player will be given 5 units of food. They can not be used, food is needed for quick pumping.

Then you should go upstairs to the Academy of Chefs. NPS Pizza will meet you at the Academy. But she is not needed yet. Should be found in the hall of the NPC Uller Donchavins (master of hunting). He needs to sell the food he received as a reward. Here, you must immediately purchase for the received xena (game currency): 1 lunatic meat and 1 rocker leg. They are needed to take and complete the quest.

You should go back to Pizza and talk to her. Since the player has all the ingredients, the task is completed automatically. Pizza will give you a cookbook and open access to the following quests.

It is required to take the next quest from Pizza, and go to the NPC behind her - Ayia Nord. She has an easy task: just talk to her, try her dishes and answer questions. In the dialog box, you can select any option. After completing the conversation, you will have level 7.

Then you should find Levy in the same room. For his assignment, the sleepwalker’s meat will again be necessary.You should go back to Uller and buy meat. After buying 5 - 6 pieces of meat, you must open the cookbook. A menu appears in the lower left corner. It is required to open it and choose 1 recipe. Next, 2 pieces of lunatic meat are selected, and you should click on "Start". Sometimes it may not be lucky and the meat is not cooked the first time. As soon as you pass the assignment, get level 9.

Then it’s worth going back to Pizza. She will ask to cook 2 kebabs. This again requires lunatic meat. Then you need to use 2 recipes from the Cookbook. After you give the kebabs, you will receive level 10 and your first profession.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Hyde Archer Guide


  1. Easy to learn.
  2. Quickly deals damage to 1 target.
  3. High attack range.
  4. High dodge.
  5. Extra damage from the hawk (in professions).


  1. Good damage requires expensive equipment.
  2. Depends on the rate of physical damage and enchantment of equipment.

Build on Archer:

Pumping algorithm

After creating the character, your main task is to get the first profession. After receiving 1 profession, you must go to West Pronter. Here you should get 7 skill points. And to bring all of them into the skill "Downpour of arrows."Having received level 7 of this skill, you should go on pumping further.

Further pumping continues in Payon. Here you need the place "1st floor of Payon Cave". You should buy warm food in advance to restore health and mana. In Payon’s Cave, you need to go to the lower right hall. The main monsters in this location will be much higher than you level, but you should not be afraid of this. Until you get level 40, they will not attack you. Having reached the swamp with hydra, you should put in the autoboy "Rain of arrows." And you can go do your own thing. Here you have to stand up to level 40.

The main thing is not to get up at the very center of the place of revival of monsters, so that at first they do not kill you. It should be located on the edge of the swamp. Also, do not forget about the restoration of health and mana.

What skills to pump? During the battle with the hydra, you need to get the "Downpour of Arrows" to level 10.Then you need to pump "Owl eyes". This passive skill will add more Dex (dexterity) to the hero, respectively, more attack. After this, it is necessary to pump "Eyes of a predator". And at the end of Elemental Arrows.


After getting level 40, you need to go get 2 profession. Now you can get the Hunter (Bard in these episodes is not available on European servers).

Important skills:

  1. Improving concentration - it is pumped primarily to level 10. Skill permanently increases Agi and Dexterity.
  2. Splitting arrows - it must be increased to level 5 to open access to the "Heavy arrows".
  3. Heavy arrow - must be increased to level 10.
  4. Crushing blow - also pumped to level 10.
  5. Lord of the beasts - give abilities 5 points.

Now the hero has access to the Falgon. NPC Lamier Nas, who gives it, stands not far from the Plank in Pronter.You should run to him and pick up your bird.

Place the hero will be pumping North Prontera. First, the character should be sent to the metallers. Then to the moths. And up to level 85, the Hunter can sit on praying mantises. Of course, you can pump on other monsters.

The main parameter when choosing monsters for raising experience should be the speed of killing monsters. Because the faster you kill monsters, the less stamina is spent. Accordingly, monsters you can kill much more. And as a result - pump faster.


After you take level 70, you should take 3 profession. Now you are a sniper! Necessary skills for a sniper:

  1. True vision - first of all, we increase to 10 levels. This skill will increase your stats, attack and critical strike.
  2. Awakening of instincts - this ability should be raised by 5 points.
  3. Trump Tamer - This passive ability increases the attack of your hawk during the battle. The skill can be used in battle up to 3 times.
  4. Lord of the beasts - 5 points are invested in him, to pump the skill to level 10 of 2 professions.
  5. Walk with the wind - increases the run speed of the hero and evasion.

