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Revue Starlight Re LIVE WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

REVUE STARLIGHT RE LIVE is a game for android with release date 04/21/2019 from Ateam Inc. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Character Leveling Guide
  2. How To Complete The Talent Awakening?
  3. How to Fight Correctly?
  4. Revue Songs
  5. Squad Formation Features
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Walkthrough Vs. Revue
  8. Boss Battles
  9. Challenge Mode
  10. Training Camp
  11. Your Theater

Revue Starlight: Character Leveling Guide

Characteristics . Each heroine (girl from the stage) has the following characteristics:

Level up. Raising the level is the main type of pumping girls from the stage by accumulating experience points. These points can be earned using lesson tickets and coins. Tickets for lessons are of different stars: from 1 to 3 stars. The higher the stardom of the tickets used, the more experience points the girl from the stage will receive. As her level rises, her strength increases. If necessary, you can redistribute used tickets by clicking "Reset".

Pump the girls from the stage evenly, so that there are no characters in your squad that are inferior in strength to the rest. Do not focus on pumping on someone specific, otherwise other heroines will constantly lose and weaken your squad.

Unlocking skills and increasing the rank. The character has 8 skills. To unlock them, you need special shards, which are mined during campaign stages or purchased in the store. If there are enough shards, press "Batch Unlock" to unlock multiple skills at once. After pumping each skill, you can increase the rank of the girl from the stage. The maximum available rank is ninth.

Pumping team skills. Girls from the stage of basic stardom 3 and 4 have team skills. To upgrade them, use the jewels of creation or fragments of identical girls from the stage. In total, the character’s command skill can be raised to level 21.

Combine the girls’ team skills to interact with the effects they apply to make your squad even stronger!

Sympathy boost. Leveling up your character’s liking increases your chances of winning star stones, rare upgrade materials, and girls story cards. To build sympathy, give gifts to characters. Note that every girl on stage prefers a different gift!

Click on "List of Rewards" for a list of the rewards you can receive for leveling sympathy.

Using and pumping memorials. Memories are special attributes that enhance the characteristics of girls from the stage and activate their special skills. Unlock new memorial slots to increase the number of available attributes. To upgrade a memorial and increase its characteristics, use fragments of similar memorials. Upon reaching the maximum level of pumping a memory, it will be possible to enhance its special skill.

Sell unnecessary memorials to get special medals for buying things in the store, for example, for purchasing a 4-star ticket.

Use of accessories. As well as memorials, accessories additionally increase the characteristics of girls from the stage and their skills. Upgrade accessories for accessory points to increase their level and stats. Unnecessary accessories can be sold and additional accessory points can be earned. An accessory that absorbs its duplicate increases the maximum level and skills. Absorption can be done 10 times in total.

How to get new girls from the stage? Follow the call to replenish your team. There are 2 types of summons in total:

  1. For the star stones. Using them, you can get girls from the stage and the memorial;
  2. For friendship points. Using Friendship Points in a Friendly Summoning, it is quite possible to summon a new heroine or get memorials.

Revue Starlight: How To Complete The Talent Awakening?

The awakening of talents. Awakening talents allows you to increase the initial rarity of the girl from the stage This option is available after completing stage 6-22 of the campaign and only for heroines with original 2-star rarity, reaching 6 stars during the Bloom of Potential and 80th level. As a result of the increased initial rarity, you not only improve the characteristics of the character, but also his skills with the action of the climax. Also, new group skills are unlocked for the heroine.

The status of the skill bars will not change after the talents awaken. Unlocked auto skills and levels will also be saved.

Crystals of awakening. To start the process of awakening talents, you need to collect crystals of awakening, which can be done in special activities. Each of the 7 elements needs its own crystals. In addition, crystals have different stardom:

Some girls from the stage change their element when they are promoted to 4 stars due to the talent awakening option. These heroines will need crystals of awakening of the element to which they belong. See Awakening Stage - Talent Training - Awakening Details for more information.

Gems of Creation. Gems of creation are needed to increase the level of the heroine’s skill, while each element uses its own gems. These materials can be purchased in a special store that will appear after the first increase in the initial rarity of any heroine to 4 stars.

Hunt for crystals of awakening. In the hunt, you have to get the crystals of awakening. Use your hunting tickets to participate. They are obtained by completing daily tasks. Also, like the crystals themselves, hunting tickets differ in the type of elements.

On the hunt for crystals of awakening, you spend talent points. 1 point is restored every 5 minutes. In total, you can accumulate up to 10 points. Use star stones for a quick accumulation. In battles, you must challenge 2 bosses to get the particles of increasing the rank of the card: 4 particles for each crystal of awakening.

By getting the next crystal of awakening, you increase the difficulty of further passing the hunt. Difficulty is not reset.

Hunt for crystals of potential. Heroines who have gone through the talent awakening in talent training can fulfill their Blooming Potential. To do this, you need crystals of potential, which can be obtained in the hunt. For each element, its own potential crystals are used, differing in stardom:

Revue Starlight: How to Fight Correctly?

Your team fights on stage by performing a revue against the opposing team. You must choose the right girls according to their elements and skills, and provide them with the necessary super hits in time.

Action bar. The action bar displays the girls’ activity during the revue. You click on it to give the Start command. With each new turn in the revue, five new action panels appear according to the number of girls in the squad.

Complete various tasks on the stage to earn additional rewards. For example, "Defeat all enemies before any of your girls leave the stage."

Elements. Each girl represents 1 element that has strengths and weaknesses over the other two elements. The damage dealt by a strong element to a weak element will be increased by 1.5 times, and the damage dealt by a weak element to a strong element will be reduced by 0.5 times. The exception is the Dream element - it is capable of inflicting 1.5 more damage to each other element, but it also receives 1.25 more damage from them. In more detail, the interaction of elements looks like this:

  1. Flower: strong against Wind, weak against Snow;
  2. Wind: strong against Snow, weak against Flower;
  3. Snow: strong against Flower, weak against Wind;
  4. Clouds: strong against the Moon, weak against the Cosmos;
  5. Month: strong against the Cosmos, weak against the Cloud;
  6. Cosmos: strong against the Moon, weak against the Cloud;
  7. Dream: Strong against everyone else in attack, but weak against them in defense.
The inscription "Weak" on the action panel, above the girl’s image, means that the opponent’s team has an enemy with an element that will be weak in relation to that girl’s element. If on the action bar the inscription "Resist" is lit, then there is a hero in the team of enemies, whose element is strong against the element of your heroine.

Action points. You have 6 Action Points (AP) during your turn. Each girl has a certain amount of AR. You can use all APs or only part of them.

Climax action. The climax action is a superpower that every girl in the squad possesses. It can be used when a specific heroine’s glow sensor comes on. Press "Climax Revue" to start the climax action in 2 turns. During the super strike, the selected song of the heroines plays, and their strength is increased by 10%.

You can alternate girls’ climaxes by continuously launching them - just keep an eye on the glow sensor.

Final action. If two or more girls are active during the climax action, you can activate the Finishing Act. If these girls have the same ending action, you can activate a special ending action. The more heroines have the same finishing action, the more powerful their special finishing action will be. If there are two groups of girls with special finishing actions, their agility will be summed up. The group with the most agility wins.

Results of the battle. A heroine revue can have 2 results:

Apply blitz after successfully passing the stage - instant drop of rewards with elements for pumping without a fight.

Game modes. Besides the standard manual game, you can use:

Positive effects during revues

The positive effects of girls during the revue are divided into continuous (acting a certain number of moves) and limited (acting a certain number of times in one move). Types of effects:

Negative effects during revues

Negative effects are divided into continuous (lasting a certain number of turns) and limited (lasting a certain number of times during one turn). Types of negative effects:

Revue Starlight: Revue Songs

When performing revue songs, 3 effects are activated to increase damage on the enemy team. In this case, the first 2 effects are active during the climax, and the 3rd effect, known as the "special song effect", is active during the entire revue and is selected for a specific heroine, depending on the choice of the song.

Merging songs. Combine 3 songs and create a new one with new effects! To do this, go to the "Revue Songs" - "Compose" tab. All 3 songs must have the same effects in order to blend. The effects of the resulting new song are determined depending on the effects used.

The effect that each song gets will change when stitching, and will only come from the songs used.

Hunt for revue songs. By participating in this event, you can win new revue songs. Up to 7 types of songs are available every day. The hunt can be done 2 times a day. Use the keys of the hunt to fight the challenge and earn rewards.

Revue Starlight: Squad Formation Features

Squads are created for the passage of the main campaign and various events (events). In the usual formation, there are 5 girls from the stage. For each of them, memorials and songs should be selected that will be used in the action of the climax. When the unit and components are assembled, click "Ok" to save the formation.

For automatic placement of heroines, memories and songs, use the "Auto" button.