Download places. First you need to head to the Glazheim Drain, here you need to stand on the stings. Here you need a "Downpour of arrows", with which you swayed on the hydra. If you are still not comfortable standing on the stings, you can go to the Clock Tower on the 1st floor and swing on the hooligans. And after the hooligans, you can go to the org lady. The main thing is that you kill monsters as quickly as possible.

Archer Outfit

  1. Crossbow - can be bought or made. On the stock exchange, he stands in the region of 20,000 zeny. After the upgrade, you will receive the Mysterious Bow, and later you can upgrade it to Malang Snow Crab.
  2. Fox Bracers - Item for 2 arms. This item is from the category of "cheap and cheerful." When buying, it gives 5% to attack speed, at 3 grade (level of pumping) already 10. Then they can be replaced with a Nile bracelet, which gives distance damage + 15%.
  3. Tights are armor. Gives + 4% to attack. In the future, ranger clothes are made of them.
  4. A cotton shirt is a piece of clothing from which the bottom shirt is then made.
  5. Shoes of a teddy bear in a bag are shoes from which, in the future, teddy bear boots are made. But it’s better to take rune boots.
  6. Accessories - at the beginning of the game you should not chase after them, because they are very expensive. The cheapest and most adequate option will be the lunar brooch, which gives + 42% to attack and restores mana (SP).You can take a glove (but it’s expensive). If you want to do more critical damage, then it’s best to buy a necklace of luck.
  7. He takes with cat ears - a headgear of rank D, gives + 5% to attack.
  8. A strip of dragon scales is an object for the face. It gives +10 necessary for Archer Dex, but the strip is very expensive, and you do not need to chase it separately.
  9. Quiver - a subject of a back, it gives + 7% of distance attack. You can get a prescription for this item in the Goblin Forest at Addie West NPC. This character changes the quiver to 45 zirconium. In the future, you can take the wings of the devil, which give +1 to all characteristics and + 5% damage.
  10. Scarf with spikes - drawing subject.
  11. Tail Marxios - the subject of the tail.


  1. Fire arrows - when you attack the target, your arrows will burn, setting fire to the enemy. This ability can be used up to 4 times per battle. Thanks to these runes, you will confidently stand on the sting. The runes are marked in red on the map.
  2. Elemental arrows - marked in blue.
  3. Runes on Dex - marked with green circles.
  4. Runes for critical attack - marked with purple circles.

After that, you can open any runes to attack.

Game Tips:

  1. To make arrows with one or another element, you should go to Payon to the NPC Yunkos. These NPCs will ask you for items with the required item. Yuntos will ask for 10 items. Accordingly, it will give you 10,000 arrows. A Yunkos student will ask for 1 subject, for each material he will give you 1000 arrows.
  2. Since the Archer has a long-range attack type, he does not need to run after the monsters. To do this, you must pump the ability to "Stay alert." After that, you can activate the "Protect group" function and remain in place.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Guide to Assassin


  1. High damage on 1 target.
  2. One can kill elite monsters and mini-bosses.
  3. Has a good dodge.
  4. At the start of the game does not depend on the runes.


  1. Little health.
  2. Ineffective mass skills.
  3. Not the most sought after player on the team.
  4. When killing bosses in a team, the Assassin is constantly dying. Because everyone heals the tank, and the killer after the swordsman is closest to the boss.

Build Assassin:

Pumping algorithm

To start your path as an assassin you need to get level 10, and take 1 profession. It will be a thief class. Before you go to the monsters, you should tame the Poring. It will increase your accuracy so as not to miss monsters. Then you need to go to North Pronter and get up on the wormtail. Here you should sit until level 33, after which there is nothing to do.

Next, you need to go to the skeletons in GostShim. Here the Thief will sit until receiving 2 professions.

What skills to pump? You should download only what you need and what you need in the future. With this development of events, the Assassin will swing a little slower, because he will not be able to kill monsters in 1 hit.But if there is a desire, then you can pump 1 extra skill, which in the future will not be needed. But due to it you can kill monsters with one blow.

First of all, you should pump "Powerful attack with blades", this is an active skill that deals damage and slows down the enemy. Next up is the "Improved Evasion", which gives evasion and increases running speed. Next, you will need the passive ability "Double Attack" and "Enchanted Poison" (here 9 points). Then given 1 point "Hide".