Choice of songs. The songs are played during the girls’ superstroke from the stage - action climax. Each song has 3 effects. New songs are unlocked as you progress through the main campaign.

The costs of forming a squad. By placing girls and memorials, you incur some costs (Cost). The cost depends on your player level.

Don’t forget the importance of placing the girls in the squad! The team is formed from left to right. Ranged fighters come first, then melee (main attack), in front - tanks. You can give any name to your squad.

Guest team. The visiting team consists of girls from the stage and is created to support other players. The element of the guest must match the element of the girl she is supporting. If you do not have the heroine of the corresponding element, but you cannot fill the required guest cell. Click "Auto" to automatically form a party of guests.

Stamps. In the "Stamps" section, set the appropriate stamps to be used in VS mode. revue.

Revue Starlight: A Beginner’s Guide

Player level. The player’s level increases with the accumulation of experience points. Points can be earned in the main campaign and other game modes. As the level rises, your stamina limit increases.

Endurance. Stamina is required to complete the main story campaign and other game modes. The higher your level, the more stamina available to you by default. Additional stamina can be obtained by completing daily quests or purchased with star stones. The maximum stamina gained is 1500.

Expend as much stamina as possible and avoid burning it out. The further you go through the story, the more valuable rewards you can get.

Quests in the game. Complete special tasks to get additional rewards. There are 4 types of tasks in total:

  1. Tasks for beginner players;
  2. Daily tasks, the progress of which is reset daily;
  3. Permanent tasks that are not reset and are an open list;
  4. Limited missions available for a specific time.
Do not forget to click "Notifications" on the main screen in order to have time to familiarize yourself with game updates, upcoming promotions, new events, etc.

Subject campaign. The storyline campaign consists of two branches of stories, new chapters of which are opened as you progress through the previous ones:

Follow stories and get star stones as a reward. Don’t forget that playing the main story consumes stamina.

Collection. In your collection you can see:

  1. List of heroines. Information about all the girls you managed to summon;
  2. History of performances. Illustrations of the girls received;
  3. Album of memorials. List and illustrations of memorials that you have in stock.

Gift box. The gift box contains things that were not included in the backpack due to its load. All items in the box have a retention limit and will be lost if you do not have time to pick them up and distribute them in your backpack. Also, items in the box will be disassembled if there are more than 9999 pieces of them.

Do not forget to take items from the gift box, do not allow them to burn and waste!

Star stones. Starstones are the currency through which you get girls from the stage and replenish your stamina reserves. Can be obtained from events and from the Starstone Shop. Visit the store often - the products offered there are on sale with good discounts.

Coins. Coins are used in pumping girls from the stage and memorials. In the in-game store, you can purchase many useful items for coins.

Sections of the in-game store. The store contains the following sections:

Player profile. Basic information of the player is available in the profile: name, avatar, titles, status, number of completed levels, player’s birthday, date of the start of the game, VS. revue status, place, number of points. Also, the profile can display the badges you earned for completing tasks - you yourself configure this option and you can turn it off.

Other players can view your profile information, but they cannot see your date of birth or start date.

Ratings. Ratings are available in the game:

  1. Overall power rating: based on the power indicators of the girls from the stage;
  2. Newbie rating: players who play the game for no more than 7 days are included;
  3. Vs. revue: ranked by star scores in activity.

Revue Starlight: Walkthrough Vs. Revue

In Vs. Revue you fight with other players in real time to receive reward chests and increase in rank. There are 2 types of this activity:

Ban and choice. Only in a stellar performance, the "Ban" option is used - the ability to ban 2 out of 10 heroines from the opposing team. Simply put, to prevent them from participating in the battle. In the future, the player must choose from the 8 remaining girls from the stage and form the final team of 5 heroines.

Stellar performance stages. Activity includes the following stages:

  1. Team registration. Players apply for participation and represent their squad of 10 girls from the stage;
  2. Ban. Two potential rivals get to know each other’s teams and choose 2 enemy heroines who will be banned from further participation in the star performance;
  3. Choice. Each player forms his final squad of 5 girls from the stage;
  4. Start of the revue. Fight in PvP mode.
Use stamps to communicate with other players during matches. If desired, mute the sound so as not to see your opponent’s stamps.

Draw. In case of a tie, the winner of the battle is determined based on:

Details about determining rank. You start a new season with a low rank, and the degree of decline depends on what rank you were in the previous season:

Players with a rank below Bronze, inclusive, remain at their rank.