After choosing this profession, you should pump the necessary skills:

  1. Acoustic shock - is pumped in the first place. This is the main attacking skill. It deals tremendous damage and has a 30% chance to stun the enemy.
  2. Acoustic Acceleration is a passive skill that increases damage from the main attacking skill by 100% and adds 30% accuracy.

Then in 2 professions you can pump anything you want. But it is recommended to open:

  1. Poisoned dart and viral diffusion - are some of the mass abilities. It works like this: Assassin throws a dart at the enemy, poisoning him. Then, diffusion is applied to the same target, which spreads the poison around the given target in a certain radius. Diffusion conjures up to 3 times and deals damage to a large number of monsters. These skills are good at clearing Towers and bosses.
  2. Enhanced Enchanted Poison - It adds + 40% damage to poisoned weapons and allows the effect of skills to hang 10 seconds longer.

Swing should stay in North Pronter. To begin with, these are metalworkers, then moths, and finally, mantises.

There is always a lot of excitement in North Pronter, and even if you kill a monster with 1 hit, your experience can be spoiled. If players who swing with you in parallel on the same location cannot kill a mob with 1 hit, but do some damage, then you will already receive less experience and trophies.Accordingly, your progress will be slow. You can get out of the situation: guess the time when no one is in the location. Or you can donate part of the experience and go swing on alternative monsters.For example, go to the orc warriors.

Assassin Cross

So, you have taken 3 profession. Now it’s important to pick up skills. Enchanted Deadly Poison (Active Ability) is a required skill for leveling. Increases Cross’s attack by 30% for the next 40 seconds. Everything else should be chosen at will. If you pass the Tower and mini-bosses with the team, it is recommended to pump "Aura of Destruction", which adds critical damage to the whole team. In order to open access to the Aura, you need to pump "Killer Heart" by 5 points.

Up to level 85, you can swing on praying mantises, then you can go to the hooligans.

Assassin’s Outfit

  1. Flower bracelet - you can make or buy it. This is a second hand item. In the future, it will be necessary to convert it into a rose bracelet, which will give 25% of ignoring protection.
  2. Tights are an item of armor. The item is inexpensive, but needs improvement.
  3. The Eden Team Cape is a piece of clothing. The rest of the clothes are very expensive and unavailable at the start.
  4. Rock climber - a shoe item, give 3% attack.
  5. Accessories - it is recommended to take a power ring, as the rest is very expensive.
  6. Blue-black Qatar is a weapon. It is made as an alternative to darts, which are given for every 10 level. As the opportunity arises, the desert sunset is made in Payon, which gives the necessary accuracy and damage to large monsters.
The damage of any weapon depends on the level of monsters, the so-called penalty, in this case, darts on monsters take only 50% of the damage. And in Qatar - 75%. That is, when you swing in North Pronter on metallers or praying mantises, it is better to swing with Qatar.
  1. Takes with cat ears - D rank is required, which gives + 5% to attack.
  2. Automaton of melodies - a subject of the back, gives +60 to attack and +1 parameter to all characteristics. The item is given for daily entry into the game.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Leveling Guide

Just note that pumping a character together with other players in a group is an ideal way to pump it quickly enough. At a minimum, the team needs one good assistant healer. It will increase all attack speed and other characteristics. At the same time, such a hero can heal you, or raise you after death.

Assistant. Before you start pumping and do not miss anything, be sure to make yourself an assistant. It is done after level 20, its icon will be located at the top center of the screen. You will be sent to the NPC (system computer character) on assignment, he will give you an easy quest. Then you choose a boy or girl. Then the assistant will appear. Why is it needed:

  1. He has an entire list of daily tasks. That is, you definitely will not miss anything. This is, so to speak, a to-do list for the day.
  2. For completing each mission, the player receives 50 blue coins. After calling the assistant, after clicking on it, the assistant’s store opens.For these coins you can buy many necessary things here. But the shops of the boy and the girl are different. You can switch between them by clicking on the button in the form of an arrow.

The boy has a "Poring Growth Panacea," which the player needs to level up. This potion gives the character a double experience for 1 hour.

Chain of lightning. It increases your experience and items received by 2 times for 1 hour. The chain can be bought from the seller of items at the bottom of the Prontera next to Mina. A chain costs 50,000 game coins. But if you do not have a premium account, the chain can be used 5 times a week. If there is a premium, then you can use it constantly. But it absorbs stamina 2 times.

Premium Yes, if someone is willing to buy premium, then it also increases the speed of pumping. It gives an additional + 30% to gain experience and to drop items. Which is also very nice.

Stamina is the time of the game. At Ragnarok M, you are given 5 hours of monster battle every day. During this time, you get 100% of experience and items from monsters (drop). After using the allotted time, the chance of gaining experience and drop is reduced. When you have 500 minutes of leveling, the chance of gaining experience and drop will be practically zero.

Stamina is reset every day. If you spent it all yesterday, today you will start from scratch. It is possible to raise the stamina for 60 minutes daily. Until you have spent all the stamina, in the south of Prontera there is a gramophone at the bottom of the location, also a gramophone is in each guild. You should turn on music that plays for about an hour. You just have to stand by this hour, and the stamina will roll back. Stamina will roll back as long as you listen to music. Thus, 360 minutes of stamina can be obtained per day.

Machines with equipment. There is a chance to get 3 items. The advantage of these things is that they give a bonus to experience. For example, the Light Cloak of a saint gives + 10% to experience. Thus, you can get + 30% (from 3 items) to the experience.


  1. Red - Storyline assignments are the main ones.
  2. Green are side quests. You get to know the game better by completing these missions, telling where to do what, where to take it, and so on. This is all useful.
  3. Blue - special daily quests. If there is a premium, then the player will receive free food.
  4. Star icons are secret quests.
  5. Golden cameras - go to such an NPS, and it opens you locations for photographing, and gives a little experience.

You come to the location, you see that you have a red story quest and many green exclamation marks, blue exclamation marks, badges - you do everything! Because as a reward for an additional quest you will get a lot of different items.

Daily Challenge Board - Opens after level 20. 10 different tasks are available per day. You can take and execute them. As a reward you will receive experience, money and a valuable item.

Jobs from the Bulletin Board can be closed automatically. This is done for the meat balls that the pet gives you. You can buy mercenary missions for them. These scrolls close missions. Buy 10 scrolls, close 10 quests instantly, and get a lot of experience.

There are tasks for gaining experience 10 times (x10) - they can be performed 2 times a day. The NPC with quests is next to the board, the name is the Messenger. With their help, you can quickly dial 1 - 2 levels, especially at the start.

It is better to complete tasks from the board after level 26 to get more experience and drop.

Guild. Every day, 3 tasks are given in the guild. You should go into the right room and take them from the NPC Ariel. Quests are simple, and it will not be difficult for a beginner to complete them. As a reward you get experience and some money.

Important: your stamina does not splurge on the quest. That is, you can stand under mobs for 5 hours and gain experience with a chain, and then go to complete tasks. You should take it as a rule: first you spend the stamina on monsters, and then you go to complete all the quests (story and additional). Any quests are required to be done after the stamina has ended.

Pets On quests you are given a "laboratory" in which you can send pets. The animal must be above level 45. Press "use", and houses appear on the screen. In these houses you put the animals that you have tamed, and for this you get rewards (valuables, coins of Eden, banks for experience). That is, at the expense of pets, you can also get an additional increase in experience.

You can send pets to tasks. This is done through the "pet adventure guide" (given for quests). You should go into it and choose a mission. For these quests you will be given experience and drop, and if you have love with a beast, then he will bring you a rare gift. Going on a mission, pets consume 60 minutes of your stamina.

It is recommended to send animals to such tasks once a day. To sway and so that the animals brought you a valuable reward. If you send more often, then stamina will be quickly spent.

The killing of monsters. The main leveling of characters in the game is the killing of monsters. Kill monsters with 1 hit. This is due to stamina. After the allocated amount of stamina is exhausted, you will cease to receive experience. Accordingly, it is much more profitable to kill a monster with 1 hit than to spend a lot of time on it and spend precious stamina.

It should be remembered that if you play as a class with good massive attacks (for example, a mage), then it is much more profitable for you to kill 3 monsters of a small level, but with 1 hit, than picking 1 monster for a long time, but a level higher.

Mentor. If you are slowly pumping, you should find yourself a mentor. A mentor is a high-level player who will give you a positive skill once a day for 24 hours. This effect will increase the experience gained by 2 times. If you and the mentor are swinging at the same location, but not in a team, then you can restore up to 120 stamines.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Builds on Knight, Priest, Crusader and Mage

Before that, we talked about the two most popular professions in the game. Now we will tell you about some features of pumping and builds of other classes, which are also often found in the game.