Seasonal awards. To receive Seasonal Rewards, you must completely use up all Star Performance attempts (complete the specified number of battles) for your rank:

The number of the above attempts is determined at the beginning of the season and does not change if during the event you have increased / decreased your rank. The actual size of seasonal rewards depends on the final rank you will occupy at the end of the season. These rules do not apply to special performances.

Seasonal rewards from the previous season will be available to earn over the next season, but will no longer be available. Collect your rewards on time!

Other awards. For participating in Vs. review you can get:

Special performances. In these PvP appearances, you use strictly defined heroines and memorials. The rules for special performances change every time and are announced at the start of the event. Every victory in special performances brings you stars. According to the number of stars, a star rating is formed and awards are given. At the end of the special performance season, the star rating is completely reset.

Rehearsals. Rehearsals is a PvP mode in which you fight teams of other players without affecting your star score or ranking. This is a great chance to test your team’s abilities ahead of a stellar performance, practice skill use, and strategize combat tactics.

Revue Starlight: Boss Battles

Twilight theater. Twilight Theater - a battle with a common boss with teams of 3 players. To participate, you can use up to 4 out of 8 girls from the stage. There will be a total of 9 girls on stage. To participate in the event, join an active room or create your own with your allies. You can create a room a limited number of times, while you need to use special items - if you do not, you will lose the battle. After the battle, the leader of the room receives a gold box as a reward.

Fighting common bosses. You can meet two common bosses - blue and red. Red items drop from the red boss, and only blue items from the blue one. You can challenge bosses 2 times a day. Losing the boss is zeroing his HP points. When that happens, he can no longer be fought. Based on the results of the battle, the boss’s damage rating is formed. Depending on your position in the ranking, you receive ranking awards.

To fight a common boss, you can form two squads of girls from the stage: the main and the auxiliary. Each squad contains 5 heroines, 10 in total. The main squad can fight in manual or automatic mode. The auxiliary unit fights only in automatic mode. Players who have reached stage 1-9 of the main story campaign are allowed to fight common bosses.

Revue Starlight: Challenge Mode

Features. In challenge mode, you fight powerful girls from the stage. Your squad can have up to 4 heroines, and each can be used only once. Also, all memories and revue songs are used once. Enemies do not recover their HP from damage you deal.

How to play? You need to defeat 3 powerful rivals to fight their boss. In these battles, stamina is not consumed, the stages of the battle can be passed in any order. In case of failure, you have the right to reset the progress of the battle and repeat it again. Remember that this will restore the enemy’s HP.

Awards. For winning a battle, you get rewards. At the end of the season, the progress of the challenge is reset, and you can take part in it again to earn new prizes. With the new season, the elements of your rivals and boss always change.

Revue Starlight: Training Camp

Pick girls from the stage and send them on a trip to the training camp. At the end of the hike, you will receive good prizes. The camp offers 3 programs, the implementation of which affects the size of the awards. To open an activity, you need to go through stage 4-22 of the main story. To open the camp of each of the schools, you need to go through their history to the tenth chapter.

Types of programs. You choose one of 3 programs:

  1. Basic program. Can be done every day. Program conditions will remain unchanged until ranked up;
  2. Daily program. Content is updated daily at 20:00 UTC. The conditions for fulfillment are more stringent than those of the basic program, therefore, increased rewards are given for it;
  3. Rank Up Program. This program will be unlocked when you receive the required number of camp points based on the results of completing other programs. Completing the rank up program will not only earn you rewards, but will also increase your rank in the camp.

When starting the camp program, you select the preferred formation of heroines. It will be saved and used by default on next startup.

Energy. The energy indicator is used when starting the camp. For each girl, it ranges from 100% to 0%. To start the camp program, the girl from the stage must have a certain amount of energy. 1% energy is restored every 20 minutes. The more complex the camp program, the more energy the heroine will consume.

Revue Starlight: Your Theater

The theater opens when the player reaches the 3rd level. In it, you create mini-versions of your heroines, place theatrical objects, watch the dialogues of girls from the stage, and you can also visit similar theaters of your friends.

Press the "Talk" button in the theater to read the next dialogue of the girls from the stage. Full dialogue view will bring you gifts and 10 energy points.

Theatrical subjects. Theatrical items are the decor items for your theater. They give you Theater Coins, which you can use to purchase various items in the store. Some theatrical subjects have special functions.

Use theater coins to upgrade current items. The higher the level of the items, the more coins they will bring you.

Visiting other players. When visiting other players’ theaters, remember to like them. Additional theater coins can be earned for each like. You can like 10 players per day.

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