Build - this is an effective character development in the distribution of characteristics and abilities. In English, the word build translates to assembly. That is, the player faces the task of harmoniously distributing points according to the parameters and abilities of the hero.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Knight Build

Swordsman, and later Knight, one of those classes that are always in demand in a team when pumping or hiking in the Towers. The swordsman characterizes the word warrior well. Perfectly balances between defensive and offensive skills. Due to this, it is a stable class that is easy enough to play in PvP and PvE. But the Knight is closer to the attacker than to the defensive class. Good at hunting bosses.


  1. A large amount of health.
  2. Fast travel speed.
  3. Good attack effects that come in handy for the entire squad.
  4. Good damage to monsters.
  5. Almost independent of the runes.


  1. Heavily dependent on equipment for the attack. If you do not collect good equipment, then the damage will be small.
  2. Does not have good mass damage.
  3. Has a small amount of mana.

Build of the Knight. Agi + Luk is a good build to start, is not very picky about runes, and it does not depend much on equipment. This build focuses on auto-attack without the use of attacking skills. This build makes it possible to kill mini-bosses alone, which will allow you to earn a large number of zeny at the beginning of the game.

Approximately this calculation: 2 points - in Str, 2 points in Agi, and 1 point in Luk.


  1. Beat - swings primarily to level 10.
  2. Wine Punch is a massive skill that is pumped to level 10. This skill will help the Swordsman pump faster.
  3. Sword Master is a passive skill that increases the attack with the sword. It is pumped up to level 10.
  4. Quick punch (after level 40) - is pumped to level 10. Gives a good attack speed.
  5. Cavalry battle (on the Knight) - is pumped by 5 points. This skill allows you to use the Knight’s bird (Peku-Peku).
  6. Aura of the blade (on the Knight) - is pumped up to level 10, increases the attack of the hero.
  7. Cavalry Master - upgraded to level 10.
  8. Aura of the Lord (on the Lord’s Knight) - is pumped up to 10 points.
  9. Headache (on the Lord’s Knight) - up to level 10.
  10. Concentration (on the Lord’s Knight) - up to level 5.
  11. Parry (on the Lord’s Knight) - up to level 10.
  12. Call of Justice (on the Lord’s Knight) - up to level 5.
To increase the attack, you should pump a slot under the weapon. To do this, go to the inventory, select the required slot, then improve it for the zeny.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Priest Build

This is the most sought after profession in the game. This is the main support class. If you like helping your comrades, healing and raising them during battles, then this class is definitely for you. But at the same time, the Acolyte (Priest) is an excellent class for destroying monsters with the Undead element.


  1. Great damage against undead.
  2. Self-sufficient.
  3. Demanded in any team.
  4. Has a lot of mana.
  5. Not very dependent on equipment.


  1. Weak against monsters of other races (except undead).
  2. Cannot complete some quests alone.
  3. It is difficult to master for a beginner.

Priest Build. The hybrid assembly is relevant for him - this means that the hero needs to find a balance between attacking abilities and support skills. This build combines Agi + Dex + Luk features. These characteristics are increased by the formula - 2x2x1, where the components are distributed in turn.


  1. Holy Light Strike - Pumped to level 10. With this skill, you should pump Int and Dex.
  2. Blessing - Pumped up to level 10. Will give a good increase in performance.
  3. Increased attack - passive skill, pumped by 10 points. It will also increase running speed.
  4. Treatment - it is pumped up to level 10.

At level 40, you should receive the profession of a Priest, and pump the following abilities:

  1. Turn into undead - gives the hero to kill any monster of the undead race with 1 hit. This is the main skill to increase the level. The skill is worth pouring 10 points.
  2. Mana Recovery - the name speaks for itself. It should be pumped as much as possible.
  3. Recovery is a must-have in order to raise the fallen allies. Pumped by 4 points.
  4. Asperia - pumped to level 2. Changes the element of attacks on the sacred, which increases the damage.
  5. Judah - makes it possible to kill effectively monsters of other races.

Next, you should select the ability as necessary.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Crusader Build

The Crusader is a warrior of the Light, able to restrain the crowds of monsters, protecting his team. The hero represents the tank in his best traditions in the game. He has a huge amount of health, a powerful shield with which he wields no worse than a sword, and excellent defense skills.


  1. A huge amount of health.
  2. High running speed.
  3. Many defense abilities for himself and his allies.
  4. Demanded in any team.


  1. It’s hard to swing at the start.
  2. Weak damage.

Crusader Build. The priority characteristic is Strength (Str), but he also needs Dex, so pumping takes 2x.Strength needs to be pumped as much as possible, but Dex will have enough 60 points (with things and bonuses).


  1. Shield Charge - Pumped to level 3.
  2. The shield chain is up to level 10. This is the main attacking skill.
  3. Rider - you should pump at least 1 point. At the end, raise to level 5.
  4. Spear Master - Up to Level 10.
You should find the Book of Ymir, which allows you to save your builds, in case you want to create a new build, but not delete the old one. The book allows you to switch between builds.

After receiving the Crusader at level 40, you can kill the build on the ShchB (shield - boomerang). Here Vit is in priority, it raises as much as possible, but Dex leaves 60. This build remains a priority with quality in the team.


  1. Shield - boomerang - up to level 5.
  2. Bliss - up to level 5.

Other skills can be pumped at will.

Runes - we need everything to strengthen the shield - a boomerang. To do this, go to the Totem and put the appropriate filter on the right side of the window. Then stand out all the required runes.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Mage Build

Mages are the most popular characters in the game, because they have a high attack. They can kill a lot of enemies with one blow. Therefore, it is very important to pump attack and critical damage to any branch of the Mage. He has good mass damage abilities. Due to this, Mages can easily and quickly shake.


  1. High mass damage.
  2. High attack speed.
  3. Self-sufficient.
  4. Quick boost.
  5. The main damage in the team.


  1. Few lives.
  2. In solo will not be able to go to mini bosses.
  3. One of the common classes in the game.

Mage Build on Meteor Storm. Build is good for mass attack. This build is mined through the runes, so it is not suitable for starting the game. The characteristics increase Int (increases magical attack) and Dex (increases the speed of casting spells).

Mage Skills:

  1. Fire Bolt - Increases to level 10.
  2. Fire wall - up to level 10.
  3. Increased Spiritual Recovery - Increases mana recovery. Download for 10 points.
  4. Frosty pool - 10 points.

The last 3 skills are required for a quick upgrade.

Wizard Skills:

  1. Gust of storm - you must first pump for 1 point. Only after gaining access to level 20 can this skill be completed.
  2. Heavenly pool - also given to the skill 1 point.
  3. Thunder of Jupiter - up to level 5.
  4. Scarlet Lord - pumped as much as possible. After level 70, pump up to 20 points.
  5. Leak of the soul - as much as possible. Increases base mana.
  6. Steam coal - by 5 points. After level 70, pump up to 10 points.
  7. Magic Crusher - 5 points.
  8. Glance - only 1 point is given.

Skills of the supreme magician:

  1. The power of magic is 10 levels. After level 70, pump up to 20 points.
  2. Exit - 10 levels.
  3. Protective wall - as much as possible.
  4. Stone Curse - 5 levels.
  5. Swamp pond - 5 levels. After level 70, pump up to 10 points.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Pets

How to tame a pet?

Currently, 27 pets are available on European servers, 26 of them can be tamed. And 1 (this is Makuro squirrel) is given for daily entry into the game. To start your career as a Pokémon trainer at Ragnarok Mobile, from level 1 you can run to the South Gate of Prontera to the NPC Mangus. Next, you need to go through a small quest, after which you will receive your first pet. These NPCs will give you "working cars" and "pet adventure guides."

To tame a comrade, you need a certain amount of necessary items (which are called "tomilki" by the players). In the adventure magazine you can read about exactly which ingredients are needed for the pet that interests you.But the information on their quantity cannot be found in the game. Therefore, we present you a table with the number of items for 100% taming of the little animals.

PetItem and its quantity
Poring.3 apples.
Lunatic.3 carrots.
Yo-yo4 bananas.
Desert Wolf Cub4 bones.
Savage Cub3 sweet milk.
Mandrake Seed.5 nutritious potions.
Isis.6 rings.
Deviruchi.6 scrolls.
Sokha.7 silver knife of chastity.
Baphomet Jr.7 diabolical books.
Spore.3 moss.
Toxic dispute.3 poisonous herbs.
Rocker.3 whistling flowers.
Whisper.4 oak trunks.
Peko - Peko.3 nutritious worms.
Munak.3 magic letters.
Golem.3 magic plates.
Orc is a warrior.4 monster proofs.
Dokey.3 monstrous brooms.
Goblin.4 gold rings.
Succubus.5 aprons.
Incubus.5 love letters of a young girl.
Small witch.7 handkerchiefs.
The soldier.6 rifles.
Teddy bear.6 gift boxes.

Items are scattered across all locations on the map as regular monsters. To find his location, you should open the Adventure Journal tab "Monsters". If you photographed a monster, you will have information about it. For example, if you need to tame Poring, then you need to run to the South Gate of Prontera, and find the usual Poring. The same thing happens with other monsters.

The exception is 3 pets, which are on the map in a single copy - this is a desert wolf cub (in Moroka), a savage cub (in Payen) and a mandrake seed (in the Labyrinth forest). Before the battle, you must turn off the auto-attack, so as not to accidentally kill the monster. Also, for convenience, you need to shift the tomilka to the quick launch panel.

After you run to the pet, you should begin to give him gifts - tomilki. In the window that appears, click on the "present" button. Red hearts will start to emanate from the pet, as soon as they become gold, you can catch it. You can click "catch" before the appearance of golden hearts, but then there is a chance of failure, and you will waste tomilki. After the capture, you should give a name to your Pokemon. Now he is yours!

Where to get tomilki? There are 3 ways to get pet items:

  1. Exchange - the same auction, you should go to the "Items" - "Pet Materials", then you need to select the necessary item.
  2. Rainbow shells - but first, not all tomilki are available for purchase. To unlock the entire list you need to get a rank C.
  3. Tower - there are some pet items that can only be obtained in the Tower.


Each pet has 5 skills:

Each skill has 10 levels. The higher the level, the more effective the ability. After taming a pet, the skill level is randomly distributed. You can not pump these skills. You can only redistribute. But again, only in random order, using the fruit of talent.

Each pet has a number of parameters:

  1. Level - increases automatically when a pet near you hits a monster. But it can be improved in another way. Should use jars with experience for pets. They fall in the Endless Tower, in the adventures of pets and in the workplace.They can also be purchased for different currencies in the game. The pet pumps his level in adventure.
  2. Mood - the rate of level growth and closeness with a pet depend on its parameter. This indicator is not constant, and support it. There are 3 types of moods: A blue displeased face, a blue smiling face and a yellow contented face.There are 3 ways to enhance a pet’s mood: just stroke it, feed it (using the cookbook), and give a tomilka (the most useless and expensive).
  3. Proximity - it rises automatically in battle, it can also be increased for tomilki. From level 3 intimacy, pets can be sent to workplaces and adventures.From level 5 in the adventure book there will be an increased chance of receiving a rare reward in some tasks. From level 7 you can change the animal using accessories. From level 10, you can radically change the appearance of your pet. More information about what proximity with a pet will give you can be obtained by clicking on your pet (you should rewind the data in the information window).

Pet adventure

To send the animal on an adventure you need a "guide to the adventures of a pet", you can get it on a quest in the location of the South Gate of Prontera. To complete the task, you need to raise the pet’s proximity to level 3. Then you should pass the quest and get a magazine.

All adventures are located on the left side of the magazine. Each adventure has its own monsters and its rewards, which can be found in the line "trophy preview". You can also choose which monster your pets will beat during the adventure. This is done in the mini-window on the left, and is necessary in order to increase the chance of knocking out a card from a particular monster. By clicking on the "plus sign" in the central window, you will be taken to the choice of a pet. Here, clicking on its icon, you can see the parameters of the selected animal.

Very important for the adventure are the race and the element, which in the Russian adaptation was translated as a characteristic. Each pet has its own. Unfortunately, in the game you can only get to know them after being tamed in this magazine.

Each adventure has optional conditions, if you observe them, you can increase the percentage for increased trophy. In the upper right corner, the percentage of drop drops will be shown. If you click on them, you can see what these very percentages depend on. Two parameters affect the effectiveness of a battle:

  1. Pumping pets.
  2. Characteristics of the character.

For each pet in the adventure, payment is required - 5 rice. Therefore, you should use it wisely.


Access to workplaces for pets opens after you get level 45 of the character and reach level 5 of proximity from any animals. Pets can be sent to work after they reach 3 levels of intimacy. Up to 5 jobs are available for pets: 2 is given by default, 1 for a premium subscription, 2 more jobs can be unlocked by studying special skills in the north of Prontere.

In total, you have 8 options where to send your pet to work. Each workplace has its own requirements.

  1. Culinary Center p - is available from character level 70, and the operating time is 30 minutes. From here only rice falls.
  2. Shop items - provides a variety of trophies and various banks. Therefore, first of all, we send the animal here. Place is available after hero level 45. Operating time - 50 minutes.
  3. Kafra company - various items and tickets for free use of the warehouse and teleportation fall. The place is available with an active premium account. Operating time 60 minutes.
  4. Pet Association - will give rainbow shells and experience for pets. The place is accessible after catching 5 different animals. Operating time - 50 minutes.
  5. Association of Chefs - will give you different items for cooking. Access opens after unlocking a cooking skill of level 6. Operating time 30 minutes.
  6. Smiling assistant - will be available after opening 5 hats in the adventure magazine, from level 50 of your hero. Operating time 40 minutes.
  7. Guild - attribution, guild coins and evidence of honor will fall. The place is accessible from rank C and from character level 60. Operating time 45 minutes.
  8. Arena - gives coins to the warrior. The workplace opens from rank D and hero level 70. Operating time 35 minutes.

You can reduce working time, it depends on your pet and the level of attachment to the owner. If you exit the game, the animal will continue to work anyway. Therefore, do not forget to enter the game to collect trophies.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Guilds

How to create a guild?

  1. To do this, take the hero level 20.
  2. Have 20,000 zenies in your wallet.
  3. Also need 1 imperium.

Zeni fall in large numbers from monsters, and the imperium can be created or bought on the stock exchange. An imperium is being created at the NPC Big Cat Man. Next, find the NPC Valkyrie. It is located at the very top of Iceland. The guild is attached to the channel on which it was created. First you should teleport to the channel on which you want to create a guild, and then a guild is created at the same Valkyrie. After creating, you need to gather people, for this it is worth coming up with a good advertisement for the general chat. Friends can only be invited to those on your channel.

The guild is pumped for the contribution. You bring the necessary NPC resources in the guild hall and exchange them for guild experience points. The guild hall is the personal castle of your guild. You can get into it through the tab Guild - Guild Hall. You can also receive indemnity for quests from Dajo, which are held together with the co-guilds. But cats - helpers are not allowed here.

The ruins of Valhalla. You can only get through the lobby. This is an adventure for 5 people. but you can execute it alone at a high level. Here you can take cats with you. To enter you need 40 silver medals. They can be obtained for missions from the Bulletin Board.

The buildings. Having swung the guild to a certain level, in the upper right room you can build buildings, and after them develop.

Why do simple players need a guild:

  1. You can reset the stamina level at the guild microphone.
  2. Complete additional quests.
  3. Get a job for your pet.
  4. Get additional abilities and positive effects.
  5. Get photos in an album.
  6. Joint passage of adventures and pumping heroes.
  7. Friendly communication and help.

Ragnarok M (Mobile): Cooking

In order to take the quest for Cooking, you need to get a grade F. It turns out as you upgrade your directory. Each new rank is taken from the NPC in Pronter above.

After taking the rank, you should go to the Cook (located near the NPC with rank quests). At the Academy of Culinary you can take tasks for Culinary. Prepare dishes from materials that fall from monsters. But in the hall there are also NPS - shops that sell all the necessary ingredients.

After receiving the Cookbook, you can choose the table on which you will cook:

  1. Pan.
  2. Grill.
  3. Cold shop.
  4. Wok.

At the bottom of the book are all the ingredients that you have. The book has ready-made recipes that you have open. Just click on the recipe and automatically prepare it. Recipes must be sought for yourself.

The higher the cookbook, the greater the chance to cook a dish from 1 time.

After you have prepared the food, you can use only 3 types of different dishes at a time. Or in another way: eat 3 dishes at a time. To do this, go into the bag, open the dishes, and choose for whom the food is intended. You can eat food yourself, allies from the team (put the dish on the ground) and feed them a pet.

Each dish gives the character a bonus to the main characteristics or a positive effect for a certain time. For example, the Ancient Hockey dish increases boss damage by 1%. If you drink 3 dishes, then it will be 3%.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.